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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  February 13, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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hunt to finally over. the driver slams into three pedestrians in one of san francisco's busiest districts. this morning, the emotional eyewitness accounts. and this. a viral picture of students posing with a confederate flag and a swastika leads to an arrest of someone not even in the photo. it is thursday, february 13. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's get a check of that forecast with mary lee. >> happy thursday to you. we are looking at temps that are going to continue to cool down. so we are looking at the cloudy skies, also areas of fog as well. that stronger onshore flow. concord, 40 degrees. 50 in oakland and san francisco. mid-40s for you in san jose.
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foggy in santa rosa with dense fog down to a quarter mile at 42. as we head through the afternoon, seasonal daytime highs. back to where we should be. 61 oakland. 67 for a high in san jose. we will talk about if there are any weather systems coming our way, bringing the rain in just a few minutes. gianna, how is that commute? it is busy this morning. make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes if you're taking the bay bridge. we had an early morning trouble spot. that has all been cleared out of lanes. the metering lights are turned on. earlier than usual. so a big back up into the maze. once you're past all this, though, the good news is, you're at the limit heading out of san francisco with no delays at the upper deck. san mateo bridge starting to slow down just a bit. we are seeing some brake light. keep that in mind if you're heading toward foster city. still slow along 680.
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clearing that earlier trouble spot at 242. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we are following the latest on the coronavirus. china has just reported its largest single day death toll ever since this began. toward a 42. that is twice the number of people who died the day before. taking a live look at is a vocal, where all flights to and from china have been stopped. we don't know when they're going to resumed. united airlines say -- april. attentional. this is new video from china this morning. chinese people's liberation army has dispatched 2600 more military medics in the wuhan area. trying to get this virus under control. in the meantime, the campaign against men's information has been focused here in silicon valley. and around the world. back to you. >> thank you. developing san jose police say that a long stretch. kpix 5's jackie ward is live on the scene with the latest jackie? >> reporter: kenny, we are in san jose.
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you can see the police are still here. there's read tape across mesa verde. and cohen still out as please remain on seen here. it has been like this for the past more than 12 ours now. overnight, there was a lot of police here, focused on the 2500 block. i one point, where reports of to guess in the air and you can see officers had to wear gas masks. authorities used a bullhorn. the person was eventually detained. just after 3:00 this morning. thanks to the help of a canine unit. the suspect is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital. we don't know when this road will be back open and we don't know much about the incident that led up to this arrest. live in san jose, diane king hall, kpix 5. also developing this morning, police say a man is suspected of driving impaired. he was sleep mode down several
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additions in san francisco and then kept it going. here is a closer look at the aftermath. a victim sprawled out across the street, moments after getting struck. this happened yesterday afternoon at the intersection of mission and 23rd. according to the police. the suspect ran a red light, spread through a trend, then smashed into a man walking in a crosswalk but it was just the beginning of a series of crashes. >> rytan turn. it continues. the driver comes onto the sidewalk. the passenger disembarks. he mows that person over. >> the crash happened in front of crowds of people. once witness we spoke to was so affected he struggled with counting it. >> i saw the accident really, really close to me. i see when that happened on the corner.
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>> police say the driver later returned to the scene and two of the victims are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. no word on the condition of the third victim or charges for the suspected driver. we've learned that the driver involved in a deadly crash in vallejo is wanted in a smash and grab. police got called about a car theft yesterday morning. officers found the suspect vehicle, a silver honda accord, the driver sped off. leading police on a short chase before they lost sight of the car. officers later found that vehicle on highway 780. police say that the driver slammed into a tree near glenn close. he died at the scene. his name has not yet been released. new details on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. authorities have arrested a man in connection with a huge fire that engulfed an apartment complex in orange county. that fire gutted dozens of units, displacing about 100 people. police say that the arson suspect lives at the apartment
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complex. the activist group moms for housing is planning a rally today, calling for charges to be dropped against two mothers and two supporters. it all stems from a recent standoff involving a group of activists who squatted in a vacant house in west oakland. the owner eventually agreed to sell it to the oakland community. several bay area companies and nonprofits are being subpoenaed as part of a public corruption probe in san francisco. city attorney dennis announced he is requesting documents from eight companies and organizations including pg&e. this all stemmed from the investigation into former san francisco public works director mohammed nuru and nick. both were arrested on federal corruption and fraud charges earlier this month. happening today, in the development in a 35-year-old murder case. >> the man convicted in el dorado county may soon ghostfreak. this started back in 1985 when 54-year-old jane anchor hilton was discovered dead in an el
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dorado resident. they pinned ricky davis as an early suspect. his then girlfriend and the 13- year-old daughter were all at the scene. all three denied involvement with the killing. the case that called for 20 years until police reopen the case in 2005 and charged davis with murder. he was sentenced to 16 years in prison but maintained his innocence. the northern california innocence project got involved. the and sappy is a leader in reviewing evidence. new findings exclude rick davis as the potential camera. since his murder conviction was reversed last year, but it is listed as a waiting eight removal order. his official release date is still to be determined. a man is in jail after driving through a riverside high school parking lot recording himself talking about
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racist bullying on campus. the trouble started when a group of teens posted a photo posing with a confederate flag and a swastika. the controversy comes many students to stay home. >> it was wrong. nobody should have posted that. it is not a joke. >> we have a small group of kids who made a really bad choice. >> when detectives identified the man to posted videos in response to the photo, they also found prior videos of him and a gun store. surveillance on his house obtained a search warrant and found several firearms inside. he is being charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and making criminal threats. an update this morning out of contra costa county. a richmond school will be officially renamed michelle obama elementary. the school was originally named after woodrow wilson, a man critics say their racism and is now the second in the state to honor the former first lady. already michelle obama elementary school in los angeles county. parents, students and faculty say that the may name change is a sign of the school's rebirth.
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>> it is about children looking up and seeing someone of great significance that they see themselves in. and the translation of that into endless possibilities. >> the new school building is expected to to open this fall under its new name. the action that you're considering tonight will increase the probability of another fire in my neighborhood. >> in a small town's expansion planned. the battle over a winery coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. and the cost of california's long-awaited high- speed rail continues to rise. get ready for a cooler day across the bay area. i'm tracking a couple of weather system in the pacific. i will let you know if that will bring that beneficial rainfall to the bay area coming up. along 880, that earlier accident in the clearing stages. i will have look at your
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stack it up for an extra buck. happy thursday to you. almost to the end of the workweek. and where starting off the day with some changes. that stronger onshore flow and that means the cody stark. also, areas of fog. dense fog across the north bay. quarter mile for the visibility in petaluma and for for santa rosa. so please be careful on the roads race, especially across the north bay. gianna? and speaking of the north bay, let's get a live look at traffic conditions along the 101. you can see things are moving okay. as mary mentioned, you might be in for some foggy spots this morning. this is 101 north of petaluma all about. as you can see traffic moving okay. in the south bay, though, we are getting busy as you come away from that 280/680 connector.
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the small town of saratoga is in a big bell this morning over a proposed hotel at the popular mountain winery. after listening from concerned residents last night, the planning commission voted unanimously to send a recommendation to city council asking it to stop the annexation of the winery. but city leaders are still considering rezoning the property, which would give the green light to a 300 room hotel. residents believe the hotel would increase traffic. they're also word the might be two-lane road. it could be a come. >> the action that you're considering tonight would increase the probability of another fire in my neighborhood. >> a few cars here, a few cars there and before you know it, you got gridlock. >> the cowinner of the winery says quietly throughout the meeting and refused to comment. the council with discussed the commission's recommendation next month. new this morning, the price tag for the high-speed rail megaproject between san francisco and los angeles has
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risen yet again. the estimate is now at least $80 billion. segments of the track between the two cities are still being designed. trains are expected to -- riders up and down the state in about two hours and 40 minutes. the price for the project increased to 80 billion from $77 billion. let's get another check on traffic. >> it is looking busy. officially the freeways are getting opened. if you're heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge, you will see a few brake lights. a few accidents, that is the good news. sluggish near the toll plaza. still keep that in mind if you're commuting out of the east bay over towards san rafael. take a look at traffic at the bay bridge. metering lights are on and you got a backup into the maze at this point. so your approaches starting to see some slow-and-go conditions as well. westbound 580, you will see a
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few brake lights. not doing too bad. that nimitz freeway is okay through there. about a 20 minute drive time as you head out. hayward into foster city. that trek over towards 11, so definitely seeing a few more brake lights. as you head westbound. those taillights, heading in that direction, eastbound cannot sing any delays. heading towards the east bay there. south bend 880, that trouble spots now cleared out of lanes. so still slow. northbound 11 in the south bay, you got a lot of brake lights. things are definitely starting to fill in on that the northbound side of 101 coming out of 260. we zoom in, we are seeing slower speeds down is authorities as you head through there. it gets a little bit better once you pass that 880 interchange. taking a look here, traffic along 237. 11 minutes is your drive time over towards 85. so even with those delays as you go past the road traffic is little bit better. over towards 101. if you look the drive times in the south bay, they are still showing in the green. it is north where we are seeing
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brake lights. and seeing some fog this morning. that is right. that we indicates that stronger onshore flow for >> that will help to cool us down to near seasonal this time of year. so were starting off the day with areas of fog and also clouds as well. a live look with our salesforce tower camera looking east at the bay bridge. and the east bay, concord, you are down to 40 degrees. 50 in oakland and for downtown san francisco. 42 in livermore. 46 for you in san jose. foggy in santa rosa. 42. with visibility down to about a quarter mile in santa rosa and petaluma. so dense fog across parts of the north bay. as we head through the afternoon, mostly cloudy along the coast and mid-50s, upper 50s for the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. you were talking mid-60s inland. so a big difference with our weather with that stronger onshore flow. all because of this low pressure system ushering in the stronger marine influence for us. we have another with the system that is behind that one and unfortunately, that will not bring that beneficial rainfall that we desperately need. we have got several days
6:18 am
without the rain and i will show you what you can expect. in that 14 day outlook coming up. you can see on futurecast, taking you hour by hour, those clouds sticking around along the coast. for tomorrow, starting off the day with those clouds, areas of fog, very similar. maybe a little more sunshine as we head through today on friday. seasonal daytime highs for tomorrow as well. we have tied the all-time record for the driest february month to date with 0 for the rainfall. that was set back in 1864. we are doing it again now. and it does look as we look ahead to the end of the month, precipitation outlook for the permit prediction center for the bay area, breyer the normal. so likely ending of the month with unfortunately, those dry conditions. our sunrisers an 8. inner sunset at 5:39.
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so daytime highs for today, for the south bay, 66. 67 for san jose. 58 in morgan hill. for the east bay, mid-60s for concord and pleasant hill. topping out at 57 in san francisco. low 60s in oakland, upper 50s for san leandro. 60 in santa rosa. topping out at the mid-60s for cloverdale. arizona extended forecast and what you can expect. very similar for tomorrow. maybe a touch warmer on saturday. cooling down on sunday. there's a slight chance to see a showers for the north bay on sunday. otherwise, cooler, cloutier, dry into early next week. new this morning, the oakland zoo will kick off its initiative to crack down on the use of plastics. zoo officials say they are first in california to take the voluntary step. this is to reduce single use plastics. to keep visitors hydrated, there are several water fountains and water refill stations throughout this you. it is a 6:19.
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still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, helping the homeless, one photo at a time. coming up, the mission behind the lens. and let's take a live look outside. obama: he's been a leader
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believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. take a look at this feature is get confiding the show. getting ready to take them out and of it. police say it is a solution to nabbing potential suspects without lethal force. they use a guide laser to lined up eight shot quickly. it releases two metal pellets.
6:24 am
the projectiles are meant to wrap up a suspect and slowed him down enough for an arrest. >> have not saying anything like this in law enforcement. so i think there is some, you know, like what is this going to do? i think my officers are open to it. >> other police departments have been trained to use them. that police department will be the first one to deploy them during regular patrols. headshots for the homeless. that is what a bay area -- >> it is a project she says has not only changed her life but also helped her subjects see themselves in a different light. the rain have years ago, regina heard started working with the downtown streets team. is a nonprofit that connects homeless people to mentioned. she has given away nearly 5000 free headshots to homeless clients. she calls it the tops project.
6:25 am
>> certainly they would be more lammers pictures if they were black and white and pretty and told a story. but that residence good. i think it perpetuates the myth of what a homeless person is. >> virgina tells us she wants her audience to see the homeless as they really are. >> that is what happens with pictures. they show who you truly are. i could not see that avon had -- i started getting -- >> the project is on display at the searching library in san jose through the end of february. and remember to keep sitting your housing stories and idea to you can also see all of our original reporting on our website. it is 6:25. another bay area resident is going after wants to. today's keep meeting before it goes to trial. it is all coming up in our next half hour on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area. and we're live in san jose, where police are continuing
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now and streaming on cbsn bay area, a fugitive found after an hours-long manhunt in santa clara county. we are live with what police
6:30 am
are now telling us. and bombshell new evidence against bay area based juul. this morning, the internal documents just recovered in indicating targeted marketing. good morning. it is thursday, february 13th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the time now is just about 6:30. and we want to check in with mary lee with a look at our forecast. yeah, we are almost to the end of the workweek. yes, the weekend coming. and we are looking at temperatures that are going to continue to cool down as we head through today and through the weekend. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. and you can see just clouds in the sky. that indicates changes for >> were starting off the day in the 40s and in the 50s. even foggy along the coast and for parts of the bay. north bay dealing with a dense fog, santa rosa and petaluma this morning. as we head through the afternoon, cooling down to seasonal daytime highs. 57 in san francisco later on this afternoon.
6:31 am
67 for san jose. we will talk about rest of our cool down as we head through the week coming up. gianna? good morning. taking a look at the roadways right now. if you plan on taking the bay bridge, it is low, traffic is backed up with the metering lights on and you are slow, approaching as well. we are seeing the brake lights. through the maze. heads-up there. also, the eastshore freeway, ride getting a little slow, was man. and we got brake lights, that is the usual stuff. heading into the altamont pass, it is beyond grand line at this point. but as you get closer to the livermore valley, speeds 10 to pick up just a bit. and you will see it as you get on to 680 into pleasanton. i'm jackie ward live in san jose, where police are still blocking this street off for some incident after apprehending a suspect earlier this morning. they have been like this for the past more than 12 hours now. we overnight, there was a live of police focused on the 2500
6:32 am
block of mesa verde. at one point, there were reports of to guess in the air. you can actually the officers wearing gas masks because of that. authorities also using a bullhorn to communicate inside the home. the person was eventually detained. just after 3:00 this morning. thanks to the help of a canine unit. the suspect was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. we don't know what led up to this arrest. we also know when this what will be back open. live in san jose, diane king hall, kpix 5. growing concerns about the coronavirus outbreak has prompted united airlines to extend its suspension of flights to mainland china and hong kong. as of now, the air line hopes to resume that service in late april. meanwhile, china's southern air lines plan to suspend service to from san francisco to meet nine china after tomorrow. all other air lines offering nonstop to china from san francisco and san jose have already suspended service. meanwhile at the chinese government is reporting its largest single day death toll from the coronavirus outbreak.
6:33 am
242. that brings the total number of reported deaths to more than 1300. back here in the u.s., the centers for disease control says this country should be prepared. the world health organization is now working with some silicon valley companies in hopes of filtering out false rumors about the coronavirus outbreak. the rivers include sources of blame for the virus as well as factually incorrect videos and false tears. a w.h.o. official is in silicon valley this week visiting google, facebook, and other companies. >> we can't do it alone. we do need them. we have the -- together we can actually fight false information about the virus. >> the centers for disease control is remaking part of its coronavirus test kits. they hd says many of the kids have produced inconclusive results. states that were able to verify their kits can continue with the testing process.
6:34 am
the rest of the state labs will have to wait until replacement components are shipped out by the cdc. you can stay with kpix 5 and cbsn bay area for continuing coverage of the coronavirus. for more on the new effort in silicon valley to fight misinformation related to the outbreak, just go to i'm anne makovec in the live news desk . we are moments away from the closing are arguments in the rape case of harvey weinstein. the trial began generally six. weinstein has since been hobbling into court with a walker. his defense attorney meantime has been trying to convince the jury that it was consensual. closing arguments today. then this doll going to be in the hands of injury. happening today, a san francisco federal court will hear pretrial proceedings in the latest liability case
6:35 am
against monsanto. this case was filed by petaluma woman who said that she developed multiple brain tumors after using monsanto's roundup weed killer. monsanto lost similar case last year. the company was ordered to pay 2 billion. nearly a thousand lawsuits have been filed against monsanto. more than 13,000 lawsuits in federal and state courts altogether. this morning, a federal judge has ruled a hotline for detained immigrants should be restored. it was setup in 2013 by a nonprofit. the service was a way for detainees to report concerns about the conditions. immigrant at travis say it was so 10 after it was featured on the netflix show "orange is the new black". the move forced immigrants to pay one dollar a minute to call the group on a line that is not monitored for the government. we reach out to -- but when the
6:36 am
lines will be restored. no word yet. the days of at-risk youth are over in the state of california, at least that term can no longer officially be used. it is the result of a law signed by governor gavin newsom that took effect new year's day. reginald sawyer authored the bill, changing the term from at risk to at promise. people. he believes that people should not be burdened with a negative label after making a mistake. >> over that words matter. and once they were called at risk, -- let's stop calling them at risk. >> backers of the at-promise phrase believe it could help young people use their untapped potential. a new lawsuit claims to provide evidence that e- cigarettes join the juul targeted children with online advertising campaign. the lawsuit was filed yesterday by the attorney general of massachusetts. internal documents allegedly shopping juul expressively targeting teens. the aji claims that juul rejected a marketing proposal
6:37 am
targeting adults instead adopting a campaign at a, quote, cool crowd. the company also allegedly hopes to have then teens liberties like miley cyrus and christin stewart promote the products. juul also bought ads on youth focused websites including nickelodeon, cartoon network, and 17 magazine. >> i will half to consider myself an addict. >> juul released a statement to cbs news think a court, will we have not yet reviewed the complaint, we are working to combat and rage used. our customer base is adult smokers. california has filed a similar lawsuit against juul as well as more than a dozen school districts across the state. protesters demanding a raise for graduate student
6:38 am
assistance. hundreds of face off against police in riot gear yesterday. making arms, blocking a busy intersection and backing up traffic around campus. in all, 17 demonstrators were arrested. yesterday marked the third day of protests. demanding a $1400 a month cost- of-living adjustment:they say they will continue to withhold grades for undergraduates until the university give them a raise. but administrators say it is legal for them to negotiate with strikers because it is not an official union protest. new this morning, the sheriff's office is looking for witnesses in a rollover crash. this happened tuesday afternoon on kerger patch road. chp officials say that a woman and two others were driving in a chevy tahoe suv. the suspects driving me mercedes van follow behind and identify the victim's car. causing her to lose control and flipped over an embankment. the suspect has been booked into jail on assault with a deadly weapon charge.
6:39 am
officials say that the driver of the other car remains in the hospital in critical condition this morning:any witnesses are asked to call police. the time now is 6:30 8. airplane launching taken to a whole new level. the new hang out at sfo coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. and obama: he's been a leader
6:40 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
6:41 am
putting term limits on congress, about washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington.
6:42 am
i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. good thursday morning to you. we're starting off the day with cooler temps. all thanks to onshore flow. claudia start. areas of fog, and you can see the north bay, petaluma, 0 for the visibility right now and don't to inquire mile in santa rosa. and to because of the wind the freeways right now, if you plan on heading 680 this morning. pleasant hill, we got a lot of
6:43 am
brake lights. you can see that in our live shot here. in fact, that ride, but and he will end walnut creek, up sluggish one connecting on the 24. and you will see brake lights in there as well. time now for a look at what is coming up later on today "cbs this morning." anthony mason is joining us. ahead on "cbs this morning," china is having its single day death toll searching. the total number of people infected globally as it is rising. how the deadly disease is affecting he was companies and potentially consumers. only on "cbs this morning" how one family's heart. is appealing a new home for drivers to put down their phones behind the wheel. and in our more perfect union sears, with the california tv host helping seniors re-create scenes from movie classics.
6:44 am
looks like a fantastic show. we will see you at the top of the hour. thanks so much. now to the deadly coronavirus. apple is reopening some of its china stores despite the surprise and that's overnight. >> kcbs radio reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: apple extended its store closures. it is reopening some of its stores in beijing. limited basis. earlier this week, it was reported that apple's largest iphone sevylor, fox come, got approval to begin commercial production. apple among a number of companies impacted by the coronavirus in china. they say they expect to lose upwards of $70 million in sales this year because the outbreak. they expect to lose about $6 million in the first quarter sales. the stock market reacting to that surge in deadly cases in china. record high that we saw on wednesday. let's go to the big boar. without dropping 130 points. nasdaq down by 35 point.
6:45 am
the s&p is losing 11 point shares in cisco also getting pummeled out there. back to you guys. >> jason brooks, thank you. new figures from b.a.r.t. this morning indicating ridership has decreased. the total amount of rides outside of commuting hours have dropped by nearly 10 million from 62.2 million in 2015 to 62.7 million in 2019. the reasons, b.a.r.t. mike max. they cited crime, leninist, and homeless riders. supervisor the person has arisen to oppose muni fare hikes. he argues it would decrease ridership and only burden riders. the board is expected to hear a committee hearing in the coming weeks. a live look at sfo. if you're plans to go away this
6:46 am
weekend, you might want to show apparently. the fancy new feature opens in 24 hours. you're getting a look at the new sky terrace observation:. this is $.3 million project is part of the remodel of terminal 2. it offers 180 degree view. they do not need boarding passes to access the indoor/outdoor space. >> the goal here is to add fun and excitement back to aviation. >> the sky terrace will be open to the public every day starting tomorrow. when i was younger, i use to go with my cousin. we would sit on the hood of the car and watched the airplanes take off. >> this is fancy. probably a good place to hang out, too, if you got a flight delay. >> or kill some time before the flight. >> or you could just make up a story. >> i could imagined.
6:47 am
>> close your eyes, relax. keep your eyes open the roadways. we got quite a bit going on. as far as delays go to that is goodness. here's a live look at all these brake lights. this is 1v1. this is through marin county. you can see traffic definitely loading up on that southbound side. so plan for that this morning as you head out the door. that trek there will take you with a few brake lights. petaluma, got some slow-and-go conditions. southbound 11. a crash clearing 101. expect some slight delays because of that. let's get a look at traffic along 680 this morning. in my last report, i showed you a live shot of traffic. that is north of here. you get a bit of a break once you pass that walnut creek area. into the sunol grade into pleasanton, you're going to see some brake lights. 580 over towards 237.
6:48 am
880 busy as well. that earlier trouble spot is long gone. brake lights coming out of hayward. you're going to see some slow- and-go conditions out there as well. over towards 237, if you're connecting onto some of the bridges, san mateo bridge, 26th minutes. dumbarton bridge, looking much better. 30 minutes to go from the east bay over towards the peninsula. let's get a live look at 880 north of there, in oakland. traffic starting to get a little busier here. more brake lights just past the coliseum. things are getting a little bit sticking to oakland also. southbound 880, not too bad through the portion. a live look at the san mateo bridge. got a lot of brake light >> some foggy spots this
6:49 am
morning. here's mary. it has been a little bit too warm for you, we will continue to cool it down. you can see that marine is kicking in for >> live look with our cells first tower camera. looking south, you can see those clouds, also dealing with areas of fog as well. that really indicates the stronger onshore flow for us. a cooler day today. back down to seasonal for this time of year. concord, you're coming in at 40 degrees. downtown san francisco, livermore, 41. san jose, 46. foggy in santa rosa. down to a quarter mile, dense fog for you in santa rosa. as well as for petaluma in the low 40s. no, as we head through the afternoon, looking at those daytime highs, right around where we should be for this time of year. for the coast, in the mid-50s with mostly cloudy skies. and mid-60s inland this afternoon. so that stronger onshore flow, due to to this low pressure system, ushering in that marine influence for us. we have another weather system behind that. unfortunately, that will not
6:50 am
been the rain for us. so let's take you hour by hour on futurecast. you can see the sevnica we're looking at those clouds on because. partly sunny for the rest of the bay area. as we head through tomorrow, it is going to be a cloudy start to as well. areas of fog and that maybe a little bit more sunshine for your friday afternoon. but we are looking at seasonal temps for tomorrow's will. it has been an incredibly dry february so far. in fact, we have no tied the all-time record for the driest february ever recorded in san francisco. this is not a record that we want here. 0 for the rainfall that was set back in 1864. and we have tied that record and as we look ahead to the rest of the month, that precipitation outlook, 14 days here. the kind of predictions and there. it does have is drier than normal for the bay area. so we definitely need the rainfall and every single date:we have the drier conditions, we are following farther behind. for for 66 in sunnyvale. 665 of santa clara. camping out in the mid-60s for concord. san francisco, 57. 57 in berkeley. 61 oakland. 59 for san leandro this afternoon.
6:51 am
60 in santa rosa. popping out at 65 in cloverdale and for clear lake and lake park. here's a at the seven-day forecast. what you can expect. so, when down to seasonal today. tomorrow, maybe a little bit warmer for saturday. but cooler on sunday with mostly cloudy skies. there is a slight chance to see a shower for the north bay on sunday. that is about it. dry as you look ahead to into next week. kenny. the february is supposed to be one of northern california's cold is, what is months. as mary has just been telling you, already hitting 70 degrees with no rain inside. fire crews are getting ready. >> there is some growth happening. you're not going to see a large -- it doesn't dry out airbrush and are, but models. into critical level. a lot earlier that might normally see. >> this pattern is typically seen in summer months. the national weather service says it will likely continue with increases in the chance of an early start to wildfire
6:52 am
season. cal fire says they are ready to react to the winter break if needed. the nfc is monitoring the moisture levels. 6:51. still ahead, a new name for a new era. the michelle obama school makeover. that is next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. police are still here after spending hours focused on a house. we will tell you what the suspect they eventually arrested. growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all.
6:53 am
now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
6:54 am
putting term limits on congress, about washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations,
6:55 am
but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. i'm jackie ward , where police have been focusing on a pacific house here for hours, actually about 14 hours no. overnight, there was a lot of please here. focusing on the 25 hundred
6:56 am
block of marissa better. there reports of teargas the air and officers had to wear gas masks. authorities also used people want to to communicate with someone inside a home. that person was racially detained just after 3:00 this morning. thanks to the help of a canine unit. that suspect is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital. we don't know the events that led up to this arrest. we also don't know when the roads might be back open. jackie ward, kpix 5. it is 6:56. time for look at this my's other top stories. two people in the hospital out in critical condition following a crash in san francisco's mission district. this happened yesterday at and at the intersection of mission and 23rd street. police say that a driver with a. his ran a red light and sped through a right turn, splashing into them and at the crosswalk. another passenger getting off the bus was also hurt. the driver is suspected of being impaired. the activist group moms 4 housing planning a rally,
6:57 am
calling for charges to be dropped. it all stems from a recent standoff involving a group of activists who squatted in a vacant house in west oakland. the house's owner eventually agreed to sell it to the oakland community manteris. the world health organization now working with some silicon valley companies to stop the spread of false rumors about the coronavirus outbreak. w.h.o. official is in silicon valley this week. google, facebook, and other companies. today, a federal judge will conduct the left pretrial proceedings for a bay area woman. lawsuit against weed killer maker monsanto. they have been ordered to pay almost $3 billion in damages from federal cases. there was contra costa county school board voted in menacingly to change richmond school's name to michelle obama elementary school. the school used to to be named after president woodrow wilson, who critics say supported racism.
6:58 am
checking traffic right now. you got a lot of brake lights. live look here in san jose right now. as you head through there. no accident 101. not the case for 85. you got a couple things to look out for here. a crash northbound 85. right at -- motorcycle down in the left lane. an ambulance and fire crews staying there. keep that in mind. you will see some delays this morning. and bay bridge, still busy, backed up into the miss. as well as 580. your drive times, 28 minutes from her colis into richmond, into berkeley, all the way to to the amazed. west point 580, 44 minute ride. over towards the dublin interchange. okay, gianna, well, heading out the door to work and school, grab that jacket. it is a chilly start to the day. dealing with clouds and areas of far.
6:59 am
a great start for you in san jose. there we go with our temps in the 40s and in the low 50s this morning. as we had through the afternoon, seasonal for those highs. cooling you down even more. thanks to the stronger onshore flow. that pacific marine. 57 in san francisco. mid-60s in fremont. concord and for san jose. and there we go with that extended forecast. very similar, friday, maybe a gets warmer saturday. but cooler for all of us on sunday with mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of a shower for the north bay on sunday. american thank you. let's check in now with michelle in our new cbsn bay area newsroom. streaming news and live updates all day. michelle, what are your following for us this morning?! just in case you forgot to better is valentine's day. we got some as many ideas and suggestions for you and your significant other this weekend. plus, when it comes to good health, one bay area city top the rest of the nation. we will have details from a new poll coming up. just log on to and check out cbsn bay area. you can watch those stories and much more throughout the day
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on multiple devices and platforms. just download the cbs news app. so guys, valentine's day plans tomorrow? it is friday. that does good. >> i don't know yet. for sure. we're going to make it happened. >> i'm going to give my wife welcome to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning". i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. breaking overnight china's coronavirus death toll jumps dramatically while new cases confirm here in the u.s. anxiety grows for passengers trapped on cruise ships. missing 6-year-old, a first grader got off a school bus in south carolina, went to play in her yard, then disappeared. the massive effort to try to find her. bloomberg under fire. the billionaire presidential contender faces criticism for past policy and remarks on race while he pours money into his late starting campaign. saving sharks. our eye on earth series visit a


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