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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 18, 2020 2:07am-2:42am PDT

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cbsn bay area, good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i veronica de la cruz internet when elizabeth. we start with breaking news on capitol hill tonight. the world has lost a civil rights icon. congressman john lewis has died. the georgia representative was the son of sharecroppers in alabama pick lewis took part in some of the seminal moments in the civil rights movement, including the blood he sunday march on selma, alabama, and the 1963 march on washington. he then served in the house for more than three decades, where he earned a reputation as the conscience of the united states congress. on the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s assassination, lewis asked americans to step up. >> when you see something inis not fair, something that is not just, you have a moral obligation to say something and do something. >> lewis received numerous awards throughout his life, including the presidential medal of freedom. john lewis was 80 years old. some new rules from the governor will force most bay
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w, a cfs taska out for renakano some doctors to sort out fear from fact. >> reporter: this task force has gathered data from other countries who have successfully figured out what works and what doesn't and thanks to this information, doctors have some solid science as schools try to figure out how to get back to in person learning. >> it's hard. we're in a hard position, and the only way forward is for us to work together. dr. naomi bar deck is on the ucsf task force were a safe return for school. >> the error we made in this part of the debt is opening a bars and restaurants before schools, that's probably because it was summertime, but
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i would say as a society we should look towards looking to opening a school for. >> reporter: doctors say there is a way to get kids back to school, but it all hinges on seeing a decline in covid-19 cases. >> with rising community prevalence, it's not going to work. there's data that shows that if this community transmission going on, it will transmission mostly one adult. hat'cause doct kids, especially in elementary school, are at a very low risk for catching coronavirus took the biggest concern is spread between faculty and staff. >> our usual mental model as we think about the kids or patients as being a source of infection. it is what you get into the break room, or you sit down to
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have lunch, and you take off your mask, you start to eat, you chat with somebody who is your cauley, who you trust, you're familiar with, and that is where the greatest risk for transmission is going to be. >> reporter: at this point, doctors say it is hard to estimate when eight return to school will be possible, but parents can play an important role in speeding up the process. >> make good choices. we bend over backwards for our kids. we do everything for the kids, and the minimum we can do for our kids now is wear masks, socially distance, stay at home. >> reporter: in novato, andrea nakano, kpix 5. >> here are some of the new rules for schools to reopen their campuses. first, they must be in a county that has been off the state's watchlist for at least two consecutive weeks. all staff and students from third grade up must wear masks. everyone in classrooms must maintain physical distancing. temperature checks will be conducted daily, and teachers must remind their students to wash their hands frequently. new at 11:00, with state
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and county prosecutors refusing to investigate a deadly policed shooting in vallejo, house speaker nancy pelosi once the fbi to take charge. last month, an officer shot 22- year-old sean monterrosa through the windshield of a cruiser outside of a walgreens being looted. monterrosa's family says he had his hands up and was surrendering. police and sit they saw a gun in his hand. a hammer was found in his pocket. this week, police department employee was placed on leave when the city discovered the windshield, a key piece of evidence, was destroyed. tonight, the department revealed a second employee is also on leave. earlier in the day, the city of vallejo sent a letter to the solano county da urging her to investigate monterrosa's shooting and that of millie mccoy. six offices open fire on mccoy who was inside a car and a taco bell drive-through. so far, both solano county prosecutors and estate's attorneys office both refused to take on either case. tonight, i spoke to attorney john burris who is representing both families, and he says he welcomes any outside investigation and the attention
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from speaker pelosi. >> we have real reservations about our vallejo pd being able to police itself, we have concerns about the local district attorney's office, that the speaker of the house or it brings more attention to it, to these facts, and it may be one or more of these organizations, if they do conduct an investigation, will do in an impartial and fair manner. >> about two hours ago, the attorney general's office said it would investigate the destruction of evidence in the monterrosa case come up but not either of the shootings. now late tonight, vallejo police released gratitude to th in. new video tonight of a massive fire burning in the city of hayward. this one erupted in the old holiday bowl building about three hours ago. these videos were posted on the citizen app, and you can see just how big that plume of smok
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witnesses say it could be seen for miles. crews are keeping an eye on any hot spots tonight because the cause is still under investigation. a san jose woman who was deaf is making an emotional plea to the public. she says she's been repeatedly kicked out and harassed at businesses for not wearing a mask. kpix 5's maria medina with a store you will only see on 5 program according to the state' sorter, those who are hearing impaired are exempt from wearing a mask to despite the exception, erin young says she's been harassed so many times for not wearing a mask, she almost never leaves her home. >> horrible. horrible. trying not to cry now. remick erin young says trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, and gas station mostly end with her being totally by invoice or publicly persecuted by other customers. >> it's very disheartening, it >> repoerin is exempt ate as a t maskcog health. yohayour on.
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i can hear you but it's hard for me to understand you. >> reporter: she is deaf. >> people tell me all the time you don't sound like who someone who is deaf. without my hearing aids, i would be squinting my eyes, looking at you, especially with the background and traffic noise. i can hear you, but i cannot hear your words. >> reporter: erin has a hearing loss of 99 present in her right ear, 60% in her left ear. she reads lips , and her hearing aids help if they are flush against her head. >> it pushes it almost completely off my ear. face shields create an echo. >> reporter: she tried several different types of masks. not are made for her impairment. >> i have screeching in my ears because it's compressing where my hearing aids are. i keep the exemption on my phone. i show people, and they tell me all the time you cannot come in he. >> reporter: iski
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up for herself hers who may exe one understands, she now feels confined to her home. >> i'm done being harassed for something i can't help. >> reporter: erin says she has reached out to county and state officials but says she's received no help or answer still in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. in napa county, people who are not wearing a mask in public could now get a ticket board of supervisors just approved that ordinance, and the fines will run you anywhere from 25 bucks all the way up to $500. businesses would have to pay more, from $200-$5000. supervisors day citations our last resort for those repeat offenders. the fines will be issued by code enforcement employees and not law enforcement officers. new at 11:00, lyft getting a lot of backlash after launching an online store for its drivers. the lyft store sells masks and protective gear, but many say
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the company should be providing those for free. the latest move adds even more fuel to the debate over whether or not drivers are employees or independent contractors, and to what extent the company should provide benefits and protections. a lyft spokesperson tells us, quote, all cleaning supplies and safety products are provided to drivers either for free or at cost. lyft does not make a profit on ppe. the lyft store is a resource to provide millions of drivers across the u.s. easy access to cleaning supplies and face masks that have consistently been difficult to find. growing uncertainty and desperation tonight for many workers and business owners in san francisco. kpix 5's betty yu joins us live with the reopening reversal. here we go again, betty. >> reporter: that is right, ken, and as of today san francisco is one of 30+ counties on the state's watchlist. mayor london breed said the reason for this reopening reversal is the rising number of cases of covid-19. coay, nsb
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indoor malls and nonessential offices must shutdown. >> we're a store. our income is from the store. we don't have other things going on, and that's our lifeblood, so when that's not happening, it has a heavy domino effect. right to news that the closer did not surprise shop owner, stefan jordan. >> but those are that are walking around that feels like they don't need it, and i think it's a basic understanding that you are protecting people from your cell. right today, mayor london breed urged residents to avoid social gatherings outside of the immediate household and to wear masks. the most recent data shows that the average age of hospitalized patients with covid-19 has been
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41 years old. >> what we know from our contact tracing team is that the large part of the new virus spread we're seeing is coming from people who are having gatherings with others outside of their household. >> reporter: the new closures are happening as california's economy had begun to bounce back from a modest may. the state added more than a half million new jobs in june. adding to the instability, the extra $600 per week boost to unemployment benefits helping millions of americans expires next week. >> i mean, once that's over, i won't have any more income, so i will have to start budgeting really closely. >> i've been kind of saving money so when i go back to school, i don't really have to work. but yeah, other people, it definitely impacts them a lot. >> reporter: and we apologize for that disruption. the mayor said that if we do not flatten this curve, she
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will be forced to close other businesses and activities. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. federal law enforcement accused of frightening and unconstitutional acts, as protests continue in oregon. tonight, the mayor one city says he's had enough. >> mr. president, federal agencies should never be used as your own personal army. a rare sp
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for the family of neil wilson, after her murder at an oakland b.a.r.t. station. her killer today was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. john lee cowell was charged with murder after killing her and stabbing her sister letifah wilson. the wilson family said cowell showed no remorse, but they are relieved the trial is over. >> i did want death penalty for him, but he would not suffer enough as we do. we suffer through this every day. >> i just want to havethem
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know that justice was served, and i'm thankful to the. >> cowell will be transferred to san quentin prison. state and local leaders in oregon archer demanding the trump administration remove federal law enforcement from portland. saying they are provoking confrontations with protesters. for almost 2 months now, the demonstrators have been staging nightly protests. this week, the department of homeland security sent heavily armed and armored officers to patrol areas near federal buildings. at times, federal agents have been seen detaining protesters and putting them into unmarked vehicles. portland's mayor says president trump is looking for a confrontation in hopes of winning some political points. >> this is an explicit abuse of power in places federal officers and oregonians endanger. mr. president, we see right through you. we see what you are doing. so do us a favor. keep your troops in your own buildings. or have them leave our city.
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>> the acting head of the department of homeland security accused local leaders of failing to protect portland. the chief says he's under is seized by violent mob. the curfews are in effect in parts of south florida with the coronavirus raging out of control. the state has announced more than 100 deaths today for the fourth day in a row. ime dade county is nearing a tipping point with i see useful in 8 of 25 hospitals. visitors were ordered to leave south beach by 8:00 pm tonight. neighboring broward county is imposing an 11:00 pm purview and limiting gatherings to 10 people. well, a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle tonight. >> the comet neowise graced the
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bay area's guys again. here is a time-lapse from our salesforce camera just a few hours ago. wow, we can see it from there. that tiny white speck shooting across the sky is neowise, and while the comet does look small, experts say it is rare for a comet to be bright enough to spot with the naked eye even binocular's. there was a virtual presentation to help stargazers prepare. >> you should be able to see it, and if you are not in fog. again, you just look to the northwest. this thing is way out in space. it's about 60 million miles away from the earth, so just about anywhere where it is dark, you should be able to see it. >> you can catch neowise every night through -- every night through next thursday. i don't know if that was for we or me, ken, but we can check it out between 9:00 and 930, and i guess we better enjoy it while we can because apparently, it's not going to return for what, another 6800 years? we'll get it next time. >> i won't be here yet.
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paul will be here, weather will be here. we will be talking about paul again in the summer. >> won't go anywhere. yeah, pretty much the same thing, unless continental drift really speeds up and the ocean currents move around. let's talk about the best way to see a. look west-northwest. look 10 degrees above the horizon. for the next several nights we are expecting temperatures in the 60s around 9:30 in the evening. as we head into next week, it will get farther above the horizon. best viewing is going to be through next thursday, but you're still going to be seeing it after that to give a good pair binocular telescope and an unobstructed view of the northwest horizon, and that is the rub because of the fog we so often deal with this time of year. you can see the fog sneaking across the bay. temperatures dropping down to the 50s and 60s. pretty normal territory for this time of year. as we head to the rest of the night, that fog is going to spread outcome even far inland by early saturday morning, but it's not going to take long for that fog to back up towards the
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coast and even off the coast a little ways. sunshine has been in short supply right along the coast the last couple of days. you see a little bit of that tomorrow and probably more of it sunday. temperatures tomorrow morning starting off in the 50s area why. anywhere in the low 50s to mostly mid to upper 60s, which is exactly normal for the middle of july. as far as dog walking forecast, cuts a little ways away. thank you to millie's human bruce for sharing that picture with us. love that sweet lab face. bruce must watch as from the internet or via satellite because coming from grass valley, the northeast and sacramento valley. temperatures are going to be in the low 90s tomorrow. that is a little toasty for your dog friend, so millie is going to enjoy the air conditioning. bay area is not going to be quite that one, but we will still see milder temperatures compared to the last few days. in the city of course, that's a relative term. temperatures into the upper 60s by early afternoon, then
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dropping back at the onshore breeze kicks and. the fog should back up by midmorning. temperatures into the mid 80s for san jose. the santa clara valley warming up for what's normal for july. concord up into the upper 80s took several degrees warmer than today once you get rid of that early morning cloud cover. not quite up to 90 degrees. upper 90s for the warmest temperatures in the tri-valley to the upper 80s and the warmest temperatures. temperatures elsewhere, upper 60s to low 70s along the bay, but even the hottest temperatures not that hot for this type of your. we back down slightly sunday back to a normal weather patterns, including the fog we are so used to, veronica. >> sounds good, thank you. there is some heavy lifting going on along the
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unusual project underway along the san francisco waterfront. >> building 12 at pier 70 is being lifteddue rising thre00o lebuilding. rais 10 feet u c ja noth at will ultimately
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tiger woods. if you and i go out and shoot a 76, we've got a little bounce in our step , don't we? do that on the pga tour, you don't last long. let's take you to ohio, second round play, and tiger woods won five times, but te deum your mortal. scored a double bogey on his first hole, shot 4 over 76, barely made the cut at three over par. there is bryson dechambeau. it's like that movie "10 cut" he scored a 10, a 10. missed the cut. tony finau and ryan palmer i tarry for the lead at nine under par. jesus lopez ardo, the a's rookie pitcher with an rocket arm was cleared to rejoin the
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team after his battle with coronavirus. lazar had remained at his home in florida after testing positive. he is one of oakland tie-ins rated pitching prospects. feeling great after signing his contract with the giants that give the pitcher it 2 1/2 million dollars signing bonus. the third round pick told me he's had his eyes on the big sent one game in the 10th grade. >> i was pitching in the championship in, and our whole ncs thing, and i was just -- i went out there, threw one good inning, and i was like i really think i got a shot at this, so from that moment on, i started working as hard as i could every day to achieve that and be better than the next guy, and that was my rotation, and i think that drive is what's going to help me keep on moving levels. let's check portland. silenced top seed airline in women's soccer league challenge cup, knockout round in utah. good type for his first ever gold!
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a one-nil shocker, for portland's first win of the
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all right. it's perfect for a late friday night. danville is going to be getting its own taco bell cantina. the cantina restaurant concept branches off from the popular fast food chain es y new lo with decor and alcohol. the restaurant is going to open on front street and hart's way. just in case you're wondering. "the late show with stephen colbert" is up next. >> thank you for watching. news continue streaming on cbsn bay area. have a great, but safe, weekend. see you.
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