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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 13, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning. thanks for waking up with us. let's get a check of the forecast. >> so we have the clouds this morning, areas of fog, to start off our day. and that really indicates the changes for us as we have that stronger onshore flow that we know and love. and we are going to cool down as we head through today. so looking at temps in the 40s and in the 50s this morning with a live look at our treasure
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island camera with that cloudy start. so as we head through the afternoon current temperatures going to be dropping down to seasonal for this time of year. i definitely feeling cooler compared to the the last few days. a good seven in san francisco for a high. 65 in fremont. 67 in san jose. 60 for santa rosa. we will talk about the rest of the week into the weekend if there are any chances to see a few showers coming up. gianna? taking a first look at traffic on a thursday. so far, traffic is pretty light. no delays to report right now. five look at the bay bridge. you're looking at traffic moving along with no troubles. just about 20 cars deep in those cash lanes. nothing unusual there. and a nice drive so far, so good out of marin into san francisco. just a heads up, golden gate, there is some roadwork. it may slow you down slightly, so keep that in mind if you're commuting on one i want this morning. overall, pretty good conditions. san mateo bridge, it looks good. no major delays between 880 and 101. pretty quiet across the span. travel times are showing a lot of green.
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green is good. new this monday, the chinese government is reporting its largest single day death toll from the coronavirus outbreak. 242. that brings the total number of reported deaths to more than 1300. meanwhile, the centers for disease control see the u.s. should be prepared for the coronavirus to gain a foothold. here is naomi rackham. >> this outbreak could still go in a direction. >> reporter: the world health organization is warning the coronavirus outbreak may be far from over. tens of thousands of people around the globe have been diagnosed with the deadly disease, including 14 in the u.s. >> this is slower. >> fears over the virus have slowed business at chinatown restaurants around the country. >> we need to be educated about the virus is. >> reporter: meanwhile,
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americans traveling to asia are struggling to get home. those who do may end up in quarantine like esther tebeka. she shared an emotional reunion with a family after spending two weeks at a military base. >> on reunited, hopefully nothing is going to separate us. >> in japan, hundreds remain quarantined on the cruise ship the "diamond princess". >> we're into the second week. >> reporter: more than 200 people on board have tested positive for the coronavirus. some elderly presbyters may be allowed off tomorrow. naomi rackham, cbs news. >> we are also looming for meet the more than 200 evacuees quarantined at travis air force base, five of them were tested for the virus after showing symptoms, the cdc says that all
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samples came back negative. taking a live look at the san francisco airport this morning, united airlines is extending its suspension of flights to china and hong kong because the growing coronavirus concerns. as of now, the air line hopes to resume that service in late april. meanwhile, china's southern air line plans to suspend service after tomorrow. all other air lines offer non- tom surfaces and san jose has already suspended service. coming up in today's moneywatch report, how the spike in depth could impact opening bell this morning. we will have that in less than 10 minutes. stay with kpix 5 and cbsn bay area for continuing coverage of the coronavirus. for more on that new effort in silicon valley to fight in them misinformation related to the outbreak. go to i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we have an update to breaking news that we were following yesterday morning at this time. an arrest has been made in this
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huge apartment fire. a man charged with arson after the fire ripped through his apartment building in orange county. they "l.a. times" says 50 9-year-old patrick came to the front desk of the police station late yesterday and offered to speak with detectives. apparently made some incriminating statements. two people were injured in the fire. they are expected texas live!. a at this point, no word on the motive. back to you. this morning, we have a new witness account in a horrific san francisco crash. this cell phone video shows the chaos. the victim crawled out on the street in very bad shape. it happened yesterday afternoon around 420. police say the previous ran a red light and spread through a right turn, smashing into a man who was walking in the crosswalk. sandwiching him into a bus and then the driver just kept going. >> a piece of the accident really, really close to me. so i see when that happens,
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that looks really bad. the speed, i don't know. >> another passenger getting off the bus was also hurt. police say the driver and his passenger initially fled in the previous but later returned to the scene and were detained. the driver is suspected of being impaired at the time of the incident. we learned two victims, one with life-threatening conditions. they are reported to be in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. new video of of los angeles sows eight minivans living into a woman and then dropping off shortly after. and you can see people rushing to help her out. get all happened tuesday morning where the victim was on her way to do some shopping. we learned she suffered a broken rib, a broken leg, and a lot of prison. >> she wanted justice. and she is in shock right now.
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>> police believe the driver of that minivan may have been distracted by a phone. no arrests have been made so far. the search is on for a suspect who attacked a b.a.r.t. rider out of nowhere. this happened around tuesday evening. approaching the lake merritt station. police say the suspect asked for directions and then hit the victim with a chain that may have been a bike lock. witnesses called police soon after but the attacker took off when the train rolled into the station the victim is expected to recover. at-risk youth no longer -- at least that term can no longer officially be used. it is the result of a law signed by governor kemp newsom that took effect new year's day. changing the term from at risk to at promise to keep leaves young people in the juvenile justice system should not be burdened with a negative label after making a mistake. >> i learned that words matter. and once they recalled that risk to almost were in the pipeline automatically.
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let's stop calling them at risk. >> backers of the at promise phrase lisa can help young people use their untapped potential. this morning, an update, was contra costa county school board voted in favor of nick changing the name of a school to michelle obama metrie. parents, a study and faculty say that the name change is a sign of the school's rebirth. >> it is about children looking up and seeing someone of great significance that they see themselves in. and the translation of that into endless possibilities. >> the new school building is expected to to open this fall under its new name, first lady michelle obama elementary.
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the other is in l.a. county. yes is not christina cook is speaking publicly for the first time about her 328 days in space. yesterday, week after returning to his, she spoke at nasa's johnson space center in houston. during her time in orbit, cook completed six spacewalks including the first one by an all-female team. now, she says she is ready for any future trip to the moon. >> of course, me or anyone in our office would be honored be on measured to be a part of that mission. >> researchers are studying kid's time in space to better understand how a long mission can affect the female body. have you ever dreamed of becoming an has not? well, now is your chance. nasa is hiring. this base i see is accepting applications for its next class of astronauts. among the requirements, u.s. citizenship and a master's degree in one of the s.t.e.m. feels. candidates must also pass nasa's long-duration
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spaceflight physical. a does for 40. a big expansion plan was shot down. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why opponents of the proposal say it would put hundreds of lives at danger. plus, what happened next. >> before we go to break, taking a live look at our sales force tower camera. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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small town sarah goldberg saratoga is in a big battle over a proposed hotel as a popular mountain winery. after listening from concerned residents us and, the planning commission voted unanimously to recommend the city council to stop the annexation of the winery. city leaders will also consider rezoning the property, which would green give the green light. >> the action that you're considering tonight will increase the probability of another fire in my neighborhood. >> a few cars here, a few cars there and before you no, duh it is gridlock. >> the co-owner of the mountain winery sat quietly throughout the meeting after several residents asked city leaders about their attendance on an important night. this was his answer to us. >> reporter: could we talk about you -- do you have a plan of contact?
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>> the council would discuss the commission's recommendation next month. now back to the deadly coronavirus in this morning's moneywatch report. how an overnight >> that's is hurting the u.s. market. here is diane king hall. >> reporter: wall street hit record levels on wednesday. the dow industrial rally 275 points. the nasdaq jumped 87. in the s&p 500 gained 21, all three hitting new records. stocks rose to new highs as worries over coronavirus were kept at arm's length. but they >> a new cases and arising death toll overnight caused a sudden drop in u.s. futures. the death toll in the chinese province at the center of the epidemic roasted more than 200. british joyal. tends to eliminate offset its carbon emissions by 2050. the company did not offer any specific, but its ceo said it was important to set the goal. similar objectives, businesses and the public focus on the long-term effects of climate
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change. gerber is looking for a new spokesbaby. up to 4 years old are eligible to win. in addition to becoming the face of gerber for year, the when baby will receive a $25,000 grand prize. prince have until february 21st to summit photos and videos of their little ones. and that is your cbs moneywatch report. for more, had to at the new york stock change, i'm diane king hall. february is supposed to be one of northern california's coldest and wettest month. >> with no rain inside, fire crews are getting ready. >> there is some growth happening. without a more rain for you are not going to see a large -- but it does dry out our brush and our temple level to critical levels. >> this patent is typically seen in the summer. the national weather service says it will likely continue with increases the chances of an earlier start to wildfire season:cal fire also says that
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they are ready to reactivate crews from their winter break if needed. they you can see is monitoring the levels. >> we will need some rate. but none in our future? nine, for shirley, not. so we have gotten just an entire month so far without any rain. it looks like that will be the pattern that we go through the rest of the months. unfortunately, so we have no tied markets today as the driest february ever recorded. and that last record was back in 1864, with 0 for the rainfall. so far, for february, and we have tied that all-time record unfortunately so. so as we go through the next several days, it does not look like any rain anytime scene. and precipitation outlook for the climate prediction center does have us, this is actually through february 26, almost to the end of the month. we are looking at abnormally dry conditions. so below average rainfall even
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as we end the month. so this is not looking good. we definitely need that rain. and unfortunately, it does not look -- we are not seeing any big weather systems anytime soon. here is a i look. you can see temperatures are at the 40s and in the 50s. definitely equal start. also dealing with areas of fog. we're looking at a mile and a quarter for for santa rosa. a quarter mile, dense fog for you in petaluma. 5 miles along the coast at half moon bay. so we're watching those clouds along the coast, parts of the bay, also areas of fog. and that indicates that stronger onshore flow for >> so that is right temperatures as we head through to seasonal for this time of year. so big cooldown for >> so in mix of sun and clouds today. much cooler for all of us across the bay area. mainly dry for the weekend. there is slight chance will see a showers for the north bay.
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on sunday. that is pretty much about it. so just even that slight chance of a sprinkle or a showers for the north bay on sunday. and that is about it. so we have the strong risk of high pressure that is picking up a bit. with that low pressure system to our north, ushering in that stronger pacific marine onshore flow for is. so as we go hour by hour on futurecast, you can see clouds sticking around along the coast and for parts of the bay and our inland locations, we will go partly sunny for today. and then as we head through tomorrow, a cloudy and foggy start. at that we will see a little bit more sunshine possible for friday afternoon. but still, seasonal daytime highs. so check it out. 57 in san francisco. mid-60s in fremont and for san jose. low 60s in santa rosa. there we go with that extended forecast. seasonal daytime highs. threw the rest of the workweek and into the weekend with temps
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a little bit cooler on sunday. now, let's check your morning commute. gianna? good morning. san jose right now. and traffic is moving along just fine. if you're hitting the roads early, you're good to go with no delays on 101 or 280. in fact, we will see in here in you can see a closer look at our speeds are clocking in some pretty nice speech this morning as you head out of san jose. all the way into mountain view, towards the peninsula, pretty clear this morning. 280 looking good as well. your drive times out of the south bay, 87, only eight minutes, very is commute there, northbound 85 to 101. north 85 itself, also not seeing any problems this morning. that is an 18 minute drive time over towards 101. checking traffic here on 580, this is where we tend to see the bulk of are slowing, this early in the morning, that westbound 580 commute. it starts tracy right around mountain house, extends to green light. that does the usual stuff. your drive time snow in the 32 minutes. so certainly our slower spots this morning. everyone else is in the green. westbound 80, eastshore freeway, no delays.
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let's get a look at some of our bay area bridges. a live look here at the bay bridge. it looks like it's it's starting to stack up a bit. you see some car slow down as they had through there. traffic getting a bit busy. but not on the golden gate. the golden gate is still pretty quiet. there is roadwork on that southbound side of 101. kenny and michelle? the contestants on the 40th season of survivor. >> there was a premier party last night. crossed to the restaurant to watch survivors winners at war., beating the rally tv show. on cbs. contestants are all winners from past seasons. >> one of the good things about this experience, brings together all the contestants from different parts of life and it is cold because they have this experience. i find that -- >> he went on the show to try to raise awareness for people suffering from als. but we, the season's winner gets $2 million, the biggs in reality tv history. and you can watch "survivor" wednesday night starting at 6 right here on kpix 5.
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the a's fed up on the day the reports of spring training and they say, change is very -- would not be good for andrew wiggins. more beautiful. and taking a live look from our camera ♪ ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats.
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international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats. good thursday morning to to you. it is a cold start to the day. we are talking temps in the 40s and low 50s and also a foggy start. check out our salesforce tower
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camera. so that really indicates the changes with that onshore flow kicking in. we will have your extended forecast coming up. taking a look at the roadways right now. we are getting reports of an accident at the bay bridge. a live look here. building, at least up beyond that 880 over past. the crash, just past the toll plaza here. that will probably happen earlier than usual. here's sports. the warriors. they might have already won the trade for andrew wiggins, who is averaging 23 points a game since coming over. wiggins, warriors playing their final game before the all-star break. booker once scored 70 points in a game. 20 last night. dropping their good. williams is just 24 as they show their athletic ability. including a career-high, and the wars were in the game. down the stretch, marcus group had a chance. turned away by former teammate booker. phoenix wins 112-16.
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baseball, the a's, pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training yesterday. oakland is expected to be one of the best teams in baseball. the dominant top in arizona right now is about the astros. houston have a tumult was off- season after they were exposed for stealing signs and were then severely punished. all of it was uncovered by the a's pitcher. according to the manager, the a's could play in the major league baseball about the scandal long before he ever blew the whistle. >> no one is happy about it. whether it is a team, you look at whether it is the yankees that they were playing in the postseason, whether it was as, you know, other teams in the division, i think everybody is kind of fed up with hit. that is kind of hangover spring training. houston astros cloud. george kittle, coping with the the super bowl loss.
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among the top five. pretty good, i would say. tmz got these photos of kittle and his wife claire on a boat in cabo. the 49ers in mexico as well. madison on a diamondback. for the first time sitting in temps. his expectations? >> that is pretty much the only reason anyone plays the game. >> sears question, which even trust tiger woods to pull this shot of? at number two, the circus in town. lucas is the ringleader. ben roethlisberger has been away from football and grown his do you. he went to the west virginia game last night and clearly would make a great mountaineer mascot. big ben. now born play of the morning.
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i'm dennis o'donnell texier tonight. another round of protests. >> still ahead, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why a group of moms is hitting the picket line again after their evictions and arrests last month. and we're live in san jose this morning, where this scene was closed off for obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help
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teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , a car plows through a crosswalk injuring several people. this morning, have an update on the victim's condition. >> saying the homeless to be different lines. coming up in this morning's "project home", how one photographer is changing the
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myth of homelessness a single photo at a time. a multimillion dollar project finally ready to be unveiled this money. a sneak peek at sfo's new observation tower as we take a live look this morning. it is thursday, february 13th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee in the weather center to talk about our weather. good morning. >> good morning, michelle and kenny. we will continue with our cool down, thanks to that stronger onshore flow. rain influence. in the bay area. here's a live look with our roof cam. and you can see that cloudy start to the day. with check out our temps. so we are down to livermore, you are at 39 degrees. 41 in concord. 50 oakland and san francisco. mid-40s san jose. and looking at low 40s for santa rosa and as we head through the afternoon, cooling down to seasonal for this time of year. we are talking 57 in france ave san francisco. mid-50s. 57 in san is a and 60's for santa rosa. i will let you know what you can expect


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