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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 24, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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doing little to end the debate over putting students back in classrooms. kenny choi is live with more on that story. >> reporter: 81 schools in santa clara county have asked about the waiver process application for opening schools in person for in person learning. the new cdc guidelines issued is reigniting the debate about whether schools should reopen. >> in a dramatic reversal the cdc says it is critically important for public health to open schools. >> i'm so tired of hearing about children not being heavy transmitters. >> >> compromising their immune system is far higher than keeping kids out of school or having them wear masks. >> the new guidelines recommend local officials considerols
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ed >> suggesting young children are priority and trying to do that as safely as possible is a perfectly reasonable public health strategy. >> the application and review status has not been formalized by the state and schools in the bay area are asking. santa clara reporting more than 80 and napa 11 and other counties responding without specific members waiting for drive-ins. >> we miss our kids and miss in person teaching and we know it's good for their social and emotional well-being. >> the cdc highlighted children under eight years old account of her 0.1% of covid-19 related deaths >> responsibility as a society is to work together to make sure teacher safety should not be at
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risk and parent safety if there's a vulnerable parent at home and it should not be a risk . >> santa clara county said it strongly encourages elementary schools to consider filing for waivers to we open and what reasons do they give? >> the doctors the health director in santa clara county and is obviously concerned and focused on the safety of the entire community and the one reason the department stated that they are encouraging schools to look into the waiver process for elementary schools is the socioeconomically disadvantaged students are disproportionately affected a distance learning. the department and the doctor are saying that schools can safely reopen at the elementary school level if the guidelines and the public health direct gives and the suggestions are implemented and followed by the schools and then they can reopen safely.
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>> the guidelines are wearing masks, trying to stay six feet apart and providing ppe for teachers and administrators. >> the list is long but the guidelines are out there. to keep up-to-date on the bay area school plans, go to the special section on our website at school. the number positive covid- 19 cases are skyrocketing in east oakland and health officials say large gatherings at lake merritt are a big factor. this evening neighbors around the lake say city officials are not doing enough. da lin is there with those complaints. >> reporter: it's like a festival behind me here on lakeshore avenue and an example of why neighbors are so fed up. the city knows the vendors are violating the rules because they don't have a permit and
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are not supposed to be here and are attracting a lot of folks. hundreds of people behind me and the local councilwoman saying, we need to do more to get the message out there and neighbors say the message is not working and it's time to enforce the rules. >> this is how some weekends look like and neighbors say hundreds of people from as far away as sacramento, and block off lakeshore avenue to throw block parties with no masks and no social distancing and most útheir home. ot even leave >> as a pregnant person i don't feel comfortable coming out here to even walk her dog during the weekend. >> many feel trapped. >> it's covid, we are a little freaked out and you get blasted. >> the health center reports in july 40% of the positive cases in oakland were due to large gatherings and parties and these four zip codes represent
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the numbers per 100,000 residents are some of the highest in the region. >> we urge oakland errs to continue to be vigilant. >> council members and health officials held a press conference to remind people not to party and they've done many of these events yet parties and covid numbers keep going up and i asked if the message is not working and what is the new approach? >> they need to be operated with the goals of equity and inclusion. >> i'm trying to stay away from the conversation on enforcement as because -- is >> the education message has not worked. educate people by enforcing the rules. >> without that it's an empty measure when people know nothing what actually happened. >> neighbors want a balance of education and enforcement to
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keep cases down and bring the quality of life back. >> public officials get out there and admonishing guide. >> here is a live look at what the neighbors are talking about. you see the cars parking right in the middle of the street and no tickets right now so neighbors say they feel like they are under siege. a city administrator says they are starting to give out warnings to vendors and in the coming days and maybe weekends but they do not have a timeline at this point so it continues the frustration for neighbors here. another big story, a san francisco police officer has been placed on administrative leave after an arrest, camera.
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it happened wednesday after a plea stop at mcdonald's parking lot and one officer is seen kicking a woman in the abdomen while she was on her knees and that officer then handcuffed the woman and drags her face down across the parking lot. >> it's important for us to understand and the public to understand what happened. it's not obvious that it justifies the use of force. >> if anyone wanted a prime example of the use of excessive force by police officer then this incident is one. >> the police department of the driver of the vehicle abated officers until occasions in the incident, the woman did not obey commands and the mayor has asked the police department to immediately release officer body worn camera video. a raleigh in sjotor thves l >> people gathered in front of
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the san jose city hall to honor the late congressman, john lewis and reverend ct vivian and both are towering figures in the u.s. civil rights movement and both work with dr. martin luther king jr. dr. martin luther king jr. march is headed toward scissor chavez plaza in alameda county sheriff's deputy has lost his battle with covid-19 after nearly 3 weeks in intensive care. we spoke with the family and friends. >> friends say the senior deputy was a man of integrity and a man of honor and was a loyal man. the deputy was 57 years old when doctors removed life- support. >> i got to sit with him a little bit longer and then they took everything out and i went in and sat with him and i put his badge in his hand so that he could die with his badge in his hand. >> he died last night from complications related to covid-
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19. it's unclear at the moment where he got the virus. the sheriffs considered him to have died in the line of duty. >> he loved working here at the alameda county sheriffs office and he loved this job >> front-line workers including law enforcement are especially at risk and already 40 alameda county sheriff deputies have tested positive. >> i have seen a lot in my career as you know but covid-19 is no joke. >> hundreds of police officers from all over the bay area escorted him and his family from the hospital across county lines back to alameda county. they received honors as they arrived at the coroner's office. >> it doesn't seem like anything is real. i have a long road ahead. i just have to take it day by day and get through what we are going through right now.
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a new covid-19 testing and tracking program is on the way to prevent outbreaks and one of the city's most vulnerable communities. >> the important lessons learned so far in the model it's become in a story you will see only on 5. in a single room occupancy hotel, two or three people live here in a tiny 10 by 14 foot
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space. they share narrow hallways and bathrooms. >> a storage room has become a shower and a sink. >> allowed the building owner added extra showers and bathrooms, social distancing is still a challenge. >> i'm a little concerned because given how many people are living there. >> they are taking part in a new covid-19 testing and tracking program to prevent an outbreak among 14,000 people living in more than 100 chinatown sros. >> if there is one that's positive that means a chance of giving it to others is very high. >> the chinese hospital ceo partners with the city public health department to conduct free covid-19 testing. >> if tested positive thing quarantine them need to contact tracing.
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>> on this day health workers test00sros and more than 200 tenants had artie been tested and three sros since late may and only two people in separate hotels tested positive and were quickly quarantined. one lived in her building. >> i think we were all on edge. >> she tested negative and the virus did not spread and that experience taught health workers a valuable lesson. the medical director of san francisco clinic. >> a single case does not necessarily mean there's an outbreak. >> even in cramped quarters handwashing for physical distancing are working. >> the measures really can flatten the curve. >> after testing health workers phoned tenants and reported any covid symptoms they developed some residents fear if they call him they will get kicked out.
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>> they are not evicted if they are testing positive so we need to educate them. >> hospital clinic manager help spread the word. >> if you have symptoms you reach t and we have a covid line and covid testing clinic and so people will not get scared. >> the two-month-old program offers a model and covid hotspots in the mission and hopes tenants in other neighborhoods can feel assault safe as this tested in chinatown. san francisco health leaders have issued new mask guidelines . the new roles and effect immediately require anyone age 10 and up to wear a face covering when unable to socially distance. those unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition must carry a doctors note. you may want to mask just for warmth this evening the temperatures barely climbing about 60 degrees in the city
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and upper 50s already with lots of cloud cover and the fog really did not budge much at all. it will stay parked there. temperatures right now 58 degrees downtown, 63 degrees in oakland, mostly 70s further inland, low 70 in santa rosa, 70 in san jose. it's not very warm for late july. the dog walking forecast brought to you by candy and her ears thank you to julia for sharing that picture. temperatures upper 60s in fremont but they will steadily drop as the fog spreads back across the bay. it's not going to be a stubborn for the first half of the weekend and we are going to see more sunshine starting out with a low cloud cover and watch how quickly the disability improves even in san francisco as we head toward midday of sunshine
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in the afternoon and right along the coast the sun a couple hours. temperature start off tomorrow morning in the mid to upper 50s which is exactly normal for late july and high temperatures almost exactly normal as well in the low to mid 60s. mid to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay with a few low 80s around the south bay and mid 80s for the santa clara valley. low to mid 80s for the north bay. hotter weather is in store as we finish off july and headed august, the two week outlook which takes us through the first seven days of august calls for significant chance of above average temperatures and you will see that at the end of the 7 day forecast. next friday the last day of july into the low 90s and 70 degrees near the bay with triple digit temperatures inland. we worry about that down the line with the weekend looking nice with temperatures a little warmer away from the bay with upper 60s and low 70s around
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the bay. let's check in oakland. 298 days since the last game of 2019 and the 2020 baseball show goes on tonight for the a's in the coliseum and we set the table for you as they get ready to
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the a's get the season going tonight at 7:00. it's angels giving them a good test tonight as we get the 60 game season going and some people will even call it a sprint. at me tell you what's around the perimeter and that the bunting and it's all around, all dressed up with no fans to host. they average over 20,000 fans in 2019 and one of them worst in the american league so they are familiar with this environment. >> it is still -- people will
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be watching and even when we don't get big crowds, we have a great fan base that roots for us and are watching us. that's where your inspiration is going to have to come from. >> if you listen closely tonight, you just might hear a familiar voice, a certain graduate of skyline high school in oakland. >> hot dogs, hot dogs here. colossal hotdogs. programs, scorecard, yearbook. >> that is tom hanks a one-time vendor here and his younger days before hollywood came calling and he is a big baseball fan. he watch the game in every major league ballpark in his voice will be piped in as a guest talker. the three-time american league mvp is in the lineup and i know a lot of a's fans were hoping his wife might go into labor one week earlier than the due date.
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but number 27 will swing away even though he had considered opting out of the season. >> the biggest concern the whole time was if there's an outbreak. obviously there hasn't been one yet or hopefully there isn't but i think the biggest thing we've had to talk about is that there was an outbreak and we would have to evaluate the situation. >> the giants got pounded 821 last night at dodger stadium and mookie betts dash to the plate with a five-run seventh- inning and prior to the game both teams took a knee and held a black ribbon for racial inequality and everyone except the giants reliever, his manager explained why. >> he told me that he is a christian and these are his
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words. he is a christian and he only meals for god. >> he eventually did speak for himself telling reporters, i just cannot get on board with a couple things that i
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a new chick-fil-a restaurant opened up in redwood city. >> and by the looks of it people could not wait any longer to grab a chicken sandwich.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, infections surge in the south and west, as the c.d.c. strongly recommends that kids return to school this fall. the guidelines for keeping kids safe, as parents demand answers and teachers express fear. >> i'm scared. all my teacher friends are scared. >> o'donnell: florida surpasses 400,000 cases and sets a death toll record this week, the new call tonight from more than 150 health experts to shut the country down and reset. mask confusion.t,alpo join the growing number of companies mandating masks. but with no national standard and limited enforcement, why the private security business is booming. unemployment emergency: time is running out for millions


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