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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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that was so poorly handled. it was compounded with an attitude that they hate us. just shoot them down like a dog. don't take them into custody. >> there are sentences for city leaders out here, including the public defender's office, the elected leader of that office, and district supervisor, all of them speaking out today to make sure that mario and his family are not forgotten on this day. >> dramatic new video is in our newsroom right now showing several people jumping out of a car and spraying a san francisco home with bullets, it happened earlier this month in the bay view. two men were wounded in the
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shooting, when with life- threatening injuries. police are sharing this video and asking the public for help with the case. >> turning to california's fight against coronavirus, 12,800 people tested positive in just the past 24 hours, a single day record for the state which also reported an additional 115 deaths. kenny is in synthesis go. he has the latest numbers. >> reporter: the numbers that you just mentioned are a ality check erthe ste of califo thfight against covid-19, the milestone comes as the state just announced that it has added one more to the county watchlist. >> a semblance of normalcy. >> the governor highlighted something. >> i want to highlight the
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president not wearing a mask, and sending a message. >> surpassing new york with more than 409,000 confirmed cases over a population of 40 million, the size of 41 states combined. >> it is a warning, it is important to sound the alarm, it does not mean cases are going up per person. >> the california per capita case rate is half that of new york, the death toll was also four times less. but the doors keep closing in ea and san francisco where businesses were told not to allow employees in today and to shut down the stores. >> we will succeed in extinction this virus. >> doctor anthony found she warned this week that it is unlikely that the coronavirus will ever be eradicated. >> the numbers show more younger people are being infected with about 50% of the cases below the age of 40.
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>> he added that it is possible health officials can work to bring the virus down to low levels, he continues to emphasize the need to wear masks . >> increasing signs of compass consciousness, awareness and compliance. the governor stood and talked about the need for mass, what were the issues that he outlined? >> reporter: you saw the news conference and you saw the grateful look masks. estate has an inventory of more than 111 million and 95 masks. the state is also burning through more than 46 million per month. so there is a need. we will have more details on how many they plan procure, coming up at 6:00. >> less than a three month supply. kenny, thank you. you first saw the update on cbsn bay area, and your news for events, it's on our website.
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>> the city is trying to cut down on wait times to get a test. mobile pop-up sites will start testing up to 250 people each over the next couple weeks, at the same time, the testing site will be able to test 400 more essential workers per day. right now the wait times can be as long as two weeks. also, private healthcare providers are being ordered to test people with symptoms and close contact confirmed cases. >> i'm proud of the work that we are doing to expand testing and synthesis go. we know that we cannot test our way out to. we need people to be responsible and keep their distance from others, to avoid gatherings, and to wash their hands. getting tested is not a passport to do whatever you want, you can still get infected. >> a third testing center in the southeast part of the city will also open in august, to
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test 500 people per day. >> another san quentin inmate has died of competitions of the coronavirus, he had been on death row since 1995, the city 7-year-old had been convicted of murder. fourteen inmates have now tied. 1600 others have been infected during the outbreak. alameda's police chief announced his retirement, he's been with the police department for 28 years and the last seven as a police chief. the department came under fire for arresting a black man who was dancing in the streets. the district attorney decided not to charge watkins, who police say resisted arrest. his last day will be august 28th. there is no word yet on who will replace him, he hopes it will be a woman or a person of color. president trump announced plans to send additional
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federal officers into us cities, with a mission to stop the violence that has rocked those cities for white weeks, governors are pushing back and call the move a desert a diversion. >> the white house is expanding operation legend cap with plans to send law enforcement to albuquerque and kansas city. >> will use federal law to vigorously charge federal crimes at support seeds to communities through the greatest extent extent possible, this will be hard cap painstaking work. >> tuesday, at least 15 people were shot and killed following a fusion funeral in chicago. >> this week, chicago's mayor and several mayors of other us cities sent a letter demanding the withdrawal of federal forces and called it an abuse of power. >> the president is trying to
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divert attention from his failed leadership on covid-19. he has failed, he has failed, he has failed. >> in their own way, they want us to go in full blast. >> federal agents have been in portland more than 50 days, amid the ongoing attacks on federal buildings. leaf clashed with kim and streeters after dark. protesters say they are being snatched off the streets. >> this is a democracy, not a dictatorship. you cannot have secret police objecting people. >> the trump administration says it does not need your mission from local officials to assist law enforcement, members of congress are calling for investigations into the program. >> seven student athletes at stanford have tested positive for coronavirus, the university conducted nearly 600 covid-19 tests. turning athletes are told that the students who test positive are in isolation. >> safe street programs have
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been implemented to give businesses room to spread out san jose has its own take. our reporter has the story. >> the city calls this alfresco dining. restaurants have been hungry for this, they been talking about it for months, finally it has happened. >> it seems like it took a long time to get to this point, yeah? >> it takes a herculean effort between the agencies and the groups that have to pull this together. the city, public safety, all of those departments. in the permit process takes a really long time, and it has been truncated. it is rapid for our world. >> rapid for a government agency. >> exactly. >> the crew began shutting down san pedro street, placing concrete barriers in the roadway. san pedro has been a go to spot
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for large events and super bowl celebrations. now it will be closed down at least until eaarter mile stretch of prime real estate for social distancing of customers. hayward and oakland shut down their street as well, for outdoor dining. in san jose, this is a first of its kind pilot program. they hope to work out the kinks before expanding. >> what does this mean for next summer and being able to provide this opportunity? >> they only have room for three tables on the sidewalk. with an expansion they could triple or quadruple that amount and boost business. >> i think this is a good idea. there are a lot of eateries around, they can come and sit here. he's going to wait a few weeks to try it, if at all. >> what is your thought? i think it is still high-risk. there are a lot of .
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i personally would not take the risk. >> he understands why people might be nervous about dining outside. >> i have a lot of friends who have gotten very, very sick from this. it is legitimate to be worried. just wear a mask, wash your hands, and if and don't go near people. >> still ahead, streaming, tesla is coming to town and bringing thousands of jobs. the electric car maker makes its picked for the biggest car factory yet. >> reports of burning documents and allegations of espionage as the denny's consulate in houston is ordered to shut down. >> the united states makes a $1 billion bet on the coronavirus vaccine with details on a deal
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new at 5:00, big news from tesla, the electric car company is building its newest and largest plant near austin, 5000 workers will be building the new cyber truck pickup, the plan will also be for a second factory for the model suv. tesla, $16 million in tax breaks to help seal the deal. tesla also reported $104 million in profit for the second quarter, making it bore straight quarters of positive earnings. >> flames and smoke seen coming from the chinese consulate in houston after the united states
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ordered china to cease all operations at that facility. fire trucks were seen parked outside. staffers were spotted burning documents in the courtyard. the us gave chinese diplomat 72 hours to leave. this follows allegations that they were working to steal medical medical data from facilities in texas. >> we are setting out clearance petitions for how the chinese communist party will behave and when they don't, we will take action to protect our people, national security, economy, and jobs. >> china is calling americans america's actions unreasonable, and is bowing to retaliate. >> a live lookup the nation's capital, the battle over a new covid relief bill is underway, speaking on the floor of the senate, chuck schumer lashed out at senate republicans. >> we are in a national crisis. we don't hear a word out of mitch mcconnell as we are on the edge of so many cliffs.
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>> both sides say that they want to keep extra unemployment and if it's flowing. but it will likely be less than the current $600 per week. >> the united states has signed a nearly $2 billion deal with a pharmaceutical company, the pharmaceutical giant will be producing 100 million doses of a vaccine, and is expected to deliver them in december. the initial 100 million vaccines will belong to the federal government, although it will need emergency use authorization from the fda to be disturbed at. the deal also allows the us government to acquire an additional 500 million doses. stocks rose on news of the vaccine deal, but dow was up 165 points, the nasdaq closed nearly 26, the s&p was up by about 19 points. >> muriel bowser issued a new mask order, requiring people to wear facemasks when outside of
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their homes. is comes as the city battles an uptick in covid-19 cases. there will be some exceptions to the mask mandate, including children under the age of three and people actively eating or drinking. president trump says he has a national strategy for reopening schools. he didn't go into details, but he did say this. >> regarding the children in your family, your son and grandchildren, do you plan to have them back in person, in school? >> i'm comfortable with that, we do have a national strategy, ultimately it is up to the governors of the states. i think many governors want the schools open. i would like to see the schools open. >> very few americans agree with the president's stance. only in about one in ten think preschool and k-12 students to return to normal this fall. and roughly 30% feel in person learning should not happen at all. you can keep track of
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what's going on in your district on our website. former president barack obama reunited with joe biden, in which and they met for a video in which they criticize president trump's coronavirus response. >> can you imagine standing up and saying i take no response ability? >> those words never came out of our mouths while we were in office. >> he has an inability to get a sense of what people are going through, he cannot relate in any way. >> one of the things i've always known about you, joe, the reason why i wanted you to be my vice president. >> the former president and the former vice president met in person for a socially distant conversation to discuss the pandemic and the economy, they are planning another online fundraiser next week. a powerful place shook
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coastal cities in alaska. the quake was reported late last night in the seven that states. there is no word yet on injuries or damage. but it did cause some tsunami concerns. those are the tsunami warning signals that went off throughout the night. people did scramble for higher ground, the alert was canceled after the quake only caused a small wave. in nepal, a motorcyclist got caught up in a flood. his bike was pushed down the road and down he went. people nearby worthing fully able to rescue him, the area has been battling flash floods and landslides for nearly one month. >> no flash floods or landslides for us, we are very lucky. >> we haven't had any rain for weeks. >> normal rainfall for the
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month of july is precisely zero. so we are months away from that. we have been tracking some thunder strums that developed for northern california. satellite protect perspective, those are thunderstorms with an upper-level disturbance. and it's also the location of the hog fire, with camillus clouds developing with the heat of the fire largely out of control, that's been helping to get the air to rise, producing actual thunderstorms. it is hard to tell where the upper-level low begins and where the influence of the fire comes to an end, and vice versa. the air here is very, very dry. a lot of this evaporates on the way down. the last thing that they need are these cloud to ground lightning strikes in the area. these fires are still causing problems. most of the smoke is going away from us. the fog is rolling back in. not a big spread in temperatures. it's not usual to have a 40
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degrees difference between the city and inland parts of the bay area. today it isdience des is the warm smile more, very pleasant temperatures, that fog did back up off the coast for a little while today, even coastal areas got to see some sunshine. twenty-four hours ago, compared to that it is a little bit warmer. from the city today, down into the santa clara valley, is for the tri- valley and parts of the north bay, just a few degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. like this morning, we start off with up, the cloud cover backs up, temperatures are in the 60s around the bay, below 60 around the coast, 70s farther inland. we do manage to crack 80s, low 80s and the santa clara bounty valley, leesville east bay to the east of the diablo range. temperatures there could sneak up in the upper 80s,
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to upper summaries for the north bay, middle to upper 60s and 70s around the north bay itself. the fog is going to be tougher to shake along the bay and around the coast for the end of the work week. upper 60s, 70s for the bay saturday and sunday, middle to upper 80s inland over the weekend, the warmer day will be on saturday before we start rmminiature little bit, then roller coaster next week. and we look at a hurricane over hawaii, we will look at that coming up next. >> we still have questions instead of answers for the 2020 season. the nfl announced one rule that will this isn't about today.
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the giants will be on the field at dodger stadium this time tomorrow night, getting ready to finally begin the 60 game regular season. if you want to watch football in person, you will have to mask up. fans will be required to wear masks, or face coverings. the league has not said if they will delay the start of the
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regular season, although it has already canceled preseason games. deans are getting ready to start training caps on time. to the ambassador to the uk and owner of the new york jets is being accused of racist and offensive comments to his staff. robert wood johnson is being investigated. the comments were said to be deeply offensive and demoralizing. he took to twitter, saying i have followed the ethical rules and requirements of my office at all times. these false claims of insensitive remarks about race and gender are totally inconsistent with my long- standing record and ne message for the upcoming season. black lives matter painted on the court in orlando, a call to action has been echoed by numerous stars, including lebron james and kevin durant. july 31st is the start of the
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new 22 team format. coming up at 5:30, we thinking the legacy of a famous conservationist, we look at his completed past. >> and the key is abandoning the death penalty, howou put
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the death penalty no longer on the table, the daexplains why the change, after years of supporting the death penalty. >> a proposal that is one step closer to reality.
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>> rethinking the legacy of one of the most revered figures in california history, the sierra club is directly calling out the questionable past of a famous founder. >> wilson walker has details on the complicate legacy of john muir


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