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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 29, 2020 7:00am-8:59am PST

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5 news this morning. "cbs this morning" is coming up viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning" i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. an overnight flight carries u.s. diplomats and other americans out of the city of the deadly coronavirus. we'll hear from one of the 200 people that got on that plane. in a "cbs this morning" exclusive, rudy giuliani, the president's personal lawyer says former national security advisor john bolton never complained to him about putting pressure on ukraine. >> it's the only conclusion i can come to, it's a harsh one and i feel bad about it, he's a back stabber. grief and mystery. new video appears to show kobe bryant's helicopter before the crash that killed everyone on board. bryant's fans and teammates
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still can't believe it. >> i haven't felt a pain that sharp in a while. robocall crack down. the justice department targets scam artists accused of taking millions hear how one couple gave all their money to scams in america. here's today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the plane carrying u.s. passengers evacuating from ground zero landed on u.s. soil. >> the white house considered suspended all flights between u.s. and china. >> all options for dealing with infectious disease have to be on the table, including travel restrictions. pressure is growing for john bolton to testify in president trump's impeachment trial. >> he came up and said rudy you're a grenade to blow up in everyone's face i would say there's no opportunity you're an atomic bomb. protests in the gaza strip. >> my vision presents a win win
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opportunity for both sides. a connecticut man accused of killing his estranged wife has attempted suicide. >> fortis dulos was found unresponsive in his car. >> he had obvious signs of medical distress. the ntsb said it recovered all nine bodies from the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant. evacuations from the caribbean after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. no reports of any injuries. this kid turns a one handed off balance save into a half court buzzer beater. and all that matters. >> former vice president joe biden took time to photo bomb a cbs news correspondent. >> crept right up. >> certainly crept up. >> hello. >> welcome to the campaign trail norah. >> what a moment. >> on "cbs this morning." the contents of a book written by trump former national security advisor john bolton leaked to the "new york times." the book, which is due out in march is called "the room where
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it happened". >> that's a clear reference to the hit broadway musical "hamilton" which means the book must be written in hip-hop. ♪ my name's john bolton i'm hear to say president trump blackmailed ukraine this way ♪ >> thank you. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. >> how about joe biden sneaking up on ed o'keefe. >> that's what i want to see today. i love when ed turned around, good to see you. >> he could feel him coming. >> stephen colbert got the hamilton move down. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're going to begin with this, some 200 americans left the epicenter of china's coronavirus outbreak on a flight. hundreds of others are still there. >> the health crisis in wuhan has the trump administration thinking of suspending all u.s. flights to and from mainland china. some main airlines, including british airways have cancelled
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their china flights. the outbreak is blamed for at least 132 deaths and spread to a dozen countries. this is at the wuhan airport, a pilot put on a full hazmat suit to move the airplane. >> the flight landed overnight in alaska where passengers were screened and the plane was refuelled. it's now headed to march air reserve base east of los angeles. carter evans is there. what can passengers expect when they arrive? >> reporter: all of the passengers on the plane passed a screening test in anchorage, but they're still going to be quarantined here for at least 72 hours. we spoke to a man who chronicled his journey as he boarded the only flight out of with yuhan. e tan thompson's road to the airport was silentsilent, highw
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deserted. >> my name was on the list so i got through the first roadblock. now headed to the airport and getting through to the medical checks. >> reporter: thompson was one of about 200 people able to board the u.s. bound flight from wuhan. >> i have to get through my embassy to get here. it's a case of i'm lucky to be on this flight. >> reporter: when the plane lanes at march air force base, passengers will be led into a hanger where they'll be monitored for symptoms for anywhere between three days and two weeks. americans should know this is a potentially very serious public health threat. but at this point, americans should not worry for their own safety. >> reporter: for flights coming from china, the cdc has increased the number of screening stations from five to 20, including two land borders, they'll all act as garn teen stations where health workers will check travelers for illness before they're admitted into the
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country. a search of social media shows there's a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding the plane's arrival to the air base. people thought it was full of sick people. but health officials point out the flu is a bigger concern right now than this virus. >> you can understand why people might be concerned. carter, thank you. moving to washington. the senate majority leader said he does not have the votes yet to block democrats from calling witnesses in president trump's impeachment trial. some republicans are reacting to reports of new allegations from former national security advisor john bolton. nancy cordes is on capitol hill for us. good morning, this does not sound like good news for the white house, but how bad is it? >> reporter: they are increasingly concerned. in fact, one senior administration official who's been deeply involved in impeachment strategy says that it's at about a defcon 2 right now. they have a couple of days to try to limit the number of republicans who cross party lines.
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>> they can't win an election so they're trying to steal an election. it's not happening, folks. >> reporter: in new jersey, president trump said he wasn't worried about the battle in washington. but this morning, john bolton was on his mind. as mr. trump tweeted, if i listened to him, he would be in world war six by now. his comments coming after his legal team wrapped up three days of opening arguments. >> if they want to make it impeachable if it's the wrong idea inside the president's head. >> reporter: they urged the jury to ignore new revelations from the president's former national security advisor, who according to the "new york times," writes in an upcoming book that the president did condition aid to ukraine on investigations into the bidens. >> are you going to allow proceedings on impeachment to go from a "new york times" report about someone that says what they hear is in manuscript.
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>> reporter: it has had an impact. republicans met yesterday to discuss a path forward. that's where mitch mcconnell said they don't have the votes to block testimony. >> it's very likely that i'm going to conclude that, yes, we do need to hear from witnesses. >> reporter: many republicans still insist that's a waste of time. >> that gets us into an endless cycle and it drags on for weeks and months. >> reporter: some suggested allowing senators to read bolton's book in a secure room. >> it's not good enough. there's no substitute for a witness speaking under oath to the senators. >> reporter: one high profile republican coming to bolton's defense is former white house chief of staff john kelly who says point blank that he believes john bolton. the question and answer phase of this senate trial gets under way
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in just a few hours. the senators will have the opportunity to put their questio questions directly to the house managers or the president's lawyers writing them down on these cards setting up a witness vote for friday. >> another interesting day in washington, thank you. one of president trump's personal attorneys rudy giuliani is notably absent from the legal team defending him in the senate. cbs news senior investigative correspondent katherine herridge spoke with the former new york city mayor yesterday. >> yes, i did p. in a wide ranging interview, gln sa giuliani said he's ready to testify if he gets clearance from the white house. >> here's the only conclusion i can come to, and it's a harsh one and i feel bad about it, he's a back stabber. >> rudy giuliani unloaded on the president's former national security advisor john bolton,
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whom democrats want to testify in the senate impeachment trial. >> did john bolton tell you to shutdown your investigation -- >> i told you, no. >> he never told you that? >> reporter: giuliani said on the president's behalf he investigated corruption allegations which included the former vice president and his son hunter who sat on the board of the ukrainian energy company. but so far there's no evidence of criminal wrong doing by either biden. if the former national security advisor had issues with his work, giuliani told cbs news he did not complain to him. >> he never said to me i have a problem with what you're doing in ukraine. never once. never winked, never sent me a note. that's classic back stabber. so i feel i got a swamp character here. i find his testimony about the president pretty close to incredible. >> reporter: but during congressional testimony, a former white house aide said bolton did complain to colleagues over giuliani's work and the effort to push out the
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former ambassador to - >> cred him to a hand grenade. >> if he said you're a grenade you're an atomic bomb. >> should john bolton testify? >> he should not testify. >> giuliani said he heard about the hold from the media. in any of your conversations with president trump did he tie the military aid to ukraine's investigation of the bidens? >> never, ever discussed military aid with the president with regard to ukraine. >> the white house legal team called giuliani a, quote, minor player, a shiny object designed to distract. the former new york city mayor said he maintains contact with his client. >> are you still the president's personal attorney? >> yes, i am. >> when's the last time you spoke to him? >> two days ago. >> if you're pastill his person
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attorney should you be part of the defense team? >> i should but i can't because i'm a possible witness. >> lev parnas' attorney said his client can't attend the trial because of his gps ankle monitor but will be in washington today to support, quote, a fair trial with witnesses. parnas is under indictment for campaign finance fraud. >> john bolton may not have approached rudy giuliani because rudy giuliani was outside the white house and john bolton was in. >> exactly. john bolton may feel -- he could say that rudy giuliani effectively back stabbed him in terms of policy because there was a conflict of interest there. >> if we get when she had no idea that was coming. >> he's colorful. >> very good word. >> that word has been floated before. >> glad you're part of our team. federal investigators are looking at new clues about the final moments of the helicopter flight that ended in tragedy for
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nine people, including kobe bryant. newly surfaced video taken not long before the crash appears to show the aircraft in mid flight before it ran into serious trouble. our transportation correspondence, kris van cleave is in calabasas, california. it's hard to look at this video. what are investigators learning? >> reporter: the hard work for investigators is just beginning. the helicopter did not have a terrain avoidance detection system or a black box. it's not required to have either of those, but it makes it harder for the job of investigators. found at the scene yesterday an i pad that may have been belonged to the pilot. but the central question here, why this helicopter fell from the sky remains a mystery. minutes from disaster. new cell phone video appears to show kobe bryant's helicopter circling near burbank airport before the crash.
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tuesday the ntsb used a helicopter to air l he wreckage off the hillside. the coroner says all nine victims have been recovered and four have been positively identified, including kobe bryant. >> this was a high energy impact crash. >> reporter: about 35 minutes after takeoff, with the weather deteriorating, the pilot asked controllers to track him on radar but he was flying too low. four minutes later he radioed he was going to go above the layer of clouds. flying in if potentially bli blinding fog he reached 2,200 feet. and then the helicopter banked left and descended falling up to 5,000 feet per minute. its last recorded speed about 184 miles per hour. do you have a sense if the helicopter came down all in one piece or is there evidence that it perhaps broke up as it was coming down? >> preliminary information is that the helicopter was in one piece when it impacted the terrain. >> reporter: they were just a
7:15 am
few minutes from reaching their final destination. there's been a lot of buzz about this idea they may have been 20 to 30 feet away from missing the ridge that the helicopter hit and while that is true, the area where the helicopter came down is surrounded by other ridges and ravines. at the rate they were coming down, this helicopter was crashing. that was basically unavoidable. >> kris, thanks. for those close to the nine people who died in sunday's crash, emotions are still raw. in addition to the bryants, four other families are in mourning. the youngest victims were just 13 years old. david begnaud is at staples center in los angeles, which is a place for many to express their grief. >> reporter: the lakers and clippers were supposed to play last night here at the staples center but that game was postponed following the death of kobe bryant. but tnt went ahead with a one hour tribute to kobe.
7:16 am
and shaquille o'neill was there. as he was walking out of the staples center people were chanting shaq, shaq, shaq. watch what he did. >> one more time, kobe. >> kobe, kobe, kobe. >> it was a touching moment. shaq and kobe played together on the l.a. lakers and they clashed famously. but shaq wanted everybody to know last night that he had a very special place in his heart for kobe bryant. >> my spirit just left my body. >> reporter: that was shaq with some of basketball's best known players inside the staple center tuesday night for tnt's pregame show to honor the iconic athlete kobe bryant. >> i haven't felt a pain that sharp in a while. it was like a triple stabbing to the heart. the fact that we're not going to be able to joke at his hall of fame ceremony. those are the things you can't get back.
7:17 am
>> reporter: dwayne wade spoke about his drive to match bryant's skills on the court. >> coming into the league, there was one person i wanted the respect from, that i wanted to look at me as his equal, it was kobe bryant. >> reporter: in an interview with jimmy kimmel, magic johnson of the respect they had for each other. >> we idolized each other. kobe never made an excuse. whether he was tired, hurt, he played through everything. the man gave us everything he had. >> who hated losing more you or him? >> both of us. >> reporter: for the friends and fans, it's clear that confirmation of kobe bryant's death is still shocking. >> wake up you go that must have been a dream, right? it's not a dream. >> wayne slappy is friends with bryant's parents joe and pam. slappy said he spoke with joe after bryant's death. >> finish this statement for me, kobe was? >> kobe is inemitable.
7:18 am
try. he would have loved that. >> reporter: tuesday the orange coast college baseball team held their season opener without their coach john altobelli who died in the crash with his wife, kerri and his daughter alyssa. >> i know he's proud of our guys for being out here today and with we're going to do the best we can to honor him in everything we do moving forward. >> reporter: a lot of people are asking where might the memorial service for kobe bryant be? they were thinking of doing it here at the staples center but that only seats about 20,000 people so they're talking about the colise
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good wednesday morning to you. the start of a warming trend for us with mild temperatures pick a beautiful day across the bay area as high pressure building. 62 for high in san francisco and oakland. 64 in san jose and 65 for concord with a mix of sun and clouds. there we go with that warm-up thursday and especially by friday and for saturday.
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ahead there's been ahead, a shoing development in the case of a missing connecticut mother. why her estranged husband who's charged with her murder is now in critical condition. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ ♪ good lunch? amazin'! toyota. let's go places. because you get matched with a plan tailored to you! whether you're a dine outer, take outer, veggie person, definitely-not-just-veggie person, bread lover, or cheese lover...
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stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation. the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. to keep private cars and write your vehicles away from market street the sfmta will th parking officer stationed at 11 the intersections. the will only allow drivers to cross market from stewart to van ness but not drive on it. the santa cruz sheriff's office is leading to released a video of the person of interest is a suspect killed a tech executive. the reward will also be increased to the largest in
7:26 am
county history. police are set to finish clearing out the joe rodota trail in santa rosa. about 260 people have been camping along the trail. homeless advocates say the new camp in muscular can only have 60 people and the rest have nowhere else to go. let's see how the roads are looking this morning with gianna. >> if you are traveling across the dumbarton bridge the traffic alert has been canceled. the crash on the west and has been cleared. the bad news is the damages done we are seeing speed down to five miles per hour in some spots. your drive time now 32 minutes to go between 880 and marsh road. you will want to use the san mateo bridge and said her 237 as an alternate. right now 92 a 80 to 101 will take you 34 minutes. so, watching the skies clear but still dealing with some patchy dense fog with the tri-valley. this is a live look with a doubling camera. as we head through the day of a mix of sun and clouds and temps will be mile.
7:27 am
upper 50s for the coast, will succeed for the day and 60s in my. we are going to need to warm up as we head to the next several days. especially by friday and saturday. america isn't just sick of donald trump, america's getting sicker. there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone.
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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it is 7:30. here is what's happening on "cbs this morning." >> the coronavirus is china. educating travelers of signs and symptoms of this virus. the only thing we are seeking is the truth. rudy giuliani lashed joout on jn bolton and his book. >> this was a high energy
7:30 am
impact. >> new details of the final moments before the crash that killed nine people including kobe bryant. we talk about equal pay and the tokyo olympics. and those super bowl lasted, companies will spend millions of dollars to get your attention. those ads. >> this is a ghost cast. >> maybe if you don't like football, you can see the commercials. >> i love those accents. >> strong. >> all right, welcome back to "cbs this morning." i am tony dokoupil with gayle king. >> dulos is charged with kidnapping and killing his wife
7:31 am
la this was the scene yesterday as first responders worked to save his life after finding him unconscious. he was onto an ambulance and transported to the hospital and instead moved to new york. live outside the hospital where foti fotis is being treated now. >> reporter: dulos is treated here for carbon dioxide. investigators would not confirm whether he left a note in this apparent suicide attempt. dulos and his ex-girlfriend are charged in the alleged murder of his estranged wife, both suspects are out on bail. >> reporter: dulos found him unresponsive and sitting in his running vehicle in his garage. he failed to show up for a bond
7:32 am
hearing that could have sent him back to jail pending trial of the alleged murder of his wife. officers was sitting in his vehicle and he had obvious signs of medical stress. drones capture footages of the officers trying to revive dulos. dulos is rushed to the hospital. >> dulos was under house arrest of the murder of his wife. jennifer disappeared in may after taking her five children to school. officers have investigated for months and yet to find her body. >> we categorically denied that mr. dulos had any involvement in
7:33 am
the disappearance of his wife, jennifer. we defide the state to prove that she's in fact dead. >> dulos and his girlfriend were charged with murder. the state is not having enough evidence. >> i struggle to find the case here. >> if dulos does suffer some sort of permanent damage, that could impact his trial later this year if he's deemed unable to participate in his own defense. of course, he's facing life in prison on this murder charge. he insisted in his innocence, the couple's five children are if the care of jennifer's mother. >> thank you. the department of justice is launching a new initiative to fight fraudulent robocalls.
7:34 am
ahead one utah couple tells us how they lost $150,000 in the number one scam in america. if you are on the go, you can watch us live, download the cbs app and subscribe to cbs all access. you can subscribe to cbs this morning news on the go on your favorite podcast platform. here today's top stories in less than 20 minutes. we'll be right back. r hear tp hear thhear the day's leless than 20 minutes. we'll be right back. skin sin #17...
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we hate those things. now most of them originate in india and over americans are losing millions of dollars a year. the senate will hold a hearing to look at what's called the number one scam in america. social security fraud. our investigator correspondent anna warner spoke to one witness who's set to testify. >> a lot of people can relate to this. good morning to you. administration says it's gotten mor more thp more than about the social securitys is scam. nnow somp now some people lost money. bbut thip but this utbut husbap husband lost more t americap americans maker>p . i'm embarrassed. really embarrassed. >p >> miche>> michele andee p a uta utah state represe thp they knthey know many abp able to believe they b victims of the social security
7:40 am
scam. br but thp but they sbu meap means others need a w. >> maybp >> maybe >> maybe thp that we couldp>> thewh like this. youp >> your social suspicious. r p>> claiming her soci hhad beep had been comprom usrused tp used to set accounp accounaccounts asso cartel. srshe says a man claim investigator then said her famifamily was in danger. >> hp >> >> he continued t famir family wp family cooperate. thp that these people were dangerou dangerous, they were w mr pme, that i needme, was told. r >> a>> and not tell a. >> nor >> n>> not onto ap all tall the money in t deutsche badeutsche bank acco offshore account. r to proto prove ip to.
7:41 am
whr what p what he sahe ap and monand money launbe cooperation. > i drovp >> i drove to monr monmoney fropmone. i cashed cdp >> all fi husband something awful had happened. r >> s>> she said p >> ever eveevery pennp eve. i felt like throwing up. yr you knoyou know, pth. p >> i w>> i was asked by could ycould you be p >> i w>> i was asked by could ycould you b so stup? but at the time i was going throuthroughp through ithr. r >> >> as oup >> as>> tr the mattthe matterth worse.>> seniors h
7:42 am
millimillion tpmillion to r susan collins. r p >> oft>> often tim embarrassembarrassed when they ththat had embarrassembarrassed when they ththat ha they've been ripped f aand they arp and they aa admadmit thap admit that t. ththey shouldn't be embarrasse. theyp >> t>> the andersons survive tp survive the doll others may not. r>> wp >> we don>> we d go through this. r a lp a lot a lot of p happenhappened tp happenhae calcalls anp calls and cca jup just gjust got a s? what say hang up. >> tharp >> that is t>> th. just hang up. bp but thebut these scam c ev eveven scarier. tr the fp the fbi put o yesterdyesterday saying crooks spoofispoofing thpspoofing r to rp to run scato ru p it looks like they are c thep they tell yowh
7:43 am
ththfbe fbi is not goin the fbi you, people. please don't call. >> more thp>> more than cr evil. >> very elaborate. r i donp i don't put tie senior category. in tp in the moment you fe. yr you hap you have youa in tp in the moment you fe. yr you hap you have yo scam. >> yop >> you fe>> you feel yr you hap you have yo scam. >> yop >> you fe>> in the end you've been taken. r>> ip >> in t>> in e m. >> yourp >> these sca>>. they ar they athey arep peop people apeople and keeg they ar they athey arep peop people apeople and ke hook. thr this wethis went thr hook. thr this wethis went th. yp you wouyou would think g to happto happen thp to ha goigoing be to happto happen thp to ha goigoing be stupid. guess what? it happens. r >> what do you do?
7:44 am
>> hang up. r >> wh>> when thep phop phone donphone don't . nr no, no, do telp nono familp family, call the lo. p if tif the government nee to yto you thep to you the in tin the maip in the mai the phone.p>> when t>> never coming back. evevil is the right word. >p > vladimir duthiers ig p at storiat stories you'l about today.r>> a mom discovep discovery discove returned from pfolks stick. whr what sp what she whn whr what sp what she whw co
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7:49 am
authorities about his financial relationship with the chinese government. according according to court d p was being paiwas bein p byby a chines by a chingin crear createcreate p c lab at that college. federal authorities say this car cacasp case highlca threat. r >> thp >> this >> th chinap china'china's ongoi siphon off american technology arand knop and know how. r>p >> harva>> harvard federfederal authorities anrfe conductir conducting its own investigation. >> thep >> they don>> they ideas for nothing. >> fp >> fbi went >> fbi w wep were chargedp a fl> outrageop outrageooutrag> outrageop outrageooutrage s stomap stomach whstomach w from daycare.pheatheh his son. writtp written on hwritteng
7:50 am
sar says msays mom i'sa please read my report. r it stainep it staine scrubbing. thp ththey apologized for incident. tp the executithe executive teachp teacher in question fired. >> ip the teachthe teace it.g arly tre were issues. if i wp if i wasif i was a tp tthe daycare thing i wo mortified. or oh, oh, my god i'i' wrote on my child. ip i'm thii'm think field ge note, sep note, sent tnot email or call. r i donp i don't kni do lor lost hlost her jor inexcusabpinexcusable trine someone's child. r >> thep >> the>> thes phophoto pai photo paid we really hard. r>> shp >> she sa>> she the note. >> shouldn't r>> shp >> she sa>> she the note. >> shouldn' have written on my
7:51 am
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. it is 7:56. checking the roadways we've got allies in san francisco as market street goes car free officially today. is down from 10 to mainstreet westbound from stewart to menace. nothing any major traffic issues just yet but we will keep our eye on that. take a look at the freeways. we have some stopping road conditions northbound 101 around the 280/680 interchange there as you work your way out of san jose all the way into
7:56 am
mountain view. also we've got a crash on the right shoulder as you work that was found 237 right at lawrence expressway. drive times, in the south bay all in the red. 85 northbound from burnout to one-to-one give yourself 44 minutes to make the trek. bay bridge metering lights are on. a backup into the maze and a slow ride coming up eastshore freeway. check out this gorgeous view with our ocean beach camera with the sun shining along the beach. we are having a chilly start to the day and dealing with patchy fog especially inland across the tri-valley. as we head through the afternoon high pressure building in and the start of a warming trend for us for a mix of sun and clouds later on today. mild temps and we will continue to warm up as we head through the week with highs inland topping out in the low 70s by friday and saturday. for today upper 50s for the coast, low 60s for the bay and low to mid 60s inland. specific locations the two san
7:57 am
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good morning to you our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, january 29th, 2020. it's oprah's birthday. if you see her give her a hug. she loves hugs from strangers. >> she must. >> she does. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, the latest on the evacuation of some 200 americans from the heart of the coronavirus outbreak in china. >> i'm tony dokoupil. a long-time royal correspondent shares new insight on the investigation of prince andrew and the departure of prince harry and meghan. >> i'm anthony mason. two women's basketball greats talked with us about equal pay and trying to win more olympic
8:00 am
gold this summer. >> but first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. some 200 americans have left the epicenter of china's coronavirus outbreak on a u.s. government chartered flight. >> all of the passengers passed a screening test but they are still going to be quarantined here for at least 72 hours. >> just have a couple days to try to limit the number of republicans who cross party lines. >> if the senate calls witnesses, should john bolton testify? >> john bolton should not testify. if the president feels that it is executive privileged material. >> the hard work for investigators is really still just beginning. the helicopter did not have a black box. >> as he was walking out people were chanting, shaq, shaq, shaq. watch what he did. >> one more time. kobe! [ chanting ] kobe! >> while senator elizabeth warren is stuck in d.c. for the trial her most popular campaign partner bailey warren is
8:01 am
campaigning in iowa. >> now that warren's dog is in the campaign, soon we could see other candidates going negative on that dog. there will be ads like, elizabeth warren's dog says he's a good boy. but he has a record of peeing in the house. and he's the father of 25 illegitimate childre approve this message. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> bringing out the dog, that's -- people love dogs. they really do. >> it's going to the dogs. >> that's what i was going to say. >> that's one way to look at it. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we begin with this. plane evacuating americans from the coronavirus epicenter in china will land in california later today. the jet stopped in anchorage, alaska overnight to refuel and rescreen the passengers. the flight from wuhan, china carrying about 200 americans including diplomats and their families will arrive at the air reserve base east of los angeles.
8:02 am
>> the trump administration is considering halting all u.s. flights to and from mainland china after the number of cases in that country jumped to nearly 6,000. now, that is more than the deadly sars outbreak in 2002 and 2003 though, fortunately, fewer people have died. there are now five confirmed coronavirus cases here in the u.s. and the first cases in the middle east were confirmed overnight in the united arab emirates. president trump's impeachment trial starts a new phase today and it looks more likely that senators may question witnesses later on. the president's legal team ended its opening arguments yesterday, saying he did nothing impeachable. the next step is two days of q & a from senators with democrats and republicans taking turns. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell says he does not yet have enough votes to block democrats from calling witnesses. democrats need four republicans to cross party lines. now, some gop members want to hear from john bolton after the "new york times" published allegations from his upcoming book. bolton reportedly claims the
8:03 am
president told him ukraine military aid was tied to an investigation of former vice president joe biden and his son. >> some of those who are closest to kobe bryant are beginning to share their thoughts about his death. greg downer who coached bryant at lower merion high school outside philadelphia said he lost his hero. at a news conference yesterday he wore the very same warmup jacket kobe used before being drafted into the nba. john salley a former teammate of bryant's with the lakers shared some of his memories with cbs this morning's saturday cohost dana jacobson. good morning. what did john have to say? >> good morning. just so many memories. john salley was wrapping up his 14 seasons in the nba as kobe bryant's career was just getting started in the league. salley says that kobe is the greatest player the league has ever seen. but he leaves behind so much more than just a basketball legacy. >> he's the biggest laker of all time.
8:04 am
as big as magic, bigger than kareem, bigger than jerry west. >> reporter: by the time he joined the lakers in 1999, john salley had already won three nba championships and played with some of the league's top talent but when he met kobe bryant he knew he was something special. >> he walked like m.j. he sounded like him. his mannerisms. his game. i go up to him and i say, so you're going to be the next michael jordan? he goes, no, i'll be the first kobe bryant. he had vhs tapes of larry and early michael and so he stole little bits from the master and became a grand master. >> you were with the lakers the first year of their three-peat of championships. >> yes. >> what do you remember of that shaq/kobe era and time? >> kobe would sit, put his head phones on and listen to music, sit in the corner. i would go sit next to him.
8:05 am
he'd be going like this. i would tap him. he'd be like oh, and take his head phones off. i said you're not listening to anything. he goes no. i go why do you do that? he goes, i don't want to hear what they say about me. >> kobe bryant pulls up with the shot and hits the basket. >> reporter: and as kobe transformed from a phenom into an nba icon, salley says he watched him learn to embrace his new role. >> started becoming more comfortable with his speech. he didn't like the way he talked. he realized the world was going to be on him so he was like, let them in. he just showed you, this is life. the ups and downs. and we all followed it. it was the best reality show ever. he constantly said, life is short. so i have reworded my whole vernacular. i don't speak in the bad thought. i won't deal in the belly of negativity. >> reporter: how do you hope people remember kobe? >> i hope they don't remember the in egg. i hope they remember the 60
8:06 am
points. >> on the move with the jumper. he did it! >> 81 points. the championships. the smiles. i want them to remember this was a guy that played basketball but tra transcended it. >> reporter: i asked john salley the best way to memorialize kobe bryant, pay tribute. he didn't hesitate at all. he said that the nba should change the silhouette on its logo to the lakers legend. you may remember yesterday we talked about a petition that had been started to do just that online. it had 1.5 million signatures yesterday. that number is now over 2.5 million. >> wow. >> just keeps growing. >> a lot of people feel that way. >> it would be a fitting tribute. that is for sure. thank you. >> i think it is interesting john said he wants people to not think about the negative. i don't hear that about kobe bryant. i think people are really pulling -- because there were many sides to the man but what you remember about him is the champion that he was on and off the court and the father that he
8:07 am
was. >> i think john salley is getting his wish on that front. >> i agree. >> people are still grieving. that tells you everything. >> exactly. president owe bam''s former head speechwriter is now head of a political podcast and is in our toyota green room with what he learned from talking to voters about the election and
8:08 am
you can do it. we have much more news ahead. some big names are making cameos in this year's super bowl ads,
8:09 am
like actor brian cranston. >> here's mountain dew zero! >> i am thirsty. >> like it already. ahead, what brands are doing to get your attention during sunday's big game. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. be right back. (whistling) (whistling) then there's fresh value from subway. like the six inch oven roasted chicken for just two ninety-nine. it's seasoned all white meat chicken raised without antibiotics. start the year off fresh. fresh value.
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♪ don't stop thinking about the iowa caucuses are just five days away and it is still anybody's race out there. bernie sanders and joe biden are the current front-runners according to recent polls. amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren, and pete buttigieg are trailing closely behind. to find out what voters want from the democratic candidates, pod save america cohost jon favreau went across the country looking for answers holding focus groups with voters that democrats need to hold over. they are highlighted in the second season of the wilderness, his other podcast. favreau, who served as barack
8:14 am
obama's head speechwriter from 2005 to 2013 is here at the table with us. good morning, jon. >> good morning. >> so we heard from mitch mcconnell overnight into the evening that he doesn't think he has the votes currently to keep witnesses out of the impeachment trial. >> right. >> but when you're out there talking to voters does impeachment even come up? >> it did not. i was talking to folks in late october when all of the trump administration officials were getting deposed by the house. >> where did you go? >> i went to arizona, wisconsin, florida, and pennsylvania. >> okay. >> major swing states. >> and the only thing they could say about impeachment was i hear a lot of people are testifying for a long time. >> that's it? >> and i think president trump did something bad in ukraine. >> so they're not following along. >> no, at the time they weren't. >> so the divide you put isn't really blue/red, democrat/republican it's paying attention/not paying attention. >> the biggest divide in politics. people will say people who don't pay attention to politics when donald trump is president, maybe they're apathetic, maybe they're ignorant. that is not what i heard at all.
8:15 am
these people tell stories about health care costs, gun control, they want something done on climate change. their problem is when they turn on their televisions they think politics is all about people who are getting paid to yell at each other. and nothing is breaking through to them. >> what kind of voters did you talk to, jon? you talked to trump ed to inwaukeeehe obama/trump voters. they voted for obama and then for donald trump and then they voted for a democratic candidate in wisconsin in 2018. >> how do they explain that switch? they seem like very different candidates. >> i asked them and they said i voted for obama because he was change. one guy actually said he wasn't an old white guy so i voted for obama. then that guy voted for trump. >> was it a white guy who said that? >> yeah. then that guy voted for trump then they voted for tony evers who is governor right now because he was a change from scott walker. >> obama was change. trump was change. who is change right now? probably not joe biden by this perspective. >> it is interesting. they keep wanting change because they feel no one in government
8:16 am
has done anything to tangibly improve their lives. >> yes. >> at least in wisconsin those voters are lookingom who would be different. >> i was surprised a lot of the voters you talked to really only knew a couple candidates, right? >> they only knew joe biden and bernie sanders. a couple knew elizabeth warren. >> what does that say to you? >> most voters don't pay attention to this process until the very end. these are people who are going to vote. every single person said i'm definitely going to vote in 2020. most did not like trump that much. most of the obama/trump voters were actually very disappointed with their vote for trump. >> the three front-runners in most polls are all white men. >> yeah. >> you've got women in 4 and 5, warren and klobuchar who have very similar ideas to some higher in the polls. what explains that gap? is sexism still playing a role? >> absolutely. when i ask people do you think it is harder for a woman to become president or a gai candidate or someone over 70 or a democratic socialist, i asked all of those questions.
8:17 am
personally everyone said, no. i'd be fine with all of that. but when i asked what about people you know? then they said, yeah, i think people would have trouble with a woman running or a democratic socialist. so you start hearing electability that way. >> in a new quinnipiac poll mik. he spent quite a bit of money. >> yeah. >> what do you think that says? >> i think it has to do with all the money he is spending. tom steyer spent a lot of money too but it paels in comparison to michael bloomberg. running that many ads in that many places will get you a bounce. the question is mike bloomberg if he wants to be president has to be a real candidate. you can't run an entire campaign on television i don't think. >> was there anything that surprised you as you went around the country? >> what surprised me was how passionate people are about a whole bunch of issues. >> they are not apathetic. >> they are not. everyone says health care is on the minds of voters. you hear these people tell stories about bunce ride because afraid of a couple thousand
8:18 am
dollars bill. not taking their prescription drugs. and all they want is someone w fast. >> i've seen people who are not apathetic but not passionate about candidates yet in a broad sense. >> no they're not. what they want is, you know, trump has exhausted them. they wish there was someone who just wouldn't like tweet and yell all the time. they're looking for someone who can just calm things down. >> i've heard that a lot, too. >> thanks very much. britain's prince andrew is under intense new pressure over his alleged lack of cooperation in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking case. ahead, we'll talk to royal correspondent roya nikkhah about that and other challenges facing queen elizabeth's family. you're watching "cbs this morning". tom: my mom always told me
8:19 am
actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
8:20 am
♪ five of jeffrey epstein's accusers say they are outraged prince andrew is allegedly providing zero cooperation in epstein's sex trafficking case
8:21 am
here in the u.s. andrew was epstein's long-time friend and said in a november interview he is willing to help investigators provided his lawyers agree. one woman claims epstein pressured her to have sex wit drewhenhe just 1 ce comes weeks after prince harry and his wife meghan made their stunning decision to give up their royal duties and most prestigious titles in their search for privacy. roya nikkhah is in her tenth year covering the royals and is a royal correspondent for "the sunday times" in london and is here to sort it all out. you are never bored in your job. i can say that. let's start with andrew. u.s. authorities had a news conference yesterday, unprecedented, and said andrew has provided zero cooperation. after that debacle of an interview were you surprised that he -- andrew apparently is no the cooperating after he said he would? >> i have to say i'm not really that surprised, gayle. i've seen the reports overnight of andrew saying actually this isn't true. i will provide testimony if i'm asked to. >> they said no one has reached out to them. the fbi said that is not true. >> which is absolutely not true.
8:22 am
gloria allred who as you know represents quite a few of the victims provided my newspaper with a letter she sent andrew in early december. we ran the story asking him to provide sworn testimony to the fbi. so that's just not correct. he has been approached. >> is he so held in high regard with the queen and the other members of the family? >> he certainly is held in very high regard by the queen. you know, she sticks by him. we saw her out riding with him at break, we saw her at church with him last week. i would say amongst the rest of the family while he is still very much part of the family there is a growing frustration that this story continues to bubble and seemingly prince andrew's lack of cooperation seemingly keeps providing fuel. >> you spoke with prince charles last week. >> i did. >> how is he dealing with both prince andrew and with what's happening with harry and meghan? >> well, the prince of wales, i interviewed him at the world economic forum in davos. he played a very integral role in that summit. he was very key with the queen with william and harry and
8:23 am
meghan negotiating that deal. i think there is no doubt, you know, the prince of wales understands he has been through the mill himself over the years. he knows all about, you know, the press and the restrictions of that role. but ultimately, harry is his son. meghan is his daughter-in-law. he wants them to be happy. there is no doubt the prince of wales and william and the queen are really sad about what's happened. >> in a regular family, you're in the family and that's it. family is family. but in the royal family you can step away from a senior role and now there is talk of prince charles wanting to streamline the family. does that mean lay-offs? >> the prince of wales has this vision which he sort of debuted at the diamond jubilee in 2012 of a streamlined monarchy. he is very keenly aware in order to stay relevant the modern monarchy has to seem to be working for a purpose. but for him, that streamlined monarchy always was going to include harry and whoever he chose to be his wife. so he'll be readjusting that now. >> there were reports not long ago the queen would step down
8:24 am
and prince charles would become king but that is not going to happen? >> it is not going to happen. the queen took a bow for the rest o her life. this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. it is 8:25. let's start off with a look at traffic. in san francisco market street is now officially car free. the parameter is down from tempe to mainstreet, westbound from stewart to van ness. keeping a close eye on howard and mission to see if it is more congested. take a look at the roadways. we still have busy conditions on the freeways 880 both directions to hayward. topping go conditions and a small spot along 237 being cleared out of the lanes. an accident to the shoulder. still pretty slow on the westbound side and we are seeing a bit of an improvement northbound 101, 13 minutes from
8:25 am
85 towards the 680/280 connector. north bound 280 looks like from 680 towards 85, give yourself 31 minutes. the is a crash in guadalupe parkway north bouncer 90 minutes 85 to 101. we will see a mix of sun and clouds as we head through the afternoon and we will continue to warm up. today the start of a warming trend for as. mild temps this afternoon, we will continue to warm up this week with highs inland topping out in the low 70s by friday and saturday. partly sunny, cooler on sunday but mild for this time of year. for today, 62 for you in san francisco, oakland, fremont and 62 in summerfield and 64 instead of a and 65 for concord. there we go with that warm-up by thursday and especially by friday and saturday. have a great one. vo: droughts. floods. hurricanes. tornadoes.
8:26 am
donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back to "cbs this morning". time to bring you some of the stories that's the talk of the table this morning. this is where we each pick a story we would like to share with each other and all of you. miss king you're first up. a kobe bryant week for me. i think there's still much to say about this. this one is about delta airlines. she gave an inspiring speech to passengers heading to last hours after kobe bryant's death. take a look. >> not an easy day but we're here with you. if there's someone you haven't spoken to today, call them. if there's somebody you haven't talked to them in a while, call
8:30 am
them. we're here to celebrate life and love. and speak being of love -- >> wow. >> i love you courtney. we might have lost something great today a legend but remember the spirit is still with us always so people in the area were taking pictures of her and put it online. they were giving her big props for her contagious positivity to make it more enjoyable to fly. >> delta counter is like church there. >> yes. go courtney. >> i like that. that's wonderful. >> i got a story about the wienermobile, the oscar wienermobile. you can call it got into a pickle in wisconsin. according to a facebook post from the sheriff's department one of the officers pulled over the wienermobile on sunday. the driver of the 27-foot long hot dog was given a warning after the driver broke the move over law.
8:31 am
the wienermobile had an obligation to change lanes and the wienermobile did not. users relish the post. one wrote -- >> how many -- go ahead. >> one user wrote no biggie the officer only grilled him. >> that's four. >> another said i won how long it took the officer to catch up. >> five. >> i'm sure when they did they had a very frank discussion. >> you're very proud of yourself. >> i didn't write those. blame social media. >> should be pulled over for that statement. >> i only added one. all right. my talk of the table subject is about super bowl liv. four days away. the battle for the best commercial has already begun. a number of super bowl ads have toad the test of time like apple's futuristic 1984 commercial and pepsi's i good-bye to their
8:32 am
8:33 am
iconic mascot mr. peanut. >> joining us now is ad age senior editor jeanine poggi. thanks for being here. planters released an ad which showed mr. peanut being killed off in an explosion but they are not promoting this ad any more. >> they paused the marketing after the tragedy of kobe bryant. they still have plans to run mr. peanut's funeral as a commercial. of course that could change.
8:34 am
currently that's still planned. >> it was a car crash. i could see if it was a helicopter crash. to be honest i didn't even make the connection until people started talking about it. >> it's tough call for brands. no one of plans for any of this. a last minute reaction to see how people are reacting to the spot. we'll see closer to game time. >> now he's a roast ed peanut. let's go to microsoft. >> they are featuring the first female coach who will be coaching the super bowl. >> we'll take a look. >> run it again, run it again. >> people tell me they are not ready to have a woman lead. these guys have been learning from women all their lives. we have these assumptions what women do in life and what men do. >> i'm glad my girls are old enough to see this. >> i'm trying to be the best coach. >> the openly gay coach to coach
8:35 am
in the nfl. >> microsoft is putting women front and center in their super bowl commercials. you'll say olay cast all female cast. you just saw this. before super bowl commercials were not favorable to women. >> this honda commercial with smart park. super bowl commercial. let's take a look. >> look who has got smart pack. >> just the clicker. car parks itself. i can park it anywhere. i parked it. parked it. parked it. >> are you kidding me? >> i parked it. >> very smart for them to pick actors who have a connection. >> i didn't know he was from boston. >> actually i asked the cmo if
8:36 am
they were anticipating the patriots being in the super bowl and if that is their thinking they said they weren't. it would have been nice but not the strategy necessarily. would have been nice. >> i got a boston university wife from massachusetts. we're playing that over and over. >> doritos always makes an appearance. this year what stand out for you? >> they have lil nas x doing "old town road." sam elliott is also appearing. >> lil nas x, a goodyear for him. he won a grammy. a year and a half ago he was sleeping on his sister's floor. now he's in a super bowl commercial and won a grammy.
8:37 am
>> little he cesar's is having first pizza ad. >> i love it. >> what are they trying to do here? >> so pizza, you don't usually see actually in the super bowl. they air ads before the game to get people, to order pizza during the game. this is an u usual one. >> nfl is airing part of its inspire change highlighting shooting of black men. people are applauding the nfl for that. why did they decide to weigh into that. >> this is part of nfl's campaign. not a new spot. it aired a few weeks ago in championship games but to allow it in the super bowl is a big deal. look, they really after the colin kaepernick controversy they really wanted to do some social justice campaigns. that's part of that. >> we'll be watching. the game and commercials at my
8:38 am
house. thank you. a new deal will pay u.s. women's basketball players a lot more as they shoot for olympic history in tokyo. sue bird and diana taurasi are in our toyota green room. hello. they are here. and they won emmys. they want to level the we tried to get the politicians
8:39 am
to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't.
8:40 am
so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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bird bounced past. one for bird. that's wnba stars and four time olympic gold medalist sue bird and diana taurasi scoring against china. u.s. women's basketball team will compete this summer in tokyo and could make history by becoming the first women's team in any olympic team sport to win seven straight gold medals. i like the sound of that. this comes after players including bird and taurasi negotiated a new nba contract that could enable players to triple their salaries. sue bird and diana taurasi join us now. it started with a crayon. let's talk about kobe. he called you, diana, the white
8:43 am
mamba. what does that mean for you >> it's been such a difficult time for a lot of people. who didn't know kobe there was a connection with his work ethics and how serious he took the craft. >> the mamba mentality means what? >> at all costs. >> i think he said at one time, overwork your potential. that's what he did more than anything. he had god given skill but going to work. >> overwork your potential. >> when i heard that and saw him play. i was a freshman in high school when avenues rookie with the lakers. being from los angeles, just growing up with him. >> he was there. >> there was a connection that goes beyond that. >> i knew him too. >> yeah. i met him multiple times. got to spend time with him at the olympics. but i actually got to -- i'm
8:44 am
from new york so i was more a knicks fan. but we go way back. i got to experience kobe through diana's eyes. we played overseas together. every laker came she would come in did you see what kobe did. even though i wasn't a fan of got to welcome support the women's zbham >> you see it. he was at the games. he was present. he spoke about it. his relationship with his daughter who was an aspiring wnba player, uconn player actually. >> you both played at uconn. that was a wonderful tribute they gave to her. >> yes. as hard of a time as it's been really nice to be with each other to be on that uconn court. a place gg wanted to play and honor him and honor her. >> let's talk about the olympics. you mentioned playing overseas together. many in the women's game go overseas to supplement their income. as you train the olympics there's a plan to pay each
8:45 am
player $100,000 to train here in the u.s. why does that matter? >> we spent most of our careers we spent ten years there. we want to keep people here. that's the plan. >> how did you come up with $100,000 or not 50 or 250. why did it start with a crayon. >> you know when you play overseas there's a lot of down time. you're bored. not a lot of people are awake. you literally just chat. we were in america on a usa basketball tour. that's the one little part we're showing you. we were just like talking, spinning ideas. who has a pen. we need to write this down. with our agent who has a 2-year-old all i have is this purple crayon up with $100,000. >> that figure, you know,
8:46 am
whenever you talk about an amount of money you have to go through different resources and avenues. working with usa basketball, working with other players that's a number people would stay and do it. >> how was it received? >> really well. this is two years in the making. any great thing will take some time to build. we had a group chat which was like pretty much all the olym c olympians. what do you think of this. >> nba rolled out a new contract significant increase. how does that change things? >> i mean it just, it puts us in a different category. i think the tone of what the wnba was for the last ten years took this negative connotation to why would i want to play for. now it's something you can strife. as a little kid you want to play in the wnba.
8:47 am
>> was it last year or the year before the league mvp hurt herself overseas because it's a financial thing. will this new contract mean you don't have to travel in the offseason you can be with your families and at home. >> we're starting in a way from scratch. we lived this wnba life for 20 plus years. the this is a whole new life. like you're saying people don't have to go overseas there's opportunity here and hopefully just continues to grow. >> let's talk about sue here, your other half. not your better half who is involved in an equal pay dispute with the soccer league. how frustrating is it in 2020 women are having this conversation about equal pay. >> it actually is different. you know meghan's fight and her teammates with u.s. soccer which is a federation, a nonprofit. some different situation with us wnba. we understand that. we're a business. a lot of people think you should pay us the same as nba.
8:48 am
where we're similar is equity and being marketed the same and being treated the same. it's great to have somebody i can talk to, bounce ideas off of. i learned so much. >> i think it's a two way street. as we were saying, she's the lucky one. >> no better half, equal half. thank you very much for being here. we'll be right back. vo: droughts. floods.
8:49 am
hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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♪ before we go a story many dog lovers can rethe light. a bassett hound in south carolina show how stubborn canines can be on walks. stella bean laid down in the middle of the road and refused to move over one more her inch.
8:52 am
her owner begged her to get up. stella bean does this every time when her walk come to an
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8:54 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. i'm gianna franco . at 8: 55. right now are keeping a close eye on areas in and around market street as this is day one for car-free market street. basically eastbound between 10 to mainstreet, westbound from stewart to van ness. no longer will be available for private vehicles, taxes, some taxicabs as you say, buses and emergency vehicles can use market street and you can crossover but not travel up and down markets. it looks like mission and howard think pretty normal traffic conditions and again as things get busier we will have to see how traffic looks later on but so far things are moving
8:55 am
pretty smoothly. southbound 101 at sir francis drake boulevard we have one blocked. there is debris that will slow you down. once you get to the golden gate bridge traffic is light across the span with no delays and still is he at the bay bridge. a beautiful day across the bay area. mild temps antedate the start of a warming trend for us as a pressure builds in. a lovely look with our treasure island camera with that mix of sun and clouds. as we go through the day the mild temperatures above average for this time of year and we will continue to warm up as we head through the week with highs inland topping out in the low 70s by friday and saturday, a little bit cooler and partly sunny on sunday but so my for this time of year. for today 62 in san francisco and oakland. 60 for san jose, and 65 for concord. looking at 63 for livermore. there we go with that warm-up thursday and especially my friday and saturday. cooler but mild looking ahead to sunday and early next week. have a great day.
8:56 am
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