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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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chaos at a northbay christmas party after one of the guests is shot. find out what police are saying about the person that pulled the trigger. cooler temperatures tonight, who will get the biggest chill and when could rain return to the area? the navigation here is expected to open by the end of the year. it was supposed to be a night of celebration. but it landed a man in hug -- handcuffs. >> reporter: police say that someone reported a gun shot at 1:30 am. when officers arrived he was
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limping down the street he was shot in the foot. police say that a 71-year-old man pushed his wife down on the couch and that pulled a gun on a party guest that was in is 70s. >> he approached him and told him to get out of the house or he would shoot him. they went out onto the porch and the victim confronted the suspect. he said, you are not going to shoot me. and the suspect fires into his left foot and caused an injury to his left foot. >> reporter: police arrested the man making criminal threats and domestic violence. he is out of jail on a $50,000 bail. we reached out to him but we have not heard back. san rafael , kpix. we take a live looked across the bay, it is getting
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colder overnight and when will it warm up again? let's send it over to brian. >> the high pressure is building over the coast and it is clear. we have clear skies, heat during the day back out into space and that means, today, it will not be below freezing but santa rosa 34 livermore 36, for the week ahead, temperatures cool tonight will be the coldest night of the week. plenteous sunshine for monday but then things change. we have unsettled weather returning midweek and we will talk about what we expect from that with the forecasted a few minutes. as the temperatures dip of pretentious navigation center will open up its doors to homeless people in san francisco. we as neighbors how they feel about the center opening up by the end of the year. >> reporter: after months of
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construction, they expect to tour the navigation center this week and they will open up to their first residence by the end the month. the safe navigation center appears on track to welcomed their first residence. >> we come from new york. and we see the people and they are having a tough time. >> reporter: the solution was proposed earlier this year to combat the homeless problem. the 200 bed navigation center since on the waterfront and one of the city's most expensive neighborhoods. it sparked outrage with condo residence in the area. then there was a court battle. they try to block construction. >> do you think this will improve the situation in your neighborhood? >> i do not think so. for a short answer, probably
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not. for as many solutions that have been proposed over the years none make a difference are clean anything up. there doesn't seem to be too much optimism. >> reporter: back in august, a security camera caught someone and trigger condo nearby and she was attacked by a homeless man. it was a debate about crime and safety in the area.>> reporter: it is a necessary thing. the better gaze -- the benefit will be good. >> reporter: they plan to step up security around the center. tonight, dozens gathered at a high school in los angeles county, they honored tim staples. he disappeared on mount baldy
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he is a selfless hero he is a nine year of the department search and rescue team and found dead at the bottom of a nice shoot. staples was working as a high school teacher. they have played their final game in oakland. they packed the stadium to see if they could win. >> today, it was supposed to be a warm and fuzzy day, say goodbye to the oakland coliseum and the oakland raiders who are going to las vegas. instead, there were objects being thrown all over the field at the end of the game. the crowd was in for an obvious frenzy..tran12 scored 17 points. chris connelly caught the final
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touchdown and the raiders close out the coliseum with their fourth straight loss and the fans were not happy with the disappointing ending. >> we should not have given that when away like we did. it broke our hearts, twice. >> 24 years, and i am clocking out. >> some people won't be able to see a game again and you feel for them. it feels weird, that you won't call them the oakland raiders. that is crazy. >> that is the way that it does end for the oakland coliseum and the raiders. more rater reaction and the unbelievable 49er story and bad news for the services go giants and the golden state warriors. i feel like the grinch with no gifts to give on the holiday. reporting from the to 11.
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>> they lined up early for a final round of tailgated. >> the environment with the oakland raiders, it is something that you cannot replicate anywhere. >> i crying on the outside but i happy that we got everyone together for the last game. >> some fans say that they will follow the team to southern nevada but others say, no way. this is the last game in oakland. tonight, the next democrat it -- democratic presidential debate is in jeopardy, all seven said that they will boycott the debate in support of the union workers.>> reporter: food service workers are missing the picket outside the last democratic debate of the year. >> i am not crossing a picket line i never have and i'm not
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going to start now. >> reporter: she was the first to treat her support for the food service workers, the rest of the canada said that they would not cross the picket line outside the university, the site of the debate on thursday. >> it is a terrible look for the democratic party to have a debate and run the pile of union rules. >> reporter: they began to pick at last month where they prepare and serve meals. the negotiations were canceled. >> we need to resolve these issues.>> reporter: the union boycott is not the only dilemma for the democratic national committee, nine candidates are recommending that the dnc change the rules used to dictate participation. the current rules cutdown the diversity of the feel. dnc officials say that they are unlikely to change the rules
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for january. >> the dnc chairman has not decided if you will change the rules for the february and march debate. the union representing the food workers will meet on tuesday or sooner. the articles of impeachment, that is three days away. today on twitter president trump announced it as a hoax and said that we will win. lawmakers will consider two articles of impeachment. obstruction of power they are looking for a senate trial in they have witness wish list but the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham suggests a different approach. >> they will called the witnesses that the president wants. >> i worried that we will not get a fair trial with all the facts and the truth coming out. i will work hard to get that done. >> chuck schumer sent a letter
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to mitch mcconnell saying that the witnesses that is set a trial should include the former national security adviser and the acting chief of staff. instead of holiday cheer, hallmark is spreading diverse commercials. lori loughlin is not giving up, and the government is trying to find her innocence. it is a launch that didn't go as
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tonight the hallmark channel, they yanked this and showing a same six couple kissing at the altar. we have more on the social media firestorm that prompted the network to apologize tonight. >> do you think that this could have made it easier?>> reporter: it is the same sex kiss that put hallmark in the middle for the social media war. the advocacy group, glad, is
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calling on advertisers to boycott the channel. >> with this is saying with families with parents or children saying that they are not the same. >> reporter: 1 million miles started an online petition and complained to hallmark about the add. they are praising the network to be safe and family friendly. ellen did generous and william shatner as well as the governor made comments. >> there are people on both sides of the debate and there are more people that are poor quality. >> reporter: they on the network, they may have been trying to avoid this, in a statement, a spokesperson row, the debates surrounding these commercials on both sides was distracting from the purpose of our network.
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>> yes. now to new twists, the attorneys for lori loughlin and her husband are accusing them of hiding evidence. they have pleaded not guilty. and now they claim that the government is hiding evidence that could help their case. it shows that they believe that there payments would go to the school as legitimate donations and they will be back in court. george lucas and his north bay leaders he's going to talk about a vineyard that he wants to build on his skywalker ranch. the counties approved plans that happened in june and some lines have been planted but they want the spot to stay as open space.
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the new agreement says that two sites are continuing to discuss how the vineyard could be replanted to continue. the first crab season is in gear. local fishermen is waiting to get back out there. many whales were there and when they leave that means buffer weather and hazardous conditions. it could be especially dangerous for the small boats that dock in san francisco. >> it was especially dangerous. >> reporter: were you afraid for your life? >> yes. yesterday was one of those days i didn't want to be out there. you knew it was dangerous and he didn't want to go but eventually you have to. >> they feel pressured to get their boats out quickly 80% of the crowd is caught in the
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first days. >> alarms than action tonight. the climate summit in madrid delicates discuss the signs that the climate is in trouble. they talked about the hundred fires burning across australia. the ice is melting seven times faster than it did in the 90s. and the wildfires are growing more more severe. >> the planet is on fire in the window of escape is getting harder and harder to reach the longer we fail to act. >> outside the meeting frustrated activists dumped the newer on the road outside. scientists say to stop the global temperatures from rising is to cut the green house gas emissions. the warning signs are there but who is listening? the ocean cleanup has accomplished round one of his mission. they are cleaning the pacific
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garbage patch. this was a small start to up big plan to clear 50% of the patch with building a bigger fleet they launch september 17th but they needed to spend more time working out the kinks, in 2019, it worked. >> eventually, the team was able to take this into account and actually get to a point where we had a system that was successfully catching plastic. what were going to do is recycle dysplastic. we will turn it into beautiful, sustainable products. >> 100% of the proceeds of the products will fund the next round the cleanup. the group is working to find the source of the plastic in order to stop further pollution. i do wonder about that. we don't have a clue do we?
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we have to stay tuned. the forecast is coming, rain, midweek things will turn what again, tomorrow looks nice though. it's because things look nice that's why cool weather is in the area. no freeze warnings and no frost warning. we had highs today in the middle 50s, 57 santa rosa, 56 san francisco, tomorrow, in terms of temperatures, the numbers now have plunge into the 40s for the most part, santa rosa is now 39. high pressure, briefly, makes a visit to the west coast. sunny and visibility should be just fantastic. the weather remain school but that is midshipman- december. it will get what again by late tuesday. future cast, you see dissenting visibility, even as a few clouds worked their way to the shoreline on monday night, as we get started monday morning
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it will be clear and call and temperatures in the low 40s. we will recover under sunny skies to middle 50s. then we get a knoll the we get a cold front running through. once the cold temperatures return, just like last week, they don't go away, it will be on and off again showers. for tomorrow, it will be on again, partly sunny was sunshine into richards in the middle 50s. it is cloudy in new york, temperature of 36 degrees. overnight lows tonight on the chill side. tonight will be the coldest night of the week. 42 oakland, 51 fremont. middle 50s does it. tomorrow, sunshine and 56 degrees in redwood city. 57 palo alto. up in the north bay, nice, sunshine and santa rosa 58
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degrees. the extended forecast, nice and dry tomorrow. most of tuesday, tuesday night wednesday, we have a chance of showers moving in to the bay area then another distinct system moves into the bay area as we go into next weekend. if you like sunshine, enjoy it while you can. a bay area winery is looking for a combat -- a come back in big way. it was devastated by the kincaid wildfire. the box office, frozen, but there is a new
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a historic winery is rising from the ashes and rebuilding from the kincaid fire. >> the soto rock winery the fire destroyed the main building ana century and a half that it has stood there. the owner decided to open it up backup for daily tastings. local customers poured out
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their hearts. >> they are helping me. we are helping each other. it is a good reciprocal state. >> we will be here for when they do rebuild. >> wilson believes that it will take two to three years to build the winery from the ruins because the grapes were harvested before the fire and production is handled on-site and the fire should not affect next year's vintage. a group of california firefighters are granting a you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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it may seem like a simple test but if you are homeless a haircut is hard to come by. today, a celebrity style list set up his barber chair in in venice and gave free haircuts to homeless people. he was joined by other stylists and volunteers that handed out food and warm clothing. he truly believes that haircut can't change in outlook on life. a sacramento county student that lives with autism, he wants to be a firefighter when he's done with school coffers birthday party, his mother and brother asked sacramento fire if they would stop by.
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