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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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andria borba is at the sun valley mall in concord for the latest. >> reporter: we have seen this in concord, in richmond, in union square over and over again. robberies not being done under cloak and dagger but under broad daylight and with no worries about who may be seeing them. from surveillance video inside jcpenney at sun valley mall, nothing seems amiss. just two women lingering and picking up jeans. then a third woman enters the frame and suddenly stacks of genes walk, without legs inside, under the conch out of the concord store. >> approximate 38 pairs of jeans that were taken and they walked out. >> reporter: this happened last thursday around 1:30 p.m. to the tune of two grand in stolen denim. earlier this month at hilltop mall in richmond, steve said clothing piled so high they cannot see where the exits were.
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the national retail federation reports that the cost of the average shoplifting incident has doubled to $559, pushing many of these crimes are from petty theft to grand theft. as well as commercial burglary and beyond. >> they are entering into the structure with the intent to steal. >> reporter: these are not cases of lipgloss stolen for cases of personal use, retail crime is often organized crime. this month a multiagency task force retrieved 2 1/2 million dollars in pilfered goods before they were flipped and sold to on the suspecting consumers. >> a lot of times i figure is bootleg stuff but there's plenty of that going on too. $2000 worth of jeans is a lot of money. >> reporter: back out life here in concord, police do not have many leads on the three women seen leaving jcpenney with about $2000 worth of genes jeans in their hands. other than they think that they
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got away, and it was in a burgundy saturn, live in concord, andria borba, kpix 5. tonight, chp is investigating whether speed caused a crash that killed three teenagers including twin brothers. officers say five people were in the car when he lost control and slammed into a tree on christmas evening. da lin joins us live from the accident scene. how are the two survivors doing? >> reporter: chp says the two surviving teens have major injuries. investigators say the car actually hit this tree right here in the force of the impact injected those two surviving teams teens. three other teenagers were trapped, and died in the car. >> it is a loud impact, it shook the house. it was loud. >> reporter: it was just before 10:00 last night that sharon and steve were opening christmas presents when the accident happened behind the house. they immediately called 911. >> the car was pinned up against the tree.
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roof first. on the side, roof first. more or less spent as a c- shaped around the tree with the underside of the car being what you could see. >> reporter: the victims family members confirm the 16-year-old twins died in the cat crash. their names, mark and michael urista . family friends is a the third boy is javier ramirez. all three teams attended dublin high school. mark and michael's cousin survived the crash. the chp says he and a teenage girl suffered from major injuries. >> it is tough, it is tough for them. for me to even think about them. i don't want to ever be in their shoes. >> reporter: foothill road is a two lane country road. chp says the hyundai sedan was going southbound and lost control, took out a power pole, and ended up wrapping around this tree. >> people see this and they think it is a rural road and
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they have licenses to takeoff and speed as fast as they want to. >> reporter: neighbors are praying for the victims families. >> i think about what christmas will be for them. all these years in the future. completely changed. >> reporter: investigators say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. they are looking into two possibilities. they are saying distracted driving and speeding are the two things they are looking into as to the cause of this crash. i did talk to michael and mark's parents and they are asking for privacy at this time. live, just outside pleasanton, i am da lin, kpix 5. the bizarre twist in a san jose homicide we told you about yesterday, 22-year-old sabrina gutierrez was arrested after a violent sequence of events on christmas day. police say the young woman hit and killed a man with her car after he allegedly shot her relative. police said the victim was found unconscious along east
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santa clara street early christmas morning with a loaded gun. he later died at the hospital. the shooting victim mated to the hospital and survived. this is the city's 34th homicide of the year. two local eateries picking up pieces after being targeted in a smash and grab robbery. surveillance cameras captured this the flu appears to be a woman smashing a glass front door at san jose's flower's flour bakery at about 2 a.m. then, heading straight for the cash register. she rips the machine from the counter, and is out the door in just seconds. the owner says she made off with about $2000. then in santa cruz county, thieves also hit margie almost pizza. and making away with the cash register and safe. the oakland moms illegally occupying a home have been given another four days to make their case. wilson walker reports both sides are digging in. >> reporter: the court case,
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which is just one part of the standoff over this home has been continued until monday. but, today, also just reinforced every indication that this occupation will last much longer. >> there is no right way to do a wrong thing. what these people are doing is the wrong thing. they are bullies and thieves. >> reporter: sam singer, spokesperson for wedgewood speaking outside hayward hall of justice where a hearing on the pending eviction in oakland was kicked back to the 30th.! this was a win, this was a win today. we will be back on monday still fighting. we are not going anywhere. >> reporter: the delay, however, does not change the tentative ruling that wedgewood is, in fact, the owner of the home and the eviction is lawful. but, this is not just a legal fight. >> wedgewood in particular as a speculative spectator is driving this housing crisis. they have hundreds of properties in oakland are
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vacant and can be used to house people like these women. >> reporter: oakland city council members and protesters called on wedgewood to sell the house to the oakland land trust when asked why they would not sell the house. >> because they stole it, who will sell a house? they stole this house. >> reporter: on monday, lawyers for moms for housing will make their case. >> housing is a human right. >> reporter: but a judge seems inclined to disagree, so what will come after that? >> i expect them to negotiate with these moms. >> ultimately they will get evicted and it is unfortunate, nobody wants to evict these people. but when you steal someone's home you get evicted. >> reporter: in oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, charities feeling the squeeze. >> fewer people in the bay area opening their wallets to give. the big incentive to donate has disappeared. a stowaway, how he was discovered 20 miles from home.
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we are going to get a break in the rain until sunday. i will show you the next chance. and then we look ahead until next tuesday night, also known as new year's eve. i will have that forecast, coming right up.
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as the year winds down, many charities are scrambling to reach their fundraising goals. where have all the donors gone? >> experts say a big incentive to give just isn't there anymore. emily turner explains. >> reporter: the new tax laws went into effect last year and caught a lot of people off guard. in many cases, how much you give does not affect how much you are going to be getting back. so, now, charities are worried and the numbers prove that folks might be less generous this year. it is the season of giving, but fewer people are doing it. to local charities across the country and in the bay area are feeling the pinch. >> unfortunately, in terms of financial donations without a soft fundraising season.
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talking with my colleagues and other food banks in the bay area. will we have seen, unfortunately, is just fewer donations this year. >> reporter: leslie with second harvest food bank says it is likely a combo of the short holiday season and new tax laws. in fact, andy says the numbers prove it. 25-30 billion people last year chose not to itemize. >> the standard deduction is higher for those and many people now than actual itemized deduction. if you claim the standard deduction, as long as your actual charity doesn't exceed the standard deduction amount, technically you get no deduction for the charitable contribution. >> reporter: for many the financial incentive for charitable giving has gone away. last year, donations were down almost 3 1/2% that is when the new law went into effect. and the first half of this
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year, the fundraising effectiveness project says fundraising revenue was down 7.3%. but the need hasn't gone away. even that the financial incentive for some may have. >> we were able to give and that is what we want to do. it is an important time in our lives to be able to do that. >> reporter: just in case you were wondering exactly how much you have to donate in order for it to make sense with an itemized tax return, that is about 24,000 if you're married and filing jointly at about 25,000 if you are single. in san francisco, keep kpix 5. one of san francisco's most popular attractions is getting ready to close its doors for good. beach blanket babylon, the city's longest-running musical review will go dark next week. sharon chen has details. >> girl you need to get yourself on stage. >> reporter: beach blanket
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babylon is ready for the final curtain call at san francisco's north beach neighborhood. the iconic show ends 45 years of political and pop-culture satire featuring trademark hats that have mirrored the changing san francisco skyline. and, characters ranging from president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi to oprah and colin kaepernick. after more than 17,000 performances, the producer announced unexpectedly in april that the time felt right to end the show that her husband created in 1974. >> it feels wonderful. >> reporter: but sadness is also sinking in for longtime actors like kurt or brandon who plays king louis. >> i just want to hold onto every moment. i really do. >> reporter: what will you miss about being king louis? as you have been for the last 25 years?
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>> the freedom, the laughter, the joy. the complete reference to whatever is happening. >> reporter: the story follows a snow white as she looks for love around the world, but the cast and crew will miss the fun of weaving in fresh material almost daily. former stage manager john kami on he says what josie's on the news one morning can end up on stage hours later. >> most of the time at work and we will have somebody rehearsed and costumed by that evening. >> reporter: like when marriage became legal in san francisco. >> when luis saying i'm getting married in the morning, dingdong is such a lovely day. that brought the house down. my fastest change is probably buster posey into ruth bader ginsburg. i have about 45 seconds to do that. >> meanwhile the cast and crew are counting their blessings as they count on the final performances for the show that has become a part of the city's
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identity. >> it would be like getting rid of the golden gate bridge or the cable cars. it is that iconic you know. beach blanket is a part of san francisco am a part of the fabric of the city. >> reporter: the last two shows will be on new year's eve they will be one-of-a-kind and beat banquet beach blanket babylon history. kpix 5. who would've thought going from buster posey to ruth bader ginsburg to be the easiest costume change in the show? learn so much from watching that. first item of business is tomorrow's cold. if you take a look at the current over my shoulder you can already see a difference starting to show up. everybody is in the 50s, except for santa rosa. 36 degrees is not all that cold right now. but this is just the start, take a look at where we are for tomorrow morning's lows. we start out in the north bay the north bay is the coldest. santa rosa going down to 31 to
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be colder than today and the coldest so far from this brief little cold snap we are about to go to. it is almost just as cold for the inland valleys of contra costa county. if you get a difference over the hill, a little bit more of an influence from the bay, only going down to 40 for richmond and oakland. hayward 38, san francisco 44 and we go back down into the mid and upper 30s further into santa clara county you go. as far as daytime highs, these numbers are just a little bit below average. is rewarding lows you will really notice. thanks in part to that storm. that is the one that was here with us for christmas. the one that made all the headlines with snow down in southern california as well. as far as we're concerned it is it is history. in order to point out the next chance of rain we have to go all the way to the other side
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of the pacific and put into the forecast models and play that forward. watch that band of green it'll take some time before he gets here but sunday afternoon is when it does. and, it does not look like a big deal. for the second half of sunday we get some rain and if we put some numbers on that it is early on this one. the take away is for the weekend forecast when you see this in the seven day, second half of sunday, less than a 10th of an inch of rain that is it's. it should be out of here by the time we get to tuesday of next week which is new year's eve. here is your fireworks forecast. mostly clear, maybe a few clouds, not too terribly cold. by midnight and 48 degrees. there should not be any issue with clouds. and, you can see that showing up in the seven day forecast. in fact, next week looks really good as far as the afternoon daytime highs are concerned. sunshine on the upper 50s are little bit above average. bundle up for not just tomorrow morning the probably the next three mornings. it'll be just as cold. back over to you. in sports a bay area rower
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and his team a complete a record-breaking trip. and then josh jacobs goes in for emergency surgery. the latest on his condition and availability for what is most likely the last game of the year, next.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep
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the raiders will be looking to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, but they may be missing their star rookie running back. josh jacobs missed two of the last three games with a fractured shoulder i did yesterday, jacobs was rushed for over 1100 yards posted on instagram that he was undergoing surgery not for his shoulder, but for a skin infection. the post created quite a stir among raiders nation, just not with jon gruden. >> i don't study social media so i was not aware of any of the social posts. but, what i do know is that he is a skin infection. that'll have nothing to do with his playing status the shoulder is the issue. we will anxiously see how he is tomorrow. the warriors have not have much reason to celebrate but a surprise present was delivered on christmas day. >> was this the best win of the season so far?
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>> yeah. and have them in that many to choose from. duffy golden tate picked a great time for the best performance of the season upsetting the rockets 160-104. i gave the warriors their first three-game winning streak of the year, but despite being eight and 24 this year, draymond green does not think teams like houston are overlooking golden state. >> no everybody 12 lead our [ bleep ], does a man who is on the floor. for four or five years we've been kicking a lot of people [ bleep ]. now that, you know, we don't have certain guys out there they don't care, they see a warriors jersey and want to attack us. i don't think a lot teams of overlooked us. finally, an update on a story we brought you over the weekend. the impossible row has been a success. bay area rower and his crew
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became the first to make it to the antarctic peninsula on a rowboat using only human power. they traveled more than 650 nautical miles in just two weeks, which was way ahead of schedule. >> well, graduations. we will be right back.
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finding cats in car engines isn't a new thing. >> this very stowaway takes the cake. one driver had to call for help after driving 20 miles to cosco near sacramento. it wasn't car trouble, it was this guy, little oliver the orange tabby peeking out from the engine without a care in the world. part of the engine had to be dismantled to pull him out safely, he came out without a scratch. to everyone's astonishment. he was microchips and had hitched a ride under his neighbors heard. his very grateful owner was obviously over the moon to be reunited again. >> now he has eight lives.
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>> did not look thrilled in that picture i will say that. thank for watching at 6, the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area. >> see you back here at seven.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: the nightmare after reristmas. st what's billed as the worst ovy for driving over the holidays, a blinding snowstorm shuts down major interstates in southern california. we'll tell you where the dangerous weather is headed next. president trump resumes his attacks against impeachment, as a republican senator questions her party's impeachment trial strategy. >> we have to take that step back from being hand-in-glove with the defense. e> garrett: new tonight: what cbs news has learned about those pardons issued by kentucky's former governor-- pardons that sparked outrage in the bluegrass e ate. hundreds of homeless people are elnt into the cold when a fire destroys their shelter. then, a wave of overwhelming generosity. >> i've lived in minnesota a long time, and i've never seen anything like this.


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