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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 23, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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staming on cbsn bay area, long lines yesterday for some shutdowns. the so-called rapid testing site now getting a revamp.'s track record cases in california lead into a grim prediction. why one health expert says the current response could impact the bay area for years to come. taking work outside, how hair salons and jim owners are adapting to reopening during the pandemic. good morning, it is thursday, july 23rd. >> good morning, first up, we have a check of the forecast with mary lee.
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>> good morning, it is going to be a very pleasant day across the bay area. a beautiful day with that clearing and sunshine for most of us. we are warmer throughout the day and cooler at the coast with seasonal daytime highs. as we start off our day thursday temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s with those clouds and in the afternoon, mid 60s in san francisco and low 70s in oakland and low 80s in san jose and mid 80s for concord. we are where we sh are going to warm things up and i am tracking strong ridges of high pressure to build and and details are coming up in just a few minutes. i am at the live news desk, looking at this hill where republicans say that they have reached a deal on key pieces of the new $1 trillion stimulus package and it includes more than $105 billion for schools and does not penalize people for not reopening in person. also some funding for coronavirus testing and rpublicans pushing for another forgivable paycheck protection program loan. the democrats in the house put forth their own $1 trillion --
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sorry, $3 trillion plan. that has been waiting for senate approval and it does not look like that is happening but we will hear about this new proposal later on today. it is 5:02. a new bay area testing site shuts down after massive turnouts on opening day. there mita location promises to profess fast results. we are here from alameda with the wait for those quick results. >> what ended up happening is about midnight last night, we got a press release from the city of alameda saying that testing site on the island is insurance issue. you can see
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there are cones still set up in the parking lot, as if they were ready to go today but it is all for naught. this testing site is open yesterday and was one of the only free testing site in the east bay that uses a rapid test meaning people can get their test results back in about 15 minutes, hundreds of people waited in line for hours yesterday to get the free covid test with the line wrapping around the building and down the street. >> it is mortifying. >> we have been here for nine hours. >> they have been here longer and we are all taking days off of work. >> yesterday people could do walk up testing or with an appointment and the city of alameda will be posting updates about when the testing site will reopen on their website,
5:04 am according to the press release, until that insurance issue is worked out, this website will remain closed and that means wiecapthe website to try to figure out how to reschedule unfortunately, the city does not have an estimated time of when they think they are going to be able to get the site up and going again. it all depends on getting that insurance straightened out. in alameda, kpix 5 san francisco is also adding three new testing sites. testing for central workers will also expand . the mayor says that will allow 1400 more people to get tested every day. we have a list of all those bay area coronavirus testing sites on our website, california now has the most coronavirus cases in the country and nearly 13,000 new cases in a single day. this morning, a top santa clara health expert is making a grim prediction, covid-19 may impact
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our communities for up to 10 years. >> i just told all the county employees not to expect to come back here. not until at least the end of february and probably not even then. we have never been able to e common coldorher itbest ariois completelywot the course we are on now. >> if we do not do what the science tells us we should do, i do not see anything different happening. >> dr. smith thinks the best way to do it is through social distancing and to come up with a treatment option to lessen the symptoms of the virus. happening today, supervisors in
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sonoma county will take a potential fine for people or businesses that flout restrictions. the fines would be $100 for individuals and $1000 for businesses. the proposal would set up a hotline where people can report violators. the historic bar in san francisco has been saved from shutting down indefinitely. thisorne the iconic bar reopened for drinks over the weekend. that happened with the help of orphan andy's. twin peaks tavern is one of the only to receive a historical landmark designation. we have more room to eat out in san jose. they shut down this street, placing barriers in the road to block off traffic they call it in howard street closure with restaurant have been talking about for months. this is the first of its kind pilot program in jose in a runs through september. new details about
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wastewater taken from the yosemite national park that has tested positive for covid-19. health officials have the first results this week and samples were taken just after the fourth of july weekend the national park started partially reopening last month but now they will hold off on reopening campgrounds through the end of july. personal care professionals are speaking out on the challenges they are facing but only offering outdoor services. for now, this is how you can get a visit for a manicure, haircut, or massage. governor newsom's latest guidelines require those services be offered under tents or canopies with no more than one side it closed but an industry organization says the changes give little help to many owners. >> it is unfortunate that those that do not have this kind of rome. >> we have the education and training to keep our clientele say. we understand the science between cross-contamination and disinfection and personal
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cleanliness and sanitation. let us do our job. we can do it safely but only inside. >> according to jones, while some barbershops and beauty salons are ready to reopen outdoors, many of the federations 53,000 members will have trouble finding appropriate space. and also gyms are moving outside. this boxing class is adapting to the changes and sessions are now condensed to 50 minutes and using kettle medals for training. they are helping their members reduce the stress levels >> total body workout every single time and you are burning hundreds of calories and building a better body and a better mind. >> the owner says that it is all about making sure his members feel safe while exercising. the delay major league baseball is over. they will take on the dodgers in los angeles for the start of a four-game series. it gets underway at 7:00 with
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no fans in attendance. each major league team will play a shortened 60 game season. the a's will host the los angeles angels at this park with no fans. >> football fans, have your face masks and more. you will have to wear them when game time kicks off. they confirmed the mask requirement in a tweet and it is unclear how many teams will actually host fans in the upcoming season. the nfl does not have a leaguewide policy on hosting fans during this pandemic. the nfl's regular season is scheduled to kickoff on september 10th. a new video out of the uk shows liverpool fans celebrating the premier league victory against chelsea. they marked a major when that has taken 30 years. the celebration was discouraged because of the pandemic and that they issued a 48,000. the
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rescheduled summer olympic games are now exactly one year away. >> the games in ennow but they due to the pandemic. it is still unclear if spectators will be allowed to watch the olympic events in person. covid phobia fallout, and an original report, the alarming number of americans avoiding the doctor's office and why it could be a healthcare disaster. that is after the break on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. i am tracking and onshore flow once again for today. temperatures right here, right now they are currently 12 in concord, and 12 in oakland. we will see a southwesterly went through the day and around the bay at 10 to 20. for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. when it comes to healthcare, the numbers are bleak. 75% of us have delayed visits
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and vaccinations are down 40% and 35% of stroke or heart attack patients do not get to the er in time. california hospitals may see up to an $18 billion loss in net revenues. i am looking into the phobia fallout in this morning's kbi asked five original report. >> earlier this year, tracy suffered a stroke. also for the north bay, he needed surgery to fix a leaky heart valve. >> he was having difficulties. . >> they underwent life-saving surgeries in the middle of the pandemic. >> it goes without saying that i was concerned about going to the hospital because people
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would say do not go to a hospital. you are going to catch the virus. >> of that fear is raising alarm among healthcare professionals. >> we are worried about the next epidemic, which is all the regular care that people have not been getting. we are worried about children who do not come in for their immunizations or who of risk for measles or worried about people who have high blood pressure and have not come in to get their blood pressure checked. they are at risk of strokes and we are worried about babies. we want them to be as healthy as they can. nobody is coming in for their prenatal care. >> unlike tracy and rinaldo, hospit thr own peril and many a or even dining. semester 25% to 30% reduction in stroke or heart attacks. that is not because there are fewer of them. >> one professor says it is troubling how patients are not taking critical emergency care. >> we will go with the tourniquet. >> reporter: he say that the healthcare industry might la
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support. the industry may not survive the covid crisis in tact. >> there will be significant changes your pics a the industry depends on payments and electric procedures to stay afloat with unemployment people are losing their private-sector health plans and enrolling into less reimbursed public once. >> they are falling. >> summer not seeing their healthcare practitioners at all. ú>> those that get help are driving. she had a blood clot. >> his valve was fixed by a specialist and he is now on the mend. across the bay area, hospitals, medical centers and doctors offices are all having new protocols to protect patients and staff. it is less clear how to protect
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the largest sector of california's economy. the healthcare industry. what immediate impact it will happen is unknown but telehealth medicine is here to stay. it looks like they're looking for more stable funding such as a fixed monthly charge for each patient. jian is keeping the eyes on the roadways this morning. i see a couple of wet spots out there. >> there are some spots especially as you make your drive onto westbound 580 and the tracy area. this is usually our busy a spot. if you take that tracy ride, you have brake lights towards grant line. there is a broken down vehicle in the clearing stages and to the right shoulder now but it did cause a snag. it is just a heads up as you work your way through the allatoona pass. no wind advisory in effect today, so that is good news.
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205 toward the 680 has no delays. your drive along the east shore freeway and taking interstate 80, highway will only take you 18 minutes and westbound for it so far so good. we do not see any troubles and in fact that roadwork has been ongoing for the alemany project along 101 and the 280 connector and things look good at the limit overall. they have things wrapped up at 5:00 as opposed to yesterday, where things extended right around one-to-one. taking a look at traffic along 101 out of the waldo grade area at moraine, we have a few brake lights and we are seeing some speeds at 20 miles an hour in some your way southbound and that is due to roadwork in the area towards the golden gate bridge. things look a little better and we have the golden gate not seeing a lot of cars on that southbound side. they are holding vehicles for just a few minutes near the
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waldo grade. that is look at your morning drive and we have seasonal temperatures for july. right around where we should be for this time of year. it is going to be a pleasant day across our region. here is san jose. you can see the clouds in the sky. in san jose, it is 60 degrees and 60 for concord and livermore, 58 in oakland and
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mid-50s for san francisco and santa rosa. let's show you what to expect. cool at the coast with cloud cover retreating to the coast through our afternoon and mild around the bay and warm temperatures inland. slightly cooler as we look ahead tomorrow and then warming up for the weekend and early next week. now, we have the temperature outlook from the climate prediction center from eight to 14 days out and it does show above average temperatures for the bay area as you look ahead. so seasonal temperatures today, small changes through friday and just a touch cooler for friday and then as we look to the weekend with that ridge of high pressure, we are going to warm up with temperatures on the rise looking e weekend and early next week. take you hour by hour, we will see the sunshine for inland locations around the bay with cloud cover along the coast this afternoon and then tomorrow, we have low clouds and areas of fog and looking at that clearing in the afternoon for many of us. daytime highs are 82 in santa
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clara and san jose, 84 for los gatos and for the east bay, 86 in concord, 85 for pleasant hill and 90 for brentwood and for the tri-valley, in the low to mid 80s. it is 84 for president and around the bay, san francisco is 66 and for oakland, we are 71. also, 71 here and for the north bay, mid to upper 70s to low 80s. it is 70 for santa rosa and for napa, 84 for this area there is the extended forecast and it is cooler tomorrow and then we are warming up for the weekend and early next week. back to you. now to the most important in the morning. in our opinion, bear with us, today marks a one direction 10 year anniversary? >> the band posted this on the twitter and instagram. payne, and others.
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they were formed on x factor 2010. they are known for megahits like what makes you beautiful, story of my life, and drag me down. the group won nearly 200 awards before going on hiatus in 2015. >> i do not think i have heard any of the songs but check it out if this is our producer. she considers herself a mega "stan". she has a snapshot of herself from home, taking a picture of herself in her one direction t- shirt. she looks very cute. go easy. providing for a community. a basketball legend is using his fame and fortune to help those who
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free housing for low income families is about to open in ohio. >> brian james found how they made ibol had tick ofushat hurtstts this building will supply free
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housing to 16 families. tenants need to make a commitment to keep trying to improve their situations. our students attend school here and they cannot really walk to school. it is a couple of blocks away and they do not have to cross the street at all. >> the first two counties plan
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z3yolz zi0z
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y3yoly yi0y live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, ra
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agents and threats from the president to mobilize more. the response here in the bay area. shutting down, why account he decided they are closed today. a stalemate, the deal made overnight that could lead to a new coronavirus relief bill. good morning, it was thursday, july 23rd and i am michelle. >> i am len kiese. >> let's get to your forecast with mary lee. things are warming up as we have eyes on the weekend now?
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>> yes, for sure. temperatures are on the rise for the weekend. we cannot wait for that. we are looking at seasonal temperatures for today. atcoast. rm in land and oler isn jos mi upper 50s to low 60s this morning. as we go through the afternoon, low 80s in san jose and mid-80s in concord and catching clearing as well. to see clearing around the bay. we have mid 60s in san francisco but cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast. we will have that weekend coming up in a few minutes. thank you, new this morning the mayor of portland was teargas overnight while attending a protest. this new video just into our newsroom shows that moment. ted wheeler joined the demonstrators on their 55th straight night of protest against police brutality. earlier, he spoke to the crowds and thanked them for turning up. >> it is unconstitutional occupation. the tactics they are using, they are not right. people are not g learing arrest they are being denied basic
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constitutional rights. >> hundreds chanted expletives at him and called for his resignation. mr. wheeler is doing everything he can to get the federal officers to leave. president donald trump says he plans to send additional federal officers into more u.s. cities. they say it is expanding the program called operation luncheon. define sin officers to chicago, albuquerque, and kansas city. they will use federal law enforcement to vigorously charge federal crimes and support these besieged communities to the greatest extent possible. >> the president is trying to divert attention from its failed leadership. he has failed, he has failed, he has failed. >> the trump administration says it does not need permission from local officials and lawmakers from both parties
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are calling for an investigation. two bay area mayors are calling president donald trump's actions and abuse of power. libby schaaf and others signed a letter calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops. on monday, president donald trump also threatened to deploy agents to oakland. >> i am live in alameda. the covid-19 testing signs are up and the cones are in place but this site that just open on the island yesterday is now closed because of an insurance issue. the site on alameda just opened up yesterday morning and was incredibly popular and they offered three rapid test meaning people could get their results back in about 15 minutes. so many showed up on the first day of covid-19 testing, that the line stretched around the building and at times all the
5:34 am
way down the street. >> we do not have any symptoms but we want to be proactive. >> if you have an appointment, it is better but definitely at least an hour wait. >> the city made the announcement around midnight, saying the testing sites are closed because of an issue with liability insurance and they will be posting updates about the site on their website, . again, that is the city says they are committed to getting this testing site up and going as quickly as possible but unfortunately they do not have a timeline on when they expect this to be resolved. in alameda, kpix 5 the city of richmond is extending its eviction moratorium for people struggling to pay rent during the pandemic.
5:35 am
the order grants them up to 12 months from the end of the moratorium to pay back rent. and then there is this, nearly 2/3 of homes in the city of oakland are rentals and housing advocates say between 10 and 20,000 residents may be at risk of eviction because of the pandemic. today, contra costa senator glaser is set to speak out on stricter measures to control the spread of coronavirus in california. head of the virtual conference, the senator said quote we cannot wait another 4 to 6 weeks to see if the measures will do the job. if we do not, the virus will be completely out of control. we need to act now to ensure that does not happen. today's resume conference starts at 9:30 this morning. here is the white house where there has been a new reported case of coronavirus. a cafeteria worker has tested positive. there are two cafeterias that have shut down. they conducted contact tracing and claim no executive office staff need to be quarantined. senators in the white house
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to come to an agreement over a massive coronavirus relief bill. the bill has been stalled in the senate for several days. congressional republicans have been sparring with the president and one another over the cost. it will have $105 billion for schools and there is a $3 trillion proposal that packed the house more than two months ago. i am at the live news desk, and we are wishing a happy university to the uk prime minister, boris johnson. it marks a one year as a minister of england after his vehicle upset university and on his day he ordered the military to prepare for what he called for a winter crisis in great britain. we're talking a combination of a second wave of the coronavirus and the seasonal flu, winter flooding and then disruptions caused by england leaving the european union. he says these things have the possibility to overwhelm national resources.
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we will keep an eye on that. back to you. thank you, an update now on a band of reusable bags. officials say that reusable shopping bags will be allowed once again as long as residents carry them or leave them in the cart. folks will have to bag their own items. the ban was implemented in march as a way to stop the speading of covid-19.. looking live at sfo, southwest airlines will begin testing thermal cameras to spot people with fevers. next month the airline will use the cameras at dallas love airport which they say is to convince people to do more. they will not be linked to individual travelers but health officials warned it cannot detect people who have covid-19 but no symptoms. the trial will last for three months. and the final boeing 747 touched down at lax airport yesterday and marked the end of 50 years of service.
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it will be put into storage on friday. the last flight was brought forward six months after the pandemic's impact on the aviation industry. new video of a chinese rocket blasting off from beijing as they go to mars. if all goes according to plan, a probe will reach the red planet in february of next year and it is supposed to orbit mars, land a rover and collect information about the soil, environment and atmospre. > amazon touts creative ways for reusing boxes. they report better-than- expected results from online sales. diane king hall is a live from jersey city. good morning, diane. >> good morning, wall street rose on wednesday. the dow rallied 165 tsd e nasdaq gained 25 and the s&p 500 added 18.
5:39 am
more than 1 million americans filed for unemployment benefits again. they say they topped 1.4 million last week and that was more than expected and it comes as on states rollback economic reopening efforts. online sales for chipotle did not make up in dining. profit fell $8.2 million. the results were better-than- expected and with digital sales are soaring, they plan to hire 10,000 workers. amazon has come up with a creative way to have responses. >> i think they have this idea from the case. amazon will be stripping convertible boxes that can be morphed into a robot costume for kids and a minigolf windmillthof n gooutside the boss. it can be converted into a minicar or rocket. they are part of their push for more environmentally friendly
5:40 am
packaging. >> some of us are getting a bunch of amazon packages these days. >> yes, indeed. >> this will come in handy, i guess. >> we all are. >> we turned a box into a boat for my daughter to play in. barack obama and joe biden are teaming up for a new campaign video. rsn where they rip on president donald trump's coronavirus response. >> he says i take no responsibility. i do not understand his inability to get a sense of what people are going through. >> the full video will be released later today. it is 5:40.
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how the killing of mario woods forces san francisco policing to change forever. prty deal right here from the lake observatory and if you look closely, you can see the low clouds and areas a fog below mount hamilton. we will talk about what you can expect through the day coming up. it is a busy right along 580 as you go through the allatoona pass. we will look at the conditions in the small . - will invisalign aligners really work for my smile.
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- is there a better alternative to braces?
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- only invisalign aligners use smarttrack technology. it moves teeth more comfortably and predictably. and in many cases, it works faster than braces. (upbeat music) before george floyd there was a mario it changed policing in san francisco. the activists gathered to honor the life of mario woods on his birthday. on december 2015, they say that he had just stabbed the woman and was holding the bloody knife. officers surrounded him and shot him. the cell phone video of the police shooting sparked huge protests. >> mario woods was definitely one of our george floyds. he was one that had been killed by law enforcement in san francisco. >> in the aftermath of mario woods, a large percentage of
5:45 am
police officers are being trained in de-escalation and the number of san francisco officer involved shootings has dropped dramatically. alameda's police chief announcing his retirement. chief paul has been with the alameda police department for 28 years. the last seven as chief of the department has been under fire recently for arresting a black man who was dancing in the street. larry says his last day will be august 28th. no word on who will replace him but he says he hopes it will be a woman or person of color. >> te hackers who got to accounts god into dm's. electric officials are among the targets. they say there is no indication of any other former or current elected officials affected. it comes after twitter acknowledged that accounts belonging to businessmen and celebrities and politicians
5:46 am
were compromised. >> they are reporting a profit of over $104 million and they have been in the black for four consecutive quarters. they have a chance to join the s&p 500. they will have another plant in austin, texas. as many as 5000 workers will build a new cyber truck pickup and they will also have a second factory for the model suv. they had a $6 million in talks brakes to seal the al methe bear wa thnot have been >> a woman rdo of e ture she lives around jack's peak
5:47 am
park, a popular hiking destination. the bear drink some water and ate lemons from her tree before wandering over to her neighbors sliding glass door. they believe the same bear was part of carmel valley. they have been out there looking for food. 5:46 as the time and we have another check of traffic. >> good morning, i am getting closer to chp with the crash reported with three cars involved. this is west 82 out of foster city into one-to-one. it is close to the connector road and wigive u more information as it comes in. it is near the one on one connector. one vehicle is overturned and not too bad. i noticed that on the sensors, [ audio cutting in and out ].
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keep our eyes on that and a heads up if you are heading out the door, taking 101, we look okay but again things may slow down especially crossed the span, depending how troublesome that spot is near the 101 conne we are slowing on northbound 101 out of san jose towards 880. it is building around the 280/680 connector as you work your way towards 880. traffic is a little sluggish and slow is the name of the game as you work your way westbound 580 around tracy. we are seeing delays at least to north flynn. it is certainly crowded around 580 with a dry time to go from 205 towards the 680. east shore freeway and highway 4 are all in the green. let's check the forecast and say hello to mary. >>
5:49 am
taking you through the day in san francisco, we will see the clearing and some sunshine the day in the 60s in
5:50 am
san francisco for highs and a southwesterly wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. let's show you what to expect in the east bay and for oakland. you will see the sunshine through the day in the low 70s with breezy conditions in oakland and for the south bay, san jose could see highs in the low 80s with that sunshine in san jose and for concord, we're looking at temperatures in the mid-80s as we warm up this afternoon with that sunshine. here is the satellite and radar view with small changes through friday. it is a little cooler but still the onshore flow is kicking in and looking ahead to the weekend tracking this ridge of high pressure to billed in. take you hour by hour en future cast we will see skies ea and for most of us except for the cloud cover and then tomorrow, we are little cooler,
5:51 am
and we will see the clouds along the coast and partly sunny around the bay. tomorrow, we have more sunshine inland. for the south bay we have low 80s in santa clara and campbell and east bay and that it is for pleasant hill and 90 in brentwood and mid-eighties for the tri-valley and mid-sixties in sausalito and for the north bay, mid to upper 70s to low 80s. here's the extended forecast. it is a touch cooler tomorrow and then with that warm-up, as we look ahead to the weekend and into next week. farmers across the country are keeping busy cultivating potential christmas trees. they are up early each day to groom them, which continue to grow during the summer months. >> you get up at 6:00 or 5:00 and the sun is coming up. it is a different experience. it is a quiet time. >> we can take more than a decade before trees are ready to be sold during the holiday season and some farmers say only about a third of the trees even make it that far. 5:51, the pandemic causing shortages among many things and
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i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. retire better. new this morning, the beer
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industry is being impacted by a shortage of aluminum cans. >> companies are cutting back on the different types of beers they make. mostly course and others say they will focus on the most popular brands. experts say one factor for the shortage is the coronavirus and the changing habits related to them. instead of beer ending up in kegs, they are being sold for home consumption often in cans. >> a denver man has created masks with a practical feature for those that are out and dining or drinking and the ready masks ill cove pe's face but has a thingsthmon barsst ther exposeyoa flap. >> colorado was among the states under a mask wearing nd it is 5:55.
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streaming on cbsn, bay area, coronavirus linked to a california national park. the new samples closing yosemite. this testing site close to just one day after it open. we explain why. here is a live look outside before we go to break. it was hard to see be
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cbsn bay area, [ audio cutting
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