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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 13, 2020 1:37am-2:13am PST

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a unique approach to dealing with one of the bay area's most common crimes. the new pitch in one city to pay back the victims. now at 11, streaming on cbsn bay area , a new witness of the chaos in san francisco's mission district this afternoon. >> a driver slams into three pedestrians. kpix's joe vasquez's live in the mission for us. >> reporter: right now traffic is back to normal on mission street. but for much of the evening it was blocked off between 22nd and 24th following a series of crashes that started around 4:30 this afternoon. the cell phone video shows the
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chaos, victims sprawled out on the street, in very bad shape after they were runover by a toyota prius. it happened in front of crowds of people along mission street. some witnesses got emotional. >> i saw the accident or the come really close to me. so i thought when that happened. it looks really bad. >> reporter: police say the prius ran a red light and sped through a right turn from 23rd on the mission street, smashing into a man walking in the crosswalk, sandwiching him into a bus. then the driver kept going. >> right hand turned, hits the bus, the bus continues, the driver comes off the sidewalk. the bus goes where it's at right now, the passenger disembarked. the cars on the sidewalk and knocks that person over. >> reporter: another passenger getting off the bus was also
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hurt, minor injuries. at first the driver sped away. police put out an all points bulletin for hit and run. then a few minutes later the driver returned and surrendered to belize. at this point it is not clear whether he ran the people over on purpose. drug and alcohol maybe a factor at this time. he's currently being evaluated regarding that. police say two of the victims were left with life-threatening injuries. they are reported to be in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. new information on the police chase in vallejo that ended in a deadly crash. the driver was wanted in a smash and grab. police got called about a car theft this morning. officers found the perspective vehicle, a silver honda accord, but the driver sped off. leading police on a short chase before they lost side of the car. officers later found the car on highway 780. police said the driver slammed into a tree near
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glencoe. he died at the scene, his name has not been released. the search is on tonight for the suspect who attacked a bart around 6 pm yesterday approaching the lake merritt station. police said the suspect asked for directions and then hit the victim with the chain that may have been a bike lock. when this is called police soon after, but the attacker took off when the train pulled into the station. the victim is expected to recover. in a city that's seen car break-ins surge, tonight san francisco's da is proposing a plan to reimburse people for their broken windows. but there is a catch. tessa bodine once one and a half million dollars, 1 million taxpayer dollars excuse me to pay for the program. it would only reimburse san francisco residents. if you are just visiting are out of luck. the program will cover the repairs for people who don't have insurance and help pay for the deductible if you are
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injured. >> this is a victim's first district attorney's office and we want to put our money where our mouth is in san francisco when it comes to supporting san francisco victims of crime. >> it's not clear yet if the mayor's office will pony up the cash. last year there were almost 24,000 car burglaries in the city. the small town of saratoga is in a big battle of a proposed hotel of the popular mountain winery. kpix5's marina medina with wife some people believe it could be a death trap. >> reporter: dozens packed the meeting tonight, many wondering where the owners of the mountain winery were on such an important night. we discovered them quietly listening in the back of the room, listening to one concerned resident after another. >> the mountain winery is a treasure of saratoga. >> reporter: with sweeping views of silicon valley, vineyards, and a popular venue for concerts the mountain binary is easily one of saratoga's main attractions. >> it's just ridiculous.
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>> reporter: the mountain winery is attracting a different kind of attention from a growing number of resident who are against possible changes to the property. >> it's against the whole atmosphere that saratoga creates and why it's a nice place to live. >> reporter: city leaders are considering annexing the winery in saratoga city limits. they are also considering whether to rezone the property, which would give the green light to a 300 room hotel. >> a few cars here and there and before you know it you've got gridlock. >> reporter: but it's not just traffic they're worried about. they say the winding two lane road to the winery could become a safety hazard and the already high-risk fires on. >> the action that you are considering tonight will increase the probability of another fire in my neighborhood because you are creating a new zoning designation that intensifies land-use. mike hi, i would channel 5, are you planning to talk at all tonight? the co-owner sat quietly throughout the meeting in the
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back of the room. after several residents asked city leaders about their attendance at least one woman recognized the co-owner and asked if he would speak tonight. this was his answer to us. come talk to you afterwards? >> no thanks. >> you guys have a point of contact? >> reporter: late tonight the planning commission voted unanimously to recommend to the city council not to go forward with the annexation. the counselor will discuss the next month. tonight china is replacing its top officials from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak as the number of cases skyrocket. more than 14,000 new cases were reported just today in the hubei province. globally the virus has infected more than 60,000 people. the death toll stands at more than 1300. tonight united airlines announced they are suspending flights to mainland china and hong kong until april 24. united previously planned on
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reviewing flights to hong kong later on this month and to china in march. but because of safety concerns pushing back the states, joining other airlines like american and delta. stay with kpix5 and cbsn bay area for continuing coverage of the coronavirus. for more on the effort in silicon valley to fight misinformation related to the outbreak, just go to our website in a lawsuit prevents the presence the strongest evidence yet that juul targeted children with an advertising campaign . >> we breakdown the accusations against the san francisco-based company. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed today by the attorney general of massachusetts, uncovering internal documents that allegedly show juul especially targeted teens. the lawsuit says they had a proposal targeting adults and rejected it and instead aimed
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at a campaign today quote cool crowd. they hoped the and have teen celebrities like miley cyrus and kristen stewart promote their products. juul also bought ads on focus websites including nickelodeon, cartoon network and 17 magazine. today 118 talked about her juul addiction. >> unfortunately i will consider myself an addict at the hands of juul. >> reporter: jewell released a statement saying while we have not reviewed the complaint we are working to combat underage use. our customer base as adult smokers. the city of california has filed a similar lawsuit against juul, so have more than a dozen calvinist school districts. tonight a new earthquake avenue available. how the creators have managed to upgrade previous warning systems. a contra costa county school is getting a new name for a new era.
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it's about children looking up and seeing someone of great significance that they see themselves in. >> in tonight's project home, a bay area photographer makes it her mission to help the homeless. >> i was nervous, because i was so embarrassed to say that. >> how her talents
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a first for northern california school. tonight west contra costa county school board voted unanimously in favor of changing the name of a school to michelle obama elementary. the school in richmond will be the second in the state to honor the former first lady. there is already a michelle obama elementary in la county. parents, students and faculty say the name change is a sign of the school's rebirth. it used to be named for president woodrow wilson, a man critics is a supported racism. now it will be named for former first lady who stands vehemently against it. >> it's about children looking up and seeing someone of great significance that they see themselves in. and the translation of that is endless possibilities. >> the new school building is expected to open this fall under its new name, first lady michelle obama elementary.
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magnitude 3.7 quake struck just outside of hollister this evening. the quake rattled the trace pinos area just after 7:30 tonight, epicenter about 12 miles northeast, northwest actually hollister. no reports of any damage or injuries so far. if you want to know when the next one is coming, you can download a new warning at. >>? alert usa gives you a countdown for when the next one will hit the golden state. the app is available for android and ios users. it's from the u.s. shake alert system. the developers say this app is different from previous versions because you can choose to ignore warnings for light or weak shaking and similar apps don't have a countdown. not our original series, project home. a bay area photographer has given away thousands of free head shots to homeless clients.
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>> she tells our susie's time of about the project that is not only changed her life, but also helped her subjects excel in a different light. >> this is the section trenholm is that. >> reporter: when virginia becker first started taking professional head shots of homeless clients, she never imagined it would be her own inhibition that would end up on full display. what was that first she would like for you? are you nervous? >> i was nervous. >> reporter: like many people still do, when virginia saw a homeless person on the sidewalks used across the street to avoid them. >> i was the girl when i saw a blue tarp on the side of the road would roll her terrible lies, neural her terrible teeth and go why do they do that? why don't they just go to a shelter? why, why, why? >> reporter: she now feeds the homeless through an entirely different lens, three and half years ago virginia started working with the downtown streets team, a nonprofit that
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connects homeless people too much needed resources in san jose. while volunteering, she started taking pictures, she's now given away nearly 5000 free head shots to homeless clients. she calls it the blue tarp project. >> certainly there would be more clamorous pictures if they were black and white and pretty and told stories, but i don't think that does any good and i think it kind of perpetuates the myth of what a homeless person is. >> reporter: so this is more real? >> this is real. these are real people. a mac she wants the audience to see the homeless as they really are, people. like sophia ortiz. >> i'm surprised. when i see that picture i see pride. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine now. >> i like what i see when i'm looking at me when i'm walking across the mirror. >> reporter: but sophia wasn't always comfortable looking in the mirror. sophia lost her house when her mom passed away. it drove her into an abusive
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relationship which changed the way she saw herself. >> i really didn't like it mattered anymore. and mac she started sleeping on the streets and hiding at bart stations . afraid inconvenience her family she didn't ask for help. >> i would like my family and tell them i was staying at my friends or something because i didn't want to intrude. >> reporter: that's when she found the downtown streets team. >> i couldn't go anywhere else but up. >> and you did it and you're still doing it. it's not over. >> reporter: in a matter of months she found a job and an apartment. today she is one of the fastest graduates the program has ever seen. >> the worst time of my life ended up being the best time of my life, because i got myself worth just by myself. >> reporter: sophia remembers what it felt like to be invisible, to be judged by strangers in a snap, which is why it means so much to her that someone, who in the past might have chosen to avoid her gaze, is instead the person who helped her feel truly seen.
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>> that's what happens with pictures, they show who you truly are. i couldn't even see i had self- worth until i started getting these pictures. i wonder how many people can be really honest with themselves and say i see everybody exactly the same. i couldn't have said that before, but i cannot. thank you. thank you. >> the blue tarp project is on display at the mlk library in san jose through the end of this month. after that virginia is helping to find a new home for this exhibit. she's hoping for an even larger space next time so she can include more information about what the region is doing to help the homeless. >> the more we know, you know, the probably quicker we will find a solution so we can at least get on the path to a and treating people as people is probably the first step. >> that's why it's so complex, because it's as varied as humanity. everybody has a different
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version of the story. >> there all human beings in one picture can change somebody's life. keep sending her stories and ideas to project home at bart. you can also see all susie's reporting on our website. a los altos man is among the contestants in the 40th season of survivor. >> there was a premier party tonight at stein's garden. crowds packed the restaurant to watch survivors when are at war, the 20 cast members are competing in the reality show. the contestants are all winners from past seasons. >> one of the great things about this experience, it brings together all of your friends from all different parts of your life and it's really cool because they have is bonding experience and i find that usually brings people back together. >> he went on the showed a eyes away's awareness for people suffering from als. by the way the winner of survivor gets $2 million, the biggest single person prize in
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reality tv history. you can watch survivor wednesday night starting at 8 o'clock right here on kpix5. okay, and the weather department tomorrow is the day. our daytime highs go all the way back down to pretty much average, but since we've had such an interesting week, i want to give you the comparison, just to give you the perspective on how different that's going to feel. monday's daytime highs, for the five major representative cities, it was 80 degrees in santa rosa on monday, 77 in concord. today's numbers came back down pretty much, not quite the average, but noticeably cooler. 70 today and let and 69 for oakland. now take a look at tomorrow's numbers. now that's quite the job. in fact, if we get rid of tuesday and just look at the difference of how much cooler tomorrow is going to be from where we just ran monday, it's going to be 20 degrees cooler in santa rosa than it was yesterday for tomorrow's daytime high. san jose didn't notice that big a drop but it will still be six
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degrees cooler. the way we are doing this cooldown is it's almost like a summerlike pattern because we are always starting to see the little clouds build back and along the coast. by the time we wake up tomorrow , that says 8:20 tomorrow morning and low-grade clouds have come in from the bay and they will stay right along the coast for much of tomorrow and either friday. it's kind of like a summer onshore surge where the marine layer comes in and really drops temperatures in a big way from one day to the next. only in this case we're doing it over three days. as far as morning lows are concerned we are getting back down into the mid-40s for most spots. that is where we will bottom out tomorrow but there is santa rosa at 39 and let's get everybody in here for daytime highs. the south bay will be in the mid 60s down here. there is sunnyvale 66, we will see the east bay, and in the mid 60s as well. living more hits 65, numbers in the bay, to the temperatures in the mid-50s. a little bit
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cooler as you get closer to the golden gate thanks to that cool onshore surge and will be in the mid 60s further north you go. so now that we've done the cooldown, the next topic is is there any rain? the answer is no. not for the next seven days and looking at the long-range forecast probably for about the next week and a half. that's mother. dennis, what's going on in sports? >> pretty good baseball weather. the a's are playing so where are they talking about another team? reaction coming up and just a few delegates are in, but the early return looking pretty good for the warriors. tonight on the leash on the hilarious will ferrell
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the warriors susan is lost, but they might've already won the trade for andrew wiggins averaging 23 points a game and he's playing some defense. how do you like it? williams in the warriors plan the final game before the all- star break. evan booker, once scored 70 points in a game, makes 27 tonight. seems like a little drop in the bucket.
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wiggins just 24. a ton of athletic ability. he had 27, including a career- high four blocks. warriors were in this going down the stretch. marquise chris had a chance to cut it to single digits, turned away by his former teammate booker. phoenix one 112-106, golden state off until next thursday. baseball, the a's, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today. the dominant topic in arizona's about the astros. houston was exposed for stealing signs and then they were severely punished. all of it was uncovered by a's pitcher mike fires, but according to skipper and ball melvin the a's complained to major league baseball about that scandal long before fires ever blew the whistle. >> nobody is happy about it. whether nets individual, whether it's a team, whether it's the yankees if they are
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playing the postseason, whether it's us are they teams in our division, i think everybody kind of was fed up with it. >> the astros are set to hold an apology press conference tomorrow. top five is next. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove.
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and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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so how is george kittle coupling with a super bowl loss? give me the top five. get i would say, tmc got these photos of kittle and his wife claire on a boat in cabo. apparently some of the other niners join in as well. bumgarner and i make that diamondback jersey today. his expectations for the season : >> to win a world series again. that's pretty much the only
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reason i play the game. >> reporter: number three series question, would you even trust tiger to pull that shut off? i don't think so. and number two, the circus is in dallas right now. luka doncic is the ringleader and ben roethlisberger has been away from football and grown his beard. so the steelers quarterback on to the west virginia game tonight and would indeed make a great mountaineer. >> i don't even recognize you guys. he's 38 years old and the question is is going to come back for more. he says he is, we'll see. 238 is not old. >> i can speak to that. we'll be right back.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a great night. (cheering) - [announcer] the following is a paid presentation brought to you by tristar products incorporated. - hey everybody it's emeril with huge news. we're introducing an all new pro-grade appliance


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