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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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back this weekend. i time out the details of when coming up. >> reporter: it's the story of who's being ticketed for not having a ticket. i'm devin fehely at the fremont bart station, and coming up we'll look at the allegations of iacias anchng new body camera video of what turned out to be a deadly case of mistaken identity. >> get out of the car! >> all right, i'm getting out, i'm getting out. our top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a rough start to the holiday get away. good evening, i'm maria medina. >> and i'm ken bastida. heavy fog delayed nearly 300 flights at sfo today. 32 more had to be outright canceled. >> kpix 5's don ford spoke with holiday travelers whose hopes of a clean get away got messy. >> reporter: who in the world would travel on one of the busiest travel days of the year? let me show you.
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here's some e to get to texas. the line is easily 100 feet long. your flight has been delayed how many times? >> 4 times. >> reporter: 4 times? >> yeah. >> reporter: that sounds like bad! sonya is traveling with a new baby boy. it's his first flight. >> i used to pack just for me. now i e formula and diaper bag. >> reporter: has your family seen him before? >> no, they're meeting him for the first time. >> reporter: meantime in baggage claim, folks are finally finding their families. jamie's son is coming home from new york. >> i haven't seen him in a year. i'm going to start crying. >> reporter: she has a plan. >> i'm so excited. i made this sign for him and i'm going to totally embarrass him. when he finds out you're here with me, he's really going to be embarrassed! >> reporter: despite the crowds, long lines, and deep delays, a mom's love won't be denied. >> here he is! >> reporter: sfo says today is
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xerox copied to be the busiest travel day for the rest of the year. today alone 183,000 people will pass through the airport. this morning's fog didn't help. what about delays? >> we are seeing some delays today as a result of the fog. mainly on short haul flights up and down the west coast. >> reporter: 20 percent of the flights were delayed and 19 were canceled. don ford, kpix 5. good ns on the approaching storm, the wind should make it less foggy for the late morning tomorrow. but we're going to get rained on. let me give you the details. and there's good news on the timing here because while it's weekend rain, most of it, like 90 percent of it, will come overnight saturday night into sunday morning. a half inch to inch of rain bay area-wide, so this is not light drizzle. this is going to be widespread organized rain. in fact take a look on the futurecast. that's saturday night, really the early evening. most locations are not getting rained on at that point. except for the far northwest corner perhaps of sonoma county. i want to show you the
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highlight. it's really once we get past midnight, right there. look at that band of bright yellow basically hitting the entire bay area. that says 4:00 a.m. so it's after midnight through about 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning sunday for the best of the rain. and look how fast it cleared out. we're not entirely done on sunday, but we're done with the overwhelming majority of it by the time we get to the late morning. i'll see you with more on the forecast for christmas. there's a chance of rain to discuss there as well. i'll be back in a few minutes. all right darren, thanks for that. live look at highway 237 which got called a lot of different names today. most of which i can't say. all lanes reopened 12 hours after a crash shut them all down. it happened about 6:00 a.m. a big rig carrying a massive crane last control and overturned in the eastbound lanes. adding to the huge mess, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid
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spilled all over the roadway. crews finally were able to get the truck up right a few hours ago. chopper 5 was overhead when they towed it away. 2 westbound lanes have been reopened, but all eastbound lanes remain closed while crews clean up the spill. back live over to the scene with chopper 5. 2 big cranes used to lift the mobile crane that flipped over are still there. now cal trans crews are looking at the damage to the roadway. these lanes are not expected to reopen until 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. a sonoma county sheriff's deputy is being fired tonight following a deadly case of mistaken identity. the violent struggle was all caught on body cameras. kpix 5's da lin is live at the sonoma county sheriff's office with the footage you may find hard to watch. da? >> reporter: right, maria. this deputy has faced excessive force complaints in the past, but at the time sheriff says
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he's firing the deputy based solely on this most recent incident. deputy charles blount has been on the force for about 20 years. he was sued twice in federal court, both cases settled. 2 people also filed excessive force complaints against him. he was cleared if those complaints. sheriff mark essex says the deputy escalated the situation at the end of this car chase. he says the deputy should have waited for more back up officers. >> we bring in additional resources and try to slow the whole process down and try to establish communication with the person and deescalate the situation. >> reporter: the chase happened the day before thanksgiving. deputies thought they were chasing a stolen car suspect, but the driver was the actual owner of the car, 52-year-old david ward. when ward refused to get out of the car, deputy blount tried to pull him out with a lot of force. some parts of the interaction are very graphic.
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we have decided not to show them, including when the deputy smashed ward's head against the car. >> it's very troubling. that's not the conduct we set a standard for here at the sheriff's office. that's not how we train, and the conduct of the deputy in this particular instance was unacceptable. >> reporter: the deputy then tried to restrain ward by putting his arm around his neck. >> the deputy attempted to apply a restraint, and it was not applied properly in my opinion. one that's improperly applied could result in injury or death. >> reporter: they're still waiting for the autopsy report to determine how ward died. ward's neighbors are extremely upset about the death. >> often they don't get fired when something like this happens. >> why did he run? >> i don't know why he ran. >> reporter: that last part of the video, that's when the
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deputies realized that the suspect that they thought turned out to be the owner. a lot of confusion as to why the owner actually took off from the deputies. the santa rosa police department is investigating this death. once that investigation is complete, the da's office will then decide whether or not to file criminal charges against the deputy. by the way the family, the mother of david ward declined to comment this morning. live many santa rosa, i'm da lin, kpix 5. well, we told you how bart has been cracking down on riders who don't pay, but is the fare enforcement being done fairly across the board? devin fehely has new did i at that that critics say point to racial profiling. >> reporter: bart's crackdown on fare evaders was ossu ed pp transit system. but the story of who's being ticketed for not ving raising b and worrisome questions about selective enforcement and potential racial bias. the numbers are stark and
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reveal a wide disparity between the percentage of african americans riding the bart system, 12 percent, and the paent tickets. 46 percent. by comparison, 44 percent of bart riders are white, but receive just 18 percent of the tickets issued. >> i think there may be some implicit bias. that could be in the form of just where security is cracking down. >> reporter: billy reed uses the bart system daily and has questions like many passengers we spoke to about which riders and which stations were being targeted for enforcement. >> i have seen people hop the turnstiles or go through the side gate. >> they actually asked a black person and then came to me and they moved to a different car. that car i was in, it was fully full. >> reporter: by design, bart says the enforcement program was supposed to have safeguards. fare inspectors were instructed to ask everyone in a location for proof they bought a ticket, not just selected individuals.
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>> absolutely raises red s. any disparity at all, partagiculflarly a racial dispa in the enforcement of any law here at bart is of concern. >> reporter: russell bloom is the independent police auditor for bart. they periodically review officer worn body camera video and say they have yet to see implies it bias or discrimination. >> that would be a concern if there was any indication that fare inspectors are discriminating. >> reporter: they're encouraging any riders that believe they were singled out to cand thd eyay forwit's armuch easier them to investigate specific cases rather than their periodic checks of the system overall. in fremont, devin fehely, kpix 5. still to come, south bay police are spending cash at the malls this holiday season, but they're not buying anything. the specific crime they're trying to curb. >> she's already gone to great lengths, now a san francisco
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woman is going to new heights to find her missing dog. >> and rebuilding bart brick by brick. how an east bay student's pet project could pay off. >> don't forget we're streaming now on cbsn bay area. find us on, cbs news app, or your favorite platform. on the economy, a unique leader.
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a san francisco woman going to new heights to try and find her beloved pet. she hired a plane to fly over the east bay toting a banner reading bring jackson home. emily talermo's 5-year-old aussie shepherd mix was stolen from outside a grocery store. a man approached the dog, untied the leash, and took him away. since then emily has printed thousands of flyers, set up an instagram page and even a tinder profile to get the dog's
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image out there. >> it's really tough to not have him with me. >> emily set up a gofundme account to pay for the plane and the $7,000 reward she's offering. she raised nearly $9,000 so far. 5 south and east bay cities are splitting a multimillion dollar grant to combat car break-ins this holiday shopping season. officers are posted in mall parking lots in san jose, santa clara, fremont, newark, and milpitas looking out for would be thieves who may be looking for an opportunity. >> all they'll do is see a shopping bag, it could be empty, but they'll smash the window and grab it. >> i've had my car broken into 4 times and every time my backpack has been stolen. >> reporter: each city will get $750,000 to pay for the police overtime and officers will also educate the public on how to avoid becoming a victim. let's take a live look at
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interstate 80 right now. and yeah, it's pretty smooth sailing through the sierra at this hour, but if you're headed up for the weekend, be sure you can get back home. heavy snow is expected in the mountain passes on sunday. so remember to pack your chains. and a word for people with 4 wheel drive? be careful. >> yes. because that doesn't always solve all the problems. and speaking of getting into the sierra, sunday is the day to avoid if you can. it's not going to be a massive winter storm up there, but it's going to be enough that you'll need the 4 wheel drive and want to be good with chains. look at the winter weather advisory. it goes into effect in the sierra sunday morning from 7:00 a.m. until sunday night at 10:00. and if we look at the totals there, we'll pick up 4 to 7 inches up on the passes where you have to drive which means you'll have to deal with it. and just to show you what the accumulations are going to look like here, doesn't really start until late morning in the sierra and then it just snows
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through the remainder of sunday. if you can go monday, that would be better. if you could go tomorrow, on saturday, that would be better too. if you have to go sunday, just know what you're getting into. and the timing for the snow in the sierra is different than the timing for the rain here at home. the rain will come through overnight saturday night into very early sunday. the snow is going to fall in the sierra after that, through second half of the day on sunday. so let's talk about the rain here at home. we start it saturday night, early evening. it's already begun in the north bay. it works its way across the rest of the entire bay area. we showed this at the top of the newscast. but just the review on it, the best of the rain coming through pre-dawn, and by 9:00 a.m. wi the exception of a few spotty showers that are going to linger through the second half of sunday, there won't be a lot of rain on sunday once we get past noon. it will pretty much finish up, but it will be busy in the mountains. the rainfall, the bulk comes overnight saturday into sunday. an inch to inch and a half perhaps for some north bay
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spots. not quite as impressive in the south bay. half inch for the city, oakland getting about a half inch, and down south about three quarters of an inch of rain. that's the first storm saturday night into sunday. there's others after that, and there's rain in the forecast for christmas day. it will likely be light showers, but it's christmas, so we'll focus on a lot of details nge thiin showers, but the fact it will feel colder. you're going to get some rehearsals for that because by sunday and monday it's already feeling colder with daytime highs dipping into the low to mid-50s. niners won't have a problem with the rain. they'll play the rams without getting rained on because the showers arrive after we've started that game and ended the game. mid to upper 40s for lows tonight. then a lot of 30s showing up by the time we get to early
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next week. daytime highs tomorrow also look good. mid-60s, staying plenty warm. in the seven-day forecast, we talked about the chance of rain for christmas day. not big rain, but light showers. the rain for thursday and friday could be more impressive. a better organized storm arriving late week. more on that as we get closer to it. back to you. sports settling in at 6:00. 3 nfl games on saturday. one, the 49ers in prime time. 6 and a half point favorites to take out the rams, but as the old cliche goes, you gotta play the game. ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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the nfl playoffs. tomorrow's tip will be the first snap from scrimmage since the pro bowl picks were made. 49ers number 2 in total defense, only had 2 defensive starters selected. one big omission, eric armstead, the sacramento native let us know how he felt about it. >> i'm mad. i'm mad definitely. something you dream about getting and you work hard for it and feel like you deserve it and you don't get it. it's beyond my understanding. >> there's a lot mo re i think coach had a really good message that the players' names are, um, put to a higher standard with what you do in december and january. >> okay, number 16 is jared goff, rams quarterback. he was hurried, hounded, sacked be i the 49ers. goff has lately been dealing
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with a thumb issue. so protective measures have been taken. >> he had a nice little compression sleeve on that looked kind of goofy today, but i think be in good shape. goofy, i can't really say the word i want to use in this press confer. enword, nothing other than that. sorry. >> then there's uncle vern's game sunday. i'll be with the raiders sunday at the chargers. raiders playoff hopes being held together with dental floss at this point. they're 6 and 8. yet like a usual chargers stadium setting, it will look like a raiders home game. this will be the final me t ti rivals. the raiders a touchdown underdog head to las vegas next season. >> we have a lot of respect for this rivalry wherever we play it. but california football right now is in limbo.
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49ers moved. we're moving. chargers moved. rams moved. so there's a lot of moving parts, but i, i enjoy playing this match up. always have. >> speaking of moving parts. we have action tonight. we have the warriors entertaining the new orleans pelicans. moving pictures on the late show. >> can't wait for that. thanks vern. >> we'll be right back.
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dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. it could be the perfect distraction next time your bart train is delayed. >> at least one east bay college student hopes so. sergio is a student at contra costa college and used a special software to design this bart lego set. he's submitted it to the lego ideas page, and if he gets 10,000 votes, lego will produce it and pay him royalties! pretty cool! >> i think he deserves it. >> yeah! he's got it down. th>>e a c onllnues streaming o
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cbsn bay area. >> we'll be back in 30 minutes with the kpix news at 7:00 p.m. see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news ngnight: holiday dash. a record high 115 million americans heading out, on the roads and in the skies. tonight, when you should leave. usus will it be a white christmas or a hot one? missing mom murdered-- breaking news, the stunning break in the , se, the texas mother who tnished with her baby, found dead, her child alive. ocnight, the shocking arrest. cruise out of control. >> oh, my god! >> o'donnell: thousands run screaming as two giant ships slam into each other. unforgiven: the president attacks a christian magazine after it calls him profoundly immoral. tonight, the reaction from reverend billy graham's son as evangelical leaders close ranks.


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