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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 16, 2020 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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week and kicked out the next where a program for the homeless is abruptly being scrapped. our top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. drama in the courtroom. the pg&e ceo pleads guilty to the deaths in the campfire. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken was didda. before we get -- bastida. before we get to that, we're following breaking news out of the santa cruz mountains. the back-up going on from a brush fire on highway 17. the north bound lanes have just been reopened, but there is still a lot of gridlocked traffic. as you know, thousands of people use that route every day. people being warned to the area. the brush fire broke out just after 4:00 near redwood estates. >> we have a photo snapped by someone in a car. you can see a pocket of flames right there running up the shoulder of highway 17. more smoke in the background.
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the two alarm fire forward progress of that blaze has been stopped, but lots of mop-up work to do. we'll keep you posted. the ceo of pg&e appeared before a gum today to answer for the 84 lives tampa bay in lives taken in the calf fire. bill johnson repeatedly admitted his company's guilty. we are joined from butte county on how the road to recovery remains a long one. wilson? roared that is exactly right. the fire was still burning when the investigation started to t cus in on those transmission re we later and aln lf do you w pgho plead to 192-b., involuntary manslaughter as a felony concerning the death of mathildea heave ron as alleged in court 40 of the indictment? >> guilty, your.
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>> reporter: the names of all # 4 known fire victims were read allowed in a butte county com today. the ceo bill johnson had to respond to every sickle one single one of them. >> guilty, your honor. >> reporter: not far away, the butte county district attorney was releasing the findings of his investigation. >> 84 people did not need to die if pg&e had done its job in a reasonable way. >> i'm here today on behalf of the 23,000 men and women of pg&e to take responsibility for the fire that killed the people whose pictures we just saw as we went through the counts. i sincerely hope that the actions we're taking today will help bring some pressure of peace. >> they're accepting blame. we all feel like they got away light. they got away light. >> reporter: the community church pastor did not have much time to think about those guilty pleas today. he is still running a non-stop
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operation to feed, clothe and louse fire victims. >> i know so many people think it is all over and everybody should be healed and on their way, but there never have been enough caseworkers to deal with all of the people. >> reporter: pg&e's bankruptcy plan does include more than $13 billion for wildfire victims, but not many people here are counting on that given the day- to-day challenges a year and a half after the fire. >> even if they settled and accepted it and everything today, it doesn't really change much of anything in anyone's lives because this is just going to go on for a while yet. >> reporter: all right. sentencing will come later this . tryiwork out the final details on its $25 president bush bankruptcy plan and bill johnson, by the way, is stepping down at the end of this month and a red flag warning is expected here tomorrow.
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in butte county live, wilson walker, kpix 5. if you would like to watch pg&e's bill johnson's full statement, we have posted it on our web site, a bombshell development today in the case of an airman accused of ambushing and killing a santa cruz county deputy. the fbi says steven carrillo is also responsible for fatally gunning down a federal security officer in oakland. investigators say he had an accomplice. carrillo allegedly killed the officer at the end of may during a protest in oakland then just one week later investigators say he ambushed a deputy with explosives and gun fire. as kpix 5's juliet goodrich reports, a message in blood is shining a light on his ties to an extremist group. >> reporter: the fbi says it was the white van the night of the killings in oad crillo b killings andnow theracmplice. killed and his partner yceda
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seriously injured. >> we are holding him on the ground right here! >> reporter: june 9, 32-year- old steven carrillo is arrested after shooting and killing sheriff sergeant damon gutzwiller in an ambush. the fbi says the evidence linking the two crimes was this white 1992 ford cargo van registered to carrillo. >> an ar-15-style rifle was recovered from the area where carrillo was arrested. >> reporter: the fbi says carrillo was with acome police robert justice, jr. of mill bray. justice was the alleged driver of the white van the night underwood was shot and killed. the fbi says justice turned himself in last week and has come forward with information onhe specifically their plan to kill cops the night of the organized protest. >> question believe carrillo
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and justice chose this planned in oakland provided an opportunity for them to target multiple law enforcement personnel and avoid apprehension due to the large crowds attending the demonstrations. >> reporter: carrillo was an active duty military staff sergeant at travis air force base since 2018. >> carrillo appears to have used his own blood to write phrases on one of the cars that h carjacked. the boolaloo term is used by extremists to reference a violent uprising or impending civil war in the united states. >> reporter: again, both men are behind bars, carrillo faces life behind bars or even the death penalty. in oakland, juliet goodrich, kpix 5. an explosion, fire ripping through a business and d'angeloing several others in stinson beach this morning.
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ly person infe and heard the ex and ran right outside, the 90- year-old owner was late to work, which may have saved his life. nobody got hurt. no word yet on what caused that explosion. just one month after a lock awaited opening, a makeshift trailer park for the homeless is now being shut down by the city of san jose. kpix 5 is live outside happy hollow park where the residents have already been moved out. len? >> reporter: that is right. san jose city officials say that their rv park for the homeless was abexperiment during a health emergency, but due to ongoing health concerns and escalating costs. prostiesers unfurled a banner while 90 trailers set up in the parking lot are now doing unused. >> why did we do all of this if
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they were op allowed to stay for a few week ? >> reporter: he was still getting settled when he got this notice yesterday saying the park would be closed. >> i was a bit upset about it because i just moved in. i still hadn't got situated in there yet, but, hey, what can you do. >> reporter: he says the city's homeless contractor found him a hotel room to move into. >> it was the holiday inn in sunny veil a nice place. >> reporter: the trailers once used to house california fire victims were given to san jose by the state of california to house elderly homeless people during the covid-19 crises. >> we experimented with arn an innovative solution during a challenge. >> reporter: and access issues and electrical and sewage issues doomed the problem.
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>> we decided in the interest of these very vulnerable, older adults that a hotel was really a better option. >> reporter: the city now is not sure what to do with the trailers and they mite go back to the state, but knish the site homeless camps are still taking over city blocks. advocates want the trailers to be repurposed for these people. >> why aren't they being filled with other people who need these trailers? >> reporter: those are good questions, of course, but after this experience it is probably not going to be the case where san jose would get into repurposing those trailers into another homeless park for the rv. they say the preferred method right now, especially during this health emergency sto get people into low tells. reporting live in san jose, len. still and cbsn bay area, a surprising sight just outside the golden gate. why this pod of blue whales is such a hopeful sign. plus, a figure from the
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past has becoa bit of >>rg effect for solano county on wednesday because of breezy conditions and very low humidity, but that is not the only county around the bay area that is going to have abelevated fire threat on wednesday. we'll take a look in we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills.
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you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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a ware sight was spotted off the coast of san francisco this weekend. an optimistic sign that an endangered species is casual cautiously coming back. kpix abe chore anchor allen martin shows us the pod of blue whales and what that means. >> the blue whales are the largest mammal on the planet an they're rarely seen. the photos taken by researchers reveal just a glimpse of what was happening last saturday outside the golden gate. >> it is extraordinary. it may be an absolute record. >> reporter: mary jane shall ram is with noaa
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administration. she says in one hour the biologists spotted a massive pod of at least 47 blue whales taking part of a feeding frenzy. >> the drill, krill, we have it in such abundance the blue whales have targeted our waters to feed. >> reporter: ander day the blue whale cans eat up to six tons of krill. the reason for all of the krill? perfect weather patterns involving wind followed by an up welling or rising of the sea water bringing nutrient rich water and krill to the surface. while blue whales are an ener, to s of whaling. >> there has been no substantial increase in this particular blue whale population since the early 1990s. >> reporter: she say st's main reason for that, whales getting tangled up in tissuing gear and othersing with hit by ships.
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since some blue whales can reach lengths of # 5 feet or more noaa is asking the shipping companies to slow down. >> transit the shipping lanes in i t. approach of the golden gate at a speed of 10 knots or less they is possible in order to minimize the impact of large shipping on whales. >> the shipping companies have been very cooperative about that speed limit. as for whale watching, it is allowed but the boats must stay at least 300 feet away. ken? fantastic pictures. thank you, allen. let's check in with paul right now and get a shot of more fantastic pictures, hopefully on your side of the bay, we saw a little sunshine today. >> yes. plenty of sunshine across the entire bay. the sun will heat us up to a much greater extend tomorrow which writes brings up concerns about the fire danger.
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the north bay will have breezy conditions tomorrow morning. i'll outline that high fire danger in a second. the heat peaks on thursday and for inland portions of the bay area, it will stick around into early of next week a beautiful look at downtown at the moment. the temperatures mostly in the 70s. even downtown rebounded back up to 66 degrees. 77 in santa rosa. the temperatures will back down from the 60s for this evening's pup. this is cooper. temperatures are in the 60s now and they will continue dropping off, but slowly near the bay. only down to the upper 50s by 9:00, 10:00 or so. temperatures areawide are going to start off in the 50s early: to morning, which is where we're supposed to be in june. down do about 50 degrees in santa rosa, otherwise mostly mid to upper 50s with low 50s along the coast and, of course, along the coast you will be the cool spots tomorrow. but we are going to see the
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testifies temperatures bobsing back quickly. temperature also be substantially waugher warmer for the bay. close to 90 degrees. mid to upper 70s to the low 80s around the bay itself. it is going to be offshore to start the day. hour-by-hour winds we're going to focus in on napa here as we want to look at the knot bay that is where the fire danger will be the highest. it is out of the north and that is an off shore wind. the wind really does pick up during the afternoon. it means the gusts are going to be up to 30, 35 miles per hour. that means the fire danger is going to be something to contend with. our fire weather index, talking about this at 5:30, goes from zero to 10. that is where several locations within sonoma, napa and solano counties are going to be on wednesday. terns the effect
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for lano county, but the fire danger is going to be elevated for all three counties north of the golden gate, except marin county. temperatures peak on thursday, but the wind won't be as strong so hopefully the fire danger backs off. still hot inland all the way into ne ♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given.
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all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you hataken. keep track of them. one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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the controversial statues continue to topple around the globe, one of san francisco's has once again been defaced. the hands and the face of christopher columbus senate you atop of telegraph hill are now painted red that monument which has stood since 1957 has been vandalized several types before oppression. and in the past 30 minutes the state lawmakers announce the columbus statue at the capitol is coming down. families living in under served communities in oakland received a surprising gift. the parent-run group oakland
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reach gave out laptops as part of its new citywide virtual family hub. the new program promotes high- quality education. the hub is powered through google classroom and provides flexible learning opportunities for elementary and middle school students. hey, everybody! the nba announces some of the amenities available to players in the so-called disney bubble. and look away. tom brady
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the former giants' pitcher mike mccormick passed away today after a long battle with parkinson's. he was # 1 years old. mccormick was on the inaugural team that moved west in 195. the lefty won 10 # games in 11 seasons with the giants and became the team's first cy young winner in 1967. in fact, he was the only cy
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young winner until tim lints couple joined him. another day without a resolution on major league baseball's labor negotiation front. yesterday the commissioner rob man fred expressed doubt there would be a season in 2020, nothing but doom and gloom, right? except from usa today's bob nightinggale who guaranteed baseball in his column today saying, quote, there will be a season. it will start between july 20th through july 2 20 through july 27. meanwhile, the nba teams ports team also be broken up world bubble. and some of the accommodations include manicures, pedicures, 24-hour v.i.p. help, lawn games, it doesn't sound too shabby. by the way, they have six golf courses on that property.
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last week the nfl commissioner roger goode goodell apologized for not doing enough in terms of racial injustice and he was criticized by not mentioning colin kaepernick by name. until now. >> if he wants to resume his career in the nfl, then obviously it is going to take a team to make that decision, but i welcome that support a club making that decision and encourage them to do that. >> yeah, that comment could open the door for kaeperni a jobhe has hetook a knee for inequality and police brutality. one place he won't be going, tampa bay. they already have a quarterback and today the bucs released photos of tom brady wearing a uniform. they call that color pewter in tampa bay for some reason. what does the weirdest look? willy mays in a mets uniform or
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joe montana or paradey in the bucs' butte summer and ken, i have a question for you, elizabeth, if you can get it, join in. who did the giants get in return for willie
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♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, a promising breakthrough-- the first treatment shown to reduce coronavirus deaths. researchers call a common anti- inflammatory drug a game changer in the fight against covid-19. >> what we saw was really quite remarkable. >> o'donnell: hitting pause: from miami to las vegas, the alarming data driving some cities to delay the next phase of reopening. previous use of force: new details tonight about the officer who shot rayshard brooks. and the president signs an executive order encouraging police reforms. murder charges: an air force sergeant is accused of killing a federal officer and ambushing sheriff's deputies. what prosecutors are saying about his link to boogaloo, the anti-police group.


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