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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  February 20, 2020 3:12am-3:43am PST

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one firefighter killed, another missing in the line of duty as a library goes up in flames. the two people police say are to blame. elaborate jail-break plot-- loaded guns, ammunition, even bolt cutters, all hidden inside a brand-new jail. who investigators say was behind h real-life prison break plan. road to recovery: days after the fiery crash at the daytona 500, the driver today back on his feet, the new photo with his daughters and how doctors say he survived. date night on duty: he picked the wrong restaurant to rob. royal no more? harry and meghan learn when they'll officially leave the palace. what else the queen may force them to leave behind. and a monument of their own. the teenager determined to honor the women who helped win a world war. why you might say she's in a league of her own. this is the "cbs evening news"
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with norah o'donnell, reporting norom the nation's capital. reporting from t >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you so much for joining us. as we come on the air, the democratic candidates for president are hoping what happens in vegas tonight won't stay there but will jump start their campaigns heading into this weekend's caucus. it's the ninth debate for democrats, but there's a newcomer. billionaire michael bloomberg arrives with a target on his back. he's facing accusations from his opponents that he's trying to buy the presidency, that he made sexist comments as a businessman and that he promoted racist policies as mayor of new york. in turn, bloomberg is expected to make the case he is the only viable alternative to frontrunner bernie sanders, even though sanders now leads the pack in several new polls. today, the bloomberg and sanders campaigns went at each other, even sparring over the two candidates' health. nikole killion leads us off tonight from las vegas. >> how you feeling today, senator? >> i'm feeling good. >> reporter: appearing with
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picketing union workers in las vegas, several democratic hopefuls made clear they will demand answers tonight from the newest debater, mike bloomberg. >> i'm glad he's up there because he's got to answer questions like the rest of us. >> he can spend a lot of money, but he can't change his record. >> reporter: but bloomberg is sizing up the competition, too. a new campaign memo warns the fractured field could make bernie sanders, a democratic socialist, unstoppable if biden, buttigieg, and klobuchar remain in the race, it states, they will propel sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead by siphoning votes away from bloomberg. the campaigns today also focused on the heart health of sanders and bloomberg, both 78. sanders, who suffered a heart attack last fall, was asked last night if he would release more medical records. >> i don't think we will, no. >> reporter: this morning as sanders' aide incorrectly said bloomberg had heart attacks, the former new york mayor's team shot back saying he only had coronary stents put in, and that facts matter.
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this isn't the way to ce feet donald trump in november. >> o'donnell: and nicole joins us tonight from vegas. and, nikole, as bloomberg and sanders surged, joe biden has had double-digit drops in the national polls. what are the stakes for him tonight? >> reporter: well, biden is banking on a good showing here in nevada and south carolina to regain his footing. his campaign tells us that it believes bloomberg is profoundly unvetted when it comes to his past comments about minorities, women, and the transgender community. and it's possible that biden could call bloomberg out over what the biden campaign says are dishonest ads about bloomberg's relationship with former president obama. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, nikole, thank you. a programming note: gayle king and i will be in charleston, south carolina, moderating the next democratic presidential debate. that's next tuesday night, beginning at 8:00 eastern, right here on cbs. hope you'll join us. today, president trump kept up his barrage of tweets about the justice department, even as
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attorney general bill barr considers quitting if the t esident doesn't stop. and there are new details that pe emerging that connect the president, his pardons, and the people who pushed for them. ben tracy reports tonight. >> reporter: president trump is not taking his attorney general's advice to back off when it comes to tweeting about the department of justice. demanding justice for himself this morning, and retweeting a call on attorney general barr to clean house at the department. >> yeah, i do make his job harder. i do agree with that. i think that's true. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that barr was so fed up with president trump's twitter habit that he considered resigning, but sources say things have cooled off for now. the president defended his recent pardons and commutations, including former illinois governor rod blagojevich, convicted of trying to sell barack obama's senate seat after he became president. mr. trump argued blagojevich "did not sell the seat," and his move prompted thanks from the one-time "celebrity apprentice" contestant today. >> i'm a trump-o-crat.
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>> a trump-o-craft that's right. >> will you vote for him. > if i have the ability to vote, i'm going to vote for him. >> reporter: meanwhile, the family of paul pogue, whose sentence trump also commuted, has given more than $200,000 to the president's re-election campaign, and prominent g.o.p. donor, nelson peltz, who hosted a fund-raiser for the president at his palm beach home pushed for the pardon of junk bond king michael milliken. >> o'donnell: ben joins us from phoenix where the president is holding a rally. one of the top officials at the pentagon is out. is this all part of the president's post-impeachment purge? >> reporter: well, that's not clear, but his name is john rood and he was the top official at the pentagon and he said president trump asked for his eesignation. rood was involved in certifying that ukraine made enough reforms to get the 200 million in military aid, which was being withheld at the time. that undermined president trump's argument that he was withholding that aid because of corruption in ukraine.
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norah. >> o'donnell: ben, at a very noisy rally tonight. ben, thank you. a russian agent, an f.b.i. informant, and a mexican scientist leading a double life. it sounds like the plot of a cold war killer, but authorities say the threads all come edgether in florida where an alleged spy was arrested as he tried to flee the country. jeff pegues has the details. >> reporter: from all indications, hector cabrera fuentes is an accomplished mexican professor living in singapore, but u.s. investigators believe he's actually a spy for the russian government operating in south florida. authorities say that on orders from the kremlin, fuentes and his wife spent valentine's day gathering intelligence on an f.b.i. informant who was watching russian spy activity in south florida. south florida. the couple drove a re the couple drove a rental car to a gated housing complex in miami and entered by tailgating another vehicle. once inside, they took a photograph of the u.s. government source's vehicle license plate.
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federal agents found the photos on their phones as they were boarding a flight to mexico city sunday night. fuentes was recruited by a russian agent where he has a tecond family. according to investigators, the agent implied that he would help fentis' family if he agreed to help them. >> this is certainly the way putin likes to operator. >> reporter: eric o'neill is a former f.b.i. counter-intelligence operative who studied russia sleeper agents like anna chapman and maria butina. >> the f.b.i. has to be scrambling to figure out how did russia learn this informant was working against their interests? >> reporter: fuentes will be in court on friday, and while u.s. authorities say he doesn't appear to be a highly trained spy, the bottom line here is the russians didn't think that he would draw a lot of attention, norah, as he zeroed in on that f.b.i. informant. >> o'donnell: quite a story, jeff. >> it is. >> o'donnell: thank you. tonight, more cases of the new coronavirus are confirmed on that cruise ship in japan. most of the american passengers have been flown home, but there
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are more than 620 confirmed cases on that "diamond princess," and with new numbers coming in tonight, there are more than 75,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide. more than 2100 people have died. tonight, two 13-year-olds are in custody in california facing charges of arson, conspiracy, and manslaughter after a fir and manslaughter after a fire in a small town library left one ibrary left oned and another missing. jonathan vigliotti reports. >> reporter: the massive fire was fueled by thousands of books, and even though the porterville fire department was just next door, crews struggled to contain the inferno. 55 firefighters fought 12 hours to put it out. and after so much destruction, heartbreak. >> the city has identified fire captain raymond figueroa, 35 e ars old, as the firefighter who was killed in the city's library fire.
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>> reporter: an emotional fire chief announcing the death of his captain, a 13-year veteran. firefighter patrick jones is still unaccounted for. >> the ceiling did collapse into the library. >> reporter: officials believe the blaze started in the kids' section just after 4:00 p.m. tuesday. the public library, built in 1953, did not have a sprinkler system. librarians evacuated those inside and alerted police to two suspicious teenagers seen running away. n mourns themall town mourns the loss of its loss of its only library and the two young heroes who fought to save it. and it's still unclear if these teenagers will be tried as adults. the entire fire department is taking the next three days off to grieve. fire departments from around the region are being brought in to help out. norah. >> o'donnell: a devastating story. jonathon, thank you. today, the jury at harvey weinstein's rape trial finished its second day of deliberations. still no verdict.
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the movie mogul smiled as he left court today, but when a reporter asked if he was worried, weinstein went stone faced and shook his head. jurors asked to look over testimony from actress rosie perez, who backed up actress anabella sciorra's claim that orra's claim thater in the 1990s. tonight we're learning chilling details of what the sheriff in nashville calls the most significant security breach in the city's history. police broke up a plot for a huge jailbreak. the alleged ring leader is a well-known advocate for prison reform. and tonight, officials are still searching for weapons he may have planted in the jail. manuel bojorquez on what the investigation turned up. >> reporter: authorities say alex friedmann's scheme involved dressing as a construction worker and stealing keys to plant loaded guns and ammunition at an under-construction downtown nashville detention center for a "massive escape plan." >> it was discovered that mr. friedman over many months had developed and implemented an
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extremely deliberate and, in my opinion, evil plan. what disturbed me most is not that this was about an escape. it was also about loss of life. >> private prisons could not exist without the collusion of government agencies that give them permission to exist. >> reporter: friedman is a self- described criminal justice advocate, an ex-convict himself, he became a high-profile voice against private prisons, featured in multiple news reports and documentaries, even testifying on capitol hill. his attorney today said friedman is presumed innocent but did not address the allegations. he was first detained in january and re-arrested last night. police are looking for three other men they believe may have helped friedman. >> i'm not confident that we hae found everything we need. we're not going to work here until we're comfortable. >> reporter: that also means changing nearly 2,000 locks before the detention center can open. manuel bojorquez, cbs news. >> o'donnell: a third teenaged boy is under arrest tonight in connection with the murder of
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barnard college student tessa majors. 14-year-old lochano lewis surrendered to police today and was charged as an adult. two other boys, 14 and 13 years old are, also charged in the robbery and stabbing in new york city's morningside park last december. police say they tracked down the suspected through d.n.a. evidence and a stolen cell phone. there is news tonight from the royal family. prince harry and meghan markle will officially step down as senior members on march 31. but still to be resolved is whether they whether they can cash in on their royal relations. elizabeth palmer reports from london. >> reporter: for now, it may be his and her royal highness, but in six weeks, harry and meghan will drop this grandest form of address and be known simply as "the duke and duchess of sussex." it's both a title and key to their new brand, "sussexroyal," which already has 11.2 million 2nstagram followers.
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at the moment it promote theirs charity work, and projects like meghan's guest editing of "vogue" magazine with her celebrity connects. >> meghan i'm so proud of you for using your amazing platform and your strong voice. >> reporter: but the trademark application harry and meghan filed for sussexroyal, would allow for the marketing of everything from paper to pajamas, and today the palace said using that word "royal," it's a problem. in fact, they may have to drop it. mark burkeovski, is a branding expert. >> the queen, obviously, stopping them using the title shows that the gloves are off. they fear the power of meghan and harry. >> reporter: to underline the break between prince harry and the inner circle of the royal family, he's had to give up the office he kept in buckingham palace behind me, but the door is open for renegotiations. all parties involved have agreed they'll revisit this deal a year from now.
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norah. >> o'donnell: all right, liz, thank you. yeefer from now and there is still much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." nascar driver ryan newman's emotional homecoming days after that terrifying crash at daytona. this is a robbery, but no need to call the police. they're already there, and the confrontation all caught on camera. later, "v" for victory. how a teenager plans to turn a class project into a monument to cement the legacy of the woman who helped win world war ii. an who helped win world war ii. are ♪ ♪ took charge for it. ♪ ♪ so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> o'donnell: there is breaking news from germany. at least eight people are dead after a mass shooting in a city near frankfurt. there are reports that victims were shot at two separate hookah lounges. no word yet on the motive. tonight, nas tonight, nascar driver ryan newman is home from the hospital less than 48 hours after that fiery crash at monday's daytona 500.
3:30 am
and the more you watch the wreck, the harder it is to believe he wasn't seriously hurt. nikki battiste has more on newman's speedy recovery. >> reporter: ryan newman's wife called it the best sight ever as the nascar driver walked out of a florida hospital today holding ds daughters' hands hours after his racing team posted this photo of newman smiling with his two girls still in his hospital gown. it was only 48 hours ago that the 18-time cup winner was leading the daytona 500 when his ford teammate ryan blaney made contact with newman's bumper, which sent his number 6 ford crashing into the wall and into the air, before being struck on the driver's side by corey lajoie's car, and bursting into flames. lajoie joked on twitter today saying, "hey, ryan, you forgot your shoes." since dale earnhardt senior's death in 2001, drivers now have an upgraded seat belt and harness system, fire-retardant
3:31 am
suits, and new, more crash- absorbent walls have replaced concrete around the perimeter of every track. no details on 42-year-old newman's injuries have been released, but his family is just glad to have him home. nikki battiste, cbs news, new tiste, cbs news, > o'donnell: in louisville, kentucky, a masked gunman picked the wrong restaurant to hold up. surveillance video showed the robbery going down at raising cane's chicken fingers, which happened to be date night for two off-duty police officers. officer nicole mccowan and her husband, detective chase mccowan, got up from their table-- you can see-- drew their guns and chased the suspect out of the restaurant. they caught him about a block away. how's that for a date night? all right, up next, the story we promised you: a teenager with a monumental idea, and the movie that was her inspiration. piration. i'm alphonso, and there's more to me than hiv.
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> o'donnell: some of america's greatest heroes in world war ii never left the u.s., and no one das championed their story quite like a young lady who was born nearly six decades after the war. here's nikole killion.
3:36 am
>> i think women should have a rightful place in washington, washington, d.c. >> rep >> reporter: 18-year-old raya kenney wants to build a monument to the working women of world war ii. they are better known as "the rosies," the women who donned overalls and went to work as riveters, welders, and in other male-dominated jobs during the war. your inspiration was the movie "a league of their own." >> yes. >> reporter: why that movie? >> it was the first time i had seen women taking the role that hman had held previously and that a woman had never held. >> there's no crying in baseball! >> v-formation symbolizes victory. m> reporter: raya built a model of her monument for a fifth grade school assignment. >> i wanted to change the narrative. >> reporter: even at 10. >> even at 10. >> reporter: raya is in touch with one of the surviving rosies. 98-year-old phyllis gould works in california and worked as a welder in a shipyard. >> i actually loved the work. >> reporter: raya and phyllis have never met in person but
3:37 am
they share a common goal: >> it's so perfect, it's just incredible. she's just a determined young woman that she'll get it done, too. >> this is not a quick or easy process, but it's an important one. >> reporter: with the support of d.c.'s delegate, she is ready to tackle any hurdles along the way, and she still gets inspiration from the rosies. >> i have to keep that motto in mind, "we can do it." there are setbacks. it takes a long time. there's a lot of waiting for things to be done, but we can do in. >> reporter: nikole killion, cbs news, washington. >> o'donnell: you can do it. we should cement their legacy. love that story. we'll be right back. at fidelity, we can help you build a clear plan for retirement without the unnecessary fees you might expect from so many financial firms. we'll make sure you can cover the essentials, as well as all the things you want to do. because when you have a retirement partner who gives you clarity at every step, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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shape your future. start here. learn more at in so many ways. which cage free eggs taste fresher and more delicious? only eggland's best. which organic eggs have more vitamins and less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. >> o'donnell: on tomorrow's "cbs evening news," an artist inspired by the past who's an inspiration for all of us. and if you can't watch live, don't forget to set your dvr, so you can watch us later. and that is tonight's "cbs avening news." i'm norah o'donnell here in washington. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." >> i'm errol barnett, and we've got a lot more to tell you about this morning, beginning with the deadly coronavirus. it continues to spread like wildfire through china and is slowly spreading around the world. here in the u.s., researchers are looking to previous outbreak, trying to stay one step ahead of the virus. here is dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: officials covered up the number of sars cases in the city. >> does the public understand what zika is, how it spreads, how to protect themselves? >> i don't think so. >> we have to rethink ebola infection control.
3:41 am
>> reporter: when a deadly virus arrives in the u.s., health officials follow a road map and try to anticipate the detours that can put the public at risk. they don't always succeed. when ebola came to america, two nurses caring for a patient in dallas contracted the disease. officials believe gaps in protective equipment and unclear guidelines for properly using it were to blame. >> we realized here in the united states we needed to enhance preparedness in hospitals. >> reporter: dr. angela hewitt helped treat two ebola patients at nebraska. >> one of the lessons was that every hospital was not prepared. do you think that's changed now? >> i do think that has changed, especially since the inception of the national ebola education center. >> reporter: that training center now holds regular drills, using protocols strengthened after ebola. hospital workers from across the country practice putting on and taking off protective gear exactly the right way. ebola also highlighted the need
3:42 am
for a dedicated facility for patients showing symptoms of infections that are especially contagious and lethal. this brand-new national quarantine center is now monitoring 12 americans evacuated from china. with shortages in china of medical supplies and concerns about the worldwide supply of drugs, the cdc has already loaded up on vital items such as medicines, ivs, vaccines and ventilators. our "60 minutes" team visited one of the strategic national stockpiles at a secret location during the zika outbreak. in 2016, health officials struggled to get the word out the women that zika infection during pregnancy could cause babies to be born with severe brain damage. this time tech companies and the world health organization are collaborating to put reputable health resources as the top search results for coronavirus in an effort to filter out misinformation. >> we're seeing a lot


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