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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 25, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11 and streaming on cbs and, christmas rain moving into town. thank you for joining us. >> it is going to be a rainy christmas in the bay area. some could see the scene on the right, little snowfall in the bay area mountains. >> if memory serves you, it was almost exactly a month ago it snowed up there on mount hamilton and it is likely to do that again tomorrow. take a look at the elevations. it is at 4000 feet. as the rain comes through overnight, it will be cold enough for snow to come down as low as 3000 feet. which means the peaks that are higher than that will get a light dusting of snow christmas morning. mount hamilton with a inch and a half, not the major snow event. it will look pretty and you
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might be tempted to drive up to mount hamilton, just remember when it happened on thanksgiving the roads were a mess. let's show you the rain, high death doppler is showing the initial band coming onshore. in the northbay we already have good rain. this spotlight of yellow and orange as you work your way up. as you go across the bridge towards richmond we have some over there. also some good rain at east bay and we followed that down into the south bay for the showers have many appearance. looking at this on the big picture, we are going to bring a well organized line of rain across all of northern california overnight and by the time we get into for a.m., some of the better showers will be right over us. coming up in the complete forecast, we walked through that in detail for christmas morning. it is deal only the first half of the day. i live look at the three
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major airports. it has been a busy day and evening of holiday travel. there has been some delays and cancellations because of the weather. here is a look and inside the united airlines check in. one woman told us she usually flies on christmas eve to see family in connecticut. >> we usually travel on the day before christmas because that is when flights are cheapest. it is usually not any different except for waiting in line for the security might be a bit longer sometimes. >> aaa says 7 million americans are expected to fly this holiday season, the most since 2003. a look at road conditions on interstate 80, chp is warning drivers about the slick roads, troopers had to hold traffic near soda springs before 9 pm because of cars spinning out. the roadway has since reopened. between black friday, cyber monday and super saturday this
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is going to be a banner holiday season for the retail but despite all of the promotions, not everybody cashed in. betty will explain, she was out with shoppers and who waited until the bitter end. >> in the final countdown before christmas, many stores including target and old navy had extended hours and shoppers took advantage. it is the sound of the holiday hustle. >> we bought a motorcycle, a barbie set, and then we got, we got -- >> in daly city we found shoppers with car fools of last- minute gifts and a lot of excuses. >> what is your excuse for not having your shopping done? >> working too hard. >> why did she wait? >> usually they have sales and i was procrastinating. >> reporter: holiday shopping
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set records over the weekend with super saturday sales reaching 35 billion. they were boosted by retailers like target and walmart. >> last-minute is more fun because you find things you normally may not be looking for. i purchased stuff all along though. >> you are saying you work better under pressure. >> definitely. i make quick decisions. >> what was it like in there? >> a little crowded. >> reporter: there was also a crowd inside the mall in daly city. check out the long lines for a photo with santa. right before closing. the national retail federation predicts 70% of shoppers will be in back in stores the week after christmas. in daly city, tty, kpix 5. a robber in santa rosa added insult to injury pulling out the can of pepper spray after he got what he wanted. he entered the grocery store, the shop liquor in daly last night, he asked the clerk for
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several items before producing a handgun. after the clerk handed over money the suspect pepper sprayed her and fled the scene. a friend of the clerk says she did not deserve this. >> it is confusing, and it is sad. she is nice. she does not say anything, she was not rejecting the money or anything. he could have easily walked away. >> quite a mess to clean up after a tesla smashed into a salon. leaving shattered glass everywhere. thankfully nobody was hit inside. so far it is unclear what caused the crash. there is sad news tonight, a father died trying to save his daughter from being swept out to see at the carmel river
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state beach. the 10-year-old was playing on a inflatable device when her it started floating too far out. the father tried to get to her, the father that at the hospital and the girl is being treated for hypothermia. nurses for santa clara will not be going on strike after all. the union has reached a tentative deal with the county. terms have not been disclosed what nurses have been asking for higher wages and better working conditions. resident trump is spending christmas in florida. he and the first lady attended christmas eve church service in west palm beach and then he went to mister trump's golf resort for a dinner celebration. he said merry christmas to a group of reporters and one of the reporters said that you pray for nancy pelosi? the president did not answer. he was also asked about north korea's promise of a christmas gift. it turned it could turn out to be a test of a icbm. >> we will see what happens,
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maybe he sent me a beautiful vase. as opposed to a missile test. eye mite mainly get a nice present. >> mister trump criticized the house speaker for her handling of the impeachment process. nancy pelosi has refused to send articles of impeachment to the senate until she is convinced the senate trial will be fair. a box truck loaded with packages trapped four days in a business park on luck with nobody inside. >> it got my head scratching as well. i do not understand what ups is doing. >> truck driver henry was puzzled to learn this fully loaded ups truck has been parked in this business park four days. >> it should be locked and there should be a seal. we were tipped off to the truck by a local business. looking for answers we reached
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out to ups who told us oddly enough this big brown truck with the ups logo was not there truck. we kept digging and ran the trucks pleads to the dmv. it was registered to ups. when we told them that and sent pictures they looked into it further. that is when ups finally confirmed it is there truck. we learned that truck is used as a mobile distribution center allowing drivers to meet at this location and pick up packages rather than drive back to the warehouse. >> that is a big deal. >> reporter: ups answered that saying this is a commercial box truck not a pack is truck used for residential deliveries. nonetheless it was loaded with commercial product and we could not get a straight answer as to why it was not locked and ready to go. >> that is strange. >> reporter: they added the commercial products inside the
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truck weren't necessarily going to be delivered today or tomorrow i partnered with is mrs. that can choose to use the truck as they wish. drivers use the business park to park when lots are full and there is plenty of cargo on all of the trucks, they are sealed. as for this -- we were on the phone all afternoon with ups and they would not provide a statement or tell us what the overall business practices. given the questions raised, this issue will not likely ever happen again. in sacramento, kpix 5. coming up, two people walk into a san jose church and walk out with thousands of dollars that were meant to help needy kids. tonight there is a silver lining. last-minute shopping sure paid off for california shoppers. it is raining cash. >> one person's christmas cheer has turned into a holiday headache. the festive light fight happening in one california
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neighborhood. let's take a live look at no reds santa tracker, you should be making his way into the bay area soon. >> we are streaming that on kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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donations are pouring in after a san jose church was robbed of money that was meant to help children in need. andrea shows us it was caught on camera.
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>> called these people scrooge, the grinch or heartless, they walked into the church in san jose and walked out with cash meant for toys for needy children. tonight as the faithful pray for the birth of jesus at 26478 carmelo street also be praying for the souls of these two, caught on tape stealing money meant to purchase children in need toys. it happened is saturday afternoon. >> after i finished two individuals came from the back door and they stole the donation box. >> reporter: clad in hoodies and sunglasses, the couple that appeared to be a man and woman walked past the candles and walked away with the donation box, bracingly walking past another woman coming into the church. >> they need god in their life. they clearly are wrong in the head. the cash, around 3000 in total was meant for toys in need at the parish. the gifts were to be distributed on january 6. when
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the parish can get better price and more bang for their buck on toys. >> especially those that cannot afford purchasing gifts for the children. usually we do it at the kiosk area. >> reporter: it was not just the cash for the toys, father gerardo menchaca got another unwelcome surprise. >> yesterday i found out they also broke into another donation box that we had inside the church. >> reporter: a gofundme has been set up to try to recoup some of the funds so those children will not go without presence on january 6. in san jose, kpix 5. they have a gofundme account to help them out and in the past few hours more than $8000 has been raised. which is far more than what was stolen. last-minute shopping search
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did pay off for some folks at a mall in stockton. >> roman shows as a person dressed up in a grinch suit showed up with bags of cash and made it rain. mom madness, video shows two men, one dressed as the grinch running around the center court at the mall. >> i came to the mall on the wrong day but that is amazing. >> we saw some guy with a grinch costume. >> reporter: as the family was waiting in line for pictures with santa. carlos does not know who these men are but started recording. the crowd goes wild for the cash. >> everybody was going crazy for crazy. >> reporter: his kids got in on the action. >> a lot of people want to go get it. >> reporter: word spread quickly about the mystery grinch and his holiday magic. the video went viral. >> you would not expect that to happen. >> who do you think this is? why do you think he is doing
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this? >> maybe to make christmas more fun. >> reporter: the man behind the mask is revealing himself tonight. >> it is me. i did it with a couple of my friends. we wanted to bring smiles to faces. >> reporter:'s goal is to make everybody's christmas writer. >> i hope it inspires others to do the same. >> he raced all of this money through community donations. neighbors tell us this made a lasting impact. kpix 5. a popular street of christmas lights draws dozens to dazzle at its beauty but neighbors are getting fed up. the wakefield winter wonderland in santa clarita drew crowds so large traffic goes to a crawl. neighbors nearby are becoming frustrated by the trash left behind and thinks the attraction is becoming a safety
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hazard. >> people jaywalk and it is dangerous, they are wearing dark clothing. one woman was hit by a car and killed last week causing neighbors to urge the city to do more about regulating the area. a team of volunteers are hoping to spread holiday dry with the annual like display. dave's christmas lights display has been shining rightly for 37 years that it blows the competition out of the water. this year's show contains over 600,000 lights. it is considered one of the largest like display in the bay area. so popular even a section dubbed proposal bridge. >> we have had 72 wedding proposals over the years on that bridge. we have had one as recently as four nights ago. which brought the total to 72. there was supposed to be another one but maybe he chickened out. >> each year the display has a different theme. this year it is poinsettia
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village. yes a flog of segway santas rolling down in san francisco. it is starting to feel like you may need a big santa coat to stay warm. >> it is quite the show out there. hopefully the tie is as close as i get to that. we are starting to see the best of the rain from the storm finally get here. you will see a bunch of green, yellow and orange. i want to come in for a closer look at the bay. i want to spotlight the richmond bridge. you can see the line underneath that blob of yellow and orange. decent rain, we follow that down into the east bay, working your way down 580 and near 680. he much the hills between those two and there is more rain off the coast. let's take it from live high- def doppler and put it into futurecast and spotlight some of the important points. in the next have hour and a
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half we are seeing much bread rain for most of the bay area. it will stay like this overnight into the early morning hours of tomorrow unless we get toward 6 am, the showers for the most part are starting to clear out. however i will stop it right there at 6:30 am. take a look at mount hamilton. not only have we seen the colors turn to orange and red but you can see a little bit of white showing up. those are the mountains of the yellow range and that is likely the timeframe or we will get the light snow. as far as the rain for the day there is a new element i want to point out and it is right here. that is 3:30 pm. for about the last day and a half to two days it looks like this storm would come through with a good amount of rain a get us overnight and by the time we get to late morning it would clear out, now we are seeing the possibility as begin into the afternoon, what had been a small chance for a isolated shower to pop up in the afternoon looks better. that is something to keep in
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mind as we get into the second half of wednesday we could see a few isolated showers pop up so you should start thinking ahead about the possibility of rain even into the second half of the day. rainfall totals coming in at half an inch for most spots in the north bay. you can see the south bay coming in with similar totals, that brings us to a quarter of an inch. it will snow in the sierra but not a lot. a couple of inches, maybe 2-3 inches. basically anybody that is going needs to deal with snow but it should not be bad. interestingly enough, the overnight lows will be warmer tomorrow than what we have had for the past few nights. everybody stays in the 40s, and clouds help keep temperatures warmer overnight. daytime highs tomorrow will stay cool, low to mid 50s, the clouds do not help you stay warm in the afternoon like that it will still be chili. no rain thursday friday and saturday, we will go back to cold mornings though so thursday through saturday we will go back to the mid-30s for many inland locations. start thinking ahead for that
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in the next chance of rain gets here on sunday. not a major storm but it is really. is early. the latest in sports. >> kyle gets a unexpected gift a day before christmas and so did the seahawks. he makes his way back to the
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the news on marshall lynch sunning with the seahawks has the attention of the 49ers. they are anxious to see what he has left in the tank. >> i was surprised. >> it was shocking. >> they would not have met they did not think he could be effective. >> lynch is midseason form with how he handles the media, he stepped in front of the podium following practice on tuesday but he did not answer any questions. >> what brought you back? >> happy holidays. mary new year. have a great day.
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it is great to be back. thank you. >> i am here so will not get fined. >> he is ready to cash in on his return. these mode online is offering a back in action hoodie for 70 and unfinished business t- shirts for 40. maybe pete carroll will get one for christmas. >> i do not have my 24 jersey underneath my sweatshirt. i do not. i do not have a clue. keio received a early isthmus present from the pr stuff, they let him know the rule that he does not have to provide a injury report before tuesday's practice. >> i do not have to talk about it today. i am not giving them a day ahead of us. legally i am not allowed to talk about it until tomorrow. i do not have to give it designation until wednesday.
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if he is wrong in that role he is paying my fine. still to come the warriors get set for a christmas day game. it has been a fr
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the warriors host the rockets tomorrow, not quite the same buildup as previous christmas day matchups for the state is going for their third straight victory. >> we take one tomorrow, that
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is called a winning streak. it has happened before. >> they beat minnesota last night to take consecutive games for the first time all season, a far cry from the group that took three titles in five years but still it is satisfying to green. >> it feels amazing. >> it is good for the soul. >> i never thought i would be so excited for two regular- season victories in my life. >> next thing you know steph curry will be back. they will get it rolling again. >> if he does not like answering questions, why does he show up at press conferences? >> there is a requirement to show up. >> is that right? >> yes. >> they left that stipulation
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out, you have to be here
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching and a
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