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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 9, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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d exclusive lease offers. right now at 7:00. now people are getting it and no one is dying. that is very misleading. make a grim record tonight for coronavirus deaths in california and the lawmakers are pushing the governor to take action in what they call a pandemic disaster. >> people have lost their lives because of these decisions by people who are still in their jobs. that is the only way to describe this, a humanitarian disaster. >> this is the first time an entire crew has been treated this way. mo thandoes maintenance workers at a park were sent home due to possible exposure. the question tonight, or safety rules broken? and the son of an east bay dr. was killed in a deadly ambush in the sierra sends an emotional message to his dad's accused killer. >> i hope he spends the rest of
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his miserable life in jail. >> right now kpix at 7:00 and streaming bay area, the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down a california and a new record tonight for the deadliest day yet. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook >> i'm ellen martin. health officials reported 149 deaths in just 24 hours yesterday. that is up 23% from the previous high. california also saw more than 7000 new cases. >> for those who think that now people are getting it and no one is dying, that is very misleading. it is fundamentally untrue. california's numbers are reporting, 7349 yesterday are testament to that point. just how deadly and devastating this disease continues to be. >> san quentin state prison as one of the largest outbreaks in
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to take action. they want to see better conditions inside the prison and for more inmates to be released. >> this is not about oh, they did a crime, they are humans. you do not have the right to put lives in jeopardy. >> nothing less than the worst prison health screwup in state history. people have lost their lives because of these decisions by people who are still in their jobs. >> that is the only way to describe this, a humanitarian disaster. >> more than 1300 inmates have tested positive and that is 40% of the population area or than it does maintenance workers in a large selfie parker under quarantine right now after possible exposure to an employee who tested positive. we are asking tonight, or safety rules broken? >> reporter: san jose city
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officials confirmed to channel 5 today that 14 maintenance workers here at lake park had to be quarantined on tuesday because of a possible exposure to coronavirus from a sick coworker. this park meantime does remain open. >> group picnic areas at lake cunningham park are cordoned off with the park itself is open to walkers, bike riders, and families picnicking in the parking lot. now with shortages of venous workers, trash is piling up. the city ordered the parks a 14 person crew to quarantine after one of them tested positive for the coronavirus. >> this is the first time an entire crew has been affected this way. >> they ought to know, the union rep for 750 city workers says workers at lake cunningham repeatedly raised concerns the park supervisors were not following the city's own safety precautions. >> they were not doing any screenings in the morning like we are supposed to be doing. they were not supposed to be
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meeting indoors. >> they say in person staff meetings were held in a conference room at park headquarters. workers were wearing masks but cannot socially distance and other workers would eat lunch together inside the room and close proximity. >> i have been working with this department ever since may and they just aren't taking it seriously. >> the parks department did not respond to questions about the safety procedures not being followed. as for the parks current status, spokesperson says "it is important to note that employees do not generally have contact with the public and the park remains open." a source tells kpix that after the possible exposure, the city asked for volunteers from other parks to come here and do the maintenance but no one volunteered so workers had to be chosen at random. in san jose, kpix 5. an emotional interview tonight that you will see only on cbs. the son and the wife of danville dr., dr. ari gershman,
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they are speaking out since he was shot and killed by a man in an off-road trail in sierra county. >> my dad suggested that we ask him for directions. the shooter pulls out a pistol and starts shooting and after two or three shots she was hit. i hope he spends the rest of his miserable life in jail. mike after the shooting on saturday, his 15-year-old son jack bolted from their jeep and into the woods. he was lost for 30 hours until local authorities found him and reunited him with his family at a nearby campground. >> when my phone died i had nothing to do so i prayed. >> we all just screamed and hugged and cried, but then it was that relief and we knew he was okay. it was the reality that ari was about helping others and so funny and kind. he was my best friend. >> 40 rolled john thomas conway
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was arrested later that day and also accused of shooting two other people who survived. >> and artis to help paint a black lives matter mural outside palo alto city hall is trying to protect the artwork by blocking the street. kpix 5's ray medina with why he says he will stay there for as long as it takes. >> this is a mural painted on hamilton avenue in palo alto on june 30 and it is right outside city hall. one of the artists told me he spoke to the mayor about putting a protective seal on this mural to preserve it and that it would possibly be done over the weekend. when that did not happen, the artist decided, you know what's, we are going to protected ourselves and that is why you are seeing the orange cones here, but that is not all. one of the artists decided to park his car here on hamilton avenue, essentially blocking traffic driving over the mural. he said he spent the night here last night and he will be here
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to stay until the city puts a sealant on it. >> the reason i'm here is for three things. number one, to protect the art. number two, black lives matter, number three, support the police. >> i just heard from the city not too long ago and they say they actually decided not to put a sealant on the mural because it would change the color of the mural and it would make it slippery, making it a safety hazard. in palo alto, kpix 5. tonight san francisco mayor london breed so she has tested negative for covid-19. here she is on tuesday wearing a mask and rally calling for the end to gun violence. she was exposed apparently later that day. the mayor will not be making a public appearance for the next 10 days and will get retested. >> for new teachers tonight are weighing in on the best way to send kids back to school. many parents are pushing for students to return in person for their own mental health, but in a letter to state
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teachers, the california teachers association says they don't feel safe returning yet. sk scouts continue to soar -- >> if we close when we are just starting and don't have the numbers and the numbers are steadily going up, and we are hitting new highs, tell me the logic behind that. >> we are keeping track of all the updates on school reopening plans on our website, just had to back-to-school. >> when both sides are claiming victory over the president's tax return. and the restaurant owner claiming she has been left high and dry by her insurance company. why her new pandemic lawsuit could be a game changer in the food industry. >> if this case goes to court, it will lift us all up. also the tragic shift in the case of a missing tv actress. her son found alone in a rented boat in southern california.
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california is about to spend millions on new wildfire weapons and why evacuation shelters this year will look very different. >> we have been working throughout the state with a hotel industry. we will check out tomorrow's weather fire index. right now blue skies over oakland. temperatures are toasty and it will warm up even more by like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. there's this game-time internetting room.nity. so fun. wow. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is. get the most in-home wifi coverage with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. we are following breaking news out of santa clara county right now. human remains found in coyote, and unincorporated san jose. bones are located near what appears to be a tent or homeless encampment this afternoon. this is new video just into the newsroom of sheriff's detectives and crime scene investigators on the scene. the remains were found in a creek bed in the area of richmond avenue and santa teresa boulevard. investigators say it is still too early to determine the identity or whether the remains
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belonged to a male or female. we will have much more on the story tonight at 11:00 a sad turn of events in the search for missing the start naya rivera. search and rescue crews say it is now a recovery effort. the 33-year-old express went missing during a boat ride with her young son at lake piru in ventura county. they spotted their rented boat floating in the water yesterday afternoon and her four-year-old son was asleep and alone on board. the crews say they will continue to search through the water until it is too dark. >> we have recovered video evidence from the dock that shows ms. rivera and her son being the only two people getting on board the boat. >> if the body is entangled in something beneath the water it may never come back up. >> a live look tonight, dry conditions in the northview hills. governor newsom earlier today announced much more support for cal fire. the new state budget does
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include $285 million for a new black hawk helicopters they can fight fires at night. one of $30 million for upgraded communications gear, $5 million for welfare cameras, $25 million for a fiing technology. you will also see markel fire crews year-round. >> one of the more important investments we make was an $85.6 million investment to provide a new, permanent workforce, for cal fire. we are adding an additional 172 numbers, full-time equivalent staff, to our team. >> cal fire says evacuations this year will be different because of coronavirus. they don't want to bring large crowds into event centers and fairgrounds. >> we may be putting you into hotels, we have been working throughout the state with the hotel industry to be able to p rtunof making hotels availabl families and individuals to
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keep people safe and separated so they are not congregating. >> and a live look at san jose, things are pretty dry in the foothills. we certainly will not get any rain anytime soon. our chief meteorologist joins us. average rainfall in the month of july is zero and it is not much higher than that in august and september. fire danger is always top of mind this time of year. let's look at the numbers of where today's fire danger index stood. the highest numbers were for the north bay, around three or four. it is a scale from 0 to 10. anything below five is good territory for this time of year. the numbers dropped to near zero during the overnight hours. once the sun comes up those numbers are climbing a little bit like today the highest numbers we see on friday are going to be around three or four. mostly in the north bay. it will not be an overly windy day. temperatures right now, they are all over the place with 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.
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65 downtown 91 in concord and 92 in santa rosa. upper 70s in san jose. upper 80s in livermore. these temperatures are a few degrees warmer than yesterday or 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa compared to this time on wednesday but mostly in that 3 to 5 degrees difference compared to 24 hours ago. we will heat up even more as we head into the weekend. tomorrow's temperatures will be very similar to today's. we start out with a dense fog around the bay and near the coast. that will back up pretty quickly as we head to the first hours of tomorrow morning. we start off with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and in the very cool spots along the coast of valleys of the north bay dipping down to 50. very warm and spots, holding onto 60 degrees further inland. those winds not that strong in the bay area. as we head to the day, these are the strongest wind gust. not the sustained winds at the strongest puffs of wind and this is not anything to be overly concerned about. the wind picks up during the
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afternoon and the strongest wind gusts is around 15 or 20 miles an hour. temperatures very similar to where we were today. maybe a degree or two cooler. it is stronger as an onshore earlier in the day. upper 60s, low to mid 70s, low to mid 80s around the south bay. upper 80s for the santa clara valley. upper 80s and low 90s for the north bay and the hot spots will be further inland for the adulterer and solano county, 99 degrees in fairfield. the hottest day is going to be sunday. temperatures reaching to the upper half of the 90s most inland portions of the bay area, low to mid 70s run bay itself in the upper half of the 60s know the coast. i will have an upper update on that we can forecast coming up at 11:00. here's a look at your top national headlines. the government's leading infectious disease expert is walking back his comments about another potential shutdown.
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dr. anthony found she told the wall street journal yesterday, some states should consider it to slow down the coronavirus. but listen to his remarks today. >> rather than think in terms of reverting back down to a complete shutdown, i would think we need to get the states pausing in their opening process. >> dr. anthony found she says some states do not follow public health guidelines when they initially reopened and went too fast. the u.s. had another daily record of new cases yesterday. nearly 60,000. florida reported its biggest 24- hour jump in deaths since the pandemic started, 120. a live look at capitol hill were top defense officials answer tough questions about the military's response of police brutality protests. testifying, joint chiefs chairman mark neely and marc esper were specifically asked about the forced dispersal of crowds in lafayette square last
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month. >> no active duty military unit engaged protesters or otherwise took part, direct part, in civilian law enforcement for federal protection -- still unclear who gave the direction to clear the park. >> it is a mixed verdict on trump's years long battle to keep his financial records great and in one case the supreme court ruled the president can block the release of his records to congress, but in another case, the high court upheld new york prosecutors demand for those tax returns. as part of a hush money investigation. bay area restaurant owner is suing her insurance company, saying he needs to pay up during the pandemic. >> it would make all the difference between being able to -- >> it is july 1 and we run out of our ppv federal support. oazo e blowg financial
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losses they could wipe it out for good. later, you know how to hear wait until you hear about this bizarre roller coaster rule. >> coming up all new, a coronavirus outbreak among staff members at a bay area hospital
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the oakland zoo just landed on the endangered list. it has been losing millions per month since it shut down in march. the federal funding it used it to prop itself up has now run dry. the zoo is now urging the community to donate funds to keep it going. in the meantime it is pushing to be reclassified as an outdoor museum, which would allow it to reopen. >> we have so much more of our revenue from being open to the public than we do in donations. it is just not a sustainable approach. how about this approach? a six-year-old named andy, so upset about the situation at the zoo, she used five dollars in tooth fairy money to launch a facebook fundraiser to save the facility and now she is up to nearly $67,000. andrea spoke with andy today. tune in for her story at 11:00 looking live towards berkeley were alice water is
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turning up the heat against insurance companies. most insurance carriers are rejecting what is called business interruption claims, saying their policies don't cover a pandemic. now waters has filed a lawsuit she hopes could set a precedent for other small businesses. she says she hopes -- for workers livelihoods are in jeopardy because the carrier has rejected the claim. >> it has made all the difference between being able to eat and sleep. if this case goes to court, it will lift us all up. >> one bay area insurance adjuster believes the case could go to the supreme court because the result would likely affect all insurance companies and claims. up next, why one amusement park is asking this home is equipped with wifi from xfinity.
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a few theme parks in japan are implementing a tough new rule that you have to follow. you are not allowed to scream on a roller coaster. what is the point? there telling guests to, scream in their hearts because screaming spread droplets and that can read coronavirus in the release this video of two theme park executives apparently screaming with their hearts and of course trying to mask at the same time, which -- >> i feel like this is very symbolic of 2020. we are all screaming in our hearts every da >>
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