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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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another storm is taking aim at the bay area. mary lee will let us know when the wet weather will come back. making news in alameda county where firefighters spent the morning battling flames. we have the latest on the efforts. we will have details on a bay area post holiday tradition getting underway later this morning. good morning. it is friday, december 27. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. time to get over to mary lee with a check on a weekend weather forecast. >> we made it to friday and we are starting off the day cold for sure. temperatures have plummeted and we have been watching the drop this morning and as we head through the afternoon enjoy the sunshine. changes are ahead and we are looking to the weekend. here is a live look from our roof camera and you can see the holiday lets at the embarcadero center. temperatures 30 in santa rosa, subfreezing and right at freezing in livermore. mid-30s for concord, the 40s in oakland and mid-40s for san francisco. we are looking at temperatures that are seasonal for this time of year. 50s in the afternoon for san
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francisco, on on other locations looking at 56 for mountain view, fremont, redwood city and napa comi at 56. later on today and 57 for san rafael. we will see that sunshine as we head through the day. on future cast i will let you know and we will timeout when the rain will return with our next wind system coming up. good morning. if you are heading out the door and taking the freeway you should be good to go pick for the most part we are holiday light. not all the cars making the trek across the bay bridge. we did have an earlier car fire but things are back to normal. most of our bay area bridges are very quiet. a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. we have a few cars on the roadway but no delays. and easy right on the san mateo bridge of your heading in the commute direction was booked
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out of hayward from 880 to 101, traffic is very light. is now not seeing any delays. limits freeway to a great start. you are in tip top shape. tail light headed northbound and southbound you are clear. all the way from this portion down to fremont. no troubles in the south bay. we have an update on our breaking news this morning. video from the app shows a fire in oakland. this fire started a little before 3 am. that's not far from the intersection of 580 and highway 24. crews are still on the scene. they are putting water on the building because there is some material in the warehouse that they are concerned could cause a flare up of the fire. one person was treated at the scene for minor burns. no word yet on the cause of the fire. a community is grieving after a whole portable crash in pleasanton on christmas night. our jackie ward is live this
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morning at dublin high school with more on how the young big rooms are being remembered. >> reporter: this is where the three teenage boys went to high school at dublin high school. twin brothers marc and michael urista and javier ramirez . of course, school is still on holiday break and a lot of people finding out about this tragedy through social media. everyone of course is devastated and remembering the boys who were killed. around 10:00 on christmas night the car they were in swerved and crashed into a tree and a power pole on foothill road in pleasanton just before capital would drive. the three boys were found dead inside the car and help all right. this supervisor who works at the school also she felt the need to be here yesterday. >> they were always together. mark and michael, and they were very handsome young men. very personable and kinds. a lot of friends. very social. >> reporter: two other teens were thrown from the car and
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are alive at this point the investigation chp does not believe alcohol played a factor in the crash but they have not ruled out speed yet. we are still waiting to find out what they discover in their investigation. in dublin, jackie ward, kpix 5. we are now learning more about the christmas party shooting that injured four people in oakland including a 15-year-old boy. the victims were attending a party at the home on 34th avenue in east oakland on wednesday night. in addition to the teenager a woman and two men in their 20s were also shot. him and ran away before police arrived. investigators are calling this an isolated incident. new this morning in berkeley police are investigating a shooting near the cal campus. the gunfire was reported at around 8:00 last night. it happen on durant street just a block south of the uc berkeley campudeo showing the
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chaos at a pair of stock malls as police and security work to stop a series of fights involving nearly 200 teenagers. it all started last night around 5:30 at the wester town mall were several large fights broke out in the parking lot. the teens then moved on to the sherwood ball which was also put on lock-down. no arrests have been made so far. one person was taken to the hospital for an unknown injury. 605 and happening today, a post christmas tradition in san francisco. dozens of trees will meet their end in a wood chipper right outside of city hall starting at 11 am. they will be used for mulch or as biomass to generate electricity. the annual event is a reminder that trees will be collected for recycling from january 2 to the 15. it is 6:05. a bizarre turnar
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here's a live look with our stan is a camera looking at the airport with some skies clear and 35 in san jose. 30 in santa rosa, 32 in livermore. we are talking mid-30s in
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concord, 40s in san francisco. we will see plenty of sunshine as we head to the day. i will let you know what you can expect looking ahead to the weekend and our next on coming up. if you're headed out the door and plan on taking 280, a fog advisory is in effect for parts of 280 you're 92. limited visibility as you work your way through their. that was issued by chp this morning. we did have a stall blocking was spelled 101 at blossom hill road. two lanes are blocked but like conditions this morning and a slight delay. a heartbreaking story allen l.a.x. police to a young girl died on a plane headed for seattle. they say she may have gone into cardiac arrest after takeoff. the flight turned back around but medics met the aircraft at the gate and then jumped into action but sadly the girl was pronounced dead on the plane. 610 and a homicide investigation in san jose takes an unusual turn. a 22-year-old was arrested on christmas day. police say she hit and killed a man with a car after he
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allegedly shot her relative. police say man she hit was found unconscious along east santa clara street early christmas morning. he had a loaded gun near him. he later died at the hospital. the shooting victim made it to the hospital and did survive. three women walked into a store and walked out with the massive pile of genes. this is one example of a growing trimaran in the bay area. take a closer look at the surveillance footage from the mall in concord. you can see the women stealing about $2000 worth of denim from j.c. penney. early this month police seized two and half million dollars worth of goods stolen by organized crime rings because they were supposed to be sold to unsuspecting customers. >> allotted times i figure it's just like stuff and i'm sure there's plenty of that going on also becoming, $2000 worth of blue jeans is a lot of money. >> that these in concord are still at large and police are
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checking with other departments for leads. the national retail federation reports the cost of the average shoplifting incident has risen out to almost $600. post holiday travel is an absolute mess in southern california. the grapevine is closed because of snow and freezing rain. yesterday the driver of a big rig was found dead inside his truck along i-5. drivers heading home for the holidays quickly realized that was not happening. >> we stayed over here because nothing else, we couldn't find anything. the ramp was closed. so we just sat over here. >> i have a pizza, and my coffee. >> snow also shut down the cajon pass in both directions for several hours. piles of snow buildup across the stretch of the i-15 and some drivers reporting they were stuck for more than three hours before help came along. numerous crashes also reported
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along the highway because of the icy road conditions. as we get a check of the tha >> nothing like right now e door you are good to go. no delays right now for the most part. look at the maps. a lot of green. we have some things going on but they are minor problems. not causing any issues for your drive this morning. there is a trouble spot in the south bay blocking lanes. a broken down vehicle. crews usually get it out of the lane pretty easily so southbound 101 at blossom hill road you have two lanes blocked but slight delays as you approach the area. >> i want to want no troubles at all with that commute direction out of morgan hill into san jose. there is some activity on the right shoulder. eastbound 24 rated oak hill road. look like traffic is pretty light despite the activity. no delays westbound and supper on 680 connecting to 24 through on the creek you have an easy ride. westbound 24 and all the way
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towards 580 into the maze traffic very light. look at the travel times. westbound 580, ultimate pass, a great time to be driving through their. westbound 82 east shore freeway, hercules to the maze 14 minutes. let's take a look at your super commuter routes. morgan hill into gilroy everything is quiet. come back your drive times if you're headed out of san francisco to deal right that's about -- headed towards the past, elsewhere if you're working way and planning on getting out of town to tracy or headed towards i-5 via tracy that will take about an hour and three minutes from san francisco and if you plan on heading out this morning towards sacramento about an hour and 23 minutes for that. it is a cold start to the day. the bundle up and put on your big winter coat. we will see plenty of sunshine as we head through our afternoon so a gorgeous day across the bay area. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera. check out the thames. we been watching the
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temperatures take a big plunge here this morning so again 30 degrees, subfreezing in santa rosa, freezing in livermore, mid-30s in concord, sonja sohn, and mid-40s right now for san francisco. your weather headlines, enjoy the sunshine, seasonal temps for this time of year is another cold start for tomorrow morning and mostly sunny skies for your saturday. that will bring the return of the rain on sunday. satellite and radar view, there is the ridge of high pressure in control for now but watch what is behind it. you can see our next on system will bring the return of the rain for your sunday. the time it all out for you taking you hour-by-hour on future cast. for today, we are looking at the sun, here we are a clear skies for your friday afternoon then for tomorrow it will be another cold start with patchy fog possible and as we head
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through the afternoon for tomorrow looking at mainly sunny skies. we can see some high-level clouds ahead of this weather system and watch as the rain moves in for sunday afternoon and evening. widespread rain with this next on system. by the end of the weekend. rainfall amounts anywhere from 10 to a quarter of an inch of rain. our sunrise is 7:23 and our sunset is at war: 57. daytime highs today right around where we should be for this time of year. similar to yesterday with the temperatures looking at 55 in san francisco, 56 in oakland and rima. -- if you are going to ring in the new year outside watch fireworks for tuesday night at midnight, looking at mainly clear skies. temps in the 40s so chilly. here's the extended forecast. sunshine today, tomorrow, the rain returns for your sunday, and high pressure builds right back in or monday, tuesday, as
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we end 2019 and kick off a new year. plenty of sunshine for the first day of 2020 on wednesday. the second day on thursday. back to you. dna test are exploding in popularity as people want to learn more about their ancestry. now researchers in the uk set your dna can help you decide what to eat. cbs reporter bradley carlson has a story from london. >> reporter: people are lining up her cheek swabs at the shop in central london called dnanudge. >> we are effectively using your biology to nudge you to make healthier choices with what you eat. >> reporter: unlike other dna test there is no lab. just a small machine that scans dna for health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. dna is analyzed in about an hour and given to customers in a different style wristband sink to an app. >> it's not just based on your dna and also based upon your
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lifestyle. to want to have your information it's time to shop. scientist uploaded the app with thousands of products at stores across the uk. with a simple scan of the barcode the band turns green when his right. red means try something else. but the app will just tell you to put wnthe ie. it guide you to a healthier one. >> if you want to buy a biscuit then you will have a biscuit that's for you. >> reporter: families have joined a clinical trial at imperial college london. they want to see how much of an impact the small changes can have on people predisposed to type 2 diabetes. >> i love the fact that when i go shopping i can make sure i'm making the right choices for all three of us. >> reporter: researchers hope the trial will prove that using your own biology really is the key to a healthier lifestyle. riley carlson, cbs news, london. shoppers in the uk will get
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a chance to buy groceries with dna info for the next few months. the trial will continue. on sunday night the number one seed in the nfc will be decided. how the 49ers are preparing for the rivalry game against the seahawks and the raiders may be without one of their best players with a trip to the postseason on the line. more on josh jacobs and his surgery coming up. don't forget, we are streaming now now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbs news ap
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the raiders playoff chances are already slim. they need a lot of help from other teams but the most important thing is for them to beat the broncos. the question is will one of their best players be able to suit up on sunday.
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josh jacobs missed two of the last three games with a fractured shoulder then jacobs posted on instagram that he was undergoing surgery on christmas. not for his shoulder but for a skin infection. the post created quite a stir just not with jon gruden. >> i don't settle social media so i wasn't aware of any of the social post but what i do know is he has a skin infection. and that will have nothing to do with his playing status. his shoulder is the issue. and will actually see how he is tomorrow. >> the seahawks will have be smoke for sunday's games against the 49ers and the pro bowl defensive and missed the past few games with a muscle injury despite the nfc west and potential number one overall seed on the line. george kittle and richard sherman say his team is preparing for this game just like any other. >> we are just going to take it
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like any other road trip. we will not focus on the past. one week at a time and were hoping to play. definitely one of my favorite teams to play because the crowd is such a factor. it's so much fun. were looking forward to her. >> you've got to try and win this week. we have to play hard and execute it at the end of the day it doesn't change. it's about executing and that's what we've got to do. >> an update on the story brought you over the weekend for the impossible row has been a success. bay area rowers became the first to make it to the and arctic peninsula on a rowboat. using only human power. traveled more than 650 nautical miles in just two weeks. the warriors are back in action the sons. our wins in a row as enjoy it. san francisco city leaders
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are speaking out about the presence latest attacks. why they say they feel caught in the middle. a late christmas gift. commuters get a free transit program starting and ng a live k
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 6:30 and streaming
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on cbsn bay area a he e man accused rdering 19-year-old woman may never be brought to justice. in southern california a post-christmas travel nightmare. will show you how unusual snowstorm has paralyzed large parts of the region. morning mac. it is friday, december 27. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. it is just about 6:30. let's get over to mary lee with a check on our weather. >> happy friday and we are looking at a coldstart to our day. as we head into the afternoon enjoy the sunshine. it will be a pleasant day. changes to come as we look ahead to the weekend. i will talk about that in just a moment but as we take a live look with the treasure island camera under clear skies it is deinnta rosa. at freezing in livermore, mid- 30s in san jose. concord low 40s in oakland and
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san francisco. as we head through the day we are looking at plenty of sunshine with high pressure in controdaytime highs. in the meantime that 24 hour temperature change anywhere from five to 15 degrees colder this morning. you will feel that as you step outside. as we go through the afternoon looking at mid-50s. san francisco, on we will time of the rain for the weekend coming up. checking the roadways so far so good you compact if you are getting an early start you are good to go for the most part. here is a live look at the bay bridge. traffic very quiet. no delays. in fact everything looks clear in the city as well. if you're headed across the richmond-san rafael bridge a couple cars at the toll plaza but over all at easy ride. and the san mateo bridge, 880 over towards 101 that is an easy ride as well. drive times for your britches, the golden gate 20 minutes,
6:31 am
only eight minutes to from the maze to the bay bridge and 92 which is the san mateo bridge 14 minute drive from 880 to 101 and an easy seven minutes across the richmond-san rafael bridge. northbound tail lights headed to the coliseum and you can see traffic is moving at the limit. same story for the south downside. no troubles as you work your way out of oakland. 21 minutes out of the altamont pass. 80 clear and highway 4 no delays out of antioch always to hercules. the northbound 101 out of the south bay from san jose to sfo will take you just about 37 minutes. we will take a look at the peninsula in my next report they are offering free rides. no ticket or carts are
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required. listart of the most popular soon. the deal starts tomorrow and ends january 1. it is all to get ready for reworked maps and schedules in 2020. residents in southern california are encountering problems thanks to a diesel snowstorm that shut down to major highways during one of the busiest travel days of the year. our news reporter shows us what they are dealing with. >> reporter: it was a winter wonderland for kids in southern california. but for holiday travels snow and ice wreaked havoc in the mountains north of los angeles. >> once ms. got here we started seeing the snow come in. >> reporter: dangerous conditions force parts of interstate 16 the main road to las vegas to shut down. on the other side of the closure people trying to get out of vegas simply turned around. >> they were asking for chains
6:33 am
and stuff. so we decided to turn around and go back to las vegas. >> reporter: back in southern california drivers were caught off guard when interstate five also shut down. >> it's not like there's any signage. just everybody's getting off with no instruction on what to do. >> reporter: the snow is expected to move east over the next two days but yesterday was a completely different story in the midwest. some city saw record high temperatures. skiers on michigan's mount holly were out in t-shirts and they are using man-made snow for now. >> hard-pressed to be able to tell the difference. you pick it up and impacts like a snowball and acts like a snowball and skis like a snowball. >> reporter: up to a foot and a half is no good will on parts ne. he y mountaov thcb
6:34 am
> at let e that has been linked to the storms. in san diego county a woman died when a car veered off a snowy road to truck driver on interstate 5 was found dead in his big rig but it is unclear if his death was weather related. the hunt for a murder suspect continues. the victim's family is speaking out. early this month a man tried to rob 19-year-old madysin white- carroll at a corner store at 98 the history. she fought back and try to film her attacker with her phone. the man shot her and escaped. police say he was later identified as roberto martinez. we are also learning that he is likely led the country and madisyn's family is making a public leave for justice. >> we want him extradited and we went to here and to face trial for what he has done. madisyn needs justice and we will not stop fighting until we get justice for madisyn. >> oakland police are investigating two other crimes in the same area where madisyn was killed. they are not saying it at this point if the shootings are connected to her murder. voters in mountain view
6:35 am
will likely have to settle a dispute over rv parking. the city council approved an ordinance banning rvs from narrow residential streets. but opponents have pushed back going door to door and collecting thousands of signatures and they now have enough of valid signatures to put a referendum on the ballot next november. the city council could also decide to rescind the ordinance on its own. >> san francisco city leaders are responding to the presence latest attacks over the holiday. the president laned house speaker nancy pelosi and governor garrett newsom for allowing hostesses to reach the point of crisis. he also said if the governor cannot fix the problem the federal government will get involved. that is something he mentioned in the past. the city supervisor says the problem is getting worse and the president does not seem to have any intention on helping. >> i think it's really sad because we do have a serious crisis here in our city and we could use more help from the federal government and from the
6:36 am
state and everybody. and inset it is being used as a political football. >> the latest count showed a big increase over the past two years to more than noun thousand people. some moderate republican senators are expects pressing concerns about the way the president impeachment trial will be handled instead. the senate majority leader said he will coordinate with the white house before the senate trial begins. meanwhile an alaska senator is expressing concerns about the plan saying the lawmakers presiding over the trial should remain impartial. >> it means that we will have to take that step back. from being hand in glove. with the defense. >> the white house officials were blocked from testifying in the house and democrats want to hear from them during the senate proceedings. the democratic senators would need four republicans to vote with them to compel new witness testimony. israel's embattled prime minister fought off an attempt
6:37 am
to remove him from the top of his party. benjamin at 921 70% of the vote in the primary for leadership of the party. is caught up in several corruption scandals right now but he could get a new chance to form a government after national elections in march. two elections failed to result in a governing coalition. in kazakhstan a commercial plane crash at least 12 people and sent another 54 to the hospital. within the last hour the president of cosmic son ordered an inspection of all airlines in the country after the deadly crash. 95 passengers and crew members were on board the plane. video from the crash shows the aftermath where the plane smashed into a two-story home. authorities halted all flights involving the same dutch made aircraft. many bay area charities are whthey are seeing a undragoals. significant drop in donations.
6:38 am
you can soon seen california beer and wine makers branching out into other kinds of alcohol. the new law making it all possible. the if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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good friday morning. we are starting of the day with clear skies and cold temps. in the 30s, 40s and freezing and subfreezing this morning. bundle up as you head out the door. that will be a beautiful afternoon across the bay area with that sunshine. mid-50s for the coast and for the bay, upper 50s inland. will talk about our next storm system for the weekend coming up. not a bad ride at all. if you're hitting the roadways early this morning, you should be good to go for the most part. traffic is pretty light along the ultimate pass with an easy ride out of tracy connecting to
6:42 am
580. the new year will bring a new law making it easier to blur the lines between beer and wine. it will allow makers of alcohol drinks to hold overlapping licenses for beer, wine and many things in between. they do not have to keep the production or storage of the drinks apart. the new law is meant to encourage expansion and experimentation. it takes effect january 1. california's population growth has been a 15 year low and experts say it is fueled by exodus from the bay area. data says that more people are moving out than in an santa clara county led the way in negative migration. the bay area is 26,000 new residents are also mostly babies. with days left until the new year many charities are scrambling to mr. fundraising goals. local food bank say it is likely due to the short holiday season and the republican tact overhaul that took effect last
6:43 am
year. it makes it less beneficial for many people to write up charitable donations. >> unfortunately in terms of our financial donations we had a pretty soft fundraising season so far. talking with my colleagues, we have seen unfortunately is fewer donations this year. >> last year donations were down almost 3 1/2% and the number will likely be higher this year. timeout for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning". vladimir duthiers joins us now from new york city. >> good morning. ahead on "cbs this morning" navy seals turn against their platoon leader take a look at never resort video and confidential interviews by the new york times accusing cheap eddie gallagher of war crimes. plus y chemical use to sterilize medical equipment is being blamed for allegedly causing cancer. we willyoto the international space station as astronaut christina koch prepares to make history for a
6:44 am
second time marking the longest single space flight by a woman. we will see you soon. i just checked her twitter account and it seems like she's having fun and making cookies for santa. >> yeah. that's pretty cool seeing hurst pitting around while talking to her. >> looking forward to that story. "cbs this morning" starts at the top of the hour. ups is expecting record returns and also let is branching out into china. naomi ruchim has all the details in this morning's money watch report. the rally continued on wall street thursday. the dow added 105 points and the nasdaq gained69 pushg rose ups says return packages will hit a record high following this year's holiday shipping season. the package delivery company expects the process 1.9 million returns on january 2. that's up
6:45 am
26% from last year. the national retail federation says or than 55% of shoppers plan to return or exchange unwanted gifts within a month of receiving them. tesla has entered into an agreement with lenders in china for a loan of up to $1.2 billion. the electric car maker said the loan will be used for a statue in shanghai. that will help tesla avoid hire import tariffs imposed on u.s. make cars. this will be the company's first car manufacturing site outside of the u.s. and starting today, starbucks is throwing pop-up parties every day until you see. the party last from 1:00 to 2:00 each day. customers can get a free tall espresso drink including holiday favorites like the carmel relay latte and close to white chocolate mate. each day two stores -- 200 stores will throw the parties
6:46 am
and location change every day so just checked the list of source. that is your report. for more head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm naomi ruchim. a bay area rower has made some history, his crew became the first to make it to antarctica on a rowboat using only human power. they departed from cape florence -- capers, south africa, and traveled 650 nautical miles in just two weeks. pretty impressive. >> burning a lot of calories but making. around here the commutes have been pretty light all week long. >> we are sticking with that and no troubles right now for the most part. if you have to go to work today you are in a lucky commute. no delays along 880, traffic is clear on 101 as well. here is an overview map. if you click here you can see a lot of green meaning you are at
6:47 am
the limit for the most part on the freeways. if you're heading out of town a good idea to get an early start for you will have light traffic on the roadways the earlier you leave. one of my into write south of if you're taking that and cutting across to 152 to i-5 no troubles or incidents. traffic is very quiet. also the altamont pass, very light with no delays in the commute direction. is bound over to tracy, you can see traffic is looking good with no delays and your travel commute out of the bay area heading into sacramento we are clocking in some nice speeds as well. is the 80 no delays. a couple things to keep in mind. i-5, there are closures in effect on the great find. no chain restrictions right now 80s are you heading to tahoe things are good but make sure to carry those with you. no chain restrictions on 50 or
6:48 am
88. i-15 there are closures in effect baker in san bernardino county to the nevada state line. here are some things to keep in mind. check your vehicle maintenance before you hit the road. also avoid driving during commute hours. and make sure you also have roadside assistance. the bay bridge, a live look, things are clear as you work your way out of san francisco. as a matter of fact all of the bridges are quiet. happy friday to you. and a gorgeous start to the day. you can see the golden colors from our gold -- our salesforce camera. it is a cold start for sure so definitely bundle up this morning with the big winter coat and winter gear because we are talking temps in the 30s, 40s and freezing and subfreezing. so we are down to 30 degrees in santa rosa. a cold start for you. at freezing in livermore, mid- 30s in concord, low 40s in oakland and mid-40s for tees
6:49 am
runng anywfrfive toedo yestery time. your weather headlines as we head through the afternoon enjoy the sunshine. seasonal temps for this time of year. for tomorrow another cold start and then mostly sunny skies for tomorrow and our next storm system rolls in for sunday bringing the return of that whether. the satellite and radar view, the ridge of high pressure in control for now but right behind it there is our next- door. that will bring the return of the rain for us. looking ahead to sunday, especially sunday afternoon, that is what we will see the rain back in the forecast and back into the bay area. as we take you hour-by-hour on future cast you can see all of the sunshine for today and another beautiful day across our region. tomorrow morning it will be a cold start once again with patchy frost and mostly sunny skies as we head through the date. for saturday and watch as we go through sunday afternoon with
6:50 am
our next storm system that will bring widespread rain sunday afternoon and evening. rainfall amounts looking at about a 10 to a quarter of an inch of rain with this next system. if you're heading to tahoe expect snow on sunday, norstar, the snow basis 20 to 49 inches with fresh powder, looking at squaw valley 35 to 82 inches for the snow base, and also for sugar bowl, powder conditions there with the snow base of 42 to 66 inches and expect snow on sunday up in tahoe. in the bay area we are looking at highs similar to yesterday so right around where we should be for this time of year. 56 in oakland, 57 san jose, 89 in santa rosa and 55 for concord as well as livermore. where we are next week, saying goodbye to 2019 and the start of 2020, we will ring in the new year tuesday night with
6:51 am
mostly clear skies, temps will be chilly in the 40s. there is the extended forecast, plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow, rain returns on sunday, high pressure builds back in with plenty of sunshine for the end of 2019 and the start of the new year. it is 6:51. we are continuing the following breaking news in alameda county where firefighters spent the morning battling intense flames. will have the latest on their efforts. plus this morning that dublin high school community is still mourning the loss of three teenage boys who were killed in a car crash on christmas night. and taking a live look at
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
three teenage
6:55 am
boys who were killed in a car crash on christmas night all attended school. twin brothers marc and michael urista and javier ramirez . skoolies the holiday break right now so a lot of these people are finding out about the tragedy their social media. everyone devastated and remembering the boys who were killed. around 10:00 on christmas night the car they were in swerved and crashed into a tree and the power pole on foothill road in pleasanton just before capital would drive. the three boys were found dead inside the car and help arrive. to other teens were thrown from the car and they are recovering with water being described as major injuries. the city of dublin released a statement about the accident saying, quote, the city sends it deepest condolences to the families of those who perished or were injured in leslie's devastating crash. we also thank the emergency personnel who responded. at this point in the investigation chp does not believe alcohol played a factor in the crash yeto rule out spee
6:56 am
in dublin, jackie ward, kpix 5. time for a look at this morning's of the top stories. crews are still on the scene of a warehouse fire in alameda county. the fire started a little before 3 am in the 3800 block of west street. crews are still putting water on the building do to the immaterial inside that could cause a flareup. we are told one person was treated for minor burns and no word yet on what started the fire. police in stockton are keeping a close eye on malls in the city with reports of more potential violence after a series of brawls yesterday. police say more than 150 teenagers were involved in a fight outside the mall last night. it got broken up and the teens moved to the sherwood mall after that and started fighting again. a plane crashed out of kazakhstan killing at least 12 people and sent dozens more to the hospital. the president of kazakhstan
6:57 am
ordered an expression of all airlines in the country. drivers in southern california caught in a leisurely song snowstorm blocking down highways 15 to las vegas and i-5. the snow is expected to move east over the next few days. at least one death has been linked to the storm. free rides are being offered through the new year. the deal starts tomorrow for 17 of the most popular lines. they want to promote new lines and changes to 01's for 2020. speaking of mass transit everything is on time this morning. >> take a look at your bay area bridges. richmond-san rafael we are seeing our first backup of the morning. there are delays at the toll places but other that pretty clear. the bay bridge has been a beautiful bright all morning. we had no trouble or delays except for one minor incident on the upper deck that is long gone. a nice drive coming out of the east bay into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looking good as well. problem free and your travel time is still in the green.
6:58 am
the south drive times are also in the green which means no delays on 85, 280 or 87 and a report on eastbound 80 at the bridge, but it's over to the rachel to. looking pretty in pink on our sutro cam. looking eccentric at our attempts. santa rosa down to 29 degrees. livermore freezing at 32, mid- 30s in concord, san jose, low 40s in oakland and mid-40s for san francisco. as we head through the afternoon we will have the seat sunshine and seasonable highs. mid-50s for san francisco and oakland. 59 in santa rosa and 55 for concord. mostly sunny for tomorrow then the rain returns for sunday afternoon and evening with our next storm system. the high-pressure bills back in for next week and we are talking plenty of sunshine in 2019 and to start 2020 with the sun next wednesday and
6:59 am
thursday. sounds good but thank you let check in now with and in our new cbsn bay area newsroom streaming news and light updates all day long. what are you following this morning. >> we are continuing to following the breaking news out of oakland. a warehouse fire, the warehouse was engulfed in flames early this morning. and we are hoping to learn more from investigators on scene. to our emily turner is sitting down with a cell the food bank executive to see how they are making sure no one goes hungry this holiday season plus a nonprofit is making a major push to feed more people during the nine. and a final curtain call in san francisco beer way loading stage productions at a time to close up shop after nearly 50 years. we will go behind the scenes of beach blanket babylon. if you're about to head out the door lock onto and check out cbsn bay area picking was so stories and much more throughout the day on multiple flat rooms and devices. just download the cbs news app. back to you.
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i don't know about you guys but i think it's time for a slow cross to the weekend. made it. good morning to our friends in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm jericka duncan with vlad duthiers and dana jacobson. gayle king, anthony mason, and ny a storm slams the west. snow and heavy rain create a mess on the roads, delaying post-holiday trips. toxic and evil. shocking new interviews from the war crimes investigation into the navy s.e.a.l. who was pardoned by president trump. chemical cancer claims. women file suit today saying they got sick from a dangerous gas used to sterilize about half of america's medical equipment. and orbital history. astronaut christina koch talks to us from the international space station as she's about to set a new record for spaceflight. it is friday, december 27th, 2019. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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