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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 8, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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landing at sfo with his adorable one-year-old daughter. her name is amay. so cute, we will see you back here at 6:00, the cbs evening news or weekend news is next. >> yuccas: breaking news tonight: battleground new hampshire. democratic candidates crisscrossing the granite state. the critical primary now just days away. tonight, their message to voters. firing back: president trump on the defense after removing two white house aides from their jobs, both key witnesses in his impeachment hearing. why the president says they were no longer fit to serve. ( gunfire ) >> yuccas: also breaking tonight: mass shooting. shots fired inside a shopping mall in thailand. more than a dozen people are dead, the alleged gunman-- a thai soldier. american casualty: the first u.s. citizen dies from the cruise ships overseas.les ffecr
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travelers in an effort to contain the epidemic. state of emergency: the destruction out west after days of flash flooding. and how kobe bryant made dreams come true... off the court. >> this is the "cbs weekend news." >> yuccas: good evening. i'm jamie yuccas. we begin on the campaign trail with just 72 hours until the nation's first primary in new hampshire. democratic presidential contenders are crisscrossing the granite state, all of them making their final pitch to voters. the latest polls show a tight race, led by senator bernie sanders, with pete buttigeig a close second. killion leads us f ninight in manchester.leko >> reporter: with four days to go, democratic presidential candidates were out in force. >> we now have the opportunity to look to the future. >> reporter: pete buttigeig went back to the future, touting support from actor michael j. fox. >> he's not trying to pull one
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over on me. >> reporter: the latest local polls show buttigieg gaining ground in the granite state, running almost even with frontrunner bernie sanders. >> now, i like pete, but if you are serious about political change in america, that change is not going to be coming from somebody who gets a lot of money hefr tep.oor cteomth .s o.ef san took more swipes at the former mayor. >> we're a party at risk, and we shouldn't nominate someone who has never held a higher office than the mayor of south bend, indiana. >> reporter: biden also doubled down in a new digital ad. >> joe biden helped lead the passage of the affordable care act, which gave health care to 20 million people. and when park-goers called on pete buttigeig, he installed decorative lights under bridges. >> reporter: buttigieg's campaign responded, "the vice president's decision to run this hespeaks to more to where he currentl currently stands in this race than it does about pete's perspective as a mayor and veteran," esclating a feud that boiled over from friday night's boiled over from friday night's debate. >> the debate. >> the biggest risk we could take at a time like this would
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be to go up against that fundamentally new challenge by trying to fall back on the familiar. >> the way you bring people together is by presenting an agenda that works for the working people of this country, not for the billionaire class. >> reporter: most of the presidential candidates are appearing on the same stage again tonight, this time for a democratic party dinner. it may be the last time all of them are in one room before tuesday's primary. jamie. >> yuccas: nikole, thank you. president trump is not backing down after ousting two witnesses who testified at his impeachment hearings. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman was escorted off white vuse grounds late friday. not long after, vindman's twin brother was dismissed from his white house post. a few hours later, e.u. ambassador gordon sondland also announced he was fired. paula reid now on the fallout. >> reporter: as he returned to the white house late friday,
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president trump ignored questions about whether his firing spree was political payback. mr. president, is this a message to those who testify against you? >> reporter: the president appears to be engage ign amd retribution after ousting two key impeachment witnesses. today, tnt continued to attack lieutenant coldeonelsi eart recipient and tweeting that iraq war hle rp veterpuane was "very insubordinate." an attorney for vindman fired back, accusing president trump nof intimidation." both vindman and former ambassador gordon sondland provided damning testimony against the president in the house impeachment hearings. vindman was on the call where mr. trump asked the president of ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. >> what i heard was inappropriate. >> reporter: and sondland undermined the white house's defense by implicating senior officials in a wider effort to pressure ukraine. >> everyone was in the loop.
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it was no secret. >> reporter: the white house has said for months that it wants to downsize the national security council, but denied vindman was being retaliated against. late friday, the president's son donald trump jr., tweeted, thanking chairman adam schiff, who led the impeachment inquiry in the house, for highlighting who all needed to be fired. at last night's debate, democrats used vindman to draw a contrast with the president. >> he should have been pinning a medal on vindman, and not on rush limbaugh. >> reporter: president trump had no official events on his calendar today, though he was quite active on twitter, mostly touting the economy and criticizing democrats. but he did take a brief break from politics to call for disgraced baseball player pete rose to get into the hall of fame. jamie. >> yuccas: interesting. paula, thank you. the recent firings by the president are sure to be among margaret brennan's questions on "face t n
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atic presidential candidates bernie sanders and pete buttigeig. breaking news from afg where american soldiers came haanstay, according to a u.s. army spokthooeresperson.ndn operation in nangarhar province, alongside afghan troops, when they were fired on. it's unclear if there were any casualties. we're also following breaking news in thailand. there's been a deadly mass shooting inside a shopping mall. panicked shoppers ran for their lives as the alleged gunman, a thai soldier, shot and killed at least 20 people outside bangkok. more than 30 others were naroded. e sxaonriab wig tthht details. late details. >> reporter: panic spread and people fled as they realized a gunman opened fire in the shopping mall. security camera footage shows what appears to be the shooter, armed with an assault rifle and dressed in combat gear, strolling past shops.
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( gunfire ) outside, the sound of gunshots rang out, sending people running for cover. thai police say sergeant major jakrapanth thomma began his shooting rampage at a military base, where they say he shot and injured another soldier and two others. they say he then took a gun and drove to the terminal 21 mall.ts to show the gunman opening fire outside. he took selfies and live-streamed parts of his attack. at one point saying, "i'm tired now," and "i can't move my finger anymore" before his facebook page was taken down. authorities say, along with the initial reports of at least 20 dead, another 30 were injured. police rescued many shoppers, but others remained trapped sas m ithnsheidaye,s aannd
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told her to stay calm. the attacker's motive is not yet clear, but this violence comes just a month after a shooting at another mall in thailand. there, a gunman killed three people as he robbed a jewelry store. jamie. >> yuccas: terrifying. roxana, thank you. coronavirus deaths are on the rise again tonight. mainland china suffered its deadliest day since the outbreak began in december. more than 800 p have been infected. and the first american has died from the virus, a 60-year-old who had been hospitalized in wuhan, china. debora patta tonight in hong kong. >> reporter: fear and panic are spreading almost as quickly as the virus. in the crisis epicenter of wuhan, over 50 million people remain under siege. videos posted on social media,
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which cbs news has not independently verified, show harsh house-to-house searches aimed at rooting out those suspected of being infected. patients are crammed into hospitals now running short on basic supplies. in neighboring hong kong, the epidemic has also sparked panic buying here with long queues for essential supplies. globally, extreme caution is being exercised. on the luxury cruise liner the "diamond princess," quarantined in yokohama, japan, for the past four days, passengers have been confined to their cabins. only the sick can leave. yesterday, a further 41 people were wheeled off the ship on stretchers into waiting ambulances, bringing the total to 61 confirmed cases of coronavirus on board the ship. british passenger david abel said things are changing every hour.
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>> passengers being found aorviive tested for the c f nes, o from h w wifase.g g reporliter: and herine in hob kong, the luxury "world dream" has also been quarantined, after it was found that some crew members may have been exposed to the virus on a previous voyage. despite the fact that no cases of the coronavirus have been detected, hong kong authorities are taking no chances. ship until all 1,800 crew members have been tested and given the all-clear. debora patta, cbs news, hong kong. >> yuccas: a state of emergency has been declared in oregon following days of flash flooding. rescue crews spent the day searching for people trapped by floodwaters. worcethe shutdown of a major highway. the flooding is due in part to melting snow from heavy rains
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and warming temperatures. there is heartbreak in mississippi after seven people are killed in a house fire. video shows the scorched remains of the home in jackson. six children and their mother were inside. none of them survived. the father tried to rescue them, but was overcome by flames. he escaped, suffering non-life-threatening injuries. the political infighting between president trump and his home state has flared up again. new york governor andrew cuomo announced the state will sue the administration over its decision to ban new yorkers from a program that allows some travelers to avoid long lines at airports. here's michael george. >> it's an abuse of power. it is extortion. >> reporter: new yk goveor over the trump administration's new plan to block new yorkers from the "trusted traveler" program, one that allows it through airport security easier.
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the proposed change could prevent an estimated 175,000 travelers there enrolling or renewing their membership department of homeland security officials say the policy change is necessary because new york has granted driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, but has refused to share those records with the federal government. the department of homeland security's acting secretary, chad wolf: >> ice uses that as they build cases and they're investigating criminal networks. they're using that personal data that they get from that database to look up an individual's date of birth, their photo, and they're using that as they build that case. >> we're going to sue the federal government. >> reporter: but governor cuomo says this isn't about security. it's political retali d stesimilas r greeann light laws, allowing undocumented immigrants to receive licenses. but only new york refuses to hand driver's license information to federal law enforcement. >> trump is ignoring the law, skirting the law, making it all up as he goes along.
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>> reporter: donna lieberman is the executive director of the new york chapter of the a.c.l.u. and says they also plan to sue. >> i don't think that this will do anything but make us more firm in our resolve to stand with immigrants. so new yorkers will fight back. >> reporter: and the civil liberties union is expected to file their lawsuit early next week. officials say if you're already in the "trusted traveler" program, you're safe until it's expired. but if you're a new yorker who has been thinking about signing up, you may be out of luck. jamie. >> yuccas: michael, thank you. there's much more ahead tonight on the "cbs weekend news." the investigation raising serious safety concerns about a popular booster seat for children. plus, the rare snowfall turning parts of t souhea nto iwinter and later, a side of kobe bryant that only a special few got to see. special see. erate to severe ulcerative colitis under control. turns out, it was controlling me. seemed like my symptoms were taking over our time together.
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car booster seat. video obtained by "propublica" shows a child-sized dummy being tossed around during a crash test. "propublica's" investigation found one manufacturer marketed its booster to include children who may be too small to be fully protected. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: jillian brown was about to start kindergarten in 2016 when her world changed. her parents, jay and lyndsay: >> and the first thing i did was look back to... to see-- to check on the girls. >> reporter: lyndsay was driving her daughters, jillian and samantha, to daycare when they were hit on the driver's side. jillian was in an evenflo big kids booster seat but was internally decapitated, paralyzed from the neck down in the crash. now a ventilator keeps her internally decapitated, alive. the browns are now suing evenflo, but the company says jillian's booster performed as designed, and the injuries were primarily due to the severity of the crash and/or driver error.
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her booster meets or exceeds federal standards and was side-impact crashed tested, but there's no ederal standard for that test. and videos of evenflo's crash tests obtained by "propublica" show booster seats passing, even though the child-sized test dummy is tossed about. dr. ben hoffman reviewed the videos. >> i think the word that i used to describe them initially was "horrific." human beings just aren't built to survive that amount of movement. >> reporter: a car seat with a harness fares better in the crash test. mmy largely stays inays in place. place. in the booster seat, the dummy slips out of the seat belt's shoulderrestraint. during depositions obtained by "propublica," evenflo employees explained the only way to fail the company's crash test is if the dummy falls completely out of the seat, or if the seat itself breaks. >> evenflo touted its side-impact test as something that was rigorous. the test was anything but changed the height and weight requirement in the owner's manual, raising the minimum
5:49 pm
weight from at least 30 pounds to a minimum of 40. the company did not notify customers like the browns already using the seats because evenflo says there was no safety impact with that change. jillian weighed just under 37 pounds at the time of the crash. evenflo declined our request for an on-camera interview but says they are a pioneer in side-impact testing, and provide safe, effective, and affordable products, adding they comply with all federal standards which do allow boosters to be sold for kids weighing 30 pound and up. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> yuccas: ahead, the massive fire at a construction site so big, smoke and flames could be seen from space. e can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease.
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5:53 pm
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>> yuccas: finally tonight, remembering kobe bryant's success off the court. bryant devoted much of his time to the make-a-wish foundation, granting more than 200 wishes over two decades. recently, i spoke to a young man whose only wish was to meet his idol. jeffrey mckenzie was born with the blood disorder sickle cell anemia. he wasn't supposed to live past age five. how many times do you think you were in the hospital as a kid? >> i don't know, i don't think i can put a number on that. >> yuccas: that was your second home? >> first. >> yuccas: then the make-a-wish foundation stepped in. >> you have three wishes, and i gave them, meet kobe bryant, go
5:57 pm
to a laker game to meet kobe bryant, and meet kobe bryant. ( laughter ) >> yuccas: you were focused. >> i was focused. he was like my superman, so just had to meet him. >> yuccas: eight-year-old jeffrey finally met his idol. >> at first, i freaked out. i was just, like, stunned. >> yuccas: he signed the jacket, the hat, the basketball. 2 two basketballs, yeah. he had to spend, like, 20s minutes signing all the stuff i asked him to. >> make-a-wish says bryant was one of the its top wish granters, more than 200 of them. >> what's so amazing about kobe is, these kids, he wouldn't meet them in groups. they were one-on-one. >> just to see the joy in my son's face. >> yes. >> it was just incredible. >> yuccas: he got to meet bryant a second time, when mom sneaked jeffrey out of the hospital. >> three hours before that, i was on pain medicine and i.v.s. and i ripped them out of my arm and i went straight to the-- to the dinner. >> yuccas: the third time was outside the staples center locker room.
5:58 pm
tonetheek, jeffreyd ur r ene arto bryant and his daughter gianna. had you waited to come today? >> i think i kind of waited. i think i kind of waited because i just-- too much emotions. i literally look at him like one of my fathers. like, my dad and kobe bryant, those are the two top men in my life. i hope i have all girls now. >> yuccas: you want to be a girl dad. >> i want to be a girl dad. i want to be there for my daughters, like he was. >> yuccas: jeffrey reminds us all that wishes can come true, and legends live on forever. and tothink that there are more than 200 families just like jeffrey's. later tonight on "48 hours," the case of a woman who says it was self-defense when she killed her ex-boyfriend. can she be believed? on report, "the case against ezra mccandless," airs tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on cbs. t's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. i'm jamie yuc
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live, from the cbs, bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. thousands have packed the streets of san francisco to ring in the year of the rat. we are there, live, to see if the coronavirus concerns are doing anything to rain on the parade. it has been one week since the trail was emptied out. we had one question for those who are not getting housing, where is everybody going? >> i have no clue, everywhere.>> reporter: what does that look like? there is a new encampment. this group is asking for permission to stay. a hit-and-run crash killed a 4-year-old boy right here. police are asking for your help to track down this suv. if it is not nailed down, bring it inside. we do have powerful wind
6:00 pm
heading our way. good evening, we are ringing in the year of the rat. we are over the chinese new year parade. we had concerns over the coronavirus. thousands of spectators have lined the route from market street to chinatown. betty yu is with the crowd now. >> reporter: the annual chinese new year parade on market street kicked off in the last hour. this annual celebration attracts thousands of people. organizers hope this year will be no different, in spite of fears around the coronavirus. of course, there were concerns that the coronavirus would overshadow this popular celebration. i can tell you, from the looks of it, turnout is strong, in terms of spectators and performers. the organizers tell us, they are monitoring the situation. developments around the coronavirus are in


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