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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 11, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news .
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more than 1000 bay area teachers tell administrators they are not returning to the classroom until they feel safe. the top santa clara county health official is warning covid-19 could spread like wildfire and only weeks and how he says that the state could step in. the governor announcing a plan to release 8000 inmates statewide due to covid-19, how many are from here at san quentin and who will be released. it is just about 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, july 11th. i am devin fehely and let's start with the weather center. >> this morning looks exceptional and the one looking east at the sunrise is perfect timing with sunrise officially happening at 5:58. here we are at 6:01 with the
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sun piercing the east bay hills. this is looking north over alcatraz up to marin county and that is the scene to the west with no marine layer this morning. clear skies for everybody with temperatures ranging from a cool 50 at santa rosa to the warm 60 in san jose. the headline today is 100 degrees heat inland at contra costa and alameda county. it is just as hot today inland as it was yesterday. if you are near the coast we have enough of an onshore flow that we will keep things where they should be this time of the year with daytime highs in the upper 60s in the city, mid-70s for the bay. it is not an equal day temperature-wise across the bay area with a cool down coming on monday. concord at 96, san jose at 97 with 93 at santa rosa. the santa clara county has
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reversed course and canceled an order that would have allowed indoor gatherings beginning monday. the chief executive for the county that happens to be a medical doctor said that indoor gatherings should be banned statewide and said the current approach is not working. >> that clearly has not worked. >> reporter: the santa clara county executive officer dr. geoffrey smith the approach delete every county to decide what is best for them is failing. >> we need the state to uniformly do something dramatic to stop the spread. >> reporter: smith policeif the uncontrollably. the dr. smith prediction comes as santa clara county moves further into stage ii of reopening the economy beginning monday which includes fitness
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studios and gyms. >> safety is the primary concern to get things going. no doubt about it, we get it. face masks, social distancing and disinfecting. >> reporter: the owner of red dot thickness is san jose will follow all of the guidelines insist the message from smith is painting a picture. >> it shows me there is as much anxiety at the official level as there is at the community level. i get it, but at the same time we need leadership that will make a solid clear decision. >> reporter: dr. smith said county leaders reached out to state officials to suggest a more universal risk reduction plan that would impact everyone. however -- >> i think at this point they made it clear they are not interested in that right now but hopefully they will get very interested in that soon.
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>> hopefully before it is too late. >> hopefully before it is too late. >> that was maria medina reporting. dr. smith said indoor gatherings like council meetings and town halls should be canceled. san jose unified teachers signed a letter saying they will not return to the classroom at the start of the school year with over 100 saying that over the last two weeks as the leaders have talked with teachers about reopening, one theme occurs in every conversation. teachers do not feel it is safe to return to teaching, and a large majority are unwilling to do so at this time. oakland district released a plan for the new school year and they will start with virtual learning with a hybrid model with in person learning that could begin soon after. kpix 5 betty yu has more on the plan and the media push back. >> reporter: the first day of school will look anything but traditional at the first of the year in the oakland unified school district will begin instruction online for four weeks when the schools will be geared up to implement covid-19 safety plans. the district intends on
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introducing faces a blended learning including in person teaching with some online ni. >>s not an easy want to make because they're different needs for returning to class for families and staff. many don't feel comfortable with their students returning to class, and many others want the students back in class. >> reporter: one special education teacher, mark, does not want to see his teachers back in the classroom. >> i am not comfortable with any hybrid model. so long as you have contact in an institutional setting you will have spread of covid-19. we have to know where the virus is. we have to do mass testing and tracing as the first step. >> reporter: the district said the timing of the transition will depend on the science and safety. the districtwide survey may found 40% of the families surveyed referred all learning to be virtual.
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55% like the hybrid option. that is a half-day school with a half-day of remote learning. the civil and immigrants right group by any means necessary is fighting for free testing. >> our communities here in oakland are disproportionately black, latino, immigrant, arab and asian. they have had to endure the worst of covid-19 pandemic. >> reporter: dr. harvey fienberg is chair of the new committee formed by the white house in response to the crisis. >> the most important thing we can do to make our schools safer is to reduce the presence of the virus in our communities. >> that was betty yu reporting. the plan is not a done deal in on monday oakland unified will hold a virtual town hall meeting to get feedback from staff about the guidelines and plans. the staff unified recommending city school start in the fall with distance learning for most students. they plan on opening gradually
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with a mix of online and in person learning. a final decision is expected july 28, three weeks before classes are set to start. for the latest information on school reopenings in the bay area check out our special session on our website at sonoma is the latest bay area county to be added to the covid-19 watch list due to a spike in the infection rate likely many new restrictions on indoor businesses coming next week. a look at the bay area counties on the watch list are contra costa, marin, napa, and sonoma with more than half of the counties of the 58 counties on the list. the wait time on testing is ramping up with over 5 million covid-19 tests processed and nearly 300,000 came back positive. the strained testing capacity and according to kaiser resources are stretched then with turnaround times on
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results doubling and some lives. but county health public officials say that should not discourage you from getting tested. >> my daughter planned on coming to visit us i thought it was best to get tested before she makes the decision to visit us. >> with the pandemic i want to keep myself and the people around me safe. >> in santa clara county nearly a quarter million tested been completed and the counties opening two more free testing sites next week, one in san jose and the other in gilroy. governor gavin newsom announced nearly 8000 prisoners will be released to try to contain the covid-19 outbreak at california prisons, but is it too little, too late? we have the report from san quentin, the site of the largest outbreak. >> reporter: those advocating for early release say it is a step in the right direction but
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only 100 or so inmates will be released from san quentin. >> it is clear to all of us in the community surrounding the prison that this was a disaster that really needed attention. >> reporter: the founder of the guiding rage into power to help san quentin inmates transition into life on the outside. >> last week i went to the board and found suitable for release. >> reporter: in the last eight years 913 graduates, 321 that have been released. >> only one came back. >> reporter: as the governor announces the relief of roughly 8000 inmates statewide not one grip graduate was granted early release at this point which includes low-level offenders with 180 days or less to serve in their sentence. there are also those at risk of covid related complications. >> we evalua every prisoner fol
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the path of rehabilitation, nonviolent, non-sex offender, nonserious offenders, so that they have a place to go. >> reporter: the councilman covering the county feels it too long to take action where at san quentin over 600 inmates are infected with the coronavirus >> the infection surged in april. this is very late coming to this, but it is something that must be done. >> reporter: those that have connections to inmates serving at san quentin agreed that many describe the dire conditions with inadequate medical care. >> my dearest friend and a mentor of mine is on a ventilator right now. >> reporter: some inmates may already have the virus at the time of release and will be quarantined. while it does raise concern for community spread, state lawmakers said the outbreak cannot be contained within the prison walls. >> our prisons is and is not sealed from the community and if we have a massive outbreak of covid 19 in the prisons it
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will actually spread into the community at large. >> reporter: at san quentin, andrea kakano, kpix 5. >> most of those 8000 inmates are expected to be released by the end of august . president trump commuted the sentence of longtime friend and political ally roger stone. the move last night came a few days before stone was scheduled to report to prison. we have more from our cbs reporter skyler henry. >> reporter: president trump signing executive clemency for roger stone before his sentence was commuted late friday was scheduled to report for prison d the atement announcing the move the white house called the move unjust for the prison sentence of his conviction. >> i can now pursue the two appeals i have filed on my conviction. >> reporter: as president trump
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left the white house on friday he repeated what he said for months about his longtime friend >> i think roger stone was very unfairly treated. >> reporter: he added while roger stone was the victim of unfair prosecution that guilty people go on unpunished. >> like james comey, joe biden and obama, we topped them spying on my campaign for. >> reporter: there were charges related to the interference in the 2016 election and even as the government criticized the prosecution, attorney general william barr said it was fair that the 40 month prison sentence was appropriate. those that help convict stone said it was the opposite and there was the highest pressure from the justice department to go easy. >> reporter: after the arrest last year stone describes the prosecution as clinically motivated and said that he
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would stand by the president. >> i think he is doing a great job. >> reporter: skyler henry, cbs news washington. earlier on friday house speaker nancy pelosi acted to reports that the president was about to grant clemency to stone. >> i am recommending we pass a law that presents cannot issue a pardon if the crime that the person is in jail for is one that is caused by protecting the president, which this was. it is appalling. last night in a written statement the white house announced what they described as overzealous prosecutors that convicted stone on "process- based charges." coming up, the san francisco zoo has good news for those that want to see the animals again and a reopening that was delayed is about to happen. japanese baseball fans can watch their team in person but
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new rules on restrictions due to the pandemic.
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the san francisco zoo will be allowed to reopen on monday but will have to follow through with the approved safety plan. current members will be the first to access online reservations and all tickets must be purchased online. the zoo was initially supposed
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to reopen on june 29 with indoor dining but the mayor reversed course after rise in cases. we start out this saturday morning by showing you how gorgeous it looks out there right now with very few clouds. we have a few at the coast but for everybody else we all waking up to clear skies. here's the view of treasure island back toward the city. here is the view from the top of the salesforce tower looking back toward the golden gate bridge. that has atop the sutro tower. as we take the camera looking to the west you see more low clouds coming in from the coast and a few behind the golden gate bridge. take a look at the bridge from sales force back over sutro. we have low clouds hugging the coastline which is a classic set up for us. those low clouds are just coming over and keeping temperatures anywhere near the coasttypical for this time of the year, right where we should be in the 60s.
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low 60s along the water and mid 60s today in the city. inland is a total different story. there is not enough of this getting far enough inland to have any impact. instead the numbers for a lot of the inland locations today will be up near mid to upper 90s. oakland at 55, 59 and livermore, 60 at san jose was santa rosa looking at 50. we are actually going to do okay in the south bay. we will be in the mid to upper 80s today. santa clara at 86, 89 in campbell, and here is morgan hill at 95. going to the inland side of contra costa and alameda county we see numbers in the upper 90s with brentwood 99, and some numbers coming in higher perhaps in some of the hotter spots. we will likely see one or two hundreds register on the monitor today.
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oakland at 75 which is not that far, 3 degrees warmer than average. we don't notice much of a warm up in the bay or on the coast was santa rosa at 93. the numbers in the far north bay are going up to 98. that is saturday and sunday is pretty identical. these are two of the hotter days of this whole seven-day period. monday things will get better. if we don't have clouds off the coast right now most of northern california staying clear until late sunday in the afternoon. as we advanced this watch it work its way down the coast. monday morning more of an onshore flow as we wake up monday with more clouds in the bay. that is how we will cool down, and we will see that in the 7- day forecast. numbers coming back down from 100 today to 90 on monday.
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that is still warm but will feel a lot better. meanwhile, how much of a change does that have? not a lot because we did not warm up much at the bay or the coast and those temperatures won't change a lot when that onshore flow comes back. it's really the inland locations that will feel the big swing, this weekend in particular. today's numbers are not much hotter than yesterday but they will not budge until we get to monday. >> you talked about how nice the sunrise was this morning. as i was driving in just after 5:00 i noticed a group of photographers taking pictures of the bay bridge in that time before the sunrise. >> that's nice. >> that's when that sky is the indigo, deep blue and purple, pretty cool. >> i would love to see what they got from this. the japanese baseball fans returning to the states with a few thousand turning up for the games outside of tokyo. each game at 50% capacity or 25,000 fans, which other number
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is smaller. they must have their temperature taken entering the ballpark. they had a delayed season three weeks ago first playing with empty stadiums. that country sees a relatively low number of deaths from the pandemic, about 1000 so far. coming up, p producer in hot water for some customers and what the company ceo said in the white house rose garden. i am john ramis and in san
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some prominent latinos are calling for a boycott of ochoa foods, after what he said in
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the rose garden president trump. he said we are all blessed to have a leader like president trump who is a builder. the former democratic president julian castro said that ochoa foods has been in the households of latinos for generations. americans should think twice before buying the products . the marin county townie of san anselmo documenting life during the pandemic with an eye toward helping future generations. john ramos shows us how the effort works. >> when you think about it, everything we know about our past we only know because somebody left something behind to remember it by. >> reporter: much of the early history of life in san anselmo is provided by the old san anselmo harold but when they examined the paper archives
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they only find two mentions of the entire 1918 flu pandemled 5 worldwide, and nothing about how >> we decided not to let that happen this time and to get some first-hand stories. >> reporter: the town historical commission public library or soliciting from the public photos with a short paragraph documenting life during the covid-19 pandemic. one shows the deserted downtown during a dog walk while another captures the nightly apm, 8:00 p.m. howell for the health care workers. the librarian said if this was available during 1918 it might make the current struggle a bit easier. >> if we could see our fore fathers and mothers really kind of buckled down and did it, and they got through it, maybe that would've given us a little more, okay, we can get through this pandemic.
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>> reporter: it came on quick with no warning and we are just beginning to imagine how far- reaching it will be in our lives, so documenting the journey will be important when all of this becomes part of history as well. >> i think those reminders are timeless. weather 1918 or 2020 or in 100 years from now, i think those messages are always important for us to know that we can do this. that we can get through this together. >> reporter: preserving the past gives us a roadmap for the future. while we have no idea where that may be taking us, at least we will know where we have been. from san anselmo, john ramis, kpix 5. another single day record for coronavirus cases in the u.s. while some states including california have a record number of deaths. poised to adopt a new policy on police use of force making it one of the most restrictive in the country. here's a live look outside i'm franklin graham. do black lives matter?
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like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. and now, we're committed to helping you do just that with a powerful and reliable internet and voice solution at a great price. call or go online today. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . welcome back. it is about 6:30. thank you for joining us. i am devin fehely. let's get a check on the weather in the weather center with darren. >> it is just hot inland, close to 100 degrees at most inland places.
6:31 am
what is interesting is that if you are anywhere in the bay, near the bay or the coast, you will not notice anything out of the ordinary with daytime highs where they should be with mid- 70s for much of the bay. we have big differences today. here is a look north over alcatraz looking into the north hills. san jose in the mid-80s today which is warm, but not the near 100 degrees heat inland at contra costa, alameda county. there is not enough of the marine layer working its way onshore today or tomorrow. 89 in concord, livermore at 59. your headlines take away is near 100 for the inland spots and the onshore cool down near the coast and inland by the time we get to monday. your daytime highs are 96 in concord. that's a big difference between that and 87 in san jose, and certainly a big difference between that and 75 in oakland.
6:32 am
see what the rest of the forecast has in a few minutes. it is 68,000 coronavirus cases reported in the u.s. on friday, a single day record. that was the second time in less than two weeks that the u.s. set a new record on coronavirus cases with 3.1 million americans testing positive for the disease. our reporter chrisb martinez ha more from los angeles. >> reporter: the texas governor extended that state disaster declaration after record 105 covid-19 deaths in one day. >> the worst is yet to come as we work our way through that massive increase in people testing positive. >> reporter: the top elected official and harris county including hard-hit used a mac is calling for action. >> if we don't do anything before the schools reopen we will open the door to a huge fire. >> reporter: california and florida also recording the highest daily death tolls.
6:33 am
>> it's clear florida is not testing enough. one out of five tests they are doing is turning a positive. >> reporter: florida added 11,400 new cases over 24 hours, and arizona leads the country in new cases. >> reporter: the turnaround testing is very bad. you could get your test and it may not come back for seven days. >> reporter: atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms did not learn she was positive until eight days after she tested. >> this is the reason the virus is continuing to spread and that people are inadvertently putting people in harms way. >> reporter: the mayor is read, reopening back to phase one with the record new coronavirus cases in georgia. in parts of the south and west just getting a test often means
6:34 am
waiting in line for hours. >> i did not expect the lines would be this long. >> reporter: people will line up for temperature check saturday for reopening of two disney world orlando area parks with masks and social distancing among the new rules at the happiest place on earth. chrisb martinez, cbs news los angeles. california averaging 100,000 tests per day with about 8% coming back positive. several workers at the grocery chain tested positive for the coronavirus and multiple workers at the berkeley bowl location set the positive. they are being quarantine and so are the other workers that came into close contact with them. be bl isalerting customd deep cleaning measures, and both stores remain open. the mcdonald'sstaurant linked to 25 cases of coronavirus could be opening as early as sunday but has to show it keeps the employees and customers safe according to the court order.
6:35 am
workers at the telegraph avenue store were allegedly discouraged from taking sick leave and were not told when coworkers tested positive. district attorneys across the state including alameda county are teaming up to help victims of domestic violence and child abuse. >> at the beginning of the shelter-in-place which happened on march 17 for us this year, we were very concerned. we were not getting calls for about domestic violence and we were not getting calls about child abuse. we know that every day somebody is living in a house where there is violence, and we want to have if they can get >> thi that cases of domestic violence have risthe new data from the gilead sciences shows remdesivir sharply reducing the risk of death or the severely sick coronavirus patients. the decline was 62%. the drugmaker said the data
6:36 am
point is an important finding but requires confirmation in clinical trials. the gilead stock went up 2% friday due to the news. an update on the shooting that left two deputies we did and contra costa county. they released this photo the suspect that is apparently wanting a shotgun and officers. he was identified as the 44- year-old, eduardo martinez a bay point. it started thursday when officers responded to a home at greenacres lane on a report of spousal abuse. they made numerous attempts to get martinez to surrender and the standoff ended when martinez fired the deputies hitting three of them. they returned fire killing him and all three deputies are now out of the hospital. the open police commission passed landmark policy to banned the use on all net and chokeholds. it was enacted thirsting could be the most restrictive bans on police restraint to the nation. the decision follows the
6:37 am
outrage of the death of george floyd was killed after the minneapolis officer pressed his knee on the neck up lloyd for over 8 minutes. the measure goes to the oakland city council for approval the new body cam video from the vallejo police shows an officer opening fire from the backseat of a moving vehicle, one of several incidents that has that department under scrutiny. kpix 5 joe vazquez shows us the video. >> reporter: look lostine you see the gun with the bullet crashing through the window and this is from the perspective of three vallejo police officers and the detective sitting in the backseat fired the shot as the pickup that he was riding in arrived from looting at the walgreens. you can hear the request from the officer. >> he pointed a gun at us. >> do not move. >> reporter: what the body cam footage does not show is that
6:38 am
the 22-year-old directly in front of the car, his family insist that he was in the process of surrendering when he was shot, contrary to the officer report. >> he was in a kneeling position and his hand was toward his waistband when he turned toward the officers. the officers perceived it was the but of the gun and shot. >> reporter: it turned out not to be a gun but a hammer. >> we can see the gunshots go to the windshield in the video and is that appropriate to shoot from a moving car into the front windshield? >> again, when officer discharges his weapon there are laws that govern that. we have an investigation. it is a criminal investigation and administration investigation that happens. for me to draw any conclusion at this point in the investigation would be inappropriate. >> i think it is clearly that we want. we want to know precisely what happened, and we want to know
6:39 am
whether or not it was the police officer imagination that would justify the shooting. we want real evidence to support that. >> reporter: according to public records, vallejo with a population of 122,000 with a total of 34 police shootings in the last decade with 18 fatal. it shows 14 vallejo cops involved in the bulk of the shootings, 27 of them with 15 that were fatal. activist referred to the list of officers as the beta14 >> there are 14 of them that are like a gang within themselves. none were charged with any crimes and family members of some of those shot by the vallejo police recently were marching to the district attorney's office demanding justice. >> they need to be held accountable, fired and put in jail like a normal person would on the streets if they killed somebody. >> reporter: the officers that fired the shots was not publicly identified after the judge granted a restraining order by the police officer
6:40 am
union to keep the name secret. the officers family said they received death threats but the police chief says the retraining order does not even allow him to tell whether that officer is suspended are still on the streets with a restraining order. we have a full report of the shooting from last month on our website at food trucks are finding a way to make it during these difficult times, and how they uplift the business model that could be an example for other restaurants to survive. also ahead, serving the poor for over a deca ladies... check it out.
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i am in mountain view, one of the places where the food trucks are making a strong comeback. one way they are doing that is by making house calls. >> reporter: instead of waiting for the people to come to the food trucks, the food trucks are coming to the people. chris said the existing food truck business mod ble when the corporatiosed and g ings cancel w go to cos arou tht complexes. >> reporter: they rolled into the americana in mountain view today, a large apartment complex off of el camino with a hungry crowd lining up minutes
6:44 am
later. >> is an unusual location but it live one minute walk away so it's convenient. >> reporter: the groups of food trucks are sitting up in the neighborhood shopping center parking lots. this one at the plaza in san jose is a group called tasty mob that sets up every thursday and saturday a look >> some people dynein and they dine in their cars. >> reporter: spinning a career in all phases of the restaurant and says that the food truck model could be something that brick and mortar could incorporate or switch to as a way to survive the pandemic. >> we are in the forefront because we are mobile and we don't have the restrictions of indoor dining. >> it is much more variety. >> reporter: in mountain view, liberal media's, kpix 5. d oaklanty again asking the publi to give them a break and this weekend the parking lot that met lake merritt will be closed between seven: 30 a.m. and 11:00 at night.
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it is a big difference today in the way it will peel across the bay area and it is kind of unfair how hot we will be inland today. when you see temperatures we will been doing at the coast and in the bay we will barely notice much of a difference. we will be near 100 today inland at contra costa in alameda county. here is the sun going to work already over the east bay. you can see hazy skies trapped in the marine layer with temperatures relatively mild in the mid-70s. if you are too far inland to experience it you don't get the benefit. with current numbers on the screen we are sitting at 59 in concord, oakland at 55 with livermore at 59, 50 in santa rosa. for your daytime highs you see out works out. not that bad in the south bay with mid to upper 80s. 86 in sunnyvale today.
6:46 am
remarkable go to 81 and we topped out at 76 in san mateo. but and when we have 96 at concord, 95 at livermore and near 100 just far enough in a like brentwood, pittsburg and antioch. i would not be surprised to see some places touching 100 today. in the bay it looks like nothing is going on with 75 in oakland. 86 in san rafael. as we work our way farther north you feel it with santa rosa at 93. upper 90s at lake county and mendocino county with upper 90s. let's get straight into the 7- day forecast. by the time we get to monday we will bring numbers down by 10 degrees. if you are near 100 today, get through today and tomorrow. 90 will feel much better by the time we get there. what stands out about the 7-day forecast is not necessarily just at the top line.
6:47 am
with that big warm up for the weekend, and a cool down by midweek, look at the bay temperatures and the coast temperatures. in other words, the middle line and bottom line don't budget all. is pretty much the same forecast across the next seven days. that's a good example of how we really experience a warm up differently across the bay area. particularly it's the farther inland you are. evans and you are the south bay guy it should not be too bad with mid-70s for the weekend. it will be hot if you are farther inland a look >> i am curious the people will be flocking to the coast since that is so much cooler. >> we see a lot of that happening. wrinkly some of the beaches like on july 4th were done responsibly. you have to do your homework to find out which ones that you can go to. the charles m schulz museum is back open in santa rosa
6:48 am
after being closed for months due to the coronavirus. he is the creator of the peanuts comic strip and they welcome back visitors with the brand-new charlie brown friends and lucy. >> this expedition is basically new and this features lucy, bus budget to feminism in celebration of the 19th amendment 100th anniversary this year. this exhibition was scheduled to open the day that we closed to the public due to covid. it is still here and open, and basically brand-new, ready to be seen. >> the museum is operating on a normal schedule but has safety protocols in place. the east bay fire station that shutdown earlier this year is being used for new purpose. in january union city closed fire station 30 which did not get enough service calls. this week city leaders announced the station is going to be used for angeles operations and community center which emphasizes safety, health, education and wellness. >> we have thrilled to sign a
6:49 am
y ree-year lease for operations this location. in addition it is a three-year pilot program for a new concept responding to behavioral health issues. this station will now house units that will respond when a person is having a mental health crisis. this home is equipped with wifi from xfinity. there's this game-time internetting room. so fun. wow. and then there's this work-from-home
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waters by the lawsuit she hopes will set up residence for other small businesses. she says that workers livelihoods are in jeopardy because the carrier denied her claim. >> it would make all of the difference between being able to open easily or with great difficulty. it is this case and if it goes to court and wins, it would lift us all up. >> one bay area insurance adjuster believes this case could go to the supreme court because the result would likely affect all insurance companies and claims. the san jose earthquakes are working to help those suffering from food insecurity in the bay area. the team is launching a new addition, pledge 74. they want to raise and donate $740,000 over the next months as well as volunteerism. the quakes have donated over $50,000 to help those in need. mama becky, a financial woman, serving poor villages in uganda for the last 13 years.
6:52 am
sharon chen introduces us to this week jefferson award winners. >> reporter: becky miller wanted to share bible stories to a church missions trip to uganda in 2006 but there was a problem >> wherever we were in the poor villages no one had a book or picture. >> reporter: the teacher and realtor cofounded the ministry and has raised money to print and give away thousands of bible storybooks illustrated by the ugandan artist. >> i was touched by their poverty and their need. >> reporter: the ministry raised over $880,000 and expanded the reach by building an outpatient clinic in 2014 cofounded by doctor that the nonprofit help to put through medical school. >> we call her mama becky.
6:53 am
it is because of her love. >> reporter: the shalom medical clinic in a poor village serving over 50 people a week and becky insists that the clinic minister to the whole person many come to the clinic hungry and we want to see them fed. >> reporter: the donations recently fed 400 families that were starving during the uganda covid-19 lockdown. new to the clinic becky also oversees construction of a new 10,000 square foot hospital near the tanzania border in southern uganda. the clinic cofounder doctor said that whatever becky does she shows love in action. >> she help me to boost up my energy and to help people, to serve them with love and care. >> reporter: or nonprofit reporters like janet mcgovern they marvel at how one mission trip gave becky a new life mission >> to come back and see such a need in our life would take
6:54 am
that turn is inspiration >> reporter: for serving the uganda port through the ministry the jefferson award in the bay area goes to becky miller. >> becky also oversaw the digging of a well and tells us that the hospital includes an emergency room, delivery room and much needed surgical center .
6:55 am
6:56 am
it is 6:56. for look at the morning top stories, santa clara county chief executive officer, also medical doctor, said that california to take a more universal approach to the pandemic. dr. jeff smith said the current policy giving each county to decide what is best is failing. he believes california is only a few weeks away from having the virus spread uncontrollably . hundreds of south bay teachers said they are unwilling to return to the classroom this fall after 1400 signed a letter to the san jose unified school district saying the do not feel that it is safe the oakland school district is out with a plan for the coming year. the district intends on combining in person teaching with online learning. the timing depends on science and safety.
6:57 am
governor newsom set 8000 inmates will be released they have to contain the covid-19 outbreaks in state prisons but only about 100 will be released from san quentin, the site of the largest outbreak. president trump commuted the sentence for roger stone, longtime friend and political ally after he was convicted of seven felony stemming from the russian investigation including lying to congress and witness tampering. it will be hot today inland. if you can see the water near the coaster bag you will not notice much of anything out of the ordinary today. that means daytime highs in the mid 70s for oakland, san jose at 87, warm but not hot. but look at the shade of deep red and pink showing up further inland you go. upper 90s for many inland spots with santa rosa at 93. we will top out at 100 for a few of the hottest inland locations today which is why we have 100 on the first day of your seven day for the inland spots.
6:58 am
we will do that again tomorrow but monday is better. temperatures cooling down early next week inland. for the bay and coast there is no difference between any one of those days. saturday will feel just like wednesday. you won't notice a big swing but inlaid you will today and tomorrow, particularly with the heat. one thing i learned talking with firefighters during the pandemic is that it is really challenging when it gets this hot because they cannot open up the cooling centers it is time for us to call it a morning. thank you so much for watching kpix 5
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", five desperate shelter dogs are rescued by brandon and prepare to set sail on new adventures with new forever families, using whatever means necessary to get there. brandon: i'm brandon mcmilland dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure a purpose, a family, and a place to call home.


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