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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 2, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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that have been closed over the past few months to reopen, but only if they strictly follow the rules and the county says that the coronavirus is not going anywhere, but this is a plan for living with it. yscl tiwh d-19 cases are still accelerating here and around the state. >> we are all coming to recognize that certain activities just can't be done safely at this time. there are, however, other activities that we can resume in limited ways and if we do them with appropriate and consistent social distancing. >> reporter: she outlined the plan for moving forward in this new era which allows for reopening hair and nail salons, tattooing
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and other personal care services for the first time. it also allows gyms to reopen, but the plan also requires strict adherence to a new set of operating guidelines including updating distancing guidelines, capacity limits, positive case reporting, industry-specific directives, and orders businesses to maximize telework when possible. >> the goal is to try to set a new normal for what we can expect when we enter any business facility or engage in any kind of activity. >> reporter: still closed will be indoor dining and indoor gathering places such as theaters. >> welcome to the new abnormal. this is the way, if we are going to be open, these are the protocols we will have to follow. >> reporter: one business leader said the new guidelines lace burdens on struggling businesses, but it is better than staying close. >> it is great to hear that the personal-care businesses are thumbs up now. there are a lot of people like myself iluded that . renews t >> reporter: many of the details are still being worked out, but this plan is scheduled to go into effect on july 13. but there is a big if.
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that is whether or not the state give santa clara county a variance. as you said, the county is still in the states watch list. that remains to be seen whether or not they will get the variance but they are operating as if they will. >> i am sure a lot of folks are happy to get a haircut or get your nails done, but the fact is that cases are going up, so what is the reasoning for going forward and not airing on the side of caution? >> reporter: i think this is a reflection of the tremendous pressure the county officials have been feeling since march when they shut things down to reopen businesses whenever possible. so this is an acknowledgment that this virus is not going anywhere. we will have to live with it. they also noted, however, that santa clara county has fewer cases per 100,000 residents than any case in the bay area so that is a factor that went into their reasoning to allow this step at this time.
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>> thank you so much. we brought you the announcement from santa clara county live this afternoon we are streaming 24 hours a day on also we saw governor newsom unmask a new campaign encouraging all californians to keep their faces covered. >> the ads will be running in english and spanish on tv, radio, billboards and across social media. several california celebrities including snoop dogg and kim kardashian even recorded their own announcements to help get the word out. the governor also had good news and bad news in terms of trends. the 4056 new cases reported yesterday represent the lowest daily toll little, total in a week but the test positivity
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rate is still rising. hospitalizations are up by more than 50% and icu cases also up by nearly that much. the plan to slow the virus does involve stricter mass rules and beach closures, but who will enforce that? wilson walker live with how most of it does rely on the honor system. >> reporter: we are live. >> we are not going in everybody's backyards and enforcing and you know that and they know it. and i encourage people to do the right thing and mitigate the spread. >> reporter: calling again on ttgoveor afourof plea for californians to play the rules. >> it is not my decision what we do and what we close and what opens. i can tell you when a decision is made that we will be closing beaches that will be our responsibility to enforce those orders and our first step is trying to get voluntary compliance. >> reporter: the police captain
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said keeping people off of the beaches one thing, but enforcing a mask requirement -- >> that is a tremendous challenge and i guess what the governor said earlier today, to echo that people know what they need to do to help stop the spread of the virus. i think it is a challenge for everyone. >> reporter: given the difficulty of enforcing compliance, the next solution may have to be going back to no access at all. >> if people can't wear masks like we asked them to do in places like the peer, then the peer may not be open to the public. that may be the measure the city has to take. this is to prevent the spread of covid-19 in our community. >> reporter: the governor really took a string of questions today and reporters teamed up on him to press down on can you enforce all of the rules that you are setting out. he effectively admitted he can't. it is up to the public and in some cases local law enforcement and a few
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jurisdictions in california have authorized fines for people not wearing masks. as for the beach closure here in pacifica, it officially starts tomorrow at sunrise and live, russell walker, kpix 5 >> we want to hear your thoughts about the approach to enforcing mask wearing. should california be tougher? had to our twitter and facebook pages to weigh in. san francisco is facing a possible surgeon cases. the health department released new numbers citing an average of 45 new cases per day over the past week. >> we had an alarming and significant increase in covid- 19 infections. also we did and hospitalizations over the past few weeks. the rates have soared. we are in a situation where we could be seeing early signs of a surgeon. >> right now there are six confirmed cases for every 100,000 residents and the cities goal is one point eight
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and the rate of hospitalization is up 61%. goal to keep it at less than 10%. now, part of the increase is due to patients from san quentin. 18 inmates there being treated in san francisco after 1000 inmates tested positive. the city noted that contact tracing is going fairly well and the health department is serving 82% of positive cases and notifying 88% of their contacts. the u.s. has surpassed 50,000 news, new cases in a day. california, texas, arizona, and florida account for half of them and wednesdays total shattered the record of 45,000 cases. today the governor of texas ordered masks to be worn in public across most of that state. the coronavirus cases there soared past 8000 on wednesday. the states largest single day increase and a short time ago the mayor of florida's miami- dade county announced a
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countywide curfew starting tomorrow night and that will be in effect from 10:00 p.m. until six a clock a.m. until further notice and the county rolling back the reopening of movie theaters and concert halls after logging more than 10,000 new cases today. president trump is reversing his stance on wearing masks in public and facing criticism from democrats and members of his own party for politicizing the idea. we have more from the white house. >> reporter: as daily new u.s. coronavirus cases set a record, president trump defended his administration's response to the pandemic. >> we have done a historic thing. we would have lost millions of lives. now we are opening it up, and the president didn't take questions at a morning briefing, but yesterday he address the issue of wearing masks on foxbusiness news. >> i am all for masks.
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i think they are good. if i were in a group of people and i was close. >> reporter: president trump plans to travel to mount rushmore tomorrow for a fourth of july celebration where attendees will not be required to wear masks or socially distance. >> reporter: the houses oversight committee on coronavirus asked officials on recent surges in several states. >> we really do believe the current outbreak is primarily due to under 35 with a lot of gatherings and not appropriate protection like masks. >> reporter: on the senate side, the national institutes of health director testified about efforts to expedite the development of a vaccine. >> we are all optimistic and the goal we have set to have a vaccine that works and is safe by the end of 2020 will be met. >> reporter:una ine breakthrough, the vice president urged people to wear masks. he travel to florida thursday for a first-hand look at the hotspot state. cbs news, the white house. president trump said the
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economy is roaring back after the latest u.s. jobs report. the labor department said it better than expected 4.8 million jobs were added last month and the unemployment rate dropped nearly 11% even though summer returning to work and others are being laid off. 1.4 million americans filed for unemployment last week. now that more states are going into lockdown again, experts are not sure what the future holds. >> we really need to see how things progress from here. i think the spread of the virus is really the key factor in whether or not the economy continues to improve in the second half of the year. >> californians without jobs can get an extra seven weeks of benefits and part of a program called said at and it becomes available when the state has
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higher prolonged periods of unemployment. investors have been sharing the jobs report and the dow closing 92 points higher and the nasdaq with a record high and s&p 500 up to close at a winning week. democrats slamming the white house for how it handled intelligence that russia may have offered bounties for killing u.s. troops in afghanistan. a group of top lawmakers including house speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer received a highly classified briefing about that intelligence today. the white house has repeatedly insisted that the president was not briefed because the information was unverified. however, speaker nancy pelosi said there doesn't have to be absolute certainty on intelligence for it to rise to the president. >> just because it didn't have 100% consensus should this be not briefed and should the presidof the ited states want to involve the security and safety of our men and women in uniform? >> officials insist although the president was not informed verbally, the information was taken seriously. still ahead, the woman
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known as jeffrey epstein's confidant was arrested. >> we arrest one of the villains in this investigation. >> how the feds say she played a critical role in grooming his under age victim. herman cain hospitalized coronavirus and now it is on one of the presidents campaign rallies. how airbnb could stop younger guests from booking homes. not seeing so much fog this evening is a look toward the tower to the golden gate and a little bit
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the man accused of killing a federal officer in oakland entered a not guilty plea. 32-year-old steven rio appeared in the video conference this morning with the defense attorney assigned to him and korea was a former leader of the u.s. air force anti-
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squadron and hannah suspect are accused of killing dave patrick underwood in may. he faces separate charges in an ambush in santa cruz that killed a sheriff sergeant last month and authorities say he specifically targeted law enforcement and his next hearing is august 6. a chp officer fired a single shot at a stolen car suspect in heyward at about 2:30 a.m. in west jackson street. officers approached a silver toyota and they report somebody was sleeping inside and they put down a spike strip and asked the driver to get out and instead the suspect drove toward them and sped away and no word on whether the driver was hit by gunfire but an officer suffered a minor injury from the spike strip as he avoided the speeding car. the british socialite accused of recruiting young girls for suspected sex trafficker jeffrey epstein was arrested today in new hampshire. prosecutors and survivors say
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ghislaine maxwell maxwell groomed girls as young as 14 years old. >> we announced the arrest one of the villains in this investigation. >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell, longtime companion of jeffrey epstein is now in federal custody. >> we have been keeping tabs on her whereabouts as we worked is investigation and more recently we learned she slithered her way to a gorgeous property in new hampshire. continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma and flick it upon them years ago. >> reporter: maxwell was arrested without incident and faces six counts for her alleged role in the sexual abuse of girls as young as 14. prosecutors announced the indictment in new york. >> maxwell enticed minor girls and got them to trust her and delivered them into the trap that she and epstein had set for them. >> reporter: the indictment said maxwell, his former
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girlfriend, would befriend the victims by taking them shopping or to the movies and that in some instances, maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minor victims. >> pr as an adult woman helped put the victims at ease. >> reporter: the indictment describes events between 1994 and 1997, taking place at ebstein's homes in manhattan, florida, and new mexico as well as at maxwell's home in london. the daughter of a famous british tycoon, maxwell is also charged with perjury. >> maxwell lied because the truth as alleged was almost unspeakable. >> reporter: maxwell had previously denied any wrongdoing and epstein was arrested a year ago and died by suicide in jail last august. >> one of the most explosive allegations against her comes from virginia roberts, who claims she was repeatedly assaulted by epstein. roberts claims maxwell arranged for prince andrew to sexually abuse her at maxwell's london
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townhouse. former presidential candidate herman cain has been hospitalized with coronavirus. he began developing symptoms after attending president trump campaign rally in tulsa on june 20. the cdc has labeled such gatherings as one of the more high risk places for spreading covid-19 and a representative for cain said he is awake and alert and an atlanta area hospital. he serves as cochair of the group black voices for trump. they were trying to contain a grass fire in livermore and we were over that scene there 580 and firefighters trying to get it contained and trying to stop the flames before the fire spread too far but some of the eastbound lanes closed and they are now back open. officials say fireworks are to blame for the overnight fire in the foothills and the fire said this is one of many fires
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caused by fireworks and they want to rely on everybody to be firework free this fourth of july weekend. paul is joining us. this is the time of year the grass is growing out and the wind can pick up. sect the fire danger is not off the charts this weekend but it is always in the back of our minds as we hit this time of year. the fire index which measures the overall fire danger, whether it is the dryness or wind or humidity and it combines all the factors from 0 to 10 and we were below a five which is below the halfway point this afternoon and it drops to zero overnight and tomorrow it is up in the same territory with the highest around two or three that it is something that we have to watch very carefully this time of year. here is what to expect over the next few days. local clouds and fog could come in over the bay and into some inland spots. normal temperatures again tomorrow. a sunny warmer pattern in store as we head into the weekend and
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fourth of july weekend actually looks really nice saturday and sunday and warmer further inland. downtown right now this is barely visible behind the downtown buildings and the temperatures just 63. 68 in oakland and still holding on to 80 in livermore and 70s in concord and san jose and 69 in santa rosa with cooler air making its way further inland into sonoma county. there is the fog thickening up tomorrow morning as it always does and it will back up to the coast but you may see some patchy mist and drizzle along the coast with thick fog in the morning and it doesn't backup all the way off the coast tomorrow afternoon, but looks like we will see a nicer weather pattern taking over as we go into the weekend to start saturday and plenty of sunshine. tonight temperatures drop down to the low to mid 50s and a tiny bit below average for early july with upper 40s in the valley of temperatures tomorrow will be below normal slightly but not much. 2 to 4 degrees below average and most location in mid 60s
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along the bay and low 80s further inland and for the warm spots we will show you what we expect. low 60s on the coast and even this may be an optimistic assessment and you may be in the upper 50s depending on how long the drizzle and thick fog sticks around. low to mid 80s as you head further inland into the sarah, santa clara valley. not bad for july 3. even the hotspots on the map will be pleasantly warm. 85 and antioch in brentwood and 83 in fairfield. mid 60s around central bay and low to mid 70s for north bay and warmer as you head further inland and warmer temperatures further to the north as well but only into the 80s and that is not bad for early july. temperatures heat up into the weekend. the fourth of july has mid 60s along the coast and plenty of sunshine after the fog burns off and it should not take long on saturday and around 70 for bayside high temperatures and 90 further inland and similar temperatures on sunday and we
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drop off again next week and a really nice weather pattern shaping up as we head into the first full week of july. at 5:30, we look at the hour by hour fourth of july forecast. coming up, the warriors forced to take action after an employee test positive for the coronavirus in oakland and the fallout for the team's youth- based basketball camp. contact tracing apps for covid-19 are becoming popular nationwide but how much privacy are you giving up? what we uncovered in our original report. before we go to break, we have been asking you your thoughts on mask enforcement. linda jones weighing in saying quote it is required in public and what people do on their property is up to them. tim wilkinson commented, when you pay my bills, then i will listen but until then, no. barbara tweeted this. yes, social distancing, wearing a mask, most like we
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handwashing and full face covering until we get a vaccine to beaded together. you can chime in right now using the hashtag for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the sore ears. the determined looks, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. let's all do our part to slow the spread. wear a mask. learn more at
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airbnb said it is cracking down on unauthorized house parties across the country. a new initiative restricts bookings by guests under the age of 25. airbnb said that from now on people in that age group can't book an entire house in the
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local area unless they have a consistent track record of at least three positive reviews. they are still allowed to book private rooms at hotel rooms. a big letdown for young warriors fans. the team is canceling its youth online basketball camps after an employee at the training facility in oakland tested positive for covid-19. the camp was supposed to be run by staff members at the site while participants watched and learned fundamental skills online and the facility has been closed for deep cleaning. future warriors use camps have been postponed until a later date. more local news ahead at 5:30 including a kpix original report. contract, contact tracing apps, becoming a tool that control global covid-19. >> in some instances they didn't have a privacy policy. i am live in danville where there should already be a
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fourth of july parade being set up but they are forced to get creative and a look at how celebrations will go down across the bay area. a horror movie comes to life. a bizarre attack on a man wearing a
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you are watching tran three at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs and bay area, more local news at 5:30. a bizarre arrest and train and the random attack on a passenger by a man wearing a mask from the four movie scream . >> parades canceled and gatherings the discouraged and what can you do to celebrate the fourth? we found neighbors getting creative to save the holiday. and


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