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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 23, 2020 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight the warning from dr. anthony fauci that the coronavirus may never be fully eradicated. so what does that mean for the development of a vaccine? as companies say they could manufacture the first 100 million doses by december. plus california surpasses new york in coronavirus cases. the nation's most populous state hits a single day record. hub of espionage? the u.s. orders china to close its consulate in houston, accusing the chinese of stealing scientific secrets. china vows to retaliate an.rey e campaign 2020, america decides. joe biden calls the president's response to coronavirus racist. as he reunites with former
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president barack obama to troll trump in a video. our interview with bill gates, how we'll know if a vaccine works and could an at-home covid test be on the horizon. concern for kanye: the performer's erratic behavior has friends and family worried. tonight kim kardashian speaks out for the first time because of the stigma and misconceptions about mental health. and remember the story of a retired marine who caught a d marine wrown from a burning building? well, tonight what the community is doing to thank him. >> this is the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capitol. >> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west and thank you for joining us. breaerygoio begi wit e in t.s. orviru e pand original epicenter of new york.
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with the number of infections growing and the death toll rising nationwide, tonight the nation's leading infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci is issuing a sobering warning. that the virus may never be fully eradicated. in an effort to at least get it under control, several more states including ohio, indiana and minnesota as well as the cities of baltimore and washington, d.c., said they would mandate masks be worn nearly all of the time in public. and the n.f.l. now says when it allows fans back into stadium theyl beuiwear masks, to and tonight the u.s. governmeney $2 billion to two pharmaceutical companies in exchange for 100 million doses of a vaccine that is still under development. if it works, the administration says americans would be given that vaccine for free or at an affordable price. as we come on the air tonight the virus has killed more than 142,000 people in the u.s. and
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confirmed cases now top 3.9 million. that's more than one out of every four cases in the world. there is a lot of reporting to get to tonight and our team of correspondents is standing by to cover it all. cbs's manuel bojorquez will lead us off tonight from miami. good evening, manny. >> reporter: good evening, norah. ten hospitals here in miami dade county report having one or no adult i.c.u. beds available. given the situation in the state, late this afternoon the governor appeared to soften his stance on forcing all schools to reopen next month. >> if the school district needs to delay the school year for a few weeks so that everything will be in good shape, have at it. >> reporter: governor r is' chf heoovho florida's hospitals, he says they are in the act of deploying 1,400 relief nurses around the state. deaths, which initially lagged
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pbehind new cases have now soared. yet more families are in mourning. 19-year-old college student jordan byrd, who was diabetic, died in tallahassee. >> i miss him. i mean, he was a gentle giant. >> reporter: california surpassed new york as the state with the most cases since the pandemic began, more than 400,000. in parts of texas like the rio grande valley's hidalgo county, dr. millendez says the situation continues to worsen. can you even get new patients into the i.c.u.'s there? >> if someone dies, you get a bed. >> reporter: if someone dies, other than that what happens to a new patient? >> very difficult, you have to creatively find other place to pt the patient. rep t c cbs news has learned an internal c.d.c. memo indicates nationwide cases in children are rising, too, near the level of cases of patients 65 or older. today dr. anthony fauci warned
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the virus may never disappeamatl get control of it. i don't really see us eradicating it. >> reporter: across the country the debate over wearing masks continues. >> i don't need to wear a mask for them to be safe. >> reporter: but today ohio, indiana and minnesota as well as washington, d.c., and baltimore enacted mask orders. the home depot joined the list of retailers requiring customers to wear them. the n.f.l. announced it will require them of fans, too, if the games are played at all. on the vaccine front the government announced today a contract worth nearly $2 billion with two companies, including pfizer, to provide 600 million doses. the companies have said that if their vaccine is proven safe and efficient, 100 million of those doses could be available by december. norah? >> o'donnell: manuel bojorquez, thank you. tonight china is vowing to retaliate after the u.s. accused the country of hacking into
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companies doing coronavirus vaccine research and ordered its consulate in houston to close. this is a significant escalation in a growing conflict between the world's two largest economies all made worse by the pandemic. here's cbs' margaret brennan. >> reporter: plumes of smoke tipped off firefighters that something was amiss at china's houston consulate. >> when attempting to make entry they were denied access to the facility. >> reporter: these images which have not been verified show people burning documents, a common practice when a diplomatic post is quickly burning documents abandoned. u.s. officials claim that houston was a hub for espionage and china recently escalated its staff of intellectual property from u.s. institutions, hours earlier the state department ordered china's ambassador to shut down the texas outpost by friday. secretary of state mike pompeo.r expectations for how the chinese communist party is going to behave. and when they don't, we're going to take action to protect the american people, protect our
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security, our national security, and also protect our economy and jobs. >> reporter: an outraged beijing threatened there may be consequences for expelling dozens of its diplomats. tensions with beijing have escalated since the pandemic began. >> kung flu. it's a nasty horrible disease that should have never been allowed to escape china. >> reporter: and president trump's long promised trade deal has stalled. >> i'm not interested right now in talking to china. >> reporter: china claims it is all unfair stigmatizing for political reasons. now, sources tell cbs news that china's espionage has gotten increasingly brazen at medical facilities and universities. accredited chinese diplomats have even gotten caught trying to sneak into military bases in florida and virginia and at houston's airport carrying fake i.d.s trying to help chinese nationals board a chartered plane. norah? >> o'donnell: margaret, thank you.
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now to a wave of violence sweeping many of the country's major cities. 15 people were shot outside of a funeral in chicagot,a esof s. c's top cop made a plea for the violence to stop. r> put your guns down. >> reporter: tuesday's shooting attributed to a feuds between the city's 117,000 gang members in combinations of drugs in guns. there has been a 50% increase in the number of shooting victims in chicago compared to last year. in new york city more than 77%, atlanta, 31%. among the victims there, eight- year-old secoriea turner. what are your thoughts about this senseless violence? >> i can't even gather my thoughts. i just feel like it could have been prevented.
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>> reporter: the spike in crime comes as police across the country face daily protests calling for reform. in new york city that meant disbanding a plaincloon policing. >> reporter: eric adams is brooklyn, new york, bureau president and former cop says that move was premature. you think that was a mistake. >> the dismantling was smart, but you need to rebuild after the dismantling. >> reporter: leaving the question, how do you police communities which need police protection the most? jeff pegueues, cbs news, washington. >> o'donnell: citing that increase of violence in american cities, president trump used a briefing on the coronavirus tonight to justify sending federal forces onto the streets of portland, and said he is sending others to chicago. cbs's weijia jiang is at the white house tonight, weijia? >> reporter: norah, for the second night president trump held a coronavirus briefing
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alone, ignoring criticism that he should let the health experts do the talking. late this evening the mayor of chicago said the president has already failed in on the pa a diverting attention away by interfering in her city. president trump announced the administration is sending hundreds of federal agents to chicago to curb violence as part of a new anticrime initiative called operation legend. >> this rampage of violence shocks the conscience of our nation and we will not stand by and watch it happen. >> reporter: chicago mayor lori lightfoot has said she won't let federal troops terrorize her city. >> that's what we call tyranny and dictatorship. and we are not having it in chicago. >> reporter: the move follows more than 100 federal officers decked out in camouflage storming portland, oregon. the department of homeland security has also sent over 200 agents to kansas city, 35 to
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albuquerque and plans to send more in the weeks ahead. mr. trump is promoting himself as the law and order leader as part of his re-election campaign and accusing presumptive democratic nominee joe biden of planning to de fund the bi den disputed that. >> i am opposed to defunding police. as a matter of fact, i call for putting more money in. >> reporter: the president is also facing new questions about using his office for personal gain. cbs news has learned u.s. ambassador to the u.k. woody johnson tried to convince officials to move the british open golf tournament to mr. trump's turnberry resort in scotland. johnson, a billionaire and co-owner of the new york jets, was also investigated by the state department watchdog for making racist and sexist remarks which made embassy staff members uncomfortable. tonight president trump said he never spoke to ambassador johnson about moving the british open to the turnberry resort. for his part, johnson said in a
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statement, he's always followed the ethical rules and requirements of his office and called those claims he made insensitive remarks, false. norah. >> o'donnell: weijia jiang, thank you. joe biden and former president obama met face to face for the first time in months to team up on a new campaign video where they take turns hitting president trump on his response to the pandemic. this as biden unleashes his most direct attack yet on mr. trump's character. here's cbs' ed o'keefe. >> reporter: joe biden tonight calling out mr. trump as the country's first racist president. >> we've had racists and they tried to get elected president, he is the first one that has. >> reporter: that is what he told a worker who expressed concern that the president blames china for the coronavirus pandemic. meanwhile biden and his former boss reunited in a pandemic style campaign video with masks, social distancing and criticism of the current president. >> this guy has generated a
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sense out t tle are waking up to that he ran by deliberately dividing people from the moment he came down that escalator. >> reporter: former president barack obama heaped praise on his former number two. >> you are going to be able to oeassemble the kind of reassemble the kind o government that cares about people and brings peole together. >> reporter: aides say in the absence of traditional rallies, videos like this one are how mr. obama plans to help out. ed o'keefe, cbs news, washington. >> o'donnell: the bill and melinda gates foundation has committed more than $350 million for the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines in the fight against the coronavirus. earlier today i asked bill gates what he makes of the results coming out from those early vaccine trials. >> we don't know if these vaccines will work. we don't know if they will work to avoid deaths, we don't know if they will work to avoid
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transmission, that is why we are working on so many first generation vaccines. >> o'donnell: how do we kn >> we like it to be very safe in all the populations that you indicated for, no side effects, we like it to avoid the individuals to get the vaccine getting sick. >> o'donnell: where are we in terms of a rapid diagnostic test, you talked about this a lot. it would be a test that is like an in-home pregnancy test. where are those tests? >> in the next 2-4 months some of those tests will get approved. now, they won't be as accurate as the p.c.r., which is a molecular test. and so over the next few months we have to up p.c.r. capy, e to get results back in 24 hours. we need both and delayed times that we have today are completely unacceptable. it's making the most of our tests pretty much worthless. >> o'donnell: the president said
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just this weekend that the u.s. has the lowest mortality rate in the world. is that factually correct? >> not at all. not even close. i mean, by almost every measure the u.s. is one of the worst. >> o'donnell: why are we one of the worst? >> we actually have criteria for opening up that said you had to have cases declining and we opened up with cases increasing. >> o'donnell: we have schools all in the midst of this decision about how to get kids safely back into the classroom or whether to learn totally online. how can we do it safely? >> the big challenge here is how to get the teachers and the staff in, and to avoid those kids being a source of infection as they go back into their households. this next academic year does hang in the balance on top of the learning deficits we have coming out of last year. so, you know, i would put that after the deaths as the, you know, next biggest cost.
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>> o'donnell: one of our viewers texted us this question, his name is eric, he is actually ualm washington state where you are. and he asked, "would you send your children to public school in this current situation?" >> if a school is being careful, then yes. now, if they live in a multigenerational household, you know, where you have old people that they are exposed to, you have to look at how hard would it be for you to reduce the, you know, grandparents exposure to those kids. we do need to remember it is mostly the transmission into the older people that drives these, you know, really horrific deaths per day. >> o'donnell: bill gates, thank you so much for joining us, and for all of the information. we appreciate it. >> you bet, thank you>> o'donnet including gates' response to a debunked claim that he wants to use a vaccine to implant microchips. now there is still much more news ahead on tonight's cbs
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>> o'donnell: bipolar disorder affects an estimated seven million americans, but many still have misconceptions about the condition. today reality tv star kim kardashian west made a public plea for compassion for her husband kanye west. here's cbs's jericka duncan. >> reporter: concern about the mental health of rapper kanye west grew after his firstday so. he erroneously claimed abolitionist harriet tubman did nist harriet free enslaved black people. >> she just had the slaves go over to other white people. >> reporter: many in the african-american community
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today on instagram his wife kim kardashian west asked for compassion and empathy for those with mental illness saying he is a brilliant but complicated person and has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bipolar disorder. >> you have all the money and the resources, but that doesn't change the fact that your illness has impaired your ability to get help. >> reporter: psychiatrist dr. sue varma says bipolar disorder can cause heightened emotions and impaired judgment. >> i think it's really important that celebrities come out and say, hey this is an issue, i want to bring awareness to it. >> reporter: jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> o'donnell: coming up next, he made a lifesaving catch, but find out why he says hehero. >>
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welcomed hoercond catch that saa child's life, here's cbs' janet shamlian. >> throw the baby down! >> reporter: the catch of a lifetime. a former wide receiver saving a three year old whose mother tossed him from a burning
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building in phoenix a millisecond before the child would have hit the ground. >> god put me on this platform. he put me in the right place at nored this week by hisb hometown of kalamazoo, michigan, a college scholarship created in his namee retired marine relucto take credit saying the boy's mother, who didn't survive, made the real sacrifice. >> i wouldn't be here without rachel long who is the true hero. >> reporter: and yet phillips knows it is greatest catch he's ever made. janet shamlian, cbs news. >> o'donnell: still serving his country. we'll be right back. building aence that lets you shop over 17,000 cars from home. creating a coast to coast network to deliver your car as sincredible.rrow.r tese and putting you in control of the whole thing with powerful technology. that's why we've become the nation's fastest growing retailer.
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