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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 1, 2020 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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killed by covid-19 here in greece. but it's about 20 lives lost for ef million people, compared to the united states with about 400 lives for every million people. this doctor told us her advice on staying safe this summer is clear. >> as a health officer, i would consider that the best thepg everybody should do would be no international travel at all for this year. >> reporter: greece's capitol city athens was nailed for athena, the greek goddest of wisdom. whether the decision to open to tourists will proof the to be a wise one is something we'll only know for sure in the months to come. >> well, since you can't get into europe this summer, how about going on safari? and you don't have to leave your living room. debra pate has the story from
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south africa has the story. >> reporter: you don't need to get on a plane to see this. >> she's got a cub. god, this is incredible. >> reporter: it can all be viewed from the comfort of your open home. raw, unedited and streamed twice a day from the heart of the south after cap bush. the this miami family were supposed to visit in april. instead, they've had a front row seat complete with safari gear ng ething from babies suckling from their mother to animals cooling down at the watering hole. viewers bump along with game rangers like lawyer earnings as she tracks down sightings,
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filmed from the back of a sa far si truck. >> people will realize how important nature actually is. >> reporter: while the world has cull to a stabbed-still, nature has not. the circle of life has sure been busy, from the birth of these hyena cubs to baby help erarned learning to walk. >> graham is the co-founder of wild earth, which has been streaming virtual sa farries for 13 years. >> hello. gorpg. >> but since the world started shutting o down, their global audience has been five times higher with around two million viewers a month, a third of which are americans.
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during the game drive, rangers field questions sent lve from the viewers at home. >> you are eight years old from illinois. hello there. do meal drops ever happening around together? >> turns out, they do, if they're not competing for the attention of a female. social distancing, it seems, comes naturally to them. prior to the global pandemic, they were streaming to several u.s. chirps hospitals like this one in washington, d.c. like tourism around the world, south africa's nearly $30 billionle travel industry is reeling. >> the game lodge is in virtual safaris. he's concerned that it will suffer. >> you need to bring the money so we can pay the store and get
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the money into the economy that lives off nature in order for them to protect the nature. >> but virtual tourism, some believe, could redefine travel in a post covid 19 world. >> if everybody who wanted to come actually came, there would be too many people, sort of damning what we're used to seeing. there's a way to enjoy without destroying it. >> experts believe that virtual safaris are not only filling the void but are still here to say. >> tickets are going fast at the pearson automotive museum. there was an unveiling of tesla's new pickup truck. the line outside the ought
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november muflt started well before opening, folks waiting to see a vehicle unlike anything else. >> big fan of test lachlt i hav >> this is the first tile the public has been able to get an up close lock at it. half capacity with single tickets only. >> other that following safety protocols with masks and distancing is all of our tough screens and our touch points have been closed and secured. >> terry cargass says landing the cyber truck exhibit was a much-needed boost. 1kw4r50 it was running like a ticker tape. it was phenomenal. we sold out the first week almost immediately. >> it's a curious place to make the debut for this thing. >> is this how you create buzz in the covid age? >> where they can see it in a safe way, not just look at an
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on-line stream. >> elon musk unveiled the truck last year. with a starting price of around $40,000 and up to three motors going zero to 0 in three seconds. >> eats a game changer. >> this family put down two $100 dozens last year. >> it looks the same for a hundred years or so and this is a moment where, yeah, we might be going through just a rethinking, a redesign, a revolution, really. >> requiring some patience. deliveries aren't likely unt
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the first and only full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel available over-the-counter. voltaren. the joy of movement. baseball training camps open today with a 60-game season set to begin in about three weeks. documentary film baker ben p ken burns. >> this is in the flat bush neighborhood of brooklyn in new york city on april 15th, 1947. it's opening day and more than 26,000 fans have turned out to see first baseman, number 42,
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jack roosevelt robinson in his debut game for the brooklyn dodgers. 800 miles away at morehouse college in atlanta, georgia, a young student there, follows as robinson makes social history that day, breaking the racial barrier in major league baseball and paving the way for the few civil rights movement. that student's name is martin luther king jr. the first real progress in civil rights since the civil war took place not at a lunch counter in greebsboro, north carolina, not on a bus in montgomery, alabama, not in a bare racks of our military, not in schools in tope topeka, kansas, but on a baseball diamond in new york. it's summed up perfectly in this clip from our 1994 series.
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>> for me day jackie raurp set foot on a major league field for the first time. i'm most proud to be an american and most proud to be a baseball fan when be able has led america, rather than followed it. >> baseball is a mirror of our country, in all its complexity. sipt the civil war baseball has been a zoont, a through line, a micro cost m of larger events happening off the field. the visit of baseball is the story of immigration, the exclusion of women, the struggles between labor and management and, of course, lays, and it's helped us through some of our darkest times. during world war ii fdr refused
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to cancel baseball because he thought it necessary. after 9/11 to the shock of many, baseball started again the following monday and across the country were full of "i love new york" signs. we long for baseball to return to pull us together as it has in the past, to restore a sense of normality and routine. but that's not what this moment is asking of us. now, one again, baseball has the opportunity to lead rather than follow, to guide us in prioritizing health and safety, sacrificing individual freedom for the collective good. we will remember this season regardless of how it up fold, not just because of the lack of our game but because of what we have been asked to do. to stay home together. and when this is behind us, i'll be at fenway with my daughters
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waiting to hear those two
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legend of american comedy has passed away. carl reiner, 9le years old, and one of the last survivors of network television. biological weapon tracy looks back. >> carl riper's motto was "enter laughing." sometimes that meant he entered dancing. he could be the straight map -- >> do you realize what talking movies will mean for you? >> at last! >> or the funny one. >> i like you so much better without your, uhm... >> it's hair! hair!
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carl reiner was born in the pronks in 1922. he was hired as a writer and a cast writer on "your show of shows" hosted by syd ceasar. >> the nina, the pipta and the maria riva. >> larry gel bert, woody simon, and mel brooks. >> more than a tall bald you. he's a force. >> reiner and broorks not only best friends but a powerful comedy combo in the 19 six. brooks playing the 2,000-year-old man. >> what has kept you alive for 2,000 years? >> sneezing. >> reiner developed "head of the
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family." it flopped. thank goodness he rewrote a little andt became -- "the dick van dyke show." >> he was never cynical or mean. >> when i'm with you i feel like i'm 85 again. >> in later years reiner did a little acting and a lot of directing, including four films starring steve martin. he also produced a fales son, rob reiner grew up to be a top comedy actor and director. it was carl's wife est estelle delivered one of the most memorable lines in movie history. >> "i'll have what she's having". >> i continue to be silly and -- >> and i go for that. >> yes. >> carl reiner exits much the way he entered. flat. >> he kept us laughing to the end of his days. that's the over
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> garrett: tonight are a chilling prediction. the u.s. could soon see 100,000 new covid infections a day. the stark warning from the ration's top coronavirus doctor. >> we are not in total control right now. >> garrett: cases now on track to more than double, hospitalizations up in 12 states, e.r.s pushed to the limit., post-i.c.u. syndrome-- the long-term damage patients are now facing. turning travelers away: the european union stops most americans from entering 27 countries, saying infection rates are too high. what it could mean for u.s. tourists and those doing business overseas. plus, more restrictions here at home. new york, new jersey, and connecticut expand their quarantines.


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