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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 13, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. breaking news this morning. a shooting at a northbay bar. will take elect to the scene for the latest. in santa clara county residents are waking up to a massive police presence as officers search for a gunman in a deadly shooting. we will have the latest on the manhunt. >> a live look at a foggy friday morning. mary will let us know where the storm will arrive. good morning. it is friday, december 13. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. 6:00 on the.. right now we've got more rain in the forecast and we also got some visibility issues as we say good morning to mary. >> happy friday to you. wrap your umbrellas as you head out the door. you will need it later on today and dealing with the fog. infected dense fog advisory in effect for san francisco, the northbay, and the san francisco peninsula coast. because of the visibility of a quarter mile unless.
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the advisory is in effect until 8 am. some drizzle and fog and also tracking the rain across the north day this morning. so your weather headlines, drizzle and fog this morning with increasing rain as we head to this afternoon and this evening. we have a few shower chances for your saturday. daytime highs for today right around where we should be for this time of year. 58 in san francisco, 59 oakland, and 61 for san jose. we are tracking a new accident this morning. this is between berkeley and emeryville on west 80. the right thing is blocked so speeds are slowing down in that area were seeing then dip to 10 miles per hour. keep that in mind if you are heading to the bay bridge. taking a look at the fog advisory as well, highway 4 and highway 160 reduced visibility and chp is reporting 100 feet of visibility so keep that in mind as well. take it slow especially across the bridges.
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101 at the waldo tunnel also has reduced visibility and we will take a look at san mateo bridge and dunbar bridge with fog advisory there also progressing a few brake lights across the spans as people are taking it slow in the fog. and also, the bay bridge, but spieth not looking too bad. about 56 miles per hour. slowing down at the toll plaza because the metering lights are on but you can see the thick fog blanketing the bay area so be careful as you head out the door. i'm anne makovec from the live news desk and we are monitoring the hunt for a killer right now in san jose. a man was found shot dead in east san jose just after 2:00 this morning. this is on south white road and the entire area is closed off right now. please are continuing to hunt for the gunman in the case. they will be there until at least 6 am.
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but they are not putting a final time on that right now because there is a lot of unknowns about this murder. the motive, exactly what happened before the shots rang out. so while police are here the investigation and search continues. i'm jackie ward live in downtown napa where police remain on the scene of a shooting that happened here last night just minutes ago they confirm details with us. we are at main street and second street in napa. outside of downtown shows three and restaurant are just after 1:00 this morning police responded to a shooting about one man suffering from a gunshot wound. they took him to the medical center and police say a second victim drove himself and we don't know the condition of either right now. at this point in the investigation police believe this stemmed from an argument between two groups of people inside the bar. local roads to remain close as investigators remain unseen but
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police say they hope to open them up soon and right now they say the suspect does remain at large and they say if you have any information about the shooting you are asked to give them a call. live in downtown napa, jackie work, kpix 5. as you take a live look from capitol hill the house judiciary committee is finally expected to vote on articles of impeachment against president trump this morning. the vote was supposed to happen yesterday but after 14 hours of heated debate the chairman jerry nadler pushed it back to today. while president trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. and throughout the day yesterday the democratic majority on the judiciary committee struck down republican amendments meant to kill the impeachment effort. today's votes is affected to pastorate down party lines. and senate republicans and white house are coordinating their strategy for the expected trial next month. >> it made no difference between the president's position in our position. >> the jury, senate republicans, will coordinate with the defendant donald trump
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on how exactly the kangaroo court will be run. >> today the judiciary committee is expected to advance the articles and the full house would vote next week. a woman accused of running down a bay area barber with her car had to court for arraignment today. ruby delgadillo is charged with attempted murder with a special enhancement of causing great bodily injury, hit and run and child abuse. no 29 -- martin says he was cutting her sons hair and he squirmed resulting in a small nick on his neck. martin says delgadillo notice and nick and came back and attacked. he is recovering from a broken leg and delgadillo is being held a $1.3 million bail. new data from the u.s. geological survey puts areas of the east and south they at a higher risk for earthquake damage. take a look at this map.
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it shows a semi-trance up 75% chance of a damaging earthquake hitting our area in the next 100 years. geologists say they are concerned about some areas including concord, walnut creek, and san jose. i worry but it's kind of like it the way district there's not much we can do about it. it's a major concern because you don't know when it can happen and if it's during the commute time and you have lots of people passing by that would be a big concern. >> the usgs estimates that shaking went up to 25% in the east bay since his last update five years ago and the reason is that the area sits on a sedimentary basin which amplifies the earthquakes big slow ways. the office says that current building codes do not take into account the new calculations but this will be the foundation for new codes in the future. several dog owners are suing the golden gate national recreation area over there new dog walking roles. the lawsuit says new
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restrictions make substantial changes to policies said 40 years ago. among them a rule prohibiting dogs off leash in two areas. and the requirement that dogs where owners carry proof of rabies vaccinations. we reach out to them for comment but have not heard back. meantime owning a pet is only getting easier and contra costa county. the animal services is offering discounts on adoptions today and tomorrow. the price is only zero dollars -- up $5.00. it includes shots, acting in a pet and microchip circuit usually runs from $100-$300 and is sponsored by the pet foundation which is helping similar efforts in 21 other states. a big celebration is played today as a new smart train stations are set to open. why transportation officials say this is a game changer for mass transit in the region. a major rate on an unlicensed california pot shop. we will show you what police
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uncover. if you're heading out the door be prepared to see some fog and also drizzle. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge camera. you can see just how ugly it is this morning. we will talk about a rain chances as we head to the day coming up. we have a traffic alert this morning. west on 80, two lanes are blocked because of across
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&friday morning. it is a foggy start to the day. in fact check out the bay bridge camera. the foggy conditions and a dense fog advisory in effect from now until 8 am. the northbay, san francisco and is well as the san francisco peninsula coast. rain chances will pick up and will talk about that coming up. the net meant to catch people jumping off the san francisco -- the bridge
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averages 30 suicide deaths per year. activist who pushed for the net say the extra two years will cost lives. meanwhile the sec is moving forward with plans for a new three digit number to reach the national suicide prevention hotline. 988. master counselors answered more than 2.2 million calls and conducted more than 100,000 online chats. a major bus at a pot shop in west l.a. has led police to hundreds of illegal babes. it went down yesterday afternoon and the video shows police removing glass cases, boxes, and even the customer employee security or bears. investigators say they found $300,000 worth of unlicensed products including 600 illegal babes. some upset customers are speaking out this morning on the closure. >> i'm sad. i'm very sad but it's hard because i have to pay so much more now. at a legal moment the taxes and i guess that's going to california but if i can come here and pay 20 bucks less, where my going to go?
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>> officials say they cited six people and data released back in may found that more than 200 dispensaries were operating illegally. new this morning supershuttle which serves bay area airports along with dozens of others were told were going -- will stop right by the end of the month. the los angeles times report the service has lost ground to competitors like uber and lyft. the company says it will honor our reservations through the end-of-the-year. starting this weekend commuters will have a much better option to get to san francisco. starting tomorrow a smart train will begin service to the new station to get downtown novato and larkspur. then they can hop on to the golden gate ferry to get to san francisco and that means you will be able to get from the city all the way to northern sonoma county using mass transit. a reporter spoke to julia
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gonzales from smart train about why this is such a big deal. >> it facilitates getting from the northbay into san francisco and the timing of the arrival of the train in larkspur is neatly timed with the arrival of the ferry so you will have some time to get from the station grab some coffee if you want to and hop aboard the ferry and in half an hour you are at the embarcadero. it's a game changer for commuters because you will be able to ditch the car, avoid the stress of traffic, and you can trade out the vista of looking at a bumper and front of you for some of the scenic hills in the northbay and enjoy our free wi-fi, have some coffee on the train and arrived at work decompress because all you have to do is get to the ferry, wait a little bit and with the 20 minute interval and you can enjoy the scenic vistas and the bay. >> starting in january passengers will be able to buy a combo ticket that works on
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smart trains and holding gate ferry. we've got a traffic alert to get to. >> we do. it is between berkeley and emeryville and you can see it is affecting traffic there is a crash i was on 80 at aspi. two of the lanes are blocked in that area so it is slowing speeds in that area. some even getting down to seven miles per hour and that backup goes all the way past 580. keep that in mind if you are going and heading to that area. because of the crash looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see there is less traffic than we normally see at this time of the morning and that is because a lot of the cars cannot get there but they are stuck in that backup because of the cross. we will keep an eye on this at update you as we get updates as well. the toll plaza is looking ok. this is the san mateo bridge and a lot of commuters dealing with the fog. we are seeing a lot of brake lights in the commute direction
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as people slow down heading across the span. were also updating this crash, northbound 101, all of it is pushed to the shoulder so we seeing speech pick up but still pretty low at 50 miles per hour. keep that in mind if you're going in that area and super commuters, pretty slow but this is typical of the morning time you're 37 minute drive from 205 to 680 on westbound 580 and a look at your travel times. of course the speech in the red a west on 80 because of the cross. so give yourself some extra time as you head out the door for that morning commute. you can see a live look with the blanket of thick fog that is tough. comes running in the mid to upper 50s at this hour. conquered 56 and also for oakland. livermore 55, san francisco 54 and san jose 50 a. again of fog advisory in effect for san francisco, the northbay and the peninsula coast until 8 am.
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check out the reason why. were looking at a half-mile or hayward for the visibility. three quarters of a mile for oakland and a mile and a quarter for napa. also dealing with the drizzle and light rain for the northbay. let's zoom right in here and you can see some light rain pushing across cloverdale as well as clearlake and some moderate rainfall for you in clearlake. as we head through the afternoon we will see increasing rain with our next weather system. daytime highs for the coast mid 50s in upper 50s for the bay and low 60s in land. so here is the reason why. we have our next weather system that is going to bring that rain for us. it will tap into some tropical moisture and that means more wet weather. timing it out for you in futurecast, taking you hour-by- hour, at 1 pm light rain pushing in at 3 pm looking at the widespread rain and even for your evening commute it could be a what afternoon and evening for you. a few showers to start out the date for tomorrow and catching
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a bit of clearing by tomorrow afternoon and a few isolated showers even for saturday night. before we start to see more clearing with drier weather for your sunday. rainfall amounts as we head to today through tomorrow, picking up a tent, a quarter to even up to half inch of rain up in ukiah. or sunrise at 7:16 on the sunsets at 4:51. daytime highs at or just above average for this time of year. for this out by looking at 60 in sunnyvale and 61 san jose and 62 morgan hill and topping out at 60 for conker, pleasanton, will see a high of 60 degrees and san francisco 58. 57 in berkeley. 59 for a high in oakland and san leandro entity eight for san rafael and cloverdale coming in at 58 later today. by the way, the game day forecast on sunday, the 49ers are playing 1:25 for kick off
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and were looking at sun and clouds and temps in the mid- 50s. we have our raiders on sunday and you can also what's the game on kpix 5. and there we go with that extended forecast pick increasing rain today, shower chances on saturday, dry air sunday, monday and tuesday. a big change is coming to oracle park and the sharks find -- fired their coach and find a new one. did it make a difference? we will show you coming up. let's head outside before we go to break as we take a live look at the city towards the east. 55 degrees in san francisco. off to a foggy start on this friday morning. you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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new coach, same old sharks. one day after pete deboer was fired bob boughner found out what he knew. it looked like it might happen in a game time brandon dylan scores his first goal of the season against the rangers. san jose leaves at 3-2. but the rangers scores a tie-in had goal in less than five minutes and they added an empty neta and the sharks implode in the third period. they lose their sixth straight game of the year. lamar jackson wondering where he will put his mvp trophy. the ravens host of the jet that he broke michael vick's rusty record for a quarterback on this run.'s got 1106 and county. check it out, he threw five more touchdowns. he leads the nfl with 33. that guy has thrown only six
6:24 am
interceptions all year. watch her feet on the receiver as he drags his second foot to keep it inbound spirit that is a thing of beauty. they win 42-21 and clinch the afc north. the holy grail of ballparks is getting a facelift picked the giants are moving the bullpens beyond the centerfield wall. the bullpens cause injuries while in the field of play so it was a long time in coming. it means left-center will go from 404 feet to 399, dead center 391 and triples alley in right center will go from 421 to 415. brandon bell is a happy man tonight. the good news, it looks like the $15 a beer your garden will still be in place if i'm looking at that right. the raiders will look to snap their three-game losing streak on sunday. more importantly when the final game -- win their final game at the coliseum. >> there are some pretty good memories i have of my own of
6:25 am
being on the team but i think this will rank right up there. i expected to be crazy and loud. >> jon gruden spent all season telling stories of his love for the coliseum. he recalled a time when he wasn't the only gruden who wanted the experience of black hole. >> one day we were playing in the warm-up and i looked over there and i saw my mom. in the black hole pick i said mom, somebody go get my mom. my favorite memory was when al davis would come out and i would see him down there in the black hole with the fans. that was really cool for me. i enjoyed that a lot. >> the raiders final game this sunday at the coliseum. the fifth quarter will follow where we will officially extinguish the al davis flame. i will see you sunday. we are following breaking news in the south bay this morning where the hunt
6:26 am
continues for a gunman in a deadly shooting overnight. we will have the latest from the police. police have identified a bay area murder victim for decades after finding the girls body. how they figured out who she was with the help of some investigators in new jersey. >> not [ electrical buzzing ]
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. thick fog to start the morning and more wet weather is headed this way. mary is tracking the possibility of rain throughout the week in. we are learning more about a double shooting outside the northbay bar overnight. the new information straight ahead. morning i pick it is friday, december 13. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is this: 30 and let's get over to mary lee to talk about the fog outside. >> dealing with dense fog this morning in fact the dense fog advisory in effect now. let's get right to it. because of that dense fog visibility a quarter mile or less. please be careful on the roadways. give yourself some extra time as you leave for work in school. now let's show you hi-def doppler. were dealing with the fog and some drizzle and light rain across the northbay. you can
6:31 am
see light to moderate rain. drizzle, fog to start the day and increasing rain with our next weather system this afternoon and this evening. i will timing it out for you on future cast in just a few minutes. shower chances possible for your saturday. for today looking at highs topping out in 58. denied oakland and 60 in concord. 61 for san jose. keep the umbrellas handy because we are dealing with a lot of fog. is making for a tricky morning commute. we have a traffic alert and we're tracking this accident between berkeley and emeryville. westbound 80. you can see speeds have really slowed down in that area. the crash is that ashby was done 82 on the right lanes -- two of the right mentor block. the backup is all the way into richmond. taking a live look at that area right now, actually, this is a live look at the fog. we did have a shot of the traffic backup along that was
6:32 am
done 80 and you can see it is taking its toll on the bay bridge toll plaza. not a lot of cars at the toll plaza and that is because all of the commuters cannot get to the toll plaza because of the crash. traffic is moving past the crash but two right lanes are blocked on westbound 80. taking a look at san mateo bridge, a lot of brake lights in the commute direction because of the thick fog and fog -- take it slow if you're headed out this morning. i'm anne makovec from the live news desk and police are dealing with a murder investigation but there was a shooting just after 2:00 this morning and an adult man died at the scene. right in the roadway on south white road at florence. this is in east san jose. from what we understand the search is still on for the suspect in this case. they blocked off the neighborhood from alan rock to
6:33 am
east hills road as i continue to look for the shooter in this case. we don't know the identification of the man who was killed just that he was shot once. is next of kin is now being identified and this is san jose's 32nd homicide of the year. two people are hurt after a shooting at a downtown -- downtown joe's brewery and restaurant as we take a live look at the scene you can see some of the police tape at the scene. a pretty quiet time right now but that was not the scene earlier. this is what it looked like early this morning. officers found one man with a gunshot wound i will investigate it is a second victim arrived at the hospital no word on either of their conditions this morning. jackie ward will join us with a
6:34 am
live report and just a few minutes to explain what may have led up to the shooting. a pilot and the passenger were lucky to walk away from a hard landing on the southern california highway. assessment touchdown on i-5 in carlsbad near san diego yesterday. to bresee two people inside the plane were not hurt and thankfully they managed to dodge the traffic. back in the bay area police are investigating a deadly pedestrian crash at bullinger road. it happened just before 6:00 yesterday. police say the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk at the time of the crash and the driver did stay on scene and is cooperating with investigators. police do not suspect alcohol or speed were a factor. one year after a man was shot to death police are looking for help to solve the murder. he was gunned down near beach and shore breeze in the middle of the night or police have no suspects but they do believe perez knew his killer. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. this morning a victim in a cold-case murder has been identified.
6:35 am
her name is judy gifford. for 43 years she has been known as jane doe #40 recovered along the banks of lake merced. she disappeared in 1976 when she was just 14 years old. her family reported her missing again two years ago. local investigators worked with new jersey state police collecting dna from judy's aunt ogee gifford. investigators say it was a photograph that helped crack the case. >> the necklace at the time that she was wearing an oval shape, it was an owl, lucky, typing. and that was found on the body in san francisco when they recovered her. it was in a picture, her eighth grade picture, that ogee gave us. >> her aunt is relieved her body has been identified and officers are hoping the discovery will bring them one step closer to finding her killer. anyone with information is asked to call police. in new zealand a military team recovered six bodies from the volcanic island that erupted . helicopters landed on white island today despite chances that it could erupt again. officials say there are two more bodies on the island. no
6:36 am
word on where they are or when they can be recovered. a live look from capitol hill were a keyboard back in the impeachment inquiry is expected in just about an hour or so. a decision on articles of impeachment against president trump was supposed to come yesterday but house judiciary chairman jerry nadler postpone the vote after more than 14 hours of debate. the committee is expected to approve the articles abuse of power and obstruction of congress along party lines that would set up a full house vote likely next week. the trump administration just approved new oil drilling leases on federal land in california. it covers 1 million acres between bakersfield and santa barbara. it follows the blm study claiming that they could moderate the adverse effects in the impacts of fracking which can pollute groundwater and trigger earthquakes. environmentalists are saying that the instructing method contribute to global warming. a special election cements per minister boris johnson at
6:37 am
the leader of the united kingdom. this morning brexit plans gained momentum in the wake of a victory for conservatives. dr. minister promises to pull the uk out of the european union by the end of january. a labour party without a crushing defeat and president trump was quick to congratulate british conservatives but not all politicians were happy with the results. >> this one nation conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate. >> boris johnson has no right to take scotland out of the eu and secondly no right to block the weight people choose. >> johnson says brexit will happen with the new parliament is in place on the victory said the british pound surging to its highest value in more than a year. a gop health canada is back behind bars on stocking charges. they busted him outside his ex- girlfriend's outer -- apartment on saturday.
6:38 am
omar navarro was charged with extortion and violating a restraining order against his former partner. a congressional -- is not the first time navarro has been in trouble with the law. he has a prior conviction for placing a tracking device on his ex-wife's car.'s attorney says his client came to san francisco because his ex asked him to visit her as a set up and he was due back in court next month. a huge weekend for bay area high school football. we have three teams appearing in state championship games. why one matchup is looking a little bit like david versus goliath. plus members of the congressional delegation are pushing for changes in the way is up wake of that type boat fire off the southern california coast. to the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a [ electrical buzzing ]
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good friday morning. here is a live look and you can see the blanket of fog. it is a foggy start to the day with an advisory in effect. we will talk about the rain as it moves in this afternoon. we have a traffic alert on westbound 80. still taking a look at ashby avenue. two lanes are blocked. you can see law enforcement out there and some tow trucks. they are also trying to clear the vehicles out to get the traffic moving but it is really slowing down traffic. backed up all the way into richmond. will continue to keep an eye on this. david stern is in the hospital this morning after undergoing emergency surgery yesterday. according to the nba he suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage at a restaurant in new york city. witnesses say first responders used a defibrillator. unresponsive when they arrive.
6:43 am
the 77-year-old stern spent three decades as the nba commissioner before retiring in 2014. a massive theft ring busted. investigators found just how organized criminals are able to steal so much. they targeted luxury stores, broke into carson's white packages off of porches. they were then sold at b.a.r.t. stations for cash before they were stripped of barcodes or resold in pieces. thieves often left more than broken glass but investigators found a way to track the illegal business. >> one of the ways that we confirmed that they might be doing something was a number of packages that were coming from this location and going out of state. >> the investigation is ongoing and police are working to identify the leaders of the ring as well as the owners of the many stolen phones and purses. california senator dianne
6:44 am
feinstein is joining representatives to push for stronger safety standards for small passenger boats. the proposal comes in response to the santa cruz island type of fire that killed 34 people. the bill would require the boast to have two escape routes in addition to stricter fire alarm and fire suppression requirements and would also address safety standards for handling electronics with lithium ion batteries. the u.s. china trade deal is eminent this morning and retail sales are not as strong as expected this holiday shopping season. joining us out is kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: will we get a trade when deal today or will he? there have been numerous reports saying that the u.s. has signed off on their side of the deal. the wall street journal says there is no confirmation yet from china. that prompted a tweet from present from saying the wall street journal story is false. and stock futures and medially turned negative after that report. chinese leaders are expected to
6:45 am
hold a briefing on the potential phase i trade deal in about 15 minutes from now pacific time. it was a major scheduled 15 minutes ago but was pushed back so the market right now is in total wait and see mode. retail sales for november came in on a disappointing 2/10 of a percent gain however timing is key as cyber monday was pushed to december 1 and that is a big deal. sales continue to grow at a rapid pace and were up almost 1% in november that is good news for amazon which commands at market but other strong sellers were electronics and appliances. also a good month for auto dealers. sporting goods, restaurants were all losers. let's go to the big bore. broke -- the market right now is in a wait-and-see mode over the potential trade deal and losing six points and the nasdaq is up by two points and the s&p is down by two points. back to you. three area teams are playing
6:46 am
in state championships this weekend. sarah high school is heading to los angeles county today and nfl legend tom brady attended the san mateo high school and the varsity team is busting out . the first matchup is against nationally ranked corona delmar tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. oakland is not getting left behind. kleiman's high school once to nab its fourth straight win despite the record some say tomorrow's game is looking like david versus goliath if they are against a southern california school with 10 times more enrollment and resources to match but the program lacks in funds they make up for in focus and experience. >> you don't sit on the sideline. that got all the new gear and all a two-way radio. >> we just have to go out there and play like this another team.
6:47 am
it doesn't matter the size of the school. >> the secret to the success is extra effort players start the program a few months earlier than most schools and they also keep a pretty tight bond. all of the cushions are alumni. from contra costa county, layton valley charter high school from concord is taking on san bernardino school today. we are reading for all the assets representing the bay area. congratulations to all of them and good luck. taking a lot -- look at the traffic right now this is our traffic alert this morning. a crash on westbound 80 is really affecting traffic and slowing down speeds. this is at ashby and you can see speeds dipping down to seven miles per hour and traffic is backing all the way up into richmond. taking a live look at the crash scene you can see tow trucks are out there and law enforcement as well. the two lanes are blocked. this is westbound 80 at ashby avenue. traffic is moving along on the
6:48 am
west or on the left-hand side, but still that you right lanes are blocked and that is really, really slowing down traffic. because of the crash were not seeing a lot of cars at the bay bridge toll plaza because the commuters cannot get through the crash. not a lot at the toll plaza right now but you can see the thick fog out there. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the fog has lifted and it was really socked in this morning but a lot of brake lights in the commute direction. kind of a slow go there. this is a look at our bridge check and you can see the san mateo bridge is a 25 minute ride across that span right now. and also pretty slow on 580 there as well. we have an update on this crash in san jose. northbound 101, all of that is pushed to the shoulder but speeds are dipping to 20 miles per hour. and a look at your other travel time stripper looking at the westbound 80 crash that is slowing speeds in that area
6:49 am
looking like a 66 minute right on 80 from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. of course we have all of that fog out there. >> the dense fog advisory is in effect until 8 am. you can see just how foggy it is. just a few minutes ago you could see the top of the golden gate bridge but now not so much. just shrouded in fog this morning. that thick fog as we start today. temps are running in the mid 50s at this hour. concord 56, 55 are oakland and livermore, san francisco coming in at 54 as we start of the day and san jose at 57 and 54 santa rosa. let's check the visibility and that dense fog, oakland one quarter of a mile. half-mile for hayward as well as happen bay and san jose 2 1/2 miles and about four miles for napa. so we have fog and we also have some drizzle as we start up our day and also some light to
6:50 am
moderate rain for the north bay. as we head through the afternoon we will see increasing rain with our next weather system. mid-fifties for the coast, for the bay upper 50s in inland locations topping out in the low 60s. this afternoon, the satellite and radar view, and our next weather system rolls in and that will bring more rain for us. tapping into some tropical moisture which means more wet weather. as we go hour-by-hour on future cast walking you through this, at 1 pm, we will see the rain pushing and at 3 pm the widespread light rain and by 6 pm some locations could see some wet weather for that evening commute. your afternoon and evening commute as you have back home from work and school be prepared for some more wet weather. for tomorrow morning started off the day with isolated showers and we will have some clearing as we head to your saturday but as we head to saturday night even the chance
6:51 am
to see some isolated showers before we finally dry out and clear out for your sunday. but if you are heading out to the sierra be prepared to winter weather advisory is in effect from noon today until 4 am sunday. we will see light snow up over the sierra in the morning today and then looking at a picking up to heavier snow by this afternoon. with that snowfall expected six to 10 inches on the highest peaks up to 15 inches so travel delays are likely over the mountain passes. your tahoe report, looking at the snow base of 24 and again we are looking at snow even for saturday. back here in the area we are looking at daytime highs at averages time of year? 60 in sunnyvale and santa clara. 61 for cupertino, concord will see a high of 60 degrees and also for pleasant hill. san francisco is topping out at 58 later today. 57 in berkeley and 59 for
6:52 am
oakland and leandra -- san leandro. here is the extended forecast. increasing rain as we head through the afternoon. shower chances on saturday, dry air sunday, monday and tuesday and more wet weather for the middle part of next week. parts of the bay area are facing a higher risk of serious earthquake damage than previously thought. why researches are raising new concerns. the napa police department is investigating a double shooting that happened in downtown overnight. will tell you about the victims next. i had on "cbs this morning" and historic impeachment vote. leaders are poised to push the abuse of power and obstruction of congress articles through to the full house today. we will look at the next steps and bring your that vote in the special report. on if you are taking a cruise over the holidays, what you need to protect yourself from excursions.
6:53 am
>> oh my god, it's so pretty! >> how a 9-year-old boy and his $20 bill kept the holiday tradition of low. taking a live look from our mountain -- now back a card -- [ electrical buzzing ]
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
6:56 am
i'm jackie ward in downtown napa where police are investigating a double shooting that happened here overnight. we are at the intersection of main and second street in napa. right across the street from downtown joe's brewery and restaurant . police respondejus 1:00 this morning where they found a man suffering from a
6:57 am
gunshot wound. they took him to the queen of valley medical center. police also say a second victim drove himself to the hospital. we don't know the condition of either victim right now. at this point in the investigation police believe it stems from an argument that started inside the bar. it closes at 1:00 in the morning and local roads just opened up a few minutes ago so everything should be fine as far as people try to get about their day and start their morning. the suspect remains at large and we do not have a description. live in napa, jackie work, kpix 5. time for look at this morning's other top stories. the search is on for a killer in the east san jose area. >> salmon was shot and killed around 2:00 this morning. no word on a motive and the entire area is closed off while police search for the suspect. in about half an hour the house judiciary committee is expected to advance articles of impeachment against president trump. that would set up a full house vote likely next week. the president is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. to date uk premise to
6:58 am
lawrence johnson declared a major win for brexit and conservative party. the british pound has surged after president trump promised a trade deal and johnson meanwhile helps to complete brexit by the end of january. a new usgs quake hazard map puts areas of the east bay and san jose at a higher risk for damage. the agency also found shaking went up 20 to 25% in the east bay since his last update five years ago. the reason, the area sits on a basin which amplifies the earthquakes slow waves. is singular has been issued on 80 westbound do to a crash that happened about an hour ago. two lanes remain blocked as crews worked to clear all the debris. it is a foggy start to the day. checked out just how foggy it is with our bay bridge camera this morning. a dense fog advisory is in effect until 8 am. visibility a quarter mile or less. tracking some light rain
6:59 am
pushing across the north bay and as we head through the afternoon we will see increasing rain as we go through our day. keep those umbrellas handy as you can see on future cast the rain moves in this afternoon and evening and daytime highs seasonal if not above average for this time of year. there we go with the extended forecast and shower chances on sunday, dry air on sunday. the chicken now with michelle in our new cbsn bay area newsroom streaming news and live updates all day. what are you following? >> got a lot going on including some parents climbing mismanaged and demanding big changes. what happened at a heated school district meeting plus, a new push in california to educate women about the risk of marijuana. and i know it's early to crack open a cold one, no judgment if you do. it's 5:00 somewhere but we have some tips to help give you the perfect poor. so if you are about to head out
7:00 am
the door right now log on to and check out cbsn bay area. you can watch those stories good morning to your viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with tony dokoupil. gayle king is off so michelle miller of "cbs this morning saturday" is with us. breaking news, the house is about to vote on impeachment after a late-night surprise by democrats brought outrage from republicans. murdered near campus. police arrest a suspect for the deadly stabbing of a student in new york city. what investigators think happened and how the murder has shaken the college community. dangerous excursion. the risky recovery mission sending teams back into the new zealand volcano crater while adventure tourism faces new safety questions. and signing off. radio legend and community activist tom joyner on retiring after 50


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