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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> reporter: another nail biter for the niners. we watched the game with sports fans and we'll show you their reaction. >> a plane carrying a kansas basketball team makes an emergency landing in san jose. the problem reported mid-air. >> an east bay community comes together in tragedy after 3 teens were killed in a christmas night crash. good evening, i'm maria medina. >> and i'm brian hackney. we begin with a wild finish to the final game of the nfl season. the niners beat the seahawks to win the nfc west. >> kpix 5's joe vazquez is with fans in palo alto tonight. >> reporter: the 49ers played their last regular season game tonight in seattle.
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that's why we came here to the old pro sports bar in palo alto to watch the game with some die hard fans. the cheering is ear splitting. the high fiving almost painful. the niners went to seattle to settle an old score with the detested rival. >> i hate them a lot. i've hated them since sherman was there, but now he's on our side. >> reporter: what does this game mean? >> first place! first place in the division, a bye week, some rest and recovery. >> reporter: the first half the game was going well for the niners. they were ahead. but then in the second half, seattle decided to score and score. the game got close. too close. but the niners were determined and scored even more. [ cheers and applause ] >> the odds were against us. we're winning. winning! let's go niners, baby! >> reporter: it all came down
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to the last few seconds of the game. seattle's pass was close, but not close enough according to the referee. >> we just witnessed history! niners ending the decade with a w and the niners going to start the decade with another w! let's go, baby! >> you witnessed a phenomenon. the niners finally care of the seahawks. >> reporter: the niners will soon play in front of their adoring fans hosting a playoff game at levi stadium, the first since moving to santa clara. and if they keep winning? >> super bowl, here we come! that's all we want! >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> looked like a good time. sports director dennis o'donnell is in seattle tonight with the highlights. >> reporter: thank you very much. the 49ers haven't won on this
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field since 2011. they got that monkey off their back and so, so much more tonight. a win for kyle shanahan and san francisco wins the nfc title and home field throughout the playoffs. 4th quarter, niners up 19-14. seattle gets a touchdown, but seattle batters back. niners up by 5, the last seconds of the game. the seahawks stopped short of the end zone by the rookie greenlaw and the ninners win locking up the overall number 1 seed and a bye in the first week of playoffs. you just ended years of futility. >> it's crazy to think about. it's crazy we're the nfc west champions and we're going to continue to work and get better and take the week off
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and rest our bodies. >> reporter: 2011 seems like so many years ago, so many years of frustration and emotional let down on this field. we'll take you back inside the locker room. game day on location tonight from century link right after this newscast. reporting from century link, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. brian, maria, back to you. a live look now at san jose airport tonight. scary moments for the kansas jay hawks men's basketball team. they were on board a charter plane that made an emergency landing. the plane reported engine trouble. the flight landed safely. the jay hawks released this statement on twitter. upon our return flight home from san jose, roughly 20 minutes into the flight, one of our engines failed. the pilot immediately contacted the san jose airport where we returned and made a safe landing. we are grateful to the pilots
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and the entire flight crew. the team will stay the night in san jose and will return to kansas once plans are finalized. a few showers across the bay area tonight. this was the scene in san francisco earlier this evening. it was from time to time really coming down. still is in a few spots, but the general tendency will be towards things calming down and drying out. the showers finally ended in the north bay, just widely scattered light showers across the upper ranges in the east bay. overall, though, the rain you see offshore, it's just raining on the fish and it's headed to the west so we're pretty much done. still, it left behind decent amounts of rain. in san francisco almost .04 inches and about a quarter inch in san jose. as for what's next, the low kicks south. a few showers, but mostly after midnight tonight. tomorrow it will like totally different. we have a severely clear day on tap after the morning fog. tonight scattered showers
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through midnight. it will dry out after that, but fog forms near sunrise. then later sunny, seasonal temperatures. new year's eve looking clear and chilly. we'll talk about the next prospects for rain and the new year's eve forecast in a few minutes. and this storm brought fresh snow to the sierra. rob malcolm is on donner summit. >> reporter: here at donner summit at the lower elevations, this was the first place many people stopped to take in winter. the snow has been here for weeks, prompting many to head into the new year on the mountain. >> absolutely perfect. >> reporter: the road conditions on i-80 were slick but clear giving motorists few problems as travelers stopped along the way to enjoy the white stuff at donner summit. >> we have family here from mexico and they wanted to see the snow for the first time.
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>> we love this, it's beautiful. it's so nice. and then to bring the kids up here and the dogs. >> reporter: back to the road conditions, which were bearable for many drivers today. cal trans and chp still warning drivers to drive with chains because anything can happen as you drive into the sierra. rob malcolm, kpix 5. hundreds gathered at a vigil at dublin high school to remember the lives of 3 teens whose lives were cut short in a christmas crash. betty yu was there and spoke to the friends of the victims. >> reporter: the turnout tonight at the candle light vigil was huge and a testament to the impact these 3 teens had on the dublin community. >> he always wanted the best for everybody, and he was just such a good person, you know? any time you were upset he'd make you laugh so you'd be happy. and it's just really sad.
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>> reporter: speaking of her best friend javier ramirez, carly broke down. she turned out along with hundreds of others to pay respect to him and the twins michael and mark. all were 16 years old. >> it's just heartbreaking to see them one day and then they're gone the next. they were just so joyful and always smiling and happy. there was never a time i saw them and they were separated. it's sad to see them all go at the same time. >> reporter: the crash happened christmas night just before 10:00 p.m. 5 teens were in one car traveling south on foothill road just north of castlewood drive. for unknown reasons, it crossed the northbound lane, hit a power pole and then a tree. the 3 teens died at the scene. 2 others were ejected and are hospitalized with major injuries. the chp says the initial indication is that alcohol was not a factor in the crash, but
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a final determination won't be made until there's further investigation. >> it makes me more aware and grateful because they didn't even make it through winter break. it makes me grateful i'm alive and i'll be a lot more careful with the way i do things. >> reporter: tonight mark's girlfriend shared special memories of their relationship at the podium. others held candles and held on to each other as they paid tribute. >> people may not have known the boys that died, but they still want to show their support and show how good of a community we have here. >> reporter: in dublin, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight in oakland, an attorney known for handling high profile police misconduct suits has filed his own case, claiming he was a victim himself. in court papers filed last week, adante pointer claims he
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was mistreated by oakland police back in september of 2017. the lawsuit claims officers pulled him over, held him at gun point, detained him in a squad car, and illegally searched his car. pointer said he was released after officers didn't find anything illegal. the suit says police said his car matched the description of another car in a firearm investigation. we have reached out to oakland police for a response but have not heard back. a gunman opened fire today at a packed church in texas killing 1 and critically wounding another, but the bloodshed could have been much worse. a warning, the video you're about to see is disturbing. you can see the gunman standing in the corner inside west freeway church of christ. then he pulls out a gun and startings firing, shooting 2 people. but then you see an armed security guard responding almost immediately, firing off his gun and killing the armed man. >> we're here to help people, and to have something like this happen destroys my heart.
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>> other members took out their guns, others ducked under pews. investigators are searching forking a motive. tonight we're learning new details about the man accused of going on a stabbing spree inside a rabbi's home during a hanukkah celebration. new york police arrested grafton thomas this morning. the 37-year-old is charged with 5 counts of attempted murder and 1 count of burglary. he's pled not guilty. investigators say thomas stormed into a rabbi's home in a new york city suburb last night and then stabbed 5 people with a large knife. officials have yet to announce a motive in the attack. a georgia congressman today announced he's in a battle he's never fought before, a battle with pancreatic cancer. representative john lewis said undergo treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. doctors have told him that recent medical advances make that type of cancer more
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treatable in many cases. former president barack obama tweeted about the civil rights leader's diagnosis writing quote if there's one thing i love about representative john lewis, it's his incomparable will to fight. i know he's got a lot of that left in him. praying for you. coming up, the death of a young racehorse mars the opening weekend of a southern california racetrack. >> and the airport growth is taking off, but why some say a proposed expansion could be bad for the environment. >> and get ready to pay more
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire,
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call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. new at 11:00, another horse s died at the controversial santa anita ra the 38th death in the last year. reporter greg mills has the details. >> reporter: fans we spoke with were well aware of what had happened. the racetrack official confirmed the death this afternoon. the horse racing season opened a couple days late actually because they were some weather concerns. instead of opening the day after christmas, they opened yesterday. the horse named truest reward, a 3-year-old gelding raced here and had success several times. that's the horse that died thursday. the official told me it was a freak accident when the horse was jogging. it was a time the track was closed to actual training
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workouts. at least 38 horses have died here in the last year at santa anita. >> i love the sport, i really do. and there's ways to improve it to make it better for the horses and i definitely support that, but i don't think they should just like pretty much cancel everything. >> we demand to know why are you still allowing the killing of horses for $2 bets in the great state of california. why is this still allowed? >> reporter: and track officials said no problems today or yesterday. the first 2 days of this racing season. from santa anita, greg mills, kpix 5. new at 11:00, concord police are asking for your help to identify a pair of cell phone snatchers. a woman and her friend were sitting inside the cream ice cream store when 2 men approached and asked for 50 cents. suddenly they grabbed the woman's cell phone. the witness chased after them but lost them. if you recognize the men, you're asked to call police. and police are searching for clues after a violent
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assault in a nevado neighborhood. a woman was attacked along olive avenue last night. she believes the suspect had a knife. the suspect demanded money while groping her. a car thief allegedly caught in the act by the victim herself. san francisco police say a woman saw this man, stephen mills breaking into her car in the tenderloin last night. mills had just gotten out of jail earlier this month. he's now back behind bars for the car burglary. san jose international airport's growth is taking off. so much so city leaders will soon talk about whether to expand it. according to the mercury nudes, the city council will soon discuss the airport's master plan. they expect the passenger amount to grow 50 percent by
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2037. the paper says an environmental report shows the development would spew significant and unavoidable amounts of ozone and greenhouse gases. all right, in the weather department we have a pretty good little splash of rain during the day today. but it's mostly done. there's still a few places that have some light showers, but those will be drying up after midnight leaving us with a sunny day tomorrow. still let's get you caught up on the high def doppler showing light rain over the northern end of the peninsula. in the north bay some lower level rain falling. the east bay got some light rain. but all that shower activity you see offshore will stay offshore. it's about done. but as they say, not bad. about a quarter inch in san jose. livermore picked up .19.
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in san francisco .04 inches. kentfield more than an inch. santa rosa .85, concord about two-thirds of an inch. the numbers now have tumbled into the 40s for the most part, but we are beginning to clear it up. satellite and radar shows that high atop the west coast, the low kicks to the south, and as it does leaves us with clearing conditions. fog will be a factor tomorrow though in the early going with the cooler temperatures tonight and all the moisture around. fog is a pretty good bet. futurecast, look at all this just evaporating. monday we go to severely clear. the visibility should be stunning. but first some fog in the early morning hours. we begin in the 40s and then go to mostly sunny skies by tomorrow afternoon and temperatures will top out around 57 degrees. new year's eve, if you're heading into the city or frankly anywhere around the bay area, looks like a few high clouds and the numbers in the near 50-degree range at
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least close to san francisco. cooler inland. in general we expect showers to diminish after midnight. fog dissipates by mid-morning then sunny, cool and dry. it will look totally different tomorrow than today. should be a beautiful monday. mostly sunny for sfo as well. weather shouldn't be a factor if there's delays, but in new york they have rain and 45 degrees. tonight we get down to 40 in santa rosa, 38 livermore, and 41 san jose. fog forming near sunrise and numbers top out as warm as 62 in santa rosa and 58 at fremont. extended forecast calling for sunshine. it will be sunny side up for monday and tuesday. increasing the clouds on the first day of, can you believe it, 2020. and variable clouds through friday before we clear out and get plenty of sunshine by the weekendful all in all not bad and tomorrow is a nice start to the week. that's weather, and maria will
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tell us what's up next. thank you. still ahead, the new ground breaking law that lets you take control of your privacy and gives
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california is about to get new data privacy laws that allow you to see the personal information companies collect about you and stop them from sharing it. the information includes your name, user name, pass word, phone number, address, and tracking your religion, marriage status, sexual orientation, and more. some companies already let you separate your identity from your data but companies that don't comply with the new consumer privacy acts face thousands of dollars in fines for each violation, and if there's a negligent data breach, you can sue. get ready to pay more if you take ac transit. fares will be 50 cents more starting thursday. the east bay agency says the increase is needed as part of a 5 year plan to improve commuter service to san francisco. a second fare increase is scheduled in 2022. and a major milestone for
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tesla on the heels of its stocks soaring to record highs. today they delivered their first batch of model 3s made in their shanghai factory. soon they hope to produce a thousand cars a week at their first factory outside the u.s. meanwhile elon musk says their underground tunnel could be complete next year. it's being built underneath the las vegas convention center to transport people in self-driving vehicles. cars will be able to take up to 16 riders at a time. he hope it's operational by 2020, which is in 3 days. still to come. a san jose family gives back. how they
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♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ a san jose family came up with a creative way to raise money for charity. >> they wanted to give back to city team san jose, so they set up a churros and chocolate stand outside their home and were able to donate nearly $33,000 to the nonprofit that
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fights poverty, homelessness, and addiction. in southern california, volunteers are putting in major elbow grease finishing up some elaborate rose parade floats. >> the time is nigh. the displays are much more than just the floral arrangements. the aids health care foundation is using a small row of houses decorated with houses to inspire people to solve the homeless crisis while another nonprofit, one legacy, created their donate life float to promote organ and tissue donation. >> our float is light in the darkness. it's the first bit of light a family sees after they lost someone that something good can come of it. >> it's inspired by diwali, the
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