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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 12, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> and, east bay community is rattled by an alleged hate crime and they respond with an antiracism demonstration underway right now. >> if you are inland, and you have had enough of this heat, i have good news starting tomorrow. a bay area county ends indoor religious services fronting one church to reopen and close it store on the same day. marchers take to the streets saying they will not stand for racism in their town. >> topper five is over the scene and joe vasquez is live in martinez where today's demonstration was planned in response to a recent hate crime in the city. >> reporter: brian, as you can
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see this protest is on the move. we are in downtown martinez, and we have 700 people, perhaps more than 1000 gathered in the downtown streets. this is the black lives matter rally. you can see from topper five it is a significant crowd marching to this town of 30,000 people. why are they here? many of the protesters said they were compelled to come to martinez after a video went viral. it shows a white couple painting over a black lives matter street sign. the couple has since been charged with three misdemeanors, including a hate crime charge. >> this is not happening in my town. >> she was going on about kerrtown. this is our town. there are minorities in it and the town needs to start taking some sort of stance one way or
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the other to make it very clear where its values lie. >>orr:t w,what is going on is they have gathered at the courthouse. they are moving down to the waterfront of martinez. this is a peaceful protest, as it has been all along. as a matter of fact, demonstrators have been very careful to put it out on social media to talk about it in person. they do not want any trouble, however the police chief of martinez put out a notice on social media yesterday morning, that there were people out there who were inclined to come and be armed when they arrived. they said they wanted to protect the police. the police chief said no thanks, we don't need protection. they have discouraged anyone from coming, especially anyone armed who might confront this crowd. so far, no sign of any counterdemonstrators. the peaceful march continues. thank you joe. we are live streaming the protest on cbs and you can tune in 24 hours a day at
5:03 pm an investigation is underway following a deadly fire in san francisco. it started at a home around 11:30 this morning on sacramento street. the identity of the victim has not been released. another person rescued was injured, but is in stable condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the other big story today is the weather. taking a live look outside from the exclusive salesforce camera. another hot day on the bay. >> before i get to the rough news on today's highs, let me show you the good news. this is why tomorrow will be different. you could see it tomorrow over the golden gate bridge. take a look at the clouds streaming in. they didn't last long. this was between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. this morning. that was the start. tomorrow, there will be a lot more and we will get a cool down. first, let's see how we did
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today. take a look at the map for temperatures across the bay area. the spread from the greens to the coast and the purples inland is never a good sign. we didn't notice much of an issue with heat over here. this is where the problem is. inland contra costa county is hot. these places are a lot hotter now. they are 15 degrees above average for this time of year. meanwhile, it was a degrees above average in oakland. tomorrow we get help and i will show you the complete forecast and how much better the numbers will look. thank you so sincthe emichiisg 3.millio nati. tom hanson on the hotspot that is broken another single day record for new cases. >> reporter: florida shattered a nationwide record for the number of new coronavirus cases
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in one day. more than 15,000 were confirmed on saturday. almost 4000 more than the state record last week. >> i think these are going to get worse before they get better. >> reporter: the former state commissioner said there are former signs that it will peak in the sunshine state. >> our recommendations have changed. people, you should know you need to wear a face covering. >> reporter: as governors across the country mandate wearing masks in public, the u.s. surgeon general are speaking up about masks. >> it is important for people to understand that once upon a time we prescribed very different things. when we learn better, we do better. >> reporter: there are close to 1 million combined cases. the trump administration continues to push for schools to reopen in the file.
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>> fully operational and fully functional means kids can be back there. for families that need their kids in school in person five days a week, that has to be an option. >> reporter: some parents and educators are concerned. >> it is a little worrisome, because we are unaware of the school environment and we want to make sure he is safe. >> how do you do six feet social distancing? how do you do that in passing periods where you have kids going to different classrooms? >> reporter: last week, new york city announced plans to have its more than 1 million students in the classroom only one-3 days a week. tom hanson, cbs news new york. >> in terms of numbers, we are not winning any awards. cases continue to spike. the state has reported more than 8000 new cases in just a single day. that brings the total number of confirmed cases to more than 320,000. there are also 72 more deaths reported, that bring the total number of dead to more than
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7000. two more inmates from san quentin have died of the virus. nine and all have died and we are told those two inmates are being treated in outside hospitals. nearly 1500 confirmed cases have been linked to san 19 cases in snohomish county has disrupted reopening plans. restaurants, bars and wineries will no longer be allowed to provide indoor service tomorrow, because the state has ordered tighter restrictions. now, indoor businesses in sonoma county will have to wait until august 2 two reopen. the county has been monitoring its caseloads since friday, and that is when it was pace placed on the watch list. alameda county has also been added to the state watchlist. the county said it is experiencing a continued increase in reported cases, indicated elevated disease transmission. while alameda county has the highest number of cases among bay area counties, the county's case rate is third highest in the bay area.
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the watchlist status will not affect indoor activities in alameda county. they were already ban by local officials. >> on the other hand, santa clara county is moving in the opposite direction. starting tomorrow, some businesses will be allowed to open up, including gyms, hair salons and nail salons, and outdoor pools. some activities are still off the table including, indoor dining and bars, saunas and theaters, and indoor gatherings. we will now go to contra costa county where an 8% rate increase has led to the cancellation of all interreligious services. >> the announcement comes days after they were allowed to reopen. john raymond tells us one church held a reopening and afl were service all in the same day. >> reporter: in the book of job there is a line, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. they know how that feels here at st. francis in concord.
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>> yes, we were so excited and hopeful. >> reporter: this was the day they were looking forward to four months. the first indoor sunday mass since the shelter place began. they had been holding drives services in the school parking lot and offering communion to people in their cars. but, too many, watching the live stream on a mass is not the same. >> it is not something we can do virtually and accomplish the same thing. it is so important that we go to math. >> reporter: today's mass was a bit different. use your block to allow distancing and there was no singing at all. the sign of peace was a wave rather than a handshake. everyone was required to wear face masks. for the faithful, it was good to be back in a community. >> if i have to have this bail on my mouth, okay i will do it. but, it is so important to be able to come. >> reporter: just as it comes, it goes with the counties infection rate climbing. the health department has once again banned all indoor church services, as of midnight
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tonight. >> unfortunately, things are changing. so, we have two adapt to the reality of what is going on. next week, we start again and we go back to the parking lot. >> reporter: one day to save her a small taste of normalcy before going back to covid reality. and some in the congregation why this has to happen at all? >> we can figure out how to do this safely. it shouldn't be closing. we ought to be protesting about this a little bit stronger. >> reporter: the church is pastor takes a more philosophical view. >> hopefully, this will teach us to appreciate life, to value what life is and our families, in the most important things in life. >> reporter: it may feel unjust to some, but just like job, churches the coty give us, the can taketh away. in concord, john ramos.
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>> reporter: a massive rescue effort in southern california after a naval ship explosion. while more than 150 sailors are on board and officials say the catastrophe is far from over. another frightening encounter with the coyote is causing alarm and one is bay town. have you filed your taxes yet? there are some important things you should know about. you will hear from a financial expert tuesday at 9:30 am
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developing right now, 21 people are injured, including 17 soldiers after an explosion and fire aboard the ship at a naval base in san diego. crews have been fighting to get the flames under control and they don't know what caused the explosion aboard this assault vessel.
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160 sailors were on board when it happened. all of the sailors have been accounted for. the ship was docked for routine maintenance when the fire broke out. it sent smoke billowing across the san diego skyline. the ship is so big the fire chief said they don't expect the flames to be put out any time soon. >> this could very well go on for days. there is no way to make an offensive attack on the ship right now. so, the navy will work with the county as far as health concerns from the smoke that will more than likely be here for days. >> the victims are also saying they are non-life-threatening series. they have the capacity to deploy and land helicopters and smaller boats. family and friends are on the lookout for this 21-year- old man who vanished in alameda last week. donald adams standiford was last seen the evening of july 5 near the college of alameda. he was driving a gold for dough 2003 honda accord with the
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license plate number that is on your screen. there have been no reported sightings of him and he has been unreached by cell phone, something his family said is very out of character. anyone with information on his disappearance should contact the alameda police department. an investigation is underway after a series of grass fires. six fires started yesterday evening along interstate 505. crews scrambled to get the flames under control and protect nearby homes. neighbors in contra costa county are on alert after another coyote encounter in the past few days. it first approached someone who was walking in this neighborhood last night. the coyote then ran towards a bicyclist, luckily neither were hurt. police and animaliceswere called in to help, but the coyote got away. it was last seen running into a nearby orchard. this is the second coyote sighting in the same area this week. the first happened on thursday
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at the park. a child was bitten by the animal on the lake. the police and fish and wildlife are trying to find the animal and look into both incidents. if you are looking for family-friendly activities, you are in luck. >> the san francisco zoo will welcome back visitors tomorrow. there will be no safety protocols in place. current members will be the first to access online reservations. the tickets have to be pre- purchased online. and, under santa clara county's new guidelines, the winchester mystery house in san jose is also reopening tomorrow. visitors with a mask can run the 160 romansion. is self-guid you can also explore the winchester mystery house from home as per usual, virtually. we have darren peck and his tech right here. >> i want to start out by
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showing you the comparison from where i left off last time. just the difference from where we were today in terms of what would've been average, and you really see it was the far inland east bay that is experiencing the most heat. while everybody in the bay noticed a warm up, it was as much as 15 degrees warmer than averaged there. here is tomorrow, a big improvement. the colors look better in concord is only going to be three degrees above average. i will show you exactly what those temperatures mean coming up and you will like them better than what you had today. first, if we look at the big picture, not a cloud out there. early in the newscast, i was showing you a pretty gray ceiling clouds coming into the bay. that will be back tomorrow. for now, there is nothing within 100 miles of the bay area in terms of low clouds. keep your eye on this one sswitis ine future cast, it hooks up on wiaying anwhat ppens
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along the coast. we feel stronger on short surge in the marine layer starts to fill in a good part of the bay for tomorrow morning. that is how we do our cool downs. right now, it is still 99 in concord. santa rosa your daytime highs are going to look better tomorrow. let's get into that now. first off, overnight lows are back into the mid to upper 50s tomorrow. down in the south bay, it was 90 in san jose today. you will cool down four degrees. will you notice? it will feel a little better, but it is not as significant as what we will do over here. it was 102 in concord today. we will only go to 90 tomorrow. livermore is 88 and oakland will top out at 73. that will be about 4-5 to be cool down. santa rosa 96 today, and you will go to 88 tomorrow. that will feel better but it will still be hot in mendocino county. it is a cool down by a couple
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of degrees, but not as much of a drop as we would like. once we all do those daytime highs tomorrow, that is it. cruise control all the way through this next seven-day forecast with daytime highs staying in the low 90s inland and in the mid-70s for much of the bay. that is it for the forecast for now. let's see what is going on in sports. there is a lot going on. a former cal golfer finds himself in a thrilling finish on the pga tour. and check out steph curry. he found himself a couple of new brothers in
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today, the former cal golfer had a chance to redeem himself from the last loss at deerfield. justin thomas had a three shot lead with three holes to play. he had a par putt to win it on 18. >> hang on. goodness. >> instead, he went to playoff with collin more. thomas looked like he was in control again after rolling into 50 foot birdie putt. >> can you believe that? >> but he responded with a clutch putt of his own. >> he gave it a great go.
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could be? >> where do we find these two? >> after trading parts on the second layoff whole, thomas put his tee off right behind a tree. and the other shot went in the middle of the fairway and he delivered the knockout ball. >> the former cal bear picked up his second career dual win. >> he is going to be a huge factor for a long time. >> 75 holes is a lot more than 72, especially in the last sudden death. i knew i had to hit low. justin wasn't going to give it to me. i just wanted a chance coming down the stretch i am so happy. >> the final round, american
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century championship, travis kelsey is messing with patent homes. that cannot be good for social distancing. staff curry had a big final- round to beat his dad by six points. he held off from just off the green and steph finished fourth. charles barkley had one goal this week and finished last. he sent a birdie putt on the final hole to finish second to last. eddie george gets last place on earth. marty retired from tennis in 2015 and spent time working on his golf game. he becomes the first tennis player to win the event. and, he was joined by both curries and alvarez for what is now known in the annual dip in lake tahoe. in kentucky, a look from inside the car of brad keselowski as he taps the 48 car from behind and causes jimmie johnson to spin out. they went four white on a late restart with two laps to go and
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cole custer, the 22-year-old took the outside and held on to become the first rookie to win the cup series race in four years. major league soccer, today postponed a match because a player on d.c. united tested positive for covid-19. another blow to the mls, who earlier this week lost two teams because of covid-19. now, the giants are ramping up their workouts with a six inning scrimmage. that was hit hard and san francisco is planning to play a couple exhibition games next week against the a's. opening day is just 11 days away, and coming up tonight on game day, the giants learned to live without buster posey and the a's are handing over the reins to the catcher of the
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future. himehy he gohis rst tabig leads last year in the september call up. he is projected to be the team's starting catcher. not bad for someone who six years ago had to walk on just to make the team. why do you think so many people overlook you? >> i am small. i and the smallest kid on the team. i don't blame anybody for missing me. i was just a late bloomer. once i got to college i grew a couple of inches and put on a bunch of weight and i grew into my body a little bit. >> juliet, when people think about the a's, they think about jesus lazzaro as being the rookie of the year. but, don't forget shawn murphy is our guest tonight on game day. >> thank yo
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that is it for us at 5:00. we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. we want to leave you with some live pictures of chopper 5 above martinez where there is a black lives matter protests going on. hundreds taking to the park area. we will have live coverage at 6:00 joe vasquez who is covering the story. we will see you at 6:00.
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> yuccas: tonight deepening crisis, florida shatters the one day u.s. record for coronavirus cases. the virus reaches a tipping point as the trump administration renews calls to reopen schools. >> the rule should be that kids go back to school this fall. >> they ignore science and they ignore governance. >> yuccas: also, president trump hits the links. new cbs news polling reveals how he is playing in hot spot states. and also pandemic heat wave, young people test their fate. some of them on purpose, as deaths add up nationwide. plus cbs news is on the front lines in texas with exclusive access inside a hospital in a race against time. >> i have been for more than ten year, never seen patients as sick as patients with covid. >> yuccas: in san diego an


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