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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  December 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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baltimore. the titans lose in houston, and one of chicago, detroit, la, new england win. all that and the raiders are in. here's the quarterback. >> we've been through a lot of crap. and it is what it is. no one cares at the end of the day, but we have. and to say we're still playing week 17 for something. that's unbelievable. >> again, so back to, the raiders, the chance, it really could fall in their favor with that one. if that happens that's one of the stories of the year. but back to lynch who was all pro in 2012, and yes, a super bowl champion with seattle, man, i tell you, everybody will be watching to see if he actually signs. it could happen as early as later on tonight. >> and what's your hunch, yes? >> well, he didn't go up there to kick the tires. he went up there to play if he can. >> so why get out of the league to begin with? >> because he's a business man
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and he wanted to get out and do other things, which he has. in fact he's started an indoor football franchise based in oakland. he has very strong ties to oakland and wanted to get out and do production venues and this, that, and the other, and his friend pete carroll is in trouble. if he can help, do it. >> thanks vern. here's the top stories at 5:30, a bay point convenient store clerk who was robbed and beaten fights back. we're taking a look at whether the clerk himself could be in legal trouble. that part of the story ahead at 6:00. >> holiday travelers encountering disruptions at bay area airports linked to bad weather in other parts of the country. sfo is reporting 17 cancellations so far and over 200 delays.
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san jose has seen over 70 delays and oakland has seen 65 delays. >> sky a2 alarm fire broke out this afternoon in san francisco's richmond district. a neighbor tried to warn his friend as the fire broke out, but that person didn't make it. a firefighter suffered a minor injury, and 4 other people living in the building were displaced. boeing's ceo was ousted today. dennis mullenberg was at the helm when the company suffered 2 fatal crashes. he agreed to resign monday at the request of the board. the company said a change of leadership was needed to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationship windshield regulators, customers, and all other stake holders. it's been a tough year for the aerospace giant. stocks plunged ov the weekend
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after star liner, boeing's new space capsule veered off course, causing nasa to scrap a docking with the international space station. mullenberg failed to get the troubled 737 max back in the air, and last week boeing announced it's halting production. 2 max planes crashed several months apart killing 346 people. the company admitted its automatic flight control system played a role in the crashes. >> we are responsible, and we own that. regardless of cause. any accident is unacceptable. >> reporter: the ceo testified on capitol hill 2 months ago where he was confronted by lawmakers and victims' families. >> it's come to the point that you're not the person anymore to solve the situation. >> reporter: boeing's board chairman david calhoun will take over as chief executive. in other news tonight, recently released images show the construction of a new
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missile factory in north korea. the satellite image shows what looks like the completion of the project. it's thought to be used to develop mobile launchers. for the first time in more than 200 years, france's notre dame cathedral will not celebrate christmas mass. here's more on the back up plans after this spring's devastating fire. >> reporter: a song of praise tinged with sadness. these singers are part of the notre dame fire. they've been rehearsing at a nearby church. most are still struggling to accept that christmas mass at the iconic cathedral is canceled this year. >> to think that i was ill last christmas and missed christmas at notre dame thinking that i
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would go again this year with no problem. but no, yeah, i can't believe i'm not going to do christmas. >> reporter: the cause of the blaze is still unclear, but what is is that far more than brick and mortar has been effected. this film from 1948 shows the first ever recording of christmas mass at notre dame giving us a glimpse of the past that reminds us why the church remains so relevant to so many today. not even during world war i and ii did it close its doors. the french government is confident services will resume again by 2025. in the grand seem of things that doesn't seem like a huge amount of time for a cathedral that's so old, but
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reconstruction experts say it will take longer. but some think that's not a bad thing. >> it's maybe an opportunity to go to other churches and to rebuild your faith. >> reporter: notre dame will without a date continue to be a symbol of faith. one that's already rising from the ashes. cbs news, paris. the problem there was fire, but the problem in florida is rain. heavy rain causing severe flooding in south florida. residents are trudging through neighborhoods where people usually walk. ducks have taken up residents, and many cars are submerged. it's all happening in hollywood in broward county, just north of miami. the rain got so bad it even closed down the airport in fort lauderdale for several hours. more than 7 inches of rain fell over the airport and left parts of the airfield flooded as well as roadways nearby. they had to shut down the north runway due to so much standing
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water. heavy rain in southern california toppled trees and triggered power outages. one tree fell in la's echo park area trapping a homeless man. firefighters rescued him with the help of a 50-ton crane, and he only had minor injuries. now inspectors are trying to determine if evacuations from the building are necessary due to structural damage. and a dramatic rescue during a storm to evacuate the crew of an italian cargo ship. you can see the high winds and waves. boy, look at that. it ended up on the western coast of sardinia. the crew is all fine. and a nike shoe by colin kaepernick is now in stores. the black and white shoe includes a portrayed of kaepernick on the heel tab and his personal logo on the tongue. there's also a number 7 hang
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tag, kaepernick's jersey number. coming up, the bay area power couple going incognito for the holidays. >> we check out these elaborate dr. suess costumes. >> and how one family makes candy canes the old way. coming up, the multimillion dollar deal that just got the green light.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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a twist during a holiday celebration in oakland. the grinch and cindy lou who revealed their identities. his steph curry and his wife. saturday's event hosted over 2,000 families who got presents and even got to see mr. grinch bust out some moves. speaking of this holiday theme. candy canes at this time of the year, it's just plain sweet, but for one family in the sierra foothills, it's part of their heritage. we go to northern california's oldest candy shop to get a lesson in making candy canes the old fashioned way. >> reporter: in columbia state historic park where main street is preserved from the gold rush days, a visit to nelson's columbia candy kitchen is like
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looking through a window of history. mike measures sugar and water to make their signature foot long candy canes. >> it's like working with glass almost. >> reporter: from shiny copper kettles to marble tables, he uses equipment that's over a century old and recipes from the 1800s. >> nobody looks at a candy cane the same after seeing this. >> reporter: he's part of nelson family that's made the hand made confections for 5 generations, among the youngest, his nephew max. >> i've been around it my whole childhood and probably made my first batch at 5 or 6. >> reporter: his grandmother janice runs the business. >> it's a great life style and heritage and tradition to carry on. >> reporter: mike, who's janice's only, has made candy here for 28 years. he showed me how he cooks 35 pounds of candy canes a day during the holidays. the hot syrup is cooled on a
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special table. part is cooled red, while the other reaches the bright temperature and texture. then the peppermint flavor goes in as they stretch it out to get out at the time air bubbles and makes it white like satin. mike snips off sections, but we have only seconds before it starts to harden. >> there you go. >> reporter: we have a candy cane. >> reporter: janice says a danish candy maker and his wife set up the shop 96 years ago. one of their former employees, rex nelson, brought the business. he was janice's grand father-in-law, and when he died janice and her husband moved from southern california to columbia to take over. >> i came to this town the first time 50 years ago, and it was magical. >> reporter: they've stayed in
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business with new flavors like coconut pineapple ribbons and old favorites hand dipped by long time employees and snapped up like customers like karen. >> there's candy here you can't get anywhere else. i come here because every time i leave, i'm happy. >> reporter: for the family, making candy is part joy. >> everybody is always smiling. >> reporter: and part art. >> when you get a really, really beautiful candy cane, it's nice. >> reporter: and the nelson family members hope to keep sharing their twist on the street heritage for generations to come. >> kpix, merry christmas! >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> if you've never made it to columbia, you're missing out. it's fantastic. during the holidays the nelson family invites members of the public to learn to make candy. there's a lottery, they take about 500 people per weekend. >> thanks for our kpix candy cane, we'll have to look for it in the lobby!
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>> i didn't see it. all right darren, fill us in. >> yes, i'm in the mood to talk about a white christmas. there's a chance for that in the sierra, and even a chance locally for some of the highest peaks around the bay area. mt. hamilton. could see a light dusting of snow happening in the morning on christmas day. it's not like we wake up to it, but it could fall through the first half of the day. first where it's snowing. we go up into the sierra and a popular destination for people to get up to this time of year, and look what's happening in lake tahoe right now. the high def doppler is reading the showers over south lake tahoe. the green shows it raining at lake level, which is right about 6200 feet. and as soon as you get up a little above that, it turns to snow. it's kind of an ideal situation up there. you don't have to deal with a lot of snow perhaps on the roadway, but you get snow on the slopes. and looking at what happens over the rest of tonight, if you're going to be driving up there, there's enough snow the remainder of this evening that there's a winter weather advisory in the sierra until
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10:00 tonight. 1 to 3 inches falling on the passes. let's come back home and talk about the chance of rain here at home for christmas. i'll time it out and stop it here tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 and that's when we see a few isolated showers in the south bay. this is not going to be a major rain event for the bay area on christmas eve or christmas day for that matter. it just looks a lot better on christmas day. let's get out of the way. that line of rain, we stop it there. that's 1:00 a.m. on christmas morning, and that's when we'll be getting rained on. perhaps enough that maybe the drops wake you up. and by the time we get towards the late morning it starts to clear out. certainly by the time we've gotten to the afternoon we'll be finished with it. but you've got to at least plan for some rain to be with us through the first part of the day on wednesday. we pick up from a quarter to half inch of rain scattered across much of the bay area. and this image is the interesting one i pointed out just a few moments ago.
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we just looked at wednesday morning. we could see a little less than an inch of snow on mount hamilton. people love to go up there when light snow falls. that could be a scenario on christmas day. that's something to watch. but here's the take away for the rest of us. showers, the first half of the day. just enough for things to be a bit soggy. let's talk about christmas eve day and daytime highs. it will be cool with temperatures only making it into the mid-50s here. that actually comes in a few degrees below average, and these numbers probably feel cooler than normal because we were so warm for awhile there. now we're getting back down to average just in time for
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christmas. and look at the numbers in lake county. upper 40s. all right, the seven-day forecast, you only see 2 rain chances. we talked about christmas. those are the showers for the first half of the day, and then we clear things out, so any travel that has to happen for thursday, friday, saturday, is a go. no issues. the next storm arrives sunday. the possibility for more widespread rain to come back on sunday. all right, guys, back over to you. coming up, the chp is cracking down on drunk and distracted driving on christmas eve and christmas day. we'll tell you where they're focusing their efforts.
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when this week's students rising above scholar lost her mother to violence, she was heartbroken. >> now she's honoring her mother's memory in pursuing her educational dreams. >> reporter: jocelyn vega relies on hope and faith to get over the loss of losing her mom. >> i lost the person that meant the world to me. >> reporter: how she lost her mom is almost incomprehensible, but it was her own father that took her mother's life. >> i was an only child, so my
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house both consisted of domestic violence. >> reporter: she juggled high school while enduring her father's trial. through it all she found love and family in the arms of her mother's sister, now her adoptive mom. >> she's saying she's very happy for everything i've accomplished despite the obstacles, and that makes me happy because that makes me feel accomplished and makes me feel that everything inkes them >> reporter: they were determined to give their new daughter as many opportunities as possible. on the list, throwing her a beautiful quincanera complete with a chair for her mother. she made education her priority. she's now a freshman at pitzer
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college, but it was an internship at a victim's rights organization that ignited a passion for helping others. >> i was working at the legal aid office and i remember reading cases and translating documents and i saw myself through those women. >> reporter: now she keeps her mother central in her life. >> she keeps me going. just knowing that she would be sehae y me striving and all the mentorship i've received, i think above all things i've accomplished was with their help and my school and i hope she's proud of me. >> reporter: with students rising above, i'm michelle griego. >> for more information on students rising above, go to our website and we'll be right back. coming up, over $300 for a house in silicon valley, and
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it's no fixer up, so what's the deal? and the crew behind a huge cocaine bust on the high seas returns to the bay area. and these women helped themselves to a shopping spree, but skipped the cash register.
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chp is stepping up patrols for the christmas holiday. >> devin fehely has more on one of the highways they'll be focusing on. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is about to enter what's known as a maximum enforcement period. they'll put a lot of officers on the roads and highways over the next couple of days, and they say the goal is a simple but potentially life saving one to make sure that everyone gets to their holiday destination and back home safely. >> using the word accident suggests that it's something that's unavoidable, so that's why we call them collisions. >> reporter: officer ross lee says the chp is putting extra officers on the road for christmas eve and christmas day, hoping to put the brakes on the avoidable collisions, and is calling on drivers to do
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their part. >> the majority of time it's somebody that's made a decision to either drive while distracted, drive in excess of, you know, a safe speed. >> reporter: and this is often the tragic, if predictable result. crashes and overturned cars are a perennial problem. especially on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains which can be treacherous in wet weather. >> i think it's extremely important to slow down, especially during this time of year when everyone seems to be in a really big hurry to get to the next place. >> reporter: officers will be looking for drivers who may have been drinking or distracted by cell phones or other devices or speeding or tailgating. >> the number one goal is everyone leaves home, getting to their destination safely, and back home safely. >> reporter: the good news, the chp says we're in the driver's seat, largely in control of the divisions that help us steer clear of the pitfalls of holiday traffic. >> maybe leave earlier and send
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a little extra time on the road as opposed to trying to get to the next place as fast as possible. >> reporter: the chp emphasizes that the choices drivers make over the next couple of days will determine if this is a happy holiday for everyone on the road. that'll do it for the news at 5:00. >> the news at 6:00 begins right now. half of the coliseum site being sold to the oakland a's. the team celebrating the deal just approved while some are worried that it could create a divide in the city. a fire at a san francisco apartment building turns deadly, and now several people are out of their homes right before christmas. a chance like this only comes around once in a blue moon, this million dollar house is going for $274,000. >> once you get it, it's awesome and brings peace of mind. >> our top story on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area. a 50 percent stake in the oakland coliseum site being sold to the a's. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. we start with that huge deal just approved by the alameda county supervisors. kpix 5's andria borba is live with all the details. >> reporter: it starts with a $5 million deposit, the total deal worth 85 million for half of the coliseum site. >> congratulations to the great city of oakland. >> reporter: the unanimous vote to sell alameda county's portion of the site came after hours of public comment. >> and we're looking forward to getting out of the sports business and keeping the oakland a's in the city of oakland. >> reporter: while the county gets $85 million for the deal, neighbors in east oakland want to make sure the sell of the land for the a's


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