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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 13, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now at 4:30 and streaming on cbsn bay area. looking live from the exclusive salesforce tower camera as we are looking east on this monday morning. good morning everyone, it's monday, back to the grind. but we're glad you are with us. january 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec, right over to mary lee for a look at our monday morning forecast. good morning mary. >> good morning anne and michelle. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies on our cliff house ocean beach camera this morning. the showers that we had overnight were pretty much wrapping up this morning. so here are our temperatures as and the upper 30s. y in so 38 in santa rosa right now looking at mid 40s in concord and upper 40s in san francisco. on hi-dewhat can expect taking through the day. looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies from 55 in san francisco to 56 in oakland
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and 56 in fremont and 58 for san jose. we'll talk about what you can expect tracking a weak weather system that will bring some showers for us we'll detail it out for you coming up. and good morning. checking the roadways on this monday morning. if you are out and about early, you are good to go for the most part. we're not seeing any major delays or issues on this monday morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge, you can see traffic -- but pretty typical for this back to workday. so no delays across the upper deck heading into the city. 880 through oakland traffic moving at the speed limit in th a start in the san mateo bridge, no delays on 880 getting to the brick. across the span looks good towards 101. just a heads-up 101 near willow we're getting reports of a crash there a couple of cars involved in that one. and the richmond-san rafael bridge looks pretty good. no delays here. easy ride out of the east bay over to marin county. everything fairly quiet there and we're looking pretty good there. check the altamont pass in a few minutes. 49ers' fans are saying bring on the packers on sunday
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in the nfc championship game on their home turf. the faithful led packed pub in san francisco last night. the seahawks and packers' fans watched with intensity. green bay beat seattle 28-23. many 49ers' fans were relieved to see the packers win. the last time the two teams met at levi stadium. green bay took a 37-8 beating from the niners. this time the trip to the super bowl is on the line. >> yeah they murdered us earlier in the season. so we'll see what happens you know. i'm going to keep my expectations in check. just -- i believe. i believe. >> that's going to be a tough game. definitely. >> yeah we were at the niners and packers' game. didn't go so good. so little bit nervous. >> tickets on the secondary market for next sunday's game will not come cheap. on stubhub the cheapest ticket for standing room only starts at about $500 with fees. the 49ers will face the packers
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in the nfc championship at levi stadium on sunday. kickoff is at 3:40. dennis is going to show us the highlights from that packers' game coming up in sports in a few minutes and don't forget to send us photos and the best niners gear. just use the #kpix on facebook twitter and instagram. new details this morning on the shooting deaths of two young boys last year. a security camera captured flashes of gunfire early november 23rd outside the elementary school. an 11 and 14-year-old boy were killed sitting alone in a van at 1:0 in the morning. neither of the boys attended the school though one was enrolled at another school in the district. investigators have now released the description of a car they want to find in connection with the case. police now say they are looking opeople gathered similar to a
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oundire. people were also watching from the sidewalk. the viewer who sent us this video says the group lit an old christmas tree on fire. we are waiting to hear if any arrests were made. and take a look at this. new video of another side show in west oakland. this happened sunday afternoon on campbell street near interstate 880. police eventually showed up and broke it up. happening today, secretary of state mike pompeo is going to be in the bay area. he'll be meeting with tech companies and foreign counterparts from japan and south korea. his bay area agenda includes a pair of appearances today first he will students at stanford. then he'll speak at the commonwealth club in san francisco. we'll have full coverage of both events on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area. a live look right now in
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washington, d.c. right now. lawmakers want to know why white house officials ordered a drone strike on iranian general qassem soleimani. they say there wasn't enough evidence to justify the attack. and at the same time, the iranian government is dealing with its own political fallout. a rash of protests flared up after the iranian military admitted it shot down a civilian jetliner last week. lawmakers here in the u.s. are also expressing their frustration as the situation develops. the senate will vote tomorrow to restrict president trump's war power against iran. >> we got less detailed information than president trump shared with laura ingram. >> overstating and exaggerating what the intelligence shows. >> they don't know where or when but it was imminent. that to me does seem inconsistent. >> president trump took to twitter, he says he doesn't care whether whether or not iran wants to negotiate. he further explained his priorities for iran saying no nuclear weapons and don't kill your protestors. developing news out of the
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philippines where hundreds of sae are on high alert today after a volcano started spewing ash and smoke over the weekend. cbs' naomi ruchim reports they have shut down the airport causing massive cancellations. >> reporter: a lightning storm lit the sky in the philippines as thousands of people left their homes for safer ground amid evacuation orders. the tall volcano sits in the middle of a lake about 37 miles south of the capital city of manila. it's one of the world's smallest but sunday's rum blings sent a cloud of made for poor visibility as many tried to get out. those evacuated are concerned about the livestock and livelihoods they leave behind. the government is warning those in high risk areas to stay
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inside and wear face masks and goggles outdoors though masks are running low. manila's airport was shut down with hundreds of flights canceled. there is hope that some flights may be allowed to take off monday. but it leaves travelers stranded and unsure of when they might be able to fly out. >> i understand that. but of course it's -- i'm not happy about it. what can you do? >> reporter: some towns are in the dark from power poutages and government work and schools are all suspended. agency raised the danger level around crater to level four. meaning a hazardous eruption is likely in the next days or hours. naomi ruchim, cbs news. >> in the midst of the wildfires in australia, workers are delivering some much-needed help for the animals there. towaab i'm katie nielsen at
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live news desk. problems in midtown manhattan this morning. a water main ruptured about two hours ago right near lincoln center. broadway and columbus approximately. you can see all of the water flooding the streets. this actually happened in front of an apartment building just on the left side of the screen. water now flooding down into the basements of some of those buildings and you can see crews there trying to get that water main turned off. subway service disrupted through most of midtown and also on the upper west side. of course, we will be continuing to follow this story throughout this morning. back to you. also a massive fire ripped through several buildings in new jersey. the flames broke out last night
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forcing over 100 people to evacuate. at least five buildings were investation she ta piece of new construction and then spread across the street to homes and businesses. no serious injuries were reported. an uber driver in southern california is under arrest accused of raping a passenger. the victim said she had been drinking. she either passed out or fell asleep and awoke to find the driver assaulting her. >> it's obviously more safe to call a friend or call one of these services to give us a ride home. it's more safer. that's what we think. but in this case, it didn't happen that way. >> the driver told police the sex was consensual. but he was arrested on rape charges. uber issued a statement saying what the rider reported to police is extremely disturbing and has no place in our community. when we were made aware of the incident we immediately removed
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the drive partner off our platform and stand ready to investigation. happening today, b.a.r.t. begins a new strategy aimed at creating a safer transit system. a new team of 12 sworn police officers will be dedicated to riding trains and walking platforms on nights and weekends. the team will supplement the newly approved ambassador program involving unarmed staff. all caltrain riders who use the mobile ticketing app are in luck. you can now use the app to pay for daily parking. select the station where they park and input the parking space number and pay for the ticket. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a podcast from a former california governor's perspective. the lesson you might get from listening. plus another fun way to get around town. the new rental option that just launched in alameda county. before we head a break a live look outside from the treasure island camera at the skyline of san francisco. trump: those pre-existing
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conditions are protected. vo: a broken promise. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage for 134 million americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't care if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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happening today former governor injure brown is kicking off a new podcast. called the political mind of jerry brown. he is sharing lessons from the 12 campaigns and 24 years in statewide office. he'll also be breaking down his thoughts on this year's election. a trade deal with china now in effect. plus a fema's car sells for millions of dollars.
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here's diane king hall with today's money watch. >> reporter: stocks pulled back from record levels on friday. the dow dropped 133 points. the nasdaq gave up 24. the s&p 500 fell nine. corporate earnings season kicks off this week with results from several big banks including jpmorgan chase. bank of america, goldman sachs and wells fargo. also keep an eye on shares of delta airlines. delta is expected to report higher earnings than revenue before the opening bell tomorrow. stocks in asia rose this morning in anticipation of this week's signing of phase one of the trade deal between the u.s. and china. the agreement set to be signed wednesday will ease some tariffs and china has also agreed to increase purchases of u.s. agricultural goods and tackle intellectual property protection. the 1968 ford mustang gt has sold for $3.4 million that
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steve mcqueen drove in the movie bullet. the house says that's the most ever paid for a mustang at auction. the unrestored muscle car has some 65,000 miles on the odometer. head to s your cbs neh at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. well, commuters in oakland have a new way to get around and electric mopeds. >> just launched a fleet of 1,000 mopeds all over the city by rebel transit. they are available to rent to licensed drivers 21 and over. each comes with two helmets and can carry two riders and rides cost $1 per person to start and then 29 cents a minute after that. riders can park them in any legal space in the city. >> very european. never been on one though. >> i have. it's cool. even driven one myself but you know you wouldn't want to do it in heavy traffic. i don't think. so that's where it could be dicey in the bay area. at least. >> true.
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>> i have a feeling if i tried that i would get injured. like or injure someone else. >> you don't want to do it in looking at the that's for next storm system. that will bring the widespread rain for us for the middle part of the week. and also tracking a weak weather system that will bring some light scattered showers for us as early as this evening. so let's first take you outside. a live look with the salesforce tower camera. temperatures in the 40s and 30s. santa rosa down to 39 degrees the cold start for you. mid 40s for concord and san jose and livermore upper 40s oakland and for san francisco. and things are wrapping up for us. we had those showers push through overnight. and now you can see on hi-def doppler radar things are winding down and quieter weather for sure. so this afternoon, looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. with daytime highs in the mid 50s for you for the coast and for the bay and upper 50s inland as we head through the afternoon. satellite and radar view, as we are lookinged a weak weather
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system that will push across the bay area for tonight. so let's time it all out for you taking you hour by hour and you can see partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies as we head through the afternoon. here we are at 3:00 p.m. and for the far north bay, a few showers starting to work in later on in the afternoon. as we head through this evening, stopping the clock at sesome showers pushing across the north bay into san francisco. and then as we head through 10:00, 11:00 p.m., pushing across the rest of the bay area with those light scattered showers. and then things pretty much wind down for us as we look ahead to tomorrow morning. maybe just a few isolated showers to start off the day. but then our next storm system our stronger storm, that will arrive late wednesday into thursday. and that will bring widespread rain with moderate rainfall could even see some heavy rain with that storm system. so that's really the storm to watch for us. but again, some showers as we go through the evening and into early tomorrow morning. but for today, looking at 55 in san francisco.
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56 in oakland and 56 for fremont and 58 for a high in san jose. and looking at 57 for or d fosanta rosa. so here's the extended forecast and what you can expect. again that weak weather system this evening into the overnight hours. and then looking at a bit of a break on wednesday. and then widespread rain late wednesday into thursday. gianna? good morning, out of the san francisco area over into the east bay. the countercommute direction we are getting first reports of a crash. it was first reported at a broken down vehicle. the lower deck of the bay bridge. so eastbound 80 there just right at that skyway portion. we've got a crash there. it's blocking all lanes. again it was first reported as a broken down vehicle but it might be three cars involved in the incident. as you saw a second ago on the toll plaza camera things are pretty quiet working westbound as well but all lanes are blocked right now temporarily until they clear this one out of the roadway. eastbound right on the bay bridge there. on that lower deck. elsewhere look out for a crash
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when you hit the roadways this morning. northbound 101 right at university avenue. there's at least one lane blocked due to the accident. the good news is still fairly early. traffic is pretty light in that area. so we're not seeing a lot of delays as of yet. even with that one lane being closed on 101. taking a look at the altamont pass it's business as usual for supercommuters as you commute that monday morning ride out of tracy. starting to get a bit busy right around mountain house and you are going to see brake lights at least all the way to grantline. once you past that there traffic really opens up nicely heading to the dublin interchange with no major delays getting on to 680 itself. westbound 580, 34 minute drive time but everything else all the other major freeways are in the green. nasa has announced the discovery of a new planet. thanks to a teenager who was looking past the atmosphere. 17-year-old wolf soukier noticed a blip in the data just three days into the internship
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last summer. >> perhaps also more impressive. he also co-authored a paper about his discovery with his mentors at the goddard space flight center in maryland. who knows the new planet could be named after him. >> yeah amazing. props to him. well, a harley quinn going out on her own. >> a remastered version of beverly hills cop are out on blu-ray. >> marin austin has those stories and more in today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: harley quinn is branching out. this time with her own movie. >> soon enough, i was back on my feet. >> reporter: actress margot robbie stars in "birds of prey" one of the first dc comic movies to get the e r needs the instead she builds her own network of female superheroes, catch it in theaters february 7th. after a and musical star selena gomez dropped a new album "rare." making the first musical project since 2015. ♪ gomez says it reflects a
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few tough years including a kidney transplant and relationship struggles. the new album is available now. and remember this cop? >> all you need is a couple of bananas. >> reporter: eddie murphy is back in remastered versions of the "beverly hills cop" series. on the 35th anniversary paramount pictures is releasing the wildly entertaining 1980s and '90s box office hits. "beverly hills cop" one, two and three. the series is available to buy tomorrow. that's your eye on entertainment. marin austin, cbs news, los angeles. two months ago aaron rodgers told jimmy garoppolo we'll see you later on. did his prediction come true? we'll tell you coming up. . and here's a live look outside in san jose. looking at the airport. we tried to get the politicians
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good morning morning to you, homefully you had a wonderful weekend. we're going to see a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky and then tracking our next weak weather system. that will bring some light scattered showers as we look ahead to this evening. gianna? and we are starting to see cars stacking up at the bay bridge mostly in the cash lanes on the lower deck also getting word of the accident clearing over to the right shoulder. traffic slow here westbound as well as eastbound. back in november, after the 49ers rattled the packers 37-8, green bay quarterback aaron rodgers had this exchange with jimmy garoppolo. >> see you later on. >> he had to get past another
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niner nemesis, wilson and the seahawks. third quarter, green bay up 21- 10. rodgers to adams. 40-yard touchdown. green bay had an 18 point lead. adams eight catches, 160 yards. under ten minutes to play. marshawn lynch, his second touchdown of the game. cut the deficit to five. pete carroll loving life. rodgers and the pack, trying to run out the clock. on 39, rodgers to graham who just barely gets the first down. and that clinched the game. green bay wins 28-23. setting up a match-up with the 49ers in the nfc championship game next sunday at levi's stadium. afc, pat mahomes and the chiefs paid host to the texans. houston blocks a kansas city pundtoucown. nso a irst h le late second quarter, kc now down
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24-21. mahomes to travis kelce. five yard score, the chiefs took the lead 28-24. and they just kept scoring. fourth quarter. mahomes to blake bell. his fifth touchdown pass of the game. and after trailing by 24, kc won 51-31. they will host tennessee in the afc title game. russell and the warriors, he's back after missing the last two weeks with an injury. john morant. grizzlies outscored golden state 35-17 in the third and they won 122-102. smith facing the former coach tara vanderveer and stanford. second half. jones drives in stanford wins 79-6 #. they outscored cal by 47 points in that two game sweep. so get ready for a week of hype leading up to sunday's showdown
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at levi's stadium. 49ers and packers, winner goes on iing to the ners. the next half hour on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> an off-duty california detective killed. the new detalls this morning about his death. plus a major fire jumps a street burning down several buildings. how investigators think the intense blaze started. and hours before a group of moms and their kids are expected to be evicted here in west oakland they're asking their community for support starting early. we'll explain, next. and don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbs news app or any of your
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now at 5:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a housing battle. why the moms living in a vacant oakland home are not taking the offer of new housing from a judge with a possible showdown looming this morning. 49ers' fans watching anxiously last night to see who their team will play in the next round. what they're saying about the big match-up against green bay with a trip to the super bowl on at stake. and puerto rico continues to rattle after several major earthquakes this morning. how california quake experts plan to help the country recover. good morning, it is monday, january 13th. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm michelle griego. kenny is off this morning. but mary lee is here, she's in the weather center checking our forecast. hey there. >> hey michelle and anne. good morning to you. happy monday. and we are starting off the day with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in th40s. watching our next weak weather system that will bring some light scattered showers as early as late this afternoon. but really for this evening we're


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