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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 13, 2020 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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the news that 6:00 continues streaming right now that i inform you that my and cbs evening news is up next beautiful wife kelly has lost her two year bat well breast cancer. her daughter ella also posted saying she has never met anyone captioning sponsored by cbs as courageous, strong, beautiful and loving as you. >> breaking news, the cases surge, more americans are >> carter evans, cbs news, heading back into lockdown. hollywood. tonight the governor of the >> a beautiful tribute from her country's largest state, california, issues a sweeping family. we'll be right back. rollback, ordering all bars and indoor businesses to close. plus churches, gyms and hair salons in most of the state closing too. the most aggressive move yet by any state. >> covid-19 is not going away any time soon. >> and the country's second largest school district los angeles says today no in person classes in its fall. plus outbreak parties, tonight news that this packed michigan lake party over fourth of jul id the vis to be a d
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and the hidden smiles. than 134,000 people here in the the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. u.s. there's a lot of new reporting to get to tonight and a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: our team of correspondents is i care. standing by to cover it all. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. jonathan vigliotti will lead off our coverage tonight from los angeles, jonathan? >> norah, this is a major setback for businesses like the ones behind me. businesses this said they were already struck elling just to get by and although already exhausted their personal loans. the governor tried to stop this surge. he closed all beaches over fourth of july weekend but that didn w now the world's fifth largest economy bracing for more
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closures. >> reopening reversal tonight in california. effective immediately indoor operations at restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, movies and museums must close. bars are the hardest hit both indoor and outdoor operations now banned. >> this is in every county in the state of california, not just the counties that were on the monitoring list that we announced on july 1st. >> the one-two punch landing as the state averages more than 8,000 new cases a day. three times more than one month ago. hey bay area family numbers id demanding inic ittru hsc.lly ser we haven't even begun to see the end of it yet. >> despite a spike in florida, miami's mayor today resisted calls for more closures. >> miami is now the epicenter of the pandemic. what were seeing in wuhan six
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months ago, feuf mopts ago, now we are there. >> overall florida added 28,000 new cases over the weekend as more people push testing sites to capacity and new covid patients fill up hospital beds. in parts of the south hospitals are being pushed to the brink, at least 12 hospitals throughout mississippi are at icu cap overwhelm our system. >> across the country there is a concern that younger people are still not getting the message. in texas one doctor describes a 30 year old patient's last words after attending a so-called covid party. >> they looked at their nurse and they said i think i made a mistake. i thought this was a hoax but it's not. >> this fourth of july party in michigan is yielding both positive cases and calls foron d
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the particular group we're concerned about is 20 year olds to 29 year olds. >> jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, los angeles. >> i'm mola lenghi in hard hit arizona, the state that leads the facial in the number of people testing positive for the virus. one out of every four as testing problems multiply around the nation and no federal standard in place, states are on their own. today we visited one testing site east of phoenix. >> how long had you been searching for a place to get tested. >> i had been keeping track of it for the last probably six weeks or so. >> six weeks. >> yeah. >> wow. >> and that's just to get an appointment. while long lines inundate testing centers from miami to los angeles, some in phoenix, especially in lower income neighborhoods have had waits up to 13 hours. why is that? ness that's bad luck. it's for a reason. there have been a lack of testing in that part of the community and a lot of people
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came all at once. >> long lines is going to disswayed people from getting testingsing. we want the opposite of that. >> josh willbear and his team in arizona state think they may have found a solution. they designed a saliva test, one of the first in the country, quicker and less intrusive than those nasal swabs with a turn around tas short as one day. >> the faster you can get the results, the quicker they realize they need to isolate and get away from other people. there are huge back logs so the more we can provide testing the. >> this could be significant. >> we believe. so we think we can really make a difference. >> most folks we have spoken to here at this 24 hour testing site in mesa, arizona say the process has gone pretty smoothly. knocking out about 800 tests a day here at this facility and even though it's critical of the governor's approach to the virus, admit that test has improved significantly here throughout the state in recent days. but they still stress that testing is still not keeping up with the rate of infection throughout arizona. norah? >> o'donnell: one in four infected, mola lenghi, thank
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you. now to the intensifying debate over sending kids and teachers back to school. the trump administration and teacherrers unions are at odds and their differences come as outbreaks at summer camps teach us more about the impact of covid-19 on kids. here's cbs's janet shamlian. >> california's two largest school districts, los angeles and san diego today announcing classrooms will not open next month. classes going online only, impacting more than 700,000 students. >> the school year about will begin in august. it will not start with students at school facilities. >> the decision comes as the administration continues its full court press to reopen school. >> there is nothing in the data that would suggest that kids beinnhs dangerous to them. >> but it is already dangerous to teachers. three in arizona whoed a class room in june all got the virus. one has died. >> i think they're playing politics with our children's
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lives. very worried. like many parents, the former teacher has two young children shis' decided to home school. >> what if you had to go back into the classroom this year. >> i would be terrified. >> at this health care where covid patients have trimmed, disok tors say one size doesn't fit all. >> if are you in montana you are going to probably open schools, if you are in atlanta, if are you in georgia and schools. >> but they did that in detroit today. and parents protested that the school bus yard on the first day of summer school. >> and tonight in atlanta school officials are voting on whether to start the school year virtually online only for the first nine weeks. something one board member calls a failure. no story, janet shamlian, thank you. today dr. anthony fauci said the country hasn't even begun to seat end of the pandemic and experts are still learning more every week about covid-19.
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his comments come as top white house officials distributed a list. times they say fauci has been wrong. cbs's paula reid reports tonight from the white house. >> this afternoon president trump put a positive spin on his relationship with dr. antho h him very well, i like him personally. >> but he acknowledged they don't always see eye to sigh. >> i don't always agree with him. >> fawmpi tells cbs news he is now persona non grata at the white house after months of speaking his mind and contradicting the president. just today fauci offered the kind of blunt assessment of the pandemic that has frustrated the president, susming up the country's situation this way. >> this happened, you know, your worst nightmare, the perfect storm. >> this weekend white house advisors openly criticized fauci, some of whom feel he doesn't represent the interests of the trump administration. >> i respect dr. fauci a lot. but dr. fauci is not 100% right.
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>> and white house trade advisor peter navarro told cbs news fauci has been long about everything i have ever interacted with him on. >> we're doing a great job. we're doing very well with vaccines and we're doing very, very well with therapeutics. >> in his effort to reopen the country, president trump has lashed out at just about anyone who urges restraint including officials at the cdc. today he even retweeted former game show host chuck woolery who suggested everyone is lying to keep president trump from getting a second term. >> today president tru's former cstaff micke testing inexble.g td e use, thank you. the own rn whington's nfl team had vowed this day would never come. but in the face of calls for racial justice and threatened loss of sponsors, today the team said it is dropping the name
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redskins which many see as a slur against nativericans, here's cbs's nikole killion. >> for the first time in its 87 year history washington's marquee football franchise is getting a make over. monday morning the team announced in a statement it will be retiring the redskins name and logo. quarterback dwayne haskins tweeted it will always be hail to the redskins but looking forward to the future. >> i have had to live with this name for all of my life. >> congresswoman eleanor holmes norton fought for the name change. >> what does this mean for the ? inkwilbeds part of the georg revolution justice proest its the team faced mounting pressure to remove the native american moniker from sponsors like nike, pepsi and fedex. >> we tiring the name in this case is probably a positive net present value project for them. it will likely end up making money on this change rather than
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actually losing money. >> in a statement the national congress of american indian said we commend the washington nfl team for eliminating a brand that disrespected, de meaned and stereotyped all native people. and called on other teams to retire caricatures. the cleveland indians is reviewing its name while the atlanta braifers say they will reexam a tomahawk cheer by fans. >> washington owner dan sphwhieder and coach ron rivera are working on a new name. they're reportedly considering the warriors, another popular choice is the redtails in honor of the tuskegee airmen, norah? >> o'donnell: nikole killion, thank you. topt firefighters are struggling to control a raging fire aboard a u.s. navy warship docked in san diego. the strike group commander says a fire suppression system was being worked on when the fire br activated. we've got more from david martin. >> the fight to save the bonhomme richard went into its
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second day with the outcome still in doubt. the amphibious assault ship which was yownd going maintenance in san diego has been burning since sunday morning. despite the combined efforts of hundreds of military and civil yafn firefighters, as well as helicopters dumping buckets of water. so much water the ship is beginning to list. the fire with temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees started below decks but has now spread to the top. >> the superstructure and the upper deck continues to burn, the forward mast has collapsed. >> rear admiral philip sobeck said nearly 60 sailors and suflians have been treated at local hospitals, mostly for smock inhalation and heat exhaustion. five remain hospitalized in stable condition. the navy won't know until the fire is out whether the 20 year old ship will be worth repairing. david martin, cbs waington >> o'donnell: the pandemic is reshaping the presidential race, our new cbs battleground poll
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shows joe biden with a six point lead over trump among likely voters in florida. in arizona it is a tie and in texas biden is within a point of the president. mr. trump swept those states in 2016 but now all three states are inundated with infections. here's ed o'keefe. >> joe biden suddenly strong showing across three sun belt states including in the republican stronghold of tech as is do due in large part to the president's handling of the covid-19 crisis. >> our president wasn't prepare ford this pandemic. >> but more concerned someone is about getting the virus, the more likely theynequi, andst saf pressure from the trump administration. >> we did the right thing. now we opened. we got to get it open. >> but biden is urging his supporters to ignore the new polls. democrats worry about becoming overconfident and know the numbers will tighten in the fall. biden's advantage comes as the president's re-election team is struggling. a rally scheduled for saturday
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in new hampshire was scrapped in part because of the risk of a smaller crowd, like the one mr. trump spoke to last month in oklahoma. and in florida the president's support among senior citizens usually a key gop voting bloc is slipping amid coronavirus concerns. ed o'keefe, cbs news. >> and there is still much more news ahead on tonight's cbs evening news. the body of actress naya rivera is found in a lake where her "glee" classmates gathered today for a sad reunion. later the emotional outpouring for actress kelly preston who lost her secret bat well breast cancer. another devastating loss for the travolta family. (denise) my husband has lung cancer from smoking.
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>> o'donnell: tonight there are still so many questions about what happened to 33 kreer old "glee" star naya rivera. investigators confirm that rivera's body was found today in a lake north of los angeles where she disappeared last week while boating with her son.
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here's cbs's meg oliver with a vital clue that lead them to the discovery. >> the ventura county sheriff said authorities are confident that the body they have found is of 33 year old naya rivera. >> there was no indication of foul play. and no indication this was a suicide. >> recovery teams spent six days searching lake piru and its shoreline with 15 foot brush making it difficult. rivera was last seen wednesday afternoon boarding a rented pontoon with her four year old son josie. he told investigators they went swmming and she helped him into the boat from behind. >> he told investigators that he looked back and saw her disappear under the surface of the water. >> a report from the los angeles times says that hours before she disappeared rivera took a photo in a cove and sent it to a relative which lead authorities to agree on the location and this powerful image, members of the cast of "glee" gathered at the lake before the body was found.
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coureo two-year bat wl breast cancer. here's cbs's carter evans. >> jerry, there is i ascension tiffity thing that some people have. i don't have it. >> kelly preston's role in the movie jerry maguire may still be one of her most memorable. >> i'm too strong for you, loser. >> from a decades long acting career. >> i baked you some cookies. >> does anybody here now hoe to dance. >> i know how to dance. >> but it was a screen test for the 1989 film the w she f metoh travolta, they were maied o lanr while thr daht born inso 2,deond bejamin izure at theilho in the baamas.
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on sunday preston just 57 is wit
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