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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 20, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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no card board cutouts on this monday morning. get right to your forecast with mary lee. good morning, mary. >> good monday morning, len and michelle happy monday to you. hopefully have your nice cup of coffee and tea as we start off a new week together and we are looking at temperatures that are in the midtowner 5 0es to low 60s at this hour and most of us starting off our day with those clouds. tracking that on shore flow and pacific ocean breeze kicking in and we'll see cooler than average daytime highs heading through our afternoon so mid 80s in concord and fairfield and livermore with that sunshine, low 80s in san jose and low 70s for oakland and mid 06s for san francisco and at least around the bay looking at sun clearing but also some clouds as well. we'll talk about the rest of the week ahead coming up in a few minutes. check in with gianna with the slow and go. >> we have a few trips out of
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tracy and westbound 580 and i checked in with chp and no accidents on 580 but it's busy working your way at least beyond that grant line and hefty drive times and going from 205 to 680 and traffic light from the dublin interchange. it's getting a bit busy. i'm anne makovec live at the muse desk and congress returns from summer break today for a hot debate over the next coronavirus relief bill. we're talking money for businesses, schools, and the unemployed. democrats and republicans have been very far apart on the issue now for several weeks. house speaker nancy pelosi still wants the $3 trillion heros act to happen. that is something the house passed more than two months ago, but republicans had been working on their own much less expensive bill right now.
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we don't know exactly what that will look like taking a live look right now at the white house where senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house republican leader kevin mccarthy are set to meet with president trump and the treasury secretary and chief of staff in a couple of hours and senate republicans will meet after ward, which will hopefully give us a little better idea of what they're proposing as all of the money from the last coronavirus bill dries up. len, back to you. >> reporter: west field mall, one of the indoor shopping mall centers one of the many
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businesses forced to close. adding to the state's watch list on friday and one of 30 counties across the state seeing a rapid increase of coronavirus cases and san francisco mayor breed says much of that is coming from young people not adhering to social distancing guidelines or wearing face coverings. in data released friday, more than half of the new cases are in people aged 40 and under and the average age of people hospitalized with coronavirus at sf general is 41. >> we have flattened this curve once and we must do it again. but what i'm afraid of is the complacency. people are tired of the virus, but the virus is not tired of us. >> reporter: now the closures of all indoor shopping centers and also nonessential office buildings will remain in effect till public health indicators go back down again and that also means reopening plans for
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other businesses such as indoor dining, gyms, hair or nail salons. all of that is on pause indefinitely as well. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. san mateo is the only bay area county not on the list but that's expected to change. officials say we could find out as early as today if malls, gyms, and other businesses there will have to close. in all 32 of the state's 58 counties are on the watch list. to keep track of the changes in what's open and what's closed in your county, just go to governor newsom will give another update on the state's response to the pandemic today. watch that live at noon here on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. developing this morning, some elementary schools around the state could be allowed to reopen for in-person classes despite governor newsom's
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education mandate announced last week, there is one exception to the rule. local health officers can request a waiver even if the school is in a county on the watch list. school officials would have to consult with parents, labor, and teachers unions before asking for a variance. >> if they're following evidence in terms of reducing transmission of people most vulnerable. we're going to need to see indicators improve before school openings would be allowed. >> local health officers would have to consult with the california department of public health when a waiver request is getting made. when it cops to back to school with bay area schools we have you covered. head to for all the up to date information. test asking a challenge in the state's battle against the
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coronavirus. i asked stafford healthcare about the impacts during an interview for cbsn bay area. >> not only is the testing an issue but from the turn around time. we know from a number of the models you really need to try and get the testing results back as soon as possible so that you can start putting people in isolation. that impacts the transmission rates and dr. maldonado said those 50 and younger are less likely to be infected now. the outbreak that killed at least 12 inmates at san quentin and held a vigil to honor the lives lost yesterday. this included buddhist, jewish and more testing sites. earlier this month, governor newsom pledged to release 8,000 prisoners by the end of august to keep the population down.
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some activists say that number barely scratches the surface. churches across the state are mixed when it comes to sunday service. in san diego, one church stayed outdoors following governor newsom's order but closer to home, a sacramento county church defied the governor's orders. >> we feel like what we need to do is abide by what the word of god says and we have a first amendment right to worship. >> public health officials including placer counties say they're driving the increase in cases. new this morning, a farewell to a pair of historic san francisco restaurants and the pandemic forced them to close. starting today, cliff house on point lobo's avenue stopped the takeout service and it had been around for nearly 160 years. it's set totem prayerly close but after 48 years in union
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square, cornell hotel de-france is closing for good. it was built in 1910 and preserved by the national register of historic places. the city is taking new measures in san francisco to crack down on dangerous position. they're trying to slow the traffic down. deloris hill bomb is usually a once ayear event and people on skate boards and bikes gather to take advantage of the steep hills and perform stunts. there's been three gatherings in the last couple of weeks and people are getting seriously hurt. >> he was bleeding in the street from the back of hides head. he got taken away in a ambulance. >> in a separate incident at deloris park, another guy was riding his bike friday when authorities say he collided with a skate border and was critically injured. >> we're certainly not anti- skating. we did need to stop what was happening. >> some skaters told us off
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camera they'll either find a way to continue to hold bomb if not at deloris park than somewhere else in the city. this morning, emergency crews are desperately searching for a san ramon man missing on a hike in el dorado county on a hike. the 66-year-old went hiking with friends on july 8 when he got separated from the group. he got lost in an area called strawberry point. his daughter said she and her family are hopeful because her father as military experience and knows how to survive. anyone that may have seen him is asked to call the el dorado police department. 6:09, still ahead, grab your peanuts and card board cutouts. everything you need to know about baseball's big return to the bay area next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> i'm watching westerly winds in the bay area and 9 miles per hour winds at sfo and 10 in oakland and hayward and 15 in
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napa and delta breeze for fairfield once again at 25 miles per hour this morning. we'll talk about the rest of the week ahead coming up in a few minutes. it is a crowded commute for that ride along 580 on tracy in the altamonte pass. that's coming up. and let's take another look outside before we head to break. look at that. you can see the fog in those low lying clouds there over the city of san francisco and the camera on treasure island on this monday morning. it's hi. we're glad you came in.
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the giants had the day off
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yesterday and get set for two practice games against the as, first of which is tonight at the oakland coliseum. then thursday night they play for real against the dodgers in los angeles. meanwhile the as held their final scrimmage yesterday afternoon and the coliseum won't technically be empty tonight. the a's have installed fan card board cutouts on seats to help things look a little bit more like normal. in other teams around the big leagues have done this and they told me they've taken the program one step further. >> you have fun on social media with these cutouts even inviting giants cutout fans to be at that game tomorrow night. how's that going to play out? >> we have a visiting fan section so if they want to buy cutouts, they can. it's right where the seagulls congregate and could be bombs away but it's going to be a fun way to kind of fight a rivalry
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amongst the two teams. a bay bridge series like you've never seen before. game one tonight at the coliseum. i'll be there. see you tonight. >> and we want to see your team spirit ahead of the preseason battle of the bay. just tag kpix in your social media posts. >> we know you're a fan of both teams and we need your cutout there in the stands too but not in the seagull section. >> i have a special place in the household for the giants but how exciting baseball is back. i'm ready for it. >> yeah. fun times ahead for sure. >> i am too. bragging rights on the line, the game doesn't really matter but at least someone will take home the bay bridge trophy. that should be a lot of fun. what's not a lot of fun is the brake lights working way westbound near the altamonte pass and you've got a lot of
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slow and go conditions there and a lot of folks making that trek this morning and always our busiest spot for the morning commute. taking drive over tracy and you'll see a lot of brake lights and drive times are reflective of that and we've seen them around 35 to 40 minutes throughout the morning. right now on that westbound 580 commute around 39 minutes to go from 205 over towards 680. 680 both directions looking good and that's the good news getting onto that dublin interchange, no brake lights. east shore freeway, westbound 80 looks good. highway 4 in the clear as well as northbound 101 out of the south bay working way northbound making your way towards sfo. we had reports of a couple of trouble spots along that 101 commute and near candle stick and that's been cleared out with lanes chp and headed out to another trouble spot and right at that off ramp and looks like it's a hit and run and no word yet on the lanes and activity there and activity
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arriving on the scene for that accident. we're watching the bay area bridges this morning. san mateo bridge clear westbound working way towards 101 with no delays there. we'll see cooler than average daytime highs and great start with the treasure island camera and look at bay bridge with downtown san francisco and many of us starting off our day with mostly cloudy skies on this monday morning. we're looking at mid to upper 50s to low 60s and concord and oakland and low 60s in san jose this morning and mid 50s for santa rosa. what to expect, we'll see below average temperatures as we head through our afternoon with that marine influence for us. we're going to stay below average looking ahead to tuesday and for wednesday and then warming up later this week.
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now let's show you the satellite and radar view and why. we have a disturbance impacting them and it's just off the california coast and ushering in that cool ocean breeze for us for today, tomorrow, and for wednesday. taking a you hour-by-hour on future cast and see that sunshine inland and clearing. we'll see that cloud cover kind of sticking around along the coast and also for parts of the bay this afternoon and for tomorrow morning, coastal drizzle to start off our day. very similar with temperatures maybe a degree cooler for tomorrow with that ocean breeze for sure. we can see winds 5, 10, 15 miles per hour through the afternoon and evening and up to 20 along the coast. daytime highs. mid 80s for concord and
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pittsburgh and pleasant hill, warming umm in antioch and upper 80s and 90 in the valley and mid 80s later on today and around the bay, we're looking at mid 60s in san francisco and daily city. low 70s for oakland as well as alameda and for the north bay, mid to upper 70s and low 80s. 82 in sonoma and 80 for a high in napa and 77 for santa rosa and 95 for the area. we are talking about temperatures still below average for tuesday and for wednesday, warming up looking ahead to the end of the week. back to you.
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on july 23, it was not to be seen again for nearly 7,000 years. wow. don't worry, you still got a bit of time to see the comet. it's easier to spot with a telescope on a dark, clear sky. start looking around 30 minutes after sunset toward the northwest skies and the stars in the handle of the big dipper point to the general area where you can actually spot the comet every night between now and next thursday. the comet appears slightly higher and higher above the horizon. >> it's quite rare for a comet to be bright enough that we can see with an innate eye or binoculars. my quick calculation is 13 million olympic swimming pools worth of water. >> hail bob was the last comet to be easily seen back in 1995. be sure to check it out. it is 6:20 and we're refusing to let the pandemic
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bring them to a standstill. how the san francisco ai
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the covid bringing businesses to a standstill. for the first time in history, it went virtual. they teamed up for the online aids event. cameos from big named stars like vanessa williams, gloria steffa and anne hathaway. there's still more work to be done. >> we've had great success with hiv, but it took years of study, it took years of research and it took years of development of beds. we're in the place of unknown.
6:25 am
there are more unknowns than there are knowns. it's okay to have that at this moment because we're going to find a cure. we are going to find a vaccine. it's 6:25 and in the next half hour, a black lives matter mural quietly removed. why the action is speaking volumes. that's next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. plus, san francisco rolling back some of the reopenings today indoor shopping malls and businesses are starting to bounce back.
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right now, another setback for san francisco businesses. the surge in coronavirus cases prompting another city wide shut down. i would consider not signing it if we don't have a payroll tax cut. and president trump already speaking out on the possibility of a new coronavirus relief package. what he wants the bill to include. good morning, everyone. it is monday, july 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. i hope you had a wonderful weekend. let's take a look at how the forecast is shaping up.
6:30 am
good monday morning, len and michelle. we have cooler than average daytime highs for today, tomorrow, and for wednesday. tracking the strong on shore flow and ocean breeze and live look at the san jose camera and the clouds in the sky across the south bay and in fact, many of our locations this morning looking at mostly cloudy skies. mid to upper 50s to low 60s at this hour and as we head through our afternoon inland, you'll see the sunshine looking at comfortable temperatures in mid 80s in concord and fairfield and clouds in the low 70s in oakland and mid 60s in san francisco. the rest of the week, i'll be tracking that for you coming up in just a few minutes. check in with gianna and a slow ride across the bay bridge. >> yeah, i am tracking the delays at the bay bridge toll plaza and 6:21 this morning and it's extending beyond the 880 overpass not quite to the maize but getting slow for the
6:31 am
morning ride and working way into the east bay for san francisco and ride over tracy into 580 and start around mountain house where the delays begin on 205 extending onto 580 with a 40 minute drive time near 608. anne. >> take a live look at new york city, which is about to enter phase four of reopening. much of the state has been in phase four but not the city. it means zoos, botanical gardens can open. the production of movies, tv, and music can ramp back up. taking a live look at governor andrew cuomo who just began speaking about the current coronavirus situation, and he just tweeted admonishing people for gathering in crowds of a huge outdoor party in queens and said this weekend, covid didn't quit but many new
6:32 am
yorkers d. even with this phase, it is a positive sign and tentative and cuomo saying the city is bracing for a potential second wave. indoor dining malls, museums, and movie theaters there in very similar situation. back to us. >> i'm katie nielsen live in san francisco and at west field center today and all indoor malls and also nonessential offices must close across san francisco and they ended up on the state's watch list and one of 30 counties where coronavirus cases are growing at an alarming rate. the pause on reopening will continue till the rate of spread decreases and the county is no longer on the watch list. many business owners say they're growing frustrated with the continued changes. >> we're at the whim of how the virus spreads, it's nothing that we can predict.
6:33 am
>> we must do it again but what i'm afraid of is the complacency. people are tired of the virus, but the virus isn't tired of us. >> mayor breed also said the city is taking steps to slow the spread once again including increasing public outreach to change behaviors like asking people to wear face coverings and limit gatherings, focusing on communities most impacted by the virus and also expanding access to testing. now the county ending up on the watch list means slowing the phases of reopening. katie nielsen, kpix 5. alameda opening up a new testing site. they're turning results around within 15 minutes. the site will open on wednesday
6:34 am
and have the research park in marina village and testing will be provided daily for free and don't need symptoms or an id because you also don't need an appointment though you're encouraged to make one. in santa clara county, they're opening three new pop up testing sites starting tomorrow. the auditorium in san jose. the markets just opened up so let's go live to the big board and take a look, the dow is up just about ten points. we'll keep an eye on it. looking live at capital hill right now where congress will be back in session today. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the first order of business is a new coronavirus relief package. congress approved a $3.5 trillion bill. >> i would consider not signing
6:35 am
it if we don't have a payroll tax cut. >> president trump alsoments the measure to include liability protections for businesses. happening today, santa rosa healthcare workers are kicking off a packed week of picketing and rallies. members of a union representing 740 workers at santa rosa memorial hospital are demanding a new contract. they are protesting proposed cuts and sick leave and healthcare benefits with reduced staffing. the union is demanding a higher level of staffing and ppe. workers at two east bay hospitals set to rally today against what they call systemic racism, inequality, and budget cuts. the events named strike for black lives will kick off at noon at fairmont hospital in san lee leandro and one other.
6:36 am
black lives matter mural in redwood city is no more after it was quietly r removed. the mural was city sanctioned as part of a fourth of july public arts celebration. last authors the city washed the sign away but only after being contacted by local attorneys and the street was now a public forum, she wanted a sign of her own reading maga 2020. it is a rallying cry. >> broadway street on the asphalt and i figured that's going to be public space, i wanted to get my message out too. >> i have no hard feelings towards the city council. i am disappointed but at the same time, i'm very grateful that allowed me to put that message on broadway. >> faced with the possibility of political or legal fight, the
6:37 am
suddenly change in law enforcement agencies responding to police protest in brutality. president trump deployed federal agents saying police there had lost control. oregon's attorney general said she thinks the city is being used as a test for how to respond to protesters. >> you know, this is federal agencies operating with no transparency. >> being scooped off the seat in unmarked vans and rental cars being denied probable cause and denied due process. >> top democrats in the houssay they are also calling on federal inspectors general to investigate the tactics being used in portland and other u.s. cities. in seattle, an officer injured a police station set on fire and businesses vandalized.
6:38 am
during a massive demonstration, protesters threw rocks and bottles. at least two people were arrested before things got out u of hand. protesters were gathering to call the end of ice. developing news out of new jersey, a gunman that shot and killed the son of a federal judge is on the loose. the shooting happened at the family's home last night. investigators say the judge's husband who answered the door was also shot. judge ester solice was not injured but the gunman posed as a delivery driver. not clear why president trump would accept the results of the november election if he lost. chris wallace asked the question. >> are you a good loser? >> i'm not a good loser. i don't like to lose. i don't lose too often. i don't like to lose. >> are you in crisis? >> you don't know till you see. i think mail in voting will rig
6:39 am
the election, i really do. >> are you suggesting you might not accept the results of the election? >> i'd i have to see. >> rapper kanye west held his first rally over the weekend. he had criticisms of harriet tubman. >> harriet tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just moved them through the underground railroad. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. and the markets just opened up around 10 minutes ago and we'll take another look at the big board right now and the dow is down slightly about a point. coming up, we'll get an update from financial dear california, we know these are challenging times...
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school, cloudy, and breeze aalongs the coast and around the bay, cool to mild and partly sunny skies and mid to upper 60s to low 70s and breezy and inland with that clearing upper 70s to low to mid 80s. 6:43, time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. anthony mason joining us live from new york. good morning, anthony. >> hey, len, good morning. ahead on cbs this morning, we'll have the latest on the coronavirus crisis as the death toll in the u.s. passes 140,000. we're also in portland after a violent weekend between demonstrators and federal agents had the mayor calling for federal officers to leave the city. we talk exclusively with former president bill clinton and hillary clinton about the life and legacy of john lewis plus house speaker nancy pelosi
6:44 am
on lewis' 30 plus years in congress. and hear the important message the civil rights icon wrote about getting into good trouble in a note to his younger self-for cbs this mornings just three years ago. all that coming up when we see you all at 7:00. >> thank you. we'll see you then. stocks starting off the week opening up in the green and joining us on the phone right now is kcbs's reporter jason brooks. good morning, jason. >> good morning, michelle. chevron agreed to buy houston based energy in a $5 billion all stock deal giving the firm greater exposure to the shale fields in colorado, west texas, and new mexico. chevron making big cost cutting moves in 2020 as global oil demand is pulled back during the pandemic and the wall street journal says the san jose firm is in advance the talk to sell the classified
6:45 am
business to norwegian for about $8 billion. stock market into a positive start and turning into the red. the dow sinking 75 points and nasdaq still hanging on and up by five points while the s and p is moving lower by six points. >> jason brooks, thank you. new this morning, cal train could go bankrupt in they propose a change to a ballot measure. a plan by san francisco and santa clara county officials to control funds from a november sales tax measure could mean the transit agency never sees a dime. cal tran is struggling financially as ridership plunged during the pandemic and sales tax is needed as its own source to funding to keep the rail operation. >> three, two, one, zero. all engine running and lift off. we have a lift off.
6:46 am
>> happening today, the 51st anniversary of the historic apollo 11 moon landing on july 20, 1969. neil armstrong and buzz were the first humans to walk on the moon. we have a check on traffic and don't have to go quite as far this morning. traffic can't seem to move on that bay bridge. >> that is one of our slow spots right now and work your way westbound and that drive, meteor lights turn on about 6:21 this morning and look live here at the bay bridge but see that backup is well beyond 880 and i checked our sensors and not quite to the foot of the maze and building to a slow ride up to the commute out of emeryville and oakland and sluggish off the sky way into san francisco and the other slow spot through the altamonte pass starting out of tracy
6:47 am
around the house and westbound ride on the 580 connecting to north flynn and continues to be sluggish and making the trek this morning and that remains from 205 over towards 680 and once you're on 680, you're moving at the limit. speaking of 680, another portion and the portion known of the bridge and traveling in a high profile vehicle slowing through 242 ask concord and westbound 37. you've got brake lights right around mayor island so that commute out of the east bay, vallejo working way into nevado and live look at san mateo bridge and we've got lots of volume on the westbound area and no accidents were centralled and that's good news and 16 minute drive time through 880 and 101 and looking pretty good in both directions and no delays out of hayward and working into fremont and golden gate bridge closed into san francisco. a look at your morning drive.
6:48 am
tracking the on shore breeze and cooler than average daytime highs through our afternoon and happy monday to you and hopefully have your hot coffee or tea and thanks for starting your day off with us. we are looking at our downtown san jose camera and you can see it's a cloudy start for the south bay. also many locations starting off the day with mostly cloudy skies and our temperatures in the 50s and in the 60s. 59 in concord, 58 in oakland and livermore and 62 right now for you in san jose. looking at 54 for santa rosa with those clouds. here's what to expect so we're looking at cooler than average daytime high withs that marine influence and we'll stay below average for tuesday and for wednesday and then warming up looking ahead to the end of the week. here's the reason why, the satellite and radar view with the low pressure system affecting the pacific northwest
6:49 am
and this disturbance just off the coast and both of that ushering in that strong ocean breeze and that's the reason why it's going to be at least below average for this time of year as we head through our afternoon. on future cast taking you hour- by-hour we'll have clearing inland with sunshine but along the coast and right around the bay, with e are looking at those clouds so around the bay partly sunny to mostly cloudy and definitely cloudy along the coast this afternoon. for tomorrow even could see coastal drizzle first thing in the morning tomorrow. looking at very similar conditions again staying below average as we look to tuesday and for wednesday with that pacific ocean breeze. as we take you hour-by-hour on future cast, winds we'll see westerly winds 5, 10, 15 miles per hour and up to 20 along the coast this afternoon once again. daytime highs for the south bay and 82 in santa clara as well and san jose and 84 for campbell and east bay and concord a high of 85 and looking at 86 in pittsburgh and mid 80s for the valley and
6:50 am
around the bay in mid 60s for oakland and alameda and low 80s in napa and 77 for santa rosa and extended forecast and what to expect for the cool side into the weekend. good news on the possible coronavirus vaccine. they started testing back in april on 100,000 people and most got the vaccine and most showed a double immune response to that t-cells and antibodies and was a joint study between oxford and more on that throughout the day. 6:50, a bay area hiker vanished in the sierra.
6:51 am
why his family is hopeful he'll be found next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. plus san francisco rolling back some of the reopening plans and we'll explain why indoor shopping malls and nonessential offices are closed starting today. here's a live look outside at the bay bridge on this monday morning and remember kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news. happening in the ba
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54 and another check of the big board now and the dow is down 120 points and see how that rebounds throughout the day and rest of the week. >> reporter: i'm katie nielsen live in san francisco, west field mall is going to be
6:55 am
closing today along all other indoor shopping centers as well as nonessential offices. now that is because san francisco county was added to the state's watch list on friday. it's one of 30 counties across the state seeing a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases. san francisco mayor london breed says much of that is coming from young people who are not adhering to social distancing guidelines or wearing face coverings in data released friday, more than half of the new cases are in people aged 40 and under. the average age of people hospitalized with coronavirus at san francisco general is 41. the closures happening today will remain in effect till public health indicators go back down again. now that also means that additional phases of reopening are pushed back indefinitely so no time line on when we could see gyms, hair salons, or indoor dining reopening. live in san francisco, katie
6:56 am
nielsen, kpix 5. 6:55 right now, time for a look at this morning's other top stories and san mateo is the only bay area county not on the governor's watch list but that is expected to change. officials say we could find out today whether malls, gyms, and other businesses there will have to close. all 32 of the state's 58 counties are on the watch list. santa clara county opening three new popup testing sites tomorrow. the auditorium in san jose and at san jose high school at south county annex in gilroy. they'll offer tests free of charge. elementary schools around the state could reopen for in- person classes and despite the mandate, there's one exception to the rule. local health officers can request a waiver if the school is in a county on the watch list. emergency crews are searching for a 66-year-old man
6:57 am
that went hiking and got lost from the group in an area called strawberry point. speed dots installed on city streets from taking advantage from steep hills to perform stunts. the so called deloris hill bomb is a once a year event. live at the news desk and we have our eye on the battle of the bay today. baseball is back. it's a preseason game between the unites and the as going on at the coliseum starting at 6:40 tonight and it's going to be a little weird there. it's going to be a little quiet but you're going to see these card board cutouts and your likeness to the coliseum and fans not allowed to hit $89 and i have a card board cutout of your pet and donations to local animal shelters. if you have pictures to share with us of your team spirit,
6:58 am
tag us on social media #, kpix. i am ready for baseball and should be interesting with a shortened season. take a look at roadways right now and bay bridge stacked up with metering lights on and little sluggish off the east shore freeway and 580 commute. if you're taking the bridge this morning, wind advisory is in effect so extra careful across the high profile vehicles and slow southbound 242 headed through concord and definitely still busy westbound 580 in the altamonte pass and drive times improving slightly from 205 over towards 680 and a san mateo bridge and improving on the westbound side. mary. mostly cloudy skies for most of us this morning. we're in the midtowner 50s to low 60s. live look with our treasure island camera with those clouds and we head through the afternoon, we'll catch that
6:59 am
clearing and sunshine inland in the upper 70s to low to mid 80s around the bay partly sunny to mostly sunny cool and mild and breezy as well. cool, cloudy, and breezy along the coast in the low 60s. here's that extended forecast. could see coastal drizzle first thing in the morning tomorrow and for wednesday. staying below average so not just today but tuesday and for wednesday but we are going to warm up looking ahead to the end of the week so slowly warming things up. temperatures on the rise especially as we look ahead to the weekend. all right, friends, happy monday. we're doing this. let's get through this week together. we can do it. >> we are trying to do it for sure. >> right. >> i know. i need a second cup of coffee. that would be great. thanks for watching, everybody. don't forget the newsen continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. you can do it.
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♪ good morning to you, our viewers in the west. and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's monday, july 20th, 2020. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. the legacy of john lewis. we honor the late congressman and civil rights icon's lifetime of good trouble. what he told us about his mission to help redeem the soul of america and how the next generation is carrying that effort forward. we'll also have an exclusive interview with the lewis' longtime allies, bill and hillary clinton, about how all of us can be part of this important work. breaking overnight, judge's family ambushed. a gunman dressed as a delivery driver kills the son of a federal judge and seriously wounds her husband at their home. the latest on the


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