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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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rainy weather may have played a factor in a crash. when the storm will finally let a. plus looking live on capitol hill were house democrats are poised to impeach the president. this morning we are live with the preview of today's historic vote. san francisco neighbors already fed up over a new navigation center that has not even opened yet. the message this morning get ready for a lot more. good morning. it is wednesday, december 18. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we are on storm watch all morning long. geon is keeping an eye on your wet commute but first we will start off with mary lee. the rain is coming down. >> it is for sure. keeping -- you can see high death doppler is lit up as we start of the day. the locations getting the heavy rain from martinez and hercules, vallejo as well as right over the richmond-san rafael bridge into mill valley. sausalito, you can see the
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heavy rain coming down across the golden gate into san francisco. right over the bay bridge, some moderate to heavy rainfall right now looking at walnut creek and danville getting that heavy rain this morning. and even across the peninsula. redwood city, woodside, you can see the moderate to heavy rain all. most of us getting the rain this morning with downforce. isolated thunderstorms are definitely possible as a strong cold front pushes through and we are not done yet. more wet weather this afternoon with scattered light showers as we go through the day and afternoon. looking at drier weather with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with some showers for the north bay. we will talk about timing it all out and our rain for today and possibly tomorrow coming up. we are dealing with the situation on 580 in oakland. it is a fatal crash that has all in shutdown. eastbound 580 at lakeshore. you can see that chp is holding
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traffic and several vehicles are involved. we are hearing also of vehicle may have hit a pedestrian in the roadway. i learned from chp they have opened a couple lanes on the westbound side. this is 580 at grand lakeshore in oakland. you will see delays in both directions and traffic may be getting by a little bit better, slightly better that lanes are open on the westbound side. in the meantime you'll want to stick with 880. that will be your best bet. no delays right now and a live look and you can see traffic moving ok. we are dealing with a wet weather so definitely take it slow on the roadways. jackie ward is headed to the scene to bring us more information. also we are getting word of a wind advisory in effect at the bay bridge and some flooding along the 101. isabel bueso capitol hill we have been -- it is a
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highly charged date on capitol hill and let's go live to cbs news reporter with more on what we can expect today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday the house rules committee basically voted and laid out the groundwork for what will happen today. today almost 21 years to the day that the house voted to impeach president clinton, president trump says about this 2019 effort that he calls it a partisan attempting to. in a letter to nancy pelosi. meanwhile in a letter to her democratic colleagues, pelosi wrote, if we do not act we will be derelict in our duty. >> to impeach the president of the united states for that is a disgrace. >> this is a political process. >> reporter: the next step will
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be a trial in the senate and republican leaders are trying to shut down the democrats request to have new witnesses testify. a small number of democrats say they are not going to vote in favor of this impeachment. one of those is the representative from new jersey. he says he will even change parties after this. for today, what can we expect? how will this play out? >> reporter: today, what will happen is the house will come to order in a little bit under an hour and then there will be hours of debate. and i mean hours of debate. early this evening we will get the votes on both of those articles of impeachment and after that, it will end up going to, if approved, to the senate for a trial. will probably be early january. >> an important day in history. thank you. this was the scene across
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the bay area yesterday. thousands of demonstrators took to the streets calling for the impeachment of president trump. they march from the federal building down market street before ending up at the local offices of the senators feinstein and kamala harris. meanwhile in oakland a crowd gathered at the grand lake theater to do the same. in the meantime the president is firing back with ace gating letter to nancy pelosi declaring his innocence and accusing her of subverting american democracy. in the letter the president accused pelosi of inventing the charge of abuse of power and branding it completely disingenuous, meritless and baseless. pelosi wrote she said suffers from trump derangement syndrome. he says he accepts no responsibility for the spot to land on his presidency. and when asked by reporters speaker pelosi called the letter ridiculous and really
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sick. >> reporter: the democratic presidential debate in southern california is back on after a labor dispute was settled at the site of the event. leila marymount university. the candidates announced last week they would boycott the debate because the labor union was planning to pick it that night. the dispute was between a food services contractor and a union that represents the campus employees. the city of san jose will pay $225,000 to a woman accusing a cop of rape while on duty. the former officer avoided conviction after two trials and two hung juries. he was among a team of four officers who responded to a disturbance call in the middle of the night. she asked to be taken to a hotel where she worked as a maid and three weeks later she reported that grace had entered her room and raped her.
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the officer testified in court that the two had consensual sex. police have revealed video of a confrontation that led to an officer involved shooting in san francisco. the video was shown last night at a town hall meeting. police say surveillance and body cam video shows 24-year- old jamaica hampton attacking two officers with a vodka bottle. at one point the officers used pepper spray but that failed to subdue him. investigators say the officers opened fire after he turned towards them still armed with the bottle. some attending the meeting last night were not satisfied with the explanation. >> it's absurd to affect that and asked the public and the committee to swallow that there was no other possible outcome. >> one officer was briefly hospitalized for lacerations to his face and head. hamden seen in a video remains hospitalized and in custody. he faces charges that include assault with a deadly weapon and assault upon a police officer, peace officer. as we take a live look in
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san francisco where to date some local political leaders plan to announce the expansion of a homeless program and here is a look at one of the newest navigation centers. the expansion calls for placing one center in every district and the navigation centers offer services for the homeless including help in finding longer-term housing. there are currently eight of those centers but they are only in three of san francisco's 11 districts. remember to keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at our reporter will be back with a new report tonight and you can see all of our original reporting on our website. happening today in the south bay, food distribution kicking off to help thousands of families in need and it started at 4:00 this morning and will go until this evening at 6:00. it's at the sacred heart community services in san jose. the organization says over 3000 families are expected to pick up food boxes, food donated include fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and even a
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choice between a turkey, ham or chicken. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area going all out to crack down on package these. coming up the creative way police tracked down a porch pirate ceiling from the south day. if you are heading out the door for work in school at that umbrella and put on your rain jacket because it is a wet start to the day. tracking rate and heavy downpours on
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area i'm anne makovec from the live news desk and let's go live to the spire in dallas, texas. it's at a recycling plant and it is a scrap metal recycling plant and they have a lot of salvaged vehicles. we're tracking burning rubber, metal, and upholstery. it has been burning for about three hours now. and it has been keeping firefighters busy because there is no water hydrants on the property. which means they are having to bring in water tankers to try and fight the fire from the outside. stork a 5:12 right now and taking a live look at sfo. southwest airlines is canceling
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thousands more flights as the fate of boeing smac 737 jets remains unclear. southwest says it will pull 300 flights a day from its weekday schedule through april 13. customers will be notified and reassigned to other planes. last week they also announced it is canceling hundreds of flights through april after the faa said it will not approve the 737 max until at least next year. the metropolitan transportation commission is holding a public hearing about changes to express lane toll policies. the hearing is set for 9:30 this morning at the bay area metro center on beale street in san francisco. morgan hill police used some creativity to nap a package these . when this video of a package these caught in the act started circulating police jumped on the case and they discovered the first clue. a bunch of packages and then
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they reach out to the victims and one of them gave them footage of the suspects license plate and car. at track the owner to his home. >> he tried to takeoff out the back but our guys had a good perimeter set up and took him into custody. >> the police department is on it and they treated seriously. they don't make us think it's petty. >> the suspect was booked into jail on multiple charges including theft and resisting arrest. he also -- they also recovered stolen items worth about $900. you could soon see a driverless pizza truck on the road because the dmv gave a green light to put autonomous cars to the test. they say it can improve applications in 30 days. the requirements are light-duty passenger cars, midsize pickup trucks and cargo vans must weigh less than 10,000 pounds depending on the permit companies can test the delivery
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service with or without a safety driver. >> i would never want to share the road with a self driving car that could run me over to hurt my kids. that is not what will happen. >> i think eventually things will be tested and things will be safe. >> there are stipulations. testing with a driver requires it be in a controlled environment and there will not be a safety driver the company needs to in warm law enforcement where they will be. as we track traffic with the rain coming down we have a fatality and other accidents. >> there's a lot going on. but it gets wet like this the services get slick and you have to take it slow. we are following a situation in oakland. this is on 580. we still have information coming in. unfortunately this is a fatal crash. 580 at lakeshore right now westbound lanes, three and four, are open so traffic is getting by in the left lanes. the two right lanes are blocked. on the eastbound side chp opened one lane and the traffic
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through but they did shut down all lanes again on the eastbound side until they remove all the vehicles off the freeway. you can use 880 as an alternate. you can see 880 is moving ok in both directions with no delays. that will be your best bet. the drive times, 580 to 238 and the maze is 36 minutes. you can use north bound 880 to the maze and will take you 14 minutes. if that is your option do that instead. a better choice in 580. on our caltrans cameras, traffic was being held at lakeshore and you can see flashing lights but beyond this is where we see the lanes shut down on eastbound 580. give yourself some extra time. you can see this is much better than 580. jackie ward is headed to the scene of the crash on 580 to get us more information. we will continue to keep you updated and with this wet weather we get reports of a lot
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of vehicles that's been out. a lot to get you here so you can see traffic is slow as you work your way to the bay bridge. a wind advisory is in effect with your drive time, and a heads up, we have reports of a broken down vehicle or debris in the roadway on the upper deck of the bay bridge new treasure island. the rest of the bridges are doing ok. no wind advisories on the golden gate bridge, the san mateo bridge or the richmond- san rafael bridge either. but as the services -- we have reports of flooding on 101 and it looks like things are getting better through that area but you can see on the golden gate bridge camp traffic is moving ok but definitely slower speeds as you work your way into san francisco. definitely, already busy on the roadways. how is the weather? >> with that morning commute please be careful. on hi-def doppler tracking the rain and heavy downpours. we are looking at that wet weather and that will continue
5:18 am
into our afternoon with scattered showers. right now, you can see it is just pouring for many locations. let's zoom in on hi-def doppler and you can see right across the golden gate some moderate rain pushing into san francisco. is going across the bay bridge and into the east bay with heavy rain from walnut creek down through 680 and danville, sam remote and moraga getting that heavy rain right now. tracking rainfall rates, some impressive rainfall rates, about an inch and a half coming down per hour. looking at intense rainfall rates across the peninsula from redwood city, palo alto, and right along 280, getting light rain from said email as well as cupertino. here is a live look from our salesforce tower camera. looking south and you can see the wet camera with the raindrops. temps in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s.
5:19 am
milder compared to the last couple days but we have that wet weather at as we head through the afternoon looking at scattered light showers. low to mid 50s for the coast, with 50s for the bay, looking at upper 50s in land as we go through our afternoon. this is because of a strong cold front pushing across the region right now then this low pressure system will move through. that is why we are looking at and the instability as we head through the afternoon are scattered showers. at noon, we are looking at the wet weather so scattered in nature. at 4 pm, scattered light showers then catching a break for tomorrow. for the most part. for the south bay you will see more sunshine tomorrow and for the north day some more clouds could be isolated, with a weather system to the north but as we look ahead to friday drier weather and a stronger storm for the weekend but rainfall amounts as we go through today anywhere from a
5:20 am
10th, quarter inch to half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain. looking ahead to the weekend, this is the storm to watch. it will be stronger saturday into sunday bringing heavy rain and there could be strong winds. we will keep an eye on that storm for the weekend. for today, daytime highs seasonal for this time of year, upper 50s from sunnyvale, santa clara, san jose, mid-fifties in morgan hill and concord, pleasant hill and pleasanton as well as livermore. looking at 55 in san francisco as well as berkeley, alameda, 56 in oakland cara -- 51 for cloverdale. here's the extended forecast. a rainy start turning to scattered light showers in the afternoon. catching a bit of a break to your thursday, although a few showers are possible for the far north day. dreyer on friday, partly cloudy skies and there we go with the
5:21 am
stronger storm system saturday into sunday with shower chances for next monday. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, coming up the warning from one family after their baby was nowhere to be seen ♪
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a lot's changed since you were here. it's called the internet. i'm gonna hit start now, ok?
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while come back. we are following breaking news out of oakland. a deadly crash has lane shutdown on 580. this is west and eastbound as you work your way right at lakeshore in oakland. csp has open to right lanes on that was outside. it looks like they are still being bottlenecked on the eastbound side with at least one lane blocked. a lot of activity on scene. this is a fatal crash so no word as to when it will reopen. 880 is a good alternate to 580 so try to avoid this if you can. 5:24 right now. in health watch, simple changes to your diet right help save as much as $50 billion in healthcare costs nationally. according to a new study in boston researchers found an increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables and nuts
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plus reductions in processed meats and sugary beverages might cut nearly 20% of the risk and high culture that to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. caring for a grandchild can actually mean less loneliness and social isolation for seniors. doctors in germany found the activity helped expand social circles but they worn the positive impact could wear off if grandparents are called upon to babysit too often. a day care owner has a warning this morning of a security camera glitch. barbara tells us she set up a new video monitor in the room where the baby sleep. when she checked on the kids on her phone, that is when things got weird. >> this first one was my granddaughter. which is one of the children that is in my daycare. sleeping. and then, it was switching to this. somebody else's living room. >> experts say your camera
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should have an encrypted connection and to be sure the camera's password is not easy to guess. we are alongside 580 right now where there is a fatal accident. chp is investigating and cleaning up as they try to get the morning commute moving along. don't forget, we are streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination.
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5:30 am
to hear this morning. new marijuana vaping numbers on school grounds. the students most affected. it is wednesday, december 18. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego.. time now is 5:30. we are on storm watch all morning long. mary lee is tracking the storm as they move across the bay area and gianna is keeping an eye on the messy roads. >> there's quite a bit going on. our biggest problem is this deadly accident that happened on 580. 580 at lakeshore. at one point all lanes were shut down and the latest from chp is westbound lanes have the to right lanes open and traffic is squeezing through. eastbound lanes you have all lanes closed until they clear the vehicles off the roadway. traffic is squeezing through that center divide and you want to use 880 as an alternate but to avoid some of the delays you can see the sensors, 880 not dealing with any trouble but we
5:31 am
have slick surfaces. your drive time is 24 minutes westbound 580 to the mason north on 88 from -- once you get past the accident, things move a lot better on 580. a live look at 80. things are clear and here's a look at one of our cameras. just past the accident and you can see traffic is moving better. jackie ward is live to give us more information. >> reporter: we are live on eastbound 580 right now actually with chp. the sergeant on scene of the accident. what can you tell us happened? >> so, what we had was on westbound 580 just east of grand avenue there was a driver of a mercedes that had a solo spin out to to the rain. that vehicle was blocking the number one and/or two lanes and the driver of a pickup truck was coming along was down 580 and had a minor noninjury collision with a mercedes. both parties were stopped and
5:32 am
they both exited their vehicles and the driver of the pickup truck walked around to the passenger side of the pickup truck and a third vehicle came along which was a sedan and it struck the pickup truck and pedestrian. that pickup truck rotated and ejected the driver of the pickup truck onto the east outside of 580. >> the body is actually still here, right? >> correct. the coroner is still unseen. everything happened on the westbound side but the driver landed on the eastbound side. >> that's quite a scene. but would you recommend to people who may get in some sort of under vendor on the freeway in the dark like this? >> any time you are in a collision your number one attempt should be to drive to the right hand shoulder or center median. regardless of the amount of damage. you can still make that attempt and your vehicle will still move. if you are unable to do that you need to remain in your car
5:33 am
with your seat belt on. that is the safest place for you to be an called 911 and let them know where you are so we can get to you and make it safe. >> is it safe to say the car, the mercedes, spun out because of the wet roads? >> it does appear that the weather had a major factor. >> talk to me about the morning commute and how you think will it affect the. >> we should have westbound 580 clear very quickly. we have the cars on the tow trucks now. and one more vehicle left to leave here. eastbound will be longer. but i would estimate another hour. >> is that because the coroner is to her? >> yes. >> thank you for your time. it is a very wet morning and it leads to dangerous road conditions. is there any signs of it lightening up? >> there is, a little bit later on. we will see scattered light showers but in the meantime we have the heavy rain and tracking that for you. please be careful on the
5:34 am
roadways. here is high death doppler. it is lit up this morning. we are tracking that heavy rain and the orange and red colors indicating that on high death doppler this morning. as we go through our afternoon we will see scattered light showers so right now, a strong cold front pushing through bringing that heavy rain and downpours this morning. and you can see that especially for the north day, the east bay and even the peninsula getting that wet weather. so please be careful as we look at slick roadways out there. as we head through the afternoon we will see scattered light showers with that low pressure system pushing across the region. and then as we go through the day we will see mid to upper 50s for the daytime highs. i will get my weather computer working. it looks like it's frozen right now but we will talk about what you can expect on future cast taking you hour-by-hour coming up. i'm anne makovec from the live news desk. let's go live to capitol hill were a vote is expected to make president trump the third president in u.s. history to be impeached. the house of representatives begins a daylong debate on two
5:35 am
articles of impeachment in less than a half an hour. the president is calling it up partisan attempted to. in a six page letter to speaker nancy pelosi he said democrats are on a vicious crocheted accusing him of the two charges he's facing. abuse of power and obstruction of congress. pelosi in a letter to her colleagues wrote if we do not act we will be derelict in our duty. of course this is all leading to a big trial in the senate that will happen in january. there is still debate right now over whether or not the witnesses will be allowed to testify in that. asked for the present he says he is not going to be watching today's debate but he is up this morning watching fox and friends because he has been tweeting about that all morning long. repeating back some of the quotes he is hearing on the commentators. basically calling it a farce. back here in the bay area santa clara county could be the next area county to adopt a conservatorship program for the severely mentally ill. marin, contra costa and alameda and san mateo counties have
5:36 am
already adopted it. laura's law allows for treatment of homeless people who are severely mentally ill and in trouble with the law. the board of supervisors took public comment yesterday and got in -- got an ear full. >> i believe that forcing people to do things that they don't want to do, makes the more stubborn. >> it's a violation of civil liberties. >> were talking about here is the population who does not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. >> they will take up the discussion again next month. health officials are confirming two flu related deaths in the county. one person died last week of november and the first week of december. those cases follow two deaths in santa clara county in september. statewide there have been at least 24. doctors if you've not got your shot yet get it now. new marijuana vaping numbers this morning on school grounds. a study by the national institute on drug abuse found
5:37 am
of the 12th-graders they surveyed 14% said they had bathed marijuana in the last month. that's nearly double the 7.5% reported just a year ago. to this morning a school has filed a federal lawsuit against juul. they say the youth vaping epidemic is putting a big strain on their budgets by forcing them to install vaped detectors in bathrooms and higher extra help to combat the cigarette use on campus. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. meanwhile juul responded with a statement saying it does not intend to attract under age users and is expanding its efforts to reduce youth vaping. pg&e will pay nearly $25 billion for the northbay fire and a federal bankruptcy judge approved a pair of settlements yesterday for fire victims and insurance companies. separately pg&e settle with
5:38 am
state regulators for $1.7 billion under the terms of the deal the utility must spend that money on safety upgrades and cannot recoup the cash from rate ratepayers. the ceo apologize for the company's role in the fires adding, quote, the settlement agreement underscores our commitment to learning from the past and doing what is right for safety in the future. to the nation's largest mushroom grower has agreed to pay almost 2 1/4 million dollars to settle a lawsuit. the suit accused the company monterey mushrooms of polluting creeks in santa clara county. video provided by the district attorney's office shows murky water dumping into fisher creek to the company's facility in morgan hill. fisher creek flows into coyote creek which carries water to the san francisco bay. two years ago after heavy rains coyote creek crested and flooding into tomes and parts of san jose. >> i wonder where the oversight is and violations that are making the watershed and say. >> prosecutors say monterey
5:39 am
mushrooms ignored orders to clean it up dating back to 1985. the company told the san jose mercury news the incidents were not intentional and it began cleaning up after the investigation. diane king hall has business dues into a report. >> reporter: let's start with the record highs on wall street. the dow rose 31 points and the nasdaq was up nine. the s&p gained a point. all three hit new records. a south korean court threw the book at the head of samsung. the chairman of the electronics giant was sentenced to 18 months in jail after being convicted of violating local labor union laws. he was accused of gathering personal information on union members such as personal finances and mental health history. it follows the de facto leader who just got out of jail last year after being convicted of
5:40 am
bribery. eyes on the road. research from aaa finds the drivers to rely on advanced driver assisted the elegy too much are nearly twice as likely to be distracted behind the wheel. nearly 93% of new cars have one driver assisted feature. the carmakers warned drivers with should always be prepared to take over because the safety features are not perfect. >> no doubt. it's a work in progress. diane, we hear the top spending transfer 2020 are in. what are we spending our money on next year? >> reporter: according to mobile payment processor square demand for acts throwing is set to store. u.s. consumer spent some $6 million on the canadian pastime. also invoke is leopard print anything. the 90s revival is a look likely on his way out. i never understood the choker look but right now i'm imagining it. >> we should not have done it.
5:41 am
i did it. i'm guilty of it back in the 90s. when i thought it -- let's let that one be there. >> thank you. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, delivering pizza and a baby. the fire department working with way more than just claims. as a wet start to the day and tracking the rain and heavy downpours on high deb doppler. i will give you a closer look at the radar and what you can expect as we head to the afternoon. coming up we will have the mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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see you at denny's! good wednesday morning. it definitely a wet start to the day so grab your umbrella and put on your raincoat. rain and heavy downpours and on hi-def doppler you can see a live look from the treasure island camera. we will talk about what you can expect in the afternoon with more wet weather and had. firefighters went above and beyond the call of duty. more than one crisis averted after they delivered pizza and a newborn baby. these nevada firefighters started their shift normally enough on saturday night and
5:45 am
responded to a routine car crash but they realized one of the cars had some precious cargo. >> their emergency personnel were not getting a pizza can be an emergency but we got an idea that somebody needs the pizza. >> the fire crew double check the receipts as the driver was brought to the hospital with minor injuries. they were able to get the pizza to the right place just-in- time. there was no time to rest. another call came in just hours later. a woman already in labor. >> when we arrived on scene she had already delivered without getting to the nitty-gritty. the baby was in her arms and we took care of the rest. my crew was awesome. they are great at their jobs which makes my job easier. >> paramedics helped with the delivery and today both mom and baby are doing well. they do everything. >> save kittens from trees. >> and fight fires. >> just added to the list. all the wet weather this
5:46 am
morning leading to a lot of accident. >> unfortunately as you heard from jackie ward who spoke to one of the officers live on scene at a crash he said wet weather may have been what caused the accident on 580. so westbound 580, lanes may have been reopened at lakeshore. at one point they were blocked in both direction. this is 580 in oakland. it happened just after 4:00 this morning. we are still seeing a lot of slowing in both directions. at last check westbound lanes are open. we just heard back from chp and are waiting for confirmation on the eastbound side. we will get an official confirmation and a couple minutes but in the meantime until things thin out use 880 as an alternate. jackie ward is live on scene and she will continue to bring us more information throughout the morning but this fatal crash did natalie cause a lot of problems.
5:47 am
you may have some activity there. checking your drive times right now you'll want to stick with 880 as an alternate. looking like a better option as opposed to 580. 23 minute drive from 238 to the maze on westbound 580 but northbound 880 238 to the maze will only take you 15 minutes. again we will keep you updated on that. a live look at 880 near the colosseum. both directions moving ok. we are starting to see traffic thickening up as you work your way into the hayward area. a little stop and go south of where this life shot is as you head through their. let's get a live look a condition to the richmond-san rafael bridge. we have reports of a vehicle that spun out and was blocking one lane. you can see traffic slow as you approach the life shot area. it looks like the left lane may be blocked. a lot of activity still on scene. a lot of flashing lights and give yourself some extra minutes. right around -- sluggish
5:48 am
conditions commuting out of the east bay into marin county. taking a look at the bay bridge, we are starting to see some delays out of emeryville. here is mary. tracking rain and heavy downpours on hi-def doppler. please be careful on those roads with those slick surfaces and roadways. let's get right to hi-def doppler. will give you a closer look at the locations getting that heavy rain right across the richmond-san rafael bridge. hercules, venetia, rain coming down right now as well as the light rain pushing across the golden gate into san francisco. moderate to heavy rainfall across the bay bridge into the area. we are getting several storm reports. i want to check this for you. reports of flooding at 280 in san francisco. we are looking at that rain and that heavy rain right over san
5:49 am
ramon, 680 to pleasanton and hayward and you can see the heavy rain in union city, fremont as well as sunnyvale. the light rain pushing into san jose. reports of flooding especially in san francisco as well as for the east bay from oakland to piedmont. here is a live look south, the wet camera and raindrops on the live cam. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. to low 50s. as we head to the afternoon we are not done with the wet weather. as the rain turns to scattered light showers in the afternoon keep your umbrellas handy. mid-fifties for the coast and the bay and upper 50s in land as we go through the afternoon. it's all because of a strong cold front pushing across the region right now. the low pressure system will move in as we head through the afternoon. more wet weather to come. scattered light showers as we go through our lunchtime hour at noon. at 4 pm, more wet weather
5:50 am
turning again to light scattered showers in the afternoon. for tomorrow catching a bit of a break. thankfully so as we are looking at were sunshine for the south bay tomorrow. cloudy for the northbay and we could see a few isolated showers for the far northbay tomorrow. drier weather friday and then looking at stronger storms moving in for the weekend. rainfall amounts for today, anywhere from a 10 to a quarter to as much as a half an inch of rain to three quarters of an inch of rain. some beneficial rainfall for us. we will see more rain with the stronger storm and that will be the storm to watch for this weekend. heavy rain and strong winds saturday into sunday. our sunrise is at 7:19 and the sunset is at 4:52. daytime highs today, 55 san francisco, 57 fremont, 56 oakland, 58 san jose and 55 for concord. daytime high seasonal for this time of year. a rainy morning church to scattered showers in the afternoon.
5:51 am
keep your umbrellas handy. dry air for the most part for tomorrow with partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy and a few isolated showers for the far north day for your thursday. otherwise looking at a drier weather for friday and there we go with the stronger storm saturday into sunday. will keep the shower chances in the forecast for next monday, partly cloudy skies with dry conditions for next tuesday. back to you. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay ♪ a lot's changed since you were here. it's called the internet. i'm gonna hit start now, ok?
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welcome back. is 5:54 and here is height that doppler. you can see the wet start to the day and tracking heavy rain pushing right across the golden gate and one-to-one into san francisco and across the bay bridge into the east bay. several storm reports coming in. reports of flooding in san francisco at 280 on mariposa and also looking at flooding in san francisco at northbound 101 at octavia. all lanes there. as we look across the east bay you can see the heavy rain pushing right across 580, 580 into pleasanton and then from union city down through milpitas. sunnyvale and san jose, scattered showers as we head throughout afternoon. to upper 50s as we go through the afternoon. you can see the scattered light showers on future cast this afternoon. there is the extended forecast. drier weather thursday and
5:55 am
friday with the storm front the weakened. taking a look at the roadways, all lanes are open on 580 as you work your way into oakland this morning. we had a fatal crash that happened just after 4:00 this morning. it had all been shut down and you are looking live now at 580 where traffic is moving pretty well in both directions. much better news as you work your way through there but we are seeing some ponding and puddling on the roadways right now. so definitely give yourself a few extra minutes as you work your way out and about. here's another perspective near grand lecture pick it looks like traffic has thinned out in that area. you can still use 880 in the meantime. but as far as the laser things are looking better through their. we are seeing some stop and go conditions westbound 580 as you work your way out of richmond. if you plan on taking the richmond-san rafael bridge there is a crash blocking one lane not too far from where the toll plaza is. we are starting to see delays. a live look at capitol hill
5:56 am
were at any moment the full house of representatives is expected to begin voting on two articles of impeachment against the president. if mr. trump is impeached it would be the third impeachment of a president in u.s. history. one of the democrats voting against impeachment today will be new jersey's representative who is expected to change parties after the vote. will have the full bull streaming on , your local news continues on cbsn bay ♪ here in the club i can't even hear my own voice. ♪ ♪ jack in the box would've been a better choice. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $3 mini munchies. get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ only at jack in the box!
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♪♪ should have gone to jack, a they've got it all. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $3 mini munchies. get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ only at jack in the box! live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at six and streaming on cbsn bay area the rain has returned and it is causing huge problems during the morning respite will take you like to the scene of a deadly crash that brought the commute to stencil. right now historic proceedings are getting underway on capitol hill with house lawmakers poised to impeach an american president for just the third time.
6:00 am
will take you to the capital were a new chapter in u.s. history is about to unfold. less the judge signs off on a multibillion dollar settlement between pg&e and california wildfire victims. why the same judge ordered the company to defend itself in another high profile disaster. good morning. it is wednesday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. we have a cbs news special report let's report, the impeachment vote. i'm norah o'donnell on a monumental day right here, the final step in the historic impeachment inquiry against president trump is getting under way on the hill. the house of representatives is getting ready for a six-hour debate on the two articles of impeachment. it's important to remember the debate that raged on during the constitutional convention


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