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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 29, 2020 2:07am-2:43am PST

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troubling on the west coast. >> i am elizabeth cook, there are now four patients who got sit with the indexed infection from community spread. the latest includes a high schools could student in washington state and an employee in oregon. santa clara county announced a new case of unknown origin. the mountain view voice reports that patient was treated at el camino hospital. it comes to days after a case was reported in solano county. >> we have team coverage on the coronavirus. we begin with betty yu, who spoke to people stocking up on medication. >> reporter: tonight, we saw plenty of people out and about at willow glen and restaurants at at shops. this is where learning the coronavirus may be spreading undetected in the bay area. >> today i got toilet paper essentials, water-->> reporter: johnny about a cart full of water and other supplies in san jose tonight after santa clara county health officials warned of the possibility of
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widespread community transmission. >> i got the basic meds to cure a common cold, according to what some of the doctors are saying. it acts like a common cold. i've got tylenol, some hydration water stuff. >> reporter: he is not alone, many shoppers rolled out carts of basic necessities. he shared this photo from inside the store, he says employees were constantly unloading new pallets of supplies. experts say the threat of the coronavirus could empty shelves in the coming weeks. the latest patient diagnosed in santa clara county did not travel to china or have known contact with an infected patient. she is an elderly woman with chronic health conditions. >> the virus is here, present at some level, but we still don't know to what degree. an important priority there for us is to conduct public health surveillance to determine the extent of what is happening. >> reporter: the county is
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emphasizing that everyone keep their hands clean, try not to touch your face, and stay home when sick to help reduce the possible spread, schools should make plans. >> we go to santa clara university. apparently, they have plans in place that if the coronavirus spreads to our campus, we would all just take online classes instead of going into the actual classrooms. >> reporter: companies should about more flexible policies that may involve videoconferencing and working from home. >> i'm not necessarily going to sequester myself at home until it becomes necessary. what >> the county have the ability to do rapid confirmation of the coronavirus. now that you can run the test on site. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. health officials confirmed another case in solano county today. we are told the residents had been evacuated from the diamond princess cruise ship to traverse our fourth space. that patient is a mandatory home evacuee isolation. today, two students are
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banned from class until further notice, after one of their parents was exposed to a coronavirus patient. one student attends palo alto high school and the other goes to jl s middle school. the district says it has no confirmed cases and sent the students home today as a precaution. in a statement, the superintendent said all schools will remain open. adding quotes, it is literally impossible for us to control the virus, but we can do our part to educate our stakeholders about best practices and prepare for worst- case scenarios. i am joe vazquez at the mosque on the center, with a major convention that usually brings in tens of thousands of people has been put on hold. the game developers conference was scheduled for march 16th, today, the group announced on its website that events will be postponed. they had been under pressure to cancel the convention in recent days because of fears of the coronavirus. several major companies already pulls out.
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they said they will hold some of it this summer that will likely include presentations on video on the web. earlier this week, facebook announced it was also counseling it, developer conference scheduled for may 5th. >> we were all worried about going out. it is scary out there, you hear about these deaths every day and people are scared to be out there, and the coughing and sneezing, like nobody knows what can happen. >> reporter: that sort of fear continues to impact businesses. >> it is slow. it is low right now. >> reporter: shops along grand avenue said they are still seeing a major drop in business . that is my earlier today, city leaders and legislators held a photo op in chinatown to try to reassure people the city is safe right now and that medical and emergency management divisions are getting ready, if in fact the coronavirus does ever show up here. >> we are living in a challenging moment. i have been around and on the board of supervisors during the 9/11 incident, during the sars incident. we will all get through this. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin says he wants people to
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reject the rumors and base their decisions on facts. >> there is nothing to fear. the fact remains there is not a single case of covid-19 in the city and county of san francisco. continue to shop here, continue to eat here, it's local, buy local everything is good in the hood. tonight, the feds have scrapped a plan to transfer a group of quarantine cruise ship passengers from the bay area to orange county. 67 passengers from the diamond princess were originally evacuated to travis air force base. 15 later tested positive for the virus, meaning, they had to leave the base. those patients are now out of the hospital, but still under quarantine. the idea was to move them to costa mesa to complete it, but a judge temporarily blocked the transfers after the city fought back. tonight, the cdc is warning americans against all nonessential travel to italy as the virus continues to spread
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there. stay with kpix 5 for your latest coronavirus updates and you can stream now on cbs in the area. you can find us on, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform. a san francisco middle school shut down today because of a stomach flu outbreak. more than 150 students at risk video middle school reported symptoms. the school closed so crews! sanitize the buildings. the campus should reopen on monday. officials say the outbreak is not related to the coronavirus. a live look outside san francisco. starting tomorrow, the bay area is expected to see a big cooldown. brian hackney is here with our forecast. >> i think the best way to set this out is to show you how it was in little work today. 81 degrees. that was a record setter for liverwurst. this is by way of illustrating how much cooler things will be tomorrow, broke a 1975 record. it is going to happen as low
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pressure in the gulf is going to sink south, right over california. you would think that under more bloomfield times that we would get more rain. the atmosphere is just desiccated. it is dried up. there will not be moister with this. there will be winds, high temperatures for saturday. san francisco manages 58. bear in mind, yesterday and today, we were as much as 15 to 20 degrees above average highs. tomorrow, we will be from one to three degrees high. that is a big turnaround from upper 50s and low 60s. wind chill up, no rain falling down. the first week of march, we will see what would happen when we cover the forecast. and cafe 2020, we are hours away from south carolina's high- stakes primary. reporter, darrell forges is in columbia with how the democratic presidential candidates are making their final push before tomorrow's vote. >> reporter: 54 delegates are a
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stake in tomorrow's primary and some candidates are still working hard to get those last- minute votes. it is crunch time in carolina. on the eve of the palmetto state primary, the 2020 candidates are going all in. >> i've been down here more than any other candidate to meet people, to look them in the eye. >> reporter: each pitching a common message, beating president trump. >> that is how we are going to lead the change we need, a majority big enough, not just to put a end to this presidency, but to put trump in the history books. >> i am elizabeth warren, i am the woman who will beat president trump. >> i don't want to jinx myself, i feel very good. >> reporter: a big win could give bided the momentum needed to stop bernie sanders. >> do you think a socialist would help you in georgia, north carolina, south carolina, texas? >> reporter: sanders is not lying down. >> we are building a movement that cannot be stopped. >> reporter: hoping to improve
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after a nearly 50 points lost to hillary clinton in 2016's primary. >> he really adapted his campaign and change that i learned from his loss. i think that has made a significant difference in the state. >> reporter: the candidates also need to look ahead with super tuesday four days away. >> hello, san antonio! >> thank you, north carolina! >> reporter: bloomberg finally appears on ballots. >> the other candidates are focused on four states, i'm trying to run a national campaign. >> reporter: with 34% of all delegates up for grabs on one day, the stakes cannot be any higher. tom stier and joe biden will stay in south carolina for tomorrow's primary. meanwhile, the other candidates will go to other states to focus on to sue's super tuesday. darrell forges, kpix 5. bernie sanders is expected to draw thousands of supporters to the south bay sunday for a rally at the san jose convention center.
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u.s. and taliban leaders are expected to sign a historic peace deal tomorrow that could bring an end to america's longest war. under the agreement, the u.s. will pull troops out of afghanistan. in return, the taliban will agree to significantly reduce violence in the country. nearly two dozen republican lawmakers want assurances that the u.s. won't withdraw from afghanistan entirely. the pentagon as promised to respond to those concerns. coming up, authorities accused of leaking graphic photos of the crash scene that killed kobe bryant. tonight, we are learning what of them allegedly did it to impress a girl. plus, a would-be thief tries to grab a woman's cell phone right from her hand, but she did not give up without a fight. a half naked man steals an ambulance and leads officers on a wild chase. how he maneuvered his way woman: the deadly corona virus officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11,
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he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. new at 11:00, a wild chase against philadelphia. police say while half naked man stole an ambulance and police thought he was surrounded in a parking lot, then he cries to a barricade of several police cruisers. it all started when officers was responded to a hotel for a domestic disturbance. the man jumped into annapolis and barreled toward an officer.
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the officer opened fire, hitting the suspect three times. police finally took him into custody an hour and a half later. new video tonight out of san francisco, a man wearing a mask rental to a woman, tries to steal her cell phone. the woman was talking on the phone when the suspect approached her, but she held on and the guy ended up taking off. this happens earlier this afternoon near sand borough market. a second suspect in a brazen armed robbery in oakland is now behind bars. michael mono was arrested in emeryville. police say he is one of two men in this home video theme robbing a man at gunpoint as he washed his car in that diamond district. it happened in broad daylight in the driveway of a home on duluth street earlier this month. he got away with the man's cell phone and jewelry, worth about $10,000. the other suspect was arrested last week. emergency crews had to ramble at san jose airport today with a small plane made an emergency landing. the pilot
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reported a problem with the landing gear and had to circle the airport for more than an hour to burn the fuel. he was eventually able to make a successful deli landing. the pilot and his three passengers from idaho are okay. first responders are under investigation tonight were reportedly showing off and sharing graphic photos from the crash scene that killed kobe bryant and eight others. rachel kim reports one of them was a training deputy hugh allegedly did it to impress a girl. >> this is horrible. >> reporter: a source familiar with the matter confirms to us the graphic photos of the crash site where kobe bryant and eight others were killed are circulating among deputies at the l.a. county sheriff's department. our source has not seen the images, but says they are trying to track down the origin of the photos. tmz reports the deputies responded to the crash scene took the photos that include remains. they say one of them was a training deputy who, a few days
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later, went to a bar to impress a girl by showing them the photos. tmz says a bartender overheard the conversation and filed an online complaint with the shares apartments. >> we know that ntsb is investigating this matter. we know that there should be no reason for a deputy or law enforcement officer at that time to take photos of the crash scene. >> reporter: scott defoe is a retired lapd sergeant in a use of force police procedures expert. he says is the allegations are true, it is more than a violation of the gatt badge, the oval office, and public trust. >> to take photos of people and distribute those photos, it would have to be for evidentiary purposes only. you can't do that, because there is criminal liability there, and obviously civil liability. >> reporter: the sheriff
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department released a statement on facebook saying in part, the sheriff is deeply disturbed at the thought that deputies could have allegedly engaged in such insensitive acts. a thorough investigation will be conducted by the department with the number one priority of protecting the dignity and privacy of the victims and their families. >> rachel kim reporting. the los angeles fire department says it is looking into the issue and promises swift action if necessary. a push to get more businesses and fewer vacant storefronts in san francisco's north beach neighborhood, today, community leaders elevated the opening of this restaurant and the relocation of north beach gyros on columbus avenue. 21 new businesses have opened in the neighborhood in the last year. so we city supervisor if touting the need for a tax on vacant storefronts. the legislation will be on tuesday's ballot. we've got our sweaters, parkas, scarves, gloves, what do we need? [ laughter ] >> well, we need a mask. >> got a beautiful shot for you in san francisco. look at this. a little bit of fog is creeping over the city. it is illuminated, highs
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tonight, livermore got up to 83 degrees. half of the bay, 66 degrees. the bay bridge in all of its glory. the numbers have now fallen into the 50s for the most part, santa rosa is 47, and we have gone mostly cloudy in the bay area. low temperatures overnight with the clouds not bad, upper 40s. here is what is changing, high pressure finally will give way a touch and as the hive moves off, we get a stronger onshore flow. here is how that translates, winds will really be picking up tomorrow. it will be howling at the shoreline with 20 to 30. this is by sunday night at 11:15. this is spending the weekend. it is still out of the northeast, at fairfield at about 32 miles per hour. a windy we can on tap and with the cold temperatures it will be downright chilly here much colder and breezy this weekend, the numbers are 20 degrees off of thursday highs. we might even get a sprinkle or two point sunday, probably not,
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but you never know. high temperatures, as we have already shown you, are below average. that is the first time in a long time we said we were going to have below average temperatures, but that is the case for tomorrow. in the south bay, palo alto manages 61 degrees. santa clara, it will be 62. in the east bay, we will have a lot of clouds around. we have a little sun beating, but certainly nothing like we've had the previous week. numbers will be below 60s in the north bay. santa rosa had 82 a few days ago. we are looking at 61 tomorrow. sonoma 64, in napa, which set some records too a week ago, 64 degrees. ukiah, 58, in clear lake, 58 degrees as well. in the extended forecast, we got variable clouds this weekend. the temperatures plummet, the winds pick up, but no rain comes down. monday, tuesday, and with that, just to get the chill out of your bones, the temperatures
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will be in the mid-70s before you can say pick your favorite weather temperature. [ laughter ] that is the forecast. bundle up this weekend. i understand there is a flu going around. still ahead, a popular reality tv show halts production over fears of the coronavirus.
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♪ fears over the coronavirus are putting balls on the new season of the amazing race. >> cbs announced it is temporarily halting production as a precaution. the staff and contestants are heading home now after visiting scotland and england. at this point, no one is showing symptoms, or is believed to have been exposed
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to the virus. anyone involved will continue to be monitored after returning home. was someone in san francisco contracts coronavirus, they might be treated here, this negative pressure room at zuckerberg sf general is one of 100 hospitals across the city. the special isolation rooms only allow air to flow in, not out. >> it is important because certain germs can be spread when they form small particles in the air. if that air is able to flow into other places, it is then possible for people to develop an infection. >> the room is typically used for tuberculosis and measles cases. coming up in sports, an overtime thriller in tucson as a stanford women's looked to rebound from their loss. they make their mckissack and mckissack is the nation's oldest black-owned design and construction firm. before mike, we were desperate. there were not a lot of opportunities for black-owned businesses
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to compete. mike saw that and he leveled the playing field for black-owned businesses. over the years, we have heard a lot of talk. but mike came in, and he actually did something about it. and that's how mike will get it done as president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. is a year of transition to site the least for the san
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francisco giants, we got to see one giant trying to take over madison spot as the opening day started. johnny on the mound, facing the rockies and the second split for the day, point out making his spring debut as he continues to come back from surgery. he pitches two surgeries with one strikeout. also making his spring debut is pablo sandoval. joey scores and the giants take a 1-0 lead. the giants are up by two. o ramos crushes one. this is a two run crash by the 2017 first round draft pick in the giants win, 9-6. stanford has beaten arizona 33 of the last 44 meetings. 14 seconds to go, game tied at 63, lacey hall tries to get the past, but she can't control the ball. this goes into ot. under a minute to go in ot, stanford 2. stanford hits the
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three-pointer, onto the next position for arizona, our remake donald makes the goal. stanford loses, 73-72. cal had their hands full against arizona state. arizona state up. cal loses by 23, 77-54. derek carr and jon gruden are said to be neighbors in las vegas. that can get a little awkward if the raiders make a change at that quarterback position this off-season. for now, gruden is ignoring all the noise. >> i'm just going to listen to my serious rock 'n roll classic vinyl. i love what derek carr did, love what he brings to our team, and i'm anxious to build around him. >> vegas will hold host the nfl draft at the bellagio hotel. players selected will take a small boat to get to the states.
2:31 am
raiders gm, mike medoc, has one big concern about this. >> i get a little nervous when they start talking about mckay beckham and the boat going to the bellagio. that kind of stuff makes me a little nervous. >> it will be a must-see event. i don't know, maybe i will show up at the bellagio and watch it. >> [ laughter ] hopefully the ship stays afloat. [ laughter ] >> probably the first nfl draft you will watch. >> j-lo? >> no classic vinyl music? [ laughter ] >> may be just for
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next.
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. according to my first guest, no more dentures. and with us we have an expert on the topic. he is a prosthodontist -- dr. mark adams. dr. adams, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, randy. >> now, before we get into today's topic -- and i know you brought a lot of photos, and we'll get to as many as we can -- tell us a little bit about clearchoice. i guess you're kind of unique. you focus on just about one thing. so, who is the typical patient? >> we focus solely on dental implants, and our average patient is looking for help. they haven't seen a dentist in a very long time. they're a dental refugee. they're outside of the regular care. they're not part of the public that sees a dentist on a regular basis. they truly are dental refugees. they suffer from all kinds of problems -- gum disease, caries,
2:34 am
missing teeth, removable teeth -- and they're looking for an answer. they're looking for a solution. these people had their baby teeth, then they got their adult teeth, and their adult teeth have failed them. through the power of implants, we're able to give them a third set of teeth. >> is that right? a third set? >> we can predictably, reliably provide that, and we can do it, randy, in just one day. >> you say things like, "we transform people's lives in one day." you believe that? >> i sense your skepticism. i don't believe it. i know it. and there's a difference between believing and knowing. because i see it every day. i'm forced to talk about titanium screws in teeth and all the stuff that dentists have to talk about. that's not what i do, randy. what we do, through the power, reliability, and predictability of dental implants, is we transform people's lives by unleashing human potential. think about it. the most simple thing that you can do is smile. and when that's taken away from you, when that's robbed, and you
2:35 am
don't have that, it's devastating. when you give that smile back, you unleash human potential. >> good. now, at the top of the show, we said no more dentures. are you of the belief that nobody should be wearing a denture, a traditional denture? >> right now, we have the power to end dentures forever. we really do. now, that's not to say that there aren't people out there who have to have a denture for one reason or another. but i can tell you, through dental implants, we can eliminate dentures as a treatment option. >> so, this is the hottest trend in dentistry, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. is that right? >> it's hot because -- what's hot about it is the immediacy of it. we live in a society where people want to pull up to the window at mcdonald's, they want their coke and they want their burger and they want it right now. implants have been around for a long time. why weren't they ever hot? because it took a long time. today -- and you're not gonna
2:36 am
believe this either, but today i can do in one day -- one day -- what it used to take me 18 months to do. in one day. >> is that right. >> and that is the clearchoice difference. >> and help me understand this. >> sure. >> so, how it's normally done when you want to get a dental implant, you go to one place that does the surgery. >> correct. >> you go to another place, the dentist, that puts the teeth on top, maybe another place that does the imaging. you have this -- you do everything right there. is that correct? >> yes. so, here's the concept. instead of the patient having to run around to various practitioners, we bring the oral surgeon, we bring the prosthodontist, we bring that together with the imaging so we can take the i-cat image. and -- and what's lacking in a lot of areas, we bring the master dental technician, the artist who actually builds these teeth -- >> to the lab right there, too? >> absolutely. so, we bring those four parts together -- technology, doctors, lab.
2:37 am
it's a one stop for our patients. >> does it -- i mean, does it have to cost more to go to somebody that's a specialist like an oral surgeon, prosthodontist, all right there? >> it's important to lower the barriers to this care, because this care -- i mean, think about what we do, randy. we can replace missing teeth with a third set that looks, acts, and feels as close to natural teeth as you can get. it's a phenomenal story. >> but are there really a lot of people wearing dentures? >> [ laughs ] there's that skepticism again, right? i will tell you, there are literally tens of thousands of patients that are suffering from this disability -- >> missing teeth? >> missing teeth. and that's counting patients that have missing all of their teeth, or patients that are missing most of their teeth. literally tens of thousands. >> so, if it's so good, then why aren't all these millions of people that have dentures or are missing a lot of teeth, why aren't they all doing it? why aren't they all getting dental implants? what's your take? >> a number of reasons. let's talk about that. first, understand, you've got great teeth. you've had great teeth your whole life. >> yes. >> these people have had
2:38 am
problems with their teeth their entire life. imagine your life if you're talking about 20, 30, 40, 50 trips to the dentist. root canals, gum issues, cavities, missing teeth, removable partials. they just want off that merry-go-round of misery. that's what it is. a merry-go-round of misery. so, what do they do? they get their teeth removed. they have dentures. they are done seeing us. they don't have to see a dentist anymore. they don't want to come in anymore, right? so they're outside the system. no one ever sits down and says, "well, you know, there's more. there's another way. there's a third set of teeth that we could..." >> so, they don't want to see a dentist. >> sure. >> last thing they want to do. >> they're all done. and then, what's even worse, is they'll self-diagnose. they'll see an ad on tv -- maybe they'll watch your show -- and they'll go, "i probably don't have enough bone to have that done." and as bad as that is, the other part is really worse. well, they'll say, "wow, implants. i probably have to have one for every tooth that i'm missing, so the cost of this is gonna be extraordinary. i could never do that."
2:39 am
so they self-diagnose themselves right out of the solution in the first place. >> but isn't it true, if you've been wearing a denture for 30-plus years, you don't have enough bone to get this done? >> that's not true. we see patients every day that have been without teeth for 10, 20, 30 years or more. some of the solutions are more difficult to achieve, some are easier. >> they can eat and chew whatever? whatever they want, i mean? as far as eating and chewing once it's all done? >> they walk into a restaurant, and instead of picking and choosing, they can order anything they want on the menu. >> one of the things you say in your advertisements is they can walk in on the day of the procedure -- they could walk in without teeth and walk out with a fixed set of teeth that don't come in and out. >> that's correct. >> is that rare? >> is it rare -- >> or does it happen a lot? >> it happens every day. >> is that right? >> every day. our patients are in our centers at 7:00 a.m. for surgery. they're walking out in early to late afternoon with a new set of teeth held in place by the implants. we do it every day. >> are they ever skeptical, the patients on these consults?
2:40 am
like, "are you sure?" >> sure. i mean, look at -- that used to happen a lot more. it doesn't now. the word's out there. they've talked to friends. they've talked to relatives. it's not hard to find someone who's had this procedure done and see what it's done to transform their life and unleash their human potential. >> good for you. you like this. >> absolutely. absolutely. look, i've been practicing for 31 years as a dentist. if you come in and you've got a problem with a back tooth, and i put a filling in there for you, that's not very transformational, right? it's a service that i provide. you say thank you, and that's it. these patients, this changes their lives. to be a part of that -- i am humbled every day to be able to experience what these people experience. >> so, you brought photos. what are we looking at? >> i did. here's brady. let me tell you about brady. >> oh, my goodness. >> the first thing you're going to look at is you're going to see his teeth. but i want you take a look at something else. look at his eyes. and let me tell you the story
2:41 am
about brady. brady's a farmer, right? he's a dry-plains farmer, meaning he doesn't irrigate. so whatever the good lord sends, that's what he gets. he's been living from riches to ruin his whole life. if it rains, he's got riches. if it's drought, he's got ruin. >> all right. >> and he's had this hardscrabble existence out there, and he's done it his whole life. he's a third-generation dry-land farmer. one day, he's playing in the yard with his granddaughter, who he adores, and she says to him, "papa, what's wrong with your teeth? what's wrong with your mouth?" think about that. you granddaughter. it devastated him. >> he tells you this in the consult? >> he tells us this. he cries at the consult. he can't even bear to face his granddaughter anymore because she looks at him and says, "what's wrong with your mouth?" brady also knew that his mom had dentures. he watched his mother struggle for over 30 years wearing dentures, to the point that, in her later years, she didn't even
2:42 am
wear them at all. and he watched her walk around the house with that sunken-in look that people have when they don't have dentures. dentures were not a solution for brady. >> and, by the way, what i'm looking at here, is this -- i mean, this has got to be completely unusual to have teeth this bad. >> this is an everyday patient in one of our centers. >> is that right? >> we see the disenfranchised. we see the patient who's a dental refugee. they've tried it all. they've gone in for gum cleanings. they've gone in to have cavities filled. some have had great access. some have not had as good of access. but they've all struggled in some way to hang on to those adult teeth. they're looking for an answer. he saw our ads. now, i know you're gonna look at his teeth when i show you his "after." i know you're going to look at his teeth. but i don't want you to look at his teeth. >> very nice. >> look at his eyes. >> yeah. >> look at his eyes. that's a person who's now alive. look at the "before." >> mm-hmm. >> that's a dead smile. that's a fellow who ca


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