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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 30, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the center of the controversy. a proposed ordinance that will give ordinances the first right to purchase. in this half hour we interest due shoot to a 49ers fan and performers who are having fun. plus, how jimmy g handles monday morning quarterbacks. michelle is in miami. she is on the beach. we will check in with her. we start with patchy and light fog. temperatures warmer than yesterday. high pressure is building in. here is a live look. temperatures are in the upper 40s in concord and 53 in san francisco. upper 40s for san jose and santa rosa. through the afternoon, look at the temperature. 65 in oakland and fremont is 66.
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68 for concord. we're going to warm up even more looking ahead to the end of the work week. we will talk about that coming up. okay. here are the roadways. there is a report of an accident at 101. one lane is blocked. we will bring you more information as it comes in. look at the bay bridge, no lights yet. a backup at the cash lanes. right now your ride is looking pretty good heading into san francisco. if you go into the city from the north bay so far so good. southbound 101 into san francisco looks good. right now it is a 13 minute drive between 880 and 101. no delays. in overview, traffic is quiet. the slowest spot is traffic moving in through the 580. we have video coming in it
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out of san jose. there is a shooting investigation going on. this is on lee avenue right off the south bay expressway. it's north of the willow glen neighborhood. when police got there, they found a man badly injured who was taken to the hospital. he has been shot at least once. crime scene tape is up surrounding a shopping center. police have not named suspects. back to you. this morning we're live from city hall as the corruption scandal continues. let's go to jackie with the latest. >>reporter: city supervisor matt haney is calling for an investigation on accountability. last night linda crayton resigned from her position as an airport commissioner. according to what she said, she
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cited medical reasons. her attorney says she is the unnamed commissioner in the indictment. it'll let us that ahead of the dpw and nick bovis attempted to bribe her to help secure restaurant lease. she did not accept the bribe. city leaders past and present want to see immediate action taken. >> there is no question he should be fire. there is hardly any oversight. that is a recipe for something like this to happen. >> none of this says his name. >> a push to overhaul the public works department could start today. authorities say they engaged in
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five different schemes involving bribery and kickbacks. there's a lot we don't know about the government's case and where it may go. prosecutors left a lot of important names out. this case could go much further. matt haney we'll talk more about the immediate action he needs to be done later this morning. back to you. the dirt station expands the track and residents could feel the impact. the impacts come with issues for the neighbors. they say the noise and frequent construction are a nuisance and bigger changes are in store as the city plans to add a new google complex across the street. >> i think it is unfair to us who have lived in the neighborhood for such a long time. >> the city is not what it was 10 or 15 years ago. tech is driving the workforce. >> the city council will take up the issue at their next meeting
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in february. a move to keep renters in their homes. it is inspired by a working moms movement. nikki ford of conneaut will introduce a ordinance to give residents of first right to purchase. she wants to make it easier to transfer ownership to tenants. she says her broader goal is to help people of all incomes stay in oakland. kobe bryant's wife is reaching out to the millions mourning the loss of her husband and daughter. she had a message on instagram last night. she wrote, there aren't enough words to describe her pain right now. i take comfort in knowing that they both knew that they were so deeply loved. they were beautiful blessings taken from us too soon. a teen in now laying took a picture of kobe saturday afternoon. the photo is blurry.
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>> i'm keeping them as long as i can and showing them to my friends anfamily. i had it somewhere. it is so special to me. >> as we count down to the super bowl we see red and gold showing 49er pride. >> it is hard to find many flaws. >> that's right. one of the teams biggest criticisms is in their quarterback, jimmy g. i don't know. it's okay. michelle joins us from south beach with that 49ers update. michelle? >>reporter: yes. you're not criticizing jimmy g but a lot of others are. that's because of his numbers in the playoffs.
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let's talk about jimmy g and how he is handling this. >> okay. before we roll video i want to make this point, those who know football know the value of this man. i'm going to give out a stat that nobody talks about. jimmy g is the only quarterback in the nfl in the top five in completion percentage, touchdowns and eight yards per attempt. that's important. as we see in this video, the 49ers have been running the football downhill and he does not need the pass. richard sherman has to come out and defend him. jimmy g says as long as we win, it doesn't matter. >> they find something new to criticize him about. >> people will say what they're going to say.
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we embrace that. it's been like that all season. we're used to it. what we did the last two weeks is incredible, especially in the run game. >> the only criticism that jimmy has drawn has been his lack of texting skills peers he -- for whatever reason -- his teammates will send him a text than he does not respond for three hours. when they see him the next time they give it to him. they say jimmy, it's texting. it's immediate. it's back and forth. >> jimmy says he will work on it. that a weakness that he has. >> if he text back within the same day, i think it counts. >> george says sometimes he texts at night and then he doesn't see them until the next day. it is an issue. >> it's all about winning the game.
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>> when you have a defense like the 49ers do, it is a no brain her. >> we will head out at the beach for a little bit. to work on our tans. we will see you and little bit. >> okay. i'm going to text you and see how quickly you respond. i guess for jimmy -- >> they are going to be working on their tends. >> jimmy g is just studying the playbook. >> i'm a texting guy. i live by it. >> it is efficient. >> okay. we will see you soon. there will be a battle on the field but food banks are joining forces for a friendly competition. anyone can join this a match to
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tackle hunger hunger. stay with us after the game we will have a post game special at 7 pm. 60 minutes will move to our sister station. >> still ahead, someone touched the game and others watch for the ads. this year they have star power. a sneak peek at some of the biggest super bowl ads. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back. we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools.
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welcome back. it is 5:13. this is a live look in miami. three days left until the super bowl. 49ers fans are taking over the sunshine state. >> your california boy. you believe in golden red. you look around and there's nothing but 49ers fans. >> yes.
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there is one man who is making the trip for many extra special. we are joined alive from one of the hot spots, south beach. >> yes. this is going to be packed in just a couple of hours. this is the most popular beach in miami. >> yes. the cabana boys are putting everything out. this place is going to be flooded in just a couple of hours. >> we're talking about a performer who has a unique way of spreading 49ers tear. it is cool because we got to meet him. >> yes. miami beach is filled with street performers. i am seeing guys mimicking michael jackson and then there is a clown in the corner. he came from alameda. he came out here to take advantage of the tourism and make a little money. there will be a lot of people here. this guy, you don't meet too
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many street performers like this one. >> he can turn any frown upside down. >> meet kenny the clown. he is a native from alameda. he is spreading good will and balloons through the streets of miami. >> we want to make kids happy and spread joy. >> his bubble machine is blasting. he engages people walking by. if you see him, giving him a high five. he loves it. >> from his dressing room and his minivanaduaa plan. with candy, he is the quarterback. >> the clown a quarterback.
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the balloons are like the football. >> from san francisco and miami to you. >> take a picture. >> what it is all about is putting a smile on the face of those kids. that is what does it for him. when he is back home he is at fisherman's wharf and all the points of interest. out here he might be out here in just a couple of hours. >> he should come out here. >> he is hard to miss. >> i love that he says the kids are like the receivers and he is the pastor. he is passing the ball to them. >> that is his job.
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he has been doing it 17 years. it is a labor of love for him. he also loves the 49ers. >> yes. do you know what's making us happy right now, the office on south beach. how could you not love this? >> the best office in the world for now. >> i'm not sure they're coming back. >> okay. >> enjoy the time at the beach. we will check back with you in a little bit. thank you. okay. we are getting a sneak peek at super bowl ads that will add during the game. you have to see the later side of this. >> michelob is helping jimmy fallon. he received workout tips from celebrity friends. >> weight. we don't drink sulzer, we drink bud light. one commercial for bud light will air during the game.
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the ads are for the seltzer drink. >> of course, we have a game coming up. let's have a check on the good. so tr affic is quiet. we're seeing a snag on the 101 northbound. there is a crash blocking the middle lanes. that is not too far from the post. if you are going to sfo, give yourself some extra time because of this accident. not a whole lot of delays but that will change because the lanes are blocked. this is eastbound 24. a crash over to the right shoulder. we're seeing delays on the eastbound side as well. westbound side of 580 is low and go.
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you have brake lights at the grant line. it will take you 38 minutes to commute from 205 over toward 680. look at the rest of hour drive s, in the green. no delays on highway 4. even with the crash on the 101, that still looking good. >> we're seeing usual traffic patterns as things start to get a little bit busy. brake lights working toward the toll plaza. no delays out of the northbay. >> okay. it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. temperatures warmer than yesterday. we will continue with that warming trend as we head through the rest of the work. we are looking north and temperatures are running in the
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40s and low 50s. upper 40s for concord and santa rosa. livermore comes in at 43 and 53 in downtown san francisco. we're going to c skies clearing and mostly sunny skies with mild temperatures as we head through the afternoon. warmer for tomorrow. sunny and warm for saturday and we will look at cooler temperatures on sunday. here is the reason why it will warm up today and over the next couple of days, high pressure is building and strengthening. the warmest temperatures will reach 70 degrees this afternoon. on futurecast, hour by hour, you can see plenty of sunshine. for tomorrow, plenty of sun and temperatures warmer. friday will be the warmest day. highs for today are above average. for the south bay 66 in santa
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clara 68 in morgan hill. coming in at 68 in concord. 67 in livermore and san francisco has a high of 64. 65 in alameda and for oakland, 70 degrees. low 70s for windsor. here is the extended forecast with temperatures a little bit warmer for tomorrow. warm and sunny for saturday but we have a cool down. partly sunny skies. a week weather system pushes in. it looks dry for sunday. you will feel the cool down sunday and into next monday. back to you. okay. it is 5:21. still ahead, coming up a way to get your takeout brought to your dorm room. the university that is can my side be firm? and my side super soft? yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now,
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welcome back. food delivery went high tech. >> robots delivering food on campus within 30 minutes. >> yes they have robot service for students.
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they are built by starship technologies. here's how it works. use your parents credit card. >> students place in order. then the robots are loaded with food and use a camera to find their destination. >> we get a reaction. students have been using the app a lot. >> these operate and deliver food anywhere on campus. they want to have robots on campuses within the next two years. a man was injured in a shooting in san jose. we are monitoring the investigation. that's coming up. tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. tech execs murder is unsolved. the new evidence. we're live from miami. how the team is preparing the 49ers. we have you covered. good morning. today is january 30. >> michelle is in miami. first the forecast. beautiful weather. we are looking at high pressure
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building in. temperatures will be even warmer compared to yesterday. if you like yesterday you will like today. this is the camera looking at the bay bridge. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s for many locations this morning. as we head through the afternoon, well above average highs. in the mid 60s in san francisco and oakland. 6 to 11 degrees above average for this time of year and it will continue to warm as we head through the work week. details on that are coming up. we're checking the roadways. metering lights are on on the bay bridge. the trek out of oakland is seeing slight delays.
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we are also seeing some delays out of the ultima pass area. we have a couple of things going on here. we have reports of a broken down vehicle at the 205 blocking the right lane. an accident at eastbound 80. it is busy anyway and the north boulevard has lanes blocked for a crash. an arrest has been made following a brutal attack on a wheelchair bound man. the victim tells us it was all over parking spot. this happened earlier this month at a target parking lot. the victim tells us he approached a woman in a car and pointed out she was in a disabled spot. that encounter fueled a violent assault inside the target store. >> this could destroy me. they just stood around. people did nothing. it would have been easy to stand in front of the wheelchair. >> he was thrown off his
5:32 am
wheelchair and he tried to brace the fall with his left arm. he broke his wrist. police arrested hassan ramon. he is posted bond. surveillance video shows a person of interest in the unsolved murder of a tech executive. the man is lingering in front of the home on a bicycle. he was killed in october. these images were recorded before another video showing suspects walking up to the victims home where they kidnapped him. >> he stops and stares looking at the property. it's not normal. that is why we want to talk to this person and find out the answers. >> the sheriffs department is offering a $200,000 reward. we are continuing to monitor an investigation going on, a shooting this morning on lee avenue near the south bay expressway.
5:33 am
police found a man badly injured. he had been shot. he was taken to the hospital and they put up the crime scene tape. lee avenue has been shutdown ever since. they're not releasing information about emotive or suspects. r super bowl continues. eight defensive star that flies under the radar. we have that from miami. >>reporter: who are we talking about? >> it seems like you're enjoying the beach. >> i'm just relaxing. who are you talking about? >> no. were talking about football. eric armistead has everybody talking. he is getting some sun. >> okay. there are a lot of people talking. >> yes. he brings every defensive snap .
5:34 am
he has 10 snap sacks and did not make all pro. how does that happen? he is a sacramento kid. let me tell you, he is a one- man wrecking machine. i don't care whether it's pass rush, he defends the run, he is one of the dogs of front. so armistead flies under the radar and does not get that much respect across the board. he does for those who really know inside football. >> it is like they are men playing with boys. one was a little bit ahead of the other. i think butner was ahead of armistead. >> teams are counting on number 91. >>:comes from how i long.
5:35 am
oakland raider, howley long. hall of fame player. if you have people like him talking about you, you know you have done something. he is in the fifth year of his deal. he stands to make big money with his next contract. after football, he says he would like to do media. yesterday he was with dennis. he grabbed dennis is mike and did q&a with him. you have to go to the website to see it. we have a posted. it's pretty funny. did you tell him he is making more money in football than tv? >> his agent will talk to him. their reality check will sink in. he needs to continue making defensive plays. >> okay. you get some more sun.
5:36 am
>> come back to us when you want. we are here. >> put on that sunblock. >> i love it. >> i need it. >> okay. get back to work. thank you so much. intensive security measures are in place around the hard rock stadium. >> authorities are using high tech devices to look for anything dangerous from explosives to radioactive material and guns. >> we have this vehicle and cargo inspection system that we scan every vehicle entering the venue. we scan for threats, weapons or explosive devices. we also have our partner organizations with explosive
5:37 am
canine teams that are going to be scanning trucks while they are in our area. >> there is no credible threat to the super bowl but they are staying in what they describe as watch mode. >> a super bowl winner is weighing in and getting high praise 21 49ers star. find out what rob has to say about george kittle. that is /super bowl. tax season is officially open. we are here to discuss what you need to know before you start filing. what is new this year? >>reporter: we get routine inflation adjustments to tax brackets and deductions. there are a couple of new things for the year ahead. we have the penalty for not having health insurance, the individual mandate, that is zero. that means that if you did not
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have insurance coverage last year, you do not have to pay the penalty and you don't have to file any tax forms. you are off the hook. >> the other changes for those whose separation or divorce decrees were finalized after 2018. so in 2019 alimony payments are not deductible and they are not treated as taxable income. don't freak out. the old royal rules still apply. you are grandfathered in. >> all right. where should taxpayers start? >> gather your documents. you should have everything in a week or two. most people have what they need. you have to figure out how you are going to file. here is a big reminder. any taxpayer who earns $69,000 or less, that's 100 million american filers, you can use free file. it is a free tax preparation
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program. go to some providers have free federal and state tax help. it prompts you to get missing information. you can also get free information. there are questions related especially for seniors. for tax filing season, including big scams that are out there, go to my website. >> okay. get pumped for tax season. >> always good to see you. it is 5:39. still ahead, we continue our super bowl coverage. michelle will join us next live from miami with one spot that all
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tourists need to go, the everglades. we are starting off the day with temperatures in ice? is this for real? not exactly... thats bargain bliss setting in you're basking in the glow of organic produce at shockingly low prices i guess the choir isn't real? oh no, they're real... they shop here every sunday
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in 2016 i warned thatt donald trump was a dangerous demagogue,
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and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>> if you go to the everglades you get on these airboats. 1.5 million acres of wetlands. it is beautiful. a lot of animals live there. i found a new friend, an alligator. i saw a handful of alligators but they stay away.
5:44 am
you are safe. there are snakes in the water and pythons which is a troublesome thing. it is invasive. they have a contest to catch and kill these pythons. there are beautiful birds. the most important thing about the everglades is the grass. it is food for the animals and slows the river down and filters the water so it is nice and pure for the animals to drink. it is sharp. if you handle it wrong it can slice your hand, even if you are wearing gloves. our tour guide was pretty awesome. he told us that the alligators are more afraid of us. they will stay away. you know, i was kind of glad that i was far away and want a boat. there cool to see. anyone coming down to miami
5:45 am
beach for the super bowl, you need to go to the everglades. it is not too far away. >> you should have gone in for debt. >> i wouldn't be here today if i did that. >> don't be afraid of those gators. >> did disco blue have a favorite team he is rooting for? >>reporter: i did ask him that and he stammered a little bit and he said i don't know, maybe the 49ers? >> i don't think disco lou is a huge football fan. >> okay. thank you so much. >> the national retail federation has its super bowl survey. 194 million people will tune in. this year's spending will be the highest ever for super bowl
5:46 am
, $17.2 billion. the figure overthrows the recent highest historical spending of 15.5 billion from 2016. tune in for super bowl specials after our evening shows tonight and tomorrow night. okay. let's check traffic and weather. not as exciting as the everglades. >> she's having fun. >> yes she is. the game is just around the corner. >> look at the roads. right now we are seeing some conditions on westbound 580. we have had a couple of accidents cleared off our map. we have a broken down at 205 in the 580 connector. there is an accident at basco road. that is to the shoulder. those have been cleared out of the lanes but there is a slow crawl through there. in looks like the east shore
5:47 am
freeway is holding steady at 16 minutes. all that changes once you travel into the maze because there are metering lights on at the bay bridge. we had an earlier trouble spot on the 101 and that has been cleared out of the lanes. if you are going toward sfo, traffic is pretty quiet. look at the 101 out of the south, that is loading up. slower speeds around 280 at the 680. typical morning patterns there. before that you should not have any delays. you are clear on 280 through downtown. meter lights are on at the bay bridge. a slow ride there. don't forget, car free market street is in effect. okay. good morning. it is going to be a fantastic
5:48 am
day. we have sunshine and temperatures on the rise. here is a live look looking south. you can see patchy and light fog rolling in. upper 40s in conqueror, oakland and santa rosa. 53 for downtown san francisco. as we take you through the afternoon, temperatures warm into the low 60s. upper 60s to near 70 degrees inland. we will have clearing for the afternoon. it is because of the strong ridge of high pressure building in. it is a dominant weather feature. we could reach 70 degrees this afternoon. for the afternoon futurecast takes you an hour by hour. at 3 pm you can see sunshine for the bay area. for friday a little more sunshine and temperatures a little warmer. friday will be the warmest day
5:49 am
of the week. warm and sunny on saturday. changes for sunday. tracking our next weather system , that brings wet weather to the pacific northwest and this upper level trough will bring cooler temperatures and breezy conditions for sunday. five to 10 degrees cooler on sunday. it does look dry to end the weekend and even into next week. son rises at 7:15. daytime highs well above average for this time of year. to the south bay, daytime highs 66. 67 in san jose and 68 for morgan hill's. concord and pleasant hill, upper 60s. san francisco will see a high of 64 later on today. 70 and santa rosa and 71 for roanoke park.
5:50 am
temperatures a little bit warmer friday. warm and sunny on saturday. check out sunday, five to 10 degrees cooler with partly sunny skies and breezy. we will feel the difference sunday. cooler on monday and then warming up for the middle of next week. happening today the san jose sharks want to honor military servicemembers. there will be an afternoon of hockey on the deck of the uss hornet. pickup drills start at 2:30. there were also be a meet and greet between the players and that military families. is something you might not want to find on your couch, a
5:51 am
giant snake. next, what one man did after finding a boa constrictor in his couch cushions. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back. we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people
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we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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good thursday morning. we start off the day with patching and light fog. as we head through the afternoon get ready for warm temperatures. mid 60s in san francisco and oakland. let's look of the roadways. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. once you get across the upper deck, no delays. car free market street is now in place. we heard of snakes on a plane. what would you do if you found one in your couch? >> one man found an eight foot boa constrictor under cushion it is couch. the kansas man is baffled. he said he was getting ready
5:55 am
for work and could not find his keys. he checked the couch. he pulled back the cushion to find a big snake. he called 911. police and fire arrived to remove an eight foot snake from the home. >> i took my gloves off and you could handle him easily. he was very gentle and docile. >> it is not clear where the snake came from or how long it was in that man's couch. it will probably be adopted by a local program teaching kids about reptiles. it is 5:55. streaming, moving day is underway at a homeless cam. the new deadline for campers. ergo
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growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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y3qppy yi0y live, this is kpix 5 news. streaming, san francisco supervisor calls for closer look into the official e ceer involved. nemes shots fired near a gas station. a gunman is on the run. we're live with a full report of a hotspot for taurus to and the criticisms surrounding the star
6:00 am
quarterback. good morning. it is january 30. this get a check of your forecast. not as warm as miami, but we will take it. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. temperatures will continue to warm up. this is a live look getting ready for super bowl sunday. you can see the tower lit up in red and gold. check out the temperature. mid to upper 40s to low 50s. for the afternoon, we will warm- up. take a look at the temperatures later on today. 64 in san francisco and rapid city 66. warmer for tomorrow. details are coming up. okay. looking at the roadways we have reports of an accident along 237 at matilda.
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traffic is starting to slow


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