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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 19, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. look at all of the fog rolling in to the bay area. good morning everyone, it is friday. we made it, it is friday, june 19th. >> we did it, good morning to you. let's get a check of your forecast now with mary lee on this friday morning. happy friday to you as well. >> good morning, happy friday, nice to have made it to the end of the week and we are looking at an onshore flow kicking in. you can see the fog rolling in. watching that onshore flow kicking, temperature slightly cooler. you will notice that along the
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coast and right along the bay. 71 in san francisco for a high of 78 in oakland, looking at mild conditions around the bay. 91 heating up in concord. i will have your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. i am live at the news desk, let's go live to new york city right now, where they just passed a sweeping package of police reform bills including an official ban on show coals -- choke holds that creates a penalty system for police officers with disciplinary issues and strengthens the right to record police interaction. some of them have been in the works since the death of her gardener back in 2014. on capitol hill, things are not moving as quickly. to washington, d.c., where republicans have proposed a police reform bill that many democrats relieve is too weak.
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senate leaders trying to decide how to reseed. they can block it or they can agree to move ahead with no guarantees that they will eventually get someone the amendments that they want. we will see how that goes, back to you. >> a memorial service will be held later this morning for david patrick underwood. the officer was killed outside the courthouse during the protest in oakland three weeks ago. family and friends as well as the acting chief will gather at 11:00 this morning to honor him. an active service u.s. air force sergeant has been charged with his murder. >> the fbi and oakland police have opened an investigation after an fg was found hanging in a tree.
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five nooses were found in the same area. a residence from the effigy seen as a symbol of hate and violence and removed it from the tree. police found material stuffed into the shape of the human body with rope around the torso and neck. many locals are outraged. >> it made me think they're trying to provoke and aggravate. they are doing it in the middle of the night. come out and put the nooses up right now, so we can see where you are. you don't need to hide. >> the mayor says the effigy was a deliberate and vile attempt to traumatize oakland her's. >> we have to be clear that people from the outside are going to want to take advantage of this moment but we also have to have some self honesty. that we all can do better. >> please have assigned extra patrols to the area. >> happening today, it is the annual celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the united states.
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it's a day with enormous meaning for racial equality, this year more than ever. >> reporter: many no juneteenth as america's other independence day. marking the end of slavery in the u.s. >> juneteenth freed the people. >> president of the observance foundation. the group is asking congress to recognize the day as equal to the fourth of july. a petition has gathered hundreds of thousands of state signatures. >> congress is not going to listen to the people. i would ask the president to move an executive order to make juneteenth a national day of observance. >> it dates back to june 19th, 1865 when a union general announced in galveston texas that enslaved african americans were free. slaves in texas were the last to learn of their liberation, 2 1/2 years after resident abraham lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation.
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douglas matthews coordinated celebrated since there. >> no matter what race, color, creed they are, why can't the world get along better? >> the conversation has intensified. a number of prominent businesses including the nfl, twitter, and nike have designated the date a company holiday. >> most states to recognize it in some way, in california it's a day of observance but a handful of states have taken it a step further. >> this week the governors of new york and virginia said they are proposing legislation to make it a paid holiday for state employees as it is in texas. >> this action will formalize the observance. >> activist for all americans serious about correcting the social injustice recognizing this holiday is a step in the right direction. cbs news, los angeles.
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here in the bay area, workers are planning an eight hour work stoppage today, workers say there is a lot of work to do to end systemic racism, they plan to take the message to city hall in a march today. >> if we are not free to walk the streets without getting killed by law enforcement, then we are not free. if the wealth gap negatively affects african americans, then we are still not free. >> there will be multiple marches across the bay area today. peace walk will start at 11:00 heading from city hall and a street. in san francisco, marchers will meet at city hall from 1:00 until 3:00. and in palo alto the rally will be held in city hall at 5:00 p.m. members will share about the
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justice system, please department, and school district. a live look at the statue of columbus that used to reside on the pedestal is no mere. the statue was taken down because it doesn't align with the cities values our commitment to racial justice. they removed it in anticipation of a protest teardown initially planned for today at sunrise. >> now to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. a look at the numbers this morning. there are nearly 8 1/2 million cases worldwide, in the u.s. the number is nearing 2.2 million. the death toll also climbing in the u.s., now has more than 118,000. in texas, hospitalizations jumped 11% in 24 hours. florida just set a record for daily infections with over 3200, on wednesday california reported more than 4000 cases which is a new high.
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>> and mask order is in place, that must be worn when social distancing is not possible. as california records the highest daily hospitalization count. global counties could decide whether to mandate masks the governor stepped in, amid a rising coronavirus case and depths. masks are required in any public spaces, healthcare settings, public transportation or rideshare vehicles and food settings. those who aren't required to wear them our kids under two those who are hard of hearing, and anyone eating at a restaurant or exercising of their social distancing. >> we have encouraged for months, that you put face coverings on, now, we are no longer encouraging it, because people are not doing it. we are making it mandatory. >> people are out and doing what they want. >> law enforcement won't cite anyone, but osha can hand out citations and workplaces. happening today, alameda county is moving forward with
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reopening despite becoming a hot by with coronavirus. starting today the county is reopening outdoor dining, indoor and outdoor retail including malls and outdoor fitness classes. religious services can be held on a limited basis and open air museums can reopen. napa and sonoma counties are also taking reopening one step further starting today. gyms and fitness studios, movie theaters, nail salons, and tattoo parlors can open up. >> a live look from the white house for president trump is preparing for his first rally since the coronavirus pandemic. the rally is in tulsa, oklahoma despite the city spike in coronavirus numbers. president trump says he chose oklahoma because the state has had what he calls minuscule numbers of coronavirus infections. some people are already in line outside the 19,000 seat arena.
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>> these might be like the rallies that we went to in february? >> attendees will have their temptress checks before they are admitted. >> a glimmer of hope, next and streaming on cbsn bay area. the supreme court's ruling on daca really means for thousands of young immigrants across the country. looking life, this friday morning, at the skyline of san francisco from our treasure island camera. volkswagen today.
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thousands of young immigrants known as dreamers are feeling relief. they're protected from being deported for now. >> this is a great time of celebration and gives us a glimpse of hope. >> the 5 to 4 ruling blocked president trump from ending the deferred action for childhood arrivals. the court decided the trump administration failed to present adequate legal cause to end the policy. >> this is a great victory, but it's not necessarily permanent, to those who have been holding up legislation to make permanent, the dream act, please time to act is now. please, you heard the police --
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the supreme court. >> it was established as an executive order more than 600 50,000 young people who arrived in the u.s. without documentation are protected under the policy. the ruling since the case back to the department of homeland security to try again to justify why it should end. in 2020, joe biden's pool of running mates is narrowing as a contender drops out of the race. laura has details on her decision. >> and endorsing joe biden for president. >> she no longer wants to be considered a vice presidential candidate. to make room for a woman of color to be picked instead. >> let me tell you this after what i have seen in my state, across the country. this is a historic moment. and america must sees on this moment. >> joe biden responded amy, when you announced it wasn't
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hard to see you had the grit and determination to do anything you set your mind to. you know how to get things done, with your help, we are going to beat donald trump. >> we won minnesota because of amy klobuchar. >> endorsing biden before tuesday had pitched herself as a moderate who could bring in midwestern votes. >> no matter what, i will lead from the heart. >> biden's team continues to look into the background of senators elizabeth warren,, harris, and tammy duckworth. governors michelle lujan of new mexico and gretchen witmer of michigan. congresswoman of florida, atlanta mayor and former obama national security advisor susan rice. biden is expected to announce his pick by august 1st. laura podesta, cbs news.
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closer to home, governor newsom has signed a bill that would require all registered voters to receive a vote by mail ballot for the election. supporters of the new law say in the midst of a pandemic a vote by mail approach will allow people to exercise their constitutional rights from the safety of their own home. more than three quarters of voters received a ballot in the mail in the march primary. >> and this morning's money watch report. while one trouble services cutting routes, another is adding on. diane king hall has the details. >> stocks were mixed again, the dow fell 39 points, nasdaq inch 32, and after spending most of the session and the red investors are concerned how recently reopened businesses will respond to rising coronavirus numbers in some areas. major service cuts are coming
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later this year, starting in october, trains will no longer make daily stops at hundreds of stations across the country. most long-distance lines will run only three times a week. the railroad is also reducing the frequency of trains in the busy northeast corridor in the long state-funded roots. it's ridership has plunged since the pandemic began. turning to the skies, jess plue is gearing up for a busy late summer travel season starting july 23rd, the airline is adding 30 new routes and restoring service to nine others. executives believe americans are feeling cooped up and are eager to visit friends and family after months of social distancing. the new tickets go on sale today. and that is your money watch report, for more ahead to cvs money i am diane king hall. this wayward mountain lion we kept an eye on yesterday morning has been released into the wild, it was captured one block away from oracle park
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after being spotted around san francisco. veterinarians from the oakland zoo examined him saying he is healthy and believe he is 15 months old. >> this guy was well fed, well groomed, he looked great. so, there was a mountain lion that died a few days ago, an adult. and we think that maybe that was his mom. he is special for us, he is probably the oldest and the healthiest that we have seen. >> good to know, he is healthy. the mountain lion was released into an open wildlife preserve on the peninsula with a tracking collar. so experts can monitor him and the folks at the oakland zoo has named him mr. san francisco. that is pretty fitting since he was roaming around the streets of san francisco. 4:48, let's get a check on the weather with mary. good morning. >> mr. san francisco, glad he
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is okay. here's a live look with our tower camera, clear skies, and if you look closely you can see that patchy fog around the bay. really tracking that fog along the coast. showing you the visibility coming up in just a bit, it really indicates the onshore flow kicking in for us. our attempters in the mid to upper 50s for many locations, low 60s for concord and livermore, upper 50s in oakland, mid 50s in san francisco, low 60s in san jose and cooler in santa rosa at 52 degrees as we start off our friday. here's a check of the visibility. looking at a mile of half moon bay and three quarters of a mile right now, had to move out. the satellite and radar view, the strong ridge of high pressure, the inland heat, locked in place. but we are going to start to see the influence along the coastline right around the bay. it means temperatures will be a little bit cooler, and we will keep those clouds along the
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coast for today. taking you hour by hour, you can see the sunshine inland, clouds right along the coast and as we had through tomorrow, slightly cooler. really that whether pattern sticks around over the next several days, as we look ahead to the weekend, we are celebrating father's day and you can see plenty of sunshine heating up inland into the upper 80s to low 90s inland by sunday afternoon around the bay, mild in the low 70s and run the coast in the mid 60s. as we celebrate our dads. all right, for this afternoon, looking at daytime highs in the upper 80s for santa clara and san jose for campbell and cooper, low 90s for morgan hill for the south bay and east bay, low 90s. heating up for you in concord, as well as pleasant hill. mid-90s for antioch and brentwood. the tribe valley you will see topping out in the low 90s this afternoon, around the bay, we are looking at mild conditions, low 70s in san francisco, warming up to the upper 70s in
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oakland, and for the north bay in the 80s. 88 for high in napa and 93, here is the extended forecast of what you can expect as we are looking at this weather pattern sticking around with above average temperatures for this time of year and that sunshine continuing. that is your look at weather. let's check in for a look at traffic this morning. >> let's take a look at the roadways, happy friday. as we take a look at the golden gate, we have a fog advisory in effect. heads up if you're commuting out this morning, especially on the robin williams tunnel, we have a lot of limited visibility there. careful once again to san francisco, traffic is pretty light with no major delays in both directions through there. take a look at the roadways there, resting a few brake lights westbound, coming away from 205, definitely, friday is light as you had through, we
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will likely see a few more brake lights, but right now if you have got to take 580, it's not a bad time at all. 27 minutes to go from 205 toward 680. there is some road work this morning, 101 280, 101 closed, it's not causing any delays, use 280 as an alternate racking up within the next couple of minutes and there is an ongoing roadwork project along 880 as well as between stanley angier, and hayward. bay bridge looking great out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. very quiet this morning, not seeing any delays on the san mateo bridge. traffic at the limits between 880 and 101. if you take part in the weekend track closure between rockford station, so expect delays. that is look at traffic and transportation. >> thank you. harry connick junior and his filmmaker daughter georgia are thinking essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. >> we are just going to work,
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>> i think the good lord i even have a job. >> they hopped on an rv and traveled from new york to new orleans. the show called united we sing, a grammy tribute to the unsung heroes also features special performances by herbie hancock, and other artists. i talked with harry connick junior, and his daughter and they said the reason they did this was simple. to say thank you. >> the people we talk to our representing underserved communities, they're not getting the attention we thought was appropriate, so for us, it was an honor, very emotional. we would do it again tomorrow. >> into this incredible production, the fact that i really could go alongside my dad and watch him just talk to these people, it is so inspirational, as my father, i want to be just like him. it was very cool.
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>> so, cool. catch united we sing, a grammy tribute to the unsung heroes, sunday night on cbs. making their lemonade stand, stand out. next streaming, the ads, turning them into internet sensations. and remember, we want to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. just go to to find
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it is 4:56. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or commercials. >> that's right, at jim's
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lemonade! >> they usually take their flavored lemonade business on the road but only groups that service to now, their social media marketing has made them local celebrities. >> we put lines of what people are going through right now. >> with this lemonade, i am down. >> and while he stars in all the ads, he is actually shy, go figure. >> is a running man and breakdancing in there. >> a $200 billion donation to support the movement in our next half hour, how facebook is disasters won't wait for a pandemic to be over. so, while your family is home more often, make a plan, in case you have to deal with coronavirus and a natural disaster at the same time. has the educational tools and resources to help your family prepare for emergencies.
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and find information on how the coronavirus may affect your plan.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. doing this in the middle of
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the night. >> right now streaming on cbsn bay area. fake body found hanging from a noose, days after another hate crime. the oakland mayor's theory into the disturbing discovery. plus -- >> the fourth of july freed the land. juneteenth freed the people. >> recognizing an important day in history the post make juneteenth a national holiday. >> and the results are in, the outcome of coronavirus testing in one of san francisco's biggest districts. good morning everyone, it is friday, june 19th. >> can't say it enough. we have your forecast as we look ahead to the weekend. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, it is finally friday, thank goodness for that.


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