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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 30, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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they are claiming victory after an intense final game. the last is ours. the emergency landing for a basketball team and, new video of the pot problem in midair. >> taking alive look outside. in a tarrant and cisco. good morning. it is monday. >> and, let's get that question to the expert. how long clark >> they are looking for quiet conditions as high-pressure building for us. as we kickoff. we will see the sunshine as well. just looking east. but mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are running in the 40s.
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from upper 40s into oakland. middle 40s to livermore about 40 degrees for santa rosa. the showers are wrapping up here we are going to see the skies clear. some breezy conditions. and, north into the northeast. and, upper 50s to low 60s. thank you so much. take a look at the bay area traffic. some spots in the red. but not too bad. mostly in the green. there's a heavy fog advisory. and, they have the speed slowing down a bit here. that was between 205 lowering that to the south bay. that is pretty good.
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those metering lights are not on right now. 501 right now. the 49ers faithful are waking up extremely happy for a huge victory in seattle. >> life from levi stadium with reaction from some of the fans. >> how could you not be pumped this morning. you haven't been able to see them in a while. the first place in the division with a bye week. it's unbelievable. it really came down to the wire. and, until the very last section. and, that is stopped at the goal line. with the 12 seconds left. and that's when those fans everywhere. but especially in palo alto started celebrating.
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>> it's with that victory. and, another is going to start. let's go baby. so, they ended up winning 26- 21. the coach obviously there from the victory on the road throwing his hat into the stands even though, he didn't care. he was going to celebrate no matter where they were. they ended the regular season 13-3. they had a pretty nice break. and, they play that first game. this will be the first time. at levi stadium. they are there for kpix. stomach a quick search there at $246. at the 11th game. we will have you covered here. as they push forward. the latest here. and streaming on the bay area. at marsh on lynch, they got a
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skittles ovation during the game. that's due to an injury. and the former star known for his affinity for skittles. and, they encourage consumers to taste the rainbow. a lie look at san jose and central airport. scary moments unfolded for the kansas jayhawks basketball team. that plane operated by engine trouble. they show what appeared to be sparks coming through. and, the san jose fire crews were there. when those come in. they released a statement on twitter saying, the return flight home from san jose. 20 minutes into the flight in our engines failed.
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they immediately contacted the san jose airport where they return and a safe landing grateful to the pilots and the entire flight crew. the team stated san jose last night and will return to kansas when the plans are finalized. a group of oakland mouth can keep living in a home that they took over. a judge tentatively ruled here and, have another chance to make that case. oakland city council is backing the group. they say, housing is a human right. and, they only magnolia street property. they say that they had no right to squat there. they also say, that they plan to use the proceeds from selling the home to help that in the community. today's hearing starts at 9 am. known for those conduct suits. cleaning was a victim himself. with the court files there.
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and, they are back in december 2017. and, they claim that the lawsuits pulled him over. and, contained in the squad car and illegally searched his car. he says he was released after officers didn't find anything illegal. he also claims that police and at the car match the description of another car. with a firearm investigation. they reached out to police for a response. but haven't heard back. it happened just south of brokaw road before 11:30 pm. they are northbound 101, that they are now cleared. they left three people without a home. that is around 5 pm the damages
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estimated at about $250,000. firefighter stated that it was likely started by a space heater. an emotional day as hundreds gathered at the high school last night. all remembering the lives of those 16-year-old killed in a horrific car crash. it happened christmas night. they were in a car traveling south on foothill road. in the vehicle crossed the northbound lane and hit a power pole and a tree. javier andrea these twins died at the scene. two others were ejected and are hospitalized with major injuries. >> we always wanted the best for everybody. and, just that person. >> they are just so joyful. and, they are sad to go at that
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time. they are there and a factor in the crash. and, they had a further investigation. police are trying to find out what drove the man to open fire. and, they were killed and another is critically danger this morning. this is a video, you're about to see it may be disturbing. >> the gun minutes here standing in the corner. he pulled out a gun. he starts firing. shooting two people. take a look at armed security guards right here. immediately firing off his gun. >> we are here to help people and, it destroys my heart. >> they took out their guns, ducked under the pews. and the suspect has yet to be identified. money, drugs, and a loaded gun have been found.
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they were there on the list of charges. they are searching for crews after a violent assault. they say that a woman was attacked near fort street 9:30 pm saturday night when she got out of the car somebody grabbed her from behind and held an object against her back. believed to be a nice. and, when they yelled for help. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. >> they prepared to stop holiday thieves. one officer placed a set of spike strips there. they were arrested with theft and conspiracy they are there at a standstill.
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and, they can't reach an agreement with a labor union. they are there appointing a committee to mediate the conflict. and, for the city council to step in. they find them unsatisfactory and take those rights to build away. the city council leaves again on january 7. a georgia congressman announcing that he was in the battle that he's never fought before. pancreatic cancer. he will undergo treatment for stage iv cancer. he went on to say, his clear eyed, doctors have told him that recent medical advances make that type of cancer treatable barack obama tweeting out
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about the civil rights icon diagnosis saying, "if there's one thing i love about the representative john lewis it's his incomparable will to fight. i know he is a lot more that left in him. praying for you, my friend" well, streaming on cbs in network they are taking effect in just a couple of days. wrapping up with the doppler radar. partly cloudy skies. clear, as we go through the afternoon. i will let you know how long the last coming up. taking a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic not looking too bad on this mo
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5:14 am. growth is taking up so much so that city leaders will soon talk about whether to and the airport. the city council will soon discuss the master plan. the city projects the number of passengers to grow by more than 50% by the year 2037. now, there is talk about building 14 new gates. 330 room motel and a 5000 space parking garage. they also say in environmental show that the development would spew significant and
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unavoidable greenhouse gases. >> get ready to pay more if you take transit fares are going up in the new year. they will have to pay $.50 starting wednesday. they said that the increase is needed as part of a five-year plan. and, a major milestone, for tesla. stock soaring to record highs. and, the first batch of model threes made in that factory. and, they hope to produce 1000 cars a week and its first factory outside of the united states. >> meanwhile, those companies underground tunnel could be up and running next year. the tunnel is being built beneath the las vegas convention center they have the self driving vehicle supplied by tesla. they will be able to take up 16
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minors at a time. and, they also said that the project will hopefully be operational by the year 2020. dear member slug bug? >> yes. go ahead. >> now they play it with tesla. >> my daughter taught me. okay. we are taking a look at traffic. this is not too much red. this is the crash westbound 24 at fisher ranch road. it has been been moved over to the shoulder. still going 70 miles per hour through that area. but a heavy fog advisory, low visibility and speed the really slowing down. that's pretty typical. with this heavy fog advisory really want to take your time for all the super commuters. it's looking like a 25 minute drive westbound 580 from 20526
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80. this is a look at your other major travel times. you can see on 80, to the maze. it's a 14 minute drive. and, taking a look at the san mateo bridge. we are seeing some brake lights here. and, into foster city. they bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on. so they are moving through the toll plaza pretty nice. not too much here on this monday morning. here's a look at your drive. >> happy monday to you. we are starting off the day to mostly cloudy skies. showers that we had overnight are wrapping up here is a live look. looking east. as we kick off a new week. they are running in the 40s. this is livermore's and about 40% rosa. this is the doppler.
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this is on the high definition doppler this morning. let's check the wins for you. at 12 miles per hour. in the northeast. at the northeast. and eight mile-per-hour winds out of the north lease. those weather headlines, and partly to mostly cloudy skies. breezy in spots as well. as we go through the afternoon. that pressure is building and plenty of sunshine and seasonal daytime highs. it does look dry as you look ahead to tomorrow that brings the rain, continues to push out of the ridge of high pressure building in. with the dominant letter feature they have to start 2020. we have those clear skies, with
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those clouds to start off the day. some patchy fog. this is where we should be at this time 58 in oakland. san jose and 16 santa rosa this is that as well as for concha. this is for you new year's forecast. with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 60s. it's chilly. a chilly start to 2020 at midnight. but you are looking at those partly cloudy skies for new year's day and wednesday. and, wednesday, we could see for the far north bay, a few showers here, with plenty of sunshine for friday and then cut into the weekend the first weekend of 2020. back to you. the fifth day here, kicking
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off. five out of seven celebrating family, community and culture for millions of people. here's a rundown of today's events hosted by the village project and community partners. first that doctor george davis senior center at 1 pm. and that fellowship manner on golden gate avenue at 3 pm followed by the celebration and the success center at 6 pm tonight. it lasted new year's day. celebration events are scheduled every day. still ahead, streaming on the bay area. taking grab and go to a new level. a look at the entrepreneurs turning your favorite recipes into commercial success. let's take another live look outside. looking down at the golden gate bridge. coming up, more on the two attacks on religious communities in one weekend. plus, a look at the potential medical advances and breakthroughs of 2020 and meet
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it aside 20 3 am. a fog advisory, for all of the
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super commuters coming in. low visibility is. take your time. speeds are dipping down to 32 miles per hour looking like a 27 minute drive. well, on our healthwatch this morning, researchers from the university of texas have found one dose of the hpv vaccine could be just as effective as two or three doses. it's still too early to do away with the recommended series of doses for those who prove the need for only one. a study looking at a change in sugar intake in men with normal and low sperm counts with those researches. they all experienced those after dramatically increasing the sugar intake. if they cause change.
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if they improve their diets. >> a new study conducted by canadian research scientists have identified those in the growth. of many colorectal cancers. determining how to inhibit that the protein. it could help him stop them from growing. those are some of the top stories. >> we are getting a look inside of the fluid incubator a new snack company. >> it's the same place that help bring the impossible marker to the food industry. cousins jacob and eric started making chase grab and go snacks. and they sought on a trip to italy. betting americans were there with the convenience. they launched a food truck selling them at events. >> we had great success there. and, as the years went on. >> when it was time to expand they connected with the food innovation center at new jersey's universities. >> they have those objectives. and, we are going to help them
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with that. >> the grabbing go. with the pizza cone. at the university. i would try one. >> 5:25 am. >> in the next half hour, streaming on cbs bay area. >> with those wildfires fire crews are asking homeowners to step in and help. >> and 49er fans get any sleep last night? hopefully th right now, 2 of my breakfast jacks with a freshly cracked
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egg and your choice of sausage, jacks or now chicken,cracked are just 4 bucks. served all day, so they're not just for early birds. nice cause i was spinning till like 4 am. (snores) get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can. now, streaming on the bay area. the final game of the nfl regular season comes down to mere inches. we are live with what's next as
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the 49ers played a victory. >> here we go again. another one dies on at southern california racetrack. why a new report can change the rules. and a new groundbreaking letting you take control of your privacy. you will have more rights when it comes to your data. good morning everyone. it's monday, december 30. >> this is as we take a look at that forecast. dry and most spots. >> that's right. good monday morning to you. the showers that we had overnight, are wrapping up. a quiet start to the day. in a quiet week ahead. high pressure building for us. treasure island camera, you can see, with that center. in looking at those cloudy skies. temperatures are running into the 40s. concord, oakland, san jose. middle 40s in livermore. and, you can see in the high definition doppler, it is quieting down for sure. you're going to see plenty of sunshine as you go through the
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afternoon. patchy fog. breezy in spots as we start off our day. plenty of sunshine was seasonal daytime highs in the afternoon and a dry day for tomorrow we will have more about what you can expect in 2020, coming up. we need to grab our sunglasses as we head out the door. that is good news. other good news is that the bay area roads are now not looking too bad. we do have a few hotspots here. speeds are lowering. you can see 25 miles per hour in some spots. keep that in mind if you're coming at tracy. everything in the green so that's looking good. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so, people must be on vacation enjoy. 5:31 am. they are celebrating this morning after they secured a playoff spot and home-field advantage throughout the
5:32 am
playoffs. jackie ward is there live in the by stadium with reaction to the fence this morning. good morning, jackie. good morning what a victory. this means that they finished off the regular season for the 13th and three record. unbelievable. now they are getting well deserved rest before getting back to business. fans everywhere are on the edges of their seats. the couches. but they are on the edges of their barstools at the sports bar. jacob hollister was stopped at the goal line and the five. with just 12 seconds left. fans went nuts. >> the odds are against us. let's go niners. >> super bowl. here we go. super bowl, here we come.
5:33 am
this is indeed to be psyched about. the seahawks now have to play again on sunday against the philadelphia eagles while we are kicking back and relaxing until january 11. that is so nice. we have the niners lost. back on the road. a huge win for that home-field advantage. but now there is that playoff game. against levi stadium. >> no kidding. this is the first playoff game that you will host there since it opened in 2014. super bowl bound hopeful. big victory for them. thank you. now, other bay area sports teams are giving them props after their big victory. lucille tweeted out congratulations to my buddy in the 49ers and getting the home-
5:34 am
field advantage throughout the playoffs. and, they tweeted this gift with the caption what a game. i'm clinching the nfc west. for the bay area unite. the numbers show san jose is capping off its deadliest year for pedestrians and decades. the 29th fatal accident of 2019 happen saturday night. a 63 old woman was hit and killed. they were fatally struck walking outside of the crosswalk. a driver remained at the scene. neither alcohol or drugs happen to be a factor in the collision. city officials say that they have installed those crosswalks and radar speed signs to improve street safety. still, the deadly collisions keep happening. >> the reason why it hasn't happened. but at the same time, why take a chance? >> well, they need people to
5:35 am
pay attention. >> the victim has yet to be identified. city data shows that they reported 60 traffic fatalities. matching a 25 year high italian back in 2014. where learning new details about a man accused going on a stabbing spree. the ,37 is charged with five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary he has pled not guilty. they say that he stormed into a rabbi's home on saturday night and stabbed five people with a large knife. they have yet to announce the motives. >> developing news, officials are investigating another death on the santa anita racetrack. and it was supposed to be the opening day. but the winter meeting was pushed back due to the rain. the three-year-old gelding died
5:36 am
during a freak accident while at the tracks. >> we demand to know why you are still allowing the killing of those in the great state of california. i think it's overflowing personally. the california house racing board releasing next month. >> new video showing the wildfires in australia still out of control outside of melbourne have been told it's too late to flee the fire in the city of medora. and, the shelter immediately. it's just one of 11 emergencies across the state. causing a wildlife crisis throughout the country. the path is. to kangaroos. suffering burns in dehydration with that wildfire with that
5:37 am
scene. with that stress. not clear exactly how many animals have died. in australia, will be one of the first countries to celebrate the arrival of 2020. and, pushing out those fireworks. calling to cancel the show over that city harbor. because of the wildfires with that country. our show is proceeding as planned. weather changes. well, getting a new look at the privacy law. value with that personal information collected about you. and stopped it from sharing it. password, and phone number, and tracking her location. it also covers race, religion, sexual orientation and biometric information. some of them are to let you separate your identity from your data so they can use it anonymously. companies that don't comply here with the privacy act faced thousands of dollars in fines
5:38 am
for violations and, if it's a negligent data breach you can sue. they found them making an appearance from his 2018 acquisition of time magazine discussing the responsibility of ownership and what time. i'm thrilled to be a steward of this historic brand. they had that field to keep it going forward. time magazine could be a steward of trust. going through this. it's one of the core values at the time and trust. with that impact. they say that our world today needs more trust and resource. we had changes to their policies and that money watch
5:39 am
report. >> good morning. michelle. two training sessions remain in a banner year. of 23 points on friday. and the nasdaq lost 15 and the s&p rose a fraction of that. and, they had the apple watch with that monitoring invention. so he is suing the tech giant. he watches as a way to check for the regular heartbeat. they can alert them if they have a pulse. and having commented on that lawsuit. as the race for the presidential election heating up, they are enjoying a list of digital platform that no longer accepted political advertising. following in the footsteps of the tech industry giant twitter and google, but the 248 million
5:40 am
users worldwide. those are 140 million subscribe to the platforms for free. advertised and funded. are right. it is official. the most annoying word of the year is out and we want to know what took the top spot. >> the top spot goes to the word whatever. the word has been the reigning champ for more than a decade. the phrase no offense came in second for 2019. followed up by dude number three. runners-up included literally and please late i'll be right with you. >> my four-year-old. ciardi says literally have a preteen and a teenager in my house. so the word like is one of my most annoying words. >> i feel like those are all better than dude.
5:41 am
which is what i say. so no matter what, they are still in a better track. >> you know, dude is pretty cool. and, i said every second word. after a while. it gets a little bit too much. >> especially now that it's on that list. >> see you, have a good one. a reminder this morning from a consumer experts for those planning to return christmas gift first check the return policies before heading to the store. also try to keep the original packaging intact otherwise, retailers may charge a restocking fee that last tip is bring your id if you've kept all of your receipts this year, make sure you can get a full refund he will likely get store credit. still ahead, streaming on the bay area. one area b&b to rule them all. coming up, we can book this one-
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of-a-kind rental straight out of the movie. happy monday to you. the showers have wrapped up on high definition doppler this morning. in looking at mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. i will let you know how long the sunshine will last for us. we like the start of a new year. and, we are looking at traffic today. heavy fog advisories on the
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welcome back. this is going out of business. residents passing by. and, reliving her childhood. the pressure of real estate costs, about minimum wage hikes, making it just impossible for this. and, for them to survive. christmas sales were enough to save the store and people of all ages for that loss. >> and so you can look. and touch. and feel. >> the last day open. and, this is in late january or early february. >> the new star wars movie easily surpassed its box office performance this weekend.
5:46 am
those earnings, on the second week in a row. the force awakens holds the record for christmas day sales i just thought that the other day. and, i know it's been getting bad reviews. the mac here's another one. one area b&b. to rule them all. >> north carolina couple is there with the super fans. a parish family is building a hud home in the lord of the rings franchise. that is one bedroom, one bathroom. 90% underground. the listing is the rustic condition. but at least it comes with the signature circle door. >> and, it is just those huge fans. and, that is on the east coast.
5:47 am
they have decided to charge with those overnight statements. >> and, that's when it's finished. >> with that destination, go for it. well, we are taking a look at the roads right now, not looking too bad. we have been tracking a lot of cars this morning. for a lot of slowdowns. and, they have that path, that heavy fog advisory. that's about 18 miles per hour. and, it's a little bit slower, because of that heavy fog advisory. a 29 minute drive. in the green, except for that 582 205. and, it's about a 30 minute drive for that area. san mateo bridge, not looking back. this is pretty nice. and, the seven san rafael
5:48 am
bridge it is pretty good. this is on the school vacation. this is at 5:47 am. you can see, the car is moving along past the toll plaza. that's nice. and, taking a look at the mass transit. everything is on time. and hope that this last throughout the morning. they are starting off that day. actually watching the temperatures drop. from 38 right now as we start off the day in the middle 40s for the upper 40s from concord, oakland, san francisco and san jose. and you kick off the new week on this monday. hazy conditions, 12 mile-per- hour winds out of the northeast. 60 mile-per-hour winds out of the northeast this morning.
5:49 am
and, as you start off the day. so looking at those foggy conditions for the altamont pass area. and, you are looking at foggy spots as well. it's about a mile visibility. here's the high definition doppler winding down for us on the radars. the showers we have overnight really quieting down. let's talk about how much rainfall that we have gotten over the last 24 hours picking up about a quarter of an inch of rain for san jose as well as for hayward. and, an inch and 4/10 here three quarters of an inch in san rafael. for santa rosa. this is as you go through the day. it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. middle 50s for the coast. in upper 50s to lower 60s in rent. here is the satellite and radar view is that low pressure system with that rain.
5:50 am
that is timing out on futurecast. all of that sunshine. and for tomorrow, plenty of sun as well. in the new year at midnight. and, we are going to see mainly clear skies and chilly temperatures. this is for the first and 2020. and, we are looking at mostly sunny to cloudy skies. sunrise today at 7:24 am. and sunset at 4:59 pm. daytime highs are right around where we should be. 58 in oakland. 60 in san jose. and, if fireworks forecast, new year's eve, looking at lower 50s at 8 pm. in the 50s at midnight. chilly skies and chilly temperatures. here is the extended forecast. partly cloudy skies. 20th sunshine friday and into the weekend.
5:51 am
back to you. this is a storm bringing fresh snow here. and, they have reported any major travel so far. they are traveling to the sierra, avoiding parking on highways to play it. starting to get that maximum area tomorrow. and, that is just to get those roadsides sledding. it is 5:51 am. streaming here at the bay area. going to the goats. coming up, the creative ways, but they are tossing out their christmas trees. let's take a live look here, at richmond san rafael bridge. traffic is look ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ it was a wet day yesterday. with that high-pressure building in. and here is that cloudy sky. in livermore and san francisco. san jose. this is on the high definition doppler. you can see the showers are wrapping up. and, we are looking at some foggy locations. it's especially the altamont pass area. in looking at a half a mile. low visibility in the altamont pass. but not at the golden gate bridge. this is into san francisco and
5:55 am
marin as well. you see this on all the bridges in the bay area today. so, that is good news on this monday morning. the massachusetts farmers asking for a little help with christmas dinner. >> they are taking christmas trees for their goats. it's a flock of fun fine. they get to figure out this christmas trees. for the past three years. and, it's expanding its eco- friendly practice. they are going to donate other farms in the area. >> they know that there's something for them. in the minute that they see them dropping that. they are just going like this. all you can eat. out here in the bay area, if you haven't touched your christmas tree yet, recycling wants you to leave it on the curb next year. trashbin starting thursday the
5:56 am
15th. the company is putting them through a wood chipper and they will use them for mulch and landscaping projects. 5:55 am. in the next half hour, a crash and a carwash and with twisted metal. nailbiting moments, on camera right before it happened. the 49er faithful waking up so happy and maybe even shocked after last night nailbiting victory. we are live from levi stadium with reaction. don't forget, we are streaming on cbs and bay area. you can find can my side be firm? and mine super soft? yes! with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? no problem. ...and done. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove.
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now, at 6 pm, at the bay area. down to the end, the 49ers.
6:00 am
and, locking up the number one seed. in home-field advantage. a tough battle against the seahawks. and, we are getting a break from now. what's in store for you new year's week. >> and the three e. bay teenagers killed in a car crash. the outpouring of community support for their families. good morning everybody it is monday, december 30. as we take a live look outside, on this monday morning as we kick off the work week. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. fairly dry out there. on this last monday. we are done at the rain. on the next several days, dry and quiet. ahead with that coming in. here's a live look at that san jose camera. we are looking at 46. in concorde


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