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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 19, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studiois kpix 5 news. is california doing enough testing for coronavirus. some officials say it's hard to get an appointment, we look at how long it is taking to get tested. >> and the talk is ticking for the bay area not on the watchlist, what you can still do in san mateo county at least for now. we were prepared for dying for what we believed in. it was this feeling that someone had to do it. >> we couldn't wait another 50 years, another hundred years. >> the bay area remembering
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congressman john lewis it is just about 6:00 a.m. on sunday july 19th, good morning i'm devin fehely. >> let's check out the weather with meteorologist darren peck. another gloomy start it looks like? >> i'm sure everybody remembers how saturday morning, was saturday looks the same as today . a couple of other views the scene from the roof of the bay bridge, that is an important one because it tells us these clouds have pretty much the entire bay, looking at the clouds until they burn out midmorning. were not going to change things much at all, we range from 60 in most locations, santa rosa is 55. a couple of headlines, besides the gray start were going to e seeing hazy skies this afternoon mainly off to the east from a wildfire builder burning from the south.
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were going to show you much more this hour. cooler temperatures are coming back this week, but before we get to those cooler temperatures this week were going to repeat tomorrow's, pretty much right on the mark for where we should be this time of your temperature wise close to 90 in the bay anywhere from 72 in oakland 285 in san jose, i will see with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. california report of more than 6800 new coronavirus cases on saturday bringing the total number of infections, to more than 380,000. the state also saw 89 more deaths, researchers of the harvard global health institute, said california needs to triple the amount of testing being done if it hopes to get the upper under control. kpix takes a closer look at the testing plan in san francisco. >> the city will issue a new
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health order on monday that will require private health care providers to offer same- day testing to anyone who show symptoms of covid-19 or contact with an infected person, health officials say this will free up the city's testing sites. this is one of san francisco's public testing sites at the embarcadero. >> my wife is not a problem being tested. >> adam cooper's wife signed up and got an appointment within a week others told us off camera they sent a protest and got appointments the same day. city officials say there is an issue. >> as demand rose, access to appointments is getting harder and test results are taking longer. >> the city said an average of 2600 tests are being conducted per day, and 60% on average a public testing sites. this will help and free of the capacity of san francisco's
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public testing programs. >> with the goal of allowing residents who are uninsured, or are members of impacted communities, to get tested in a more timely manner. >> cooper's will be tested for the fifth time as a hospital employee. she is an essential worker in close contact with children. >> we have very specific times th b, ere is not a line really, to me it looked good the way they did it. >> the truth is we need to continue to expand testing particularly in the mission and my next community, we are continuing to build the capacity, but the city has seen a surge in hospitalizations and cases in the past couple weeks. it took 38 days to go from 2000 to 3000 casesys to00cases.
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in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. son right now san mateo is the only bay area county not on the watchlist. it might only be a matter of time before the changes. san mateo just about the last counties standing as the rest of the bay area go sliding backwards but that distinction may not last long business owners here can hear the clock ticking. >> yes, i've been checking online, and watching the news just to see, if were going to close or not. >> with coronavirus numbers pushing a cond shutdown is now in effect for salon and gym owners. >> is going to look like were going to have to shut down again. >> taylor martin opened a weight room one year ago. >> i worked for 10 rooms if somebody would have told me
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there was a national pandemic i probably would have had second thoughts about taking everything i have been putting it into a business. >> it serious for all these workers and the small businesses that are just obliterated. supervisor dave thinks the county will land on the watchlist by tuesday maybe as soon as monday he said the resulting blow to the economy is something we will be dealing with long-term. >> is the economic piece that presents us with some extraordinary challenges, moving forward. >> of course there is no timetable for how long the neck shutdown may last. >> i hope there is a way that we can allow businesses to still operate in a safe and healthy environment, i feel like it should be practical. >> one more bay area county awaits word official setback, from case to school announcements. this was not a good week. >> it wasn't good, it felt
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discouraging because we were going backwards. >> in redwood city wilson walker, kpix 5. can local officials require people to wear masks. >> we talked to face the nation on cbs. in the state of georgia the governor is taking the mayor of atlanta to court over this because he doesn't believe she has the ability to mandate mask wearing in that state's largest city, we will have the mayor of atlanta join us on sunday to talk about this trade in white has become such a flashpoint, the argument is in principle about civil liberties. but the mayor argues this is for public health. >> you can see the view at 8:30
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i guess on the show also there including the newly appointed president of the university of california michael drake. >> i daly city father and sun are in the hospital after a fire in their apartment with them unconscious, it broke out just before 8:00 a.m. yesterday near jefferson high school. firefighters pulled the man in and his sun from a smoke-filled bedroom, the father is in critical condition now, but no word on the condition of the nine-year-old boy. the fire is being treated as a crime scene because the ground- floor unit had no smoke detectors. the stove was removed as evidence. it superset i've seen those kids before. yeah, i didn't even know about that, that's horrible. >> firefighters believe the blaze started in the kitchen the landlord claims the tenants may have removed the smoke detectors it is unclear if anyone will face charges of negligence. deer valley high school pool was calling over the fence when he lost balance and got
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his leg impaled. crews found him stuck 10 feet off the ground he is being treated at a hospital. county officials say the kids have been coming to local high schools to swim because other polls are closed during the coronavirus shutdown. >> the bay area is remembering the life and legacy of john lewis. he died late on friday, his decades long tenure in congress followed years of organizing civil rights protests in the south. where he marched alongside martin luther king jr. >> when he laid his body on the line, for us it reminds us, that it is really that important, so yeah, we've got to be willing to do that i'm not sure if that generation is ready to do that. but it might need to. >> lewises close friend barbara lee of oakland said his legacy will pave the way for today's younger generations. >> these were children, who led the fight, by john lewis at a
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very young age for voting rights, for civil and human rights. and so he expects these young people to continue this fight. >> he carried the baton of justice until the very end it is up to us to pick it up and carry on. >> he put his whole life about finding the injustices that have long claimed this country and he never stopped demonstrating unparalleled strength, perseverance, dignity, so many of us stand on his shoulders and our hearts grieve for the loss of a true hero. >> i have the honor of taking part on a one-on-one lengthy sitd movement called march, that he
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hoped would inspire a new generation to activism. he explained to me how he first became involved in the movement friend in martin luther king jr. while still a teenager himself and how he ended up on the front lines of one of the bloodiest and most pivotal chapters in the fight for equal rights. >> it was this feeling that someone had to do it. we couldn't wait. >> another 50 years, another hundred years. >> john lewis was 25 and the veteran of the civil rights movement when he helped organize the march himself in montgomery. >> on march 7th, 1965 a group of us, about 600 people attempted to march from selma, montgomery alabama. wanted to register to vote. >> we came to the highest point of the bridge, down below we saw alabama state troopers. >> they were ordered to turn
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around and when they refused, troopers advance. >> we saw these guys, putting on gas masks. they came towards us beating us with nightsticks. >> it became known as bloody sunday, lewis chronicled it in his graphic novel the march. >> he was bruised and bloodied himself. caring scars that he would have for the rest of his life. it was a turning point, the unfettered violence on the marchers was more than e nation could stomach. when the protesters returned weeks later their numbers had swelled. >> on march 21st,leaving soma rather than 600 of us there were 10,000 americans. >> the attack on the bridge was a defining moment in john lewis
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is wise. demonstrating the physical and the moral courage that so many have called to admire. to sacrifice himself to become the body of the battlefield. >> i met martin luther king jr. >> i wanted to do something to just tear down the walls of segregation and racial discrimination. >> congressman lewis was gracious, humble, generous with his time, fierce and outspoken in the face of injustice it is not a purple he to say that john lewis and the men and women who marched along with him changed our country, due to commitment to freedom, to justice, and to nonviolence is left a much better place. >>mb of times he had been arrested over the years for civil disobedience he described as getting into good and necessary trouble. >> a bay area mom and social justice entrepreneur is hoping her new book teaches important lessons and the power of strong
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black girls and women, kpix five talks to the author mina harris who also is the niece of senator kamala harris. she did not grow up reading stories of girls of color. >> as a mom of two, she struggled to find such books to read to her daughters. , and my is big idea changes that. >> the central messages that no one can do everything but everyone can do something. and it's a really important lesson around community organizing the power of two little black girls were the shntral characters who are the children's book is on the real-life tale to sisters her aunt, laura and her mom maia, persevere in the face of disappointment.
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>> a lot of parents are looking for tools and building blocks to thiou endr someth caring about giving attention. in the moment, it's to be honest using age-appropriate language, harris said she grew up surrounded by strong intelligent women. >> i grew up in a household where i was taught to like an adult i was an only child and kind of a super only child growing up, and i think that was really important knowing what was going on in the world, talking about what's happening in the news that day at the dinner table. >> the oakland native recently produced a black lives matter switcher. more than 1000 sold in the first 24 hours. all proceeds benefit the nonprofit organization black futures, the popular phenomenally top t-shirt as seen on multiple celebrities also shares similars messages
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of support, as the country looks to who democratic presidential candidate will choose as his running mate senator, harris is under serious consideration. >> she is absolutely someone that that our country needs right now i believe that when she ran for president as well. >> that was betty yu reporting the book is hitting the mark at a time when you are than one third of all children's books feature a person of color. >> coming up there is a new item for getting outdoors the most breathtaking sites will also staying safe. another company gets the go- ahead to test out driverless cars in california the rules the test have to follow. >>
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in the east bay, the san francisco bay trail is open for visitors and connects emeryville to richmond this ms
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the expansion is part of an $18 million restoration project which included upgrades to albany beach, and the surrounding coastline. >> we want to keep our parks open for everyone to enjoy, we really have had to struggle to keep our parks open but they are open for you and you can help us keep those parks open again by wearing a mask, and keeping the safe six feet or more apart. >> with the addition of the new trail there are no 18 miles of continuous bay trail running from oakland to richmond. >> okay, the weather department one thing that is different this morning from yesterday, we've got clouds over san jose, we started out the day clear ysterday, then the clouds have filled in the bail little bit more, so look how great it is. over this guy. here is what it looks like, plenty of gray here and the clouds are low over the skyline
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where it is 60 degrees everyone is in the same boat temperature was with the exception of santa rosa's 55 we've got a pretty strong surge of the marine layer which is coming in in a unique way, oblong 101 and the whole court or appear worsening a pretty widespread surge of gray clouds, and then of course you can see it fills in the entire bay there is san jose, we were just looking at this through the east bay, the clouds are barely getting into the tri-valley, that is where they stand now let's play this forward and watch how they're going to melt back to the coast as we get into the late morning. the clouds are back only to the immediate coast, and right into the immediate bay. there is still going to be a strong on surge driving the clouds you get that really cool effect where it continues to come in through the golden gate probably through much of the day today, it rebuilds back in again tonight.
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with some pretty good force it's going to be even grayer, with the possibility for a few light showers showing up here as we get into monday morning for those of us doing a layer to get some mist on the road. once we burn that stuff back to the coast it's going to be identical to yesterday temperature wise. numbers down in the south bay, 86 for san jose. santa clara goes to 84, palo alto kos 280, fremont goes to 80, san mateo you're going to be in the mid-70s were going to 89 in concord, 90 in livermore, there is a warm 94 for brentwood, east bay and oakland going to 72, sandra fell will hit 80 in santa rosa is going to 81 and then were going to see temperatures climbing well into the 90s as a get farther north into cedar county, the
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cooldown coming our way for this coming week is a subtle one. by tuesday see how the temperatures dipped just a little bit of those are clouds. for the inland locations on tuesday in other words the marine layer is coming back in a big way. over the rest of this week. it will get far inland it will keep everybody nice and cool for this time of year all those temperatures inland are below normal for this time of year, the bay will isone daof sunshine at coast mawe a y, on summer, gray, and it started out great but i notice by mid afternoon the sun came out here and it is a pretty day. >> might not get as blue skies, as it did yesterday but there is another day much like this one. >> driving cars, self driving cars won't have a driver behind the wheel. fully driverless tests on surface streets. they have only allowed operating in clear weather conditions and on streets with
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the speed limit no higher than 45 miles per hour. auto x is the third to test driverless vehicles, with a backup safety driver. >> coming up a tour bus crashes in the canadian rockies
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three taurus died a sightseeing bus crashed in alberta and the canadian rockies the bus was outfitted with large tires and oversize windows, it fell over an embankment while climbing a steep rocky road in jasper, national park. that is the side of a picturesque glacier, the buses make lots of tricks like that along the mountain roads during the tour season several of the taurus 27 passengers in total were on board several of them sustained injuries, canadian authorities have ruled out any inference is beinazble stained- glass windows video shows flames inside engulfing the front entrance early on saturday, dozens of firefighters battled the flames for several hours photos from inside the building shows the charge remains.
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>> the fire comes just every year after a major fire that destroyed the roof in notre dame cathedral in paris. thousands of protesters gathered in israel's cities in response to the economic fallout from the pandemic this is the second week of protests in tel aviv and jerusalem. riddick say the government provided inadequate assistance, and has not offered a safety net for workers or business owners. in jerusalem, police fired a water cannon at civilians, as clashes intensified there, after appearing to calm struggles. that is following a two-month
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hiatus. he is alleged to have received lavish gifts from billionaire friends in exchange regulatory favors for positive media coverage. >> brazilian president and a crowd of supporters outside the presidential palace. this comes less than a week after he tested positive for nasend time. he did wear a face mask and stated distance, he wants to endorse the use of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment, but brazilian health officials have urged medical professionals to stop using it to treat the virus. coronavirus cases in brazil have top 2 million, near 70 for 9000 people have died from the virus there. >> the president of the international olympic committee said he hopes next year's tokyo games will be seen as a turning point to a post coronavirus time. >> i think there are things,
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that people are longing for so much in lockdowns. and then, finally getting to see the sports ovens against, these would be games to be unique milestones for the entire world. >> the games had been set to begin next weekend have been postponed a year because of the pandemic the committee said it is too early to tell whether or os door printed finding creat ways to take in movies without going to the theater each are the banks of the river transforms into man-made beaches, on saturday there was a free showing of a rich and french comedy, a couple people floated on the river to watch. while others took in from deck chairs on the shore. regular movie theaters are open
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in france, but attendance is very low. >> coming up protests face an ultimatum after some of them set fire to a police union building and at the same time oregon officials want federal agents to go home. we get the latest on the surge of coronavirus cases, what the cdc is now saying about the potential death toll for the next few weeks.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back the time now is 6:30 i'm devon feeley, i'm emily turner let's get a check with the weather with meteorologists devon peck, for most of us about 10:00. it will be a lot yesterday if you are at the coast it's never going to come back completely this stuff is going to hang on there if you are down in the santa clara valley this is different than yesterday were waking up to the gray skies down here yesterday we had a clear beginning, it will take probably the next two hours before we start to see clearing down here a little longer for the east bay, certainly longer here for the city lookout fix those clouds are there hanging pretty low over the sky when, the number in san jose is 62,
6:34 am
in san francisco the view is 68, oakland 69 other than the great start to the day which we covered, hazy skies will be noticeable this afternoon we are still pulling and smoke from a wildfire while to the south, down in fresno county i'm going to show you more about that in detail today and why there are some minor air quality concerns with that one. and then were going to cool down as we get into this week i will show you in the seven-day forecast for now here is sunday, 72 oakland, san francisco goes to 66, see you ghfor protesters portland oregon, authorities are giving them a choice to leave, or risk arrest, that after a fire was set at the local police association office on saturday night. the same time oregon attorney general is seeking an order to stop motorized federal agents from arresting people in other parts of portland, this is the seventh week of protests in the city which have now drawn the attention of president trump. this wee it's been
6:35 am
using teargas in front of the federal courthouse the attempted crackdown really seems to be emboldening those protesters. >> iction the center for disease control, the u.s. could see 157,000 carano deaths at the end of the first week of august. as of saturday night 140,000 u.s. deaths have been confirmed. the nation has 3.7 million cases california now is one of the states in a red zone. cbs reporter donnie bacchus has more from los angeles. >> after a week of record infections, florida's death toll hit 5000. the states hardest hit areas toughening restrictions. >> we've reached us to emergency room visits are down. >> july 7th was the peak of the
6:36 am
visits for covid like illnesses at 2500 folks statewide, yesterdaywe have le sign i thwehaseen mito sta hit single day records on saturday arizona reported more than 130 deaths north carolina more than 2300 new cases. the is a task force document obed by cbs news but not made public. >> i was definitely not welcome to stay with my mask on. >> in california were covid-19 cases are surging one restaurant is making it clear
6:37 am
masks are not required. >> i was very rude fully greeted he asked me if i had seen the sign. >> corporations nationwide are cracking down requiring face coverings for entry. >> if you choose not to wear a mask when you go out, you are delaying are reopening further. >> san francisco's mayor issuing that warning after california's governor put the city on a watchlist because of its rising cases. >> many students across california will not return to the classroom governor newsom unveiled a new plan requiring schools meet specific anges. wi exoding across ca state is tasking federal medical teams for hospitals. whatever happened to california's health cooler which was created for that very reason, the short answer is the state needs more active health
6:38 am
core staff, we confto 4000 people who were approved but never signed up for shifts. the state has approximately 37,000 people who registered for the health core who had valid licenses. many were specialized, podiatrist, veterinarians in all only about 10,000 people actually applied for the health core. so far only 847 people have actually been hired, that is just one out of six who qualify for deployment. the state said it is reaching out to the remaining 4000+ and continuing new recruitment. >> so far the health core has deploying two dozen counties record show for the most part they were sent to nursing homes and skilled care facilities. that was julie watts reporting the fda has not authorized quest diagnostics to begin conducting covid-19 pool testing. the move will allow the company to test up to 4 individuals at once.
6:39 am
the fda commissioner said sample pooling is an important step towards getting covid-19 test two more americans quickly. while preserving testing supplies if the pool test positive than all the samples are retested individually. experts a pool testing is an efficient way to more quickly pinpoint where exactly the viruses incubating. >> in the meantime two new studies are pouring cold water on the idea of long-term immunity suggesting a could be gone within months. that research was done in europe but brian todd reports some u.s. cases seem to bear it out. >> adam stadler and his doctor in houston believe he's been corrected with coronavirus twice. he first got infected in the spring battled through four weeks then he tested negative twice. >> and then, my wife got it, she started having symptoms three days later it just kicked my butt. this go around, this section of it has been 100 times worse than the fi
6:40 am
larry and interest believes he had a very similar patient who had the virus, cleared it and then tested negative twice. >> then, in mid june had a family member who caught coronavirus again came into the home, and caught a second time, from that family member. >> to those patients really get coronavirus a second time, two new studies out of britain and spain say after people are infected with covid-19, their natural immunity could diminish within months. meaning antibodies german systems memory of the virus to fight it off again could decrease after a month or two, your body forgets it was infected and it could come back every year you could be reinfected by the same virus every year and get the same cold. >> william and other experts point out we don't know for
6:41 am
sure that people can get reinfected with coronavirus. >> if it were true the antibodies and protection were only lasting 20 to 30 days we would've started to see some significant amounts of reinfection and we haven't. >> traces of coronavirus can linger in patients for up to 6 to 8 weeks. meeting people could falsely believe they've gotten the virus twice. when in fact it could be one longer drawnout case. >> those negative test results which stadler and the other patient got after they thought they had cleared the virus might not mean anything either. cnn has covered several cases of false negative tests that later proved to be positive. >> experts say even if your antibodies diminish, they are not the only part of the immune system to fight off infection. there are many parts of the immune system in the case of coronavirus antibodies may not be the most important immune response. >> if the immunity does diminish and if we can get this fire is more than once. experts say that has big
6:42 am
implications for a potential vaccine. >> you may need to be revaccinated every year every two years or three years we don't know what the interval would be yet. the valley water district is one of the most powerful agencies in santa clara county and now it has an african- american chief executive for the first time in its nearly 100 year history. what rick callender has to say about water, the environment, and social justice. >> remembering congressman john lewis as the nation mourns the passing of a civil rights icon where do we go from here in look, this isn't my first rodeo...
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well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. learn how homeowners are strategically using a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, preserve your portfolio, and so much more. look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. the santa clara water district has a new ceo rick callender is the first african- american in its 90 year history kpix 5 glenn ramirez asked him
6:46 am
about his plans for the district. >> will rick callender is well known here in santa clara county not just as a member of the executive team at the valley water district but also for his political connections and his role as a longtime former head of the local naacp. >> all throughout the valley rick callender may be one of the few people who feels just as at home in a corporate boardroom as he does on a protest march calling for racial justice. >> i was a longtime employee of valley water and of the operations i know how to navigate within the community i think i bring a unique view especially right now being able to make sure we have equity and everything we do internally and externally in this organization. my calendar has worked at valley water for 24 years and was chief of external affairs he might be best known in the
6:47 am
community for his role as the president of the silicon valley chapter of the naacp from 2000 to 2008, the current president called callender's appointment as ceo of the water district historic >> most water districts across the state and nation, have been dominated by the what majority. and he is concerned about the latino and african-american communs ft water policies and w considerations in the past. >> he will have his handful in the ever looming possibility of drought while still overseeing major projects including the anderson dam retrofit, the pacheco dam and numerous flood control projects. >> people who live in the flood zones in this valley we need to make sure we arot yone>> was t take home a salary of $326,000. in san jose, glenn ramirez k pxi five bird i want to point out
6:48 am
something you're going to notice in the sky, later today. we can see it yesterday in the afternoon from the camera on the sales force tower, take a look at the view. all the haze in the distance of the sun gets lower you're going to see it much better, right there. look at all of the brown haze out there. that is not normal. >> that is the layer of smoke from a wildfire because of the way the winds are blowing in california that is being brought north, to us. at this point it hasn't register on the air quality down on the ground but as we get into the next 36 hours for some inland locations you might start to get some issues with it. first off let's set the scene where iscoming from? here's what we look like from
6:49 am
space as the sun was going down, see that right there, the plume of smoke that is fresno county and that is the mineral fire. the last report is only 35% containment and it has taken off 25,000 acres it is a fairly sizable fire we don't hear much about it up north. until we start to see the smoke from it. you will likely notice it again as we go into the afternoon into tomorrow, one way we can track of the smoke is going to behave if we put the fire down here these are the upper level winds transferring the smoke all the way, they don't change today but watch monday but monday there is a subtle shift and the wind started to go a little bit more masterly which means even though monday morning talk were going to wake up with some of the smoke around by the afternoon thing should start to clear out, so, more on that if we need to keep a close eye on it we will keep you updated for nothe air quality readings are moderate. if you smell smoke outside that is your clue monday morning is not the best day to go for a jog. san jose cloudy star that is
6:50 am
different than it was yesterday, oakland no different, here in san francisco no change at all right here here is the tower, that thing goes way up here and no views from the, 59 degrees in concord san jose 62, san francisco sitting at 58, we will take a look at today's daytime highs which are going to be virtual identical mid to upper 80s down here in the south bay, san jose is 86, sunnyvale is 82, union city goes to 77 it is 86 and san ramon. oakland tops that with the 72 center rosie goes to anyone but look at how much warmer it gets as you get into mendocino county, seven-day forecast shows no change little cooler this week, maybe on tuesday as the onshore surge get so strong we keep the low clouds even over the far inland valleys other than that, today is a good way
6:51 am
to just kind of said cruise control in your mind for what much of the weather is going to look like this week, the marine layer will get deeper and go farther inland it won't be all that great. >> you taught me something i've en lookingat the haze throughout the week thinking it looks like a fire, when i looked in the immediate bay area there wasn't any so i was baffled by that but you have answered the question. >> when we get into california fire season we are finding now it doesn't matter what part of the state you're in or where the fire is, if it is big enough and the wind is blowing just right you can get an air quality issue. >> thank you. >> today is not just an average sunday is national ice cream day and what better way to celebrate ice cream than by eating a free sunday. you can get free ice cream and other deals that baskin-robbins cold stone creamery, dairy queen and more. the unofficial holiday falls in the middle of july which is national ice cream
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campfires everywhere that
6:54 am
is how scientist started describing the closest pictures ever taken of the sun. chris martinez shows us the impressive images. >> these just-released images are the closest pictures ever taken of the sun. the solar orbiter a collaboration between nasa and the european states agency capture the stunning shots. >> we another been closer to the sun with a camera this is just the beginning of a long epic journey which will take us even closer to the sun in less than two years time. >> scientists were amazed at the details and had to come up with names for the flareups. >> we couldn't believe it when we first thought, we started giving it crazy names like campfires, and dark fibrils and ghosts and whatever we saw. >> the orbiter took the pictures of 48 million miles approximately halfway between the earth and the sun.
6:55 am
>> the solar orbiter launched cape canaveral in febr
6:56 am
is 6:56 a r look at the morning's top stories, a new help order issued on monday requiring private health care providers offering same-day testing for those in close
6:57 am
contact with an infected person, city officials hope this will slow the rapid increase in cases over the past two weeks. >> san mateo is the only county in the bay area that is not on the statewide covid-19 watchlist that might change soon. nail salons, malls and places of worship phase another closure if the spread continues there. >> oakland congresswoman barbara lee and others mourned civil rights legend john lewis. lewis marched alongside martin luther king in the 1960s, he died late friday, at age 80. >> and if you haven't seen me for the last five months there is good reason for that right, devon? >> i have a little guy at home i was on maternity leave i don't think i missed much, did i? >> you know just the pandemic. >> that is recent. that is from i think that was maybe three weeks ago. >> look at the happy baby. >> is at home with his dad right now and they are watching our show apparently he can recognize my voice from the tv
6:58 am
which is exciting. >> thank you fo joining
6:59 am
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, committed to improving health for everyone, everywhere. ♪ ♪ . sunday mor.ning! t it's been a weekend for mourning, after word of the passing of a legend, as you have probably heard. pioneering civil rights leader john lewis died friday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. we will be remembering lewis,
7:01 am
who spent decades in c


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