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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 29, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. thank you for joining us. it is january 20, on the end make and michelle continue to run in miami this week. >> good morning. 4:31 writenow. the check our forecast. i can't see any rain that mary has all the computers that will tell us about it. we are looking at drier weather for today and the start of a warming trend for us. so get ready for that. th d temps as we head through the attempts to be on the rise
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as we head through the week. here's a live look with the roof camp. the coit tower lit up in red and gold as we cheer on our 49ers and you can see the temps are chillier compared to yesterday morning. even down to the upper 30s in livermore. 50 san francisco and 43 for concord. as we head through the afternoon for the coast looking at highs in the upper 50s, a mix of sun and clouds, low 60s for the bay and mid-60s inland. so specific locations, 62 in san francisco, 62 oakland and fremont, 64% is a. we will talk about how warm it will get as we head through the end of the week. details on that coming up. good morning. right now so far we are doing ok on the freeways with no accidents or incidents right now. if you are hitting the roads early this morning you should be good to go for the most part. a lot of green so that is good news. 880 is clear in both directions and no delays on 580 in oakland but was 580 already starting to load up this morning as you work your way out of tracy. from 205 to two 80. getting words of some foggy conditions as well. careful as you work your way through livermore and those tri- valley areas this morning. possible limited visibility. take a look at 880 both
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directions. travel times not showing any troubles or delays. everything is in the green so far. quick look at the bay bridge, so far so good with easy conditions out of the east bay into san francisco but it begins car free market street. it is close from 10 to may treat and westbound from stewart to vanessa for now and not allowing private vehicles. to keep private cars and write your vehicles away from market street the sfmta will have parking officer stationed at 11 key intersections. drivers are also see signs with the new rules. the only traffic allowed will be taxis, commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles. and paratransit as well as bikes and scooters. eventually, if a private vehicle is caught on market street the ticket price will be 238 bucks. >> our main priority is the education component, not penalizing drivers who may not know the rules of the road. >> the only thing i'm concerned about is the deliveries we usually get. >>'s will be more crowded. >> sfmta officials say the second phase of their project
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will be launched sometime this spring. the gold is an extension of bus only lanes east from there to main street. taxis and non-buses will no longer be allowed in those lanes. happening to a plane carrying 200 dignitaries from china will land in california. the flight full of people fleeing the coronavirus outbreak. last night the flight landed in anchorage, alaska, and the 747 touchdown around 10:30, it was met by workers in full white suits and gloves. we are also told passengers will be rescreened for the virus before continuing on to california. they are due to arrive at march air force air reserve base in riverside sometime this morning. between 7:00 and 9:00. it is not believe that any of them are sick. still cbs news has learned they could be quarantined or three days until the cdc is sure. the disease has now been detected in at least 16 countries. in china where it began the death toll now stands at 132.
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with nearly 6000 confirmed cases. five of those cases are in the united states. united airlines has suspended 24 flights between the u.s. and beijing, hong kong and shanghai. between aa first and eighth. they call it a significant decline in demand for the reason. meanwhile cbs news is reporting that the white house is considering suspending all flights between the u.s. and china. a live look now sfo. the international terminal last night it was not difficult to find travelers returning or leaving for flights wearing face masks. several airport workers including china airlines employees at check-in counters and other flight attendants were also wearing masks. the new numbers come as federal health officials here in the u.s. expense screening for the virus. 18 major airports and to land e and buying masks. >> where did you come from?
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>> taiwan. even though were seeing people with mask health officials say that is not necessary picked they say it is more important to take precautions like washing your hands and avoiding contact with sick people. as we take a live look to capitol hill where the impeachment trial against president trump is entering a new phase, senators now have two days to get their questions answered. lawmakers will soon hold the crucial vote to decide whether or not to allow new evidence and witnesses for the trial. cbs reporter catherine johnson is in washington, d.c. with more. >> reporter: president trump legal team made quick work of their opening arguments using less than half of their 24 hours to make their case. >> these articles must be rejected. the constitution requires it. justice demands a. >> reporter: democrats continue to push for more witness testimony particularly from john bolton. the former national security advisor's upcoming book reportedly contradicts key parts of the white house's
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defense. >> the units and said it will look pretty stupid if in 60 days when john bolton's book hits the american public there is relevant information about whether this president should be removed or not and we didn't take the chance to get that kind of testimony. >> reporter: after the defense and its presentation the majority leader told his caucus they don't have to vote to block witnesses because a handful of republicans remain undecided on the issue. >> now we are talking about giving the prosecutors more witnesses as though the united states senate is a fishing hole for adam schiff to go fishing for the big fish that will tell him what he's been wanting to hear. >> reporter: a campaign rally in new jersey the president once again dismissed the impeachment. >> we are creating jobs and killing terrace, the congressional democrats are obsessed with demented hoaxes, crazy witchhunts, and deranged >> reporter: the president
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predicted he will be reelected and said the gop would retake the house of representatives as well. catherine johnson, cbs news, capitol hill. the investigation continues and the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and eight other people. the corners office was able to confirm the identities of all of the victims. in a new cell phone video emerged yesterday it shows the helicopter spinning moments before the fatal crash. the investigator said the pilot had thousands of hours of flight experience but foggy conditions contributed to the crash. in the meantime troops are still pulling pouring in for the victims. >> today is the day of remembrance. we have a lot of saturdays. >> the remains of the helicopter were taken away for analysis. it did not have a black box. the ntsb says the results of the investigation may not be released for at least another year. now to our super bowl coverage. security will have eyes in the skies for the game.
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>> our michelle griego is live in miami this morning. she has more on the preparations. good morning. >> reporter: the preparations are well underway and good morning to you. i am back cafi bursitis in little havana practices were all the locals are coming. they are grabbing their coffee and also the tourist will be coming in to town also. that's the reason why security will really be stepping up. in massive super bowl security team is already fueling up. the air national guard, customs and border protection and state and federal agents are joining forces to patrol the area by air and sea. on game day. crews and blackhawk helicopters and f-15s will enforce a 30 mile no-fly zone around harvard stadium. there's also going to be a security he ball fans happto be >> we want the attenders of the super bowl to enjoy themselves and not have to concern themselves with their security.
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we don't want them to have any hesitations about enjoying the activities. >> reporter: those f-15s don't have to pause their patrols to refuel. they can do it right in the air thanks to a tanker on loan from the tennessee air national guard. so the committee is ready, the security is ready, the city is ready, and the coffee is ready, guys. i'm going to give you a little taste of what the cubans drink here in little havana coming up. >> it's really good. i was in cuba last october and the coffee is amazing. normally i like sugar and cream and all that stuff in my copy but you can drink it black. >> reporter: and their very tiny cups because they are so strong. >> looking forward to that story later on in the broadcast. thank you. we will check it and a little bit.'s to stay with kpix 5 with all the excitement and we
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will have live specials on thursday and friday at 7:30. to take a live look in san francisco city hall this morning. 4:40 this morning. as we take a live look at the city hall, corruption bombshell is rocking city government. longtime public works director mohammed nuru has been tried charged it with a prolonged owner nick bovis. base a nuru and bovis scheme to bribe a term -- the complaint alleges corruption, bribery, side deals but an envelope of cash, the scheme involved payment of a $5000 bribe and also provision of travel. >> the complaint also says that the two men tried to arrange commercial leasing rights at the transbay transit center and manipulate the cities portable toilet designs to help bogus land bid and in addition to the federal investigation the city is also conducting its own
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investigation. meanwhile the city purchaser has been tapped to be the interim public works director. police say they are seeing a rise in robberies and thefts across the bay area especially with chinese new year. >> don't look at your phone and walk. look around. >> police also say try not to walk alone, stay with friends and if you are walking at night walk in a well lit area. apple stock hitting a record high in after-hours trading all because of earnings that showed a banner holiday season for the company. they posted a quarterly revenue of nearly $92 billion fueled by strong iphone sales and apples wearable gadgets. the news that apple shares up nearly 3% yesterday. and apple executives say they expect sales to continue to grow. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, with the super bowl just a few
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days away you might be thinking about making a big purchase. hot commodity right now is a brand-new tv. coming up some tips to consider to make sure your purchase is a winner. before we go to break, taking a live look at the vo: droughts. floods. hurricanes. tornadoes.
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the countdown to super bowl is on and we are four days away from the big game between the san francisco 49ers and the kansas city chiefs. >> all week long we will have reports from florida as we get ready for super bowl liv. of course today we are getting a little taste of little havana. >> our michelle griego is live in miami where you can wake up with classic cuban coffee. michelle, you are a long way from that nasty break from coffee we have here. >> reporter: thank goodness. it is nancy especially compared to the coffee you can get here at precise. i need to explain, it is based off of her side, but the cubans here all call it for science. and this restaurant has been around for almost 50 years and you can tell. this is where all the locals, and they hang out before they had to work, talked for a while, and, you know, hope communion together and then they have their cup of coffee and anyone any local here in little havana no there are three main types of cuban
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coffee. >> miami has the 305 which is our zip code and has a great taste. this is a classic, it is pretty much espresso with a lot of sugar, and this is our espresso cuban coffee with milk. and this is -- don't make the mistake of drinking it all to yourself. that's what these little cups therefore. we have a lot of people who order in an attempt to drink the whole thing. but the thing is it's cuban coffee but a little bigger and you buy these and they come in these little cups and you, share with all your friends. and have little shots of cuban coffee. >> reporter: the rule here is you never, ever ask for an espresso. you you also can ask for a cafi leche.
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this is really good and you actually get some bread and dip it into drink so i'm going to enjoy this and give you a little taste of little havana coming up. michelle griego in little havana at cafi bursitis >> i hope she sends him to us. >> she will be back next week so. we will look for a care package. experts say this next date before the super bowl efforts to take a watch party to the next level is in high demand. we have tips on how to score the best deals. >> reporter: tv buying option seemed to be endless. from ak to plenty of high-tech models in between. it seems like shopping for tvs has gotten more complicated than ever. >> the problem is they have new technology to package and they keep inventing new words because it sounds futuristic. >> reporter: the senior editor
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says it's not always a good idea to go with the latest technology. he says ak offers an amazing image but can cost up to three times more than 84k tv. and it's hard to find 8-k content. >> there is no ak brock is out there and streaming hasn't taken off yet. >> reporter: he says that tvs are a good option. >> these older tvs are good and have the best picture quality on the market. >> reporter: it sells for around $4300. if you want a large tv for much less, this pick is a 75 inch tcl six series with a price tag of $1400. the smaller 55 inch sells for 500 bucks. >> this tv has very quality. >> reporter: if you're waiting to buy and money is no object there are plenty of new tech coming soon. samsung has micro l.e.d. allowing customers to hold their own tv with panels. one called the wall spans a massive 292 inches.
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and how about a flexible tv. this algae rolls out of a small cabinet and will be available later this year and is expected to cost a whopping $60,000. michelle along with dennis o'donnell and vern glenn are in south florida all super bowl week long bringing you lighting coverage. the countdown to kick off continues all week here on kpix 5 , streaming 24/7 on and cvs and san francisco. >> i will be but watching it on my non-$60,000 tv. it's about 10 minutes before 5:00 and it looks like the rain has moved out. >> it has. today is the start of a warming trend so a beautiful day today with warm temps and as we go through the week it will be feeling like spring. i will show you exactly when coming up but here's a live look at our salesforce tower
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camera looking east at the bay bridge and we are looking at partly cloudy skies and patchy fog. so, our temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday. 43 concorde, livermore 40, san francisco 50, 46 in san jose and 41 for santa rosa. let's check the visibility because especially if it is the tri-valley, livermore three quarters of a mile there. body conditions across the tri- valley this morning. actually start with patchy fog as we head through the afternoon with your weather headlines a mix of sun and clouds and mild temps. this afternoon we will continue to warm up. temps topping out in the low 70s in linnane -- we are looking at those temps warming up for sure. it has been a while for us. in san jose the last time you hit 70 degrees was back on december 12 of last year so we are going on 48 days so far
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since the last time of hitting 70 in san jose. this ridge of high pressure is building in and the temps will be on the rise. the low pressure system that drops a cold front our way yesterday continues to move out of here and will continue to push off to the east. as we go through the day today looking at partly sunny skies, a mix of sun and clouds as we head through the afternoon but warming up for sure. for thursday, we will continue on that warming trend and friday and saturday will be the warmest days of the week as the ridge of high pressure builds in and expands and a little bit of offshore wind component by friday and saturday. for today, 62 for a hike in san francisco, 62 in oakland, tremont, mountain view also coming in at 62, 64 in san jose and looking at 66 for santa rosa. our temps definitely on the mild side and of course we are cheering on our 49ers. your sunday super bowl sunday forecast, gain the forecast, in
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miami, upper 60s and kickoff, 3:30 pm specific time, 6:30 eastern time with mostly clear skies so a fantastic day for the big-game. here's the extended forecast. and what you can expect with those temps. plenty of sunshine thursday and friday and saturday. there we go with the temps that will continue to rise as we head through the next few days. cooler on sunday with breezy conditions and looking at those temps a little bit cooler still for next monday and for next tuesday. gianna. take a look at the roadways right now. so far so good on our bay area bridges. if you're taking the san mateo or the richmond-san rafael bridge, no delays as of yet so that is good news. here is a live look at the bay bridge. traffic is pretty light, a few cars in the cash lanes but a pretty easy right out of oakland as you work your way
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across the span into san francisco. no troubles on the lower deck of the bay bridge either. we are seeing some pretty easy traffic conditions coming out of marin county and you will experience delays within the next 10 minutes. this is typical for the morning right as they clear the road work. north of the waldo -- if you see a few break lights that is only temporary as they clear cones out of the roadway. taking a look at the rest of the bay area a lot of green on the sensor so off to a great start. west bound 580 loading up just a bit and a heads up. somebody spots this morning through the tri-valley so limited visibility is a possibility. it started at midnight, marketing is now car free. is down from 10 to main street west bound and stewart to venice. you will see onrface streets in and around that area as everyone gets used to the changes. mission and howard our streets that paralleled market street and that will now be your option if you want to travel
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say parallel to the portion of market street there and you can utilize howard our mission but expect kissing busy conditions to their. still ahead in our next half hour and streaming on cbsn bay area, a friendly that fulfilled. with the mayor of green bay had to do this burger's delicious! let's make it more delicious! ♪ menutaur put an extra patty on that! bam! woah! uh-uhhh! my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck.
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check out my triple bonus jack! check it out with an extra ok! let's ride! oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. green bay mayor fulfilled his pledge for the women play challenge after the packers lost to the 49ers. he spent the afternoon sporting 49ers red and gold all the while spending time with young people at the green bay boys and girls club. the women challenge as they called it meant that both the mayor and san francisco mayor
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london breed volunteered for kids yesterday. >> we collaborated with the greater green bay community foundation in identifying some of the sites record nice that you development and youth empowerment was an important issue. >> the mayor handed out snacks and helped some of the kids with their homework.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a tech executives murder unsolved. the new piece of evidence that could help find the killer. we are live from miami are coming up we will look back at how the 49ers built their team that got them all the way to the super bowl. good morning. it is wednesday, january 29,
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i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. michelle is in miami and we will go live to her in a few minutes but first let's get a quick check on your wednesday weather forecast with mary. >> good morning. we are looking at the temperatures cooler and chillier compared to yesterday morning. put on your jacket as you head out the door. we will see those temps warm up as we head through the afternoon. looking at a mild day ahead. 43 in concord, oakland 48, 40 right now in san francisco. 46 in san jose and 41 for santa rosa. as we go through our afternoon we are looking attempts that will be in the low 60s in san francisco and oakland, mid-60s san jose and concord. about four to 8 degrees above average and this is just the start. i will have more on this warming trend coming up. gianna. the start to your community is a pretty good one. the major issues and we are getting first reports of a minor crash right


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