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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 3, 2020 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbs an ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: breaking news, record high coronavirus cases. new covid infections top more than 57,000 tonight, as health officials sound the alarm with hospitals filling up. more fireworks displays are canceled as beaches close coast to coast, the warning things will get worse if americans refuse to celebrate independence day independently. plus more states now telling need to kn thelijah mcclain shocking photos released. police officers mimicking the chokeholds used on the 23-year- old. tonight, the dramatic move from the police chief rushing to mount rushmore. president heads to a crowded fireworks display to the top of
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the mountain without masks required. why is he ignoring advice his own advisors are giving to everyone else? n.f.l. name change, under pressure from sponsors, one of pro football's oldest franchises forced to re-think its image. will washington's hometown team start next season with a new name? racing to a cure, the experimental plasma therapy many are now calling liquid gold. we're there as the first patient in one study meets the man who says it saved his life. and steve hartman with a uniquely american fourth of july drive through, the final stop this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> brennan: good evening to our viewers in the west. norah is off tonight. i'm margaret brennan. breaking news, more than 57,000
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new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the u.s. in the past 24 hours, setting yet another record for new infections just as the country heads into the july fourth holiday. tonight, 37 states are seeing the number of new cases increasing, a dramatic turn that's now leading health officials to warn the outbreak will spiral further out of control if americans don't stay home this weekend. in many places, parades and picnics have now been canceled and even backyard barbecues are being discouraged. beaches in miami are shut down and the county there has ordered a curfew starting in just a few hours. nationwide, more than 129,000 people have been killed by coronavirus, and there are more than 2.7 million confirmed cases in the u.s. and while most of the country's traditional fireworks displays have been scaled back or canceled tonight, president trump is heading to mount rushmore to watch a fireworks show with a crowd that could top
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7,500 people. south dakota's governor says wearing masks and social distancing won't be enforced. there is a lot of news to get to tonight, and our team of coveit allstandingy to cbs's janet shamlian is going to lead off our coverage tonight from galveston beach in texas. esnet? >> reporter: this is an unprecedented 4th of july weekend here in galveston... no one in the water and no one on the beach. across the country tonight, it looks nothing like a traditional holiday and officials say the ack tocan be traced back to memorial day and the loosening of restrictions. so, for now, it's going to be safety over celebration. on a weekend honoring independence, little freedom to celebrate it. beaches closed coast to coast. from miami beach which now has an overnight curfew, to southern california where lifeguards beame infected, and much of the texas coast, shutting down, not apopular decision. >> i don't think it's necessary
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to close the beaches, especially today. >> reporter: galveston feared crowds would come for a getaway from houston, where one out of four tests are positive. >> we're seeing a surge in young people who are not paying attention to the risk. >> reporter: officials are trying to avoid scenes like this from memorial day. in texas the governor issued a statewide mask order and closed bars. chris palone is keeping his fort worth bar open in defiance. >> i'm responsible for 15 employees' ability to feed their children. >> reporter: with cases surging, dr anthony fauci was candid with the bbc. >> you've been losing this battle recently, haven't you? >> admittedly, yes we have. >> reporter: tonight, coronavirus cases are rising in 37 states, places like phoenix where more than 50 firefighters tested positive, another 40 are in quarantine. people in northern california pe are scrambling to get tested waiting hours. >> this is spreading everywhere, and everybody is worrying about what happening is taking more
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seriously. >> brennan: some cities in southern california are now fining people for not wearing masks. cbs news chief medical correspondent, dr. jon lapook. >> the science is clear. wear a mask, practice social distancing, and in general, outdoors is safer than indoors, because outdoors there's improved ventilation for and less opportunity for viruses to be spread through the air. >> reporter: for businesses like this galveston restaurant, it won't be the weekend it usually is, and the owner is fine with that. what do you think of the beaches being closed? >> well the beacheveer got open, noense to the outsiders or tourists. >> reporter: los angeles, san francisco and dallas are a the cities that have canceled fireworks. new york has been doing smaller displays throughout the week. one fireworks company that haually does 30 shows on the 4th, this year has six. margaret. >> brennan: janet shamlian. if you celebrate, celebrate safely. thank you.
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there is new outrage tonight in aurora, colorado. three police officers there have been fired and a fourth resigned after they posed for photos mocking a deadly chokehold procedure on a black man. cbs's jamie yuccas tonight with the newly released photos that cost the officers their jobs. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, interim police chief vanessa wilson revealed these photos - >> we're sickened and we're angry. >> reporter: three officers laughing and mocking the chokehold used on elijah mcclain. >> it shows a lack of morals, values and integrity and a judgment that i can no longer trust to allow them to wear this badge. >> and they won't. wilson fired erica marrero and kyle dittrich aftejarojone also fired, a fourth officer, jason rosenblatt who responded "ha ha" to the picture. he was involved in the original incident. elijah mcclain was not accused of any crime when officers used a choke hold on him and paramedics injected him with a
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sedative. he later died. those officers were never charged with a crime. two still work for the department. the fbi and department of justice are investigating. mcclain's father, lawyane mosely had this to say about the photo re-enactment. >> you're a coward and i hope you get what you deserve. it's gonna be worth me seeing that you're fired. >> reporter: jamie yuccas, cbs news los angeles. >> brennan: tonight president trump is hosting a celebration at mount rushmore despite warnings that the event could lead to more infections. cbs's weijia jiang reports from the white house. >> reporter: as president trump played golf in virginia, crews e president trump played golf rushmore. >> i will be making a speech there and see a lot of people, a lot of different people, and i think it will be a fantastic evening. >> reporter: fireworks above the monument will go off for the
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first time in over a decade after mr. trump dismissed concerns over possible wildfires >> i said, what can burn?it's g. >> reporter: more than 7,000 are expected at the event that will not mandate people to spread out or wear masks. local sheriff kevin thom is not requiring his deputies to cover their faces either. 're uncomfortableoptional. and if you're uncomfortable coming to the event, take advantage of the online streaming, television, there's other options to still enjoy the event. >> reporter: tonight's show comes amid reports that eight secret service agents tested positive for the virus and forced vice president mike pence to rearrange his trip to arizona earlier this week. president trump insists there is a rise in coronavirus cases because our testing is so bul bretird so good. leads the national testing effort--testified on capitol
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hill that's only partly true. >> there is no question that the more testing you get the more you will uncover, but we do believe this is a real increase in cases because of the percent positivities are going up. >> reporter: back at mount rushmore, many visitors say it's worth the risk to see the president in person. >> the fireworks in mount rushmore are the greatest sight to behold in the whole entire world, and i think it will be a good, safe, fun day today. >> reporter: tomorrow, president trump is hosting a salute to america here at the white house that will feature music, fireworks and military flyovers, even though the mayor of d.c. has warned the administration the event violates its own c.d.c. guidelines. margaret. >> brennan: weijia, thank you. after years of resistance the n.f.l.'s washington redskins may be moving to drop their controversial name. r change.y announced a review here's cbs news' nikole killion.
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>> we are underway. >> reporter: after years of resisting a name change. the washington redskins called a reverse friday, in a statement the team said, in light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community, the washington redskins are announcing the team will undergo a thorough review of the team's e me. >> times are changing, this is a moment. >> reporter: josh silver is a founder of rebrand washington football -- a fan group that has been petitioning the team to remove the native american slur for years. al we're at a moment where this or a possibility of mr. snyder turning over a new leaf and doing the right thing. >> reporter: owner dan snyder once famously said he would never change the team's name. but nfl commissioner roger gosaid: ithe last few weeke thscussions with and we are supportive of i cozens of investors reportedly sent letters to fedex, pepsi-co and and threatening to terminate their relationships with the team unless it changed its name. patrick walker is a writer for
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cbs sports-- >> you look at the pressure being applied from nike, who has taken the redskins name off of their online database, you look at the pressure from pepsi, who has a multi-million dollar, maybe even a billion-dollar maybe even a billion-dollar partnership with dan snyder, the pressure right now is on dan snyder to make these changes. ( singing ) >> reporter: the n.f.l. has also announced the black national anthem will be played before every game during week one of the season. fedex said it requested the team change the name and appreciates the team's willingness to review the matter. it's unclear when a decision could be made but some believe it should happen before the start of the season. aprgaret. >> brennan: nikole killion, thank you. air travel is inching back and this holiday weekend it spiked even as debate continues as to how to keep flyers safe from povid 19. here's cbs's kris van cleave. >> reporter: closed beaches in
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texas and california, curfews in miami, welcome to a covid fourth of july weekend. the city of chicago is joining several states including new york, new jersey and connecticut requiring visitors from hot spot states to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. mayor lori lightfoot-- >> we're going to do everything that we can to keep the public safe. >> reporter: that will include visitors from california -- and some don't like it. >> like, once you set foot on that ground, like, you have to quarantine. i don't want to have to go through that. >> reporter: but millions are traveling. just how many is so hard to predict. aaa did not offer its customary holiday travel forecast. >> we definitely expect it to be down. if people are traveling for the fourth, they're definitely gonna be traveling by car. >> reporter: and probably not going very far. >> yeah, if when people do travel, it's all local, it's and it's goine >> reporter: more than 625,000 people passed through t.s.a. e than 625,000dnesday. people passediest since mid through tsa checkpoints march, but down more than 74%
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from last year. here a desolate chicago o'hare at 9:45 that morning -- no question flying is different. here we are at the start of the fourth of july holiday, there are dozens of empty seats on this flight. but that's not always the case. american airlines said thursday was its busiest day in months, the number of flyers up a staggering 878% from early april. the surge in flyers didn't sit well with oregon senator jeff merkley, tweeting how many americans will die because you fill middle seats? american says 26 seats were open on that flight. it wouldn't have even qualified for the airlines social distancing policies had they been in effect. the c.d.c. says if you're traveling this weekend, wear a mask, wash your hands regularly and distance where you can. l.a.'s mayor went even further and said cancel your plans and avoid gatherings altogether. margaret. >> brennan: a lot of personal responsibility called for this weekend. kris van cleave, thank you.
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still much more news ahead. on tonight's' "cbs evening news." in our series "racing for a cure," the experimental plasma therapy one covid patient says saved his life. later steve hartman's "on the road" and at the drive through with some of america's newest citizens. a partner who makes sure every step is clear, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward. you're not welcome here! get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females... and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. but you can help protect your child by taking a first step. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey cancer! not... my... child. don't wait...
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a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. let's all do our part to slow the spread. wear a mask. learn more at >> brennan: there's encouraging news tonight about an experimental plasma therapy that's being used to treat some covid patients. in our series, racing to a cure, one patient tells us it saved his life. here's cbs's meg oliver. >> how are you? >> fine, how are you todayte is back at work after he survived 40 days on a ventilator battling a severe case of covid- 19. ve there were three different times when i was clearly on the edge and they were all prepari >> reporter: in april, dr. white was the first patient at l.s.u.
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health shreveport to receive convalescent plasma therapy. do you think you would have survived without the convalescent plasma? >> absolutely not. that was the big change. >> reporter: the century-old treatment relies on antibodies taken from recovered covid 19 patients and infused into sick patients hoping to give them a massive boost to their immune system to help kill the virus. what have you discovered so far? >> well, i think the most important thing we found is that it's safe. >> reporter: dr. michael joyner at the mayo clinic is running a therapeutic study along with more than 800 acute care e cilities on the procedure. have received the plasma. one oe concerned about is when you give people plasma is the potential to either overload the circulation or damage the lungs and that's not happening in our study. >> reporter: dr. white received three infusions of plasma therapy. ho last nth aneven hadhero.
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>> somebody i did not know was willing to donate his blood because he knew he was my match and had a direct impact on my life. >> reporter: we were there when an emotional dr. whyte thanked his donor, david langston. >> i love you, man. >> reporter: while doctors are cautious whether this therapy will work dr. whyte is convinced. meg oliver, cbs news, montclair, new jersey. up next: becoming a u.s. citizen in the age of coronavirus. steve hartman's at the drive- thru. thru. chicago! for me!""ok, so, mae i thought i was managing... moderate to severe crohn's disease. yes! until i realized something was missing... you ok, sis? my symptoms kept me- -from being there for my sisters. "...flight boarding for flight 2007 to chicago..." so i talked to my doctor and learned-
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with this couch. yeah, i need a house with a different view. and this is the bank that will help you do it all. because at u.s. bank, our people are dedicated to turning your new inspiration into your next pursuit. >> brennan: this fourth of july weekend will have special meaning for thousands of immigrants from dozens of countries. steve hartman met some of them at their last stop on the road ship.tizenship. >> in america, you can get almost anything in a hand. >> reps.
6:54 pm
congryou' n american citizen! >> want fries with that? crazy as it looks, this is how the american dream now starts. immigrants who've completed all the requirements of citizenship are pulling into parking lots from san diego, to des moines, to detroit for socially distant naturalization ceremonies. yesterday, in albany, new york, u.s. citizenship and immigration services minted 59 brand new americans, and all from the cabins of their cars. >> thank you so much! , thank you! >> this is sashikala subbiah. so what is different now in the deli a been a u.s.d >> we're going to swear you in with the oath of allegiance. >> kwame asante came here from ghana in the early '80s. so you've been waiting 38 years for this moment? >> just for this. >> which explains the suit and tie and the reverence for his
6:55 pm
new country. >> just to be an american is like close to paradise. >> wow. >> it's given me so many opportunities. >> kwame works as a respiratory therapist at good samaritan hospital in suffern, new york. he's in the thick of this pandemic, but he's not scared -- not now -- >> congratulations! >> reporter: not now that he's a proud american. >> you're a u.s. citizen. and if i die today, i'm okay. >> reporter: now that you're a citizen. >> oh, my god yes. >> reporter: coronavirus has changed so many of our routines. fortunately, there's no ruining moments of love and pride, acceptance and gratitude. that's why not thank you so much! >> reporter: steve hartman, on the road in albany, new york. >> god bless mark always, always, always. >> brennan: i have to love
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that story. more than 64,000 new citizens have been naturalized in recent weeks. the coronavirus backlog is expected to be clear by the end of july. we'll be right back. (♪) america, we want to help you get back to it. and here's how. with the ford promise. visit your ford dealer. finance a new, certified pre-owned or used vehicle through ford credit and if you lose your job, you can return it for up to one year from the day you bought it. you can also get 0% apr financing for 72 months across the ford lineup. let us help get you, back to it. with the ford promise. (woman) our wi...aaturalthtualorks?!(va is our latest litter-vention. naturally strong, with odor-absorbing activated charcoal. 100% natural, 100% powerful. there's a tidy cats for that!
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which we can't control, and let's now look at our goals. in other words, we only want to take as much risk as is necessary to achieve our goals. >> brennan: sunday on "face the nation," my guests will include miami-dade county mayor carlos gimeénez, houston mayor sylvestr turner, and former f.d.a. commissioner scott gottlieb. if you can't watch live, don't forget to set your dvr, so you can watch us later. and that's tonight's cbs evening news. for norah o'donnell, i'm margaret brennan, in washington. we'll see you back here on
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