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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 1, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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one of the oldest african- american churches in the south bay targeted by a vandal. disturbing messages spray- painted on the house of worship. two sonoma county sheriff's deputies crash into each other while rushing to a domestic violence call. what went wrong. oakland police have arrested two men in connection to the case of a laptop theft that is now a homicide investigation. dow at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, one of the oldest african-american churches in the south bay targeted by vandals. e s paai s maria medina is inoi susppaect.
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>> reporter: there are several churches on either side of university and desired church here on middlefield road. the vehicle chose to desecrate this church using white spray paint to scrawled messages at the entrance. >> this is like a salute dated hidden spot. >> reporter: on the restroom doors. it on the wall next to the front doors. >> this was marked up, this whole thing was empty&. >> reporter: a vandal spray- painted words some time saturday morning. the other messages read god curses, ny, jesus, why? >> i was fearful, angry, and shocked. robert reverend kalomo smith road said he reached out to the other half-dozen churche latter day ints crch,d he says that of the reported any vandalism. smith's was the only one. >> there was not any specific racial overtones in the writing, but the choice of
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location makes me wonder if they chose this specifically because we are an african- american church. >> reporter: the trip to south in 1918, and the reverend say this is the first instance of vandalism. >> we went through civil rights, nothing else had an issue of. >> reporter: the plan to do just the opposite, he's renaming this weekend's service sunday solidarity. >> instead of recording a fear, you want to be with those who continue to reach out that we want to invite every stranger. >> reporter: and reverend smith says he will forgives the vandal and wants to sit down with them to help them. police are investigating who might've done it. in palo alto, maria medina, kpix 5. > to sheriff patrol car involved in the nasty crush tonight th>>at shut down highwa
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12 in sonoma county. the hp says the deputies were responding to a domestic violence call . as they approach to the home, one of the deputies slow down but the other did not. patrolling controlled cars slammed into the leading patrol car. that driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, the other deputy was not injured. the crash shut down highway 12 for couple hours. both lanes open backed up just after 8:00. new video today the concept in san leandro. this have it christmas eve on saturday drive. assessment gets out of the car, takes the lock of the red car, and then takes off. the only members of the victim were at home when this happened, and so far no arrests have been made. two people are in custody today could face murder charges after a deadly laptop theft in oakland. kpix 5's joe vazquez in the montclare neighborhood with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: are two memorials tonight, one right here in front of the starbucks. this summer witnesses say the
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victim chased the thieves out the door and around this corner and confronted them at their getaway car, which then dragged him halfway up the block. that is where another memorial on the street is with the victim hit his head and eventually lost his life. >> i made on contact with the driver when he went to the interception, and i saw he had a bloodbath on, which i thought was kind of particular. >> reporter: aaron reeves and the starters were among those who witnessed the crime. they put notes and flowers today for the victim. >> we drew some pictures this morning to kind of talk about it and get through it. i know they saw the blood on the street and everything, and it's difficult to figure out how to process this. >> reporter: whitley city announced there was a to but officials have not identified the start or the vehicle. some in the business district say they are worried crime is getting worse here. robbers hit tom or valles store last week. >> i've been here since 1968. i purchased the business in 1977. i don't ever remember a spike
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of crime like what has happened in this business district over the last year. >> what i have heard in my office is that there has been a lot of and grabs, a lot of car break-ins as well, so for me, i'm requesting public information report and city council to really understand what we are using our opd overtime on. >> reporter: in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. an update on the story we bought you first last night at 11:00. starbucks is responding after a san jose man is arrested after installing two hidden cameras is alabaster. the suspect 37 on sean patckth room a evcamera. d it happened sunday at the starbucks on ross and hillside. tonight, the coffee chain released this statement.
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as part of our store operations, we regularly monitor the seating areas and restroom in order to identify potential safety and security concerns. we are supporting the local police department in their investigation. vallejo police need your help identifying a suspect accused of hitting a man in a wheelchair with his truck. take a close look at the suspect. police say the 85-year-old man was crossing the road when he was hit. it happened monday morning and when would street that the victim went to the hospital but has been released. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call vallejo police. and assembly, chp officers recovered tonight after being exposed to heroin and fentanyl. this happened this morning during a traffic stop on the r notid the suspect inside the driver's glovebox. he became ill and was taken to the hospital. ch economy has not to test the suspects. the driver of the car is arrested outpaces drug charges, and the opposite has been released from the hospital. some uber and lyft driver say they are not getting paid. they fear the company has frozen payments from riders
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including some big bucks earned driving a new year's eve. reporter melissa perlman with how now they are trying to get their money back. >> know there is a lot of other people in this and positi >> reporter: we spoke to two area rideshare drivers who say they are all the money in rideshare money each. >> we are supposed to be paid. >> reporter: these women, darlene and lily , did i want to show their faces on camera after rumors circulated uber and lyft were batting drivers who spoke to the media. >> we been deactivated because we have spoken out. that's why i don't want people to know who i am right now. >> reporter: darlene says that's the drivers around the country is taken to social media to try to get answers from the company on why there is a freeze on getting paid. >> this a lot of drivers coast- to-coast okay about the exact the problem is not with just lyft but uber also, so there's
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millions of dollars floating around of our money right now. >> reporter: these drivers wonder how both apps can be experiencing the same problem at the same time, and they worry this could be retaliation for ab 5, a bill that went into effect today. it is to protect rideshare drivers from labor laws. >> we're starting to wonder if they have not teamed up on some levels, and their working together and playing the game together. >> reporter: on monday, uber postmates joint to contractors working for file share apps and filed a lawsuit, calling ab 5 is conditional. >> they are getting rich off of us. >> that was marissa perlman reporting. we reached out to both uber and lyft but have already at back. it looks so cute and looks like a house! >> our original series, "project tone." we take a look at a potential solution to homelessness, tiny homes. why a popular santa cruz county wharf had to be evacuated. you can find us on
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♪ now, our original series, "project home." we are taking a look at tiny homes. >> people in the bay area are wondering if these miniature models can help the homeless. a glimpse of tiny living. >> reporter: it is so cute and looks like a house. for amanda, aesthetics were a big part of the appeal of this tiny home. >> i was charmed by the whole
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idea. >> reporter: amanda is a professional organizer, which helps when you are living in a 130 square foot home. >> this slide over, so i am using the space twice. >> reporter: everything must be in its place, and she's part of a place for everything. >> artists this and builders enjoy the fact that they created this space. exactly to their needs, so it is a custom fit, and that has a lot of appeal. >> reporter: this place koster $28,000, a steel by any measure in the bay area, and while she was motivated by the tiny price tag, amanda want you to know she's a tiny house person. that is a social and cultural movement. it is not just about saving money. it's about artistic minimalism and reducing your carbon footprint. >> the community is very eco- aware. many people want to live
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in a tiny house because it costs less and it allows them to save money for the future. that is terrific. but also, the people who are doing innovations, creating the tiny house to be more often. >> reporter: tiny homes grew in popularity around 2008 after so many people lost their homes in the mortgage crisis. craigslist advertisements in the bay area that offer the opportunity to rent dirt for $800 a month, a price that will get you a decent apartment in big amanda rents this lot for $700 +10 hours a week of gardening for her landlord. she loves her lifestyle, but cautions it is not for
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everyone. >> if you ask your friend would you live without a flush toilet, chances are 99% would say no! >> reporter: increasingly around the region, community organizers like joe serrano are hoping the inexpensive miniature models might help solve the misery on our streets. >> they would come home to their little tiny home, and it would be right here. >> reporter: joe serrano is the ceo of tentmakers. is drafting a proposal that he plans to present to richmond city council in the coming weeks about taking this derelict city-owned property and turning it into a tiny home park for homeless veterans. >> what i would like to do here is develop this site. this is a great building, great site. is a lot of potential to provide housing for people who are homeless. >> reporter: is a veteran developer, he can't help but see vacant lots as untapped potential. >> this is the right thing to do, all right? does not cost -- right now it's probably costing more money to not do it
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do with. >> reporter: it's an idea that's taken on different forms around the bay area. oakland has a community cabins, san jose is building tiny homes for the homeless, and housing advocates in san francisco proposed a tiny village in the tenderloin last month. the question is, will it work? >> i think it's all right for an interim period because it's not for everyone. not everyone thinks off great. so to ask a homeless person to make that compromise what that wasn't their idea what home was i think is purpose. >> reporter: researchers have found if you or someone willing to commit to the rules that often go along with city run communities, success rates are extremely high. that many people would even consider this option because there are so many strings attached, like a commitment to keeping certain hours and sobriety. but am it is as if you are willing to make some big changes , there is plenty of room for you to find your place in this
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small, but growing community. >> which i think is part of the appeal too. >>reporter: susie'time oca kpix 5. >> keep sending your stories and projects to "project home" on and see all of susie's reporting on our website. this evening, a police officer was flagged down by a ac transit bus driver but the driver explained that a man had just passed out on the bus . when the officer got on the bus and found the man was not breathing and no pulse, the office immediately began cpr .
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amanda regained consciousness. he was taken to the hospital for further treatment. officials are keeping a close eye on a crane in capitola that is starting to class. next to today's high surf, the crane was badly damaged. everyone was evacuated from s wharf, and it was later close. two nearby businesses are at risk of the crate crashing down on the. >> underneath the crane, it's not one or two pylons and started sinking, and you look. it was leaning a little bit, so they threw it off the wharf, and i heard the winds are supposed to be just the same, so that might not be here tomorrow. >> police said the wharf will remain closed, and the crane will be expected when weather conditions allow. the first official snow survey of the season habits tomorrow. this was the knowing december, we are off to a rather good start this winter. according to the national weather service, the snowpack noofs the state is that 113% rm al >> first comes christmas, then the snow surveys. it's almost as exciting. there are automated sensors up there, so i can show you how we are doing for the north, central, and seven sierra.
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is not the official number just yet, but at least give them an idea where things are standing, and at this point that get to make you feel good. anyone present for the northern sierra, 94% snowpack in the central sierra, and looke t good start, and th hopefully we can keep keeps going, over the next seven days we are going to quiet things down. is not a whole lot coming our way except for one very impressive chance of light rain here and a dusting of snow on atuin els g.wh atrn like out there right now. 48 in livermore. that is the coldest part of your, and if we look at the morning load, that is. we are staying in the 40s. i don't have any numbers tonight that are dipping down into the 30s, which is a little different. we had plenty of nights in december where we were doing
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it, so it will be a relatively warm night tonight, and tomorrow's daytime highs are going to be a lot like today, which means we will see a lot of 60s here in a second, what is different tomorrow is this going to be a lot more blue sky comes even though these numbers are going to look very similar to what you just had tomorrow is just going to be pretty, and that might even make these numbers feel a little warmer. knows? 60 degrees for one a quick tomorrow, 61 in pleasanton and antioch, the north is riding on that 60 degree mark tomorrow. there is santa rosa at 64, and you keep going farther north from there. temperatures will be in the low 60s in mancino county purpose take a look at the small chance for rain which shows up here. that is friday night at 9:00, so let's switch this now and bring it into a bit of a slower play through so we can track the timing here. friday night, perhaps as early as 9:00, we started to notice a few showers, maybe just grazing road in sonoma county. once we get into the overnight hours, he was midnight. widespread, light rain possible mainly for the north bay, and that keeps trying to work its way across the bay area, but keep in mind that lights bit of rain we saw there happens between like midnight friday night going into saturday
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morning at 3:00 am on saturday. in other words, most likely we are going to sleep through that, and even the clouds will have cleared out by the time we get into the 8:00 hour on saturday, so if we get rain, you may not even notice until they can be as much as the 10th of in the northbay. that is the latest model rather on that. is what it looks like of the seven-day forecast. clouds for friday and saturday, but we noticed clouds on friday, they don't adhere to late afternoon, and their god by late morning saturday. this is mainly a sunny saturday. tuesday and wednesday we bring in another small, little opportunity foma, a
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we have some breaking news at this hour shaking in the south bay. usgs initially reporting a 4.1 magnitude quake centered three miles outside of morgan hill. no word yet on any damage. it did not take long for the first bay area baby to be born in 2020. >> christopher santiago tercero was born at kaiser permanente at san leandro. his original due date was january 6, so his 12:05 arrival
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on new year's day was much earlier than expected. never crossed his parents and for minds he might be the new year's baby. >> we said okay, baby may come three days early. again, we forgot about new year to one of the nurses assisting said happy new year, and you know, a few minutes later, baby was here. >> i thought maybe around end of the december we might be here because i was ready. i was ready to give birth. i like i am done. >> she so ready. christopher, not just the first bay area baby of the year. is also the first of a new decade. coming up in sports, the 49ers have a week off, but it's expected to be a b a busy weekend for robert sulla.
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the granddaddy of them all, but the twteams playing this year, might've felt like the next best thing. both oregon and wisconsin had college football playoff hopes. one of the most picturesque scenes maybe the rose bowl on day. the ball is dropped, picked up and returned for a touchdown to give the ducks a 21-17 lead. eight minutes ago the game. was cottonelle leading by six. breeze knocks the ball with some danny davis, and organ recovers in better territory. that is the fourth turnover the game for wisconsin, and on the very next play, ducks quarterback justin herbert takes off and gets in from 30 yards out, his third rushing touchdown of the game gives oregon the lead. herbert leads the ducks to a 28- 27 lead, and that is his final game as an oregon qb. the georgia bulldogs faced baylor. georgia up three. jake drops back and fige picken
11:30 pm
td, and gea ornds show tonight! george up 19-7. a pitch to sameer white, he powers his way into the end zone. white russians for 92 yards, including the score, georgia wins the sugar bowl, and he's happy. 26-14. two of the biggest names in coaching, jim harbaugh and alabama's nick savings sieving off in the citrus bowl. matt jones goes deep to jerry judy , who walks in 485 yard
11:31 pm
touchdown. judy cut successes for 204 yards. harbaugh not thrilled about that at all. second quarter, walgreens now leading 13-7. antioch native dives in for a nine yard td run to give the tie the lead. harris ran for 136 yards and two scores, and alabama with 35- 16. the 49ers success the secret has made some of the assistant coaches very attractive candidates for head- coaching positions. defense of court inada robert saleh is expected to interview with the cleveland browns this weekend. that is according tonfl network. this is sally's's third season asth defense of court inada fo the 49ers, and the team as it secondary to defense in the nfl. studies of the nba. former commissioner david stern passed away as a result of a brain hemorrhage supper three weeks ago. stern became the league it was commissioner for 30 years starting in 1984 and helped grow the nba into one of the most
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quic update of our captioning sponsored by cbs >> the additional memory that you have gained over the past few weeks from reading the testimony of others, based on their notes, and reviewing your own documents, you have remembered a lot more. >> yeah, what triggered my memory was someone's reference to a$ap rocky. ♪ what's my name? a$ap rocky ♪ what's my name? a$ap rocky ♪ everyone was in the loop they know ♪ chief of staff mulvaney they know ♪ secretary perry, giuliani they know ♪ my girl, my ex vice president pence ( laughter ) ♪ again, everyone's in the loop they know ♪ i emailed secretary pompeo it's me ♪ secretary pompeo replied i spoke by phone


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