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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 31, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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up at first it is our forecast. we are warming up. maybe not as warm as miami. >> that's right. not as warm as miami but we are looking at very warm conditions here in the bay area. the warmest day of the week is today. it ready for that and enjoy it with plenty of sunshine as we head through the afternoon. after starting off the day with patchy fog. watching that for the south bay, the coast and even dense fog for the north bay this morning. mild temps as we head into saturday. sunshine and that will continue that much cooler and breezy are on sunday. for today 66 in san francisco, 67 oakland and 70 for san jose. will talk about that weekend forecast coming up but dealing with dense fog again. >> heads up if you're traveling in the north bay. limited visibility could hinder your drive but were seeing quite conditions. it is friday light for the most part on a 80, 101, 280 and
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along the peninsula. we have break lights west bound 580 out of tracy into the altamont pass. an accident blocking one lane right at grant line road and that is a busy area anyway. your drive times, 25 minutes, 205 680. once past that no delays at the dublin interchange. as we take a live look to capitol hill where the impeachment trial against president trump has reached a major turning point. the senate will decide whether to hear from witnesses today. if they do not it could vote whether or not to remove president trump from office as early as tonight. gop senator susan collins and mitt romney have already indicated their support to hear more testimony and witnesses. lascaux republican senator lisa murkowski says she will decide later today. democrats need cooperation from four republicans to call witnesses to the stand. >> shifting and turning in his bed, sweating like a dog, how am i going to get in? he didn't do anything wrong? how am i going to get them?
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>> a trial should have witnesses. >> if witnesses are called president trump's defense team says they want to hear from the bidens and the whistleblower who raise concerns about the potential quid pro quo. a car slams into a vapor vent outside of a gas station. it happened around 3 am at the chevron. 32 firefighters arrived on scene in force and rest for the rescue. >> it did provide us with an electrical hazard but we managed to control that. >> authorities are still on scene investigating. no word on the extent of the person's injuries. happening today a man arrested in the deadly alameda county hit man crash is set to face the judge. 29-year-old alexander mcgee was taken into custody in oakland on wednesday. and investigators say last monday he was assaulting a woman in his car when an officer approached, he took off. mcgee is accused of running over another woman.
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a 58-year-old transient during the chase. then fleeing on interstate 80. the victim has not been identified. one of the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial will get a date for his next trial. the warehouses former master tenant there, and is set to appear at an oakland courthouse this morning. the new trial was originally set for sometime in march but yours deadlocked on his innocence in the first trial. he faces manslaughter charges and up to 39 years in prison. monsanto, the company behind a controversial weekend is set the face a new trial today in martinez. the plaintiff is a former landscaper. monsanto is facing thousands of lawsuits across the u.s. by people who allege exposure to the product causing them to develop non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the first trial against monsanto and did two years ago with a unanimous jury verdict of $289 million for a school district groundskeeper.
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live look for miami as we continue our super bowl countdown. just two days and a little more than six hours. >> we have live team coverage all morning long. michelle and vern are in miami. >> but let's get to jackie ward ns is still trying to head or out. broken don't think -- we've got bright colors and check it out. wedding goal displayed proudly. it's been this way all week long. you have to be a very a full fan if you're heading to miami. moments after the niners and chiefs won their respective championship games some airlines announced increases and decrease. american airlines also announced five extra nonstop flights between the bay and miami. two from inanna and three from here in sfo. sub hub is breaking that was fans are by most tickets to the game and california fans are
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showing up. they have purchased about 21% of seeds followed by missouri and kansas fans at 19%. the average fan is traveling at about 1500 miles to get to hard rock stadium and this year the average price of a ticket is just over $6300. but stop arm is doing something new this year to help out. and make the price easier to digest. >> what we're doing together is allowing people to purchase tickets in installments. so you don't get that sticker shock upfront. you can pay it off. >> like a layaway parent. that he likes that. >> reporter: when it comes to the biggest event for demand and tickets the super bowl is number one. followed by the masters, coachella, college football championship and the u.s. open. we are hoping later on this morning to run into fans who are going to miami to celebrate all weekend long. fingers crossed, right?
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why from sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. while most people in miami are enjoying the party that is super bowl week it has been all business for the 49ers. >> our crew the main focus was staying healthy. michelle griego and john vern glenn joining us for the final session before sunday's big- game. >> reporter: guess what, the team will be happy because we have seen a lot of fans come around this morning already. they are in town and ready. >> one got off the plane and came up did a live tease with you and now he is in heaven. >> he is 49er golden. that he is prepping, yesterday the entire team practice at the university of miami to get ready. >> they will do the same thing again but two things. know your assignments, do your job, stay healthy. noncontract drills today.
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including for jimmy garoppolo who is going for his third super bowl ring. and the thing with jimmy garoppolo this time last year he was coming back from a torn acl. >> about a year ago i was learning how to run again. i don't know, when you look back on everything it makes you realize how special this moment is, it's one of those things you can't take for granted so you don't know if you ever been back here so you have to make it count while you can. >> garoppolo won the super bowl rings as a backup to tom brady so he's got a chance to do it now as a starter. they will have a walk-through tomorrow at the stadium. sunday, as said, let's get it on. >> they do the walk-through so they can get the lay of the land, right? >> yes, test the field and turf. they have to figure out what size cleats they want to wear. it's kind of the time to lock
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in and get focus. >> get focus, the 49ers are in town and were talking to some of the fans as they come around. a lot of people in red and gold. we are stepping up our on- air coverage as the big game gets closer so super bowl liv, tune in for a lie special tonight at 7:30. stay with kpix 5 after nice big game and we will air post get special at 7 pm right after the super bowl. 60 minutes will move to our sister station it is 6:08. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, all the star power hitting radio row in miami. up next our super bowl coverage continues with a look at all of the buzz. the warm-up continues across the bay area.
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to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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to keep 49ers fans up to speed on super bowl pregame festivities and more dozens of radio stations and other media outlets ground radio row. >> it's a staging event at the miami beach convention center. michelle and vern joining a five from miami with more. guys. >> reporter: there are a lot of star power at radio row. we were lucky because you got to hang out there for a while. >> if you are a legitimate sports radio station and you get a seat in radio row room,
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you are really something. it is something to behold. it is a huge, huge room with athletes just roaming around, sitting down, let's show you a little bit of what it's really like in their. give us a sense of what it's like? welcome to super bowl radio row. over there is not miller of the broncos. and their it is super sports agent leigh steinberg. >> i want that chiefs to win. >> reporter: players filled the room and sit and give their takes on what is going to happen in super bowl liv. >> is not just running the routes but knowing what the defense is doing. >> the kansas city chiefs i double digits. you will randomly be doing a segment and here comes a
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player. and then here comes another one. those guys will sit down and talk with you. that is without question the best part. >> the best of the best in sports radio is in this room. its history, it goes back more than 25 years and has evolved. >> a lot of these athletes come in and they have a foundation or there is a sponsor so they get in their and talk about their product and foundation. and then talk football and get their take on what will happen in the game. it is really, really cool. >> it is a long day for some of them also. >> yes, because they go from table to table and you have three minutes and they just stand there and at the end of thsay to wrap it up and then they go to the next radio station.
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>> >> non-top -- >> if we got paid by the word we could live here on ocean drive. >> right now as we get a check of the roads with gianna. >> pretty busy if you're making the commute out of the east bay into marin county. we have a hot spot on 37 west bound. make sure you get a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge as you might want to use this instead. the problem is west bound 37, a couple cars tangled up right around railroad avenue. blocking lanes but seeing a lot of yellow and red as a result of definitely slow as you work
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your way through their. drive times go 80 towards one- to-one using 37 will take you 38 minutes in comparison to 580 which is only seven minutes to go across the richmond-san rafael bridge. aptly a good choice this morning to do that instead. clearing a crash west bound 580 a grant mind. in the left lane and seeing some stopping go conditions but it is so friday like. sing like conditions want to pass grant line towards the dublin interchange. no red get on our sensors here. as far as our drive times go west bound 580 to 205 only 26 minutes. that is it so good news every eastshore freeway clear as well. highway 4 to the may 17 minutes at any with site traffic is quiet as well. traffic is stacking up at the bay bridge. this is usual and metering lights are on. a busy spot there and once you're on the upper deck no delays and starting to see things sticking out as you had
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across the san mateo bridge. filling in between 880 towards one-to-one. drive times right around 60 minutes if you're traveling out of hayward into foster city. one psalm 101 if you are headed northbound 101 at bayshore boulevard we have reports of an accident blocking at least one lane and according to our sensors we are seeing slow speeds and a backup. plan for that. 280 looking much better. >> tracking fog along the coast and also for the south bay and especially for the north bay. dense fog for you. your is a live look with our san jose camera this morning with cloudy skies and some dense fog this morning. we are looking at 47 for you in san jose right now. 47 in concord as well. 50 oakland, 42 livermore, san francisco 52 and 44 for santa rosa and dealing with the foggy conditions in santa rosa. along the coast yesterday you had the drizzle and cloud cover that hung around and as we go through the day we should see some clearing. low to mid 60s for the coast to
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mid 60s for the bay without sunshine and warming up in land to the upper 60s to low 70s. and san jose you will likely hit 70 degrees today. the last time you did that was december 12 of last year so going 49 days and today likely breaking that streak. in san jose 70 later in the afternoon. 10 degrees above average for this time of year. still warm saturday and check out the dip in temps beginning sunday. monday and tuesday, the low with this weather system dropping our for all of us. the ridge of high pressure in control today and for tomorrow. dry and mild and change is ahead. warm into the weekend with a strong wage but that low pressure system will usher in that stronger onshore flow meeting chillier temps, raise your conditions for sunday, and the time it all out for you taking you hour-by-hour. you can see the sunshine as we
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go through the day today. warm and sunny for saturday and then for sunday we are going to be much cooler and there is a chance to see a few showers for the far north bay later on sunday. so we are looking at our sunrise at 7:14 and sunset at 5:31. daytime highs above average for this time of year. many locations about 5 to 10 degrees above average and 70 in sunnyvale, 71 campbell, los gatos and morgan hill. topping out at 70 in livermore. upper 60s in concord and pleasant hill. 66 in san francisco and 67 in oakland and 71 for santa rosa. 70 in cloverdale. here's an extended forecast of what you can expect to enjoy the sunshine, warm temps today and tomorrow and all of us by sunday will be in the 50s. definitely dealing even chillier with the strong winds expected. still cool monday and warming up into next week. the latest snow survey reveals california snowpack is in decent shape. the department of water resources measured the water content in the snow earlier
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today. the water content is 14.5 inches and it translates to 75% of average for february. these levels are below average and water officials are hoping for more storms your conditions don't normally peak until april. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . a san francisco highs cool post to end the decades long tradition. coming up its possible impact on learning. and before we head to break taking a live look from a suture tower cam looking east. what a gorgeous view of the city of san francisco. it is 6:20 right now. kpix 5's michelle griego, vern glenn and dennis o'donnell are in miami with coverage of the game. the number of uninsured americans,
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rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people,
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including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. is this for real? not exactly... thats bargain bliss setting in you're basking in the glow of organic produce at shockingly low prices i guess the choir isn't real?
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oh no, they're real... they shop here every sunday
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a live look at city hall were students from the city college of san francisco will rally against class cuts today. the chancellor is looking into cuts affecting african-american studies, philippine studies and older adult classes. the rally starts at 9:30 am. one of san francisco's catholic schools is breaking with tradition. the all-male student body of our bishop riordan highs cool is welcoming girls down from mercy high school. the all-female school on 19th street was forced to osficials experience will be the same. despite some concerns. >> it's easy to raise your hand in a classroom surrounded by other males. it's not necessarily something they would be doing here people
6:25 am
would not participate as much in those classrooms. >> the school as a whole will be coed. the classrooms will remain separated by gender. now to our original series project home. rvs be a new temporary fix for california's growing homeless sites. >> a local nonprofit confirms in rare cases it does provide rvs for people living on the streets. >> kimberly hunter wilson and her husband are living in either an impressive display of human ingenuity. this collection of tents comes complete with a kitchen, pinching, functioning shower and even cable. though unfortunate the cable and signal goes in and out with each passing train. >> it's home. i mean, it's as close to home as were going to get right now. >> some critics say they are just going to cause more problems with illegally parked vehicles on the streets. bay area community services say four clients total have been
6:26 am
permanently housed in trailers. please keep sending your stories and ideas to and see all of our original reporting on our website. still ahead in our next half hour and streaming on cbsn bay area, a major deadline for those hit hardest by the deadly kincade fire. coming up homeowners need to know. and here on ocean drive in miami we are seeing lots of 49er fans coming out. weighing in on the big game on sunday. coming up tom: my mom always told me
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louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i just want to be careful. >> now at 6:30 and streaming on cbsn bay area, concerns that the deli coronavirus continue to grow. this morning the global health emergency. and we are live in miami continuing our countdown to the niners biggest game since 1995. a look at how the tables have turned for their head coach. good morning. it is friday, january 31 . i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. michelle is in miami and we will have more from her coming up. the time now is 6:30. check in with weather and traffic. versus mary. >> monday -- friday. one of my thinking. sorry two everybody. we are looking at our "suits"
6:31 am
camera you can see the fog rolling in across the golden gate. now let show you what you can expect. the warmest day of the week is today. mostly sunny skies as we head through the afternoon. we are going to see that clearing as we go through the day with mild above average daytime highs. sunny and warm looking ahead to tomorrow but cooler and breezy are for your sunday. we will talk more about the weather system for the end of the weekend coming up. we are looking forward to the weekend. taking a look at the roadways, if you are out and about, northbound 101, a crash clearing through their near san mateo and it looks like it's out of the west lane over to the right shoulder. still seeing slow speeds. we've got of a big of a backup. northbound out of san mateo as you work your way through their. it improves once you get down. and developing this morning the coronavirus outbreak has been declared a mobile -- a global health emergency.
6:32 am
the outbreak reached 22 countries outside of mainland china and this morning nearly 60 million people in china are under lock-down. here is a live look from sfo this morning. as coronavirus fears amount, many airlines are canceling flights to china. fear of the coronavirus has led to the cancellation of three lunar new year advances week. two in palo alto and one in dublin. travelers are taking no chances even though there are no cases in the bay area. at sfo you can see airline workers and passengers wearing masks including people not traveling to china. >> i am in a common space that i don't know where people are coming from to just want to be careful. >> when it comes to risk such as this we see quickly how misinformation can be very counterproductive. >> screenings at sfo started two weeks ago for travelers
6:33 am
from wuhan. the epicenter of the virus, yesterday health officials come from the first u.s. case a person to person spread of the coronavirus and it was reported in illinois. as we take a live look to capitol hill or the impeachment trial against president trump has reached a major turning point, the senate will decide whether to hear from our witnesses today but if they don't, they could vote on whether or not to remove the president from office tonight. democrats need cooperation from at least four republicans to witnesses to the stand that it is unlikely. today in oakland students call for president trump's impeachment and are walking out of class. and marching to say that dr. bill. the policy protects people who were brought into the country as children. march starts at 11:00 this morning in oakland fruitvale plaza. by any means necessary the organizing coalition says it's goal is to defend daca, obstruct i.c.e. and stop deportation. property owners whose homes and structures were destroyed by the kincade fire have to
6:34 am
submit plans for removal of hazardous debris today. losses from the fire totaled about $620 million. the cause of the kincade fire has not been officially determined and pg&e says there was a problem at a transmission tower near the ignition point. >> this morning recommended guidelines for pg&e could limit the impact of its emergency power shutoffs. they regulators what the utility company to set a goal of restoring all service within 24 hours of the end of a dangerous weather event. the cpuc also wants better communication with state and local agencies. as well as additional steps to help customers like those with medical needs. it also wants pg&e to publicly explain why each is shut off wasn't deemed necessary. pg&e says it has already implemented some of the recommendations and will continue to work with the state to refine the process. this morning some san francisco supervisors want to know why it took the feds to uncover a city corruption
6:35 am
scandal. supervisor mahaney says after the fbi charge public works director mohammed nuru with wire fraud, his office fielded several calls from dpw employees alleging ongoing corruption within the department. haney is among three supervisors now calling for an independent investigation outside the city attorney's office. as we take a look at coit tower this morning, we get back to the super bowl coverage, radical flashing all over the bay area. yesterday was the last day that the 49ers and she's spoke to the media. >> they have been building questions all week so let's head to miami and michelle, you've got one nfl hall of famer's take before the big game. good morning. >> reporter: i guess, but before that we had a take from a hall of famer fan right here. ethan just flew in last night to see the game. you have been a 49ers fan
6:36 am
forever. >> since 1981 when we first got to the super bowl. i was six years old and didn't know any better so i have been a fan ever since. >> what you think will happen on sunday? besides the win. >> the niners have been playing great football and i think they present the biggest challenge that mahomes is based on defense. i like our chances and i think it will come down to some great mistakes or turnovers by either side. i'm super excited. >> a lot of changes have been made to the team and it is proved to work this year. >> yes, coach shanahan, you can't say he's not a great coach the way he's put this team together. >> you go out and have fun with all the festivities ahead of the game. speaking of kyle shanahan, and come in here. you had a hall of famer who actually was talking about the coach. >> we talked to deion sanders last night on our countdown to kickoff special. he was talking about kyle shanahan and the apple does not
6:37 am
fall far from the tree because of dad as you know one is superb while with the denver broncos but in the case of kyle shanahan he was a ballboy for the 49ers when they last won here in miami in january, 1995. and his favorite player at the time, deion sanders. a couple decades later the tables have turned and here is his take on shanahan. >> not that you will remember a young kyle shanahan on the sidelines in 95. but it's kind of trippy. 4025 years later his back. and coach of the team. >> not only had coach but he is one of the reasons for the season. this guy genetically first of all, he gets up from his daddy, his dad was one of the best i've ever seen. >> i asked prime time what he expect to see on sunday and he says i expect to see good
6:38 am
football. to him it doesn't matter the niners achieved but he wants to see good football. speaking of good football, guess who is at the convention center right now? waiting for me and dennis? joe montana and jerry rice. what a job i've got. >> reporter: what are you doing here. if there waiting for you over there. >> i will finish up my duties your first. >> reporter: there you go, fans coming in and getting ready for super bowl sunday for the exciting on ocean drive in miami. >> we feel the bike. it sounds a bit. thank you so much. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, he is up for nfl rookie of the year but according to his mom he is always a winner. our exclusive interview next. wall street opened up just about 10 minutes ago. the dow is down this morning the number of uninsured americans,
6:39 am
rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back. friday morning, 6:41, west bound 580 reports of an accident near greenville. it is causing a bit of a backup as you work your way through the altamont pass. busy on 580 coming away from 205/580 connector. things improved what you hit the dublin interchange. it is the deadline for open aroma in cover california. more than 32,000 people have enrolled since monday. state law for the 2020 requires californians to have health insurance or face penalties. on the other hand the state is providing financial aid for insurance coverage. this morning that coronavirus is having a bigger impact on u.s. businesses than expected. >> joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> we are seeing the impact grow across u.s. companies as the coronavirus spreads across
6:43 am
china and new cases are reported around the world. levi strauss based in san francisco says it is closing half of its stores in china and that will dampen its near-term growth in the country. levi says it is already dealt with the ongoing protest in hong kong and that has had an impact. levi stock is moving lower. a number of u.s. airlines are looking at canceling flights to china. tech companies also dealing with potential supply line disruptions. most of those factories in china have been closed for the extended lunar new year holiday and expected to open next week but we will see how it impacts companies like apple and google would do a massive supply chain in the country. consumer spending goes modestly in december. overall for the fourth quarter spending was up less than 2%. it cooled off after the quarters and the third and second. stock market is heading lower today on coronavirus concerns. let's see how were doing so far. dow dropping 200 points and the
6:44 am
nasdaq down 14 points the s&p down 14 points and amazon doing what it can for the tech sector. it stock is up r marketcaback o $1 trillion. juet and kenny, back to you. it is 6:44. as our super bowl coverage continues, taking a live look at the skylight in miami. >> we're two days away from super bowl liv. >> the nfl rookie of the year announcement came as no surprise to 49er fans. >> and had to be nick bosa. michelle griego joins us live from miami and tells us no one is prouder than bosa's mom. >> reporter: of course, she is so proud of her son, both of her sons, they are both nfl players but, yes, nick is a star and we all know that. he was awarded rookie of the year but to mom who lives in
6:45 am
fort lauderdale still, he is just neck. >> i cook for him and they come over and they throw a fishing pole in the water. i moved here 10 years ago. >> reporter: cheryl bosa said still is in the house her son nick bosa spent his teenage years. >> when the kids were little the trampoline was my savior. so i always had to say, you know, get outside and go on the trampoline. >> reporter: her boys nick and joey are both nfl stars. joey a charger, nick a 49er. both sport the number 97 like their dad john did in his nfl career. when they were younger and would roughhouse, mom says nick would be the one crying. >> joey was so much bigger than him. they were rough. they were crazy. >> reporter: now nick is crazy on the field and relentless on the attack and playing the super bowl in his own backyard. >> to be representing in his hometown is just incredible for him. >> reporter: she says nick is
6:46 am
ready for sunday. as for mom, -- >> come game day i am an absolute basketcase. >> reporter: she is a little nervous but she thinks the 49ers will take it. i asked her what you will wear to the game and she said because the players will wear their white jerseys with the gold pants, that is what she's doing. >> i wonder if she has a special routine she does the daylight, i don't know, some kind of superstition. anything like that? >> reporter: i don't know about that. maybe biting some nails, but she had so much confidence in the team and in nick that i think she is going in feeling pretty good about it. >> i wonder what her grocery bill was like? she clearly cooked because it kept coming back home, right? he met her grocery bill is still high. because when they are off season they still come to the house purchases almost every
6:47 am
day and asked what's for dinner. >> it paid off. they are superstars in the nfl. great job. will check back in with you in a bit. thank you. happening today the san francisco police and fire departments have a big message ahead of sunday's big-game. >> represent responsibly and with pride. >> go niners! >> bill scott and fire chief jean nicholson reminding you to show support and stay safe. in just a few hours the mayor is expected to join them at the stadium in golden gate park to discuss how they are preparing for the big crowds on sunday. it will be warm in miami on sunday. 80s? >> at kickoff, upper 60s. really nice and we are looking at much cooler temperatures here. >> we can still barbecue, right? lots to celebrate with the niners. >> you just need a tv. a tv and some good food.
6:48 am
>> travel times right now, look at this. receiving pretty nice conditions this morning on the roadways. if you have an early start to your day so far so good through the altamont. it's in the green so that is good nine news. there are a couple hot spots through their. but things seem to be moving better watch her pass the trouble spots. highway 4 not showing any delays at all. in fact 35 minutes from antioch to the eastshore freeway. on the eastshore freeway itself slow, 23 minutes from highway 4 to the maze and break flight out of san jose northbound 101 and then you get better once you pass the area in san mateo along one-to-one. taking a look at traffic through the altamont, west bound 580, the book of the delays coming from the connector, you will see break lights when you travel near greenville. we have a crash in the clearing stages. what makes things lighter than usual for this area it is friday and was card on the road but there's an accident in
6:49 am
tracy, west bound 205 at tracy boulevard. it's an overturned big grid that is been there all morning. a lot of people are using alternate to get over into the ultima. the bay bridge, metering lights are on and backed up to the maze. when you get to this portion traffic is ok pass the metering lights heading into san francisco. getting excited for the big game, i think recognize the two super fans. >> look at these cutie pies. we have falcon and debbie. gianna's little boys. they are so enjoyable. cheering on our 49ers. not to love it. but talk about our forecast in miami. super bowl sunday ten-day forecast and for the 49ers they will deal with gorgeous conditions. in miami upper 60s and kickoff with mostly clear skies. for us in the bay area some big changes ahead and i will talk about in just a moment but beautiful start to the day. you can see the golden colors in the sky above the fog out
6:50 am
there. looking at temps in the 40s and low 50s. 47 in concord and san jose, 50 oakland and livermore coming in at 42. 52 san francisco and 44 for santa rosa. it is foggy along the coast for parts of the bay and dealing with dense fog in the north bay. for the coast, it took a while. we had the drizzle and fog yesterday morning and we should see some clearing as we go through the day. low to mid 60s for the coast and warming to the mid-sixties in land with mostly sunny skies and check out our inland locations. well above average for this time of year. high-pressure continues to build in. today and tomorrow dry and mild conditions but big change is ahead looking tondaywith an ex- weather system. but for today plenty of sunshine. futurecast taking you hour-by- hour. sunny skies and more temps for
6:51 am
saturday. warm into the weekend and then tracking this low pressure system that will usher in stronger onshore flow and with it cooler temperatures, easier conditions on sunday and there is a slight chance to see a few showers especially across the north bay. for today, 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. 70 in sunnyvale, santa clara and san jose. later on this afternoon 71 morgan hill and livermore will see a high of 70 degrees. upper 60s in concord and pleasant hill. 66 san francisco and 67 in open. topping out at 70 for cloverdale. a warm day today and for tomorrow. comes on sunday dropping down to the 50s for all of us and then warming up next week. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, all hands on deck following a nasty crash at a san francisco gas station. coming up the scare for the crews as they pulled out the driver. the 49er faithful fans still left in san francisco are heading to miami are most likely flying out today. next you will tell you how much they will pay if they are actually going to the game.
6:52 am
good morning. ahead on "cbs this morning" will have the latest on the impeachment trial where it is looking more likely no witnesses will be called. last the growing gap between rich and poor is one of the biggest challenges facing the country. we will help people understand how the american economic pie is being split. and achieves and 49ers are set to meet on super bowl sunday. we will bring you our annual super bowl growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
6:53 am
6:54 am
to deal with the problem.icians but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen. ice?
6:55 am
is this for real? not exactly... thats bargain bliss setting in you're basking in the glow of organic produce at shockingly low prices i guess the choir isn't real? oh no, they're real... they shop here every sunday i'm jackie ward live inside sfo where we have run into some niner fans were getting on early morning flights for fort lauderdale or miami, florida. they are heading to the super bowl. i just booked a one-woman who won a pair of tickets back on december 31. but she only got the if the niners made it to the game. just this past wednesday she finally got the coveted tickets
6:56 am
and she is now on her way to miami to see the game in person for free. >> i really couldn't believe it. it sounded like i had a chance to go to the super bowl but it wasn't real clear to me. i sent it to my daughter and she looked it up and she said mom, i think this is real. >> stub hub is breaking down which fans are buying the most tickets this year. california fans are showing a pick they purchased about 21% of the seats followed by missouri and kansas city. the average fan is traveling about 1500 miles to get to the hard rock stadium in miami and this year the average price of a ticket just over $6300. the woman we spoke to said face value of her tickets was 1400 each and she said she still would not pay that much money for them. live at sfo, jackie work, kpix 5. time for a look at this morning's other top stories to carson wentz into a vapor vent outside of a gas station. it happened around 3 am at the
6:57 am
chevron. 33 firefighters arrived on scene and rush to rescue one person. no word on the extent of that person's injuries. a man arrested in a deadly alameda county hit-and-run crashes set to face a judge today. 29-year-old alexander mcgee is accused of assaulting a woman and running from police the running over another woman during the chase. the coronavirus outbreak has been declared a global health emergency this morning. there are more than 200 deaths and nearly 10,000 cases in mainland china. yesterday health officials confirmed the first u.s. case of a person to person spread of the coronavirus reported in illinois. today the impeachment trial is at a turning point. senators will decide if they will let witnesses testify but democrats the four republican senators to vote with them. is unlikely to happen. the senate could vote to acquit the president tonight. today is the deadline for the kincade fire victims to
6:58 am
submit plans for debris removal. losses from the fire are about $620 million. taking a look at the roadways, not too bad. the south bay, reports of a trouble spot saratoga on-ramp to 280 but not affecting the mainline. everything is in the rain with the exception of one lupe parkway. the bay bridge metering lights are on but overall traffic is moving at an ok pace as you work your way across the upper deck into san francisco and the golden gate bridge not bad at all. a beautiful sunrise above the fog on our salesforce tower camera with mount diablo. a beautiful sight. as we head through the afternoon we will catch the clearing and temps will warm up. 66 san francisco, 68 fremont, 67 oakland and 60 concord and 70 degrees in san jose. sunny and warm for tomorrow and a dramatic drop in temps for your sunday. we are talking all of our temps highs in the 50s on super bowl
6:59 am
sunday with partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions making it feel even chillier. thank you and the chicken now with juliet in our new cbsn bay area newsroom streaming news and live updates all day. what are you following for us this morning? >> we have a lot going on including how you can meet your new forever friend for free. today and to find out about the special promotion starting tomorrow plus our life super bowl liv coverage in miami continue so if you're about to head out the door, log on to and check out cbsn bay area. you can watch those stories and much more to out the day on multiple devices and platforms. just download the cbs news app. back to you. thank you. we've got michelle down in miami for the big game, we are getting pumped as well. 49er football fever. >> are you ready? >> i am ready. >> go niners! >> michelle have fun out there for the super bowl. "cbs this morning" is coming up next.
7:00 am
thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. go niners!. good morning to viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with tony dokoupil. gayle king is off. impeachment over? a key republican plans to vote against witnesses. leaving hopes for hearing more about president trump hanging by a thread. new department warning. the state department raises its awareness level warning people not to travel to china, and the we set the table towougap n ric >> you've got your wealthiest 20% all the way to your poorest 20%, aha


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