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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 28, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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since the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting. how the community is coming together to honor the victims. cracking down on contra costa county violators. the bill to make sure you are doing your part to stop the spread of coronavirus. >> i do not want to keep getting hired and losing jobs over and over again. >> the pandemic making a big impact on one of the bay area's biggest tourist attractions, the setback at the santa cruz boardwalk. it is tuesday, ju >> i am len kiese. and let's get your forecast with mary lee. >> good morning, michelle and len. happy tuesday . we will continue with this weather. it was pleasant, looking at the microclimates at play, heating
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up inland, milder around the bay and cooler around the coast. here is the treasure island camera with the bay bridge and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. there are low clouds and areas of fog around the coast and catching clearing for most of us. mid-sixties in san frano, and n ttle babage foofye. wl cool do details on that her coming up in just a few minutes. we are keeping our eye on
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the situation going on in portland where yesterday there was another demonstration, the 60th straight night that they had protests against police and racism. crowds have been much laer pas thar the stice center and ning send additional 100 federal agents to portland and he has other on standby for other cities. here is capitol hill where today, attorney general william barr is going to tell the house judiciary committee that the unrest in portland is a quote installed on the government of the u.s. according to a copy of his prepared remarks. now, oakland, this evening, the city council is preparing to vote on a resolution that would basically have the city take all legal steps necessary to ents tt might be sent to oakland. we will keep an eye on that, too. today marks one year since the gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival, killing three and wounding 17. and left the city in mourning. there will be small memorial ceremonies at christmas hill park and later this evening, first responders, including the three officers who stopped the gunman will be honored. the police chief says he
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expects it to be an emotional day. >> i think that it is every chief nightmare to pay something like this and the question everyone wants to know is a motive and honestly we do not know the motive. i do not think we will ever know. >> the shooter carried a semi automatic rifle and began firing. he killed three young victims before turning that rifle on himself. >> stephen romero, keyla salazar, and trevor irby . >> one year later, the community has come together to heal. they believe there will never be complete, closure. turning now to our coronavirus coverage, today, contra costa county will decide whether to fine people who are not wearing masks. under the proposal, individuals could be fined up to $100 for
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each offense and businesses up to $1000, officials would give out the citations. >> i do not get annoyed but i usually get a little cautious. >> i do have a mask. i have to take it out when i leave the stores. >> marin and napa county already has similar rules in place. some businesses in santa cruz must shut down again after the county was placed on the watch list. gyms, fitness centers, places of worship, and indoor shopping malls are affected, being forced to close at midnight last night. retail and outdoor dining can continue as well as hair and nail salons that are operating outdoors. and there are more tough times
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ahead for the boardwalk. the santa cruz seaside company announced it is laying off a third of its full-time workers because of the pandemic. after being closed for months, the boardwalk tried a limited opening but now those plans will have to be pulled back even further. >> the restaurant keep opening and closing and opening and re- closing, so i do not want to keep getting hired and losing jobs over and over again. >> local business leaders are asking visitors to take a pledge to wear face coverings and keep their flip-flops six feet apart and be flexible, so businesses can stay open. santa clara county holding covid-19 testing in san jose and gilroy. if you want to get testing, you will be getting a wristband for an hour long timeslots later in the day. you can led return at the designated time to get tested. officials say the significantly reduce the amount of time that must be spent on site. the supply of wristbands depends on available testing and are only available as supplies last. two of the locations are in san jose at the high school and the other is in gilroy at the south county annex. for a full list of all the
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testing sites across the bay area, go to our website, to a live look at the johns hopkins map, tracking covid-19. the u.s. is nearing 4.3 million confirmed cases and 150,000 death. there are going to be $52
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million pumped into the fight in the central valley. there was absent protocols involving isolation, quarantining, testing and more medical support. it will impact eight counties in the central valley. all of it will be paid for with federal grants. we are expecting a coronavirus update from state health and human services secretary doctor mark alley. you can watch it live on cbsn bay area. just go toom. two studies have entered the late stages of coronavirus vaccine trials. moderna and pfizer are reaching for 30,000 people and apple get the vaccine on the other have a placebo. >> we want to see how bad their symptoms are if they end up in the hospital. if they are minor infections and then we will compare that to the placebo group to see how they did with the covid infection. that is how we will know if the vaccine really works.? neither the physicians or the patients know which one they will get. doctrine on the doughty
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believes that it might be ready by november if the trial is successful. >> a new cbs news finds only 30% of americans would get it as soon as possible. half the country said they would consider it but would wait to see what happens to others first. this morning, major budget cuts for san francisco police. the money is set to go to the black community instead. details would be announced friday and mayor london breed and supervisor walton says they want to fund mental health, homelessness, education, youth development, and economic justice. the police chief says the cuts will hurt but he believes it is the right thing to do. >> we are still just here for safety as a matter of fact, we are here and we are very intentional about making certain that we do not have an impact on response times and it will make communities safer, healthier, and best for us all. >> in the meantime, contra costa county has activists expected to join a board of supervisors meeting and urged officials to reallocate funds away from the sheriff's office so they can be invested in healthcare, housing, and youth programs. >> coming up next, stream pposedbe closed but coming up, we found some in san jose open and operating in plain sight. it is a great start along the coast and right around the bay and even some inland spots could see some drizzle or mist.
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we will talk about when skies will go clear on future cast coming up. chp is working on an accident along 13 year 580 and have a look at traffic in
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wash your hands. wear a mask every time you leave your home. choose to join the fight against covid-19. do your part. slow the spread.
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despite a rise in covid-19 cases and that's across the bay area, we discovered some gym owners in san jose are defying orders and operating in plain sight. >> when we started asking questions we learned there are missing messages about down violations. we have this morning's original reporting. >> hello, i was wondering why you guys are continuing to operate. are you the owner? >> workouts right here -- all three gyms are caught with open doors despite state and other orders to shut down.
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warfitness bay area advertises its classes on instagram. some of them held outdoors which the county allows if people are wearing masks and all spclientdoors isnot althe st ticingocial distancing. tinbo >> we see videos like that that people in the community will send us and we as we get one, we sent officers out or send investigators out. >> angela alvarado is a district attorney and she and her team members received more than 10,000 complaints about violators and business owners and citizens however only 50 citations have been handed out so far. most are handed out the first month of the shtefocus from those initial citations to a
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blanket education model. we wanted everyone in the community to feel like we are shouldering this burden together. >> one owner of warcat strength says he has received mixed messages and agreed to talk with us about why he continues to do business. he believes he is following it up safety protocols including lifting his role of doors to his gym which they say is against the order because the operation is still indoors. but he pointed out he had a police officer pay a visit after getting a tip that they were open. >> if there is somebody that comes by that is supposed to be in a position of enforcing the rules and was not against the rules, then he would have told us. >> we are going to err on the side of education but we are seeing businesses and
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communities and particular areas of our county, where we have warned people several times. we really cannot let some businesses continue to operate while others are suffering by shutting down. >> this deputy district attorney says at some point they will have to start enforcing the law which would bring jail time and up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fines. not to mention alvarado says it is also a violation of the unfair business practices act. >> i think the whole landscape could change. we will use every tool in our toolbox to emphasize that the protection and safety of our community is our first and foremost goal. >> locally in the county, i think everyone realizes how
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challenging it is economically for small businesses. the reality is if we actually obeyed the laws and do the social distancing, we will be opening quicker than if we do not. >> we want to talk with you outside. why are you guys continuing to operate when the order says gyms are not allowed to be open? >> the owner of warfitness bay area refused to answer questions about the classes he advertised. >> will you continue to operate? >> i am not operating. >> the owner of westca gym declined an interview but told us over the phone they are struggling to make it. santa clara county gyms are open for only 48 hours before the state shut them down again two weeks ago because of a rise in covid-19 hospitalizations. >> we hope that people can understand that we me nothing malicious.? what about the other businesses that are actually staying closed and playing fair? >> to the businesses that are shutting down and complying, when everyone has different situations.? he and his wife opened their gym together and after being shut down for more than four months, they must somehow survive. >> i think in the hierarchy of the needs for me and my family and what i need to do, it is a risk, even though some think it is selfish or inconsiderate. it is something that i feel like i need to do as a business
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owner. >> in santa clara county, they made the monitoring list and it remains on the watch list because of a rise in covid-19 hospitalizations. in san jose, kpix 5 as of this morning, santa clara county has more than 9200 confirmed cases of coronavirus. one center has announced it will not reopen to the public until june 2021. the facility shut down on march 13th due to shelter-in-place orders. they explained the decision is the safest and most secure path forward for the community. the center has been open for science and education since 1983. it is now 5:17. we have a check of traffic. his look at the roadways. if you're going out the door and plan on taking the
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connector, we have a trouble spot. it is not causing a lot of brake lights but the connector is closed. there is an accident on the southbounder 13 and you have one lane closed. the main lines are at the limit in both directions. this is where we are seeing a lot of brake lights, the allatoona pass. it is slow from tracy to north point. you have a crash also was found to 5 right around mount house and that is to the right shoulder but anytime anything happens in that area it tends to slow traffic down. the travel times are getting a little busier, 33 minutes from 205 towards 680. east shore freeway is still in the green along with highway 4 .
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let's check the bay area bridges. so far, so good on the bay bridge with no meter lights yet. we typically see that mateo d time to ths br down cl let's check the forecast. there are a lot of microclimates. >> that is right, so a big temperature difference with the microclimates from the coast to inland spots, like a 30 degree temperature spread from our inland spots to the coast this afternoon. we are settling in to that typical july weather pattern, very similar to yesterday, seasonal daytime highs.
5:20 am
here is a look at the roof camera at the bay br d it a gre we have low clouds and areas of fog and along the coast and the bay and our inland spots as well. we are in the mid to upper 50s to 60 degrees. san jose is 60 with clouds and mid-50s for livermore and san francisco and for santa rosa, and upper 50s for concord and oakland. speaking of those microcli wat l 60s, cool, cloud breezy. westerly winds are around 10 to 20. mid to upper 60s to low 70s with those breezy westerly winds and then inland locations with that sunshine are in the upper 70s and 80s and even into the low 90s later on this afternoon inland. again, we are settling into that summer july weather pattern that we know in the bay area.
5:21 am
with that onshore flow keeping the coast cool and the heating up inland, and tomorrow with that stronger sea breeze for the middle part of the week, we will see temperatures a little bit cooler for wednesday. let's show you the future cast. you can see the cloud cover going back to the coast and then as we go hour by hour, we can see the cloud cover moving in tomorrow morning and same story, the cloud cover retreats back to the coast for tomorrow and the afternoon and again for tomorrow, a little bit cooler for daytime highs. the future cast winds are westerly at 10 to 15 and up to 20 along the coast this afternoon. as we look to the south bay, 83 in san jose, 82 for santa clara and 91 for concord and pittsburgh and the tri-valley is up to the low 90s and mid 60s in san francisco and sausalito, low 70s for oakland, and alameda and up to the low 80s in the north bay. so temperatures take a little bit of a dip on wednesday and then warm up by the end of the week, especially into the weekend. back to you. gardening getting paid off for good cause. the unique internship for this group of teenagers. that is next on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area. coming up, and on cbs this morning, the latest on the federal believe program plus an interview with senate minority leader chuck schumer and how neighbors businesses are starting to bounce back.
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it is 5:24. a unique internship ahead of the school year. >> a group of teenagers getting paid to learn how to make food. they are learning gardening skills in addition to learning about growing produce and job schools like leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and communications. they will feed those in need with what they grow. >> i am getting an understanding of gardening and a small farming but i had no idea of farming culture in general. >> they will get a weekly stipend and each week has a different same. in the bay area, sunnydale the services or helping students in need as they go back school. they held a social distancing backpack drive giving each child a $35 gift card and a backpack and a box of school supplies. 2000 backpacks were
5:26 am
distributed. stay with us as we go back into the school you. go to former vice president joe biden inching closer to choosing his own running mate. the california senator with bay area roots he is expected to
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning.
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right now, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, honoring the lives lost in a shooting that forever shook santa clara county. we are in gilroy, marking one year since the deadly garlic festival. attorney general william barr expected to face tough questions on capitol hill. a look at his opening statement. >> it will be a rocky month. this is a bond and there are a lot of bumps. >> major league baseball in jeopardy. the coronavirus impact across the board for teams. good morning, it is tuesday, july 28th. >> good morning to you. we are glad to have you with us. we have mary lee first. >> we are taking that swing. happy tuesday to you and we are looking at similar conditions compared to yesterday. we are going to keep the weather pattern going. we have seasonal daytime highs. there are low clouds and areas
5:31 am
of fog along the coast and bay and even some inland spots. mid to upper 50s to 60 degrees and here is a look at the south bay san jose camera. san jose is 60 degrees and mid- 50s for san francisco and upper 50s for oakland. through the day, 91 in concord with sunshine, 83 in san jose and mid to upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and low to mid 60s along the coast. we are live in gilroy at christmas hill park right at the area where gunman entered the gilroy garlic festival exactly one year ago and shot and killed three people. the area has a continuous makeshift memorial over the past year and is also the site for the city council plans to hold a memorial later on this evening. >> stephen romero, keyla salazar, and trevor irby. >> reporter: it follows how the
5:32 am
small town of gilroy, population 63,000, came together in incredible ways, raising money for the victims and also supporting local law enforcement who responded to the shooting. scot smithee says that it can be a triggering event but they can also be healing as well as one city officials said we are still here for them. >> the community of gilroy is a very special place and i really think that thousands of people all over town from different walks of life have come together to support one another. >> because of social distancing requirements, there will be a small ceremony at 10:00 right at the spot we are standing now at christmas hill park. it will be live streamed on the saddle of also at our location, where attendance will be limited to 60 people. let's go live to the u.s.
5:33 am
capitol, where lawmakers and american public are paying respect to the civil rights icon and late congressman representative john lewis of georgia. his body was just moved outside, where the public can view the casket for a second day. this is on the top of the east front steps of the capital and overnight, he has been lying and stayed at the u.s. capitol rotunda and he is the first black lawmaker to do so according to congressional historians. following the events in washington, d.c. today, he is going to lie in the georgia state capitol tomorrow and then on thursday there will be a huge celebration of life going on at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta. also, u.s. attorney general william barr will face the house judiciary committee today. the hearing centers around accusations that he has used the justice department to protect the president and his
5:34 am
interest above the american people. he will also raise questions about his role in the ministrations crackdown on protest against police brutality. and then, he will look at discrediting him up for investigation the origins of the probe into russian election interference. with protest showing no signs of easing in portland, we have learned president donald trump is preparing to send at least 100 more federal troops to the city. oakland city council is meeting today to consider legislation that would stop the trump administration from sending troops to oakland. president donald trump threatened to send troops there after protests last week. 12 cl
5:35 am
had pledged to nominate a woman for the position. u.s. senator kamala harris is widely perceived as a front runner during last year's presidential debate, the two had a tense exchange about race, school busing, and segregation. >> if she is chosen to be the first black and indian-american woman to be nominated on a major party's presidential ticket. >> there is a feistiness we already know between harris and biden that could work to their advantage if they work together and it could also be a challenge for the party to galvanize around.
5:36 am
>> on biden was also seen with another possible pick on monday, representative karen bass of los angeles. the two had an impromptu meeting in the capitol . we could know his choice for vp by the end of the week. the 2020 democratic national convention is just three weeks away and organizers of the milwaukee event are taking extra precautions to keep people safe. d&c attendees must wear a mask, agreed to daily covid-19 testing, and fill out a daily symptom questionnaire. the convention is slated to take place from august 17th through the 20th. university of notre dame is no longer hosting the first presidential debate. it will be held in cleveland. they pulled out over coronavirus concerns. the debate is scheduled for september 29th. turning to our coverage of the coronavirus, the giant home opener against the padres are still on. more than a dozen players within the miami marlins organization have tested positive for coronavirus. mlb open across the country. many in the league expected to see covid-19 at some point, but they did not expect it would come this soon. >> there is trepidation coming here and now you see what happened on the road trip and i
5:37 am
do not think that ever goes away. >> the manager bob melvin her voice concerns about playing with the pandemic and experts also are weighing in on the future of baseball. >> if there are a lot of bumps, it be tough to think about finishing the season. >> the marlins game scheduled yesterday was postponed and two other games were canceled but the commissioner of baseball says the season will still go on. the giant ceo told a radio station he could not comment on the marlin situation and how this could affect the league. looking live at the white house, the trump administration has just formally asked the fcc to develop social media regulations that could apply to
5:38 am
facebook, twitter, and other platforms. it is a step toward president donald trump fulfilling his executive order to regulate social media. the order asks the fcc to clarify a section of law that has shielded tech companies for much of litigation over internet content since 1996. the fcc now has to decide whether to agree with his call for oversight or not. stocks on the rise at the start of a busy trading week and has often a very getting your again. thanking hall joins us live from jersey city with those stories and more. good morning, diane. wall street moved tiger poin the sdaq rallied 173 and ths&p 500 added 23. futures are indicating a foeps the secondbiggesretailer clon thanksgiving day. they will be back open on black friday to help keep lines shorter. they say they plan to offer sale prices online and make more than 20,000 products available for pickup or contactless delivery. next, that is the timeline when google employees would be back in the office, in the
5:39 am
summertime. they hope the workers and contractors that do not have to be done in person can be done remotely through june 30th of next year. they had committed to keeping most of its employees remote until the end of this year. there is a new accessory to make sure you will never leave your mask at home again. >> yes, you are forgetful. this is a baseball hat with a mask built in. it can slide back into the hat when it is not needed. it comes in several colors, patterns and themes. here is even a visor version. to sure do not forget th >>ow noforget the are off to b
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referred -- to make nonprofits getting hit by the pandemic, especially hard. the ready struggling to stay afloat next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we are settling into a normal july weather pattern this week with some minor changes. we will talk about when those changes are coming up in a few minutes. i am getting reports of a hi. we're glad you came in.
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it is 5:43. thank you for starting your day off with us before you have your coffee or your tea. or current wind speeds are breezy in fairfield at 26 miles an hour with the winds out of the southwest and 10 at sfo. we will see those westerly winds at 10 to 15, of the 20 along the coast. i will have the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. it is 5:43. many businesses and organizations are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic with nonprofit organizations being hit especially hard. many of them might not survive.
5:44 am
>> summer having to stretch every penny to keep their nonprofit from going under. she is the founder of this charity that works with young patients born with a rare diaphragm and lung defect. the pandemic has brought her work to a near standstill. >> it is going to be a very long recovery for our community and our charity if we ever recover from this. >> according to the national nonprofit, an estimated 1.6 million nonprofit jobs have been lost over the past three months and 13% of nonprofits have been forced to suspend some or all of their operations. >> we are often referred to as the good people, the angels who are doing things. i am here to tell you that angels have to pay for rent and angels have to pay their utilities and angels have to pay their employees. angels do have costs. >> there is some hope on the horizon. last week the federal reserve
5:45 am
announced their main street lending program will now be available for ars or longer. live music is looking a lot different this year and a lollapalooza is going virtual. replacing this year's event is lolla 2020, airing on youtube on july 30th. there will be no big crowds. it will feature more than 150 performances from past festivals and new live appearances. something you do not see every day, a baseball card for a 79-year-old. they have designed 10 baseball inspired trading cards offering dr. anthony fauci. 100 sets have been sold and the artist plans on printing more. california teenagers are taking matters into their own hands to save a football career.
5:46 am
christen plays football at his high school in after learning the fall season would be delayed due to the pandemic his family packed his bags and moved to florida to attend img academy. it is the number one ranked high school football team. they want to make sure he still has a chance to achieve his dream of going pro. >> this is where you get your name out there. coaches start looking for you. and junior year is about the year where all the offers come in. >> the athletes says once the pandemic is over, cubes to finish out his senior year in california. a big news but it count when you are looking at becoming a pro.
5:47 am
t luck to hihe gets to the big leagues. we have a couple of hot spots. chp is on scene of an accident on highway 17. it is involving a big rig stuck on its side. it kind of toppled over. we have one lane blocked on 17 near the summit. expect some brake lights through that northbound side. we will keep a close eye on this just in case chp issues a traffic alert. they just did. it will be required for this incident so expect delays on 17 both directions because of this accident other than that, it is a little slow from the 280/680 connector. here is 580 westbound. it is busy and we have some good news for the earlier trouble spot at mount house. it has been cleared but it is still slow out of tracy, getting into the allatoona pass. it is about north with speeds around 70 miles an hour. once you're past that you will see a few slower conditions around the dublin interchange around 630. if you are past there come westbound 580 towards the castro valley shows lights okay
5:48 am
and is a little slow around 84. checking the east shore freeway, westbound looks good between highway 4 and the maze. we have a crash east of the parkway. it looks like that is over to the shoulder. it is a noninjury. everything is clear at the bay bridge. let's check your tuesday morning forecast. here is mary. good morning, we have a repeat performance of yesterday. we are warm and hot and temperatures are mild around the bay and cooler along the coast. here is a look with the roof camera. and across the bay you can see the clouds in the sky. along the are me offoteeratures upper 50s and then will go to 60 degrees. mid 50s for san francisco, santa rosa and livermore, upper 50s for oakland and concord.
5:49 am
through our day, we are talking about a 30 degree temperature spread from the coast toward inland spots. we are: cloudy and breezy along the coast and around the bay, clearing to the mid to upper 60s and low 70s, mild and breezy and inland spots are heating up to the 70s, 80s and even into the low 90s with sunshine and wind. in our weather pattern continues for us with that onshore flow keeping the coast cool and heating up inland. through tomorrow, we will see some changes, a bit stronger sea breeze for the midweek and that means temperatures tomorrow will be a little cooler. we are taking a little bit of a dip. i am taking two hour by hour. you can see it pulling back to the coast, so clearing for most of us and then tomorrow cloud cover moves right back in on future cast, so some clouds and areas of fog to start out tomorrow and then cloud cover
5:50 am
back to the coast and afternoon. we are slightly cooler for wednesday. the future cast winds will show it is breezy. westerly winds are 10 to 15 and up to 20 along the coast. daytime highs for the south bay are 83 in san jose, 91 for morgan hill and 82 in santa clara and 85 for campbell. for the east bay, low 90s once again insal,upsiin san francisco and sausalito, low 70s for oakland and san leandro and up to the low 80s right here. a little bit cooler tomorrow, but we are going to warm up as we look to the rest of the week, especially into the weekend. back to you. this tree house designed by a minister has become a destination for people across
5:51 am
the state. construction on this began in the early 2000's and there is air conditioning, heat, cable tv, everything including the kitchen sink. the latter leads up to the loft where they connect the bedrooms. >> the interior walls are pine. most of the stuff is made of oak and hardwood. >> they delight families. >> it is beautiful. because covid-19 has forced them to space out reservations, the lines are booked until november but they are currently taking rtions for ar. w0 ice cream cones today. >> a mother using her grief to help those in need one school at a time. they are honoring her late son. businesses are starting to bounce back.
5:52 am
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right now, a bay area mother is honoring the memory of her son by putting smiles on the faces of others. >> she is proving we are better together. veronica johnson lost her son dillon 20 years ago . he passed away 25 months old. she decided years ago to turn her grief into giving. her was to donate the cash
5:55 am
or show up and get free ice cream. >> it is magical and thank you all for coming on out. my heart is full. my heart is really full. >> you are the dna of this community, this kindness and generosity it continues to this day. i am very proud of this community. >> her team collected nearly $400 for make-a-wish in just the first hour. remember we want to bring you the good news like this. go to to find stories of how we are better together in the bay area. it is 5:55. hired and fired and then hired again. how they are making things difficult.
5:56 am
>> it is a sad and mournful day in gilroy pick it is the one- year anniversary of the garlic festival shooting. will look at the plants remember the events coming up in a live report. there is another look outside. you're looking at the camera above the clouds. we have a beautiful shot. we have a new app that gives you easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and the kpix 5 news
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your bank can be virtually any place you are. you can deposit checks from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. and pay bills from here. because your bank isn't just one place. it's virtually any place you are. just download and use the chase mobile app. visit live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a somber anniversary in the south bay marking one year since gilroy garlic festival shooting
6:00 am
happened. how the community is honoring the heroes and remembering the victims. a vote to enforce masks. big fines on the table for residents who refuse to wear face coverings. police reform in southern california, the big changes lapd is making to build trust in the community. good morning, it is tuesday, july 28th. i am michelle griego. les get right to your forecast first with mary lee. >> good morning, michelle and len. we're looking at similar conditions with a repeat performance of yesterday and the day before. it is really settling into the july weather pattern with hot temperaturesd, the baand oler a there is a degree temperature spread and we will catch that clearing for most of us except the coast. low 90s in concord and livermore, 83 in


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