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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 8, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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vallejo. were police justified? you be the judge. our top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs in the area. debate over whether local schools should be open for in person classes this fall. good evening i am alan martin in for ken. bay area school districts are spiraling to come up with a pandemic plan. joined from oakland, wilson? >> reporter: it is a tremendous question, the stakes are incredibly high for families, educators, just about everyone who makes the decision as to how we get back to school. what should it look like, the stakes could not be higher. who gets to make the call? >> we do not want teachers, students, returning to school. we should turn our attention to doing the best we can with distance-learning for the next period. >> your learning and oakland teachers who say the next
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school year should not bring a return to the classroom. >> the experience i had with my daughter, she did not do good with distance-learning provides funded okay, but my daughter needs to be in the classroom with the teachers. but if it's not safe. >> so many questions for parents, teachers and students. how should these decisions be made? >> piece by piece, district by district, we are going to fail. >> we are providing the flexibility based upon local conditions. >> the governor is sticking with his mantra of local control and that means the local district is trying to figure this all out right now. >> i think it is pretty obvious thheir ol winot lo the same when itts backinto session. >> marcus walton is with west contra costa unified, he says one central element of their planning is being ready to ditch plan a. >> the health experts are telling us there will be a second wave and we have to expect that if the second wave,
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when and if the second wave hits that everyone will be again doing remote learning. this time it is our hope that we will be more prepared for that. as we have seen in the last couple of weeks, things can change and go in different directions. imagine making up contingency plans for everything that can change in the next couple of months, let alone through the semester. as we said a lot of these plans will come out starting tomorrow, stay tuned to your local district to see what yours might look like. we are live in logan. kpix 5. a lot of parents anxious to see what those plans are as well as the students. thank you wilson. officials released a list of guidelines for reopening schools in san francisco. they emphasize wearing face masks and social distancing, maintaining stable and smaller cohorts of students. in practicing good hygiene like frequent handwashing. san francisco unified plans to unveil its plans on july 28, we have compiled a special section on our website with all our
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coverage on school reopening's in the age of covid-19. you can find it on our back to school 2020 page on >> over the past two weeks, california has seen a 44% increase on coronavirus hospitalizations and a 38% increase in the number of patients needing icu care. the governor says factors during this bike include people not wearing masks, increased mixing among households, prison, and jail outbreaks, and esntial workplace outbreaks. new details on what led up to the ambush shooting of a doctor from danville, and to make other people. happened near poker er the four weekend. doctor ari grossman was killed in the attack while on a trip with his son, his son ran for cover in the bitterness. trench ones in the ed nielsen spoke with the man who was in the area when it happened.
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katie? >> that man did not want us to use his name or his face, because he fears for his family's safety. he says they have a number of mining claims in the poker flat area and that is why he was at the top of the hill. people came running out of the campsites. >> those people were pretty close to where the shootings happened, they were terrified. they said you've got to get out of here, there is an active shooter. >> this witness is the people coming out of the camping area told him it started when a man drove in and an off-road vehicle. and started going through people's campsites. >> there had been a man who was down in poker flat, rummaging through another camper items and when he questioned him, he pulled out his you know 9 mm and shot the guy in the arm. >> immediately after the first shooting, the suspect drove off up the hill, and that is where a second person, a woman was shot. like she saw him in the side-by- side and she motioned to her docket on the way he is coming up and that he did not say
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anything, she was standing there and as he drove by he just leaned over and shot her in the arm. >> not long after that, investigators with the sierra county sheriff's department said the gunman drove up behind doctor ari grossman and his 15- year-old son jack, who were stopped in their jeep and started shooting when ari asked for directions. ari was killed, his 15-year-old son ran for his life and was lost in the woods for 30 hours before being found by tracing his cell phone. >> is there something more that could have been done in this case and quite frankly it did not seem to be. district attorney mike ramsey says the shooting suspect now identified as 40-year-old john thomas conway from orville has had run-ins with the law recently. accused of stealing a similar utility terrain vehicle to the one used ris. there was indicatithat had some menthealth issues. >> according to ramsey, the suspect was battling addiction issues to methamphetamine and alcohol. katie apparently there is also a warrant out for conway.
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when the shootings happened? >> reporter: according to the district attorney, he was on probation, violated his probation, so about a month ago, a judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. but because of concerns over coronavirus, the probation officers were not as active as they normally are, so they were not able to find him before they gave this incident happened. >> katie, thanks so much. we are getting our first look at body camera video if the police shooting in vallejo and there are a lot of questions about what it does not show. kpix 5 still basket is live in vallejo to explain. joe? >> reporter: we don't see what led up to the incident. we know police were called to a voting situation, but the camera just doesn't show us the moments right before shots rang out. look closely and you can see the gunshots fired through the
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front windshield. this is body cam e o perspectiv officers. the shots were fired by a detective sitting in the backseat. what are you pointing at us. hey he pointed a gun at us. >> don't move. do not move. >> do not move. >> the video does not show the moment of confrontation. john munter was assembly insists the 22-year-old was in the process of surrendering but the police chief says the officers tell a different story. >> he was in a crouching, half kneeling position, his hands were toward his waistband when he toured towards the officers. the officers proceed the butt of a gun and they shot. >> i asked the chief whether the shooting was justified. >> we see the sun gunshots go through the windshield in the video, is that appropriate to shoot from a moving car through the front windshield? >> again, when an of
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investigation, a criminal investigation and administrative investigation that happens. for me to draw any conclusions at this point in the investigation would be inappropriate. >> i think clarity in what we want here, we want to know precisely what happened, and we want to know whether or not it is a police officer's imagination that functions to justify the shooting or real evidence to support that. >> munter versus family does indeed plan to sue the city of alejo. liz? >> show, i'm curious what happened to the actual police officer who filed the fatal shots? we asked the police chief and he said he could not answer. a restraining order was applied for and granted by a judge that would keep the name of the officer who fired the shots out of the public eye, the city went along with it because the officers family received death threats, but the chief said he went a step further and said he
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can tell us whether that officer has been suspended, punished at all, or is back on the street, because of the same restraining order. >> will write a thank you. we first brought you the story live on cbs and bay area. you can turn on and any smart phone or streaming device 24 hours a day, seven days a week. protesters marching in front of san francisco city hall demanding the end of the gun violence killing children. 15-year-old davon hahn was shot and killed one year ago today. at the same time a special prayer service was held for six- year-old jace young who was shot and killed in the bayview. on the fourth of july. the diocese of san francisco was here as well as jason's friends from school and his older brother. >> i understand if he is in a bad place, and i would feel the same way, too. if my little brother died. i would be in a bad place and my mind would be all messed up. i think we should just support him, motivate him, and stand by
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his side. >> it is indescribable what this young man must be facing at the loss of his brother. i can't imagine what it must be like to lose his sibling especially one so full of hope so young, and such a beautiful life already at six years old. >> police are still looking for the killer. mayor london breed has said she is making it her mission to bring the shooter to justice. the oakland police department is launching a new effort in response to a spike in homicides. the call to action is being dubbed put the guns down safety campaign. opd released new data today that shows a rise in homicides as the start of the pandemic. last month along the department launched investigations into 11 murders in the city. opd is asking community members to help them improve public safety of the contact them and see something and opting into their surveillance camera registry program. there is an effort underway
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to preserve what life is like under the pandemic. for when it becomes a part of history. we will have that story coming up. a bay area lawmaker proposing an ordinance to . a called the kevin expert a spike in coronavirus cases at uc berkeley as officials point the blame at frat parties. a little bit of fog is trying to sneak through the golden gate. not too much as we go through the rest of the evening and tonight. a big warm-up headed our way coming up in your forecast. some of you chiming in right now on whether schools should be open in
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the marin county town of san anselmo has begun a history project to document life during the pandemic with an eye on helping future generations. kpix 5 stunned me most shows us. >> reporter: when you think about it, everything we know about our past we only know because someone left something behind to remember it by. much of the early history of life in san anselmo was provided by the old stan and elmo harold. when local historians is damaged the papers archive they could only find two mcmansions of the entire 1918 flu pandemic that killed 50 million people worldwide. and nothing about how it affected the town. >> we decided, let's don't have that happen this time, let's get some first-hand stories. >> reporter: this town's historical commission and public library are soliciting from the public photos with a short paragraph, documenting life during the covid-19 pandemic. one shows the deserted downtown
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during a dog walk, another captures the nightly 8 pm howell in support of healthcare workers. still another shows a virtual group therapy session for young people. librarian linda convinces if this kind of thing was úmake our current struggle a bi easier. >> if we could see that our forefathers and mothers really kind of buckled down and did it and got through it, maybe that would have given us a little more, okay, we can do this, too. >> the pandemic came on quick with no warning and we are just now beginning to imagine how far-reaching it will be in our lives. documenting the journey will be important when all of this becomes a part of history as well. >> the reminders are timeless and whether it was in you know, 1918 or 2020 or in 100 years from now, i think those messages are always important for us to know that we can do this, we can get through this
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together. >> preserving the past gives us a roadmap for the future and while we have no idea where fate might be taking us tamales we will know where we have been. in san anselmo, john ramos, kpix 5. uc berkeley is seeing a jump in covid-19 cases. the reason? officials say fraternity and sorority parties are to blame. the university says the number of infections on campus went from 23 at the start of the pandemic 247 in just one week. the university says generally these infections are directly related to social events where students have not followed the basic safety measures such as physical distancing, wearing face coverings, limiting event size, and gathering outside. a san francisco supervisor wants to make it illegal to call police with a false racially-based report. he is calling it the caren act in a nod to the term referring to a white woman complaining about people of color we saw in
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central park. but in this case, caren stands for caution against racially exploitative nonemergencies. the ordinance follows a similar proposal on the state level. that one would classify a discriminatory please call as hate crimes. jackie union city fire station that shut down earlier this year know how they knew purpose back in january the city closed fire station 30 because officials said it did not get enough service calls. city leaders announced the station will be used for ambulance operations as well as a community center that emphasizes safety, health, education and wellness. >> time for weather, paul is with us. unless you are right on the coast you are going to be feeling some heat. >> the air conditioner will be running more and more as we go toward the weekend. july, this is what we expect. starting to kick in today, part
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deupo thri-valley and the further into the 90s, for those parts of bay area as we go into the weekend and still have company as well. the warming trend is not really going to send any records for us but you will notice it as we get the head of the work week and the weekend. not seeing much in terms of cloud cover, and a little bit of down the coast. the bulk of the cloud cover is further offshore. some of the fog is trying to sneak back in, but it is a very shallow moline we are not so open the satellite perspective and will not cause issues that go into early tomorrow morning. right now temperatures are all over the place, the usual range of temperatures we see in the month of july. 60b0 in downtown, a beautiful look at downtown, almost 90b0 i concord. 72b0 in copeland, 84b0 in livermore and into the upper 70s in san jose, 80b0 in santa rosa. this evening's dog for the dog walking forecast comes from concord where the temperature is almost 90, don't go out for a dog walk in those types of temperatures, wait until later in the evening, such a happy looking dog.
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thank you to dylan for sharing the dog with us. temperatures down into the 70s by 9:00 this evening and eventually things will even out. we will end up in the 50s by tomorrow morning. future cast not anticipating the thick fog out there, do you head toward santa cruz but went further above our heads in the atmosphere going to push the fog further to our south. it will not be an overly windy day tomorrow, not by bay area standards. even the strongest gusts mostly staying below 10 miles an hour by noon tomorrow, and further into the afternoon the wind kicks up as it always does during the warmest part of the day. it will be an onshore breeze so after temperatures do manage to let rise up into the low 70s in san francisco will back down into the 60s by this time tomorrow. to start the day on thursday we warm up nicely towards noon and well into the 80s further inland around 80b0 for the center ravelli at lunch time. low to mid 80s for the north bay and more of the
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temperatures in the 90s as we go towards tomorrow afternoon, hotspots further inland for the east bay with temperatures around the bay itself reaching up into the low to mid 70s and 60s along the coast. ups and downs along the coast and near the bay, it depends on how much fog we start with each day and we are not going to eat too much of that will returning to the forecast. hot temperatures in the portions of the bay area, on sunday with highs in the mid 90s. there are going to be some spots further inland that reach up close to triple digit territory. coming up at 7:00 we will check out tomorrow's pollen count and we will check out the air- quality forecast as well. the stanford sports program makes major changes, could there be a major change in the 49er pack deal, major changes,
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after being cut by six nfl teams, it seems like raheem found a home in san francisco. now the 49er running back is looking to pack his bags again. again. he requested a trade after being unable to come to terms on a new deal. he has two years left on his current contract but is looking for a hefty raise. he was the 49ers leading rusher last season and really sold the show in the nfc title game with 220 yards and 4 touchdowns for the buster posey not at the giants workout today, he is dealing with a personal issue. brandon bell will be shut down for a week with a right heel injury and is dealing with a foot soreness issue, opening day is two weeks from tomorrow. stanford university has one of the most successful athletic
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programs in the entire country. today he announced they are cutting 11 varsity sports from that program. athletic director bernard pierce said the pandemic only added to the growing deficit for the program forcing them to cancel 11 sports listed. 240 student athletes learned their fate on a zoom call this morning, current scholarships will still be honored for students that want to remain at stanford. my first reaction was shock and awe, but it turned into a lot of disappointment and frustration and anger as well. you know i felt like this is very disrespectful to all the athletes that have really you know, given their time and exemplified the best out of the student athlete that they possibly can. >> meanwhile, the ivy league is canceling or postponing all their fall sports for 2020 and the winter sports won't begin
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until january at the earliest. and jim harbaugh acknowledging the possibility of college football season being canceled but for now he is preparing as if michigan will be on the field this fall. >> covid-19 is part of our society. was it caused by football or caused by sports, and there is no expert view right now that i am aware of. or green expertise that sport is going to make that worse. finally, how about an actual baseball highlight, how do you like it? tiger centerfield with derek hill, doing his best. willie mays impression with the over the shoulder catch and then hangs on after the ball tried to social distance from his glove. alan, elizabeth, you remember that willie mays, right? over the shoulder, he threw
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back. so who hit the ball that willie mays caught? >> oh my gosh. if you're going to have trivia like that. >> his name was vic wirtz. just testing perspectives on the tip of my tongue. >> there you go, yeah. i would have lost that in the who wants to be a millionaire that is for sure. >> i would have needed a lifeline for >> i am calling dennis. we will be right back. still ahead, the man g fothwoe ciit will be >>unedf
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afa major hub. notices going out include 11,000 flight attendants, 11,000 customer service and gate agents, 5500 maintenance workers and more than 2000
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pilots. recovered the story of a racist rant at carmel valley yesterday, and since then, the man at the center of it has released an apology to the chan family, but is it enough? viewers are weighing in and you can join in the conversation using the hashtag kpix.
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thank you for watching tonight at 6:00, the news continues captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight the breaking news about whether schools and sports will start in the fall. the president threatens federal funding for schools that don't hold in person classes as the cdc announces they will issue new guide lines next week. but tonight the nation's largest school system new york city announces schools will be limited to one ts a . what your family needs to know what your family needs to know tonight. plus ivy league schools place all sports on hold until january. the first d-1 plans to cancel college football. will other schools follow? america crosses three million cases. the u.s. sets a new record for most cases reported in a single day: 60,000. with many of them coming from texas, florida, and arizona.


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