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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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lived in the house at one point, some paying the land landlord a thousand dollars a month. then it was red tagged and everyone evicted november 28th due to multiple complaints. >> there was a prior fair and -- fire and part of building was collapsed and they never fixed it. it was deemed not safe. >> reporter: 7 people returned to live in the warehous saying the building owner allowed it. >> he said e to me wait until everyone is gone and you can come back. you can probably stay until march. >> he said don't worry, relax, everything will be fine. >> reporter: many neighbors say the warehouse is a blight. they didn't want to be identified. >> it's been a junk den and a nightmare. this was bound to happen. everybody knew it was going to catch on fire again. this is the second time. >> reporter: some neighbors blame city leaders saying they
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met with the local councilman and police officers multiple times. the last meeting was 10 days ago. >> it's an insult to our police and firefighters to say it's their fault. that's ridiculous. feelings, feelings are not always the same as facts. >> reporter: city leaders say they red tagged the warehouse a few times already. they place the blame on the owner. the owner did not pick up any of my phone calls. the fire department is investigating the cause, but the people who lived here believe it may be an electrical fire. they say there were extension cords all over the place. me thieves are not waiting for packages to hit your porch. a delivery driver was held up at gun point in oakland today. chopper 5 was over the scene about noon at 73rd and doorwood avenues. the driver told police there were 2 suspects, and they had a gun. they stole packages out of the truck. no injuries were reported. a candle light vigil is planned at dublin high this
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weekend for 3 students killed in a christmas day crash. twin brothers and their friend died when they swcrd erd ved an all 3 were just 16. 2 other teens were thrown from the car and are at the hospital with major injuries. at this point the chp doesn't believe alcohol played a role in the crash. they have yet to rule out speed. the vigil will be at sunday at 5:00 p.m. at dublin high school. the box truck crash tied up traffic in pleasant hill today. happened just before 10:00 a.m. on northbound 680 on monument boulevard. another car had hit it causing it to land on its cab. the crash closed 3 lanes, backed up traffic for more than an hour and a half. sfo willbe extra busy this weekend as holiday travelers head home. today was a great day to fly,
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but there are changes on tap for the weekend. >> sunday specifically veronica. let's go to the headlines for sunday's rain first. it's going to be the second half of the day, and we'll pick up about a quarter to half inch of rain, pretty much bay area wide from this one. but it's the bottom line. the fine print here that hopefully stands out. some showers will come in the form of isolated thunderstorms making it a little more interesting. and looking at futurecast, that gets us ahead to sunday, the second half of the day. see that first line of rain about to come across the bay area? followed by a second one that gets us into the evening. so more in the details over the next 24 hours, but we're close to the storm now where we can start getting specific on it. i'll show you that in the complete forecast. that's what it looks like out there right now. clear skies for most of today. and that's the way things will go for new year's eve. we'll finish up with sunday's storm in a hurry by monday, and i'll show you the new year's eve forecast coming up in just a few minutes. for now back over to you. we'll look forward to it. thank you.
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a main route between northern and southern california is back open. that's after know and ice shut it down for36 hours beginning on christmas. i-5 over the grapevine finally starting to thaw out. finally reopened late this morning and it was pretty slow going. chp offering drivers escorts in both directions. they spent hours clearing away the snow and ice after single digit temperatures caused the roadway to freeze over. senator elizabeth warren is in the bay area. she spent time with child care providers in san jose who talked about the burdens of being underpaid. warren summed it up this way. >> i could either make more money or get better benefits if i go work at a hamburger place or work at the mall even s'dmu rchheatrkr wowhat is war to do about it, and how could her plan help bay area parents? kpix 5's devin fehely will have that story straight ahead at 6:00. but from the impeachment of house gs totwit
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speaker nancy pelosi is giving us the inside scoop on what family time has been like over the holidays. >> we're probably one of the few families in america that didn't talk about impeachment at the dinner table. >> you didn't talk about it at all? it didn't come up? >> no! we don't talk politics. we talk sports and movies, and mostly she wants to know how the grandchildren are doing, so we had a wonderful time with our parents, and i kind of offhandedly mentioned things could be happening on social media yesterday, but basically we've just been having family time. >> president trump has been attacking pelosi on twitter over her handling of the impeachment proceedings. pelosi and the rest of congress enjoying the holiday break, but they'll have plenty on their plates to start the new year. natalie brand on capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: and lawmakers allen are off for another week, so the question that
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remains here, when will this impasse over a senate trial resolve itself, and the house speaker's daughter christine pelosi was asked during the same cnn interview when she thinks the speaker will send the articles over to the senate, and she says she believes she'll act when the time is right. even during the holiday break, lawmakers are working on strategy. house speaker nancy pelosi still has not delivered the articles of impeachment to the senate saying she needs to see what the rules of the trial will be first. president trump tweeted so interesting to see nancy pelosi demanding fairness from mitch mcconnell when she presided over the most unfair hearing in the history of the united states congress. republican senator john kennedy claims 9 out of 10 senators don't want to hear
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the case anyway. >> we should probably send her a fruit basket for not sending us something we don't want to deal with. >> reporter: he also warned chuck schumer to be careful what he wishes for when it comes to requesting witnesses at the trial. >> if he get witnesses, i'm sure the president will want his witnesses, and the president's witnesses won't be subject to a claim of executive privilege, but chuck's might. >> reporter: at least 4 republican senators would have to join democrats to allow witnesses as part of the rules of the trial. even if that happens, it doesn't mean the senate will vote to convict the president. it takes a two-thirds super majority to do that. so a very extremely unlikely scenario when it comes to removal, but again it takes only a simple majority of senators voting to decide on rules, format, whether to compel witnesses, something a number of democratic lawmakers continue to call for. senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell meanwhile has repeatedly said that he would like to hear opening arguments first, have a written question decideon impeac, hment trial end thproce allen? >> all right, natalie brand on capitol hill, thanks so much. maria medina at the live news desk. grim news surrounding the search for a missing tour helicopter on kawaii. searchers say wreckage has been found in a mountainous area on the island. they're sending additional resources and searching for possible survivors. multiple agencies are assisting in the search including the coast guard, navy, and other private helicopter companies. 7 people were on board including the pith lo. >> at this time we have no onab status of the passengers. acair crnd and ti ews continue to search for survivors. >> among the passengers, 2 families and the pilot. now the last contact from the
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pilot was 4:40 stafooyi hleavin the canyon area. no contact after that. all right thank you. a plane crash in kazakstan killed at least 12 people when it crashed into a house shortly after take e f.of runway twice during take off, indicating it struggled to get off the ground. >> it was like smashed, like this. th belidorve were boe flig. use the wings stayed intact. a rescue worker carried a small baby away from the crash scene. it's unclear if the child was on the plane or inside the house. the cause of the crash still under investigation. radio legend don imus has
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died. imus in the morning debuted in 1971 in new york city. he launched a career that made him famous for his quick wit and caustic tongue. his shock jock reputation cost him his job in 2007 when he made racist remarks about the rutgers women's basketball team. he spent a lifetime battling addiction, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. he died this morning at a hospital in college station, texas. the exact cause of death wasn't disclosed. he was 79 years old. still ahead on kpix 5, a big first for tesla. >> meanwhile its electric truck rival is hoping to steal the spotlight with some new moves. >> reporter: choosing the best food for your body. the dna app scientists say could give you a nudge in the right direction. >> and a major airline giving away thousands of free tickets ahead of the summer games in tokyo. but, there's a catch. several actually. if you see wires down,
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treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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dna tests are exploding in
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popularity as people try to learn more about their ancestry. now researchers in the uk say your biology can also tell you the best foods for your body. >> reporter: people are lining up for cheek swabs at this shop in central london called dna nudge. >> we're effectively using your biology to nudge you to make healthier choices with what you eat. >> reporter: unlike other dna tests, there's no lab here. just a small machine that scans dna for health conditions like diabetes and obesity. dna is analyzed in about an hour and given to customers in a fit bit style wristband synced to an app. >> it's not just based on your dna, but also your life style. >> reporter: once you have your information, it's time to shop. the app is loaded with thousands of products at grocery stores across the uk. with the a simple scan of the bar code, the wristband turns
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green when a food is right for you. red means try something else. but the app won't just tell you to put down the cookie. it guide you to a healthier one. >> if you want to buy a biscuit, then let us find the better biscuit for you and your biology. >> reporter: families like the crown spencers have joined a trial at the imperial college london to see how much of an impact the small changes can have on people predisposed to type 2 diabetes. >> i love the fact that i can make the right choices when i go shopping for all 3 of us. >> reporter: researchers hope the trial shows that using your own biology really is the key to a healthy life style. on monday tesla will start delivering its first cars built in china. the first 15 model 3s from the shanghai factory will go to tesla employees. it's exempt from the 10 percent purchase tax, but
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the price starts at about $50,000. they also announced an agreement with lenders in china for a loan up to $1.2 billion to be used for its shanghai factory. that's tesla's first manufacturing site outside the u.s. meantime tesla's electric truck rival hoping to steal the spotlight. a new video showing it doing full 360 turns at a stand still. they expect it to go on sale in late 2020 with a starting price of 69 grand. business insider reports they've gained the financial backing of amazon, ford, and cox automotive. during the run up to the summer olympics in tokyo, japan airlines is giving away 50,000 free round trip tickets. but here's the deal. the tickets are only good for domestic travel inside japan. you have to trbetween july and september of 2020, and the olympics are on july 24th. residents of japan are not eligible to win, and there are some other restrictions.
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so you're going to have to read the fine print. it's always about the fine print. always have to read it. >> especially when it comes to the weather. >> i was talking about that in the, oh, hope you're feeling better by the way. you're getting there. you're powering through. good to have you back on the desk. >> thank you, thank you. >> i had fine print in the forecast for sunday. at the bottom it says a small chance of isolated thunderstorms by the time we get there. so let's talk about that and first things first, it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. part of the reason for that is how pretty these skies look. look how pretty. for the most partwe don't have a blanket overhead in the overnight hours meaning whatever warmth we have here can radiate away. and look at the winds tomorrow morning at 6:00 entire bay area. so with calm conditions you can also see the temp and we'll do it again tomorrow. these numbers may not be as low as we were today, but it's going to be close.
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santa rosa going down to 31, napa going down to 31. there's concord at 34, livermore down to 31. all those locations in the inland spots will feel the freeze again. biggest impact from this likely will be frost, so if you have plants you really care about outside, put a lot of work into planting them, make sure they're covered on a night like tonight is a good idea. speaking of clear and calm. that's how it looks like new year's will go which is tuesday night. and the fireworks shows will be a go. we don't have to worry about clouds or wind, and it will be pretty much on the mark for average. temperature-wise by the time we get there. so are these numbers. these are tomorrow's daytime highs. we'll be in the mid-50s pretty much bay area-widso let' sunday is when the chance e.of rain gets here. and we'll start the futurecast at 1:00 a.m. dark and early on sunday it's just a few clouds.
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and you see how this is developed. that gets us into the late morning or early afternoon. by this point we see the first round of showers getting here. this is pretty much the whole second half of the day on sunday. here's a closer look, and you can see both the lines coming through on sunday. here's the first one, here's the second one. by monday in the afternoon we're done. so how much rain do we get? about a quarter inch, maybe a half inch on the high side of the forecast possibility. but really it's about a quarter inch of rain. the one thing to remember is when the organized lines come through, and we just saw there's going to be at this point the forecast models are showing 2, it will likely play out similar tot. tso ofmeline can come through as an isolated thunderstorm, so that could make things a bit more interesting with this on sunday. and if you're wondering about snow in the sierra, this could give us a little more. not a major snow maker.
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but it's relatively cold, so perhaps 4500 feet for the snow level. but it's not a major dumping of snow up there. and for the rest of the seven-day, this sunday storm is the headline. there's really not a lot else going on here. we clear things out into next week, so daytime highs will hit 60 by the middle of next week. and there's the new year's day forecast on wednesday. a few clouds and mid to upper 50s. more on this in the next half hour. w year looking good. all right, times square counting down to the party of the year, but it's no party for police. what it takes to protect a iooppen le .
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new york city is getting ready for its biggest party of the year, and secufor the rity times square new year's celebration ste llwi officers will be on patrol. most in uniform, some in plain clothes, and others with bomb sniffing dogs. they expect over a million people to attend, and everyone will go through a security screening. they're putting the finishing touches on the crystal ball that be lowered at the stroke of midnight. it is almost time for
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another new year's tradition. that's the rose parade in pasadena. greg mills shows us the preparations underway there. >> reporter: this looks uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, yet 1500 volunteers per day are here willingly cutting, pasting, and climbing. in elementary school you must have been a champion monkey bar rson. >> i really liked it. >> reporter: whatever it takes here at float central. this is the all important achmt phase. i bet you've never seen macaroon coconut tinted blue until now, and it's going to cover the entire bus. >> it will be covered by the end of the night. >> reporter: she's a first timer from utah. and here's a first timer from detroit. to volunteer and travel, so th was onur list, and here we are. >> reporter: randy adler and her sister from chicago flew here to well, cover almonds with flaxseed. a tedious task?
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yes. t c no we're already having fun. >> reporter: not cashing in on the rose parade are businesses in downtown pasadena. the rose bowl features oregon and wisconsin january 1st. have you seen any fans from oregon or wisconsin? >> not at all. >> reporter: the game is 5 days away. >> yeah, normally this time of year you see people in their shirts and hats. >> reporter: take a good look. any wisconsin red or oregon green? yeah, me neither. befoit we finally found a fan of either team. >> go ducks. the w colin kaepernick nikes are all sold out, but some bay area folks really scored. >> how the former 49er surprised his faithf nswhat he the proceeds from his shoe. >> plus chaos at a northern w california mall. what set off a nasty brawl involving hundreds of teenagers. >> is there any doubt in your
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mind these are war crimes? >> no. >> and the never before seen videos that unveil shocking details about a u.s. navy seal. >> and remember we're streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. you're watching kpix 5 30>> at 5:30. 5: the no> w 49ers preparing for an epic sunday night football showdown against the seahawks. beast mode is back in play, and home field advantage is on the line. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm allen martin. kpix 5's andria borba at levi stadium where some fans do be years ago onthanksgivingth u own the ners lostto the seahawks in pretty epic fashion here. there's video of richard sherman eating turkey in the
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middle of the field. now sherman is a niner, and the faithful want revenge. this one is for all the marbles. the winner takes the division and homefielthughout the playfs. bufor the faithful, with the clock ticking on 2019, it's also a chance for retribution. >> they beat us at our home, now we have to go and do the same to them in their home. >> it's also literally the last game of the decade, and it's a chance for the 49ers to end the decade by symbolically ending the seattle seahawks' reign. >> reporter: the seahawks are bringing their a-game, and a not so secret weapon. >> do my thing and get out and hopefully help them go ahead and get the subowl. >> reporter: the return of beast mode. though kevin gleason says someone a bigger factor than lynch. the fact is kittle he wasn't there the first time
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they played, and seattle is really desperately trying to figure out how to stop him. >> reporter: nerves for the faithful are high for fans outside the stadium as they stock up on swag. >> just bought it. can't wait for sunday's game in seattle. >> reporter: they have one message for the 12th man. >> go niners! >> reporter: that game is sunday. i've got my ticket for my favorite spot. it's on my dad's sofa where all the luck was in the 80s and 90s. that's where i'll be watching, how about you allen and veronica? >> you know it. actually i asked santa for a ninner win this year. we'll see! >> fingers crossed. all right, nike's new sneaker collaboration with colin kaepernick sold out in ust a day. it


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