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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 16, 2020 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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arked weeks protests in the ea.r >> and new information revealed
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to us in this investigation. otdoor dining is allowed in alameda county again, but we're learning one restaurant never shut down in the first plate. racist messages scrawled outside a dental clinic. why staff believes they were targeted. now at 11:00, breaking news. a key piece of evidence destroyed in a highly scrutinized police shoot nothing vallejo. >> i'm veronica de la cruz in tonight for elizabeth. let's get you to joe vazquez with what we've just learned. >> reporter: a police department. y of the vallejo police department has been placed on administrative leave after the front windshield of an undercover police vehicle was found to be destroyed. after a vallejo police ugthe wi
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a vehicle last month, they secured the scene. but a key piece of evidence is now missing. quote, the city has discovered the windshield has been destroyed and the vehicle has since been placed back into service without prior consultation with the police chief or city attorney's office. >> it was egregious. it was outrageous may have. to me, it was a great example of why the police shouldn't know policing themselves. >> reporter: sean monterrosa was killed that night. his family says he had his hands up and was surrendering when he was shot. but police insist they thought they saw a weapon in his ha be a hammer. a city. y has been suspended because of the windshield. and they're asking the state attorney general to investigate the destruction of evidence. >> it's an appropriate start as
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a response to this. they took the first opportunity to destroy evidence that was necessary from our perspective to do scene reconstruction. now we have no ability to do that. >> reporter: it's not clear what happened to the windshield. it appears that vehicle was repaired and rushed back into service. kpix 5. only on 5 tonight, staff at a san jose dental clinic are speaking out after discovering racist messages scrawled outside their doors twice in the last few weeks. only on 5, kpix 5 is in san jose with why woers the inic be messages discovered right outside this clinic, a clinic that serves mostly native americans and the staff says this was no accident, they were targeted. now they're hoping for justice with the help of surveillance footage.
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>> absolutely. we are definitely being targeted. >> reporter: tuesday, just before 5:30 a.m. >> it seems super passive aggressive. >> reporter: surveillance cameras capture a person walking their dogs, stopping, then crouching outside the entrance where they later discovered the letters. but now they're trying to find out if it's the same person who wrote "white power forever" three weeks ago. >> the thing we are identified as american indian, i think it makes us an easy targfor o wanttolash out against movements like blm. >> reporter: staff at the dental clinic took a knee recently and they speculate if that is why they're now the target of the racist messages. >> we are living in an era where hate crimes have been normalized and encouraged from
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as far up as the white house. >> reporter: works with other advocacy groups on hate crimes in the bay area. executive director says they've seen an increase in racist attacks this year. she says reporting incidents is mo >> we need to be able to advocate on their behalves. freedom of speech is expansive, it does not however include vandalism or hate crimes, period. >> this should by no means be taken lightly. >> reporter: they hope they will catch who keeps targeting the clinic. >> scribbling on our sidewalks is light in comparison to the type of oppressive actions we've experienced. we're here to stay. >> reporter: the staff says they did file a police report and police are reviewing the footage. kpix 5. well, some pretty bad air around the bay area tonight.
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because this. a 14,000-acre fire in fresno county. and smoke from that fire has been causing some hazy conditions in part of the bay area. an air quality advisory extended now through friday. paul heggen has a closer look at that funky air out there. paul, what's going on? it's not as bad as it could be. certainly not as bad as some of the wildfire tainted air the bay area has experienced over the past couple years, but unhealthy for certain groups. this is what you're going to experience as we head through the end of the work week on friday. folks with severe asthma, emphysema, those are the people who will be experiencing the most. the wildfire danger isn't going to be that high. the highest numbers on the map
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today are a 3. anything below a 5 it where we want to be this time of year. tonight it drops down to around zero because the temperatures drop off and the humidity goes up. tomorrow, a 3 or 4 once again. it's not going to be that breezy or dry in terms of the wildfire threat. we're also keeping an eye on the weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up in a few minutes. tonight, california just set two new records that it never wanted to. state health officials reporting the highest number of new coronavirus cases in a single day, more than 11,000 yesterday. and total hospitalizations hit another record high, more than 6700. tonight, you can go out to eat in alameda county again, but kpix 5's andrea nakano discovered one company defied the county and never closed. >> reporter: i'm here at azul
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restaurant here in livermore. the owner tells me this outdoor dining area right in front of his restaurant has helped to boost his business by about 50 to 60%. >> on friday at 9:00, we were told that it was over. it was a punch in the gut. tears literally started running down from my eyes. how is this happening? >> reporter: mj moreno feared he would have to shut down the outdoor dining portion of his business, but then the city of livermore notified its residents they could defy the order until it received a legal order. >> we're here 4 weeks. >> reporter: today, restaurant owners got the news they were waiting for, that the state has granted the county variance, which means outdoor dining can >>but we both have cabin fever, i tell you th
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though remains on the state's monitoring list because of the high number of new daily cases. here in livermore, many feel businesses and residents are doing their part to try to slow the spread of coronavirus. >> i do feel comfortable out and about. there's lots of spacing between people. >> you gotta enjoy your life, we gotta continue to keep living, but we gottaa do it safely. >> reporter: the counties since it's still on the state's monitoring list, it will pause any more reopening for now. tonight, we know that san francisco students are expected to start the fasemestinfrt eico teachers. school district officials signaling it is all but certain fall will begin with distance learning. once case numbers improve, the districts 53,000 students could then switch to a combination of
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in-person and online learning. tonight the state education chief is saying it may not be appropriate for counties that have low infection rates. if you'd like all the information, head to our website at tonight, twitter shining light on a massive hack that netted more than a hundred thousand dollars. accounts belonging to some of the world's richest people were hacked in a bitcoin scam. the attackers used their profiles to post a tweet urging followers to donate via bitcoin. >> one of the key things this raises questions about is how much we can trust twitter at all. >> twitter believes this was a coordinated attack by people who targeted some of its
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employees with access to internal systems and tools. coming up, our original series, project home, bidding wars moved to the burrshes burbs during coronavirus. >> there's a joke amg agsang e's no going to be any houses left to sell. another major airline warning thousands of employees to expect furloughs and the timing may raise some ey this crisis has changed almost everything, but not our resolve. we've pulled together, worked hard to keep each other safe. we've flattened the curve and are starting to reopen our communities. we can protect the people we love, and help californians get back on their feet. for our families and our communities, let's stay the course and stop the spread.
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now to our original series, project home. despite the pandemic, luxury home sales have hit a record high. >> yeah, it's all thanks to the new work from home culture. susie steimle found the bidding war is moving to the burbs where second home markets are becoming primary home markets. >> people want a to go, somewhere that feels distant. >> reporter: this 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom luxury home in sonoma is on the market for just under $7 million. it sits on 13 acres, complete with an at-home gym, pool, and
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a new necessariity, two home offices. christine with compass real estate says wine country has gone from a second-home market to a primary home market overnight. >> there's a joke right now among agents, we keep teasing y be houses left to sell. >> reporter: the real estate market in the bay area is already rebounding. >> realistically, there will be an exodus from the cities. >> reporter: he says it's changed the way his company looks for talent. >> if everybody is working from home anyway, i believe a really attractive way to get amazing talent is to permit them to work from wherever they want, become digital nomads. >> reporter: he coem to untapped talent since people don't have to relocate for a job. >> i'm a big believer that we can heal the rural urban divide
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with remote work. so it gives us a clear path to reinvigorate our country side. >> reporter: according to redfin, 27% of home buyers are looking to relocate to more affordable, less dense areas. san francisco, new york and angeles seen the greatest outflow, meaning more people are looking to leave than move in. here, monterey, santa cruz, sonoma and napa counties are seeing the greatest inflow. they also happen to be the 4 least crowded counties in our region. commercial real estate is taking a hit. more than half of u.s. construction firms have suspended commercial real estate projects. 74% of surveyed investors have shelved commercial real estate investment plans and commercial tenants are defaulting on rent. shopping centers only paid an average of 46% of their typical rent in april. >> there's not going to be a
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fully remote or fully back to the office in my opinion. >> reporter: michelle is the principal with -- she surveyed tenants and landlords and said that those that can afford to hold on to offices probably will. >> over 50% said they would keep their existing square footage for the next 12 months. >> reporter: making cities more affordable again. >> and i would love to see that become, you know, a rebirth of arts and culture city living as opposed to i live in the city because my employer it's shifting the bidding war. properties in wine country that used to sit for a year and were priced to sell are now increasingly going over asking. >> even if a percent of san franciscans decided to come up
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here, we still can't match demand. >> susie, question for you: has all of this affected home prices in the city? >> so, rent in the city, as you know, is down, but home prices have actually remained steady. it's just that it's affected the bidding war in the city. there used to be really competitive bidding wars in the city. that's not happening as frequently, but home prices, still steady. >> it's amazing how things can change in just a couple of months here in the bay area. thank you for that. >> kind of a flip flop. >> exactly. keep sending your stories and ideas to new at 11:00, american airlines plans to lay off or furlough as many as 25,000 tothe day the demll and
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government lifts a lay off ban. college students are getting an extra incentive to study at home. the university of southern california is handing out $4,000 in financial aid for the fall and string semesters. the money would go to undergrads who would otherwise receive room and board. either way the university will be holding most of its fall classes online. going to check in with paul heggen right now. kind of smoking around parts of the bay area this afternoon. we got a little smoke advisory, some fires burning down in fresno. beyond the smoke, what are we looking at? >> just normal weather as we head through the rest of this week. fortunately those biggest fires aren't in the immediate vicinity. but it's going to be unhealthy
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for sensitive groups, people with severe emphysema or asthma. otherwise just a normal weather pattern. part of that is going to be to pull the fog a little away from the coast. up to around 70 near the bay. up to 90 degrees inland as we head into the weekend. the work at home adventure is back in effect here. there we go. everything's going to back away from the coast in terms of the fog. part of my work at home adventure here in the garage is that a raccoon tried to sneak in about 45 minutes ago. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. sales force tower, the top of it is socked in already. that's going to continue to reai w clouds an start anththen that temperatures will warm up. it depends on where you are how much they're going to warm up.
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broad to you by heidi from richmond. sweet looking face. i love that spot on her nose. plenty of sunshine once the fog backs up toward the coast. retreat off the coast for a l couple of hours and give those along the shore a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. upper 70s and low 80s around the south bay. a little farther into the 80s as you head into the santa clara valley. mostly in the mid-80s for the trivalley with the warmest temperatures in eastern contra costa and solano county, but still a little cloud cover upr 60s and low 70s me to time. around the bay and upper 70s and low 80s for the north bay with the hottest temperatures farther to the north still in
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the 90s for lake and mendocino counties. temperatures are going towarm up to 70 degrees to the weekend. and then back down to near normal temperatures as we head to most of next week. we'll keep you updated as we head to the next couple days. >> thanks, paul. give our best to rocky raccoon. a real-life treasure hunt about to get under way with
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tonight, about a million dollars worth of gold and jewelry up for pandemic is forc and amy perry to close their jewelry store in michigan. so they decided -- get is -- to make a real live treasure hunt, burying stashes of vintage engagement rings, precious coins in gold and silver. the treasures are all across
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michigan and the hunt begins next month. warrior fans, do you remember what happened on this day 10 years ago today? and when
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when you humbl under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you. the giants front office continue to pump the brakes on joey bart saying he will spend
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the season in sacramento. now, when will the train leave the station? bart has impressed at summer camp and some teammates think he could arrive ahead of schedule. >> i really like him as a player and i think he has the potential to be a special player. >> i really like joey bart's approach. he can hit the ball hard. quakes aying vancouver in their second game of the mls. 98th minute, tied at three. jay salinas with the game winner. san jose trailed 3-1. but comes all the way back to beat chico onndor to advance to the knock-out round. >> and this is what it's all about! and nascar had over 20,000
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fans don't at bristol. biggest turn out since returning in may. $1.1million. they'll go to texas this weekend. i hold in my hand the top 5 for this day in sports history. 2011, tom watson at age 61 with another open championship highlight. an ace on the 6th hole at royal saint george's. number 4, 2017, khris davis with an opposite field blast to beat the indians, his second of 4 walk-off runs with the at number 3, 2012, serena williams beat cocoa to win at stanford for the second straight year, this time with her dad in attendance. >> i called him after my first match. i was like daddy, train, train
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going to win this game. and at number 1, 2010, the warriors are sold for a then record $450 million. >> the team hasn't had the greatest amount of success in the last two decades and players want to go to winners, they want to be winners. so that's an image we have to
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well, the late show with st hesy - [announcer] during these unprecedented times, hesy freedom forever announces a special solar stimulus program. stay tuned to find out how you can receive a check for $1000, plus make no solar payments for six months when you switch to solar with freedom forever.


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