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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 28, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you know something i don't. >> cbs weekend news is up next. we'll see you in 30 minutes. y captioning sponsored by cbs >> villafranca: breaking news as we come on the air tonight-- fiery crash. >> oh, my god! >> villafranca: a small plane tummets to the ground in louisiana, five people on board killed instantly. tonight, the investigation into wat happened and what we're learning about the victims. one-two punch-- a powerful winter storm hammering the west, the system now headed east bringing rain, snow, and ice. jeff berardelli is timing it all out. gunned down-- nine people shot in a texas parking lot. what happened moments before the deadly ambush. act of terror-- a car bomb explodes in somalia, dozens yilled, many of them students on the way to class. who is believed to be behind this violent attack.
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also tonight, her story: how an american astronaut made history e. outer space. t it's not so much how many ysys you're up here but what you do with each of those days. >> villafranca: and steve oartman "on the road" with a thecial delivery one school bus driver makes every day. >> this is the "cbs weekend news." >> villafranca: good evening. i'm omar villafranca. t begin tonight with a deadly plane crash in louisiana. >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> villafranca: the twin-engine aircraft smashing into a parking lot, then bursting into flames tiis morning. as least five people on board were killed. the youngest victim, just 15 years old. miraculously, one person survived. the plane went down in lafayette about an hour west from baton rouge. evid begnaud starting us off on the crash site.
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>> reporter: everyone on board the plane was headed to the cs.u. game. in fact, one of the people who died in the plane crash, carley mccord. her father-in-law is steve ensminger. he is the offensive coordinator for l.s.u., and there are pictures of players consoling him before the game started. carley mccord was a sports reporter in new orleans, did work for a local tv station and ate new orleans saints. the other passengers who died have been identified as ian biggs, the pilot. robert vaughn crisp ii, gretchen vincent and her son, michael walker vincent. the plane had just taken off from the lafayette airport, was only a mile way, and the pilot clipped that power line right there. the plane went down in the parking lot of that post office, astually hit a lady who was in a vehicle, the vehicle caught fire seiously injuring the lady and the fiews lablg continued into a field. this is eyewitness video that was recorded by alexis west who deld us what she saw. a it just skidded on the concrete at the post office, and then it just went by, and then all of a sudden, just this big explosion. it was just like an action movie.
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it just, like, happened so fast. >> reporter: miss west actually saw the sole survivor walking away from the aircraft. lksten. >> somebody grabbed him from the fire and pulled him out and sat wm on the ground. hiestles burned from his shoulder all the wait down, like, his shirt, his clothing, everything was ripped. >> reporter: the man she is talking about is wade berzas. tonight he is at a local hospital listed in critical condition. it was not raining at the time the crash happened. lle national transportation safety board is headed to lafayette right now. omar, they will take over this n.vestigation. >> villafranca: david, thanks. a massive coast-to-coast storm is on the move tonight bringing rain, snow, and ice. more than 250 million americans are in the path of the powerful system. snow and wind caused blizzard-like conditions in orts of colorado overnight. and in north dakota, snow and ice made for treacherous travel conditions for drivers. meteorologist jeff berardelli is here. jeff, how bad is this going to be, and when will we see it? >> so, it's happening right now. it's going to probably last onother two days, and the worst of it-- this will be a serious snowstorm for the upper midwest,
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northern plain states, dakotas. tae to two feet of snow, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. ur careful, folks. jet stream diving to the south, lifting all the warmth and movement from the gulf of mexico, and the collision zone between cold and warm is where is storm is taking shape. now, as you can see, imperatures tomorrow will rocket up into the 60s in places like chicago. 130 record warm temperatures across the country through monday are possible. let's take it hour by hour. e owers, thunderstorms, some of them severe, from kansas city east of dallas as well. north of that, it's all snow in the dakotas. again, this is going to be a serious snowstorm. mainly rain in chicago. that will help a little with flight delays, but still rain covering the eastern half of the country. watch out for strong storms in nashville. the storm moves through new york and boston sunday night and into bonday. rainfall-wise, we're going to see widespread 1-3-inch totals, some placeaise little more than three inches. e tch out for the possibility of flooding. and as far as snow goes, look at those snowfall totals: one to
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two feet in the dakotas and northern minnesota. >> villafranca: a lot to look out for. jeff, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> villafranca: at least two people are dead tonight after an ambush-style shooting in texas. houston police say a group of people were shooting a music video in a parking lot last eight when gunfire broke out. all the victims were described as young hispanic men. seven others were wounded. s vestigators say it's unclear how many shooters there were or if this was a targeted attack. de.arrests have been made. the president of somalia is calling an explosion in the country's capital city an act of terror. at least 78 people were killed and 125 injured after a truck exploded at a checkpoint in mogadishu. ian lee tonight from london. >> reporter: smoke billows over mogadishu when a truck bomb exploded. the chaos of rush hour turned into twisted turmoil. the explosion targeted a busy intersection. onny of those killed were students on their way to class. mogadishu's mayor told reporters n huge explosion was heard when
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b truck bomb exploded at a checkpoint and killed scores of people, and so far wounded 90. hospitals are overflowing with the wounded. no one has claimed responsibility. but the country's president e ames al qaeda ally al-shabaab. the terror group is behind some of the country's deadliest attacks, and a regular target of american air strikes. solence has plagued the country since a civil war broke out in 1991, meaning many of the dead students with hopes for a better future had rarely known a year of peace. ian lee, cbs news, london. >> villafranca: the search continues tonight for the seventh and final victim of a deadly helicopter crash in hawaii. the chopper went missing thursday after takeoff on a sightseeing tour in kauai. on board: the pilot and six passengers, including two children. here's danya bacchus. >> reporter: the intense search is taking place along a liuntainous region inland from the na pali coast.
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saficials say that's where they tund the wreckage of the sightseeing helicopter and the ardies of six people on board. authorities identified at least three victims: pilot paul matero, passengers amy gannon and 13-year-old jocelyn gannon. >> what i can tell you is that there are two different sets of family members that were on the aircraft-- a party of two and a party of four. >> reporter: the chopper crashed along a route used by all tour relicopters. the tours are popular for the bird's-eye view of some of the most lush and steep parts of the island. ow anyone that is familiar with the na pali coast knows that it tan be clear in the morning, and with the trade winds that we do have, it can-- weather can roll .n. e> reporter: the aircraft was operated by safari helicopters, which has been in business with a perfect safety record for more than 30 years. pe coast guard says the pilot radioed its position 45 minutes before expecting to land. when the chopper didn't show up, ftarly 45 minutes after its expected arrival, the company reported it missing. officials say the helicopter had
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an emergency electronic locater, but no signals were received. n.t.s.b. records show this is the 18th civilian helicopter inash in hawaii in the last five years. three n.t.s.b. investigators are tw on their way to kauai to determine the cause of the crash. omar. >> villafranca: danya, thank you very much. funeral preparations are under way tonight for don imus, one of dadio's legendary and most controversial figures. imus died friday at a hospital in texas. one of the original shock jocks, imus had a groundbreaking career, but it was marred by drug addiction and racist commentary. jeff glor tonight on his rise to fame and fall from grace. >> do we have to put these morons on the radio? >> reporter: with his gritty voice... >> gutless weasels. .a reporter: ...and signature cowboy hat, don imus was one of the most outrageous, irreverent, and influential broadcasters of his time. >> the most obnoxious jerk i have ever seen. >> reporter: he gained both fame
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and notoriety for his news-making interviews, edgy comedy bits, drug and alcohol problems... >> i'd drink on the air. i'd do cocaine on the air. >> reporter: ...long-running feud with howard stern, and his charity work for kids with cancer. born in riverside, california, in 1940, imus began his career as a d.j. in 1968, eventually moving markets to new york city in 1971, where he launched his own radio show. ♪ "imus in the morning" >> reporter: to say the least, he never pulled a punch making controversial-- many times vitriolic-- comments about celebrities, politicians, women and minorities. that got him into trouble over his 50-year career, most notably in 2007 when he called the rutgers women's basketball team skracist slur and was fired from cbs and msnbc. he talked about that to cbs' anthony mason in 2018. >> it did change my feeling
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about making fun of some people who didn't deserve to be made fun of and didn't have a mechanism to defend themselves. >> reporter: imus officially hung up his hat last year, but ts image, as legendary to some and venomous to countless others, lives on. >> i felt when i walked in there and sat down and turned the mic on, that i was talking to you. i'm going to miss that. >> reporter: jeff glor, cbs news, new york. >> villafranca: the separation of migrant families at the border is one of the most controversial stories of the past year. the a.c.l.u. claims the trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy has led to approximately 5,500 family ncparations since july of 2017. cbs news followed the stories of a number of those families, including ervin and his father, jose who have now been united. ervin was detained for five months and separated from his father for nearly a year. here's manuel bojorquez.
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>> my father is over there. reporter: he could be any child waiting at any airport. you may have passed one and not even known it. the children of zero tolerance.
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>> villafranca: manuel bojorquez followed the heart-wrenching journey of four migrant families in a cbsn originals documentary that will have its network broadcast premiere on cbs tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. there's much more ahead on the "cbs weekend news." the major changes being made to airline seats to improve the comfort of your next flight. cket, an american astronaut rockets into the history books. and later, steve hartman "on the road," with a man who may be the country's most beloved school bus driver. ool bus driver. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer,
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>> villafranca: in an era where airline seats seem to be shrinking flight by flig airline seats seem to be shrinking flight by flight, some airlines are actually spending big bucks to make you more comfortable. the average distance between seats for a short domestic flight is 31 inches, just under inree feet. some economy airlines have a distance as low as 28 inches. kris van cleave went searching for that perfect seat. lc welcome. >> reporter: spirit, an airline known for rock-bottom ptyes, wanted to start with a clean slate-- a brand-new empty airplane with its future lined up neatly in rows inside its detroit hanger, the work begins. it will take up to 10 spirit employees more than 12 hours to get all 182 seats loaded into le plane, slotted into the right spot, and locked into place. >> i think this is an amazing eeat for spirit. >> reporter: lania rittenhouse
5:47 pm
spent more than a year fine-tuning the new cabin with particular emphasis on the seats. they have memory foam, a new curved back so passengers sit le lher back in the seat, opening up more usable leg room, while increasing the amount of pre-recline. the rows are still just 28 inches apart, but the airline bys the curved design and moving the seat-back pocket to the top has freed up two inches of usable space, and they've added a real tray table. stople are going to see this story and go, "this is all just am excuse to shrink the space otd cram more people on planes." >> that is not what we're doing. the number of seats are still at 182. what did change was the livable space in the seat. l> reporter: we flew with alaska airlines' frequent fliers over california's bay area for a sneak peek of alaska's new cabins. the only rose of rows that got lloser together on this plane were in first class. the new seats, created by bmw designworks, are intended to feel a bit like a luxury car. >> the memory foam is basically to give the guest a more
5:48 pm
comfortable feeling. >> reporter: jetblue has spent iears working on its new cabin, the leisure carrier also went with the curved-back seat with memory phone and their signature in-seat tv. the distance between rows stays be same, but because the seats themselves take up less space, jetblue can add up to 12 more seats. t it's incredibly important that we get this right, because orrcraft interiors do fly for a long time, so we put a lot of thought into designing what we believe is the perfect seat. >> reporter: united just launched a new 50-seat regional jet with what it believes will be the best-in-class interior with business, premium economy, and a snack bar-- perhaps perfect for a short flight. in truth, the perfect seat probably depends on who you fly. for spirit, these new seats will be in all of their new aircraft, and they have up to 150 on order. it will take a couple of years to get the rest of the fleet caught up and these new seats installed. kris van cleave, cbs news, detroit. >> villafranca: australia is in
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5:52 pm
the extreme heat is also fueling aldfires. they have been ravaging parts of australia for months. it's feared roughly 9,000 koalas have been killed since the fires began. hrerican astronaut christina koch has made history. today marks koch's 289th day in space, a world record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. koch was part of the first all-female spacewalk in october, and as she told "cbs this bs ting," there are more big milestones ahead for women in space. >> as our plans unfold for going ,ack to the moon, seeing the first woman walk on the moon in 2024. >> villafranca: koch is expected to return to earth in february. and new yorkers and tourists got together in times square today d say good riddance to 2019. everyone was invited to put their bad days or bad dates to paper and clean the slate with a good old-fashioned shredding. there was even a sledgehammer on hand for those who really wanted to say good riddance in a big way to 2019.
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5:56 pm
>> reporter: you can see why someone might hate being a n hool bus driver: the early ncurs, when the weather sours, the abundance of responsibility, combined with the absence of eyes in the back of your head. >> have a good day! >> reporter: nevertheless, as we first reported last may, curtis jenkins loves delivering these , ttle ones to lake highland's y ementary in dallas, texas. emily gruninger is the principal. >> he goes way beyond the outlined responsibilities and s ties of a bus driver. i mean, that bus is like a remily. >> these are my children! these are my community. eslove them all. >> reporter: to establish , mmunity... >> what's your job, man? >> reporter: ...he starts by giving everyone a responsibility. >> this one is a police officer. >> reporter: it's an elaborate flow chart. >> she's an administrative assistant to the president. >> reporter: administrative assistant to the president. >> yeah. >> reporter: everyone working together to build a yellow bus utopia. llowe're going to care about each other and we're going to love everybody, right? i put time, effort, love, care, understanding, understanding
5:57 pm
each and every one of those kids. in reporter: to show his love and understanding, curtis gives presents throughout the year. each gift personally selected with that child in mind. he gave this girl a t-shirt. e her first book. >> reporter: ...with a picture hom a book she made. >> i'm hoping this t-shirt inspires her to keep on writing books. >> reporter: over the years, he has bought these kids bikes, backpacks, handed out cards on birthdays, and even turkeys at ntanksgiving. he has spent thousands out of lis own pocket. and, yet, if you ask the kids evat they like most about curtis, the gifts don't even come up. ep he helps anyone in need. >> reporter: ethan ingle is a sixth grader. that means a lot to you. >> yeah. >> reporter: he says the bus ride is often the best part of his day. >> my mom got divorced when i was only four. >> see you tomorrow. >> he's the father that i always wanted. in some ways, i just-- i wish my
5:58 pm
dad could have been like that. >> reporter: we make the mistake sometimes of thinking certain jobs are more important than others, but curtis jenkins made his job important. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: and in doing so, even created his own salary. >> that's the paycheck right there. if i can get that, you can keep the money. >> reporter: he sought no reward. but after our story first aired, the kindness came back to him, nonetheless, when an anonymous viewer reached out to school superintendent jeannie stone with a little thank you gift for curtis. >> you're going to be driving this brand new car! ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in addition to the car, she also gave him a w omotion. curtis now teaches others how to better student relationships. for this old bus driver, 2019 e re proved to be quite a ride. steve hartman, "on the road," in dallas. >> villafranca: "bloom where you are planted."
5:59 pm
that is a great motto. r at's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. i'm live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 6:00, a growing crime trend in berkeley. what you need to know to not become a victim of laptop theft. and, it was a beautiful winter day across the bay area, but the clouds are now rolling in, and there is more from brian on how soon the rain will begin to fall and how long it's going to stick around. plus, there is an easier way to get around the south bay. how vta is working to decrease the amount of time you wait for the bus. good evening. >> we began in berkeley where the laptop theft epidemic is getting works. the hotspots for the thieves and ways to prevent being robbed. >> reporter: and run, quick,
6:00 pm
brazen, and scary. in all these cases, the thieves walk around first, looking for the easiest targets. then, it happens. berkeley police say they responded to 80 laptop thefts in the first 11 months of this year. that is a big increase compared to last year. in all of 2018, 61 laptop and cell phones were stolen at cafes. the most popular target for thieves, cafe strata. it up at least seven times this year. most of the seating here is outside. the other hotspots? alchemy, , and the starbucks on shattuck. almost all cafes are located within one mile of uc berkeley. most victims, students. no major injuries so far, but police worry it is just a matter of time. this is footage of a theft victim, hanging onto a suspects getaway car. after a couple of locks, the victim fell off. police said they made arrests


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