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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 2, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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joining us. it is th day of july. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm len kiese. hope it's not too early to talk about the weekend just yet. >> it's friday junior. >> or fj for short. mary, how's the weekend looking for us? we should also focus on today. i know right? it's almost here, the holiday weekend. i know lot of people are excited about that. our july 4th weekend and we are going to heat up as we look ahead to saturday. in the meantime for today, we're going to cool it down and here's a live look with our mount hamilton camera from the lick observatory and it's a cooler start. 49 in santa rosa with clear skies. right now mid 50s san jose and san francisco. livermore upper 50s for oakland as well as for concord. so as we head through our afternoon, mid 60s in san francisco. low 70s in oakland and 83 in san jose and 84 for concord. so right around where we should be for this time of year. we'll talk about that all important weekend forecast
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coming up in a few minutes. back to you. new this morning, a fast spreading fire in the foothills just east of concord has now been contained. it broke off near highway 4 and fire crews from cal fire and contra costa brought the fire under control despite the windy conditions. it was a real challenge. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. now to the governor's new coronavirus crackdown. dine in restaurants and bars are now closed for three weeks in 19 counties including contra costa, santa clara and solano counties. but those aren't the only bay area counties seeing some restrictions. next up, beaches. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from pacifica this morning where today is your last chance to catch some sun and some surf before the holiday weekend. >> reporter: yeah, better get on it. so yesterday the governor announced the closure of the parking lots of the state beaches. not the beaches themselves, but the parking lots. well, then the mayor of
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pacifica then took it a step further, closed the city owned parking lots and then the beaches as well. so that's because when the beaches are open, she says that people just park in the neighborhoods and then that causes a lot of problems for the residents. the mayor says that's what happened during memorial day weekend when visitors jammed into the residential street. she doesn't want a repeat of that and doesn't want to see a postolid spike in covid cases among her ty hae parkin closed and the parking in their neighborhoods was putting them at risk and that's what we're trying to do here is to protect the health and welfare. as mayor it's my job to make sure the community is protected. this was not -- it was not an easy call. but it's the right call. >> reporter: and so here's a list of all the closures in pa cay is. the state beach, rockaway beach, that includes the north and south parking lots, sharp park beach, esplanade beach and of course the fisherman's let on the 800 block of palmetto. so police will be taking a zero
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tolerance stance towards fireworks and if you are caught lighting them, it's $1,000 fine. and then if you are the property owner, you could be fined $1,000 as well. even if you are not the person who set off the fireworks on that property. so consider yourself warned. we're live in pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. control your guests. carione bay area health expert says the governor's mandate to shut down indoor restaurants and bars isn't actually going to do much to stop the spread of the virus. in solano county socially distanced indoor dining has been allowed for weeks and they cite the rise in cases from mostly memorial day weekend and family get-togethers like parties, now the county is shifting focus. >> i don't think it's realistic to stop the spread of covid at this point. i think what we want to do is have as little harm occur as possible while the spread is
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occurring. >> in contra costa county, indoor dining was supposed to start last night. but now restaurant owners are on hold. >> we start hiring people, we start preparing menus of different things. ordering more product. yeah. and then for what? for nothing. >> and the state's guidance is going to be in place for the next three weeks. happening today. bay area restaurant owners and chefs are going to hold a webinar on how they've responded to the pandemic and where the restaurant industry is going at this point. that starts at 5:00 and you can register at and californians without jobs could get up to seven extra weeks of unemployment benefits. it's part of a program called fed ed that becomes available when the state experiences high or prolonged periods of unemployment and today the labor department will release its june jobs report. that's coming up in about the next half hour. it's predicted that nearly 3
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million jobs were added last month. we're going to bring you special report live as it happens. developing this morning, another death row inmate at san quentin has died. and will be tested for coronavirus. 75-year-old joseph cordova from san pablo murdered an 8-year- old girl back in 2007. a coronavirus outbreak has infected more than 1,000 prisoners there. now an inmate who is just released is speaking out on what it's like inside those prison walls right now. now sanders got out of san quentin last week and tells kpix 5 conditions are so unsafe, that it's only a matter of time before everyone inside is exposed. >> it's so filthy. contaminated. and ridden with germs. we were ven a otmask and bole o sanitizer and march and we were told our masks would be laundered daily. they have never been laundered once. >> is there a way to have social distancing or are you
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guys pretty packed in there? it's a pretty old infrastructure. >> there's not much social distancing. you are packed in little tiny cells. >> prison officials say they are taking action and have established a command center to coordinate custody and medical response to covid-19 cases. late last night, the warriors announced they are shutting down their oakland practice facility after an employee tested positive for covid-19. the team says the facility will undergo a thorough sanitation. now the warriors say in a statement due to the closure, our virtual summer basketball camps which have operated with only staff present at the facility, no campers, the summer will be postponed next week. this morning, some catholic churches in san francisco being rvices while yo place. city attorney sent a cease and desist letter to the archdiocese. saying in part the archdiocese ducted both indoor and outdoor gatherings that violate the health orlando and jeopardize
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the health and safety of san franciscans. the city received multiple complaints at several churches holding indoor services including st. francis of assisi. st. peter and paul church, and star of the sea church. the archdiocese responded saying the archbishop has now notified his priests that the order limiting religious services to outdoors with no more than 12 people remains in force with proper social distancing and face coverings. taking a live look right now at the city of oakland this morning. ousd set to hold a virtual community meeting on preliminarily reopening scenarios. parents are invited to join in and give feedback starting at 5:00 this evening. so far we know thatmad santa cl schools will all be reopening their classrooms to students but with major protocols in place for safety and social distancing. san francisco and oakland school districts are still trying to figure it out.
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new video shows dozens of demonstrators, peacefully protesting, they're demanding racial justice after several reported hate crimes on the central coast. santa cruz police say a black man was attacked on the street over the weekend. two weeks ago at a restaurant a group of white customers yelled slurs at a filipino employee. similar incidents have been reported in monterey this morning, police are investigating a freeway shooting that shut down lanes of 580 for hours yesterday. now thiswas the scene from chopper 5. four people were hurt but all are expected to be motive. 5:08 and still ahead. a kpix 5 original report. contact tracing apps are becoming a global tool to try to contain covid-19. how they work and the potential risks next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. mostly cloudy skies on our downtown san jose camera this morning. it's a cooler start to our day.
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and we'll see those daytime highs cooler this afternoon. but that stronger sea breeze for all of us, details coming up. and you have got lots of company if you plan on taking 580 into the altamont pass this morning. plus, some changes for mass transit. details coming right up. and we are giving you another live look outside this morning. at the city of san francisco. the skyline there from our treasure island camera. time now 5:09. we'll be right
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welcome back. now to a kpix 5 special report. with coronavirus infections once again on the rise, contact tracing is even more critical to try to control the spread of the virus. a growing number of new apps are designed to help do just that. >> some are privately developed and others are developed by governments. here in the u.s., only four states are using them as part of their pandemic strategy. but as kpix 5's allen martin shows us. in other countries they're getting very popular. >> that's it. that's all there is to it. >> reporter: bret hall just started using a contact tracing app for covid-19 called corona warn. developed by the german government. >> i heard about it and downloaded it and pretty quickly actually, on the day
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that was released officially. >> reporter: he's been in berlin for the past decade and says downloading the app was voluntary. >> the more people that have it the more effective it is. i felt this was something that i should do to help get back to a sense of normality quicker. >> reporter: here's the way the app bret is using and most others like it work. on your way through the day, from home to work or exercise or shopping, it documents the digital encounter between two smart phones. if someone using the app tests positive for the coronavirus, they can notify others if they choose to. if you had contact with that person, the app will quickly inform you. >> any contact is then held -- your details are held anonymously on your phone and you only receive information. >> reporter: corona warn doesn't allow you to know who it is whs been infected or where you met them. vice versa, the infected person cannot tell who's been informed. most of the contact tracing apps are designed that way. however, it does not an you privacy protection. >> so i think that's there's
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certainly some privacy concerns. >> reporter: quentin heads the newly formed council that analyzed privacy protocols on 108 covid-19 related apps in 41 countries. 23 of them use specifically for contact tracing. >> in sominstances the apps didn't even have a privacy policy. that's actually required by the google play store terms. there were other instances where there was a privatesy policy, but it was clearly inadequate. >> reporter: one problem the research highlights, something called a permission. >> when you download an app, sometimes you get a request you know is it okay if we look at your contacts? is it okay if we read some of the data that's on your phone? and that can be a gateway to passing information along to third parties. >> reporter: for instance, the healthy together contact tracing app used by the state of utah asks for permission to
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read location and contacts. other apps they reviewed asked only for location. >> the data you give to an app should relate to what you are getting out of the app. >> reporter: researchers also found connections with third party marketers were not always clearly spelled out. for example, north dakota's app called care 19 was at first called out for its relationship with four square. a marketing company. it now discloses that it uses four square to determine nearby businesses that you may have visited. the app's developer told us four square has agreed not to retain data. this privacy attorney says agreements are not a guarantee. >> if you think that the app that's supposed to keep you safe from a virus is going to sell you shoes the next day from a shoe store you walked by on your normal afternoon jog, you are not going to want to use it. >> reporter: matthew with the electronic frontier foundation says there's also a security risk. >> whenever you have a company or entity that's storing a vast
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amount of sensitive information, that -- that storage, that data is going to have a huge target on it. >> reporter: researchers with the digital accountability council found some apps including the cdc's app, also sent transmissions that were not encrypted. >> that created a risk. a cyber security risk. that was both problematic in its own right at a time when the public's trust in cdc is critical. >> reporter: in general though, the researchers found the apps do a lot to protect the privacy of users. the most secure apps reviewed were private kit and path check gps. we asked the council to review bret's app for the store. their verdict without having tested it, a preliminary thumbs up. back in berlin, bret hall is so far happy with it too. >> something as serious as this, then it's something i'm willing to accept. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. california is currently not
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using a contact tracing app. a spokesperson for the department of health told us most of that work can be done by phone, text, email and chat. the oakland zoo says the next two months are make or break financial troubles from the pandemic could force it to close permanently. the zoo has lost $2.5 million each month since it was ordered to close in mid-march. its director says if the zoo doesn't open by september 1st at the laities, it will have to turn over operations to the city. the director admits that scenario would be a costly endeavor for the city to take on. happening today, partial reopening of six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. the park has been closed for nearly four months. today it will begin welcoming guests for what it calls an animals only experience. roller coasters and other rides are still off-limits for the time being. it's 5:17. here's gianna with a check on traffic this morning. good morning. >> good morning len. and good morning to you if you are getting ready to head out
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the door: one of them along the nimitz freeway. got a crash there northbound 880 right at thornton and it's causing a bit of backup as you work through there. a couple of cars tangled up and it was blocking at least the three left lanes, just the left lane now blocked again this is northbound 880 right at thornton avenue. just as you work your way into the fremont area. the rest of the freeway is at the limit past that. slow speeds, this is the usual stuff coming out of tracy heading into the altamont pass. speeds dipping down to about 21 miles per hour right at grantline. you have some slight delays working your way towards north flynn as well. the drive times though about # westbound side from 205 over to 680. wind advisory till in effect for the golden gate bridge. extra careful traveling across the span this morning. high-profile vehicle. and a couple of things for golden gate transit. changes will begin on july 12th and also today though, for route 56 x if you typically
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take that out of novato. some southbound trips have been suspended. so make sure you check that schedule before you head out the door. bay bridge though, looking good. no delays right now if you are taking that over into san francisco. cooler and breezy today. here's mary with the look at your forecast. hey mary. and gianna, i'm tracking that stronger onshore flow cooling us down for today. with that sea breeze in place and i'll talk about the winds in just a moment. here's a live look with our salesforce tower camera. a gray start to the day with those clouds. you can see the bay bridge and the east bay this morning. and we are looking at our temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning. it's a bit cooler as we start ore and oakland as well as for concord. so it's a cloudier start along the coast right around the bay and some of the inland locations as well. let's check the winds. current wind speeds looking at 16-mile-per-hour winds out of the south at half-moon bay and
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14 in san jose as well as for oakland and the windiest spots once again in fairfield with 26- mile-per-hour winds out of the southwest. now let's show you what you can expect taking you through our afternoon. a little bit cooler compared to yesterday because of the ocean breeze kicking in for us. so along the coast, that fog kind of sticks around for you low to mid-60s. a cool day along the coast. and around the bay, mild, mid- to upper 60s to low 70s. and inland, warming up to the low to mid-80s with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. so this is the satellite and radar view that typical summer weather pattern in place. so cool at the coast and mild around the bay and warming up inland and that will be the case for tomorrow as ll ki u hour by hour on cethe ast then for tomorrow, starting off our day with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast right around the bay. maybe the inland spots as well. through the afternoon tomorrow most of us will see the sunshine once again with those
5:21 am
cooler temperatures. now let's show you futurecast winds. so we are going to see breezy conditions with westerly to southwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour with a strongest winds along the coast. now let's show you our daytime highs. 83 in santa clara as well as for san jose and campbell. 82 for morgan hill and 84 for los gatos and for the east bay, 84 in concord and 86 in fairfield. topping out at 88 for brentwood. and right around the tri- valley, low to mid 80s around the bay mid 60s for san francisco. sauce lee tee and daly city. low 70s richmond and berkeley and oakland as well as for alameda and san leandro and for the north bay, mid- to upper70s. 87 in cloverdale. the july 4th forecast, a hot day inland and mild around the bay and coast. here's the extended similafor morrow. there go. heating up for saturday and for sunday. inland low to mid-90s. little bit cooler for next week. back to you. all right, 5:21 is the time. recent calls for social justice
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a lot of black artists are
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seeing heightened interest in their work during the push for social justice. >> reaching new audiences through social media and some other platforms. the midst of a national conversation about racial issues, more americans are trying to support black owned businesses and artists. gettg a for her aris illustrations of african- american women. she says she appreciates the attention, but she also wants it to be genuine. >> i've got over 200 orders in the last week and that was just in one day. you hope that everyone values your work not just for being a black artist, but because you are a person. and have something valuable or something that they love. >> a study of major u.s. airtime veals last year found that only 1.2% of pieces were created by black artists. creators arhoping to increase that number. celebrities are also working to engage with more black artists, for example, singer/songwriter halsey recently launched a support
5:26 am
fund. artists can apply online to be considered. 5:25 now. and a desperate search for survivors after a deadly landslide. the rescue mission now underway coming up in our next half hour. >> reporter: and time is running out to hit the beach before the holiday weekend. we've got one day before they close before the july 4th weekend. we've got a live report from pacifica. coming up. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news. a chp shooting and a suspect on the run. we are following the investigation. plus, another jobs report out in just minutes. we'll bring you those numbers in just a moment. and don't plan on celebrating the holiday weekend at the beach. the latest restrictions from governor newsom. good morning, thank you for joining us this thursday, july
5:30 am
2nd. i'm anne makovec. michelle has the morning off. >> and i'm len kiese. but first mary lee has the forecast. good morning to you len and anne. and it is a cooler start to our day. we're in the 40s and 50s this morning. it's a gray start and you can see on the treasure island camera with those low clouds out there. so our temperatures in the upper 40s to the 50s for many of us and as we head through the afternoon, daytime highs with that stronger sea breeze kicking in will be cooler. so 84 in concord and 83 san jose and 72 oakland and 66 for san francisco. we'll talk about what you can expect as high pressure builds back in for us. that july 4th holiday forecast. details on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. all right, some breaking news out of hayward right now. a spthe run after an early morning incident. but first a special report. >> new york. the labor department has just released its unemployment report for the month of june.
5:31 am
it will show us how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the slowly recovering job market. we also have the separate weekly jobs report on how many americans are filing for unemployment benefits. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us. what are the numbers for june, jill? >> the economy added 4.8 million jobs last month. that is much more than most expected. we thought maybe 3 million, that really lends credence to the fact that the labor market, likely bottomed out in april. job gains in may, job gains in june. now, the unemployment rate. it came in at 11.1%. but once again, the labor department is warning that because of the way that people classify themselves, absent, versus unemplo oymecould be a full percentage point higher. but still the od continued impr
5:32 am
one quick note of course, and that is that this report is earlier in the month of june. we do not see the impact of any of these additional lockdowns that are coming online from states and municipalities. >> concerns from economists that the recovery is kind of leveling off. are you hearing that, jill? >> well, absolutely. i think the fear is that we could see what we would almost call like a -- truncated w recovery. you go down really deep and you bungee cord back up very dramatically. and maybe you sort of go the sideways before you go up again. the real issue right now is whether the -- continued spread of the pandemic, these new cases that are emerging, these daily records, will that impact economic growth going forward? that's what remains to be seen for the second half of the year. >> all right, jill schlesinger. thanks jill. once again, the unemployment
5:33 am
rate in june falling to 11.1%. our coverage will continue on our 24 hour streaming network, cbsn and you can watch it at or on our cbs news app. there will be more to come on the local news on this cbs station and tonight on the cbs evening news and many of you will return now to "cbs this morning." this has been the cbs news special report. i'm anthony mason, cbs news, new york. all right, and back to the breaking news now. out of hayward. right now a suspect is on the run and an officer injured after the early morning shooting. the chp says one of the officers approached a driver sleeping in a parked stolen car at around 2:30 this morning. this was near tarman avenue and jackson street. when the driver woke up the chp says they sped off nearly ramming the officer and that officer did fire at least one shot at the stolen car.
5:34 am
nobody was hit. officers had put down some spike strips as well to try to stop the driver but in the chaos one of the spike strips flew up and hitting and injuring an officer. officers then stopped pursuing that suspect. new this morning, at least 113 people have been killed after a landslide at a jade mine in northern myanmar following some heavy rain. at least 54 people were also injured when a pile of mine waste collapsed into a lake triggering a flood of mud and water burying many workers. it's the center of the world's biggest jade mining industry. i'm kiet do and we're live in pacifica. it is your last day to go to the beach before many of them in the state close before the holiday weekend. here's a list of some of the closures happening at pacifica. the state beach, rockaway beach, sharp park beach, esplanade beach and then the fisherman's lot on the 800 block of palmetto. yesterday the governor announced the closure of all
5:35 am
state beach parking lots only but the mayor here took the order a step further and closed the parking lots and the beaches themselves as well. the mayor says they learned a lot back during the memorial day weekend. that's when the beaches were still open but the parking lots were closed. and that forced people to park in the neighborhood causing a lot of problems for the residents. beachgoers we talked to are getting frustrated. >> i understand that we are going through what we are. this whole pandemic. and lockdowns and whatnot. but again, we can't stop the celebration. we need to celebrate you know. our independence and everything. you know. >> i think it's frustrating because we're already limited on what we can do as far as recreational activities go. we're all getting a little stir crazy. >> reporter: and here's a list at is still op trail, morery hiking trails and beach boulevard promenade and the beach pier. they start on friday at sunrise and reopen again on monday
5:36 am
morning. we're live in pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. happening today, workers' rights advocates are rallying at the alameda county health department. they say tesla is opting out on having public agencies doing contact tracing. among the demand they want governor newsom to hire 1,000 cal osha inspectors automatic workers' comp for workers who get coronavirus at work and they want to fremont pd to investigate health and safety at tesla's fremont plant. that protest starts at noon. a few months ago, medical experts at ucsf touted the california miracle. documenting at flattening the curve. well, no dratically, dr. walker chair of the department of medicine tells kpix 5 that miracle is over. we're just like a lot of other states. we dodged the first bullet. but we're catching this one. >> it is dead. [ laughter ] i hope it comes back. but you know, we really did have a miracle when you look at the the size of the state of
5:37 am
30,000 pe new on york state. and a couple thousand in california. 20,000 had died in new york city and 50 in san francisco. >> dr. walker adds right now wearing masks is the most important thing we can do to slow the transmission rate. until we have a vaccine. we posted the full interview with dr. walker on the u.s. has set a grim record. according to the johns hopkins university tracker, seen here, the country saw more than 50,000 coronavirus cases reported injuste ngle day. more than 20 states are now pausing their reopenings. president trump had this prediction. >> i think we're going to be very good with the coronavirus. i think that at some point, that's going to sort of just disappear. i hope. >> the president also said he would not be opposed to wearing
5:38 am
a masks but would object to making it mandatory. and taking a live look at the white house now. where today president trump is expected to sign an extension for a small business relief program. house lawmakers unanimously approved that extension on wednesday. businesses will have until august 8th to apply for the paycheck protection program. which features potentially forgivable loans. now to campaign 2020. joe biden's campaign says that it has raised $141 million last month. beating president trump's fundraising by $10 million. both presidential candidates saw huge spikes in money raised from may. biden is also ahead for the quarter raising $282 million for april through june. well, the question in san jose this morning, should the mayor have more power? and serve an extra two years the city council agreed yesterday to send the measure to the november ballot.
5:39 am
if approved it would allow sam liccardo and subsequent mayors to fire fire department heads among other things. council member sergio jimenez said quote the deal breaker for me was the expansion of the mayor's authorities as the political head of the city. i believe this enhanced power will diminish my ability to serve you. now we wanted to get the mayor's take on this but his office said he was unavailable for comment. 5:39. and pg&e has emerged from the biggest company bankruptcy in u.s. history. it's also put $5 billion into a trust for wildfire volumes. last month they plead guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the 2018 camp fire. pg&e's bankruptcy exit comes one day after governor newsom signed a bill that will allow the state to some day transform pg&e into a nonprofit public benefit corporation named golden state energy. new details.
5:40 am
berkeley is cutting the police budget for the next fiscal year. ├║scrutiny. esponse to sightened of how police treat people of color. last night the city council voted to reduce the police budget by more than $9 million. or about 12%. the savings will help close a budget deficit. changes in how the police department operates are also in the works. berkeley's mayor wants to shift parking and traffic enforcement away from officers and hand over some public safety calls to social workers. all right, 20 minutes before 6:00 and a colorful way to teach your kids about coronavirus. the project brought on by a group of teenagers coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. it's a cloudy start on the salesforce tower camera looking north at the golden gate bridge. and tracking the winds. 14-mile-per-hour winds w in san jose. 9 in hayward. and that ocean breeze will cool us all down. details coming up. and we've got handle of trouble spots along 880 with delays in fremont.
5:41 am
we'll have a look at that in just a few minutes. and this weekend, kpix 5 brings you the best of pride 50. generations of hope. our one hour special airs this saturday right after kpix 5 news at 11:00. and again on sunday on our sister station, kbcw starting at 7:00 p.m. we'll be right back. this home is equipped with wifi from xfinity.
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it's a cooler start to our day. and as we head through the afternoon, those daytime highs lab little bit cooler as well. the forecast where you live, coming up. new video out of seattle of a rescue mission and you can see that sea plane flipped belly-up after crashing. this all happened last night. officials say two people in the plane were rescued by kayakers who were in that area. they are expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a mayor casino in las vegas is reopening. staff at mandalay bay resort and casino used lounge chairs and tables to special out welcome back on their artificial beach and this comes as number of las vegas resorts are now reopening. also taking precautions. the area opened back up on wednesday. guests were greeted by a new lobby installation called a dandelion forecast accompanied by a large american flag for the fourth of july weekend. resorts are reminding visitors there are fetyguelinesinplacas
5:45 am
>> everyone's responsibility. all of our employees are wearing masks and they're all responsibility for helping make sure that we social distance guests and that we're following all of the safety and health protocols as we open. >> mandalay bay and area are among several properties owned by mgm that are now reopening. this morning, a group of teens came up with a creative way to talk to your kids about coronavirus. four freshmen from a long beach high school came up with the covid coloring book. it teaches kids all about the virus and everything from hand washing to the importance of face coverings and social distancing. there's even a mask at the end >>d of to just find something to do that's entertaining especially when you are stuck at home all the time. we wanted to give them a way they can understand it and have some form of entertainment. >> the book was a project for an economics class and initially thought they'd sell maybe 25 of them but they sold hundreds.
5:46 am
you probably have been woken up by the fireworks that have been going out of illegally around the bay area for the last several weeks. well, now contra costa fire crews are showing us what could happen if your fireworks show goes horribly wrong. and fire crews didn't pull out the m 80s to show us. no, they used a set of small simple sparklers. firefighters lit those sparklers and dropped them on the roof gutters with some dried vegetation to show what could happen if they fall in. the sparklers quickly ignited leaving the entire roof spreading under the shingles. a fire like this could spread to an attic fire crews say and eventually put everyone at risk. new this morning, experts warning pet owners to prepare for the holiday weekend. they say the celebration leads to more lost pets than any other day of the year. july 5th one of busiest days at animshma are scared off from th homes by fireworks. looking live at san francisco's golden gate bridge
5:47 am
now. report by smart asset has just been published. naming the states with the worst drivers. mississippi ranks the worst for the third straight year. nevada is next. then tennessee which has the fifth lowest rate of insured drivers. fourth is florida. they have just over 73% of insured drivers. and coming in at fifth place is california. it has the 12th highest number of duis. all right, right now. gianna i live -- in two of the states so far. florida and now california. still up in the air. [ laughter ] which one has the -- i'll say the better drivers. >> the better drivers? wel i hope we do. we can do better, right california and hopefully you are a good driver, len. taking a look at the roadways. just a heads-up if you are tang nimitz freeway this morning, a few brake lights. northbound 880 near fremont. there was an accident here. right around thornton. the good news is it was -- it's now been pushed to the right
5:48 am
shoaled score it was blocking at least three lanes at one point but everything now on the side. taking a minute to recover and still some activity there. you have got that spectator slowing the looky-loos going northbound there. so speeds still about 24 miles per hour just as you approach the area. and north of there, you might see some slightly slower speeds but only briefly south 880 from hesperian. a trouble spot there where everything is over to the shoulder. so just a heads-up. if you are headed to the san mateo bridge. things are pretty quiet there on the side at least in the hayward portion. westbound 580. business as usual. heads out the door and you usually take the altamont pass commute you know what to expect. you have got brake lights coming out of tracy heading to grantline and then a little crowded as you work to the north flynn area. right now drive time about 30 minutes so half an hour from 205 over to 680. but the rest of the major freeways are in the green so no delays along the eastshore freeway and highway 4 clear as well as 101. the golden gate bridge looks good right now. no delays out of marin. very quiet both directions of
5:49 am
101. there's a wind advisory in effect though for the golden gate bridge so careful as you work across the span. and it's going to be cooler and breezy today especially along the gianna, our pacific ocean breeze we know and love is definitely back helping to cool us down even inland as we go through the day. here's a that's a look at your morning drive. we're down to 49 in santa rosa with clear skies. mid 50s in san jose. san francisco looking at mostly cloudy skies and little bit clearer in livermore at 54. those clouds 59 and 57 right now in concord. let's check the winds. so right now looking at 15-mile- per-hour winds at half-moon bay and 14-mile-per-hour winds in san jose as well as for oakland. out of the southwest. and 26-mile-per-hour winds right now in fairfield. so let's take you through date
5:50 am
in san francisco. we will catch that clearing and sunshine as we go through our day and again those breezy conditions out of the southwest up to about 10 to 20 miles per hour. looking at mid 60s in the afternoon in san francisco. the south bay and san jose, topping out at 83 degrees. and you will see those westerly to southwesterly winds about 15 miles per hour so plenty of sunshine at 83 in san jose. here's the satellite and radar view. so that typical summer weather pattern in place. so warm inland and mild around the bay. and cool at the coast and that will continue for tomorrow as well. taking you hour by hour on futurecast. and you can see we're going to catch that clearing for most of us except for the coast. tomorrow morning starting off our day with low clouds and areas of fog. along the coast right around the bay anso of the inland locations as well. and then we'll see that clearing as well and then afternoon sunshine for tomorrow and temperatures very similar to today. futurecast winds, the westerly to southwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour as we go through our afternoon with the
5:51 am
strongest winds along the coast. daytime highs, 83 in santara an 8 the for morgan hill for the south bay, for the east bay 84 for you in concord. looking at a high of 88 brentwood. low to mid 80s for the tri- valley. and around the bay, mid 60s sausalito and daly city and low 70s from richmond, berkeley, oakland, san leandro and alameda. and for the north bay, in the mid- to upper 70s. so 79 in santa rosa and we're looking at july 4th hot inland and mild around the bay and coast. there we go with the extended forecast. so similar for tomorrow. we heat up. saturday, sunday, little bit cooler next week. back to you. thank you mary. one texas brewery is using craft beer to spread awareness of racial injustice. and more than a dozen bay area breweries are joining in. weather sales brewery has created this imperial stout black clg manac rather fieldwork,
5:52 am
laughing monk llitan donating 100% of the proceeds to social justice causes. having some fun about getting serious. the killer idea for a mask psa coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. report, and remember, kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to and you can also send your story
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5:55 am
it's about five minutes before 6:00 and new this morning, new york is getting very creative with its mask policy. >> yeah, brought in an unlikely celebrity star in a psa. take a look. >> it's not easy. the mask kind of makes people uncomfortable. i wish everyone could see me for who i am. just trying to fit in. i know. the whole chainsaw thing. i get it. but the thing is, behind the mask, i'm just a regular guy. >> yep, that's regular guy jason from the horror flick friday 13th. and in a twist, he's only freaking people out for not wearing a mask. the health company ad says wearing a mask can be scary. not wearing one can be deadly. first the pandemic then looters.
5:56 am
the double punch that has one unique business being pushed toward bankruptcy. that's in our next half hour right here kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> reporter: and today is the last day to go to the beach before many of them shut down before the big july 4th holiday weekend. we'll have a live report from pacifica. and let's take a live look outside before we head to break this thursday morning. taking a look at some of that low fog hanging around the bay this morning. we're going to have more on your weather coming up after this.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay , we're following some breaking news. a chp shooting and a suspect on the run. the chaos unfolding overnight in the east bay. just released. the june jobs report is now out. we'll bring you the unexpected
6:00 am
new numbers showing record growth. and a holiday shutdown. the closures forcing coastal communities to find new ways to celebrate the fourth of july. plus boycotting the derby. why advocates say having the derby would be a slap in the face to the movement toward racial justice. good morning, thanks for starting the thursday with us. it's july 2nd. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning to you. glad to have you with us. a lot this morning to get you to. first though the forecast. mary lee is standing by with that for us. good morning mary. good yon anking for coolus all down for your thursday. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. and we're starting off our day in the 40s and 50s this morning. with those clouds. along the coast right around the bay. and even some of the inland spots as well. as we go through our afternoon, most of us will see that
6:01 am
sunshine and daytime highs dropping aro


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