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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 12, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, are we headed for another lockdown? we break down the latest coronavirus restrictions county by county. and, a look at the latest area now being monitored by the state. >> things are going to get worse, before they get better. >> hundreds of protesters e st black lives matter mural is destroyed by vandals. >> we are not going to put up with it. in the community we it is time for a change. >> a hot weekend, with some relief on the way. and we begin with a bay area family and their plans during the pandemic. >> for us states have seen an
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alarming uptick in cases and deaths come alongside arizona at texas, and most notably, florida, now the worldwide virus hotspot. california saw an average of 8600 cases per day, over a seven day.. a jump from last week seven day average of 7000 cases per day. so far, we've seen over 320,000 cases to date. alameda county has now been added to the state monitoring list, becaus a rin covid-. as a rt,ed uld ew mandat restriionsy s details. >> reporter: alameda county public health officials say although the reopen will be more slowly, the increase in cases has been accelerated by reopening across the bay area and the state, with residents c denied outdoor dining was very
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much on the table, and downtown livermore. the county just landed on the state watchlist. the health apartment says alameda county has the highest number of cases among bay area counties. >> people are outside wearing no masks, i understand why we are on a watchlist. in here i know that we've been keeping things as safe as possible. >> more cases, as a result of more testing according to the county. but not wearing masks and ncwas. >> i see it through social media, people are not complying. i am really not surprised. >> i feel like it is happening, people are wearing them. i think maybe more people at home are having parties and things like that. that might be part of the problem. >> 12 states recorded positivity rates higher than ten
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sent. seven including california set or tied records for average daily deaths. jerome adams defended guidance he and other federal health officials gave earlier in the pandemic against face coverings. >> it is important for people to understand that once prime once upon a time we prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics, cocaine and heroin as medical treatments. when we better, we do better. >> indoor activities were closed for restaurants and wineries. alameda county hopes to continue outdoor dining while still on the state watchlist. they plan to apply for approval to do so. >> in one hour, sonoma county will be under new state and aided instructions aimed at curbing cases. and starting on monday, these businesses will not be able to offer indoor services.
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that's wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants and bars, clubs and breweries, movie theaters, zoos and museums. add card rooms. restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms will still be able to operate outdoors. breweries may serve outside, but only with food. you can check out the full list of restriction on our website. >> officials are issuing new rules of a rising infection rate beginning tomorrow. masks must be worn at all times, had outdoor dining spots, except when eating or drinking. people and extended family social bubbles must always wear face coverings, indoor worship services will be temporarily banned. the news about indoor worship services comes days after churches and temples will given the green light to reopen. it was a bittersweet revelation
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as they held their first indoor mass. a small taste of normalcy before going back to the reality of covid. >> i hope this teaches us to appreciate life and value our families and the most important things in life. >> it is unclear how long the new restrictions will last. they come as the rate of infections in the county has doubled in the last two weeks, from about 4% then to 8% now. >> starting tomorrow, some businesses will be able to open back up here gyms, hair and nail salons, and outdoor pools. some activities are still prohibited, including indoor dining, bars and sonnets, theaters and indoor gatherings. and we will get a better idea of san francisco reopening plans tomorrow. the mayor is a news conference
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at11:00. we will have all of those details and more information on what's opening the bay area and what is not, on our website. >> brian, we are going to get some help. it would be cool, but it won't be as bad as it has been. first let me show you what happens today. you can see where the real heat was. the purple is where it was rough. concord, livermore, 102 and ten 1 degrees today. 680 and 580, that's where he was felt. seventy-nine for oakland, that's not that bad. i degrees above average. seventy-one would have been average. clearly the story is over here. san jose had 90. i'm not saying those leases weren't hot, but that was the
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issue. we are going to cool down as much as 15 degrees in linz tomorrow. you may notice this a little bit in the bay. we are going to put up the temperatures for the whole bay area. thousands of people showed up in martinez today to say racism will not be tolerated. they organized a black lives matter march after a recent hate crime. joe vasquez has their message. >> they gathered at the county courthouse in martinez. >> we are not going to put up with it. it is time for a change. >> reporter: protesters march to the waterfront park where they spent several hours speaking out against bigotryla itselin t center of the conversation
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cell phone video captures the moment the white couple paint over the gold letters of the neural. >> there is no racism, there is no precious depression, it is a leftist life >> the district attorney has charged the couple, they face three misdemeanors each including a hate crime charge. >> she's going on about her town. this is our town. there are minorities in it and the town needs to take a stance one way or the other to make it clear about where their values live. >> we are ready for a change. >> the demonstration was loud, but peaceful. yesterday police made it clear they were worried it was going to get violent. the martinez police chief warrant on social media that there might be counter demonstrators armed in supportive the police.
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the chief said no thanks, we will handle this, please don't show up at this devastation with guns. there did not appear to be any organized group of counter demonstrators. there were sometimes animated conversations with the protesters. >> i support black lives, i don't support black lives matter. >> the expression means right now, there's a crisis. lack people are losing their lives. black lives matter not to the exclusion of everybody else. >> they only do this when a white cop is killing a black person. why not when the little kids are getting killed? >> i think it is kind educating and explaining why it important. they don'tunderstan aretired of
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t to geand we want it now. >> the monterey police department's investor getting one of its first officer involved shootings in several years. and unfolded during an unusual conversation late last night. officers responded to a call from a man who said he was armed, at a cemetery. and he wanted to hurt himself. he was up holding what appeared to be a pistol. the man charged at police at one point. one of the officers fired, but did not hit the man. it turns out that suspect was pulling an air soft gun. he was arrested. the officer is now on administrative leave. >> a san francisco dog rescue is offering a $1000 reward for the return of this stolen puppy. jay is a ten week old terrier mix that was stolen in treasure island out of a transport window . j was rescued from a
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neglectful home and was on his way to a foster owner. beyond rescue is offering a $1000 reward for his safe return, no questions asked. actress kelly preston has died after a long battle with cancer. we have a look back at her career. >> outreach tonight after a pennsylvania officer was caught kneeling on a man's head while taking him into custody. the department is responding tonight. >> and the latest as crews continue to fight a fire in southern california, how long it could take to put out. >> coronavirus cases are up, happy news for wall street. stock futures are looking up for monday. the morning open looks like like cordless phones.
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and voice solution at a great price. call or go online today. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. actress kelly preston has passed away after a battle with breast cancer. her husband, john travolta confirmed the news on instagram, saying she had been getting getting treatment for the past two years. she starred in what a girl wants and recently, godey. he will be taking some time off to spend with their two children. there is a rage over a hauntingly familiar video, a man being and to that pavement by a
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police officer. >> on his neck, get off his neck. >> it happened last night 60 miles north of philadelphia. and officer placed his knee on the man's neck. officers found the man vomiting and staggering toward a hospital emergency room. when they approached, he allegedly spat on the officers and they tried to straight restrain him check the youth the use of force was captured by somebody going by. the mayor and the police chief showed up to ease tension. it's reminiscent shed is reminiscent of the george floyd killing. >> enough is enough. the take away from the video is that black and lives black and holdingmore protests later this
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week. >> the first execution of a federal prisoner in 17 years is set for tomorrow. daniel lewis lee is a convicted killer. it was ruled that his is yuki's execution could go forward spite coronavirus concerns. a staffer tested positive for coronavirus where the exclusion is scheduled. the family is worried about getting sick if they witnessed the death. the family attorney says they are appealing to the us supreme court. a massive naval ship is still burning in san diego after a fire broke out in the cargo hold area, causing an explosion. fifteen people are hospitalized with non- life-threatening injuries that they got in the rush to evacuate. buyer crews issued a shelter in place order as they worked to battle the blaze. the hundred 40-foot ship is so big, the fire might burn for days down to the waterline.
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set for the black smoke to the skyline. one witness described the chaotic scene. >> it was a lot of black smoke. people were filming live at that time. i was shocked. helicopters and amphibious vehicles were seen at the area. the cause of the fire is a mystery. two young women were arrested for spring protest messages at the park in the east bay. some people came forward after they saw this photo. some people were seen using red spray paint on the rocks. they are facing charges and it could be damaging to the ecosystem. a newly discovered comet
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that was discovered a few months ago is passing by earth. you may be lucky enough to see it. most of the pictures you've seen of this are common. i've tried to see it for the last three nights. those guys might be high up here they might have beautiful beautiful visibility. if you use your naked eyes, you will see something like i did. at 4:20 this morning i looked at the eastern horizon. that bright object is being asked. but that is the comment the comet. how did i manage to see that beautiful photograph? when i couldn't see it i looked at that and said wait a minute, i know where it should be.
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i grabbed my field scope. darned if i didn't pick it up. and the field scope, i snapped a picture through the eyepiece. that gives you a better idea of what it looks like. i texted julia. >> my turn now, my turn now, thank you. my phone rings and i see my photo, your photo has not been authenticated, thank you. i took this photo with my photo . and then i sent it back to you. and then you, i feel that you were kind of talking down and saying we need to wrap. the producers say we need to wrap. we have to
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on back. ow, i could go i just had a look at the picture now. >> brian carroll you are such a geek. >> i mean this in the nicest way cap you are a geek. >> look at what showed up this morning the sun came up, there was a marine layer coming over the bridge. this is important and that is a clue. it's the start of the cooldown. the clouds did not last long. they were gone by the time this the sky got high enough the sun, high enough. the clouds have come back. this is part of the cooldown for tomorrow. some places are going to be as much as 15 degrees cooler tomorrow tu in ke a look off the coast, there is not a lot as far as clouds. bring this forward tomorrow and
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we bring the marine layer back. we start the cooldown, start with the morning lows. not really all that cool. this is a relatively warm night still. fifty-nine in mount ukiah 59 in fairfield. when we look at the daytime highs, here is where we will notice the difference. 90 degrees in san jose, 86 tomorrow, technically that is a cooldown. it is not a big drop that we will see in the south bay. you go down to 90 in concord, livermore goes down to 80. denville will get you down to 88 today. oakland tops out at 873 tomorrow. that's about a 73 degrees drop from where you were today. santa rosa at 88, the number was 97 for the daytime high that 80 is going to feel better. we are cooling down a bit in mendocino county, but not as
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much as we would like. we will still be in the upper 90s. it's one thing to say that we will be cooling down. it's another to say that look at this topline inland, the only day that doesn't start with a nine is thursday jack these are still warm days, but they will feel
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there was a challenging day on the water for diverse. investors are revealing more details on why they think that the actress then died, she vanished from a bout five days ago. dave ruled out foul play. they do believe that she could have gone swimming without anchoring the boat. the current could have caused her boat to drift away, that may have caused her to drown in the freezing cold water while her 4-year-old son was left on the boat. >> you don't have an anchor or the ability to get back in the boat quickly enough. that is obviously a concern if you are not wearing a life vest. >> friends and coaches have started their own search. the terrain is rugged and they don't want others to risk their this home is equipped with wifi from xfinity.
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today cap betsy devos echoed president trump's push to get kids back in the clm. sa there's a lot of wiggle room in the cdc guidelines. >> the cdc guidelines are just that, meant to be flexible cotton meant to be applied as appropriate for the situation. there is no caught nothing in the data that would suggest that kids being back in school is dangerous to them. kids need to be school in
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school, they need to be learning and moving ahead. >> nothing about it is dangerous for teachers to back to school in the bay area, they are crafting a plan to start the fall semester with online learning and phasing students back into the classroom. members of the teachers union are concerned that the plant safety measures are too vague. a townhall is scheduled for tomorrow. and on the subject of whether or not this was all safe for teachers, ea a letter saying th will not return to the classroom for the start of the school year, citing a recent spike in cases of coronavirus. saying quote over the last two weeks of wheeze as we've talked about reopening, teachers don't feel it is safe to return to teaching. and a large majority they are unwilling to do so at this time. for all the latest information on these are real people, not actors,
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but bounce forward. call or go online to find out more. this is lexus game day on kpix5. everybody i'm dennis o'donell. game day, once again, on location tonight. and tonight, the state of bay
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area posey gone from the giants. front and center the pga tour. did you see the finish today? at the center of it, a local guy. >> having the 3-shot lead with 2 holes to play. on par to win it on 18. >> my goodness. >> instead he went to a playoff. the first playoff hole, he looked like he was in control rolling in the 50 foot birdie putt. >> that was a 2 footer. >> oh, come on, did you believe that? >> he responded with a clutch putt of his own. >> gave ita he they find these two guys? >> thomas put his tee shot right behind a


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