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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 24, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning.
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right now, streaming on cbsn bay area, taking a look from our camera on our rooftop. here is the beautiful bay bridge this friday morning. thank you for starting with us. it is july 24th. >> i am michelle griego. let's go right over to mary lee to get a check on the weather. >> good friday morning, michelle and anne. we are warming up for the weekend. we have the treasure island camera and we are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s and as we go through the afternoon we are looking at temperatures that are going to be slightly below average yearare looking at low in the upper 70s later on and upper 60s here. so anywhere
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from 1 to 6 degrees below average for this time of year. we will talk about the warmer weekend on the way in a few minutes. we have learned and alameda county sheriff's deputy has died of covid-19. they confirmed 57-year-old oscar rocha died just before 7:00 last night after nearly 3 weeks of intensive care at john muir hospital. the 25 year veteran was surrounded by fellow diabetes and his wife and the sheriff's office posted this video on
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facebook, caption rip brother, you will be greatly missed. the coronavirus has now killed more than 8000 californians as the state records the single deadliest day since the start of the pandemic. in the bay area, news shows data cases are likely increasing in six of nine counties. last week the number was four. sonoma county saw the largest increase. a lot of people are trying to get tested at the new rapid site in alameda but many of them were turned away. they were greeted with a closed sign when they showed up yesterday morning and the city said ran into y foos inthe with appointments. >>p-upideswe open in santa clara county and there were long lines at both. people who are not showing symptoms can get tested at san jose high school or the south county annex and both will be open next morning. for a list of testing sites in the bay area just go to our website, despite the search, there is talk of elementary schools being sent in person. only san mateo county can technically do that as the only bay area county that is not on the state's watch list but
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public and private schools in other kate counties can apply for a waiver. >> the risk seems to be substantially lower, the younger the kid is. more chances of getting it as well as transmitting it to others. >> if we were to perseverate, i think that those earlier schools, those we would look at, but would have to make sure that our staff felt safe to do it >> to keep up with all the latest developments in your school district, go to our website, school. the centers for disease control and prevention is projecting the death toll in the u.s. from the coronavirus could reach 175,000. the states driving the surge are mostly in the south. we have the latest. >> president donald trump is canceling the part of the republican national convention that was said to be held in jacksonville next month. >> the timing for this event is
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not right. it is not right with what has happened recently, the flare up in florida.? they reported over 173 new coronavirus debts yesterday. >> i will still do a convention speech in a different form. >> this distillery south of jacksonville is counting are them for some much needed business.? it would have been a very nice boost in sales and income. >> philip mcdaniel understands the risks are too high. >> i think in the bigger balance, it is the right call. >> the mayor as the largest part of the virus coming within homes. >> they suggested drastimeasure hospit wearingmasks indoors and also respecting social distancing when they're at home. for the third day on the road more than 1000 americans died from the virus. texas had 173 deaths. >> we have the opportunity to walk to hospitals and you would see where houses of human beings if you would from stretchers and in buildings. >> in arizona new cases and hospitalizations are trending downward. >> there is no victory lap
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today. there is no celebration. >> governor doug ducey closed bars and jim's indefinitely. >> san jose city leaders say they were never made aware of the white house's apparent concern over potential spikes in cases. >> we have new increases in new orleans and las vegas and san jose. >> san jose was one of 12 cities with a coordinator and the audio was obtained by the nonprofit center for public integrity. san jose mayor sam ricardo said we do not know why they selected them.
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hundreds of u.s. cities have higher rates of transmission hospitalization and death compared to san jose and regardless there is no question that our counties indicators are rising and we all need to double down on what are public health authorities no work. sonoma county is undecided on whether to fine people for not wearing masks. the proposed measure would send up a hotline to report violators and they will make a decision in two weeks for. fey bung whh is n francisco's reopening after a brief shutdown. it has been reclassified as the transport terminal , not an indoor shopping mall. on wednesday, the city forced the 26 shops and restaurants inside to close. the search is on for three suspects who attacked a bus driver with the bat. police say they got on without masks and 11 divisions on wednesday afternoon receives to wear a mask and they said to get off the bus. that is when one of the suspects pulled out a wooden bat and hit the driver several times and the driver is expected to be okay. oakland cannabis businesses say
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that they are under siege it comes after a million-dollar heist and a deadly shootout. this is some video from last friday showing a group of people leaving work when a man chases them back inside and opened fire. one woman died and the man was injured. so far, no arrests. another cannabis business was targeted in late may following the george floyd protests surveillance video shows marijuana hung up to dry as part of the process and suddenly dozen looters rush in and began taking the product. >> individuals came in and stole product and some locations lost upwards to $1 million of product and this is already on edge and it is going over the edge. >> the owner of the dispensary magnolia wellness tells us that looters wiped out the business and she is closed until further notice. >> we have been trying to work with the city to do better to investigate the crimes and prevent the crimes and to respond to them and we just have not been able to make headway and now we see the
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result is the murder of the other night. >> they have the cannabis unit with one officer assigned to it. they say they're working with owners to set up an alert system so businesses can know when there have been crimes against other cannabis businesses. chinese scientists wanted by the fbi are believed to be hiding o at thfrancisco consule this morning. they are accused of lying on a visa application about her connections to the chinese military and she had been working as a cancer researcher at uc davis and she is charged with fraud and asked her why she is allegedly hiding out -- >> perhaps this woman and the chinese government perceives this is a case of political persecution. i do not know but it is a little unusual. >> a researcher faces a similar charge along with the third from ucsf.. >> china is one closure on the u.s. consulate in right here. it comes after the trump administration forced a consulate in houston to shut down alleging that agents have tried to steal data from
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facilities. the world health organization has refuted remarks made by u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo on the relationship between the group and china and remarks were apparently made at a private meeting in london. >> many of us have worked seven days a week for the last several months and everything that we have seen come everything we do is focus on trying to save lives and we remain so and we will serve the people of the world regardless of what is said about us. >> the who director said the sole focus of thnization is on saving lives and they will not be distracted by these comments. coming up, streaming on cbsn bay area, fears from one chocolate company. how they plan to lift the spirits of children during this pandemic. let's look outside before we go to break of the city of
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india has recorded more than 49,000 new cases. the country currently has more than 1.2 million cases and the third highest behind the u.s.
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and brazil. republicans in the white house have agreed on the framework for a new relief bill that includes money for schools and it would likely include extra unemployment benefits with the current bonus is about to expire republicans say they want to extend benefits to cover 70% of lost wages. one in five american workers right now are collecting unemployment with another 1.4 million filing for new benefits. 7 million californians are collecting benefits right now. between the uncertainties with unemployment and now the federal moratorium on pandemic addictions expiring today, experts are worried about a major spike in evictions. michael george spoke up and they are forced to leave their home. >> this single mom says that she did everything correctly after she lost her job. she apply for federal aid and she negotiated with her landlord but now after a judge's ruling, she and her teenage daughter are being
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evicted from their texas home. >> she is going to be turning 17. where do we go? i have no idea where we are going. >> a staggering 19 to 23 million americans are at risk of addiction by september according to a study by the aspen institute and the majority of those impacted are low-income renters and people of color.? this is fundamental for millions of americans.? this is one of the founders of the covid-19 eviction defense project. they represent tenants facing eviction and he says while federal aid and state orders put a freeze on addictions and it did help, much of that aid is now expiring and in a recent borough surveyed 30% of renters said they have little or no confidence they can pay next month's rent. >> most americans have less than $1000 in savings and they lose their jobs and they are not able to work, their ability to pay their bills goes away pretty quick.? property owners argue a freeze
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on addictions cost them dearly. >> they are unable to pay $900 right now so max month that person will owe $1800. >> lisa and her daughter are trying to raise money to find a new home and they know they are not alone. >> this is not about us any more.; split that crisis by passing more aid for renters in the next stimulus bill. michael george, cbs news for. the time is 4:45. d ows chocolate company. we are breaking it all down in the money watch report. wall street lost ground on
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thursday. it dropped 353 points and the nasdaq fell 244 and the s&p 500 was down 40. the white house and congressional republicans reached a quote fundamental agreement on a face for relief bill and they may lack the credit support if it does not include the extra $600 a week for an appointment benefits. they hopes of final bill will be ready for a vote by the end of next week. amc is pushing back its reopening again as the coronavirus increases in much of the country. they had hoped to open july 15th before going to the end of this month and now the company isyee new timing reflects upcoming release dates for blockbusters like mulan. >> hershey's is still positive.
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halloween makes up 10% of their sales. they told investors that they will still find a way to go trick-or-treating, noting it is outdoors and masks are popular on halloween. hershey's has a backup plan if the virus is raging it is making less themed candy and will promote products that people typically buy for themselves. and that is your cbs money watch report. for, go to it is 4:47. we are taking you inside the oakland zoo for a peek inside. along with new attractions like this giraffe, he was brought in from kansas and the zoo was going to look different after implementing health and safety protocols. >> are you excited for visitors? yeah? yeah? >> visitors will notice social distance markers on the ground in areas by the ticket booth and the entrance to the gondola ride. hand sanitizers stations have been placed throughout the park and masks will be required for guests three and older. there also drastically cutting
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its attendance numbers. our peak attendance is usually between 7000 and 8000 people in a day so we will reduce that down to 2500 and then have them come throughout the day. that way, they can maintain social distancing. >> all indoor exhibits, restaurants and amusement parks will remain closed including the train to see the emus and wallabies. as he was going to open next wednesday. so number on the emus but it will be nice to have a number place to socially distance. they will have some new entertainment. >> i love the oakland zoo. we are so glad to hear about that. we are looking at slightly cooler temperatures today but we are going to warm up as we
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look ahead to the weekend. here is the mount hamilton camera from the lake observatory with those clouds in the sky and right now we are looking at the mid to upper 50s to low 60s as we start off our day. upper 50s for oakland and san jose and 57 in san francisco fa yin for sa breezes 22 miles an hour out of the southwest at 15 in concord and westerly winds are at 10 in oakland and nine mile an hour winds at sfo. highs drop a bit today due to that stronger onshore flow but as we look ahead to the weekend, this ridge of high pressure is going to be building in. a warmer weekend is in store as we look towards tomorrow and for sunday. taking you our an hour on future cast, we will see sunshine inland looking at partly sunny skies around the bay and the cloud cover around the coast for this afternoon. tomorrow morning, we are going bog tomorrow, mothe sunshine.
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they are pulling back to the coast and you might even see some sunshine along the coast as well tomorrow. but that ridge of high pressure is building in. daytime highs for the south bay are 77 degrees, 79 in campbell and 76 for cupertino as well as for santa clara and around the east bay, looking at 81 in concord, 82 for pleasant hill, mid 80s for antioch and brentwood and mid to upper 70s later on today. around the bay, mid to upper 60s for san francisco as well as for sausalito, 80 in daly city, and the 60s for richman and berkeley and for the north bay, in the mid-70s. 75 for santa clara and santa rosa and 75 for napa. the daytime highs are topping out at 81 in windsor and low 90s for lakeport, clearlake,
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and cloverdale. here's the extended forecast with that warm up on saturday and for sunday. we have daytime highs above average for this time of year an slowlycooling down an are mutuesday d wednesday and then warming up on thursday. let's check the commute. if you are going out the door, we are not having too many delays but this is an area where there is some construction with a construction closure. 880 northbound around fremont boulevard, there is some activity and one lane might be blocked. there is another crash not too far from there, it might be one and the same. how about some good news? if you are going out of tracy, you will usually see some busy conditions but it is friday so things are a little lighter, th grant line but overall everything is moving very nicely westbound towards the double interchange with a 24 minute drive time at 680 and the rest of the freeway has no delays along the shore,
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westbound around highway 4 to the maze. there is a 12 minute drive from antioch to hercules and san jose from sfo is 34 minutes. so far, so good on the bay bridge and all of our bridges are problem free. %-úthat is a drive. back to you. coming up, streaming on cbsn bay area, a special guest star joining the black lives matter movement. remember we want to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to our website lookisrode and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and,
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they just got some new wheels for turning his grades around. they announced them to join the okay boys program for officers that mentor young black men. he has a gpa of 4.0 now. >> police are not always bad people and in my opinion i think they are good people, especially the officers i have met. i think that they are great people and they truly helped me become who i am today. >> for all his hard work, the
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okay boys club rewarded him with these cars. way to go, jason. the oakland board hosted a big benefit concert last night. >> we love sheila. she joins us with many faces and muted lessons to raise awareness for the black lives matter movement and raise money for nonprofits. >> that was stevie wonder virtually joining. other big names in music filled incredible lineup. >> good morning, baseball has returned and dr. anthony fauci drew the first page of the season and they might need a doctor after a painful night in la. we are on deck.
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confusion about whether or not surgical green n95 white hospital blue. these are the colors of one nation uniting in gratitude thankful for everyone who wears these colors to the fight. we salute you.
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, streaming on cbsn bay area, confusion at a testing site. is it open or closed? conflicting information. we are here for a second day in a row of why some are still being turned away. another county flag for the state watchlist. the santa cruz spike in coronavirus cases. the lack of affordable housing is the number one teachers are leaving the bay area. how one local startup is helping hundreds of teachers afford a down payment.
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are here. 5:00 this friday, juh i am anne makovec. >> i am michelle griego. let's talk about our forecast. it is friday, our favorite day of the week. >> i am so happy about that. happy friday. we made it to the end of the week. we have slightly cooler temperatures today and we will warm up looking ahead to the weekend. here is a look at the mount hamilton camera and right now in san jose 58 degrees, looking at 52 in santa rosa and upper 50s for livermore and oakland and 60 degrees currently for concord. through our afternoon, daytime highs will be a little below average, from 1 to 6 degrees below average, mis


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