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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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breaking news now at 11:00, governor gavin newsom rejects pg&e's proposed plan to exit bankruptcy. how the company is responding tonight. plus: >> reporter: a suspect holds police at bay on top of a building under construction. we'll show you how it ended. >> reporter: tonight why more homeowners in san francisco and the south bay are searching elsewhere in the bay area for more affordable living. we'll tell you where. >> and we're still dealing with those lingering showers tonight. when the rain returns to your weekend forecast. we have breaking news now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. tonight governor gavin newsom
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is telling pg&e try again. he rejected the utility's $13.5 billion plan to compensate thousands of wildfire victims and exit bankruptcy. newsom says the deal does not comply with state law and does not position the company to provide safe, reliable, and affordable service to its customers. the governor wrote this to ceo bill johnson quote, the resolution of this bankruptcy must yield a radically restructured and transformed utility that's responsible and accountable. for its part pg&e says quote we're committed to getting victims paid, continue to implement changes across our business to improve our operations for the long term and emerging from chapter 11 as a financially sound utility. as for what this means for the victims, it appears to be a waiting game. we reached out to victim advocates and have yet to hear back. we're looking at the bay area bridges. wet pavement and lingering
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showers tonight, and more rain on the way for the weekend. at least part of it. there's also a high surf advisory for the next few hours. we saw10 to 15-foot swells tonight in santa cruz. meteorologist darren peck is watching it all. >> wet pavement and lingering showers, you summed it up beautifully. we are not done. the rest of tonight and tomorrow evening we still have a chance of showers. let me show you what's going on right now. that's the last 3 hours of high def doppler, but i want to bring you in to right now, and we can pretty much spotlight the south and east bay for light rain. redwood city, you have showers moving right up 101 and 84, 82 all getting some light rain on it. and we can follow that also over towards the east bay and hayward. it will stay that way overnight tonight, but things get different tomorrow evening. we still have a chance of rain, but it's going to be different tomorrow evening. look at the time frame. that says 4:30. see how we have the deeper shades of yellow here? and i'll bring us into tomorrow night after sunset,
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and we have a yellow bulls eye over santa rosa. these will be better organized showers for the second half of saturday. most of us won't get one, but if you do happen to get one of these, it will be a brief period of moderate to even heavy rain that comes down and then clears out of here. and when these showers come in, they're going to usher in a very different air mass. we'll finally clear out the dampness, and it's going to start to get cold. i'll talk to you about that coming up in a few minutes. all right, darren, thank you. a bizarre stand off in fremont. the suspect spent hours on top of this roof, chucking construction tools off the building. kpix 5's mark sayre tells us how it all came to an end. >> reporter: fremont police say this was an unusual emergency with a potentially dangerous suspect having the high ground and equipment to throw at police and the public. >> he just walked in front of me and went inside the building. >> reporter: victor hernandez
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was working on scaffolding at the under construction hotel when he saw the man run inside the building. >> i thought maybe it was a worker coming late or something. >> reporter: the next thing he knew, police ran up. >> they said did you see someone? >> reporter: police quickly ordered workers to evacuate, and for more than 6 hours the man was on the roof of the 5 story building, throwing equipment and tools. fremont police used drones to keep an eye on the man while crisis negotiators worked to get him to surrender. >> there's a safety issue for both the suspect and the officers, and at that point communication was the most effective tool. >> she was the victim of a subject coming into her home, hitting her and taking items. >> reporter: this all started less than a mile away where a man matching the description of the man on the roof broke into an apartment. he was confronted by the resident and then took off running. 911 calls led police in the direction of the suspect.
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>> he did eventually surrender. no use of force was needed. >> reporter: while all this was underway, the 50 or so workers on the job waited to retrieve their tools. the job superintendent says the entire situation was surreal. >> the police were concerned he may grab a construction vest if he found one and put it on and try and blend in. >> reporter: the victim in the initial home invasion was not seriously hurt and did not seek medical attention. heads up bart riders. a 5.4 fare increase will start in the new year. here's what to expect money-wise. the fare for the a short trip from downtown berkeley to oakland will increase by 10 cents, but the fare for a longer trip like antioch to montgomery street will go up by 40 cents. the increase is part of a program started in 2003 to raise the fares every other year to keep up with the cost
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of inflation. contra costa county has the highest rate of homeownership. betty yu tells us why the county stands out. >> especially being young and wanting to own a home and have control of my finances, the idea of having a little bit more freedom in that is really nice to have being out here. >> reporter: danville resident shane smith is newly engaged and hopes to one day own a home in contra costa county and start a family. it's just one reason why real estate agents say home buyers are looking in the area. about two-thirds of the homes in the county are occupied by their owners according to the latest census data. >> we've seen a lot of people coming here from south bay and san francisco. i think people think this is a hidden gem. they don't even though this area exists. but it's more affordable. there's a lot this community has to offer in terms of family living, outdoor living. great schools, bigger yards.
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>> reporter: the median sale price in contra costa county is $609,000 according to zillow. >> welcome to this beautiful home in alamo. >> reporter: this real estate agent showed us this 5 bed 3.5 bath home that sits on 8 acres. price tag? nearly $2.3 million. >> and this house would probably be $5 million in south bay or in san francisco. >> reporter: the county also has more pockets of town homes and condos for entry level buyers. this homeowner first settled in the area more than a decade ago and commutes to san francisco. >> next year it's a decision of schools and proximity of living. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. and when it comes to rent, we've heard about how things are in the bay area, but check
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out these numbers from zillow. in the last 10 years atlanta, raleigh and denver were the top 3 for rent increases. san francisco and san jose didn't even make the list. and tonight parents are saying they feel betrayed by a salinas school after they were intentionally locked inside a hot classroom. students told parents that their substitute teacher intentionally locked them indoors and turned the heat up to 100 degrees and they also said they were called inappropriate names. >> it blew my mind. how could you treat kids this way? especially if you teach to make them grow and better themselves. >> police were called to the school, but an officer found no crime was committed. it's unclear if the teacher will be invited back to
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campus. just days after a video went viral of a stranger hacking into an in home security system, it's happened again. reporter amy johnson with another hacking scare, this time in southern california. >> yo, what's up! how's your day? >> reporter: tammy whose last time we're not sharing was shocked when she heard a mysterious voice coming from her ring security camera. >> i just walked over and acted as calm as i could and turned it to the wall. >> reporter: the man was making crude comments. >> yeah, he was setting off all the alarms in the house and all the sirens, so i knew he was tapping into this camera and my bedroom camera, so it became a little overwhelming for a few minutes. >> reporter: tammy immediately reached out to ring. >> i felt like i was victimized. again, i don't think it's a perfect world. i'm not looking at ring saying you should be not able to be hacked. i mean, i know that we all have a certain amount of
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responsibility. when we put our personal information out there to anybody, we know we're taking somewhat of a risk. >> reporter: this isn't an isolated case. there have been similar reports from across the country, including this one. >> i'm santa claus! >> reporter: a little girl heard a man through a ring camera in her bedroom, claiming he was santa claus. we reached out to ring and they said in part, our security team has investigated this incident, and we have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of ring systems or networks. they went on to say we encourage users to change their pass words and enenable 2 factor authorization. a million dollar solution that could save the lives of racehorses at santa anita park
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coming up, plus: >> reporter: the raiders will likely play their final home game at the coliseum on sunday, but what does the future hold for the infamous black hole? >> and don't on the economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs.
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a traumatic experience for employees at a walgreens in southern california. they were threatened at gun point during a robbery. here's more on what the thieves were after. >> reporter: it's just after
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4:00 friday morning, and this employee has no idea this guy and 4 others are about to rob the walgreens pharmacy. seconds later, a man armed with a gun pushes another employee across the room and into the back. >> i'm here all the time, and it's just scary. >> reporter: garden grove police say that's where the thieves filled their backpacks with stolen codeine and other items, then took off running. >> it's chilling. why something like that could happen, you know, all the really bad narcotics are locked up. they just go for the codeine, it doesn't make sense. >> glad they're okay and not hurt or anything other than traumatized from being held up. >> reporter: what do you think about the fact that it happened right here? >> sad really. >> reporter: a get away car led police on a chase northbound, but they didn't get fire. their car started to smoke. minutes later they stopped the
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car and took off running. officers who encircled the car afterwards found the car , drugs, and stolen gun, but the thieves got away. >> i always say going to the store, be back later. not anymore. some new high-tech equipment might be a lifesaver for horses that race at santa anita. the owners have invested in this pet scanner. after a horse is slightly sedated, it can check their legs to detect hidden injuries. >> we can really look in any direction or space at any level. >> the changes come in the wake of 37 horse deaths at santa anita in just the past year, the latest happening early last month. only days after americans were urged to ditch lettuce over e coli fears, now the fda
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is investigating 3 separate outbreaks from lettuce in the salinas region as well as a salad kit the restaurant evergreens. and the oakland raiders likely playing their last home game at the coliseum this weekend. kpix 5's andrea nakano spoke with the co-founder of the team's most hard core fan base. >> reporter: for many raider fans, this coliseum is a treasure chest of memories. from the tailgating outside to the black hole inside the coliseum, the chapter will most likely close come sunday. raiders nation has a special relationship with the team, and the heart of the relationship is the end zone known as the black hole.
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>> it's health care. heartache. it seems like everything i do has to do with the black whole. >> reporter: in 1994, rivera and a group of friends came up with the idea of black hole. unfortunately one of the founders didn't live to see the raiders final season in oakland. >> that's been a big void for us going into the last season. we were hoping he'd make it. >> reporter: in his honor the black hole has carried on its long standing tradition of being one of the most vocal and intimidating fan groups in the nfl. but it's a fan base that's hurting from the biggest loss in raiders franchise history. losing the team to las vegas. >> we're emotionally just drained. we're hurt and we're we're upset that this has happened to us. no fan base that's been that loyal to a team and a league should ever be left in the cold. >> reporter: now rivera will miss out carrying on the black hole tradition with his
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daughter. >> obviously if not for the black hole i wouldn't have the memories i have. >> reporter: and fans of the silver and black are willing to bet the intensity of this black hole will not be replicated in vegas. >> the black hole represents, it's not just a representation of the team, it's a family representation. >> the first year we were here, we sat in the black hole. >> reporter: what was that like? >> a riot. >> reporter: the raiders haven't been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but sunday's game will most likely be their last game here at the coliseum. now rivera hopes to carry on the tradition of the black hole, he just doesn't know exactly how to do it in vegas yet. andrea nakano, kpix 5. got more rain on the way and darren peck is here to tell us exactly what to expect. >> yes, veronica, this is going to be a different kind of rain for tomorrow. we've been stuck in this pattern of light misty drizzle for too long, so i'm excited to show you tomorrow night's rain and how it's going to be
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different. we're looking at the futurecast here, but i want you to look at the time stamp. this is not tonight. that says saturday at 6:00 a.m. so we're going to focus on saturday evening's rain first. i want you to see that line right there. really well organized line of rain. that's different. we haven't seen anything with that kind of organization yet. that's a front. and it's going to come through and blow out all of this misty gray dampness and change the weather for us finally. and as it comes in, it will do 2 things. one, it will bring us some of its own rain, and this will be different than sprinkling mist. this could be very isolated, noticeable moderate rainfall. i'll show you the detail on that in a second, but first i want to show you how it changes the air and the temperatures. as it passes by tonight, i'll switch this, and we'll look at the relative humidity. watch how the colors go from green to brown. that's going to clear out the sky for us and also going to get rid of this damp feeling in the air. and as a result, we're going
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to have to experience cold temperatures in the overnight lows. the north bay, santa rosa your morning lows go from the mid-40s to the mid-30s by monday and tuesday. so get ready for a colder feel. san francisco, you're not going to drop nearly that much. most of the temperatures in and around the bay only in the low 40s. but for the sheltered inland valleys it will start to get cold. let's talk about the chance of rain into tomorrow. i want you to watch the north bay getting into saturday evening. there's a bulls eye of yellow. the band of heavy rain falls apart as it gets here, but there's just enough left that for saturday evening we have the chance of scattered isolated showers coming down in brief heavy rain perhaps. most of us won't get it, but if you happen to get the yellow right over you, you'll notice. and overnight tomorrow, this is not the particularly cold
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stuff yet. that arrives sunday. daytime highs tomorrow, not getting out of the 50s all day, and in the seven-day forecast, you get sunshine sunday and probably even monday and tuesday. but the next storm arrives wednesday of next week. better rain and colder temperatures focused on wednesday with a few scattered showers left over for thursday and friday. mary will be in with more on this, actually it will be emily turner tomorrow morning. all right, coming up the san bruno police officer that at cracker barrel, we're cooking up
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a traffic stop in san bruno nets a sizable pot haul and a pat on the head for the officer involved in the take down. >> with the help of a canine named storm, police found 3 pounds of marijuana and $11,000 of cash. they arrested the suspect. police posted this picture to facebook writing canine storm for the win. >> he looks awfully proud. >> 3 pounds of weed off the
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streets. >> awesome. >> no weed in the next few moments. the sports cast. just wanted to throw that out. all right, we have sports moving in to close the door on this friday night newscast. if they only played 3 periods in the nba, the warriors would be money.
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nba up top, and a friday night warriors run off the great salt lake. you have to admit, these fellows are playing hard. no green in the line up. they bro hug and got into it. get out of my kitchen! he hustles to the other end of floor. look at this. a little double fisted rip. steve kerr said turn it up!
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and they did. the warriors led by 13. lee, hand in his face and he hits. he scored 21. no one made a move until the 4th period. here's the key bucket. jazz hit their free throws won it 114-116. look at the massive biceps on tim murphy. he's the clayton valley football coach in white. the catch through the equinas defense set up a 2nd quarter touchdown run, and clayton valley won it 10-7. first state title in school history. the weather outside was foggy. cary, north carolina. georgetown in white and
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sanford, a grown man goal. warriors won it and advance to the title game against virginia in the college cup championship on sunday. to golf, give me captain tiger woods in australia. president's cup golf where the u.s. needed to make a move while the front running european team, justin thomas money. he and partner ricky fowler won their match. when a match is like this, you have to be a shot maker. no matter how close webb simpson could get, it wasn't enough. he and patrick reid lost this match, so the americans are down 10-8. first country to 15.5 wins the whole thing. shout out, stanford women's volleyball beat utah in 5 sets to get the ncaa
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regional final.
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the late show with stephen colbert is captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump is already preparing for a senate trial. he is now clashing with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. trump wants a "dramatic event." mccconnell, though, is pushing back, making it clear, no, he wants to get it over with quickly. >> you are watching c-span3. happy 100th birthday. up next, president donald trump and mitch mcconnell spar over impeachment strategies. ♪ ♪ ( laughter )


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