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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 8, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> multiples of just getting out and going in the store. >> it happened on june 2. the call went over the police radio eluting at the walgreens. mcnair wearing all black, looks like they are possibly armed. police say as they arrived, munter rosa made a move that looked like he had a weapon. >> he was in a crouching half kneeling position, his hands were toward his waistband when he turned toward the officers. the officers proceed a butt of a gun and they shot. >> the chief says that moment when police first arrived was not caught on camera. >> stupid. >> grab a mid-kit. >> getting med cat out of the back. >> munter rosa was in the process of surrendering when he was shot. >> in my way of thinking is shot and killed a man who don't have any, they have not given us any video and they have given conflicting statements about what actually happened. >> two things about this strike me. the officer fired through the windshield but also from the
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backseat. do we know, is there department policy on that at all? >> from the backseat of a moving vehicle at that. i did ask the chief that very question. is this policy, is it appropriate. he did not quite answer he said there is multiple investigations going on, that there are rules that govern when a police officer can discharge his firearm and that he was not going to weigh in. i can tell you that is what the victim's family wants to know, was that appropriate policy and if not, will that officer be held accountable? >> afterwards he asked did he point a gun at us, all right, joe, thanks for the update. san francisco health officials have unveiled a preliminary school reopening plan, if conditions allow for a safe return to the classroom. the health department outlined the practices needed to save the resume in person instructions. some guidelines include using masks during school. practicing social distancing, frequent handwashing, keeping students in small cohorts and
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staggering schedules to reduce intermingling. the plan also included specific steps schools should take to respond to a potential outbreak of covid-19 cases amongst students and faculty. >> we hope that schools will be able to use the guidance as a tool to apply public health principles in their operational decisions around reopening. it is designed so schools can coordinate and they are various age-appropriate site-specific interventions to protect their student, staff, and family. the district expects to make a final decision on whether and how it will reopen on july 28. we first brought you the press conference from san francisco health officials live this afternoon on cbs and bay area. we are streaming 24 hours a day on, on the kpix app and other digital platforms. you have compiled a special section on our website with all
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our coverage on school reopening son age of coronavirus. you can find it on our back to school 2020 page on i am elizabeth cope with another bay area county just added to the states coronavirus watchlist. napa now joins 25 other kind of counties being monitored for writing infection and hospitalization rates. other bay area counties on that list, contra costa, marin, and solano. the state health department seeing napa is seeing elevated transmission due to family and community gatherings and increased spread in particular among the latino population. within credit household and among agricultural workers. there are 11,694 confirmed coronavirus cases statewide. that includes a weekend backlog being reported now from los angeles county. the seven-day averages of more than 8000, hospitalizations are up more than 40% over the past two weeks and there was a 7%
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positivity rate. governor newson said today the state is fully equipped and capable of handling the surge. it's building up, it's ppe supply, cross training hospital staff, and finding available statements with hospitals. >> looking at every nook and cranny within how california hospitals to see if there is more space. that we can dedicate to caring for covid-19 positive individuals. i guess they just said it's because people are not wearing their masks, people are not, for many different reasons and many different circumstances, practicing the physical distancing that they should and they must in order to mitigate the spread of this virus. >> the governor talked abou the increased availability of remedies severe as a treatment as well as better experience, among doctors and hospital staff after caring for covid-19 patients over the last several months. alan? is the community tries to come to terms with the shooting death of a little boy, there was a repair service for jace
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young today. kpix 5 five reporter ondrea barbara live ondrea? >> reporter: this was a prayer service to retain the space for jace young was shot and killed. from a place of violence to a place of peace this afternoon. in the bayview this afternoon, prayers for jace young and his family. >> jace did not leave this world unnoticed. may the world lord grant that we may always hold his family and our love and care. connect he was shot and killed at a birthday party on lasalle in the bayview. among the small crowd gathered, the archbishop riordan high school classmate of jason young, jason's older brother. >> i understand if he is in a bad place and i would feel the same way if my little brother died. i would be in a bad place, and my mind would be all messed up. so i think we should just support him, motivate him, and stand by his side. >> it is undescribable what
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this young man must be facing at the loss of his brother, i can't imagine what it must be like to lose a sibling, especially one so full of hope, so young, and such a beautiful life already at six years old. led in prayer by archbishop salvador cordy leone. >> lord is my shepherd i shall not want. >> the crowd paid for chase, his family, and an end to senseless violence. we convinced that this tragedy is part of a welder failure to create a safe communities that are humane, passionate, just and filled with dignity and hope for all. >> reporter: we reached out to the san francisco police department to get an update and investigation on the hunt for jace young's killer. we are told that they have no update for us today despite please yesterday from maryland and breed and from police chief bill scott here. for the killer to step forward or anyone who saw anything to step forward. live in san francisco today, kpix. another rally in san
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francisco called for an end to the murder of children. it also celebrated the life of 15-year-old dave on hahn. shot and killed one year ago today. protesters marched in front of city hall demanding action and an end to the senseless violence. >> we want justice and peace in our streets. we want everybody to be safe. we want everybody to live. shouldn't be no, it shouldn't be no six-year-old kids getting murdered. it should be no 15, 18, nobody getting murdered but babies, they are young, there is a demonic spirit, and we've got to get rid of that. >> he was shot and killed in the mission district while walking home just after midnight. he was an active member of united class, the youth violence prevention group that organized today's rally. his killer has still not been found. in antioch, one man is dead, another winded after a shooting and stabbing.
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it happened this morning on kabbalah road and east 18th street near a convenience door. authorities say it all unfolded when the two men got into an argument. >> there was an altercation between two males, one was stabbed, one was shot. the male who was stabbed did to succumb to his injuries. >> police say the man who was stabbed a man inside the liquor store and collapsed still ahead on kpix 5 five client streaming on cbs and bay area. a spike in coronavirus cases at uc berkeley tied to frat parties. could it jeopardize plans for a fall reopening? the supreme court hence the trump administration a victory. how it could make it harder for women to get birth control coverage. hey everybody, the pandemic enforces major changes to the stanford athletic department, and look at here. the diane's back on the field after getting their test results back.
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an ultimatum from president donald j. trump this evening, he is threatening to cut federal aid if schools do not reopen this fall. the president also tweeted that he disagrees with his own cdc suggestions for reopening schools. calling them very tough, expensive, and impractical. >> what you heard the president is just a determination to provide the kind of leadership from the federal level that says we are going to get our kids back to school. the vice president says the cdc will issue new guidance next week. >> it's guidance, it's not requirements. it is not the intent of cdc's guidelines is to be used as a rationale to keep schools
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closed. >> contestant this week has touted a lower death rate from the pandemic but doctor anthony fauci called that a false narrative, urging americans not to become complacent. the uc berkeley campus may be empty this day but the university is saying it is still seeing a spike in covid- 19 cases among its students. the reason? fraternity and sorority parties. the university says the number of infections on campus went from 23 at the start of the pandemic 247 and just one week health officials now working to trace those who had close contact with the students who tested positive. it is going to be a while before cal state students are back on campus is pretty university officials say classes may remain virtual, not only this fall, but the rest of the upcoming academic year. health experts say there could be another jump in coronavirus cases later this year. 2 procedures universities
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are suing the trump administration over its plan to force international student to leave the country if other classes are held online. harvard and mit are filing a lawsuit to keep two dents in the united dates. harvard's president says he feels this is just a way to put pressure on colleges and universities to open schools this fall. we are just learning that the ivy league is postponing all fall sports due to covid- 19. and winter sports won't begin until january at the earliest. span for making big changes of its own, tremont sports director janice o'donnell be joining us with details. more bad news. stanford has one of the best athletic departments in the entire country. today, they announced they are cutting 11 varsity sports due to budget cuts caused by the pandemic. now the 11 sports listed have over 240 student athletes that will be impacted. the changes go into effect
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after the upcoming school year. scholarships will be honored for students that want to remain at stanford despite no longer competing. >> all these athletes already had to have their season sidelined by the coronavirus and by the pandemic. they did not get an opportunity to compete this year. and to be told actually, you're just never going to be able compete again, really, that is something i would never wish upon anyone, including myself when i was at stanford. >> you are looking live at oracle park where the giants were back on the field today test anthey just aycovid- finished their first intrasquad game, kind of a bad news good news type of sports segment. but guys, 22 coaches will be impacted by those sports cuts at stanford, those contracts of those coaches will be honored.
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>> it will be. still more to come in the world of sports, thanks appreciate it. the country i am afraid it what's more, the us saw 60,000 new cases yesterday alone. it is the highest single day number yet. hospitalizations also rising in 22 states. in florida, icu bed that capacity, more than 50 hospitals. the mayor of atlanta who tested positive for covid-19 herself on monday, is signing an executive order mandating people in the city where face masks. a major supreme court ruling making it more difficult for women to risk even free birth control under their employee healthcare plans. the ruling coming down saying and citing the trump administration allowing more employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women as required by the affordable care act. this protects employers who cite a religious or moral
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obligation or objection to contraceptives. senator, s had this to say. "this decision is dangerous, particularly for people of color, low-wage workers, and lgbtq+ people who are more likely to face financial and other areas to care. " a key witness in president donald j. trump's for impeachment inquiry is retiring. lieutenant colonel alexander been the employer says that mister trump led an "campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation" following his client's testimony. trump fired finnan from his position as the top expert in ukraine at the national security council back in february. paul heggen is standing by now and he has got your perfect weather forecast. which is what you were saying before the break, right paul? it looks like it will be nice but hotter as we go into
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the weekend. especially for portions of the bay area but it is july, it is what we expect, temperatures are a bit twice right now. 64b0, downtown san francisco is one of the cooler spots and only in the upper 50s along the coast, we have the big 30b0 plu spread in temperatures from the coast to inland portions of the bay area. but most spots into the 70s and 80s. on the nose right now in san jose. all these temperatures very close to where we were 24 hours ago, little change from yesterday to today, everyone within 3b0 of where they were a 5:00 on tuesday, we will see more of a warm-up on the way tomorrow. we are not going to have the dense fog to deal with early tomorrow morning. future caste indicating very few of the visibility problems around the bay area, the dense fog will state will down the coast toward santa cruz, monterey, and will retreat very quickly. temperatures will drop off into the mid to upper 50s by early tomorrow morning, this is almost exactly normal for july, temperatures will be a bit above normal, lots of sunshine throughout the day,
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temperatures in san francisco likely to warm-up to about 70b0 for the onshore breeze starts to kick in but it's not going to be that strong. tomorrow not like today, not an overly windy day by bay area standards, for the south bay, the santa clara valley, temperatures into the mid to upper 80s. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, so you're clear to the day. sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. the same thing for concord with even hotter temperatures into the low 90s by the early afternoon, topping out in the mid-90s by late afternoon and slowly retreating. this is well above normal. it is not record-setting, not even close for this time of year and santa rosa will be on the hot side with temperatures up into the low 80s, reaching up to the low to mid 90s tomorrow afternoon. the north bay, most locations slightly below that, but above 90b0 in napa, the mid-80s for san raphael. low to mid 70s for around 80b0 around the bay, which is above normal. these temperatures 5 to 10b0 above normal for the ninth day of july. the temperatures in the lower half of the 80s around the
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south band a little bit warmer as you go into the santa valley. the hotspots will be further inland in the east bay, solano county, eastern contra costa county into the mid-90s. tomorrow will not be the hottest decor that will be sunday. temperatures stay warm to even hot. the we got back a little bit friday and saturday around the water, near the band along because with temperatures down to the upper 60s by the bay on saturday but up into the low to mid 70s on sunday. that will be the hottest today inland. high temperatures in the mid- 90s, but that is an average. hottest spots on sunday will be into the upper 90s, some spots especially around fairfield and antioch and brentwood may reach toward the triple digit territory, which is, you definitely warm. are going to zoom r a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures across the whole trance is coming up at 5:30. a little warm out there but a near perfect forecast, thanks. coronavirus cases spike, is california reopening too quickly? the results just in from a new state poll.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone.a. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. with coronavirus cases biking across the state, and a lot of people have been asking, rb reopening too quickly? it running to a new poll, a majority of californians say yes we are.
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53% according to the california healthcare foundation, that is a 10% jump from a poll taken nearly 3 weeks ago. the poll also found 77% of californians are concerned about contracting the virus. taking that one step further, 61% of what the next respondent say they are concerned about catching it, that is the highest of any population overall. kpix 5 spoke to residents in santa clara county to get their steak. we are five days away from the county doing a major reopening and opinions are kind of mixed. >> business owners are excited. taught stocking up on supplies and gearing up for the big day. >> i am anxious and ready to go. >> the public is conflicted. are you going to go to the gym once they reopen? i don't know, i'm going to wait a couple of weeks. >> in santa clara county, monday, july 13, most businesses can reopen,
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including nail salons, hair salons, shows parlors my barbershops, and gyms. they must submit a safety plan to the county. groups of 20 are allowed indoors and groups of 60 are allowed outdoors. in east san jose the hispanic community has seen a disproportionately high number of cases at the penitentiary creek county park, and resell the things the county needs to slow down its reopening. >> using it's too early? >> too early. >> too early because it is bedtime i see the news, i get up at five, i see the news in the morning, and santa clara, alameda, we are doing bad. >> case numbers arl on the rise but now the county is moving away from a blanket stay- at-home order. and relying on people taking personal responsibility for staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks. i am not comfortable going to any gems or anything. >> of the campus of san jose state, luciana mine king says she hopes the county is making the right decisions and at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice. >> it is also up to the individual to decide. i don't feel comfortable it is also something that it is for
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myself, right? so. >> reporter: in downtown campbell, john moran was enjoying his daily cup of coffee and is looking forward to seeing his barber again. >> your life has got to go on. so i think just be wise, but not to a point where you are a prisoner. >> kiet do, kpix 5. a live look at sfo, a hub for united. today the airline announced it is ending layoff warnings two 36,000 please. it is almost half of its us staff. the notices include 11,000 flight attendants, 11,000 customer service and gate agents, 5500 maintenance workers, and 2250 pilots. united says that hopes to limit the layoffs by offering early retirement to some. a luxury apparel brand that survived the civil war, the great depression, world war ii and the great recession may not survive coronavirus. after more than 200 years,
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brooks brothers is filing for bankruptcy. the suit making company had been struggling in recent years, but it has been decimated by the pandemic which sent demand for business attire plummeting. the retailer plans to close 20% of its stores. is the pandemic continues to surge, so does the need for food. the number of new people seeking skewed distribution spots like this one in san jose. a black woman sits on a church lawn and literally receives an unwelcome sign.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs and bay area, more local news at 5:30. the closure of an alameda county fire station sparked a serious safety concerns, now it
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is serving a new purpose. a heated exchange on the lawn of the california church when a black woman is shown a no trespassing sign. a sad and sobering effect of a pandemicy area famies are going hungry and seeking food assistance. as this period of uncertainty stretches on, bay area food banks are being stretched thin. i am veronica de la cruz. kpix 5's joining us from the bay area's largest food bank in san jose, it is recently doubled the number of people it serves. mike that is right, the second harvest food bank like many food banks in the bay area and around the country right now is really seeing the pandemic itself a surge. >> every week, about 200 people line up in cars on remoulade court in toget ee food. >> this is about my fifth or


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