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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 1, 2020 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, businesses surveying the damages. the images competing with peaceful demonstrations over the death of george floyd in minneapolis. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm len keys. we will bring you the governor's remarks as soon as he begins. seven bay area cities have imposed curfews amid mass logs and disruptions overnight. san leandro was hit hard. the city issuing a nightly curfew from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. damage and what wa kpix5 reporterdo kid dow has more. >> reporter: it looked like they were finishing up and starting to cross the street. the employees had moved some of the cars to block the toldthem
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retreat and get out of there. >> they are stealing all the cars. >> reporter: video posted to social media shows the moment looters were stealing brand-new cars and driving them off the lot. some of them stopping to burn out the tires on the way. >> how many vehicles? >> right now we are thinking 50. >> stolen? >> plus, gone. we have trackers on them. so we are seeing which ones are out there. are running around everywhere. >> reporter: this owner said the crooks broke into the building and gained access to the key safe. >> they got through the first one. >> reporter: and likely triggered the car alarms to guide them to the corresponding vehicle. every empty parking space you see here represents car. theytooky hecat. >> they drove right through here. >> reporter: the one that was on the showroom floor, they drove it out the front window. across the street, this was the
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scene last night in front of the nike store. the parking lot filled with looters arriving in their cars. the damage gives you some hint al activitatwas about to overcome the city. shelves, racks, cash registers all picked clean, glass, merchandise and debris were strewn out everywhere. see's candy, emptied out, togo sandwiches ransacked as well. the dollar store, glass broken but mostly untouched. by sunrise we saw stragglers return to the scene with garbage bags to pick uen me the nd. wei wo up is morning, i said, what can i do for my community? >> reporter: as for carlos, he says this also hurts the 100 people he employs who have been struggling in the pandemic. >> it's not a cause for anybody. this is just thieves. it'shorri
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this is domestic terrorism. >> reporter: in san leandro, keit do -- flames were seen coming out of the roof. firefighters arrived around 1:00 a.m. the alameda fire chief believes the fire reignited from an fire and spread after hitting a propane tank. new video into the newsroom of the aftermath of an officer- involved shooting in hayward. officers responded to reports of looting at the cvs on harder road and mission boulevard at around 4:00 in the morning. there was a standoff and officers opened fire on suspected looters. one man has been released from the hospital with minor injuries and is in custody along with three other suspects. also in hayward, a gunshot was hit overnight. it's believed a vehicle rammed into security gates and aroundeight people broke into the shop. 87 people were arrested
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last night in san francisco for violating the city's sunday night curfew. most of those arrests happened in the civic center area where protests continued past 8:00 p.m. and took a we immediately saw hostility, objects being thrown at the officers, fires being lit and there were 87 people arrested last night for violation of the curfew order. among those people we recovered a loaded firearm. we recovered a backpack full of fireworks and explosives and we recovered other items that i believe were there for the sole purpose of being used as either weapons or being used to vandalize and destroy property. >> the chief said sunday was a much more peaceful day than saturday when san francisco saw widespread looting that left behind a ctanviolent clhe. the
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felony looting. despite the arrests, the police chief acknowledged that sunday's demonstrations were overwhelmingly orderly and peaceful, about five to 6,000 people marched through the city carrying signs and chanting yesterday afternoon. in the south bay, so far no reports of massive looting, but there were small hit jobs at target and neiman-marcus. by the time officers arrived, the looters were gone. >> we made over 100 arrests in the last 48 hours. we believe a curfew can be a useful tool to mitigate further violence and property damage. this police department wants peace. we want to continue to have dialogue with our community. i don't want any community member harmed. and i also want my officers to be able to return to their homes safely. >> i don't think there's any merit behind or any information coming out that justifies it. >> at stephens creek boulevard
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there were road closures all night. only residents were allowed through. police say for the most part the curfew worked. san jose is among the seven bay area cities with curfews in effect until further notice. in the last hour san leandro just announced the bay area's strictest curfew, that's from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfews in san jose and san leandro extend until next monday, but in walnut creek, danville, san francisco and pleasant hill, the orders are in effect until further notice. cities are making exemptions for first responders, people traveling to essential businesses and seeking medical care. you can see the full list of exemptions on our website at a live look at the white house where president trums han protests that have rocked the nation. broke out yards away from his front door. aides were still deliberating how and if president trump should come out and address some of the worst unrest in
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decades. graffiti on the lincoln memorial and glass on the sidewalk showed you some of the damage from protests overnight. president trump held a conference call with the governors, law enforcement and national security officials this morning after violence broke out in dozens of cities. on that call he called the governors weak and encouraged them to use aggressive tactics on protesters. >> got to have to toughen up, send your national guard if you want. you have the largest police force in the country. 40,000 people, i understand. but this is terrible. it's terrible. >> attorney general william barr is ordering the bureau of prisons to send riot teams to washington, d.c. growing anger over the death of george floyd has fulled protests, many peaceful others inael george has a look. >> reporter: peaceful protests in portland, oregon, turned
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rowdy after midnight. and in los angeles officers arrested people who ignored the curfew. earlier in philadelphia, cop cars were set on firegepaircoll their car for breaking the city's curfew. the officers were fired for excessive force. from coast to coast, thousands have taken to the streets to demand police accountability, after george floyd was killed a week ago in minneapolis. one of his sons participated in a black lives matter protest in brian, texas. >> my dad is in peace and we got to be the ones to deal with all of this, stressing. it's going to be tough to get over this day by day. >> reporter: in minneapolis, a tanker truck nearly mowed down hundreds of protesters marching peacefully on the highway. the driver was -- beaten and later arrested. here in minneapolis it was the most peaceful night in several
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days, as law enforcement strongly enforced curfews, arresting 276 pecity there burnt-out businesses and broken windows. the damage will take a long ix. thnew york city two police cruisers drove into a crowd. on cbs this morning, the police commissioner defended their actions. >> you can't go backwards. you can't go forewards. they are not letting you. you are trying to get out of there. you've had officers try to be killed within the last hours of that incident taking place. what would you do? >> reporter: there were moments of solidarity. in iowa and new york city police took a knee with protesters. >> i took my helmet off and laid the batons down. i want to make this a parade. not a protest. >> reporter: and the sheriff in flint, michigan joined the march. michael george, cbs news, minneapolis. an independent autopsy requested by george floyd's family is expected to be
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released today. the medical examiner found the intoined rapoible coted his ath. ate officer's actions was not the proximate cause. they want derek chauvin to be charged with first-degree murder. the former minneapolis police officer was charged friday with third-degree murder and second- degree manslaughter for floyd's death. according to police documents, he had 18 complaints filed against him in his nearly two decades with the department. 16 of them were resolved without discipline. chauvin is expected in court next monday. minnesota's attorney general suggested additional charges may be filed against him and the other three officers may be charged. we will have continuing coverage of the investigation and the demonstrations nationwide on cbsn bay area. you can check out our new app
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to get 24/7 access, realtime updates and to sign up for ho. still ahead, some national retail chains adjusting their hours to try to protect employees and stores from potential looters. plus san francisco enters the next phase of reopening. the changes starting today. i'm watching the skies clear, temperatures are warmer compared to yesterday and we will continue to watch our temperatures climb for tuesday and wednesday. my full forecast is coming up. and kpix5 is working to bring you the positive stories during this difficult time. you can check them out at that's also where you can connect with people in our community who can help and you can send
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happening today san francisco moves forward into ph thmeans ples like child nttdmuse serves can reopen. on june 15th we could see indoor retail, summer camps, outdoor dining and even sporting events without fans. good news for dog owners in the richmond area. point isabel shoreline will reopen today. the park has traditionally been an area that dogs can run off leash but because of social distancing requirements dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. tony thurmond has spoken out this morning on the death
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of george floyd, passing his condolences to floyd's family as he struggled to comprehend the situation. >> i have to admit, it has been difficult for me to find my voice, to try to get my mind around such senseless acts that have occurred. it has been difficult for me to make sense of how a man could beg and plead for his life and still have his life snuffed out. >> the superintendent says he wants to use education to find racial justice, looking to education leaders to do more in the classroom to address implicit bias. deputies in san jose are looking for the people involved in a hit-and-run into a smoke shop around 3:00 a.m. this morning. the car was found running inside the building, but when deputies arrived, no one was there. they say about $5000 worth of merchandise was taken and about
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$50,000 e s a white honda civic, stolen out of san mateo county. shopping centers and big box stores around contra costa county are still making preparations to keep looters at bay. the best buy in pleasant hill getting all boarded up to stop people from ransacking tvs and other electronics. target and walnut creek also closing down and boarding up the windows, while sun valley mall in concord is taking it a step further and putting up barriers to hinder looters. cbs temporarily closed all reduced hours at some cations and target making changes following the looting of several stores over the weekend. the retailer is closing six stores and adjusting hours at others. the company originally said it would close more than 100 stores, but he nneapolis store telathat was heavily damaged should be open later this year. violence in some u.s. cities is affecting amazon deliveries. the company is limiting deliveries in cities including
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los angeles after its trucks were attacked by protesters. some drivers were contacted in the middle of their routes and told to stop and return home. checking in on wall street now, let's get a look at the big board. and you can see the dow is up about 80 points right now. history was made this weekend. two nasa astronauts are now at the international space station, thanks to spacex. bob behnken and doug hurley arrived sunday, 260 miles above the earth. it is the first time a private company has launched people into orbit. the two astronauts will spend at least six weeks aboard the space station and could stay as long as four months. that was so cool to watch this weekend. still watching the feed. let's get a check on our weather right now. >> here's mary lee and more change is on the way again. >> that's right. from cool weather over the weekend, we are going to heat it up as we head through the next few days and that launch
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was incredible to watch. here is a live look with our salesforce tower camera, we are catching that clearing this afternoon with mostly sunny skies as we look east across the bay bridge. the east bay with mount diablo there and check out our temperatures, warming up into 7 lunchtime hour. and our temperatures are warmer compared to yesterday at this time. so 24-hour temperature change, four degrees warmer in san francisco, looking at five degrees warmer in concord, nine degrees warmer in livermore at this hour. so we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds, mostly sunny skies, a bit warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday, but really heating up for tuesday and wednesday. and then cooler weather by the end of the week and we do have the possibility of some shower chances for the weekend. here's the satellite and radar view, the low-pressure system erou cobet bre movith out oler this ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest will be moving in. so taking you hour by hour on
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futurecast and you can see that sun as we head through our afternoon. we will see plenty of sunshine tuesday and for wednesday, really heating up with those temperatures soaring over the next couple of days. now, daytime highs today, looking at 66 in san francisco, 72 in oakland, 78 in san jose, and 82 for concord and for saa chk out thseven-day watch those temperatures clim especially inland soto upper 90 torrow, around bay in the 70s t tomorrow. it gets hotter on wednesday, upper 90s to triple digital heat inland wednesday. little bit cooler thursday, friday and especially by the weekend, more clouds, the temperatures really dropped there saturday and sunday and tracking our next weather system with the chance of
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people all around the world are taking to thstreets in solidarity with u.s. protesters over the death of george floyd, from london to berlin to copenhagen, demonstrators sending a message against police brutality. hundreds of people marched to the american embassy in london against the country's lockdown rules. given the recent events, nike's
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latest ad campaign is taking on a different tone. >> yeah, it's called for once, don't do it. it features a series of short messages like, don't turn your back on racism. don't accept innocent lives being taken in front of us. and don't think this doesn't affect you. nike is known to be at the forefront of social issues like its 2018 campaign featuring former 49ers
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a group of people in
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oakland are baking ahevery frid out free freshly made hallah to put a smile on piece's faces during these challenging times. >> so many of us feel alone and no one cares have enough food and people are worried how am i going to pay my bills? i don't think the revolution is more technology. the revolution is generosity. >> you can go to hallah for to reserve and pick up your own hallah bread, but be warned, it's become so popular there is a bit of a waiting list. coming up at 5:00, walnut creek police telling businesses to stay closed today and urging everyone to avoid the downtown area. we are live with how police are preparing for more threats of violence and looting. that story and more at 5:00. plus a reminder, kpix5 has a new app that gives you easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix5 newscasts and realtime news updates. you need to delete the old app
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and download the new one on the app store or google play and then sign up for alerts to important, breaking news in your neighborhood. that is going to do it for us here at kpix5 news at noon. we are expecting a live update from governor newsom on the demonstrations and the state's pandemic efforts. our next newscast is at 5:00. have a great afternoon. these are real people, not actors,
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>> scott: hey, everybody, scott clifton here. we hope you're all enjoying revisiting these memorable "bold and beautiful" episodes with us. this week we're going five rounds and reliving some of our biggest rivalries and classic clashes from over the years. from brooke's epic battles with stephanie and taylor, to sheila versus... well, everyone, to liam squaring off with his nemesis, thomas. today we take a look back as sally confronts stephanie with the forrester pool looming nearby. enjoy. >> sally: darla! t today's copies of the trade papers anywhere. do you know where they are? huh? darla! [ phone rings ] hello?


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