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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  June 1, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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chopper 5 and we are looking at a massive march underway in oakland. it is one of the biggest we have seen. these are some of the thousands of people who were just holding a rally at oakland tech. they are now headed to oakland police headquarters as a protest the death of george floyd. we will be following their progress. a live look in washington dc where a curfew is now in effect. however, protesters can still be seen on the streets as well as that large police presence. also hitting the streets in castro valley, protesters marched from intersection to intersection, taking a collective knee. good evening, i am juliette goodrich. >> don ford is in castro valley were demonstrators say this protest is different. >> reporter: it was promoted as a peaceful protest and for the time being, that is exactly what it is. but peaceful does not mean
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quiet. hundreds of protesters gathered in castle valley at redwood and castle valley boulevard. it has been seven days and the anger, sadness, and frustration is just as high today as it was last week. but this protest is different. >> i went on instagram, this how you supposed to protest without tearing up the community right here. >> reporter: car after car, after car, after car. loudly proclaiming support. but earlier in the day down the street at the right aid. >> we are closing because of protesters. they asked us to close. >> reporter: merchants said the sheriff's urged businesses to close early. this chevron station is not taking any chances. >> we are out here trying to be prepared and keep our eyes open and try to keep our property safe. >> reporter: across the street, liquor king is getting ready. plywood going up, extra signs of solidarity. the store owners support the peaceful protests >> not the protesters that are doing this and later on at
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night there are other people just coming out and taking advantage of the situation. >> reporter: the protests started at 2 pm. loud chance and then everyone took a knee and held a moment of silence for eight minutes. the same amount of time it took for george floyd to diet with a need to his throat. at 2:30 they build the intersection mostly blocking traffic for 10 minutes. later marching down castro valley boulevard no burning buildings, no smashed windows or looted stores. >> there have been folks at thrown things out the window, but this crowd has remained calm. because we want to keep the main thing the main thing. the main thing is that black lives matter. black lives matter. >> reporter: in castro valley, don ford, kpix 5. some star power at san francisco city hall today. after an activist jane fox took a knee in front of city hall to protest the death of george floyd. she knelt side-by-side with mayor london breed.
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religious leaders and the naacp, the oscar-winner called on his hollywood friends to take action, asking them to get out of their homes. >> my hollywood friends, you got to get out here. you got to come out here, you can't sit back, you can't tweet, you can't text, you got to get out here. >> faith leaders of the protest say they are asking for fundamental changes in policing and policing people of color and the removal of racist officers from the police department. >> i stand here in anger. i stand here in disappointment that in 2020 we are still here fighting for things we've bought for 400 years ago. >> actor jamie foxx promised the crowd at the neal in demonstration that he would continue to show up for whatever they needed. authorities investigating an
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officer involved shooting in hayward. this happened overnight as officers responded to reports of looting at the cvs on carter road and mission boulevard. videos show the aftermath of the shooting. there was a standoff, officers opened fire on suspected leaders. one man has been released from the hospital with minor injuries and is in custody along with three other suspects. a union city police officer recovering after being hit by a ricochet bullet. this happened while police were trying to stop looters in san leandro heard the officer was wearing protective gloves and only suffered minor injuries. several union city businesses were also hit by leaders. police sharing these photos. e landing and were able to clear out many of the thieves there. union city will have a tsat 8 pm. also, 30s and senso say in san
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jose say there is looking for a suspect that crashed the car into a smoke shop. happened overnight on san carlos street. when deputies arrived, no one was there. damage to the building estimated at $50,000. police say about $5000 worth of merchandise was taken. the car was a white honda civic, stolen out of san mateo county. given the recent events and demonstrations nationwide state school superintendent tony thurmond says he wants to use education to help address racial bias. >> i will be convening conversations with superintendents and educational leaders and educators and parents and students about what we can do in our schools. the conversations that we can have. but we have to go beyond education. because racism is taught. >> the superintendent said the discussions must also go beyond schools with racism and bias being addressed in every sector including government and law enforcement. president trump demanding a more aggressive response from the nations governors. he spoke with them on a video teleconference with law
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enforcement and national security officials. >> when asked about the president's message governor newsom says he prefers to focus on addressing systemic problems rather than perpetuating them. >> or i can choose to focus a message that i think is so much more powerful. and i hope more residents, people watching, and that is i care more about them than some of the noise i heard on a morning phone call. new york city imposing an 11:00 curfew today after dailies of violence and protests. daytime demonstrations have been mostly peaceful but after dark some of the gatherings have turned to vandalism and looting. manhattan's soho district was hard-hit this weekend. mayor bill de blasio said vandalism will not be tolerated
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but understands the need for police reform. >> people demanding more change and they have every right to because they are in pain. in the midst of a giant crowd of protesters in brooklyn two officers took any to show solidarity. also former vice president joe biden is advocating for police to be retrained. he met up with a group of african-american leaders in delaware today and said if elected president, he would create a police oversight board within his first 100 days in office. >> the idea that instead of standing there and teaching a cop if someone is coming at them with a knife to shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart. there's a lot of things that can change. >> while in delaware by and also visited and knelt with some of the protesters. former president barack obama also speaking out condemning the violence and calling for change.
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he posted on an essay on medium saying in part eventually aspirations have to be translated into specific laws and institutional practices. in a democracy that only happens when we elect government officials who are responses responsive to our demands. obama argued trying to make change at the local level will be more effective than the federal level. even citing local elections deal with the makeup of law enforcement. back to our life pictures from chopper 5 now. this is over oakland, thousands of people are on the move protesting the death of george floyd. katie nielsen covering the protests that started at oakland tech. they are going to oakland police headquarters, she is joining us on the phone. what is the latest, katie? >> allen, right now these marchers are coming down broadway. the front of thotests e nojue, no peace and hands
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up don't shoot. we are hearing a lot of different chance from the crowd now but what is interesting about this, this is completely peaceful. we are seeing people chanting and handing out water, snacks, first aid kits. for the most part everyone here is saying the violence they have seen throughout the area over the past couple days is not something they want to be associated with and it does not help with the message they are trying to get across. what's very interesting is now we are seeing the protest moving through the area of product of oakland that was heavily hit by looting. we are passing the honda dealership right now where we saw on social media one of the cars was stolen out of the dealership. but for the most part everyone is very, very peaceful. they just want to make sure their message is heard. the protests started at oakland technical high school and is making its way down broadway. we do see a police presence but
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they are staying about a block away from broadway, on the side streets. california highway patrol does have some of the freeway on ramps and off ramps blocked off to ensure protesters do not get up onto the freeway. but other than that, we are not seeing a heavy police presence and that could partly be due in the fact that these protesters are very peaceful again, making their way down broadway right now heading towards the oakland police department. live in oakland, katie nelson, back to you. >> katie, we will get back to you with this march happening in oakland right now. still ahead, sfo taking a major step to getting back to normal. the flights resuming starting today. one of rome's biggest tourist attractions reopening for the first time in months. the changes for tourists.
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we are getting new video of protesters blocking the 405 freeway in los angeles during evening rush hour. waving signs, reducing the flow of traffic down to that one lane there. hundreds also gathering at lapd headquarters to protest the death of george floyd reed in santa monica, retailers, residents picking up the pieces after an explosive night that led to 400 arrests.
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the city dicain the national guard as looters smashed storefronts, set fires, and ignored the 4 pm curfew. reporter tina patel has details. >> it's unfathomable. i can't fathom what happened here. >> reporter: frank lopez with her broken to see all the damage in santa monica this morning. one of the buildings where he worked as an engineer was set on fire yesterday. businesses nearby were broken into and looted. >> they just destroy people's lives. people are not able to come to work, not going to be able to say sustain their families. as it is we are all having trouble making ends meet. >> reporter: business owners and employees are not on their own today. city crews started boarding up broken windows and doors before dawn and volunteers have been turning out with brooms ready to do their part. >> i go to sleep at night and all this madness was going on and i was watching it and i thought this is enough. enough is enough. if you want to make a change, pe
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cleaning up today were part of the peaceful protest in the city yesterday. they are angry their demonstration was exploited by those that wanted to steal and cause chaos. >> the looters had nothing to do with the peaceful protest, you know what i mean? they are taking away from her message. but they can't. we are going to overcome. >> reporter: and start to wipe away the heat together as a community. >> it's heartwarming you see people out here with brooms. they don't know anyone in these buildings, they don't know who i am. hopefully we can rebuild and come back strong. >> reporter: mayor sam accardo is stepping up to help clean up the city after days of protest and vandalism in the area of san jose. volunteers received free anti- graffiti and litter kits including leader pickup sticks and bags at the san jose city hall this morning. they are out there lending a helping hand to businesses hit by vandals and looters. >> we are so grateful over the last three days now we have more than a couple hundred here helping to clean up our city
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and really ensuring that our community recognizes that we embrace the spirit of the protest but we will not allow those who are going to do damage to our city. >> people interested in volunteering are asked to wear a mask. kits will also be handed out tomorrow and on wednesday. we are following today's protests on social media. here is a look at some of the pictures and videos coming out of walnut creek were protesters and police seem to be the only people out. still ahead, we are hearing from the astronauts who my name is janelle hendrickson, and i'm an area manager here at amazon. when you walk into an amazon fulfillment center, it's like walking into the chocolate factory and you won a golden ticket. it's an amazing feeling. my three-year-old, when we get a box delivered, he gets excited. he screams, "mommy's work!"
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when the pandemic started, we started shipping out all the safety stuff that would keep the associates safe to all the other amazons. all of these are face masks, we've sent well over 10 million gloves. and this may look like a bottle of vodka. when we first got these, we were like whoa! [laughing] with this pandemic, safety is even more important because they're going home to babies, they're going home to grandparents. so, our responsibility is to make sure that they go home safe every single day.
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a funny thing happened on the way to the colosseum. rome's coliseum reopened today after a three-month lockdown. tourists trickled into the engine amphitheater as soon as it opened. social distancing guidelines are in place. visitors do have to submit to temperature checks. taking a live look out at sfo and as of today travelers can now fly from san francisco to europe for the first time since april 1. the airport is resuming nonstop flights to switzerland beginning today with swiss international airlines offering one weekly flight. at least onset will also offer three weekly flights and also starting today nippon airways is now offering three flights
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to japan every week. we are hearing from the two nasa astronauts that made history over the weekend. robert lincoln and douglas hurley woke up on board. the international space station. on saturday they became the first american sent into orbit by a private company which was space x or they arrived on iss yesterday, 260 miles above earth joining another astronaut and two cosmonauts. >> one of the things i was most excited about was being able to make a phone call home. it has been a long time since i launched into orbit and i've got a little boy who got a chance to watch me do that for the first time in his life. i just wanted to understand what his experience was and share that with him while it was still fresh in his mind. >> oh, he is going to remember that his whole life. they will spend at least six weeks aboard the space station. they could stay as long as four months. they are the first crew launched from american soil in almost a decade. >> i got chills when he said he
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called his little boy from space. >> [ laughter ] is a little bedtime story. >> dadisup there. paul, you have your hands full. >> it will be hot the next couple days. the system about the unsettled weather, even some thunderstorms for the tri- valley has retreated further down to the south. high pressure will take back over and that means a little heat wave is going to settle in the inland portions of the bay area. it will be a short one, just tomorrow and wednesday but it is definitely going to be intense in terms of that you are today is transition day . temperatures made it to the mid- 80s inland, 82 degrees in napa. just short of 80 degrees in san jose and in the city only up to the mid-60s. but all the temperatures about 12-15 degrees warmer for highs tomorrow. that's not even the hottest day of the week. temperatures tonight not bad. diffuse to around 60 degrees early tuesday morning we will be up substantially above normal. 14-18 degrees above normal. close to 80 degrees in san francisco. well into the 80s in oakland
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and well into the 90s for san les zoaroundshowyou what you can inspect tuesday afternoon for high temperatures. right around 70 degrees along the coast, that is well above average for this time of year. low 90s common for the south bay and into the santa clara valley. even mid-90s a further inland you go. hotspots further inland in the east bay. flirting with triple digit territory by tomorrow afternoon. upper 90s for antioch in brentwood. mid to upper 90s up and down the tri-valley. around the bay not quite that hot. then the heat advisory for wednesday does not include the vicinity of water on wednesday but talking temperatures tomorrow close to 80 degrees in san francisco. into the 80s on the east side of the bay with low 90s for the northbay and temperatures further north mostly well into the 90s as well. the one exception lakeport topping out just short of 90 degrees. forecast high temperatures tomorrow, not that close to record territory in most locations. the records and early june are mostly about 100 by degrees.
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concord is the exception close to that record high of 98 degrees. there is one chance of rain down the line in the extended forecast. friday night into early saturday, it is an outside chance. we are not going to put any rain icons in the forecast just yet at this point but it's a chance for a little bit of moisture late friday night into early saturday. we are just not getting too carried away with it at this point. the heat wave comes to an end at the end of the week and temperatures a little below average saturday and sunday. coming up at 6:00 we check out the evening stop walking forecast. coming up a 6:00, continuing coverage of the protests erupting across the bay area after the death of george floyd. plus, new video of a san francisco officer using her knee on a suspect. this now sparking questions over police tactics. would you get infected with coronavirus? the trial underway asking bay area volunteers to do just
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one of san francisco's most densely populated neighborhoods considered a high risk for the spread of covid-19 has managed to stay ahead of the curve. >> we show how it's century old hospital has led the way. >> reporter: san francisco chinatown, a potential covid-19 hotspot where thousands of people cram into single room occupancy residences called sros. i need chinese hospital ceo realize the serious risk early on when china deployed doctors to wuhan, covid-19 ground zero, during chinese new year. a major holiday. >> you don't leave family unless something is very important or something is really bad. >> reporter: doctors that recognized bay area infections could explode. >> a lot of our patients go back and forth between china, hong kong, as well as the
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united states. >> reporter: two months before san francisco's shelter in place, dr. jang pleaded for ppe over social media and donations from china and the u.s. poured in. >> it was overwhelming support. >> reporter: a local chinese language media, the hospital spread the word on washing hands and social distancing. patients and hospital donor eric chan listened. >> used facemask. >> reporter: the result, only a handful of covid-19 infections at chinese hospital. so far, several patients who tested positive recovered at home. the recurve the emergency room admitted several others. senior citizens aged 60 d olr. thdoorofem rvived and pats arrely blessed that chinatown does not have an outbreak. >> reporter: still, there is concern that half the people that died of covid-19 in the city were asian-american. so the hospital just launched a
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pray a pilot program with the health department offering free cobra testing and health tracking to sro tenants in chinatown to prevent an outbreak. >> it's not over. how do we continue to keep the community safe? >> reporter: that is the focus of the nation's only independent hospital built by and for the chinese community keeps its sights on patient care on the streets of chinatown and beyond. sharon chin, kpix 5. that is it for the news at 5:00. >> kpix 5 news at 6:00 begins right now. now 6:00, calls for justice, a live look is thousands of protesters take to the streets in oakland. one of the biggest demonstrations we have seen so far. the bay area city now olce vandalism. officials warning people to get off the streets. interest in san francisco sparking an investigation after video shows an officer using her knee on a
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suspect. arch top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the bay area under curfew tonight after protest over the death of george floyd continuing for a fifth day in a row. good evening, i am juliet goodrich . >> i am alan martin. we start with a massive march in oakland. one of the biggest we have seen. chopper 5 overhead where thousands of people are now marching to police headquarters. kpix 5's katie nielsen just got there. katie, earlier they were peaceful, how is the crowd now? >> reporter: i am here on broadway street near 27th. this is are so many people are marching right now, thousands of people from oakland tech down to the oakland police department. they are making that 2 1/2 mile trip down broadway. behind me is the target that was looted so badl


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